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  1. When were condoms invented?
    7 Health 85
  2. Best condoms?
    Which Condoms are the best condoms to get?
    10 Shopping 104
  3. how old do you have to be to buy condoms
    how old do you have to be to buy condoms
    2 Shopping 105
  4. How old do you have to be to buy condoms?
    How old do you have to be to buy condoms??
    3 Shopping 120
  5. where can I get free condoms??
    where can I get free condoms??
    4 Health 180
  6. Spongebob condom?
    is there such thing as a spongebob condom?
    10 General 103
  7. What is the best flavor condom?
    what is the best flavor condom???
    7 Relationships 237
  8. condom or pill
    which is safer a condom or the pill?
    3 Health 76
  9. what kind of condoms are the best?
    what kind of condoms are the best?
    5 Health 26
  10. Anyone From Saudi Arabia?
    4 Politics 38
  11. where can i find free condoms ?
    41 Health 55
  12. Can you buy condoms at 13?
    Is it illegal to buy condoms when your 13
    11 Shopping 346
  13. Do females wear condoms?
    just wondering do females wear condoms ?
    6 Health 185
  14. Is it good to have sex without a condom?
    Is it good to have sex without a condom
    9 Sex 140
  15. What are the best condoms 2 use?
    What are the best condoms 2 use?
    4 Relationships 53
  16. Can I get pregnant using a condom?
    Can I get pregnant using a condom?
    2 Health 571
  17. easiest way to get condoms?
    how do you get yours?
    6 General 56
  18. Could you use a balloon as a condom?
    26 Health 4638
  19. Can you have anal sex without a condom?
    13 Sex 244
  20. How likely is it for a condom to break during sex?
    24 Sex 191
  21. sex with no condom on shes pregunt wht do I do
    I had sex with no condom on shes pregunt wht do I do
    4 Sex 56
  22. What's your favorite type of condom?
    whats your favriote type of condom and why???
    10 Relationships 57
  23. What happens with the condom?
    if you unroll the condom just a little before putting it on what happens?
    4 Health 42
  24. Can I get pregnant if the condom gets stuck in my vigina
    Can I get pregnant if the condom gets stuck in my vigina
    2 Health 669
  25. Can you buy condoms at 14?
    can you buy condoms at 14 years old?
    10 Shopping 744
  26. How Do female condom's work?
    OK, so how do the female condoms work and are they better?
    3 Health 295
  27. is it bad to re-use a condom?
    18 Health 76
  28. Is it more likely for a condom to break if it's you first time?
    15 Health 281
  29. is it illegal to buy condoms under the age of eighteen?
    10 Relationships 68
  30. Can Chlamydia spread on to you even if you use a condom?
    5 Health 14
  31. Who can tell me things about the fire and ice condom?
    6 Health 23
  32. How old, in the sate of Pennsylvania, do you have to be to buy condoms?
    5 General 73
  33. When me and my boyfriend have sex, should we use a condom?
    Me and my boyfriend are ready to have sex, but should we wear a condom?
    7 Sex 64
  34. Can you get pregnant if the condom breaks?
    what if you are using a condom but it breaks? can you still get pregnant
    11 Health 384
  35. if a condom gets stuck in your vigina what could happen?
    if a condom gets stuck in your vigina what could happen?
    10 Relationships 5538
    8 Shopping 166
  37. What if a condom slips into the vagina during sex?
    What do I do when a condom slips off in the vagina while having sex and a man has come in it?
    2 Sex 89
  38. What all do condoms protect against?
    What all will condoms protect agaist what all diseases do they help prevent.
    2 Health 42
  39. Do you have to be a certain age to buy condoms?
    Do you have to be a certain age to buy condoms? I'm just curious.
    23 Shopping 1130
  40. can you get clamitia well using a condom during sex?
    can you get clamitia well using a condom during sex
    5 Sex 263
  41. Chances of pregnancy without a condom?
    what are the chances of being prego w/o a condom?
    5 Health 147
  42. is Oral safe without a condom?
    is Oral safe with an uncircumcised Penis without a condom?
    5 Sex 97
  43. How can I avoid pregnancy without using condoms?
    2 Health 46
  44. Guy A used condom and didnt ejaculate Guy B did not use condom and ejaculated. Should I be worries who the father to my unborn child is or am i j
    3 Health 133
  45. Does the sperm in the condom dry up
    After you use a condom. Does the sperm in the condom dry up or does it stay a liquid forever?
    3 Health 3653
  46. Spermicidal condoms,answer?
    Are spermicidal condoms any good? Are they more effective than normal condoms Or are they the same? Thanks.
    4 Health 38
  47. R condoms better or are they worst?
    because im not use to that
    6 Health 17
  48. Can you still get stds even if you use condoms?
    9 Health 56
  49. Why do condoms expire?
    like what makes them go bad
    7 Health 76
  50. Can you still get pregnant while using a condom as your ONLY contraceptive?
    4 Health 254
  51. How is power distributed in Iran, Israel, and Saudi Arabia?
    3 Politics 93
  52. What should I do to keep condom on?
    I'm uncircumsized and when I use a condom I can't keep it on. Please help!!!
    2 Relationships 77
  53. How can girls wear condoms?
    I went to a pharmacy and saw that there was condoms for girls? How does that work?!
    3 Health 86
  54. Whats the longest condom?
    Whats the longest condom? Like how far in inchs do they go up?
    3 Health 95
  55. The pill & condoms
    If a girl is on the pill is it safe to just use that and not a condom? Just curious :p
    6 Health 53
  56. No condom but no cum?
    Can I be pregnant if i had sexual intercourse with no condom but he cumed outside?
