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  1. Is there a code for anarchy symbol
    2 Technology 930
  2. What do you think of anarchy?
    What do you think of anarchy?
    5 Politics 41
  3. What's my house's past?
    what is my houses past
    2 Homegarden 35
  4. How do I make all symbols
    How do I make all symbols
    2 Technology 51
  5. What is anarchy exactly?
    What is anarchy exactly???
    4 General 19
  6. What are some symbols of youth?
    3 General 76
  7. How do I copy and paste a web address into my web browser?
    How do I copy and paste a web address into my web browser?
    2 Technology 36
  8. Anarchy
    Anybody here believe in anarchy?
    8 General 20
  9. How to input skull symbol?
    How to input skull symbol?
    7 Technology 239
  10. What does this symbol mean?
    What does this symbol stand for?
    4 General 155
  11. why is the heart the symbol of love?
    why is the heart the symbol of love?
    4 Relationships 47
  12. What is copy and paste?
    What exactly is copy and paste and do I have to know a lot about computer to do it?
    7 Technology 15
  13. What doe the symbol ;-) stand for?
    What does the symbol ;-) stand for?
    5 Technology 62
  14. How can I copy chicken little?
    How can I copy chicken little?
    2 Food 52
  15. Atheist Symbol?
    Do atheist need a symbol?
    10 Religion 60
  16. How do I copy pokemon in pokemon pearl?
    How do I copy pokemon in pokemon pearl?
    5 Gaming 45
  17. Symbol Meaning
    What does this symbol mean :m
    4 Technology 43
  18. How do I make this symbol on my computer?
    7 Technology 35
  19. How can i copy the URL from my pictures?
    5 Technology 20
  20. Why is "ZzzZzzZ" the symbol of sleeping?
    4 General 86
  21. What keys do you use to copy (such as CTRL + V = Paste)?
    6 Technology 45
  22. What is the symbol of the element yttrium?
    2 Science 14
  23. How to get over boyfriend's past?
    18 Relationships 37
  24. Where can i go online to copy and paste and symbol?
    It needs to be a circle with a star in the center, what website, it needs to be copy and paste.??
    6 Technology 79
  25. Is there a symbol that stands for "alchemy"?
    not symbols used in alchemy, but a symbol which stands for "alchemy"
    3 Science 21
  26. What is the symbol &c?
    The symbol &c, what does it mean in a commentary?
    3 General 31
  27. How do you make the copyright symbol?
    Which key makes a copyright symbol?
    9 Technology 129
  28. How do I get past proxies at school?
    how do I get past the proxys at school?
    2 Technology 51
  29. copy dvds
    how can I copy a dvd to my computer
    2 Technology 17
  30. How do you get past restricions on my computer ??
    How do you get past restricions on my computer ??
    2 Technology 21
  31. How do I delete past searches on my computer?
    How do I delete past searches on my computer?
    6 Technology 79
  32. How do you copy a master ball on pokemon?
    How do you copy a master ball on pokemon?
    2 Gaming 59
  33. What religion has this symbol?
    What religion has the flaming wheel as their symbol?
    6 Religion 35
  34. What is the symbol for gold on the periodic table?
    2 Science 38
  35. What are advantages to having a superpower of seeing into the past?
    10 General 51
  36. What is the symbol for tin on the periodic table?
    2 Science 27
  37. who belives in past lives and if you do what is your opinon on them?
    9 Religion 15
  38. Who here believes in past lives?
    Any experiences with them?
    26 Religion 24
  39. A symbol...not sure what it means
    what does this mean? Σ
    3 Education 12
  40. Do you believe in horoscopes and what do you think they symbolize?
    11 Religion 18
  41. What do these symbols mean on chat?
    on msn what does this mean \\// ??
    4 Technology 64
  42. What does this symbol mean?
    What does 3> mean? I forgot.
    6 Technology 64
  43. How to get my man to leave the past behind?
    how do i get my man to leave the past in the past?
    3 Relationships 23
  44. Can someone copy paste the reply on this with all the calculations?
    and mail it to me?
    2 Funadvice 9
  45. How to paste a picture as a comment on a social site?
    How to paste a picture as a comment on a social site?
    2 Technology 50
  46. How to obtain past work history if you have lost it?
    How to obtain past work history if you have lost it?
    2 Money 89
  47. How to get a copy of ged certificate wv?
    How to get a copy of ged certificate wv?
    3 Education 587
  48. How baseball became the national past time?
    How baseball became the national past time?
    3 Sports 26
  49. Alowed to paste stuff in from other websites?
    Hey Are we alowed to paste stuff in from other websites?
