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  1. How can you get rid of chubby cheeks when you smile?
    6 Style 120
  2. Why are my cheeks growing?
    How come my cheeks are growing?
    2 Style 77
  3. Cheek bones!
    I want cheek bones! what should I do?
    3 Nutritionfitness 126
  4. How to slim down chubby arms?
    How to slim down chubby arms?
    2 Nutritionfitness 118
  5. does chewing gum help losing chubby cheeks?
    does chewing gum help losing chubby cheeks?if not what can I do to lose it?
    3 Style 345
  6. how to get rid of chubby cheeks
    I have chubby cheeks and I am not over weight or even close to being over weight
    3 Style 41
  7. big cheek bones?
    what can I do about big cheek bones? I hate them :(((
    3 Style 87
  8. Chubby face
    What can you do to reduce a chubby looking face?
    4 Style 55
  9. have you ever bit your lip or cheek?
    have you ever bit your lip or cheek?
    9 Health 42
  10. why do girls are chubby call other girls fat???
    6 Nutritionfitness 47
  11. how can you tell if someone is pregnant or just chubby?
    7 General 78
  12. Will chewing gum get rid of chubby cheeks?
    Would chewing gum help?
    4 Style 335
  13. how can I have chubby cheeks?
    I want to add some flesh to my cheeks without putting on weight do I do?
    9 Nutritionfitness 261
  14. Is Cole Sprouse the chubby one or the thin one?
    Is Cole Sprouse the chubby one or the thin one?
    7 Entertainment 413
  15. How do you get rid of puppy fat in the cheeks?
    how do you get rid of puppy fat in the cheeks?
    3 Style 90
  16. Can you get chubby cheeks if someone stretches them?
    can you get chubby cheeks if one of your freinds has been stretching them loads for 2 years
    2 Style 32
  17. chuuby cheeks
    my cheeks are lacking fats ... I want chubby cheeks... what to do?
    2 Health 26
  18. What hairstyle suits a round chubby face?
    6 Style 21
  19. How to get rid of red cheeks?
    How do I get rid of them ? I hate them
    8 Style 71
  20. why do i get blisters on my cheeks on day after masturbation?
    4 Sex 53
  21. How do I loose chubby cheeks?
    I got chubby checks and I dont like there any way you can lose weight on your face?
    19 Nutritionfitness 1432
  22. How do I lose cheek fat?
    How do I lose cheek fat? I'm not fat at all, rather am skinny.
    2 Style 249
  23. Protection of cheeks
    How should we do excercise at gym so our cheeks not go inside
    2 Nutritionfitness 14
  24. How to get rid of chubby cheeks?
    Is there any way to get rid of my chubby cheeks!? Their so annoying and it looks stupid when I smile ha. Is there anyway to do thiss?
    7 Style 208
  25. Chubby feet
    I have wide and chubby feet Is there a way to make them thinner?
    2 Style 34
  26. How bad will my cheeks get swollen up when i get dimple piercings?
    2 Style 61
  27. How can I prevent my cheeks from turning red when talking to people?
    7 Style 23
  28. Do you have to be real skinny to booty shake or can you be a bit chubby?
    10 General 27
  29. Naruto's cheeks
    Why does naruto's cheeks have three lines but the forth one shows
    2 Entertainment 26
  30. How to reduce my cheek fat&size?
    How can I reduce my cheek fats?they look so bad and they are so broad in looking
    2 Nutritionfitness 87
  31. How to make chubby cheeks thinner?
    I have really chubby cheeks! They are really not flattering to a 13 year old. Everyone calls me chipmunk. I hate it. Any advice on making my face thinner?
    8 Style 173
  32. Chubby cheeks?
    How can I get rid of my chubby cheeks because I want a more defined look you know like that makes your face look good I don't know how to describe it but I want to have my cheeks like getting toned down a bit like this guy --->
    2 Style 52
  33. What looks more beautiful - dimples in the cheek or a beauty spot on top of your lips?
    15 Style 109
  34. Who agrees that Seth Rogan is not Seth Rogan unless he's chubby?
    7 Entertainment 11
  35. What does PMSL mean, and what does "tongue in cheek fun" mean? Or something like that -_-
    5 General 44
  36. How do I get my cheeks to be less red without having to use foundation?
    16 Style 24
  37. chubby or not?
    im like 5" 3' and like 135. I have a lot of muscle. chubby or not?