    2 Sex 1345
  57. Condoms
    my condom say 3-09 is it still good to use
    3 Health 12
  58. Condom break
    What if the condom breaks and your on birth control can you still get preg?
    9 Health 164
  59. had sex and the condom was stuck inside me can i be preganant?
    Can you get pregnant if the condom gets stuck inside of you?
    5 Sex 3189
  60. How to know if the condom has ripped?
    how do you know when the condom has riped when it is inside?...what is something that will make it rip?
    8 Health 607
  61. What are the chances of being pregnant when you use a condom?
    If you have sex and use a condom, what are the chances of being pregnant? Like what are the chances of the condom breaking and stuff?
    8 Sex 1354
  62. whats your favorite kind of torjan condoms, girls answer.?
    6 Health 25
  63. Where can you get non-latex condoms and are they as effective as the latex variety?
    4 Health 29
  64. what will happen if i have sex with condom, but im allergic to latex, just wondering?
    6 Sex 35
  65. What is the best type of birth control besides condoms?
    of womens birth control besides condoms, what is the best type? what do you prefer?
    6 Health 60
  66. Can I re-use a condom?
    I just ejacul*ted into a condom, is it bad if I clean it out and use it again?
    13 Health 249
  67. Can you buy condoms in walmart?
    Can you buy condoms in walmart and do you need parental consent or something like that?
    9 Shopping 214
  68. Im to scared to go out and buy a condom
    Im to scared to go out and buy a condom, is there a way I can get one?
    3 Health 93
  69. Wearing 2 condoms
    what happens if you wear two condoms? I hear they break..
    6 Health 225
  70. If the condom broke your first time, can you get pregnant?
    if you were a virgin and you had sex for the first time and the condom broke, can you get pregnant?
    15 Sex 135
  71. for a made up condom they used the guys boxers
    Why the hell would a girl just have sex with no condom and for a made up condom they used the guys boxers
    5 Sex 45
    ok...this is kinda ramdom but like... WHO would want a ripped condom? and WHY!?!?! and then... WHY! would U! want a ripped condom!!!???
    3 Health 37
  73. what birth control pill would you recommend? what type of condom would you recommend as well?
    7 Health 29
  74. Could an old woman get pregnant if she doesn't use condoms?
    11 Health 38
  75. Can u get pregnant from someone pouring the sperm out of a condom into their vagina?
    8 Health 2960
  76. What would happen if you were having anal and the condom fell off?
    Would you have to get it surgically removed?!
    34 Health 63
  77. What if no condom?
    Can you get pregnant if your boyfriend cum in you while you are on top? And what about when your doing it doggy style?
    5 Health 77
  78. can you get pregnant from taking the condom off cum get near your vagina hole?
    4 Health 642
  79. Do you think there will ever be a 100% effective form of birth control or condom?
    14 Health 79
  80. Does anyone know of a gas station that would for sure have condoms in the bathroom?
    11 Shopping 99
  81. What do the colors of the condoms mean?
    Red one and a orange one and a blue one??? Please =)
    5 General 623
  82. What condoms should I get and where?
    Hi there, I was wondering which condoms I should purchase for a first time sex and where could I get these?
    4 Sex 59
  83. Condoms.
    How do I get condoms?, Im only 15 and I dont have a c-card or anything.
    5 Health 12
  84. how much does a box of condoms cost?
    how much does a box of condoms cost? I mean the good kind like trojan.
    5 Relationships 160
  85. What age can you buy condoms from uni mart?
    Can you buy condoms from the uni mart if you are under 16. Or do you have to be 16 or older ior 18 or older.
    6 Health 106
  86. Sex with out a condom
    Can a female get pregnant if the male does not have a condom on..but the male pulls out befor he ejaculates???
    6 Sex 801
  87. sex with out a condom
    can a women gt pregnant if your having sex with out a condom but you pull out befor the male ejaculates?
    4 Sex 1667
  88. Can I be pregnant if the condom fell off a little?
    I just had sex and the condom started to fall off and so we stopped I am so scared I am pregnant! what should I do?
    4 Sex 68
  89. Why are condoms only 99.9% effective?
    The packages always say that condoms are only 99.9% effective, that last 0.01% is it from breakage?
    4 Health 626
  90. What does a exp condom mean?
    Has anyone ever used an exp. condom? Have you gotten pregnant? What can happen to an expired condom?
    3 Relationships 253
  91. Do condom machines sell different sizes?
    Does the condom machines in public bathrooms sell the three different sizes of condoms?..just wondering..
    2 Health 61
  92. What if no condom?
    What if your boyfriend didn't have a condom on and you had sex for bout a minute and then he pulled out and put a condom on. Can you get pregnant?
    3 Sex 60
  93. How much protection do Trojan-Enz latex condoms provide (in percentage)?
    8 Health 12
  94. How old do you have to be to buy condoms?
    Im not saying Im going to any time soon, but I was just curious.
    6 Shopping 77
  95. do they fire and ice condoms from trojan really work (just seen the commercial lol) ?
    6 Shopping 86
  96. Do condoms work in water?
    Like in the shower or pool or hot tub . Etc.
    5 Health 159
  97. Have you or you parterner got in pregnant while useing a condom
    Have you or your partner ever got in pregnant while useing a condom? By the way I am a virgin I am just wondering
    4 Relationships 2149
  98. What is the chance of pregnancy if you use a condom and the pull-out method?
    what is the chance (%) that your pregnate if you have s*x with a condom and he pulled out before he came
    3 Health 1057
  99. What kind of condoms should we use?
    I heard that the ecstasy condoms where good but im not sure does anyone have any suggestions??