    2 Funadvice 6
  50. How Do You Copy a song From a Computer To a cd?
    How do you copy a song from itunes to a cd?
    5 Technology 35
  51. How can I make a copy of a DVD for a friend?
    How do I burn a DVD to make a copy for a friend
    4 Technology 39
  52. If you can change one thing about your past what would it be?
    If you can change one thing about your past what would it be?
    7 General 30
  53. Where do you paste your myspace codes?
    Which place do I paste my myspace layout code?
    3 Technology 38
  54. What are three examples of symbolism in The Lord of the Flies?
    4 Literature 34
  55. how are you letting your past positively influence your future?
    2 General 8
  56. Is a peace symbol actually a broken cross?
    6 General 59
  57. How can you tell if mandarins are past their expiry date?
    3 Food 12
  58. How can I get a free copy of Photo Shop?
    4 Technology 18
  59. Where can I get a copy of the "anyway" poster?
    4 Homegarden 14
  60. Keyboard symbols how do you make a love heart?
    How do you make a love heart
    5 Technology 197
  61. Why can't you get married by church again after you've been married by church in the past?
    7 Religion 54
  62. Where can I get a free copy of my police report?
    2 Politics 16
  63. How do you copy music from an mp3 player to a laptop?
    6 Technology 33
  64. when a symbol such as is placed between two expressions what is it called!!?
    3 Education 113
  65. Why have my eyes been so teary the past two days?
    13 Health 20
  66. Oprah 'Woman & money' free copy
    Can I have the free digital copy of Oprah 'woman & money ' ?
    2 Entertainment 25
  67. How can I copy a master ball on Pokemon?
    how do you copy a master ball on leaf green?
    11 Gaming 216
  68. Republican party color and symbol
    Why is the Republican's party color red and their symbol an elephant???
    4 Politics 1528
  69. Typing a Registration Symbol?
    What Font and Key strokes type a Registration Symbol?
    5 Technology 68
  70. Numbers and Symbols?
    Why do people honestly type with Numbers and Symbols? Seriously.
    4 Education 13
  71. How to make cool symbols on keyboard through control panel?
    How to make cool symbols on keyboard through control panel?
    12 Technology 114
  72. Can I say (I have worked) for past ferfect tense? or I had worked?
    for the past ferfect tense, can I say I have worked or I had worked? thanks
    3 General 49
  73. Where to copy the file gdiplus.dll?
    Where to copy the file gdiplus.dll which I have downloaded frm net?
    2 Technology 11
  74. How can I make different symbols in the keyboard?
    How can I make different symbols?? in the keyboard?? details please
    4 Technology 57
  75. Anarchy, can I get in trouble in school?
    Can I get in trouble at school for believing in anarchy? Or if I wear the anarchy sign???
    6 Education 89
  76. Why have gas prices gone up so much in the past few weeks?
    8 Money 41
  77. Why has the price of gasoline generally increased over the past decade?
    3 General 44
  78. How do I paste an image into the comment box on a online comment forum?
    2 Technology 32
  79. Is the fear of being touched a sign of anxiety in the past or present?
    6 Health 8
  80. What religion or beliefs have the Grim Reaper as the symbol of death?
    4 Religion 400
  81. What are some important current events from the past ten years?
    9 Politics 6
  82. How much does past love affect your present life?
    22 Relationships 36
  83. Who has woken up and recived 46 FunMails in the past?
    26 Funadvice 12
  84. Do you get angry when people copy you?
    6 Relationships 22
  85. How do past eruptions help volcanologists predict future eruptions?
    5 Environment 17
  86. How do we know whether any photo in the internet is copy righted or not ?
    2 Technology 14
  87. What does this symbol )O( mean?
    What does this symbol, )O( stand for? I Googled it but got nothing!!
    2 General 82
  88. Is anyone here into anarchy?
    any people Anarchy like me TAKE DOWN THA MAN
    7 Politics 32
  89. What does it mean when a guy stares/looks at you while he is walking past you?
    What does it mean when a guy gives you contact while he is walking past you?
    3 Relationships 106
  90. Star Symbols on keyboard?
    How to make the star symbols for a social site like you make the ♥ ???
    18 Technology 1593
    10 Technology 163
  92. How do I copy a dvd
    How do I copy a dvd to my computer so I can have it later? I know how to burn them. I have vista
    6 Technology 33
  93. How do I make symbols?
    I see some things on the computer with the weird symbols and whatnot how do you do this?
