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  1. What is club volleyball?
    What is club volleyball?
    3 Sports 49
  2. what is beta club?
    3 General 22
  3. What is the 4H club about?
    5 General 27
  4. Is ID Idaho?
    2 Travel 15
  5. How do I contact club pogo?
    How do I contact club pogo?
    3 Entertainment 265
  6. How do I start my own bike club
    How do I start my own bike club
    2 Entertainment 51
  7. How can I start my own motorcycle club?
    How can I start my own motorcycle club?
    8 Sports 5017
  8. How to start an motorcycle club?
    How to start an motorcycle club?
    2 Sports 103
  9. Where are some of the best clubs to go to?
    3 General 38
  10. When entering your Adsense ID, do you put the ID for the Adsense for Content, or the Publisher ID that you see at the top right?
    3 Money 10
  11. What do kids in a 4H club do?
    3 Babies 36
  12. How do we get rid of the strip clubs?
    How do we get rid of the strip clubs?
    3 Money 28
  13. What does the 'S' in "S Club 7" actually stand for?
    10 General 75
  14. Do clubs hire female bouncers?
    4 Money 46
    2 Technology 19
  16. How do you start a scooter club?
    how do I start a scooter club or gang or bike club or gang.
    3 Entertainment 148
  17. Favourite club music
    LIke any kinda club music (like music your likely to here in a club) :)
    5 Music 14
  18. Clothing at the clubs
    What are some brands of clothes you would wear to the clubs?
    3 Style 23
  19. Are there any under age clubs near or in Ohio?
    if so where and how old do you have to be?
    2 Entertainment 71
  20. Are there any clubs for under 18?
    for younger than 18 ??? if so where and what are the requirements to get in?
    5 Entertainment 34
  21. which is better to use proactive or skin id?
    3 Style 42
  22. What're some good school clubs to join?
    7 Education 42
  23. Is it bad to be in a bunch of clubs freshmen year?
    6 Education 14
  24. What should i use, skin Id. or proactive? i do have sensitive skin.
    4 Style 42
  25. What is the best thing about going to clubs, in your opinion?
    10 Entertainment 24
  26. How can I hack an MSN ID?
    Dear All, How can i hack an MSN id, please advise.
    4 Technology 58
  27. Motorbike Club
    How does one register a motorbike club in South Africa?
    2 Travel 38
  28. Club Penguin Secret Items?
    here can you find secret items on Club Panguin?!
    4 Gaming 41
  29. Do you know of a poetry club in Charlotte, NC?
    Does anyone know of a poetry club in Charlotte, NC?
    2 Literature 31
  30. How do I know what my Wii user ID is?
    is i registered to is that the wii id?
    2 Gaming 29
  31. Medical id bracelets
    Where is a good place/website to get medical id bracelets?
    2 Health 38
  32. FBI ID
    What does real FBI ID actually look like?
    2 Technology 95
  33. Do you need ID
    do you need valid photo ID to board a plane
    6 Travel 38
  34. What should I write in a club resignation letter?
    I am resigning from a private club, what should I include in the letter?
    3 Literature 2732
  35. Do you need photo ID to board a plane?
    Do you need photo ID to board an airplane?
    3 Travel 68
  36. Bad Girls Club
    Who anyone here like to watch the Bad Girls Club?
    5 Entertainment 16
  37. How to get a free windows xp confirmation id?
    How to get a free windows xp confirmation id?
    2 Technology 372
  38. Whats the last song in the movie The Breakfast Club?
    4 Music 66
  39. Do clubs accept a photocopied passport as proof of age?
    4 Travel 62
  40. How to start a glee club?
    like what do we have to know and how can we prepare?
    2 Entertainment 46
  41. What is a unique and fun name for a Food and Cooking Club?
    11 Food 45
  42. Is it a good idea to be walking around in Chicago with no ID?
    6 General 42
  43. what happens when someone reports you on club penguin??
    7 Gaming 123
  44. Coaller id blocking
    How do I unblock my home number from caller id
    3 Technology 63
  45. Best strip club to work at in London?
    what do you think: the best strip club in london is...(I mean for work)
    3 Money 150
  46. How do I write a letter to resign from a club?
    What can I put in a letter stating that I am resinging from a club?
    2 Literature 1043
  47. How can I talk through hot mail id
    My friend has hotmail id. How can I talk through internet?
    2 Technology 13
  48. is it normal for 15 year olds to go clubbing regulary?
    8 Money 28
  49. Anyone play Club Penguin?
    I do! I do! lol. I'm just bored...
    6 Gaming 53
  50. What are your favorite, or the easiest, or really cool school clubs to join?
    5 Education 14
  51. Where can I get into a club with my permit or college ID card?
    I am eighteen and wanna party in the Central Valley but I don't have my driver's license yet...
    2 Entertainment 103
  52. Why do people get arrested for not having an ID with them?
    in chicago and the whole world
    5 Politics 59
  53. when I grind with a girl in a club or what ever...
    does she want me to have a boner or not? or does it depned on the girl?
    5 Relationships 177
  54. The Fight Club movie..
    Is anybody else watching the Fight Club? How do you like it?
    2 Entertainment 19
  55. how to see whose calling if the ID is Private
    I am getting prank calls, but the caller ID is private, How can I see who it is?
    3 General 70
  56. Under 18 clubs.
    How old do youu have to be to go to one of thosee under 18 clubs? Lol.
    5 Entertainment 138
  57. Can you get a fake id and work at mcdonalds
    Can you get a fake id and work at mcdonalds or something like that..