    5 Relationships 71
  100. What happens if you used a dried condom?
    I used a dried condom 2 days ago. Now there is a bump on my pubic region.
    3 Health 84
  101. Condom effectiveness against stds
    What are the chances of getting a sexually transmitted disease during intercourse with a regular condom?
    7 Sex 39
  102. Where can a high school kid buy condoms?
    where can a high school kid buy condoms with out any questions. or parent concent? a certain store?
    11 Shopping 110
  103. Where to buy condoms?
    Where is a good place to get condoms that fit for a 13 year-old?
    3 Shopping 62
  104. Why don't porn actors wear condoms?
    I watch many porn but why they din wear condom?they surely have std ad?
    6 Health 95
  105. How do I convince my boyfriend to use condoms?
    We haven't been using them, so wouldn't he find it strange if I asked to use condoms now? How do I approach him?
    3 Relationships 81
  106. Why do you have to use a condom?
    Why must you use a condom on items that you use to give yourself sexual pleasure? Like a hairbrush or pen?
    2 Sex 31
  107. Will they find out I stored urine in a condom?
    I had a friend give me a urine sample in a condom, I used this sample and was still warm will this work or will they find out that I stored it in a condom?
    6 Health 1166
  108. can it? and how?
    can a condom have a hole in it? and how can a condom have a hole in it?
    4 Relationships 188
  109. Are condoms legal to have at 15?
    Answer this Question: "Are condoms legal to have at 15?" I've herd some crazy stuff can you be younger than 15 and buy them?
    2 Relationships 22
  110. Chance of getting pregnant with condom
    How tiny is there of a chance of getting pregnant when using a condom? Is there anything that will help the condom work I'ts best? What other protection should we use?
    4 Health 1490
  111. Which kind of condoms give the guy the best feeling?
    Does anyone know what kinda condom gives the boy the most feeling (like the feeling without a condom)?
    2 Relationships 293
  112. Where can I buy condoms?
    Where can I buy condoms that I won't be embarassed to ask for them at the pharmacy- and WITHOUT my mom?! I'm NOT going to buy them over the internet.
    15 Shopping 6177
  113. Where can I hide condoms in my room?
    Where is a good place to put condoms that a parent would probably never look?
    8 Health 302
  114. Do "Delay" condoms work?
    Does anyone actualy know if "Delay Condoms" work I have been browsing and seen them and the consept is excellent but are they worth it?
    2 Health 108
  115. Where to get condoms?
    Hey I was going down to my genral store to buy some condoms but they refused to sell condoms to a 15 year old what should I do?
    5 Health 45
  116. How can a piece of condom come out my vagina?
    I havent had sex with my boyfriend for months without a condom and out of no were my boyfriend pulls a piece of condom out my vagina and I cant explain myself
    2 Sex 3683
  117. How safe will I be if we just use condoms? but no birth pills?
    I know its not 100% but for the small percentage, what are the reasons for it?
    4 Health 315
  118. When I get head should I wear a condom?
    This girl will give me head but I don't know if I should use a condom. I want to be able to feel it.
    3 Relationships 120
  119. Accidents with condoms
    If a condom was stuck inside you after he pulled out and there was only a little bit of cum in the condom could that mean that some spilled out onto you?
    8 Relationships 3391
  120. Is there a high chance of a condom braking during sex?
    I was just wondering if there was a high chance of a condom braking during sex? and if so, is there a risk of pregnancy if I am unable to take the pill?
    3 Sex 55
  121. What make condoms safe?
    Me and my boyfriend have sex a lot, but we use a condom..I fear that I can get there a possibility that I can get pregnant?
    2 Sex 23
  122. Exp. Condom
    I have a question. Can I be pregnant if me and my boyfriend used an exp. condom (exp by a few months) and he doesn't come and the condom doesn't break. what do you say? Do you think I'm pregnant?
    3 Health 1180
  123. Do blow jobs work if he is wearing a condom?
    Do blow jobs work if he is wearing a condom? because I really dont like the taste of the sperm or pree cum. would it work if he was wearing a condom?
    6 Sex 271
  124. if I dont have a condom what can I use instead
    I ran out of condoms and I cant go get some soon, what are some other choices I can use instead? not the pill tho.
    15 Health 2004
  125. Does sex create pregnancy without a condom?
    Hi Can you clear me tat with out condom having sex can create pregnancy.. I want very realiable answer...
    6 Sex 38
  126. Birth control vs condom
    This is a really stupid question but if your on bith control do you still have to use a condom?or will I get pregnant?
    7 Health 49
  127. how can I get a condom?
    me and my girl wanna do it bt I don't wanna b a dad so how cn I gt a condom without haveing 2 by it??
    3 Health 54
  128. Can I be pregnant if the condom did not break?
    Okay, so I had protected sex two days before my period, and the condom did not break. But I'm five days late. Am I pregnant?
    3 Sex 21503
  129. What condom is best for an uncircumsized penis?
    I have tried a few. Some are too loose and some are too tight, durex works well, any others?
    2 Health 67
  130. Are girls condoms really safer?
    Are girls condoms really more safer but more dangerous... Would you suggest a women condom or a guys one what are the best brands ... Thanx kaitlyn
    2 Health 61
  131. He cant wear condoms, help?
    me and my boyfriend have been going out for a while and we fink ihs about time we mated but he has anzema and therfore cnt were condoms help !
    3 Health 25
  132. How true is that if you take birth control, you don't need condoms?
    My friends that are on birth control have sex with their boyfriends all the time without condoms, why is it that you don't need them? How safe is it to not use them?
