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  1. What a perm?
    2 Style 27
  2. WHY do my eyelashes never stay curled after i curl them ?
    7 Style 46
  3. How to curl hair with straighter?
    How to curl hair with straighter?
    2 Style 9
  4. How much do perms cost?
    How much do perms cost?
    4 Style 188
  5. curling hair with straighteners?
    how do you curl your hair with straighteners?
    2 Style 19
  6. What curling wands/tongs do you recommend?
    3 Style 13
  7. What is the best curling iron?
    2 Style 18
  8. why do chihuaha's tails curl up?
    2 Pets 142
  9. What's your favorite curling iron?
    2 Style 12
  10. How do I apply mousse in my hair when I want to curl it with a curling iron?
    3 Style 26
  11. does getting a perm hurt or sting?
    does getting a perm hurt or sting?
    5 Style 154
  12. Can I curl my hair with straighteners?
    can I curl my hair with starightners if so how??
    6 Style 45
  13. Should I get a perm?
    Should I get a perm or keep my braids?
    6 Style 76
  14. Curling iron on a plane?
    Can I take curling iron on a plane?
    5 Travel 102
  15. What is the treatment for tomato leaf curling?
    2 Homegarden 11
  16. what is a great perm for black women?
    6 Style 17
  17. What are the pro's and cons of getting a perm?
    2 Style 70
  18. are there any hair dyes that are safe for permed hair?
    4 Style 63
  19. What's a good way to get nice, volumized curls with a regular curling iron?
    5 Style 12
  20. how do i curl my haor without burning it!??
    5 Style 36
  21. curling hair- curling iron and curlers...
    I am getting gel and hairspray but I can't use a curling iron or curlers. How do I curl my hair? eek.
    3 Style 38
  22. What kind of curling iron would I need to curl really long hair?
    5 Style 11
  23. How long until washing hair after a perm?
    how long after a perm can you wet and wash your hair
    3 Style 314
  24. How can I get dred locks with a perm in my hair?
    How can I get dred locks with a perm in my hair?
    3 Style 103
  25. Curling your hair with a straightner
    Okay so how do you curl your hair with a straightner (the small straightners)
    7 Style 31
  26. How long should you wait to wash your hair after a perm?
    How long should you wait to wash your hair after a perm?
    6 Style 349
  27. How can I curl my hair without getting a perm?
    I have really straight hair how can I get curl hair without getting a perm :D or going to a professional ?
    10 Style 107
  28. Perm problems!!!
    Does a straighting perm, damage your hair?
    3 Style 33
  29. Can you mess up your hair by giving yourself a perm?
    Can you mess up your hair by giving urself a perm??
    2 Style 127
  30. Where can I find a video of how to curl my hair with the instyler?
    2 Style 14
  31. How do I get my eyelashes to curl without an eyelash curler?
    5 Style 28
  32. Should I curl my hair with this outfit or keep it straight?
    5 Style 30
  33. Is curling your lashes harmful to them?
    Can it make them fall out?
    4 Style 56
  34. How to stop my bangs from curling?
    My bangs curl out and I don't want to cut them how can I make them not curl?
    2 Style 132
  35. perm after color
    can I get a perm a day after I have a color put in my hair
    3 Style 46
  36. Can I wash hair that was permed on Monday?
    I permed my hair on monday morning can I wash it today
    8 Style 69
  37. How long should I wait to highlight after perming?
    how long should I wait to highlight parts of my hair after perming it?
    2 Style 372
  38. When is a good age for a perm?
    I just want to konw when you got your perm?
    3 Style 12
  39. How to get my hair to stay curled?
    how do I get my hair to stay curled??? please. help
    4 Style 53
  40. bicep curls
    How much weight can you bicep curl for 10 reps?
    3 Nutritionfitness 19
  41. Will curling after washing damage my hair?
    Will I damage my clean hair if i curl it with a curling wand the day i have just washed it?
    2 Style 24
  42. how do i get those longish curls? my hair is kinda thick.
    4 Style 11
  43. Is it hard to straighten your hair if you get a curly perm?
    3 Style 49
  44. How do I get big, really curly curls in my hair?
    3 Style 12
  45. Can you use a curling iron when your hair is still wet?
    5 Style 94
  46. How long (on average) does a perm stay in someone's hair?
    17 Style 266
  47. Thinking of having my hair done in a straight perm?
    I was thinking of having my hair done in a straight perm.. Any advice?
    2 Style 33
  48. What product is best to hold curls?
    i have the worst hair to keep curls in
    3 Style 12
  49. What makes a pug's tail curl up?
    What makes a pug's tail curl up? And why does their bottom teeth show?
    5 Pets 185
  50. Getting a perm
    How long should your hair be before you get a perm? My hair is as long as in the picture right now... Is that too short? How long should I wait to perm my hair?
    2 Style 55
  51. Hair curl
    How to make your hair curl???basically my hair is straight..and now I have only hair gel in my house :( how can I curl my hair only with gel today?? :(
    2 Style 16
  52. How to curl my hair like beach curls?
    How do I curl my hair like beach curls? Veryy light and fluffy. :) I have tried litterally everything you can think of and nothing works. Does anyone have any ideas?!
    9 Style 60
  53. How long do I have to wait after I get a spiral perm to go swimming?
    9 Style 141
  54. perMs for haiR
    is there a such thing that makes your hair curly instead of straight ?