    15 Technology 212
  94. How do you copy a dongle?
    Is there any free software available to copy a dongle, just in case it is lost?
    2 Technology 154
  95. Why did funadvice copy another Q&A site about the points thing?
    14 Funadvice 32
  96. Can someone work in the medical field if they have been commited into a pyschward in the past?
    2 Money 23
  97. how do i make the heart symbol that is clear?
    not not the alt 3 one but the other one?
    4 Technology 17
  98. would you rather fix something on your past
    Or see something in your future
    3 General 13
  99. Is it normal to feel depressed when you're alone and think about the past?
    13 Health 31
  100. Is there an easy way, or hard way, to learn how to forgive people in your past?
    16 General 25
  101. Does a sideways cross symbolize anything?
    I saw it on some jewelry and I was just wondering...
    2 General 75
  102. whats the past tence for stink?
    would it be stunk or stank?
    16 General 35
  103. Why do I always get upset about past situations that make me so angry?
    7 General 53
  104. Why can't you keep reusing false eyelashes past 4 or so uses?
    5 Style 18
  105. Why on iTunes is there only one song but on my iTouch there is a copy of the songs I have brought off of iTunes and how do I fix it?
    2 Music 24
  106. Why is 10 past 10 shown on watch advertisements?
    why 10 pass 10 is shown in all watch Ads?
    2 General 14
  107. How much does it cost to make a key copy at Home Depot?
    2 Shopping 2562
  108. How can I forget this girl from my past?
    what can I do to forget a girl I fell for, 5 years ago
    3 Relationships 25
  109. How are generations used symbolically in the book cry the bel
    How are generations used symbolically in the book cry the beloved country?
    2 Literature 7
  110. Past due
    My dog is a couple of days past due, this is her second liter. Should I be worried and what do I do?
    2 Pets 17
  111. Which are the on and off symbols?
    I O Which symbol represents what? I know it sounds stupid but I can never remember!
    3 Technology 78
  112. What should I do for Japanese symbols on my computer?
    I changed the language on my computer from Japanese to English. Now, how do I get the Japanese symbols to pop up??
    2 Technology 24
  113. heart symbol
    how kan I put a heart symbol on mah ipod?? any html codee?
    2 Technology 61
  114. Can I use a fine sand paper to remove old wall paper paste on
    Can I use a fine sand paper to remove old wall paper paste on my walls?
    3 Homegarden 36
  115. How do you get past overprotective parents?
    How do you get past overprotective parents when you want to get sexual with ya man
    7 Sex 62
  116. How to get past Squall and Yuffie on Kingdom Hearts?
    does anyone know how to get past squall and yuffie on kingdom hearts?
    3 Gaming 40
  117. Copying and Pasting Sites
    I'm kinda new here! I tried to copy and paste a site here, and it won't work! Are you not allowed to copy and paste on this site! I went to the site I wanted to copy, went to the address bar and clicked on copy, came back to this question the I wanted ...
    2 Funadvice 11
  118. Is it true you'll die in 2 days if you don't copy and paste on a certain amount of videos?
    is it true were those things were you have to copy and paste on a certain amount of vidioes are you dye in 2 days cause I didnt do it now im scared
    8 General 38
  119. Who esle has verizon and realizes that their phone has not been working these past couple days?
    6 Technology 13
  120. How do I copy and paste on a MacBook Pro?
    My brother has one and i can never figure it out because i will go to click on the right side of the "clicker thing" and it won't let me "right click".
    2 Technology 38
  121. How to copy contacts from my samsung galaxy to my new sim?
    is there apps availble ?
    2 Technology 58
  122. What is the symbolism of All Saint's Day?
    What is the history, and are there any special religious celebrations held on this day?
    3 Religion 16
  123. would the phrase 'Evil smelling' be a similie, Symbolism, metaphor, or hyperbole?
    2 General 59
  124. What movies have come out in the past two years that you guys thought were good?
    4 Entertainment 52
  125. What are some symbols that represent purity?
    Purity of bloodline would be nice, but purity in general works.
    6 General 125
  126. Why is my phone sending random symbols,instead of words,for text messages?
    4 Technology 125
  127. How to copy photos of someones funadvice page ?
    Hey ! Well my friend have photos of me that I want to copy how do I do that ?
    2 Technology 10
  128. Is the beard becoming a symbol of terrorism?
    Is beard becoming a symbol of islamic terrorism? How do you view a person with beard post 9/11 and before?