    5 Sex 213
  133. Is it okay to have sex without a condom on the pill?
    is it ok to have sex with out a condom the day after the last of your period. ive been on birthconrtol pill for 2 months
    3 Sex 142
  134. Where can I get condoms from?
    I am going to try sticking something in me, but everyone is telling me to put a condom on whatever I'm going to use. Where can I get them from because I'm only 13.
    3 Health 96
  135. Want to have sex but condoms dont stay on his penis
    Me 14 and my boyfriend 15 want to have sex but condoms dont stay on his penis is megga small so they fall off what shall we do
    4 Sex 86
  136. Buying Condoms
    I'm just wondering how many of you want to buy condoms and can't, and why you can't. Or are scared to buy condoms so your parent(s) won't find them.. or find out. I've bought plenty of condoms before so just curious. :D
    2 Relationships 33
  137. Are practising catholics aloud to use condoms?
    I was just wondering because someone told me this guy I know cant use condoms because its against his religeon, hes a practising catholic, Are practising catholics aloud to use condoms? is that true? x
    8 Religion 81
  138. How can you have unprotected sex without using condoms?
    like I know you might not get pregnat without using condoms but what if you dont use condoms or birth control and dont wanna get pregnat? are there any tricks?
    5 Sex 74
  139. Can you get prego if you don't use a condom put he pulls?
    Me and my boyfriend had sex with no condom but he pulled out before the jizz came.. What are the chances of me getting pregnant? And is it possible?
    14 Sex 84
  140. When I have sex without condom, can I be pregnant then?
    Hmm I have never had sex before, but when I'll have I don't wanna use condom..It's like no guy wants to use it. But can't I use pills instead?
    5 Sex 29
  141. How can I get condoms if I'm embarrassed?
    okay, so I need to buy condoms but im too embarrassed to go to a store cashier and buy...what should I do? yes I am ready and mature for this.
    16 Shopping 516
  142. What's the chances of pregnancy with birth control and a condom?
    Whats the percent of a chance that i could get pregnant on the birth control pill & wearing a condom? Both with proper use.
    3 Health 191
  143. Is there a certain age to buy condoms?
    im 14 and me and my girlfriend want to have sex but I dont know if I am old enough to bye condoms
    3 Sex 80
  144. Can you get preganent if there was no cum and using a condom?
    Me and may girlfriend had sex 2 weeks after her period I didnt cum and used a spermicide condom. And she has missed her period by about a week now.
    5 Sex 36
  145. can you be allergic to condoms???
    I just bought a box of twistid pleasure condoms and I want to use them on myself but I've never used one before. Can I be allergic to the latex or the lubricant?? If so what are the symptoms??
    2 Health 36
  146. Can I use an expired condom for wanking in?
    I found this condom in my draw, it expired in 1999 and I was wondering whether its ok to just masturbate in? or is there any problems this may cause me ?
    5 Sex 960
  147. When using condom with virgin girlfriend ?
    I sex my girlfriend using condom few few drop of blood comes out my penis only 1.5 inch inside vagina is that she still virgin ?
    5 Sex 1455
  148. How do you flush a condom down toilet?
    Boyfriend just flushed it down the loo, will it come back up? It hasnt yet, and its been a few hours, but im worryed in case it does?
    2 Health 165
  149. What if you had sex with a condom but 3 time you didnt.
    I was just wondering if you could get pregnant. Cause I am 14 and I just want to know could you.
    2 Sex 21
  150. Does a condom hurt more than skin?
    Me and my girl had sex with condom all the time And it always hurts her. I get her so wet but it still hurts her. So one time we did it without a condom for like 10 seconds and it didnt hurt her at all. So is the condom the reason why its hurting her?
    4 Sex 157
  151. Can I get pregnant while using a condom?
    My boyfriend and I had sex and used a condom. I was wondering even though the condom did not break can I still be pregnant? I am 3 weeks late on my period. Him and I are both worrying.
    3 Sex 1085
  152. what is the best condom to use?
    what condoms should my boyfriend buy were really not sure which ones the best? we were at walmart and going back in forth with what condoms to get can someone help please
    7 Relationships 54
  153. do condoms work ?
    ok I want to know if condoms work properly if one has sex and dosnt want to get pregnant is a condom goodanuf ? and dose the pill make you fat?
    4 Sex 47
  154. Where can I get condoms
    Where could I get some condoms I live in a country area so there arn't really any pharmacies around so are there any places like in walking distance that maybe I could get some condoms thx
    2 Health 14
  155. Sex without a condom
    Had sex without a condom 2 in one night but it wasnt long enough for him to cum but is there still a chance I could get pregnant?
    6 Sex 97
  156. What can happen if a rubber band looking condom gets stuck in you?
    My husband bought a condom & it looked like a rubber band though & well he put it on & so happens it's in me & tried looking but can't find no where.
    2 Relationships 74
  157. Chance of getting pregnant if condom breaks?
    what would be the chances of a girl getting pregnant if the condom breaks but shes on birth control and hasn't ever missed a day ? How protected would you be?
    2 Health 5255
  158. How do I know what size condom fits me?
    How do I know what size condom fits me?.. with out going to buy about 5 1/2 inches in length and about 11 cm around..
    2 Health 109
  159. When he cums, if he wants to keep going should we use a new condom?
    basically, my boyfriend wants to keep going after he has cum because I'm enjoying it I dont mind that he wants to do this but should we change the condom or keep going for a lil while
    2 Relationships 165
  160. Are "planned parenthood condoms" reliable?
    I'm going to get laid on Thursday, so I need help!!! do "planned parenthood" condoms work against pregnancy and STD's? can I rely on them?