    3 Nutritionfitness 52
  38. Am I fat or chubby
    Am I fat or chubby if I'm 6'3 and I weight 145 lbs?
    3 Nutritionfitness 62
  39. How do you get a boy to urgently kiss you on the cheek?
    How do you get a boy to urgently kiss you on the cheek? please answer this guys!!!
    2 Relationships 97
  40. Why do I get red cheeks when it's hot out?
    my cheek become red when I travelled in sun shine
    3 Style 91
  41. What a cheek piercing problem help?
    Cheek piercing,pimple,inside cheek gone wrong,help help help please!
    2 Style 59
  42. Chubby cheeks
    I have fair color but skinny face making it look very sad and sick. Please advice any nutrition or exercise to get chubby cheeeks :(
    5 Nutritionfitness 97
  43. what to do about swelling and inner cheek marks left after wisdom teeth extraction?
    4 Health 24
  44. What's the makeup that makes your cheek bones look better and how exactly do you use it?
    3 Style 40
  45. How do I stop getting nervous and red on the cheeks when I am around the guy I like?
    5 Style 49
  46. Cheek bones
    I have a fat face, kindof, and I wanna have my cheek bones show more. any ideas? x
    2 Style 57
  47. I'm chubby!!!
    okay so I'm like chubby and I want to loose some pounds FAST what could I do?!
    6 Nutritionfitness 23
  48. Is it good to have high cheeks
    Pple say my cheeks are high,well are they? & most of the time girls w/ high cheeks are beautiful
    3 Style 50
  49. Would you rather date someone who's bigger, chubby, average, or really skinny?
    26 Relationships 68
  50. How come the side of my cheek hurts if I didn't fall or didn't get punched or anything?
    19 Health 42
  51. How much does it hurt to get your cheek pierced?
    I want my cheek pierced and wanted to know if it hurts also does it hurt to get a tear drop piercing??
    3 Style 352
  52. would you guys want a chubby girl?>.>
    Yeh, I'm pretty chubby,. please just be completely honest, would you want a chubby girl.-.
    5 Relationships 82
  53. Red cheeks
    I have red cheeks on my face. And I hate it. It looks like I'm always blushing What can I use to reduce it?
    2 Style 11
  54. biting inside cheek
    I always bite the inside of my cheeks and around the inside of my mouth when I nervous, bored etc etc. Anyway is this bad for me??
    6 Health 139
  55. Am I slim fat chubby or normal?
    I think im fat I am 6'0 172 pounds
    2 Nutritionfitness 63
  56. How do I make my cheeks and face look skinnier?
    I hate my cheeks and the rest of my face. their too fat. how do I make them skinnier. like along with the rest of me which I already no how.
    6 Style 78
  57. How can I get my cheeks not to be so red`?
    Hey! cheeks are always red!I wear conceler foundation and pouder and why cheeks are still red as a tomato!help?
    3 Style 50
  58. Cheek bones
    Can anyone give me any really good tips on how to make your cheeks bones appear to be thinner? I have some fat face :)
    2 Style 23
  59. Am I average or chubby or fat?
    ok so I am 4'11" and I am 105 lbs. is this average or chubby or fat. pleez tell me I need advice.
    9 Nutritionfitness 19
  60. What...guys do you like chubby vaginas or skinny ones?
    Guys, boys do you like chubby vaginas or skinny vagina? Which ever one you pick please tell why you like it... Answer please!
    5 Health 292
  61. Im 5 10 290lbs 46 inch waist 17 years old, am I chubby?
    Im 5 10 290lbs 46 inch waist 17 years old
    4 Nutritionfitness 100
  62. How to get rid of my chubby face and cheeks?
    I am 5'6 and 127 pounds but I have chubby cheeks and I dont know why but I have noticable indentations under my eyes that look like they would be there because of sleep loss but I get plenty of sleep...I think they might be because of the cheeks. Anywa...