    6 Money 288
  58. Ouran High School Host Club
    I love that show why did they make no more?
    3 Entertainment 35
  59. Who: Secrets,Secret club?
    Secret for secret. What's somthin no one knows about you that you are holding in and wanna say?
    2 Entertainment 10
  60. whats the best and fastest way to get id of a cold sore?
    3 Health 61
  61. What should I discuss in for my Japanese Club?
    I am the president of the Japanese Club and I was wondering what I should talk about. What activities should we do? any suggestions? Please :)
    2 General 17
  62. Expired drivers license is still valid id at the airport?
    Does anyone know if an expired drivers license is still valid id at the airport?
    4 Travel 1052
  63. What are the best clubs in Miami?
    Ok, so I just moved out to Miami and I was wondering where all the good clubs were at! Let me know!! ;)
    5 Entertainment 53
  64. How do I contact POGO Game Club Customer Service. Unable to pull up game sites
    2 Gaming 85
  65. Starting motorcycle club
    How many members do I need to start my club/gang? I live in Az.
    2 Entertainment 64
  66. Is having the Sally Beauty Club card a good thing?
    like does it actually help or what?
    4 General 20
  67. How can I track the shipment of an Item using the tracking ID?
    I have a cell phone on the way, and I have the carrier name and the tracking ID... but how can I track the shipment?
    5 Shopping 14
  68. Are there any Spanish clubs around D.C.?
    I just moved to haymarket, virginia... so is there any clubs around in this area... manassas, washigton.. ?? any spanish clubs?
    2 General 61
  69. Whats a better club song sexy b!tch or hotel room service?
    3 Sex 40
  70. school work club ed
    which state capital is the largest producer of maple syrup?
    2 Education 17
  71. what games are like club penguin that's fun?
    I'v been trying to find a game like clubpenguin but I can't find one that's fun like it.
    4 Gaming 41
  72. What's a good set of golf clubs for a beginner?
    I am just starting golfing and I want to get a good set of golf clubs, but I dont want a cheap beginners set. what would be a good set of golf clubs for me to get and where can I get one?
    3 Sports 49
  73. What ever happened to S Club 7, anyone know?
    What ever happened to S Club 7, anyone know? They were pretty awesome, obviously they split, but I mean other then that.
    3 Entertainment 51
  74. Are there any good teen clubs (like for 15 year olds) in NYC or Philidelphia?
    or any clubs that have teen night on a thursday?
    3 Entertainment 63
  75. Do I need an ID on a plane if I'm a minor?
    Just checking because I don't really want to bring that with me. XD
    5 Travel 43
  76. What does it smell like in a strip club?
    weirdo question I know,but I've always wondered. ...
    3 General 498
  77. In your school, how many students are actively involved in programs such as student government, sports, clubs, etc?
    7 Education 36
  78. in India, do homeless people carry ID with them?
    (1) in india, do homeless people carry ID with them? (2) can you go outside, and ask some homeless people... do they have ID..? (3) can you ask women specifically..?
    3 Politics 42
  79. What night clubs will let me in at 18?
    what night clubs will let you in when your 18 because im going out on me on me 18th bday but were shall I go?? I will bring my provisional license for id
    8 Entertainment 34
  80. What should be worn to a club?
    Club is a public place you may go to celebrate your birthday or to attain a function. Now what will be perfect thing to wear to go in a club?
    2 Style 28
  81. Motorcycle clubs, names already in use
    Anyone know where I can find a list of m/c (motorcycle clubs) names that are already taken or currently in use
    4 Sports 265
  82. How to get a photo id?
    I need to get a fast photo id to access my bank account i'm 15 anybody help out?
    4 Money 26
  83. Why do people still ask me for ID if I want to buy a beer?
    I dont know but people still ask me for an id if i want to buy a beer if you know tell me please thank you.
    6 Politics 50
  84. Are there any strip clubs that allow 18 year olds in?
    Can an 18 year old get into a strip club when they're accompanied by someone above the age of 21?
    5 General 395
  85. Copy Of ID??
    Okay I have to get a copy of my drivers license to send to this company. Where do I go to get an official copy of my ID?? Do I go tot he DMV?
    4 General 45
  86. Is it against the law to take someone id card with out asking ?
    Is this agianst the law to do ? If someone is trying to get power of attorny .
    3 Money 63
  87. Age group for club penguin?
    If you had to say, what would be the age group for cp? Like 7-17?? Etc?
    2 Gaming 108
  88. How about a night club themed sweet 16?
    I want to have a night club themed party and I was wondering some stuff that I really need please help!!!
    3 Entertainment 90
  89. Who can explain the movie "Fight Club" for me?
    Right last night i saw fight club the movie, i thought it was good but i didnt get it... can abyone explain it to me?
    9 Entertainment 78
  90. Anyone watch the bad girls club?
    Ok does anybody watch the bad girls club if soo what do you think about it I love it but I just want to see what other people think...
    4 Entertainment 18
  91. Do you like The Breakfast Club?
    I was just watching an episode of Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, and there was a question about the movie The Breakfast Club. It made me think that it is a great movie. What do you guys think?
    4 Entertainment 19
  92. Hidden caller id
    I have been receiving a call with the caller id hidden. How can I view the number? Please it is urgent. Thanks Emma-sasson
    3 Technology 52
  93. What websites sell cheap club dresses?
    Cheap as in avg $20. Both Jr and Plus sizes. Fast Shipping.