    6 Health 48
  161. What size condom should we buy
    me and my boyfriend have been 2gether for a while and we are thinking about sex but we really dont know what size condom to get because my boyfriend has a 8 inch penis and I thought that he should get a large condom but he thinks he shouldn't. Should h...
    4 Sex 163
  162. Would YOU ever have sex with someone with herpes, like, with a condom and stuff?
    I'm just curious :p no other reason to this question. So what do you think? would you?
    18 Sex 33
  163. How to get pregnant using a condom
    My husband and I would like to start a family. We have always used condoms and prefer the benefits they can give during sex. Is there a way to still get pregnant and use a condom at the same time?
    7 Sex 346
  164. Is it bad to use an expired condom?
    what will happen if i do? me and my bf are planning to have sex soon, but the condoms i have expired two months ago, should i get new ones? what happens when u use an expired condom? will we get an STD???
    14 Sex 157
  165. Can you be alergic to condoms
    Hey Me and my boyfriend had sex we used a strawberry condom but I looked like I was 3 months pregnant but I wasnt pregnant at all I think I'm alergic however you spell that to the condom what do you think?
    5 Sex 56
  166. condoms or not
    im 13 and im having unprotected sex cause I really want a baby but I dont think im pregnant should he use a condom please awser back
    7 Sex 52
  167. The condom broke having sex
    If the condom broke having sex last night--not in me but while he was going in me (the cum went all over his hand we dont think it was inside me) and I started my period this morning am I ok?
    8 Sex 108
  168. spremicidal condoms
    im am 16 years old and ready to have sex. I am NOT on birthcontorol. how effective is it if we us a condom with spermicidal lubricant on it and he pulls out before he cums? thanks!
    5 Sex 96
  169. where can i find condoms??
    Are condoms available in shops like Wal-Mart or in pharmacies in a regular brick and mortar store...and in witch section can I find them?? Thanks
    2 Shopping 20
  170. Why does the condom always break?
    My girlfriend and I have been together for 7 months now, I love her to bits but almost every time we have sex the condom breaks... Anyone know why and what I can do about it? Thx
    8 Sex 510
  171. How can we have safe sex without a condom?
    I want to have sex with my girlfriend with her permission. Please send me tips or other products (not condoms) which are 100% safe to do safe sex without pregnancy. Remember we don't want child yet. But we want to do sex without pregnancy.
    5 Sex 47
  172. Quick condom question
    Does the "Trojan Non-Lubricated Condoms" Require lube? I mean I'm getting mixed reviews on these things... Any help?
    4 Health 39
  173. How do you put a condom on with foreskin?
    I have a foreskin, I wanna know how to put on a condom because I find the description confusing. Pics or vids would help but there aren't any. And will it hurt for me? and is it more pleasurable rolled up or down ?
    3 Health 121
  174. Can you get prego with condom?
    Okay, me and my boyfriend had sex, and im trippin because I dont want to get pregnant. He used a condom and everything, and it only lasted a lil while. But, we are going to do it again, with a condom. So it is possible to get pregnant if your still usi...
    5 Sex 334
  175. Can she be pregnant if the condom didn't break?
    I had sex about a month ago with my girlfriend. now she is having upset stomach things. she is not on birth control but we did use a condom and it didnt break... USED CONDOM AND IT DID NOT BREAK... what are the odds that she is pregnant??? please help
    4 Sex 1647
  176. How old do you have to be to buy condoms?
    I know I sound stupid asking this but I really never knew what age you have to be? Im not saying that I want to buy them I was just curious
    10 Health 184
  177. Can I be allergic to certain types of condoms but not others?
    When my boyfriend buys cheaper condoms I break out with a rash, but when he buys expensive condoms I don't break out. Am I allergic to cheap? Lol that sounds so weird.........:P Thanks for your help(:
    7 Health 52
  178. How protective are condoms against pregnancy?
    My boyfriend and I are planning on having sex for the first time, I was just wondering how protective are condoms and will help reduce the chance of getting pregnant? Also is there anything special we should know about condoms?
    4 Sex 71
  179. Where can I find glow in the dark condoms?!
    Lol XD they definitely don't sell them at the pharmacy, and I really really want them O: do I have to buy them online or something?
    23 Health 128
  180. if you were a parent where/do you hide your condoms
    if you were a parent where would or do you hide your condoms bc my boyfriend and I go to the gas station everyday to buy condoms they only come in a 3 pack and its becoming verrryyy expensive.
    3 Relationships 891
  181. Condoms
    I tried putting on a condom yesterday and it was extremely hard for me to get the ring past the tip of my penis. The ring was far too small and I had to use force to expand it and get it past the tip. When unrolling a condom is it supposed to be easy a...
    4 Health 69
  182. What if her Mom found the condom?
    ok today I did it I lost my virginity to my girlfriend she did bleed more but the problem is she had the condoms in her trash but now there not there her mom found them I don't know what ima have to do if her mom tests it I'm fu*ked what should I do?
    3 Relationships 46
  183. How safe are condoms and birth control pills together?
    What are the chances of getting pregnant if my boyfriend uses a condom and I take the pill every day at the same time? I don't want to get preggers!
    4 Health 97
  184. Condom Problems
    I just asked a question but who will supplie the condoms? I still hate meg for what she did(not slapping she also kicked my penis)but then im still just crakers about meg(I still love her0 should I propose to her?
    2 Relationships 19
  185. I feel no pleaure using a condom.
    Im wondering if other males feel the same. I use ultra thin condoms and still barely feel anything, causing my penis go from erect to flaccid.