    2 Religion 29
  129. The disturbed symbol
    Ok this one is for you disturbed fans out there. I have no idea what all the symbols are in the insignia so can you tell me plzzz
    2 Music 190
  130. whats your favorite symbol
    whats your favorite symbol like mine is the peace sign I am obsessed with it right now
    13 Homegarden 38
  131. How to edit my Image Document Online and how to copy and edit prote
    How to edit my Image Document Online and how to copy and edit protected pdf files?
    2 Technology 12
  132. Can I copy rented dvds onto dvd recordable discs to build my
    Can I copy rented dvds onto dvd recordable discs to build my own library?
    3 Technology 38
  133. Black star symbol
    I want to put a black star symbols after my name on my space but I dont know how to do it
    2 Technology 131
  134. Copy and paste on laptop, very important please answer
    Can someone please please tell me how to copy and paste something on a laptop (no mouse)?? Its my brothers so I don't know. Its extremely important I need to know by 12:30 tonight pleasee
    5 Technology 85
  135. How do you cut, copy, & paste to a URL?
    How do I cut, copy, & paste to a URL? I need help with this online procedure. I know absolutely nothing about it. Can you fully explain or do you have any photos regarding this procedure? I'll be awaiting your advice!
    2 Technology 39
  136. Keyboard symbols
    My computer keyboard has transposed the " and '@ symbols,altering them in control pane l has not changed them
    4 Technology 157
  137. ok how do you type these symbols??
    how do you type a heart symbol? how do you type a trademark symbol? (TM) (except small) and how do you type a copyright/reservec symbol? (R) (C) (except small)
    3 Technology 65
  138. where can i find a list of past and current governments (and the the names of the countries) and when they started and when they ended?
    2 Politics 18
  139. What does the Ouroboros symbol stand for?
    I thought it looked kinda cool and wondered what it meant.
    2 General 55
  140. What song, right now or one from the past, makes you want to get up to sing and dance?
    51 Music 44
  141. Is it bad that I've been sleeping only about 3 to 4 hours a night for the past month now?
    13 Health 24
  142. What did people use to brush their teeth before tooth paste was invented?
    2 Style 15
  143. do you think yahoo mail is in the past now?
    now its all gmail and windows live mail now whats your opinion ?
    3 Technology 17
  144. Why can't I copy and paste anything from here?
    how come I can't copy/paste anything on this site? I wanted to copy/paste a reply I got [info' on how to download music from the net to my mobile] so I could save it to use later.
    5 Funadvice 60
  145. How do you get past level one in Spore lite for the itouch?
    Any suggestions or strategies?
    2 Gaming 7
  146. does anyone know any symbols that keep away bad spirits or demons, and can keep me safe?
    9 Religion 107
  147. Did Eric and Olivia make it past their third performance on America's Got Talent?
    2 Entertainment 23
  148. Where can I get a full copy of the health care reform bill/plan that Obama passed?
    2 Politics 21
  149. Why do people try to copy sleazy celebs
    Why do people like to copy only the sleazy celebs and not the classy ones? I perfer classy over trashy what about you?!
    3 Entertainment 44
  150. How to get past Level 3 on Fancy Pants?
    how do I get past level three? it wont let me go up.
    2 Gaming 38
  151. How to get past Myspace filters?
    How do you get past myspace filters and blockers at work also how do you get past the filters that allow you to get on myspace example v- tunnel
    3 Technology 40
  152. Why have I had a headache for the past three days?
    ...and ive been a little dizzy. i am 16 and a female. What could this be.
    9 Health 46
  153. Why is Mario the "symbol" for Nintendo?
    I mean why would an Italian plumber be the mascot for a Japanese company?
    4 Gaming 48
  154. Copy Of ID??
    Okay I have to get a copy of my drivers license to send to this company. Where do I go to get an official copy of my ID?? Do I go tot he DMV?
    4 General 45
  155. What is the problem with people questioning Obama's past?
    What is the problem with people questioning obama's past. He has said that he wants to make a change. Isn't that good.
    9 Politics 32
  156. Does anyone know where I can get a free .pdf copy of Friedrich Nietzsche's "On the Genealogy of Morals"?
    7 Sex 16
  157. Past lives
    I've seen and heard many documentaries about people who have been regressed and "experienced" themselves in past lives. Is this all bogus??
    12 Religion 28
  158. What do you understand about The NAME ... YHVH or YHWH and it's significance in the days past, present, future tense?
    14 Religion 42
  159. Piercings Symbolism
    what are some meanings of piercings. like earlobe piercings on right side of a male symbolizes being gay. [I dont just want guys meanings]
    7 Style 2365
  160. is there a symbol for atheists?
    wiccans have the double encirled star and christians have a cross and jewish people have the star of david, but do athiests have a symbol for being atheists??