    3 Style 96
  55. Is there a name for the art of curled paper designs?
    like this pumpkin,,,
    4 General 5
  56. How to I get rid of a burn mark I got from curling my hair????
    3 Style 47
  57. What's a good way to keep curled hair from going flat?
    5 Style 15
  58. How do I get my hair to appear thicker without teasing and curling?
    11 Style 22
  59. Which hairstyle do you think looks best - scrunched, curled, or straightened?
    8 Style 13
  60. Where can I buy the rectangular, clip-less curling irons?
    2 Shopping 8
  61. How can i curl my hair if it's short?
    A way that won't make it ugly.
    9 Style 7
  62. is it true that u can get a scholorship for NOT putting a perm in your hair?
    6 Style 43
  63. How do I curl my hair with a curling iron?
    I know how to curl my hair with a flat iron but when it comes to the basic curling iron I have no idea what to do I have medium length hair and a normal size curling iron (not too big,not too small) I just want a basic curl please help me
    3 Style 42
  64. Know of a quality curling iron?
    I need an inexpensive good quality curling iron. Do you know of any good brands?
    5 Style 18
  65. How to make curls last?
    My hair is super straight!! How can I curl it so that it will last longer than an hour!!! ...
    4 Style 33
  66. Smoky eye look & Curls
    smoky eye look and candy curls...I love them but would it look nice?
    2 Style 11
  67. Who knows if I can dye my hair a week from when I permed it?
    I want to dye my hair. but I don't know if its good after prming it. I permed my hair a week before. can I dye it now
    2 Style 18
  68. Can I get a perm if I'm Pentecostal?
    I am a Pentecostal and I would like to get my hair permed. Is it ok ? Can I do that?
    7 Religion 268
  69. What is a curling iron will it help for tight curly hair?
    I have tight curly hair.could curling irons help it? Or are they just for straight hair. What is a curling iron? Please help.
    3 Style 30
  70. barrel curls
    whats a goood curling iron that will give you nice barrel curls, but also is not expensive. ?
    2 Style 55
  71. How to have curls but not gettin it frizzy
    give meh real gud advice ; ]
    3 Style 11
  72. How can I get my curling iron cord to stop coiling when I'm using it?
    3 General 102
  73. How do i curl my hair like aria and hanna on Pretty Little Liars ?
    2 Style 117
  74. What.Is it bad to dye your hair with two boxes of hair dye and is it bad to dye it after you get a perm?
    6 Style 43
  75. What's your favorite scrunching mousse or curl activator that works for straight/wavy hair?
    4 Style 8
  76. Spiral curls?
    Whats a good small spiral curler thats not too expensive?
    6 Style 40
  77. How do you curl your hair with a?
    k so im curling my hair and I seen people do it with a straightner and I want to learn how to do it so?
    5 Style 8
  78. Curling already curly hair?
    What do you think? Is it ridiculous to curl already-curly hair? Or is it a good idea?
    3 Style 42
  79. How to get rid of frizzy hair from my perm?
    I just got a perm, The perm didn't take, but it left my hair frizzy. What can I use to get rid of the frizzy hair?
    4 Style 161
  80. How can I make my hair curly without a perm?
    how to make it curly??? my hair is darn straight and I need help!!!
    18 Style 2719
  81. What temperature do curlers have to be before they curl your hair properly?
    -EG,straigthners have to be 230'c....
    2 Style 9
  82. Perm. Magic Marker
    Is there any way to remove magic marker from a linoleum(spelling?) kitchen floor?
    2 General 38
  83. What can I do with my curly/wavy hair to make it look good without a straight iron or curling iron?
    4 Style 16
  84. how can i curl my hair, its been a month since ive got it brazilian straightened, am i allowed too?
    3 Style 16
  85. Do perms damage your hair?
    I have been wanting to get a perm, however I have heard that they can damage your hair. I need advice... Thanks!
    11 Style 120
  86. How can I curl my hair with hair straighteners; jedhfh?
    sorry about the random bit on the end. How do I curl my hair with hair straightener? Step by step please.
    3 Style 52
  87. How can I prevent the ends of my hair from crimping when I curl it?
    When I use a curling iron the ends of my hair like bend. Is it just because of split ends or can I prevent this?
    5 Style 35
  88. How do I curl my hair?
    Ok I have straght hair and what curl hair like carry underwood or some one with nice curls. Anyone know how to do it?
    3 Style 14
  89. How much is a straightening perm?
    how much are they?? and do they make your hair fall out? and if yu get a straighten perm is it hard to curl your hair wth a curling iron?
    4 Style 55
  90. What are some good products for curling hair?
    I'm gonna be curling my hair with a curling iron and was wondering what some good products to use are. I have mixed hair so my hair fails to curl w/ a curling iron when using just hairspray.
    3 Style 11
  91. Whenever I curl my hair it only lasts a day or two
    Hi~ whenever I curl my hair it only lasts a day or two can anyone give answers for it to last longer???
    2 Style 29
  92. curly perm and hair length
    does your hair have to be of a certain length to get it curly permed? I asked my hairdresser about it and she said my hair was probably too long...
    6 Style 96
  93. Can I dread my hair with a perm in it ?
    I am a black women and I have a perm in my hair an I really want to lock my hair my hair without having to cut it any ideas
    2 Style 117
  94. How the best way to curl your hair?
    How the best way to curl your hair??? I always try but it never works out it gets alll kinky
    2 Style 7
  95. How do I get pretty curls?
    so whenever I try and curl my hair it just turns out wavy :p how do I get it like pretty curly
    3 Style 43
  96. What else can I do to make my hair to look nice besides crimping, curling, natural, and straightening it?
    7 Style 13
  97. How do you get your hair in big thick curls like miley cyrus?
    You'r hair in bigg thick curls like miley cyrus ? Thx !