    3 Relationships 59
  186. Condoms and pullin out
    How safe is it to wear a condom and pull out also? kinda a dumb question but just curious on how safe that is?...and when I mean safe im talking about chances of getting some one pregnant
    6 Health 710
  187. Need help getting condoms
    Aight well me and my girlfriend want to have sex but I cant get any condoms and usually I buy them off people at school but were in summer break and I cant get a hold of my people. What should I do
    4 Sex 20
  188. Effectivness of condoms
    If you use a spermicidal condom, it doesnt break nor fall off, it hasn't expired, you use the pull out method with the condom on and put it on before any genital to genital contact is made what are the chances of someone getting pregnant?
    4 Health 55
  189. Will pulling out with a condom protect against pregnancy?
    Is it sex safe from pregnancy if one is wearing a condom and insert in the vagina and when about to ejaculate the guy bring out his jewel and lets it out in open air with the condom still intact?
    3 Sex 725
  190. When to get condoms and what size?
    I am 13 and about 4 in long. I am a real popular w/ the ladies when should I get condoms and what size please help me out! Also should I practice with condoms? And should I keep them w/ me constantly incase something happends?
    14 Relationships 288
  191. how much do condoms nullify sex
    hey. my sexmate wants me to use a condom. cause she keeps bugging me that I pre-cum > <. I've never used a condom before. and I dont know how much it will ruin the sex for me. so how much will it ruin it?
    8 Sex 80
  192. Would u still b concidered a virgin if you have sex with a condom?
    cuz the dick wud hav protection so it wuldnt b lik a real dick?
    20 Sex 247
  193. How can I make sex less painful when using condoms?
    Whenever we use condoms, it hurts. I don't know why, but it feels like it is scratching my walls. It makes me not want to even use condoms because all I am thinking about is how uncomfortable it feels and the pain rather than enjoying it. What can I do...
    27 Sex 98
  194. Condom broke, what are my chances?
    Me and my boyfriend used a condom I'm not on birth control my parents won't allow it. And it busted. Is there any chance I couldn't be pregnant? Also does it help if he had masturbated twice before we did it?
    6 Sex 88
  195. Condom broke and it hurts why?
    I had sex with an ex of mine lastnight, we used a condom but it hurt the entire time we were doing it. Plus I woke up this morning and it hurts really bad down there and there's a little discharge. What does this mean?
    6 Sex 945
  196. Where can I get condoms?
    Well me and my boyriend are both having sex for the first time. and he wants me to supply the condoms cause he doesnt want his parents to find them. but im not sure where to buy them or if you have to be a certain age.?
    2 Sex 24
  197. Could i become pregnant if my boyfriend's condom broke, but he didn't cum in it ?
    He came in the condom we had about 30 minutes earlier. We had a break cause he was tired, and put a new condom on, and he was a little too rough and it broke while it was in me..
    6 Health 3675
  198. Could it have been the condom?
    My friend was about to have sex with her boyfriend but when he put the condom on he started to lose the erection even though he was really turned on. After that they started making out and doing stuff again and he got his erection back but the condom ...
    3 Sex 155
  199. What kind of lubricant goes with condoms?
    now I find this site really helpful ...guys lemme know which kind of lubricants go with condoms ...I m aware about ky and al but what oil???
    2 Relationships 36
  200. What brand makes small condoms?
    my penis is about4 inches and im wonderin whinch brand makes the smallest condoms available that would fit like a 3 and a half inch long and 3 inch girth
    4 Relationships 236
  201. Has my first pee on 15 aug 2009 had sex with condom am I pregnant
    Has my first period on 15 august 2009 and had intercourse with condom it never broke on 26 august 2009 then had my periods early on 12 september 2009. I am feeling bloated can I be pregnant
    3 Sex 201
  202. Getting condoms from the school
    My school counciler can't give 14 year olds condoms. that's just stupid because if we are going to have s*x why can't they give theem to use so we can provent sti's and pregnancy. I think they should still be able to give them out. what do you think?
    6 Health 28
  203. hes a druggie and he didnt use a condom
    I need help.. I slept with this guy and my friends told me after I slept with him hes a druggie and he didnt use a condom I think but can drugs get transfered from his body to mine and is it harmful?
    4 Drugs 37
  204. Sex without a condom while on birth control?
    How much is birth control ? Where can I get it ? How many times do I have to take it ?does it make your boobs bigger ? And could I have sex without a condom while on birth control ? If so howlong does it last ? Please I need answers ! Anyone
    4 Sex 54
  205. Are condoms legal to have at 15?
    im 15, can I just walk up to the store and buy condoms, no questions asked? My friend said King Soopers wouldnt let him buy them, but I've heard other people who said they just bought them no problem.
    11 Shopping 147
  206. Did the Trojan War give Trojan condoms the name?
    Last nite me and my friend were talking about the trojan war and how it started because some man slept with another womans wife..could that possibly be how trojan condoms got their name..we were jst wondering
    2 General 280
  207. Condoms, expiration date question?
    Okay so I got sum condoms and the expiration date just says 09-2010. What the heck? I heard they only last like 3 months, and it says they're good for 2 more years?
    4 Health 136
  208. Are there any other forms of contraception for males besides a condom or a vasectomy?
    my brother is reaaally wreck-less and hes slept with ALOT of girls, hes only 20 and condoms aren't very reliable...any help..