    12 Religion 54
  161. Magick symbols
    In a forgiveness spell, what magick symbols can I put on the alter to represent forgiveness, love, understanding, bonding, and just like being together
    5 Religion 37
  162. when you something new to your hair everyone copys u?
    okay so is it me or does it feel like when you something new to your hair everyone copys u? its really annoyingg. watshould I do?
    6 Style 12
  163. should i tell my ex that i like alot and he likes me back if he says anything about our past relationship... i currently have a boyfriend?
    2 Relationships 40
  164. how can I get past a plateau
    I have been doing 1200 calories for 9 months and lost 84lbs but nothing this whole month what do I do??
    5 Health 21
  165. Could you ever trust someone completely knowing that, in the past, they ended the life of another human?
    10 General 11
  166. Is there anyway to find the previous link that I copied on my computer?
    I just copied someone's tumblr link and then accidentally copied something else before I could paste it down somewhere and ugh :(
    3 Technology 71
  167. Past Presidents
    Can anybody list for me every past president and what they did in there time as the president? and any fact you can give me about all the past wars? no reason, just for the sake of knowledge. Thank you very much!!
    5 Politics 103
  168. How Much Is A Copy 4 your SSC And Birth Certificate?
    Who Know's how much is a copy of your Social Sercurity Card and a copy of your Birth Certificate?? anybody who knows can hit me back up..Asap!!:)
    3 General 54
  169. Does the past matter?
    So I did sumthing in the past thaat was freaky the boy I was talking to found out and now he doesn't want to talk to me anymore . Do you think that what I did in the past should affect our relationship?
    2 Relationships 15
  170. Should I let my past control me?
    should I let my past control me? I want to live my life without any thought of what happened is that even possible? help..please
    7 General 46
  171. Does copying me means he likes me?
    So there's this guy on my baseball team and he like copying what I'm standing like and then laughing. Does it sound like he likes me? (he is the same age as me and YES I am a girl).
    2 Relationships 232
  172. What is your favorite past or current TV series. and why?
    Just like the title says... What is your favorite TV series, current or past.. Tell us what it is and why you like it so much.. be specific.
    17 Entertainment 41
  173. Copy music to your Xbox 360 Harddrive
    I want to be able to copy/download music on my Xbox 360 hard drive. Does anyone know how to do this?
    3 Gaming 218
  174. FunAdvice symbol changed?
    It used to be 'FA' in green and black, now its an orange 'I'? Whys it an 'I' and has anyone else got it? :S
    2 Technology 9
  175. How come for the past 2 times I've eaten at McDonald's, I've ended up with a really bad stomach ache?
    10 Health 44
  176. What do you think is the worst thing that has happened to the world in the past 5 years?
    Socially, Scientifically, Economically, or Religiously.
    8 General 16
  177. How can I forget my miserable past?
    Things and people are coming back from my past and I deleted them but they are coming back. What can I do? I feel like I'm cursed for having it come around and seeking me again.
    2 Relationships 48
  178. Where can I find the symbols for "soul" and "real" in Chinese?
    I had a question does anybody know what website to look at for the symbols in chinese "Soul" and "Real"? I looked many of time and can't seem to find a website. Thanks
    3 Religion 42
  179. Anarchy anyone?
    Does anyone else support anarchy? If its well planned and has the least destructive affects possible, I think its sweet. Any one agree?
    17 Politics 49
  180. Weird little symbol guys
    Well just gimme some of your fav or best one of those wackey things made of symbols (ex. (\(\(\(;:;)/)/)/) it's a spider
    3 Entertainment 9
  181. What does this symbol mean/represent (read more)?
    When walking through the cemetary in my town, I noticed the same symbol on gravestones or monuments. It was a vase with a cloth hanging out. Is this a certain group?
    2 General 22
  182. How can I move on from past issues with my Dad?
    how can I move on? my dad used me against my mum and now he is dead and I want to know why he did it and feel like I cant move on til I know what can I do?
    2 Family 11
  183. Where can I get a copy of my sister's immunization card?
    ..i went to the clinic and just got the paper..i need the yellow card because i lost it where can i go?
    2 Family 30
  184. What happens if you wear contacts past their expiratuon dates?
    I wear monthlies but often I find myself forgetting when I open them and use them a week over.
    5 Health 28
  185. What are some different ways i can do my hair, i put it in a bun every day!, its just past shoulder length and straight and i have a fringe, helpp :) ??