    8 Shopping 14
  94. Who here watches Bad Girls Club on Oxygen?
    this show is HILARIOUS gotta watch it the reunion iis coming up and it will be AMAZZINGGG
    4 Entertainment 39
  95. Who uses and likes club penguin?
    Hey guys, I have a club penguin its user name is 611foreve. Who likes club penguin? If you don't have one you should get one. I love it I live at the computer. XO XO
    4 Technology 20
  96. Do you remember s club 7?
    Does any one here remember a band called s club 7?? They also had a show on abc family. Well what ever happened to them?? Lol
    7 Music 7
  97. tattoo wasn't allowed in a club because it was considered offensive
    I have a huge tribal tattoo on back and across my chest. I wasnt aloud in a club because it was considered offensive.. is it?
    3 Style 19
  98. Who else thinks it's stupid that Liver German Shepherds are considered an American Kennel Club fault when they're beautiful?
    5 Pets 16
  99. Is the SideKick Id Mobile any good?
    My daughter wants the sidekick for Christmas, just wondering if it's any good or is it one of those phones that look good but turn out to be crap?
    2 Shopping 13
  100. How can I look 18 to get into this club?
    right heres the thing in 15 and im tryign to get into a over 18s night club ... does nay1 have any idears on how to look older..!
    20 Style 1110
  101. Where is the best club to see strippers in Detroit?
    I love strippers. where is the best club? I've been going to chix on dix but its in detroit and I live in detroit but I want to try a new place
    2 Entertainment 17
  102. Are titleist golf clubs the best or is there another one?
    I've read a review of titleist golf clubs in a golfing magazine recently, and want to know if titleist golf clubs are the best ones? If not, can somebody tell me what brand of golf club I should buy? Thanks!
    2 Shopping 10
  103. Club dancing
    I absolutely love dancing but I was wanting to know was... Is that a good way to lose weight? I heard it was... I was just wanting to know fer a factt..
    4 Entertainment 19
  104. Does anyone here have night terrors? i would have them every night when i was little. id scream and cry. then wake up the next morning and not remember a thing.
    6 Health 20
  105. What school clubs do you think middle schools usually have?
    and do you think they would have cooking class and foreign language class? Im talkin 7th grade middle school.
    6 Education 30
  106. Club seats at oracle Arena in oakland?
    Club seats at oracle Arena in oakland? I bought club seats 2 see miley cyrus at oracle Arena and I was wondering if they were close, and what club seats mean. do I get special treatment, a food bar that only club seats have access 2 or what? ty
    3 Entertainment 412
  107. What is the closest strip club?
    Please don't judge, but my friends and I are trying to find out where is the closest strip club to our house with BIG chicks? How or where do I look it up?, We can't find it on google... Our zip code is:33177
    2 General 85
  108. Where in NYC can you get your tongue pierced without ID! PLEASE!?
    Me and my friends are going into the city this weekend and have a place in mind but we need a few backups!
    2 Style 37
  109. What should I wear to an all ages night club?
    Its coming up soon so it will be in the winter, and im only 15 please send links of websites, or just list what I should wear, thanks :) ?
    4 Style 21
  110. what are nice animes i can watch some like maid latte or ouran host club or vampire knight? pleazzzzz helpppppp i dont know what to watch
    14 Entertainment 35
  111. Steel or Graphite club?
    I am looking to buy the 2008 Nike sasquatch sumo-2 fairway wood. I have always played a steel shaft and can't find a steel shaft in this club. Do they make this in a steel shaft? Is the face of this club steel or graphite?
    2 Sports 25
  112. What 's that song in breakfast club?
    What are the lyrics to the song that bender sings? I know its call "I wanna be an airborne ranger" I tried to google it but nothing came up...
    3 Music 180
  113. How can I ask my stepdad to let me go to a teen club?
    My stepdad is really against me going to a teen dance club but my mom allowed me to go out there once. How do I tell my stepdad without getting my mom in trouble? And also with them allowing me to go whenever I want.
    4 Family 46
  114. What are some exciting, cool clubs I could start?
    I'm tired of just yeah know being a "couch patatoe" soo i decided i wanted to start a club or something. Like on the weekends and all.
    3 General 30
  115. How to unblock a number from Caller ID?
    Cell phone question: I inadvertently pressed *56 or *65, which block my phone # from showing up on caller ID - How can I put it back to normal readout ? TIA
    4 Technology 169
  116. How are all ages night clubs?
    I might be going to a night club tomorrow night and im curious, is it all going to be grinding? what should I wear ? annnd is it dark ? like are most night clubs just flashing lights or what, please explain I've never been yet
    5 Entertainment 49
  117. What kind of club or something can I get involved in to make friends?
    Im fourteen and a girly girl..i love pink things and just nothing sporty..
    14 Relationships 18
  118. How do I go about catching a''fake caller id''
    ''I was arrested''' by someone who faked a bomb threat and putting my home phone number in ,how can I find out where the original call came from?
    2 Technology 50
  119. How many members do you need to start a motorcycle club?
    How many members do you need to start one up? I read your answer on how to start my own motorcycle club and found it helpful. Thanks! If you have any other info to share I would greatly appreciate it. Good looking out!
    3 General 228
  120. Any good recommend. For a great book club pick? Ages from 42 to 72
    My turn to select a book pick for our book club for Oct. I luv to read but to pick one book is virtually impossible for me to chose. The club consist of all women from ages 42 to 72...thanks:)
    2 Literature 22
  121. Where to get a photo ID so I can fly?
    im going on a air plane to fly. I have a paper ID but not one with my actuall picture... its coming in the mail and im not gunna get it before I fly.. so Where do I get an Identification card ? like a photo id??? I dont go to school so I dont have a ...