    4 Style 47
  98. What is the quickest way to curl my hair?
    What is the quickest way to curl my hair because it takes me ages to do my hair (over an hour) and I just want my hair curly quick Thanks :)
    4 Style 23
  99. is it okay to straighten and curl extensions?
    just wandering bcuz i have always wanted to ask this question.
    5 Style 14
  100. What can I do to stop my hair from curling at the ends after I have staightened it?
    I can flatiron my hair 20 times a day and the ends still curl, what can I do HELP!!!!
    10 Style 39
  101. How to get curls in short hair?
    I want my hair to be naturaly curly but its not rite now ... what do I do ??? And when I get it can I get a wash and set after
    4 Style 57
  102. Should I Straighten Or Curl my Hair Today?
    Which one?! (Sorry its a stupid question but I don't know which to pick :) )
    3 Style 121
  103. Does anyone know the type of hair i can get thats synthetic hair for braiding that i can also curl??
    4 Style 13
  104. How can I undo a perm?
    my hair is curled I just got a perm a month ago but its starting 2 get on my nerves how do I get it straight again?
    5 Style 285
  105. ways to curl your hair?
    Does anyone know whats the best, easiest, and fastest way to curl you hair?? I have a really nice curling iron. So the whole effect is how to curl my hair
    3 Style 43
  106. How can I get curls in my hair that last?
    I have wavy/straightish hair but wud like 2 get a curl in it>weneva I use curling irons it goes straight l8r on!!how do I get curls that last??
    3 Style 18
  107. How to make my hair stay curled?
    Everytime I curl my hair it only lasts like an hour or two and it just looks like I flipped it at the ends. How do I get my curls to stay??
    9 Style 49
  108. How do you curl your hair with a straightener?
    How exactly do you curl your hair with a strightner??? My friends do it all the time and it looks better than if you do it with a curling iron. Step by step help please
    2 Style 42
  109. Does it ruin your hair to curl it after gel is in it?
    If you put gel in your hair and then curl it a bit does it ruin your hair at all? And if it does ruin it how does it ruin it? Cause I do it to my hair cause I make my hair flippy and the only way I do it is I put gel the curl it a bit and sumtimes I he...
    4 Style 21
  110. Should I straighten or curl my hair
    Should I straighten or curl my hair im going to a party tommarow but I don't know should I go straight or curly?so undecided help
    5 Style 104
  111. bad perm
    I just got my hair permed. It feels mushy and a lot of hair comes out when I comb it. I do not know how to fix this. HELP
    2 Style 53
  112. Is it possible to perm your hair straight?
    is it possible to perm your hair straight or somthing to it to make it strait at a salon o rhair cut place
    8 Style 43
  113. How does coca cola curl your hair?
    Can I use diet coca cola instead of flat coke ? Because I only have diet coke. Would it work ?
    4 Style 186
  114. How can I curl straight hair without flatness?
    what's the best way to get straight hair to stay curly and not going flat?
    3 Style 56
  115. What is the easiest way to curl my hair with a curling iron?
    Okay, I wanna curl my hair for school but I'm not sure how to. I have medium thick hair, and it has a lot of volume. When it dries after a shower it will poofy and when I blow dry it it usaully does too. If I curl it after that will it still be poof...
    2 Style 15
  116. What's the best way to curl hair?
    I have a thin straightening iron and a curling iron. what tool makes it stay curled for a longer time?? or what can I put on my hair to help it stay curled?? any suggestions??
    2 Style 9
  117. Make straight hair look like it has spiral perm
    How can I make my straight hair look like it has a spiral perm in it for special occasions? It's colored and too fried to get a real sprial perm. :)
    2 Style 244
  118. How to get rid of a perm?
    I had super strtaight hair and got a perm a few weeks ago. Now I wanted my straight hair back. Any advice?
    9 Style 62
  119. What products are best for protecting your hair from straightening and curling it?
    can be a spray, oli, shampoo, idk any of that...ect...thx!
    7 Style 27
  120. What kind of plug do I plug my big curling iron into if it has the plug things that make a v-shape?
    their not straight like most things are?
    10 Homegarden 25
  121. Can I use Straight & Glossy Zero Frizz Heat Defence spray before curling or straightening my hair?
    2 Style 13
  122. Body perm?
    Ok im planning on getting a body perm, Please tell me what would look good on me. should I go for the perm, or get high lights, or...? HELP
    2 Style 62
  123. do you think its OK for a guy to curl his hair?
    In you're opinion, do you think its OK for a guy to curl his hair? In any way. (Using rollers, curling iron, whatever) I just wanna know. Thanks.
    5 Style 284
  124. What is the best way to curl hair that is already kind of wavy?
    So my hair is pretty wavy and I want to curl it for prom but I don't know if it will work win my hair. Any suggestions?
    6 Style 29
  125. Perm!!
    I have had my hair permed about eh, maybe 2 months and it is starting to fall out. If I use a straightener on it, and then wash it, will it still get curly after I wash it?
    3 Style 30
  126. Who has any tips of getting nice curls with really thin hair ?
    I am bored of straight hair all the tima and I would really like to have curly hair any tips
    3 Style 45
  127. What is a good product to make my curls last longer?
    When I curl my hair, they always seem to come out withing a couple hours. Whats a good product to keep the curls in shape and last longer?
    2 Style 45
  128. How can I get nice curls that aren't too tight?
    I want to get curls that are not too tight, but I dont want waves. Im not that skilled with a curling iron, but I might be willing to try. Thanks for your help.
    2 Style 61
  129. What will happen if I stop using a perm?
    I've stopped using a perm and my hair just falls out. Is it better that I don't use it, or should I start using it again? My mom says my hair will grow again, healthier and stronger. Is that true?