    8 Style 11
  186. Should I be worried if my doctor told me I probably won't live a day past 2 years if I keep stressing?
    what would you do? :/
    12 Health 25
  187. what could i use as a very light grinding paste that will be in my house ?
    dont say toothpaste i know that already :P E
    4 General 17
  188. How do I paste a picture into Word after using the print screen button?
    Also, do I just press prnt scrn or do I have to press alt then prnt scrn or something?
    8 Technology 35
  189. my past come back in my life what sould i do
    My ex boyfriend is back he still loves me i still like him but i have a boyfriend and now my ex wont leave me alone
    9 Relationships 30
  190. Would it be plagerising to copy song lyrics?
    I want to learn some songs by hart would it plagerising if I write the lyrics down to learn them whitout asking the one who wrote them?
    6 Music 14
  191. How do I stop my friend copying me!?
    She always says what I say , does what I do ! One time I hurt me knee so I was limping and then weird enough she started limping!
    3 Relationships 37
  192. What can I wear past age 60?
    I am 61, petite size 8. Can I wear walking shorts above the knee? What trends am I to old for?
    3 Style 77
  193. What does that A symbol thing mean?
    Like I seen it on a drum set before and I also seen it spray painted in an ally... It's like an A with a circle around it
    4 General 18
  194. Does it cost money to get a printed copy of your x-ray?
    like after they show it to you, would it cost money to take it home ?
    7 Health 23
  195. Why wouldn't someone want to discuss their past?
    Say you meet someone and they tell you they don't want to discuss their past because it's the past and they want to look to the future. Do you think that's because they have a bad past? I'm just curious what others think, seems fishy to me.
    3 Relationships 42
  196. Getting past Diner Dash level 13, any advice?
    I am playing diner dash 2 and I cannot get past level 13---the the cell phone addicts!, can someone please give me some advice on how to get past that level!!!
    2 Gaming 412
  197. Who was managing the shop in the past?
    Who were managing the shop in the past? Does the mall apply every thing that you need in life? me............. I want this informations. I meant how was the shopping in the past? and I want answers for these two questions.
    6 Shopping 23
  198. Can someone give me a copy of 'Midnight sun'?
    Listen I went to the twilight site but I cant read midnight sun so can someone please go copy and paste it to the reply. Thank you
    6 Literature 46
  199. What do the symbols=^^= mean on a social site?
    There has been a lot of goings on on a social site and symbols that are so new. we dont understand most of the time and were just wondering what exacltly this mean. is it something bad or good?
    4 Relationships 20
  200. Can you substitute tomato paste for tomato sauce in a recipe?
    I want to make frito chilli pie tonight but the chilli packet i have called for tomato sauce and all i have is tomato paste. Can i just mix water with it?
    4 Food 57
  201. Where can I find a copy of the written driver's test?
    Does anYone have a copy of the written driving test for this or last year In california?I really need help pleaseee
    2 Education 42
  202. What DVD burner copies protected DVDs and what's Vista?
    Can someone tell me which DVD burner/copier copies protected DVDs? Is it possible to find a cheap one? Also what is Windows Vista?
    2 Technology 14
  203. Did the U.S. learn from past mistakes at the end of WW2?I have t
    I have to answer the question listed above but I don't know how 2 start it off. Can someone help me?
    4 Literature 1251
  204. What should you do about Annoying friends who copy u?
    She always steals my ideas and claims them for her own and says some hatedul thing sometimes I just want to ditch her but can't
    2 Relationships 30
  205. where can I get a free copy of an anything goes script?
    I'm in the musical anything goes and I accidentally lost my there anywhere I can download one online for free?
    2 Technology 318
  206. Is it normal for my boyfriend to be unhappy with my past? (read more)
    My boyfriend is very unhappy with what happened between me and my last boyfriend. he also insists that no other boyfriend would be like that, but i feel like other boyfriends have felt that way.
    13 Relationships 84
  207. Whats Your Favorite Song, from present or past?
    Whats your favorite song??/ It could be anything.. I just want to know to see what people are thinking these days!!
    12 Music 40
  208. The past, the past!
    My mum ALWAYS talks about the past, and what I've'e done in the past, and never just drops the conversation. I have talked through things with my mum, but never in private, it has to be infront of other people. My mum is getting on my NERVES at the mom...