    6 Travel 55
  122. Would it be foolish to attempt to start a Paranormal investigation club at my local community college?
    I just would like to explore the possibility of a spirit world with others who may be interested.
    11 Religion 25
  123. skin iD??
    they say it's the new proacive?? I went to and got evaluated, it's about $25 cheaper then proactive but im not sure if it works. has anyone tried it? how good is it?
    6 Style 44
  124. What I did to my piercing id like to know if its ok?
    okay soo I had this puss bubble I guess well blood bubble for awhole now so I took my barbell out and im cleaning it with asprin is that ok ?
    3 Style 21
  125. How do I know what motorcycle club names are already taken?
    I am writing a book and I don't know if it would be okay to just come up with a name, used or not and write in my book. Can anyone help? Is it okay to come up with a name and use it without finding out if its a real gang/club?
    3 Literature 90
  126. Blade//Vampire Club Song?
    Does anyone know the name of that techno beat song that was playing in the vampire club in Blade or who it's by? I want to download it but I can't figure out who does it. My friend thinks it's by Junkie XL but I'm not so shure.
    3 Music 12141
  127. Do you think id have a chance?
    Im 13 and im thinking about singing. I have a ok voice my friends say that im really good but I don't know if theyre being nice. I dont think I suck but I was wondering if you think id have a chance at a record deal ?
    4 Money 12
  128. Midget strip club?
    Would you let your boyfriend go to one to go see 'his buddy have his Socks knocked off' and have a good laugh at it? Or no? Would you go to one? I don't know afterall they are midgets..which I think are cool! ;) Hehe.
    7 Relationships 202
  129. club wear
    I often go clubbin @ brighton and I was wonderin if you know anythin I could wear. I want somethin short and sexy and somethin that I wont get too hot in! thanks for any help!
    4 Sex 17
  130. Anonymous caller ID?
    (I spelled annomous wrong lol) ok so when you call someone and you want it to show up as unknown do you like enter star 67 or what is the thing that you enter first??
    3 Technology 16
  131. What are your opinions of pregnant woman going to bars and/or clubs?
    Do you think they should, or are they being irresponsible? What if there is no smoking inside the club or bar? Should they still be allowed to go out and have a good time, or should they abandom that type of activity for the next 9 months?
    22 General 659
  132. Do anybody out there like this show called celebrity fit club?
    Do anybody out there like this show called celebrity fit club? I thought dustin from save by the bell was going to get his act right, do he act like a puss* about everything? And who out there believe that crap that he can take harvey on?
    3 Entertainment 13
  133. Are there any book clubs online that don't require a credit card?
    I love to read and I used to belong to a few book clubs in the past. I would like to join them again, but I don't have a credit card and would like to sign up and have them bill me for the balance. That is always the way I did it in the past. Does anyo...
    4 Literature 3276
  134. Club Penguin
    How can I become famous in Club Penguin, cause I really want to...? My account is Heart 55 afcourse :) and I really want to become famous in Club Penguin. Like whereever you go lots of penguins follow you and calling your name, saying that you rock and...
    7 Gaming 32
  135. What should I wear to the club?
    I need help asap! I cant decide what to wear to the club tonight and I've been staring at everything in my closet for 2 hours. What would you guys wear??? Im going to a night club so I want to look hot. I am leaving in 3 hours!
    2 Style 45
  136. How old is too old to go out dancing in the clubs?
    When is someone too old to go out dancing in the clubs??? I am no college cutie anymore but I have never been out dancing! when I was young my parents were very strict...and then I started having kids so I thought it was too late! now I want to expe...
    8 Entertainment 66
  137. What shoes should I wear to the club?
    hey... im going to a club this weekend and im just curious about what kind of shoes to wear. I think sneakers are a little to bland I think flats start to hurt after a while. I think heels are a little to dressy for this place. so any idea? thank...
    9 Style 196
  138. Can you use someone else's Sam's Club card without them being present?
    My aunt let us use hers but her and my mom look a like. but im wondering if i can go in and buy something without there being a problem
    9 Shopping 3308
  139. What I be allowed into clubs, drinking, ect when I go to America?
    Just the end of the year my mum is taking me to Vancouver, LA & New york. I'll be 18 then so would I be allowed to drink and get into clubs and stuff. Or does the '21 rule' restrict that?
    4 Travel 33
  140. I lose my purse and i am freaking out what should i do? I have my whole family social, ID, credit cards, all doc papers. EVERYTHING
    I called the last place i went to and they dont have nothing. No surveillance either.
    3 Money 39
  141. What are some great 70's-90's songs for belly-dancing or clubbing?
    Lately, I've been on a weightloss kick, and I now want to add dancing into my schedule. I've looked up some good songs, but I only have enough for a good hour. I want more. What are some great songs to either bellydance to or even clubbing type from ...
    2 Music 16
  142. What is Costco, is it similar to Sams Club (if anyone knows what that is)?
    I keep seeing people say things about shopping at Costco, but we dont have that hear. We have Sams Club where you have to pay a yearly small fee to get a card to shop there, and they sell things in bulk for it similar? Do you have to be a ...
    4 Shopping 44
  143. Strip club boyfriend
    Me and my boyfriend had issue in past were hes cheated - not I a sexual way just asking out other girls he brother geting marryed and stag night they going strip club shold I b worryed ,,, can you touch the people who work ther...
    5 Sex 69
  144. Can you make your own bird ID bands?
    I was wondering because I've seen some breeders make them out of paper or something like that to go on the birds leg Can I buy the metal ones from my vet? how much does it cost? if no, then where can I get bird ID bands? Please include link if...