    4 Style 623
  130. Perm?
    I just got a perm yesterday and it looks I have black girl hair lol. once I wash it will it look better? what is some good stuff to put in it
    3 Style 57
  131. Does thick hair look best straight, curled, or wavy?
    Mines dark brown with golden and blonde in it , and its until the middle of my chest
    7 Style 8
  132. What would happen if I put perm 'down there' instead of on my hair?
    IDKY I Just Have To Know Promise I Wont Do It Lol Just A Random Question Lol Thanks
    16 Style 20
  133. How to make curls last overnight?
    Curly hair, I don't have time for a curling iron, or curlers in the morning, but how can I get my hair the curliest possible? my hair is naturally curly but I would like to enhance the curl.
    10 Style 122
  134. How do I get my curls to stick?
    So I really like curling my hair but I also really dont like when my hair is all hard and almost crunchy. Is there a way to make my curls stay in but still be soft and bouncy?
    4 Style 16
  135. What is a good perm for long straight hair?
    I have definitely been considering getting a perm and I need to know what would look good on long straight hair that is easy to handle. I like loose curls but I don't know
    9 Style 55
  136. How to keep curl in my hair?
    Ok first of all I have silky hairs and when I curl them with a flat iron ,the curl doesnt even stay for 3 minutes!Please tell me what product can I use so that curl can stay at least a day
    3 Style 50
  137. Best curling iron?
    Maybe some of you curl your hair. I wanted to know what curling iron is best. Possibly can you make it one that is not that expensive (well, reasonable and affordable). Give reviews on the curling irons you've used! Thanks :)
    3 Style 42
  138. How can I stop my hair curling so bad?
    I do straighten my hair but I tend to sweat a lot and it makes my hair go REALLY curly. Anyone help? Thanks. :)
    13 Style 64
  139. Would this type of curling look good?
    Do you think it'd look good if I curled three strands of hair on each side and kept everything else straight? Total 6 curls? 3 on both sides?
    4 Style 7
  140. Does curling eyelashes ruin them?
    I just bought an eyelasher curler and then someone told me that curling your eyelashes can break them and you'll end up with shorter, more brittle eyelashes than before. Then I did some research and people said that it's only bad if you curl after masc...
    2 Style 19
  141. How long does a straight perm last?
    K so I got my perm last year in the year of july...and im sick of my straight "permed" hair! --I want my curly hair back! Geezus how long do these perms last? Itsbeen over a year and mine hasnt gone aawayy
    4 Style 1456
  142. Which type of curling iron should I use?
    Which type of curling iron should I use to get hair like seleena's, and how do I do it??? Thanks, much appreciatedd! Needs help sooon asss possibleee yooo.
    3 Style 44
  143. How can I get the loose curls look?
    I have very straight hair and I'm awful at doing anything with my hair. Basically I can put it in a ponytail or a bun. I love the loose curls look but I have no idea how to go about doing it. Any tips??
    4 Style 198
  144. Waves and Curls?
    So I have naturally curly hair and it is like super kinky curls... but sometimes I want to wear like the loose beachy waves a lot of the celebrities do... any tips on how to get those???
    3 Style 17
  145. Burnt my hair while I was curling it
    I burnt my hair what dod I do I burnt it curling it and hoe do I replace it lol is their like a recipe I can use on my hair cause I dont really wan to go buy somethin
    3 Style 73
  146. How do I wash/dry permed hair?
    I got my hair permed Monday and I can wash it tomorrow, but it just occured to me I don't know how. Do I do it just like straight hair? I know I need a wide tooth comb, but what about the actual washing and drying?
    7 Style 58
  147. Would I look good if I curled my hair?
    I just want to know because straight hair is too messy. And I guess it doesn't look that good on me.So should I curl my hair?? Please let me know. Thanks much<3
    7 Style 14
  148. How can I curl my hair, if all size curlers dont work?
    Ok, So I have hair curlers, and plenty of curling irons, but for some reason my hair won't stay curled. What the proper way to curl, (and I mean like when im using a curling iron, do I curl under, or up, or sideways, like how?) So that it acually looks...
    3 Style 20
  149. Where can I find perm rods?
    I'm so need help in finding perm rods I no company sell them online but that b my last choice so do anybody no if they sell perm rods over the counter its those sticks to curl your hair and it got a string at the other end which that is to hold the cur...
    2 Style 139
  150. Would Joico humidity blocker work for my curls?
    For homecoming I am planning on curling my hair but when I do curl my hair it ends up getting flat and looking bad by like the end of the day so like nine hours after I have curled it. How can I keep my curls curled and not have them fall flat? oh...
    3 Style 42
  151. How do I keep the curls in?
    I've decided to try something different with my hair. My hair is naturally curly. I straighten it every couple of days. I went out and baught a curling iron cause I wanted to curl my hair. I straightened it first. When I was done curling it none of the...
    4 Style 15
  152. How to get rid of perm hair
    Please help me by saying any home remedie , how to get rid of permmed hai its looking very bad I sure on god any ever I wil try it in my life .
    2 Style 90
  153. Will a perm ever ware off?
    My mom permed my hair in september and im really irritated now because I keep hearing that you have to grow your natural hair out and cut the relaxed hair off is that true (I want to grow my non relaxed hair out)
    6 Style 343
  154. How to get looser curls?
    I have ringlet curly hair and want to lossen the curls for a night of clubbing. what can I do to get curls like Ashley Tisdale with curly hair. What products can I put in it or what? Also, my hair is long, blonde, and medium to thick in thickness.