    3 Family 8
  209. How can I block out the past?
    How do I block out the past? I want to forget everything...I think ill be better off if I do Every time I try to though for some reason I find my self reminiscing =(
    7 Family 66
  210. What is the ticker symbol for burger king?
    I am doing a school project on stocks and the ticker symbol I got from google was BKC but when I typed it in at www. smart stocks .com it came out as unavailable
    3 Technology 52
  211. When will we stop arguing about the past?
    me and my shorty been together now about 9years now, but were not married, but we seems to argue about old pryor things that happen in the past, how much longer do you think it will last.
    3 Relationships 78
  212. How to copy and paste a Paypal Buy Now button to your webpage?
    Well I had created a paypal account and I've done created my webpage. But when I created the Buy Now button on Paypal, it wanted me to copy and paste the code to my webpage. But after I did that the button didn't show up to work on the actual page that...
    3 Money 46
  213. does crest make any toothe paste that fights caveties, gingivitis, plaque sensitivity, tarter, whitens, strengthens enamel, and fights bad breath?
    2 Health 30
  214. What can I make that is a good symbol for dracula by bram stoker?
    I have to make sometghing that symbolizes something in the story dracula by bram stoker and I have to explain what it symbolizes and why?? Please help me if I fail this project I cant graduate high school
    3 Education 17
  215. How do I delete my past questions?
    I know I asked one time but I forgot can someone please give me the adress or something on how to delete my questions so no one can see them? thanks
    2 Funadvice 66
  216. What is a webite that will list PAST and PRESENT hockey players on the Toronto Maple Leafs team?
    I alo need their picture, poition, and number.
    2 Sports 10
  217. Stuck between da past 'n' da present
    I used 2 like dis boy but I didn't know if he liked me and I forgot all about him but now he likes me but I have a boyfriend and I like dem both what do I do?
    2 Relationships 10
  218. what are cute hairstyles for hair a little past my really thick and have side bangs long side bangs...not hard hair styles 20 minutes tops?
    6 Style 35
  219. How can I play a copy-burn disc to windows media player???
    Hi I wanted to play a 3-minute video burn disc to my windows media player but I can't and I want to know how and save!!!
    2 Technology 15
  220. how I can loose the weight I've gained in the past year ?
    I've gained about 20 to 30 pounds in the last year how can I get back to my old weight at bout 140 I now weight 173.
    2 Nutritionfitness 28
  221. How can I delete my past account?
    OKAY. so I clicked the delete account button on my old account and I got the email HOWEVER the "Click here to activate your account" button did not work. fun advice people! help!!!
    3 Funadvice 50
  222. How do I copy Xbox360 disks?
    I'm tired of my disks getting scratched and damaged. I wanna make backups to use and keep my origionals in a good condition.
    2 Gaming 54
  223. Is Christ the Redeemer (statue) in Rio de Janeiro really the symbol of Christ?
    I've read things on this saying it is and read some things on it saying it's not. Can someone help me figure it out once and for all? Thanks
    5 Religion 27
  224. How do you add the star symbol?
    Erm studpid non urgent question but how do you put stars in your writing, you know like you do with hearts; &+hearts+;=♥ What do you do for stars? Other would be nice to know too! Thanks!
    5 Technology 81
  225. What are some ideas for a Virgo Symbol tattoo?
    I need ideas pictures would be great if your a virgo or know one with a tattoo i really need some good sugestions and pictures.For a back tattoo. Thanks. :)
    2 Style 20
  226. Does anyone know what this symbol is?
    A friend gave it to me a little while ago, and he explained to me what the symbol was and I can't freaking remember at the moment and it's bothering me. I think it had something to do with the summer solstice but I can't quite recall.
    14 General 21
  227. What does the ghost of christmas past wear in the original story?
    In the original Charles "A Christmas Carol", please elaborate for me what the ghost of christmas past wears..I dont understand the book's description, ecspecially the part something about an extinguiser?
    5 Literature 115
  228. If I start an essay in past tense, can I change it to present tense later in the same essay or not?
    And the same thing if i start with present can i change it to past in the same essay, or not. tell me please im taking english 102 and sometimes i get confused with that tell me please, thank you.
    4 Education 25
  229. So do you believe the Bible is copied from Pagan sources?
    Just wanna hear other peoples opinions out of curiosity. I personally think the Bible is false. Especially concerning "hell". Anyways...
    28 Religion 26
  230. The Masque of the Red Death Symbolism
    What does the large black clock in the western room symbolize? And what is the significance of it chiming every hour and everyone stopping what they are doing? And what does in mean when the clock chimes at midnight and everyone is aware of the prescen...
    2 Education 105
  231. Chinese Symbol
    OK so I've been looking for the chinese symbol for family. Every time I google it , it shows two different symbols. Does that mean both these symbols together mean family, or them separate both mean family meaning there's 2 symbols alone which mean fam...