    2 Pets 36
  145. Why does the caller ID stay on my flip phone blackberry screen even after I close the call?
    it seems to do it as well if i dont answer it and it is really fricking annoying cuz i have to pull the battery every time
    3 Technology 35
  146. STD through a Lap Dance in Strip Club ?
    In a fully nude lap dance, is there chance of any STD spreading if the guy is not wearing any underwear inside ? I.e the Fluids from the Dancer can cause STD this way by seeping into the cotton shorts ? Thanks.
    3 Health 436
  147. Do people go to the club alone?
    I want to go to this party at a club. A sorority at my school is hosting a party there. But, I have no one to go with me. Also, I live live a hour and a half journey away from the club. It starts at 10 and I will have to take the train and bus alone to...
    2 Entertainment 59
  148. How can I tell her that id love to hang out
    Hey I had some friendship problems before as you can see I asked for some advice before :p Any ways its a new year in school and theres this new girl who is really sweet and nicce we sit next to each other in some classes ... She gave me her email... ...
    2 Relationships 10
  149. I want to pay for the club penguin member ship thingy
    ok, so my member ship on club penguin ended last week, it pissed me off (dunno why) I want to pay and become a member again, but dad said NO! and I got angry again!! what should I do?? I want to become a member!! I want to somehow pay it, or somehow g...
    3 Gaming 49
  150. too fat to club?!
    I've just read an article in a magazine that said woman were turned away from a club for being to fat! it has a size 12 (uk size) and under policy, and even a big busted size 12 was turned away! I personaly think that is discusting! a size 12, 18, 28 ...
    6 Sex 40
  151. HELP! id this plant!
    ok so when I was in florida I purhased a very small vine plant, it had VERY small green,star shaped leaves. no flowers or anything. The card said it was a fig vine, and thats it. I REALL REALLY REALLY would like to know what this is! PLEASE HELP!
    3 Homegarden 24
  152. Cleaning a sidekick id?
    I have a sidekick I'd and the track ball feels like there is something keeping it from scrolling down. It will but it is not as smooth as when I am scrolling up or side to side. Does anyone know how to clean it or if I can take the plate thing off so t...
    2 Technology 52
  153. Are bus drivers allowed to kick out students if they don't have their ID?
    so me and my friend got kicked out cuse we had temps and just ripped them off before we got it the bus. he sees us everyday in his bus he even said it. but he dint let us in he said he was gunnah call the dean-_- pissy mood man
    7 Education 13
  154. What would look better on a college application: theatre guide or yearbook club?
    ok so right now in school im in speech team and Operation Snowball ( which is a club that promotes healthy choices and volunteering). I'm thinking of joining either theatre guide or yearbook club. both sound interesting, but i want to know which would ...
    4 Education 43
  155. What does "prego club" mean?
    i saw these 2 guys on fb joking around on a status (the status was bout him acting like a kid and how good his life is atm) one said prego club lol and the other guy said that was a funny night on the xbox and the other one said she'll never know lool ...
    7 General 30
  156. club penguin coins?
    ok this is really bugging me, when I play a game on club penguin, when I finish it the blue bit that says you have earned..oh lets say 100 coins, it wont load up, which means I have to log off and on again, the mini games where you play with another pe...
    2 Gaming 16
  157. What are some good rock/ pop bands id like?
    I want to listen to some new bands or music. I like stuff like Blue October, Paramore, Brokencyde, Britney Spears, Sam Sparro, Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift, Regina Spektor, etc.
    4 Music 17
  158. I need id to get a mortage
    hi I need help to get a mortgage , but I have no id , they will take only photo .id passport or driving liecence I dont drive my passprt as run out , cost to much to get a passport , plus will need it fast track cost 2 much , what else could I use to ...
    3 Money 20
  159. fight club with pre schoolers?
    these kids at a elementry school near buy said im too much of a woosy to be in their super bad a#$ crayon cracken , ruller bending, no veggie eating fight club. so I was all yo dog please can I be in it ? and the little tike head butted me in the balls
    5 Relationships 22
  160. What is suitable punishment for using a fake ID?
    You may or may not be aware of a friend in your life who, at some point, purchased a fake id simply because they wanted to hang with their friend in the bar. Some of these kids never make it home from the bar because of drinking and driving. Some sta...
    3 Family 74
  161. Do you play Club Penguin?
    Hi there. I play Club Penguin and love it, my penguin name is Heart 55 and I love it very much I also have a cheat site for Club penguin. I think the site is REALLY cool, and people who know my site say the same think, but not many people know about ...
    5 Gaming 40
  162. I need to do a survey right now for my club meeting tomorrow
    Ok, Im going to do percentages... as much as I'd hate to ask... What are you labeled? what stereotype are you rounded up into? have you ever labeled someone your self (calling someone a prep is a label, "gay" too) please answer all three of these....
    8 General 13
  163. Midnight Club LA Remix, Or Need For Speed Carbon?
    I have always wanted both Midnight Club LA Remix (PSP) and Need For Speed Carbon (Wii). Which one has the most pros rather than cons? Can you play online on either one? If you have one or both games, please give me a rating on 1 to 10 on how awesome yo...
    3 Gaming 84
  164. How can I get into a club that is 18+?
    The title pretty much says it all. I'm 17 but friends with lots of 18 year olds. This Thursday everyone's going clubbing, problem is I'm only 17. However quite a lot of underage people have gotten in before. Wondering if anyone has any quick tips on ho...