    2 Style 44
  155. Should I get a perm?
    Okay, so I want to get a perm...My hair is long and thick. I usually curl my hair using muosse...but it still doesn't always look good, and because my hair being so think it's a pain to straighten. So does anybody know how good perms work?
    6 Style 77
  156. I want to perm my hair
    Hey I really want to perm my hair, but im waiting until it grows longer. right now its down to my chest. I also want my natural hair color to grow so im not going to dye it anymore. I also wanted to know if your hair is permed are you able to straighte...
    4 Style 51
  157. Can you straighten permed hair?
    Everyday I straighten my hair, becuase I dont like how it looks natural. I was getting sick of the straight look every single day, So I got a perm. Now I am kind of missing my striaght hair and I am not totally into the perm. Can I straighten it withou...
    2 Style 104
  158. Can you perm your hair and color die it the same day?
    Wa up yall, im tryna color dye ma hair and get it relaxed the same day because its really nappy! Also in black, with really nappy hair
    4 Style 66
  159. How would I achieve curls that are all connected to form on big one in a vintage sort of style for long hair?
    So my hair is extremely long and some what thick, how would i achieve a similar style to the ones in the images..
    4 Style 19
  160. what is the easiest way to give your hair loose and pretty curls?
    i naturaly have frizzy curly hair..... no matter what i do i cant get it to look nice.... help please
    4 Style 16
  161. Permed hair
    I got a perm put into my hair awhile ago, and I was wondering if it was okay to try and bleach it so that I can put blue, pink, or red into it. My hair is currently a dark brown with some light brown thrown in. (roots)
    3 Style 22
  162. What can I do to loosen up this tight perm?
    I just recenty got a perm, I ask for a loose perm the owner gave me a tight perm it looks awful I called and told her she said because my hair is layered that's why it looks like this what can I do she didn't even offer a part of my money back
    2 Style 246
  163. How can I curl my hair easily?
    I've tried curling it with my CHI straightener and a small barrel curling iron. But the curls don't stay as well as I would like and they get frizzy. I have long auburn hair down past my bra strap. Please tell me some way to quickly curl my hair.
    3 Style 12
  164. How to curl my hair?
    I Have Very Wavy Hair And I Straighten A lot I Use Good Conditioners And Protective Sprays But I've Become Bored Of Having Straight Hair I Herd You Can Curl Your Hair With Straighteners I've Tried But I Can't Get It Right Can Anyone Tell Me?
    4 Style 59
  165. How to make a curl stay??
    Ok so I have really frizzy hair I love curling my hair but im afraid to get really damaged I want to use foam curllers should I? Would it work? And would it look nice??
    2 Style 16
  166. How do you keep your hair with the curls but no frizz?
    I have over the shoulder brown,EXTREMLY FRIZZY and curly hair.I LOVE the curls,but HATE the frizz.So I just straight'n it.But I'm tired of it but it's the only way to keeping it from frizzing out.Help
    7 Style 41
  167. How can I curl my hair to make it look super nice?
    It's dark brown with gold, it is down to my butt, and is naturally wavy- straightish. Any ideas ? Using a one inch or half inch curling iron! :D
    2 Style 30
  168. How do you keep your curls curly?
    Well recently I jsut learned how to curl my hair with a straightner but as soon as I leave it it starts to go straight again... and I don't know how to make it stay like that... any ideas?? any plus I don't really know how to do the tight curls you k...
    2 Style 23
  169. Curling Iron & Blow Dryer and carry-on luggage
    I will be traveling to San Diego and am taking only a carry-on. I want to bring my curling iron and blow dryer since there will not be one in the hotel. Can I pack them with my carry-on as long as they are visible when the bag is checked?
    2 Style 185
  170. perm gone bad!
    ok so I got my hair permed a couple of months ago, and I hate it...I miss my straight long hair, I want to get rid of this perm but how would I do that without cutting my hair or frying it with starighting products... any idea's???
    4 Style 83
  171. How to get the perfect curls in your hair?
    I love having curls in my hair instead of having it straight, but everytime I try to curl my hair with sponge rollers ,it always comes out frizzie and looking like little orphan annie sometimes! *lol* Any ideas on how to curl your hair with sponge roll...
    4 Style 38
  172. How do you stop your hair from curling?
    I straighten my hair everyday, and I use the highest heat, but by the end of the day my hair is all curly again. is there anything I can put in my hair to make it stay straight for longer? I also have pretty curly hair naturally.
    8 Style 184
  173. Easy way to curl hair
    Ok so I have hair and its about an inch or two past my shoulders...and its wavy and light brown. And I really want to curl my hair but I have tried about 5 times and it always turns out bad. My friends do it and its really what are some ways ...
    8 Style 46
  174. How can I get my hair to keep it's volume after I curl it?
    I use hot rollers in my hair and I love that technique best. After I curl it, about 20 mins later or so, the top of my hair gets kind of flat. I try to fluff it up with my hands. And I do use hairspray after I curl it. Do you have any tips? Thanks much...
    2 Style 40
  175. Perm that hasn't gone away
    Lol my mom got a perm when she was 18 for her graduation...I always thought her hair was naturally curly..but its naturallr straight the perm just never came out!!!haha she is 46 now and when she gets out the shower her hair is really curlyy!!!Lol
    3 Style 81
  176. using a curling iron
    my hair is naturally curly, and sometimes I straighten it, but when I straighten it then try to curl it with a curling iron, it looks really good for a second then falls right out when I move. I have a party tomorrow and I want to curl my hair pretty...