    10 Health 41
  209. Where can I get condoms for a low price?
    how can I get condoms 4 a low price not in the mail not at schoool or from my parents and most of the malls I go to dont have them and im emmbarresed to buy them 4rom the store. but if youve seen them in any mall tell me which ones
    4 Shopping 34
  210. How to get condoms
    okay I dont want to go to the store and get condoms and I alrady checked if my Dad had some and he doesnt where could I get some I know my brother dosent have any. My girlfreind only has one which its flavored and were not going to have oral and advice
    7 Sex 52
  211. What can happen when the condom tears during intercourse?
    im seventeen and Me and my boyfriend had sex yesterday, which was the nov 29th. while we did the condom tore. I've had my last cycle about a week ago. what are my chances of getting pregnant?
    7 Sex 34
  212. Could I be pregnant if he didn't come, we used a condom?
    We used a condom, and he did not come inside of me. Could I be pregnant? It hasn't even been a week since we did have sex. But I already show a symptom of pregnancy. But I haven't had or missed(yet) my period.
    3 Sex 191
  213. Will two condoms stop pregnancy?
    hi im 16 and a track star I want to have sex but am terrified bowt getting pregnant. Will using two condoms on my boyfriend help?? like if I put two durex "safe" condoms on him will that help??
    9 Sex 97
  214. What should I do if my b.f is using condom?...?
    Me and my love wants 2 have'l be ma 1st time...he said he will use condom during it,.I just want 2 ask is condoms are okay...I mean ya bt should I also use or take something...pls guide me...
    12 Sex 146
  215. Help, the condom slipped?
    Alright, Well my and my boyfriend had sex about a month ago. with no condom. for the first 5min, then I tol him to put one on..and he did. Well then two days ago, we had sex in the shower..he didnt have a condom on at first.. then he went to put one o...
    12 Sex 183
  216. What could happen if I had a condom stuck inside of me?
    me and my boyfriend where drunk and we had sex and the condom got stuck inside of me for like a day, I dint know I had the condom inside of me and the next day I got my period and when I took my tampon out the condom came out but I had had my period fo...
    3 Sex 3955
  217. Condom slips off...pregnant?
    I was having vaginal sex with a condom with my girlfreind. While behind her during intercourse I ejaculated and proceeded to pull out. While doing so the condom slipped of when I had my penis about 95% out and half of the condom remained inside of her....
    4 Sex 1074
  218. Who actually uses a condom and the pill?
    I always hear people say to use both the condom and another form of birth control as advice when someone asks how to protect themselves during sex, however I am curious is there anyone on here that religiously uses both?
    13 Sex 34
  219. What type of condom?
    Does the condom have an effect on how you feel when your dude goes in. Today my dude used durex and it hurt like crazy when he went in. But when we used my trojan the last time I only felt pain for about two minutes and then it was all good
    3 Health 29
  220. How old do you have to be to buy a condom?
    im 13 and me and my boyfriend want sex. we do oral but we think its time to do it for real im on my period so I can get pregant so thats why I need to know how old do you have to be to buy a condom help!! im really confused
    4 Sex 239
  221. split condom and birth control
    hi me and my man was having sex the other day and while we were the condom had split and there was cum inside the condom and im on birth control but I stoped taking it because I didnt take it at the right time and I had my last period last week is the...
    2 Sex 389
  222. Can I get condoms at age 17?
    I wanted a condom sinces 15 (im 17 Turn in augest 21)anyway can I get a condom at the age 17 im not having sex yet just make shure when the Time iz right ^_^ uhh and what Brand is Good Couse I don't know Much About Condoms ._.
    4 Sex 38
  223. Should I have sex? Do condoms work?
    Okay so I've been going out with my boyfriend now for about five months or so. Eventually, I want to have sex with him. However, I am terrified of getting pregnant and I'm scared to talk to my mom about it because I know she will FLIP OUT. I mean, do ...
    5 Sex 27
  224. what if you found a condom in your moms closet
    what if you found a condom in your moms closet do I tell them or do I like leave it alone because I kinda opened it 2 see what it was I thought it was a a lil towel :[ what do I do I cant trow it away I cant jind it in meh room meh mom will find it tel...
    9 Family 90
  225. How do I get condoms without any body knowing
    I just turned 13 on oct.12th and now I think im ready but I need condoms but I dont wont 2 get some im sceard of what people might thank and I dont wont my parents two know im having sex
    4 Sex 181
  226. How can I get condoms?
    Im a 13 year old boy and a mounth ago, my friend gave me a condom out of his walet, I went home and put it on and I had one of my best orgasms, I want to know how I can get a box of condoms without going into a store and getting a box and without getti...
    8 Health 36
  227. Condoms =]
    So umm.. Yeah what wud be the safest condoms to buy?? && liike have yall triied the pleasure pack? Iif you have does iit feel liike good? Lol But yeah please tell me... Ii been wantiing to try those...
    3 Health 22
  228. I used two condoms
    im 14 years old, and I just had sex with my boyfriend a week ago. We used two condoms insted of one and now im paranoid that I might be pregnant. We checked if there was any holes and there wasnt. But im still scared. Do you think I might be pregnant?
    6 Sex 175
  229. Why isnt my period coming if I had sex and the condom didnt break ?
    I had protected sex on 1/21 and now its 1/ period hasnt came still and the condom didnt break and my boyfriend didnt cum.can I be pregnant ? If I am please give me a good reason this normal ?
    2 Sex 5298
  230. Getting pregnant using a condom and pulling out
    So I am going to be having sex for the first time and don't want to get my girlfriend pregnant. If I use a condom properly and pull out before I totally climax, will we be OK? I know that pre-cum contains a really small amount of sperm but I am going t...