    3 General 93
  165. Clubbing, getting ready, what to do. .
    HELP, okay so I've never been to a club before and my friends are taking me, I would REALLY APPRIICCIATE IT, if you guys could help. I would like to know like some tips, what to do there. & also I dont wanna forget to do anything in my rush to get out ...
    2 Relationships 30
  166. night club and parents HELP...!!
    Ok so there is this awsome 16-18 night club night in my area it has fire dancers and all based around a french circeuse and I relly want to go but the problume is that im 15 and it finishes at 1am it is in the holidays though and I need advice about ...
    2 Family 46
  167. How can I get my mum to let me go to this under 18 clubs thing?
    Basically there's this place just across the road from my dads and it's doin a rave specially for year 10s (that's what year I'm in) but my mum probally won't let me go. Most of my friend are going and it's during the school holidays. Any peruasion tip...
    12 Family 73
  168. What does everyone think of pregnant women going clubbing?
    Obviously not drinking but dressing up as usual and going out? Me personally, I find it shocking it just doesnt look right yuno when theyre like noticeably preggers. I dont think it could harm the baby in any way but, I think it just looks weird....(im...
    27 Health 61
  169. I dont know id im pregnant
    I been off the shot for 6 months, on october 4 I can on my period but I end earliy on sunday. but I had sex monday at 3:30am that morning . and my boyfriend injected sperm inside of me on purpose. but I dont know when I ovulated the shot got me so co...
    3 Sex 46
  170. What are some hairstyles to wear to a bar or club for long hair?
    So I have long, naturally curly hair which I can straighten of course, but curly is easier. I wanted some hairstyles I can do pretty quick because I'll need to do it without my parents knowing so I can sneak out but I still wanna look hot. So whats so...
    2 Style 16
  171. Im trying to get into a club 2 years underage
    Errm yeah, this saturday a load of my friends are going out into town to the clubs for one of my friends birthdays. Who im going with are mostly 17 and I am 16. We will be going in a group of about 15 and so I was just wondering if anyone had any tips ...
    25 General 1421
  172. Are there any teen clubs around the San Diego/Escondido area?
    I'm looking for teen clubs that my friends and I can go to that are trustworthy. I say that because it's going to be dark, no parents ect. and I want my parents to feel comfortable and know that they don't have to worry about anything happening to us. ...
    4 Entertainment 64
  173. I hate my mom for not letting me go clubbing
    ok im 15 years old and so tonight I was supposed to go to a club with my friends. but my bit ch asss mom decided not to let me go I got so mad because she said that she would let me go until im 18 and im barel gonna turn 16 . she says they won't l...
    12 Family 164
  174. What works better between proactive and skin ID?
    So I have acne and I've gone to a dermatologist who gave me epiduo and an antibiotic which works but it takes a long time to work. So then I got proactive, but it's not really doing anything and my acne is even coming back again. Plus it leaves a burni...
    2 Style 52
  175. Please help!! I need my 4-digit id code for my orange phone???
    Right I've kinda locked my phone so I wanna try and register for orange buh I cant cause it needs to send me a text and I cant read texts cause my phone is locked. So I phoned up and entered my number buh then... It asked me for my 4-digit id code? A...
    2 Technology 68
  176. What are some good songs to slow dance to at a night club?
    Im writing a fan-fiction and the characters are at a night club/bar. I want them to slow dance cause I think it would be cute. Especially since the couple is engaged. I should probably tell you that the couple is edward and bella from twilight. I do...
    2 Music 9
  177. Trying to find out about this club job
    Ok I want to find out somethiing but I don't know how. People tell me that theres this club that they hire girls I think is 18 -38 that they only make them talk to guys;drink with them;dance with them; and thats how they get paid by doiin that. Theres ...
    2 Sex 22
  178. How to look older/fool club bouncer?
    I've been invited to a friend's party at a club; I'm 15, but I've always hung around older people simply because their lifestyle seems to draw me in. I've been told I look older than I am, but bouncers are meant to recognise these features and I'm just...
    5 Entertainment 297
  179. What do you say to your parents when you go clubbing?
    My parents are so annoying. They care about me just tooo much. They even dont let me go to sleepovers because they think this makes them "lose me" and my mom thinks that my friend's dad or older brother are going to rape me or something. Ughhh. And I c...
    5 Family 184
  180. How can our spanish club raise money?
    I'm in the spanish club at school and we need to raise enough money to go to like New York for a day and a night and see a play or something. Any ideas besides the typical car wash, bake sale, etc. Oh, and I have the idea of ordering those rubber wri...
    4 Money 43
  181. Does anyone know this club song title?
    i know this isnt exactly important advice or anything, but i have been trying to find a song for ages and was wondering if anyone here might know it... its a kinda club song i think, and i dont exaclty know the words but if anyone recognises these or ...
    2 Music 30
  182. Should I go to religious club or not? will th boys be dull
    Should I go to religious club or not? Would the boys there be kinda boring? I've just moved to a new village and my parents heard about this teen club they have, im 16 btw so I thought yeh itl be ok, meet some new people, maybe theyl be some cute guys...
    2 Relationships 41
  183. On my birthday I went to a club and kissed someone
    On my birthday I went to a club and kissed someone. I told my boyfriend bc I didn't want any secrets and he broke up w me.. He said he loved me but that I don't appreciate him and he's right. I havnt been testing him like a boyfriend and I miss him soo...
    2 Relationships 22
  184. What can id o with my boyfriend if I've never done something before?
    right this is gonna sound SO stupid but yeah, I've been fingered by someone before but I dont know if it was properly, but then the other day my boyfriend was asking me what I would do with him and I said I dont know. thing is I wanna do stuff but i...