    3 Style 17
  177. Curling hair ?
    Hmm, im having a school dance this friday, .. & I wanna curl my hair ... but like I want it to actually stayy for the whole dayy .. How can I make this happen ? I have mousse, and a curler .. What do I do first tho ? HELPPP ! .. I want to do...
    3 Style 14
  178. Should I use this relaxer I bought for my curls?
    It says not to be used on color treated hair Well my hair is color treated & it also says not to have it bleached & its bleached so what do I do? should I still use it? Then it also says not to wash it for at least 72 hours before & I bathe every n...
    5 Style 22
  179. How can I get my hair to hold the curl?
    Okay, I have blonde hair that goes to the bottom of my sholder blades in m why back, I have pictures tomorrow with my family. I'm not really sure what to do. I want to curl it but it won't hold curl. and advice about curling it or not? or just even com...
    2 Style 13
  180. What to do with my curled hair?
    Ok im in the middle of curling my hair, may I add I started 2 hours ago and not even finished it yet lol I want 2 know away I could put it up with kirby grips? Anybody got any ideas? For when I've finished curling it?
    2 Style 12
  181. How to do those curls using gel?
    You know the girls who put gel in there hair to make it curly. Well how do you do it? What kind of gel works the best? What do you to prep it. ( like washes your hair first? Or what ever) please tell me steps. thank you
    3 Style 62
  182. Which hairstyle is better for girls?
    Long hair with curls or Straight Long hair no curls Short or Meduim Hair with curls or no curls
    4 Style 43
  183. ?good hair spray 4 curls & teaseing??
    What's a good hair spay 4 curling hair ? My hair dosen't stay curled for long? I used tresseme and sauve I don't like the whole grease look from both. I also use big sexy hair in (play harder)I love ,love love this stuff but it cost a lot for one can. =(
    3 Sex 22
  184. How to loosen curls?
    So I have curly hair right, and I was wondering what are some ways to make it more wavy? like to loosen the curls a bit. Other than using relaxers, straightening irons, hair blowers or anything that I need to do in the saloon. I just need something eas...
    2 Style 46
  185. How to curl my eyelashes?
    I have semi-short lashes unfortuanately and they are very light. I use to be able to curl them with a eyelash curler and set it with mascara, now they won't even stayed curled. I need anything that will help. I've tried false lashes, they look terri...
    3 Style 50
  186. Leona lewis hair, how do I get her curls?
    leona lewis have really nice affect on her curls + its not bushy it looks perfect I have the same sort of hair apart from nines bushy + not as much curls I really want my hair like that, and does she use any products to make it none frizzy + more curle...
    3 Style 68
  187. How to get natural looking curls or waves?
    My hairs naturally straight/slightly wavy but quite frizzy. I've got loads of layers and theyre shorter nearer the crown of my head so I find it hard to curl my hair because they just stick up xd Anyone got any tips?!?!! Thanks :))
    4 Style 44
  188. How to curl your hair over straightned hair?
    I have a few questions about curling your haair .. :P I've never curled my hair before & I wanted to do it for school tomorrow ... Firstly , my hair is thick & stubborn & is naturly puffy & frizzy etc .. so I always straighten it .. So can you curl hai...
    3 Style 58
  189. How can I get rid of my "super-man curls"?
    You know that little patch of hair on superman's forehead that curls? Yea I have that and it only in like two spots.I have naturally curly hair and some people like that look for me so I'll keep it but I hate having those little curls on my forehead. S...
    3 Style 161
  190. Why don't my eye lashes curl after applying mascara?
    It is pissing me off so much. They just stick out, I've tried eyelash curlers for a few seconds on each eye and that never seems to work :@ Grrr, piss take man. some advice would be baree greatful (Y) All my mates just apply mascara and their's see...
    2 Style 83
  191. What are some great curling shampoos and conditioners?
    I have naturally curly hair but have straightned it alot lately so its kinda on a frizzy messy rampage when I dont straighten it.I want somthing that will help bring back the natural curl back into my hair, but still has the normal shiney look with it....
    6 Style 19
  192. Perms or Body Wave?
    I really want a perm, or body wave, but I hear that people really end up hating their hair, and have really tight ringlets, and I want something loose.. or something like this.. [[The picture below]] Can I tell my styleist that I want loose curls and ...
    3 Style 126
  193. Why is my hair still flat after a perm?
    Ok I just got a perm last night. when my stylist took the rods out my hair was almost flat on the sides bu curly on the back. I was told it takes atleast 28 hours for a perm to settle should I be concerned my hair is flat already? I've had a perm ye...
    2 Style 1783
  194. Cheese curls no longer
    Okay so, I pretty much love food; which can be problamatic sometimes. I get hungry throughout the day and want a snack food, to munch on...but constantly eating chips and cheese curls is making me gain weight. Does anyone know a snack food that isnt g...
    3 Food 51
  195. Should I get a Perm?
    This post is for only the people who have experienced on having perms. Well I'm black and I would want a black girls' perspective/opinion. sorry. Both of my sisters have perms and I'm the only one who have my natural hair still. It's thick but I hav...
    3 Style 49
  196. What style of curls should I do for school tomorrow with my Caruso rollers?
    I have caruso rollers, they come with a lot of different ways to curl your hair, like ringlets, wavy, lose curls, tight curls ect. My hair is already wavy...(look at the picture:D sorry [edit] for some reason the photo isn't uploading, so you can see e...
    2 Style 10
  197. Frizzy permed hair
    I have thin hair so decided to get a perm to help make it appear thicker and it did nothing but frizz to the max. I have tried mousse, gels, you name it and it is very fuzzy. any suggestions, home remedies would be nice. would using a straightener da...