    2 General 29
  232. What do dragons symbolize?
    there is a necklace that I really like and am thinking about buying it. it is silver, and the pendant is a small silver dragon. I was wondering the symbolism of the dragon? I've looked online but can only seem to find 'symbolism of dragon tattoos'....
    3 General 38
  233. How can I stop people from copying pictures from my website?
    Im about to make a website for my artwork but I dont want people stealing my work by copy, paste.. how can I block people from takeing my artwork? Do I have to copyright all of my work because I think that would be really hard to do
    11 Technology 88
  234. What to do with little miss copy cat?
    My friend has started copying everything I do. I dye my her black so does she. I start having drum lessons so does she. I become a goth she says she wants to be one. What's even worse is because she is more outgoing than me people assume she did those ...
    2 Relationships 42
  235. Why do I love things from the past era like movies and music?
    My top 4 movies are footloose stand by me dangerous minds jack the bear I really love 80's and 90's music
    6 Entertainment 18
  236. What does each color bracelet symbolize sexually??
    Im totally confused about what the different color bracelets stand for. Help me out here guys, does one of them mean you like ot suck dick or something?
    2 Sex 108
  237. What does the Eve after Christmas Eve symbolize?
    I kinda caught onto this while I was writing a post for my blog, what exactly is the Eve supposed to mean anyway? I think I have an idea but I would like other views on it :)
    12 Religion 26
  238. Can somebody define "anarchy" in detail for me?
    I think I know what it means, I asked my friend and he said law and freedom without violence, but I honestly have no idea what the hell that means, lol.
    2 Politics 14
  239. do you think within temptation copied evanesense?
    and dont insult me mah frends said that. and dont go spelling patrol on meh. ok whatever just give your opinion
    4 Music 41
  240. How do you type different symbols?
    Hi how do you type symbols like stars hearts and all that. Because im gonna write on my other file in another website about my cat because it died an hour ago :( and on my profile it asks you if you have pets :(
    4 Technology 83
  241. What does my dream mean or symbolize?
    I dreamed last night of sitting at a lunch table at school with my boyfriend. I'm resting my head on his shoulder, he's a little surprised and jerks away a little, but he lets me rest it there. What does this mean?
    4 General 49
  242. Where can I download a copy of Windows XP for free?
    Im going 2 school for my dagree 4 ITT Tech I no a lot about computers and how to fix them but I need an operating Disc
    2 Technology 28
  243. FunAdvice Trivia: What Shinto god of luck, fertility, and wealth holds a hammer with male and female symbols?
    A) Izanagi B) Daikoku C) Hotei D) Inari
    6 Funadvice 16
  244. Why does ITunes keep importing doubles and triples of my songs when I only have 1 copy of each?
    Very annoying.. I couldn't use a backup to make my library so had to start from scratch and now i have so many duplicates =(
    2 Technology 48
  245. How to copy messages from cell to laptop?
    So m gonna change my cellphone and I want to put my saved messages from my cell (nokia xpress music 5130) on my laptop because I love those msgs and they've got lots of memories so how can I copy them on my laptop???
    2 Technology 11
  246. Where can I buy the Handbook for the Recently Deceased like the copy in the movie Beetlejuice?
    So I'm like obsessed with the movie Beetlejuice and i was wondering where you can get the book that all the recently deceased read, Handbook for the Recently Deceased. I was looking for a book that looked like the copy in the afterlife waiting room. A...
    5 Literature 38
  247. How to make henna paste or powder?
    Any 1 know how to make henna paste or powder, it's like a temporary tatoo and I've made it before but it diden't work that well so I think I messed it up. But if any 1 knows how to make it or were to get it at I'll be extremly happy. THX
    2 Style 45
  248. What does "copy that" or "roger that" mean?
    In like walkie talkies or like communicators and that people say "copy that" or "roger that" at the end of what they are saying. I have seen it in films and the video bits in computer games and stuff. Im just wondering what it means thx x
    7 General 65
  249. How do I get a print copy of Zaobao, the Singapore newspaper?
    I live in California, however, an incredibly nice reporter from the Zaobao newspaper asked me some questions & said that the write up would appear in their Thursday newspaper. So...does anybody know how to get a copy of a Chinese newspaper from Singapo...
    4 General 35
  250. Is it possible to view past weather forecasts?
    Is it possibel to see weather reports from like years ago like how they do like 7-day-forecasts (like to show if it rained or snowed or was sunny that day)? cause I have a theory...
    2 General 91