    5 Relationships 25
  185. How to make my parents lengthen my clubbing deadline?
    Ok well I'm 19 already and am second year varsity. I go clubbing with friends but whenever I do I always make sure I sleep over. My parents are very protective and I have lived a pretty sheltered life, their rule is that I should be home by 1am for the...
    4 Family 28
  186. What would happen if I was caught with a fake ID?
    well my parents are like totally over protective of me so I can hardly do anything im lucky that I even get to leave the house, but thats only for skool, and church other wise im stuck at home! im like 16 and I've NEVER EVER EVER had alcohol, I know it...
    8 Entertainment 29
  187. ID theft/hacking
    Have any of you experienced hacking or ID theft re your email accounts? I thought I was just being paranoid, but now several emails have been coming in from people I've never heard of (at official places like the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affair...
    4 Technology 25
  188. Another club penguin question!
    Ok, this other problem is pissing me off too!! Everytime I try to read the newspapers or go anywhere or go to my igloo or even log in, it takes ages in loading then it says: trying again(attempt:1..2.3...4..100) then it logs in!! And it never reach...
    3 Gaming 18
  189. Name for a club!
    Okay so me and some of my friends are going to start a club at our school that help women in the Middle East, but we need a creative name! It has to be something inspirational or something, that also kind of describes the club. We found out that the fo...
    4 General 31
  190. who, I'm so depressed, my dad just went to the strip club?
    with his "friends" and these two women because they convinced him to when my mom was at church. my mom called the lady's cellphone and she's a FUkKING BIG ASHOLE. she won't let my dad go. my dad doesn't even wanna go. my mom's downstairs crying. I was...
    2 Relationships 51
  191. Where to go for fun?
    Where can I go out , except movies or clubs
    6 Entertainment 10
  192. Is the program "Bear Share" safe?
    4 Technology 14
  193. What song is better?
    Love in this club or bleeding love
    4 Music 23
  194. what would you rather have trans am or camaro?
    id rather have a trans am
    7 Cars 40
  195. a teen night at a night club and my parents
    heyy ok there is going to be this amazing teen night at a local night club soon and I am desparent to go it souns sfab it based on a french circus ( circus de la rough) it is going to have fire dancers stilt walkers show girls etc...!! and it is on...
    6 Family 46
  196. What's the difference between gold and platinum credit cards?
    What id the difference between gold credit card and platinum credit card?
    2 Money 310
  197. My song called:Friendship club...
    There's a time and there's a place When people’s race doesn't matter It's a way to show who we are And a pleasure to know we aren't that far! It’s this place that I like so much And a nice thing to do for someone. Oh! Lest we all be free to be whateve...
    2 General 7
  198. Id this a good song
    He's always on my mind, from the time I wake up till I close my eyes, he's everywhere I go he's all I know tho0o he's so far away its just keeps gettin stronger everydaii even now he's gone im still holding on tell me where do I stop cas its breaking m...
    2 Music 12
  199. Would it be weird if I joined the Anime Club?
    I want to join clubs for sophomore year. I wanted to try the Anime club because I feel I can fit in there and be more social with what my bestie says,"wierd" kids :P I'm not sure if I would fit in there tho... This is me and what I would wear on th...
    9 General 30
  200. Sean Hannity
    What id Sean Hannity's e-mail address
    2 Politics 180
  201. Does anyone have a Neopets account?
    2 Technology 39
  202. How do spammers get your e-mail?
    How Spammers Get Your Mail ID And What You Can Do If Spammed
    3 Technology 36
  203. Who sings the song called the booty call
    Its baltimore club music.
    3 Music 55
  204. Why you keep looking @ me
    Why is there always a stirring contest in the clubs in Philly
    2 General 19
  205. The bar with no name
    If you were to open your own pub or club, what would you call it?
    4 General 39
  206. Biker boys
    What are the names of all of the motorcycle clubs in the united states?
    4 General 186
  207. Spider ID?
    I'm just wondering if anyone can identify a spider for me. It dropped in my car window as I was driving to a local drug store. I drew a (comical) picture of it, to amuse my friends as I told the story, but in all it is was it looked like. it had lo...
    3 Pets 40
  208. How to clear up acne?
    Does anyone know an effective and fast way to clear acne? If you so please tell me because id love to know...oh and id love to know where I can buy it as well thanks :-)
    6 Style 26
  209. Is it cheating when your husband goes to strip clubs?
    I'm married and my husband went to a strip club. I know he loves me but it bothers when he goes to strip clubs. We have a baby, I tell him time to time, would'nt you rather spend that money on your family, take us out or buy your daugther something uns...
    7 Relationships 419
  210. What Is This Song Called, Please View You Might Know?
    It Plays On The Radio a lot! Its Hip-hop/ Rap. It Goes : Everybody In The Club Get Tips And then it whispers everybody in the club get tips and everybody in da club gettin tips ah ah ah ah any idea???
    4 Music 40
  211. Starting to go out clubbing and drinking more
    ok wel I met my fiance nearly a year ago now, and before I got with him, I was out partying an clubin every weekend an drinking nearly every day. I love my life the way it was my life was like a big party, now I work and obvioucly engaged and I stoped ...
    3 Relationships 21
  212. Where can I get oluminus yellow nail polish?
    does anybody know were id get oluminus yellow nail polish ??
    3 Shopping 12
  213. Unknown Caller : 3
    how do I block my caller id so that no one knows it's me that's calling them??