    3 Style 20
  198. What. Should I get a perm?
    Ok so my hair is pin straight and everybody always tells me they love it so much, but I wish my hair was wavy or curly or something. should I get a perm? I don't know if it will eventually go back to being straight?like how does that work... because if...
    8 Style 56
  199. Stubborn perm. Help!!!
    I made a mistake and got a perm a year ago. You think it would relax by now, but it's still curly. I hate it. I'm going to Hawaii in 3 months, and I want it gone. AWAY WITH YOU! Like, I want to let my hair dry naturally and have it be straight... or at...
    2 Style 29
  200. What is the best way to curl my hair?
    my hair is wavey its not stright so I can just take a bath and be fine ,and not curly ,and I need to take bath daily cause I have to work out in gym everyday what is the best way to curl it? I bought loreal curling hair moose,it helped me though ...
    2 Style 31
  201. I can't curl my hair nicely.
    Okay. I got a new conair ceramic curling iron(1/2" barrel). My friend brought me over to her house yesterday and curled my hair for me and it LOOKED GOOD! But I can't seem to do it on my own. :( I've tried LOTS of things. I even watched youtube videos...
    3 Style 59
  202. How to curl your hair without curlers?
    I'm intrested in curling part of my hair (a bit at the front on either side of my face) for my formal. I do not want to buy anything like curlers etc as this will be the only time I would use it and it would be a waste of money. Can anyone suggest any...
    3 Style 34
  203. Natural or permed? (African American)
    For the past 4 and a half years, I've been getting my hair pressed. The last time I got a perm was in middle school, and it broke off, and it took me a while to get it healthy again. Im leaving for college in 9 days, and I dont know what I want to do ...
    3 Style 31
  204. Is this overworking forearms?
    2 sets of bicep curls 6-8 reps 1 set of hammer curls 1 set of 6-8 wrist curls And 1 set of reverse barbell curls. Since the inner part of your forearm is being worked during bicep curls is doing 1 set of 6-8 wrist curls in the same work out too muc...
    2 Nutritionfitness 95
  205. How can I get curls that stay?
    Okay. Well I have shoulder length hair, thick and straight! Everytime I try to curl it, if I brush it just ONCE, it goes completely straight again! I think my straight hair is really dull and I want to be able to put curls in it. Not just waves, but a...
    5 Style 76
  206. I need help with my non curling hair!
    Okay, so I guess you can say I hair hair that people dream of, long, straight brown hair. okay, but I do like my hair but there is just one little problem... I DOESNT CURL!!! I tried everything!!! curling irons dont work becuase it comes right out when...
    3 Style 25
  207. I'm thinking about getting a perm
    Hey, I'm thinking about getting a perm and would like to know some stuff. 1. I have long hair ( more than hafe way down my back) So what kind of curls should I get... I dont want to have short hair 2. Will it damage my hair because the only time I ...
    8 Style 53
  208. Hair Advice
    What curling iron makes you get nice curls?
    3 Style 11
  209. Which hairstyle is better?
    Curls or Waves? Everybody does curls but waves takes longer. I have a flat iron. and yes there is a difference between loose curls and waves.
    3 Style 10
  210. How do you texturize hair?
    How do you texturize hair? And what is the difference between perm and texturize?
    2 Style 126
  211. Would real hair extensions curl?
    Right im geting real hair extensions on thursday, and I would just like to know would thye curl as normal as your own real hair? Also im geting a spray tan done and my nails done 4 my birthday!! And I cant wait!! People keep saying im going 2 look like...
    5 Style 49
  212. Taylor swift curls
    Ok so my hair is naturally really curly but last year I pretty much straightened it ever week and just kept it in all week or as long as I could. My hair is mildly damaged but I have been letting it go curly for the summer and doing deep conditioning ...
    2 Style 37
  213. What would my hair do permed?
    I am 14 years old with thick, somewhat frizzy, naturally curly hair. I always get up early for band, cross country practice after school, then homework so I don't have much time to ever do much with it. I normally have it straightened and it looks fine...
    6 Style 83
  214. Falling out
    A while after my perm the sides of my hair start falling out what can I do???
    2 Style 21
  215. How should I do my hair for homecoming?
    Should I have it really really straight or curl it?
    5 Style 132
  216. What can I DOO! please answer its urgent!
    ok well I straightened my hair then I try to hot roll my hair & I had curls @ first then they went away. but if I curl it without straightening it I get curls but they are really frizzy! what do I do I really want to curl my hair!!!
    6 Style 14
  217. How can I get wavy hair?
    I have a hair curler and I want wavy hair, not curls. how can I do that?
    4 Style 36
  218. girls with curly hair
    What girls like their hair curled? Sometimes I like girls with curly hair.
    7 Style 51
  219. is this true 15-20 reps to get ripped and burn fat?
    15-20 reps to get ripped and burn fat (bicep curls) 6-8 reps to get your muscles bigger (bicep curls) moderate reps to build and maintain muscles 10-12 reps (biceps curls)
    3 Nutritionfitness 86
  220. What should I with my hair? chemicals or no?
    okay, so I used to chemically straighten my hair, but lately I've been letting it grow out curly, but the chemicals changed my current curls, there more bigger and wazy, and I like them, but the curls that are growing in are tight and get tangled easy....
    3 Style 31
  221. How to get perfect waves with thin hair?
    How do I get my hair to lay down for perfect brush waves? My hair is kind of thin with very little curl. I don't want to have to use a perm, do I have any other options?
    2 Style 78
  222. How to make my hair...
    My hair is wavy and very frizzy but I want pretty do I do that?