    3 Sex 187
  231. Sex without a condom
    I want to know in what stage of a womens period that we can have sex with out a condom and she would not get pregnant? or atleast a lower chance than normal I was thinking about right after she had her period but cant say for sure Is there anything li...
    8 Sex 70
  232. Can a certain kind of condom cause a fishy smell during sex?
    I had sex and for the fist time it smelled NOT PLEASANT.I have been active for a year and never had this issue. It does not smell fishy before or after showeing. I was wondering what could be the cause? Cold it be the condom? In-balancement of an so...
    3 Sex 917
  233. Poked a hole in the condom
    So me and my boyfriend wan 2 have a baby so I poked a hole in the condom with a needle and had him cum inside me. He don know if he wan 2 have a baby rite now so I didn tell him rite away. I dunt think ill tell him at all unles I am preggo. Wot do you...
    10 Relationships 587
  234. Can iget pregnant even tho hes wearin a condom and doesnt cum in me
    Can iget pregnant even tho hes wearin a condom and doesnt cum in me am 15 I've been with my boyfriend for a year already we do it a lot I've never gotten preggo but I was woundering if I can even if he pulls out and has a condom on we do that all the ...
    5 Health 2298
  235. non lubritcated condom aren't as effective?
    I havea question... People have tolld me that non lubritcated condom aren't as effective as the lubricated ones! Well let me just state it like this if you use non lubricated condoms and they aren't exprixed it there that much of a chance of being pr...
    3 Health 42
  236. Do you still wear a condom while on birth control?
    I start birth control tonight for my first time. I just want to know if you still have to use a condom while being on birth control. Im 16 and have a boyfriend of 2 years. If we didnt have to use a condom we wont. And I know if I wanted too be extra s...
    9 Health 286
  237. Why does boyfriend says he doesnt want kids but doesnt use condoms?
    I dont want kids and my boyfriend says that he doesnt either. He knows im not on birth control yet, but he still wants to have sex even when we dont have a condom. We've slipped up a few times but after a scare I always tell him no now when we dont hav...
    3 Sex 222
  238. Can you get pregnant if the condom didn''t break?
    I've only had sex once, on the 22nd of september, I was meant to get my period 2 days ago but I haven't yet. The condom didn't break but I'm paranoid and I am stressing because I think I may be pregnant. Could I just be late because I'm freaking out?
    2 Sex 14689
  239. I'm on birth control, but the condom broke...
    I've been on birth control for almost a year, and a week and a day ago I had sex with my boyfriend and the condom broke. And at the moment, my stomach has been kinda feeling sick, and we are both really scared. And I just started to spot yesterday. Am ...
    3 Sex 9231
  240. what happens if Condom split but on Pill..Please help?
    Please a genuine response we are very worried. She uses the Pill regularly every day The condom split but we removed it carefully right away. No ejaculation, only some pre-ejaculation, had urinated several times before intercourse
    3 Relationships 52
  241. Am I pregnant if I have cramps after having sex with out a condom
    I am 13 years old and I had sex with my boyfriend yesterday friday december 12,2008 we didnt use a condom..! Im really afraid if im pregnant because my stomach has been hurting everysince yesterday...does that mean anything??? Help me
    19 Sex 445
  242. Could she get pregnant if I reused the condom?
    ok me and my girlfriend lost our virginity togother but I used the same condem twice but I took it off then put it back on and it didnt break at all I was wondering what is the worse that could happen could she still get pregnant
    3 Health 135
  243. How safe is a condom?
    Hello,,I'm just worrying because I had sex with my boyfriend for the very first tyme 4 days ago from now,may boyfriend did use a condom,but when we finish the condom was left in my vagina,,but he makes sure that the sperm is still in the condom. But we...
    8 Sex 142
  244. Can I get pregnant even though I use a condom?
    Can I get pregnant even though I use a condom? Everytime we have sex we use a condom, but I still feel uneasy, and I usualluycount down the days until my period. I know that condoms are 80-95% effective. I don't use the pill, and we have sex frequently...
    10 Sex 225
  245. allergies to condoms
    Ok, so every time I have sex, I get kinda sick after.. I just feel like im gonna throw up.. it sucks.. but (dont lecture me, im on bc, and I took plan B).. I had sex without a condom, and I didnt get sick. do you think this could possibly be an allergy...
    5 Sex 13
  246. What if ripped condom pieces may be inside me?
    I recently had s*x and the condom ripped inside of me. I know that you can possibly get preg that way so my boyfriend and I went out to purchase the plan b. but I'm afraid that I have peices of condom still in me. my boyfriend was fingering me and a fi...
    2 Health 275
  247. Why does my vagina smell bad after sex even though I used a condom?
    Okay after having sex with my partner, the next day my vagina has a terrible fishy smell and discharge comes out as well. People say it is because of the semen, but me and my partner use a condom so the semen doesnt go inside me. Is it still Bacterial ...
    4 Sex 19146
  248. the condom burst...can I be pregnant??
    well, my boyfriend and I had sex 2 days ago and the condom bust. but the thing is that we don't know if he ejaculated before or while he was pulling out. im very paranoid about the fact that I might be pregnant. my stomach feels upset and im starting t...
    5 Sex 136
  249. Birth control and a condom
    Is it still possible to get pregnant like that?cause I mean im on birth control and the last time me and him had sex he was wearing a condom..but it was too small,does that mean it coulda broke?and even if it did, you cant get preggers on bc can you??I...
    6 Sex 1681
  250. Lose erection when I put the condom on
    alright here is the deal... this is really the 1st time I am in a relationship and I never had sex before... for some reason when I put the condom on I cant stay hard... we have fooled around and everything im good with everything else its just when I...
    2 Sex 101