    2 Technology 41
  214. Afl
    I play alf for a club but im not that good any ideas to help me
    3 Sports 9
  215. Making Myself Prettier
    Yeh Id Just Like Some Advice On How To Make Myself Prettier XD Thannkss
    4 Style 19
  216. So how is everybody feeling today?
    So how is everybody feeling today? Figured Id see whats up in the world today.
    13 Entertainment 20
  217. Name for dog
    Can indie be a unisex name ,because id like to call my dog that and it is a boy
    4 Sex 19
  218. Why doesn't my MSN sign in?
    It says there's a problem with my Windows Live ID?
    2 Technology 53
  219. HELP!!
    does anyone know the lyrics to Taylor swift Id LIE??
    2 Music 8
  220. Is it a good idea to go back to school after I dropped out two years ago?
    id like to finish my education & graduate :) id be 17 in year 10 ???
    13 Education 12
  221. Sims Urbs code for Xizzle
    Does anyone know the code for Club Xizzle PLease??
    2 Gaming 63
  222. What is meant by software testing?
    what you mean by software testing and what id the difference between manual testing and automated testing?
    2 Technology 37
  223. What is the most amount of books a person can read at once?
    I am about to start a book club like thing. Not make my own but read books from a book club. I wanted to get opinions, and wanted to know how many books do you think a person can read at once or at the same time?
    3 Literature 6
  224. How do you loose weight on your hips and tummmy ?
    2 Nutritionfitness 13
  225. Shes my love
    Lets say I love this girl... Lets id do any for her... But she doesnt want a boyfriend right this second... Lets say that I want to be her boyfriend and id do anything to make this possible. How do I get her to like me? (remember anything!)
    2 Relationships 47
  226. help I need an adviser!
    I need a main adviser because id like this account deleted or disabled
    2 Funadvice 9
  227. Horoscope??!
    do you believe in this horoscope thing?I guess id o and its really working for .what do you think?
    6 Religion 16
  228. Cell phone to computer
    How do I get pictures from my cell phone onto my computer? I was given a message id
    2 Technology 43
  229. How do I get rid of holes in my legs?
    when I shave my legs I get these deep holes left behind , how do I get id of them ?
    8 Style 377
  230. PlayStation Network
    When I try to sign up for PlayStation Network it keeps asking me for my online ID.What is an online ID?
    6 Gaming 40
  231. How do I know if I am bisexual?
    Ok so I go to the strip club like almost every other week. This is a girls strip club. At first it was something just to get out of the house and then I realized that I started to like some of the girls that worked there. How do I know if I am bisexual?
    3 Sex 56
  232. Eat your weight in chocolate cake or potato crisps?
    Would you rather eat your weight in chocolate cake, or your weight in potato crisps? Id rather potato crisps...:)
    14 Food 31
  233. Intercourse Before or After Marriage
    Id like to hear some opinions about this...maybe with...reasons why and...why not. Thanks.
    4 Relationships 19
  234. Who likes windsurfing?
    I was just wondering is there anyone on this website part of the ukwa windsurfing club Or who here like / loves windsurfing
    2 General 10
  235. Lion vs Tiger
    id say a tiger because dey more aggressive. what bout u?
    5 Entertainment 19
  236. Cute Random Anime
    Is there a cute random anime like Ouran High School Host Club? If so what is it?
    3 Entertainment 34
  237. How old do you have to be to rent a cheap motel room?
    How old do you have to be to rent a hotel room? Do they ask you for ID or anything?
    8 Travel 169
  238. Piercing ideas
    Ok I have a huge obsession with piercings and I want some more and id like a few ideas about what to get
    4 Style 43
  239. who watches the xgames?
    so do you what the xgames? both winter and summer? what is your favorite part? for winter id say my favorite part is the super half pipe for ski and snowboard. for summer id say moto freestyle or best trick and the rally car
    2 Sports 54
  240. What makes a likable cartoon character?
    Hey im kinda getting into animation (mostly stop motion but id figure id try a hand drawed one for fun) and what makes a likable cartoon character and why?
    2 Entertainment 66
  241. Drama shirt quotes
    I need a quote to go on our schools drama club shirt... Something kinda cool would be nice but also school appropriate(no cursing) Our teacher suggested "drama club, we've got character..." and many other lame quotes but I can't remember them all I...
    4 Education 73
  242. Do you think skinny jeans make people look taller?
    Do you think skinny jeans make people look taller? I was told that I would where them so id look taller =/
    6 Style 69
  243. Why do my questions disappear from the homepage?
    it upsets me >__< sometimes these are really important questions id like to have answered :/
    3 Funadvice 36
  244. How do I change my display picture on funadvice?
    Ok This Id Gunna Sound so Simple and Stupid, But How do I Change My Display Picture ?
    2 Funadvice 9
  245. I need your guyes help
    I fancy someone but they dont fancy me what can id o? need serious advice.
    3 Relationships 36
  246. Who knows if the special K diet works?
    Hi,id like to go on the special K diet,does anybody know if it works.?
    4 Nutritionfitness 23
  247. Which song is best for belly dance?
    Which song is best for belly dance? I'm representing my school dancelife club. Sassygal
    2 Music 52
  248. you could date any celebrity, who would it be??
    you could date any celebrity, who would it be?? id date the tennis player elena dementieva...hahaha
    10 Entertainment 36
  249. why do rap singers all think about having sex at bars
    why do rap singers all think about having sex at bars and clubs?? it makes nooo sence...ugh.
    4 Sex 44
  250. My Chi!
    my chi straightener ids burning the ends of my hair should I use the chi products do the chi products work THAT well?
    3 Style 48