    6 Style 33
  223. how to make my hair curly but not frizzy
    so I have pretty straight hair but when it dries after showering it gets pretty frizzy. I dont want to get a perm and I dont want to use a curling iron either but is there a way I can easily make my hair have medium curls without getting frizzy or poofy?
    2 Style 37
  224. How can I keep my hair straight on a rainy day?
    My hair likes to curl when it rains, but it also looks messy. I like to straighten my hair. But, like I said, it curls when it rains. Any good tips on how to keep it straight on a rainy day?
    5 Style 172
  225. what hair dyes 4 restraint gray hair 4 African American women?
    I have not perm my hair for almost 3 months and would like to permantly dye my hair but my gray is very restraint. I am not interesting in perming my hair again. I have been perming my hair for many years now and would like to go natural.What dye woul...
    2 Style 49
  226. What is a way to make my hair straighter?
    My hair keep's curling to the side but on the top it's straight.. I want my hair just be straight without it curling to side.. And without straighting it or relaxing it.. please help thxs!
    9 Style 49
  227. my crazy thick hair!!!
    I absolutely love my hair...but as I grow older it is getting thicker and thicker...I have natural curls but because my hair is so heavy it has turned them into waves because the curls can't stand the weight...what should I do???
    2 Style 24
  228. What hairstyles do guys like?
    I usually wear my hair straightened or curled. What do guys like?
    7 Style 47
  229. How can I keep my real lashes to blend in w/ my false lashes to ma
    I don't have natural curled lashes or anything. Mine are short and straight. Should I curl my lashes before I apply fake lashes or after I put the fake lashes on? I already know how to apply lashes but the problem is throughout the way my real la...
    2 Style 53
  230. What is a good hair spray that does not make your hair crunchy or hard?
    i want soft curls when i curl my hair and i can never find a good hairspray.. so if yall no any kind i would appreciate it!
    3 Style 42
  231. My hair is so Annoying!
    My hair is so annoying I can't do anything with it. it's thick, wavy but a little straight, mixed hair color. I tried curling it & straightening it but it's so hard to curl & straighten it. It takes forever to get one curl (I've tried hair spray to hol...
    4 Style 68
  232. What is 'deep conditioning'?
    I've asked for some advice about a perm, and people keep typing 'deep condition'.. what is that?
    3 Style 27
  233. Curly hair tips
    How can I get bouncy, soft curls?? what products can I use??
    6 Style 26
  234. Curly hair that looks like loose spirals?
    Ok. I really love this hair style thats is curly. its curly at the end but not like SPIRALS! really LOOSE curls kindof like beach curls. how do you do that? I really want to get my hair to do something like that
    4 Style 41
  235. I have really fine hair..
    And when I try to curl it, it won't curl. Like, when the lady curled my hair for homecoming, she used like a TON of hairspray just to get the curls to stay. I'm tired of my naturally super-straight hair. So I wanna buy a 3 barrel curler when I ge...
    8 Style 53
  236. Is this too much work for the biceps?
    Set 1- 15 reps bicep curls (dumbells) Set 2- add 5 pounds and 12 reps of hammercurls (dumbells) Set 3- 8 reps of reverse barbell curls (barbell)
    3 Nutritionfitness 40
  237. I want my hair curly!! help!!
    okay, so I have straight hair, and I REALLY want hair like taylor swift! but my parents won't let me get a perm, and I don't want to have to curl it every day! please help!
    5 Style 44
  238. does anybody know of any products or tips to make your hair more curly?
    without curling it..
    5 Style 9
  239. Help Me Please
    hia please could you give me some advice on how 2 curl your hair with straightners
    4 Style 16
  240. How to do my hair for school?
    I have a stratener, a curling iron and a crimper but I usually just straiten my hair any simple ideas??
    3 Style 57
  241. curly hair?
    how do you curl your hair by putting it in buns and leaving them overnight? how do you do it so there like really curly and really bouncy?
    2 Style 159
  242. silky hair.
    how do you get your hair 2 be silky because I want these curls but meh ahir is a bit puffy!!
    4 Style 17
  243. Query
    What if the penis is curled towaeds right when erect, does it affects sex life of a person?
    3 Sex 18
  244. How to get a round shaped biceps
    How can I round my biceps. Please suggest some exercises for that. I'm doing dumbell curls now.
    3 Nutritionfitness 270
  245. Natrually curly hair
    does anyone know any perms or texturizers to make my hair naturally curly ? Thanks :-)
    3 Style 32
  246. How to make straight hair curly?
    how do you make stragiht dual hair fun and curly? My hair in dry and flat. I want to make my hair curly but curling irons dont work! How do I make my hair curly without damageing my hair anymore than it is but still have low curls? PLEASE HELP!!!
    8 Style 90
  247. Products for Curly Hair
    I have very curly hair and right now I use Herbal Essences Totally Twisted and I've tried Garnier Fructis Hydra-Curls. What products can keep my curls in tact and keep frizz down to the absolute minumum?
    3 Style 38
  248. Does sleeping position effect height?
    I have been hearing that if you sleep on yur back and stretch out yur legs (makes sure they aren't curled) you can increase yur height. So I'm just wondering if anyone is tall and sleeps on their back and stretches out their legs [ie. not tucking them...
    3 Health 549
  249. how do I use sponge curlers?!?
    how do I use the long spongy curlers?? Also curling advice and techniques needed?!thanks(:
    3 Style 45
  250. How to apply mascara correctly?
    So, I'm beginning to use mascara. I've read a bunch of stuff online about how to apply mascara and how to curl your eyelashes. But I still can't seem to get it right. When I curl my eyelashes it looks nothing like other peoples curled eyelashes. The la...
    8 Style 129