    3 Style 43
  63. chubby or not
    Alright you find attractive chubby cheeks or nah! Also if I were 2 loose my chubby cheeks do you think my dimples would be more noticible or less visible?
    4 Style 23
  64. How can I slim down one cheek?
    During the past couple of months I've noticed that my left facial cheek is slightly chubbier than my right one. How can I slim it down so both my cheeks can be even again?
    3 Style 3922
  65. cheek peircing
    are cheek peircing only for girl ...cause I think it look tite and I wanna get themm???but I dont wanna get them if their only for girl.. I wanna get both sides peirced
    4 Style 37
  66. Do guys prefer their ladies all fake with fake boobs, fake butt cheeks, fake nose, fake lips....etc... or all 110% natural?
    8 Style 85
  67. How do you do the kiss on the cheek pose in picture?
    I think pictures withh that pose are really cute! But I dont think I can do it right! Help! Thanks!
    4 Style 229
  68. my face is chubby how do i mke it slimmer
    i have chubby cheeks everyone says im cute and pretty but i dont thinks so my boyfriend said i was ht but i do have chubby cheeks how do i get rid of it
    3 Health 58
  69. Cheek piercing
    How long does it take for a cheek piercing to heal. I have a traing class in two weeks. I would have to take the jewerly out. Would I be able to put it back in after class .
    3 Style 261
  70. I am a bit chubby
    my boyfriend likes skinny girls im not skinny hes strange towards me and tell me I eat heaps what should I do ?
    4 Relationships 29
  71. Why are my cheeks permanently red?
    why are my cheeks perminetly red, then whenever I get embaressed or work hard or something they get really red, and sometimes it happens 2 my forhead too
    2 Style 66
  72. Who 3lse haS cheek p3ircings?
    im just wanting to s33 who all has th3ir cheeks p3irced im g3tting a cors3t p3ircing aft3r I hav3 my son!! <3
    2 Style 22
  73. How to get weight off cheeks?
    I have slighty chubby cheaks and fat under my chin is there a exersice or somthing that loses weight of those places its reallly ugly >:ooo
    2 Nutritionfitness 47
  74. do guys care if a girl has a mole on her upper cheek or not?
    ok so I was just wondering do guys care if a girl has a mole on her upper cheek or not. like does it even matter to them or not. please answer truthfully also!
    6 Style 74
  75. How do you lose cheek fat?
    How do you lose fat off your cheeks? I hate my cheeks because if you touch them you can actually see them jiggling... It would just make me feel really nice if I didn't have such big cheeks. Somebody help me pleeease...
    4 Nutritionfitness 89
  76. How do I get rid of chubby cheeks and straight hair?
    I straightened my hair because it was think and tangly and now im growing out my bangs, and its at an awkward stage where I just wish it wasnt so stiff and straight, more soft and straight.. and ideas? and also, I have chubby cheeks which really ann...
    4 Style 86
  77. makeup to give your cheeks a bronzer look?
    you know that look you get when you've been at the beach and your cheeks are slightly burnt and you put on bronzer and its REALLY prettyy. how do I do that, like, everyday?
    2 Style 10
  78. Inside of my cheeks?
    So I was washing my teeth and idunno I noticed that on the inside of my cheek there was Like a little black dot and I don't know what it is?!?! Or how do I make it go away?? Ahh helpp?
    2 Health 66
  79. Do you prefer fat, chubby people or slim people?
    Me? i like fat people. I think they are cuta and much kinder than slim. Noramally slim people are mean or self centered. I too wanna be chubby or real fat.
    36 Relationships 97
  80. cheek piercing issues
    I have my cheeks pierced and one of them keeps getting a bump right on top of it it looks like a zit what can I do to get rid of it without having to take out my piercing or getting a lot of scarring?
    2 Style 89
  81. Am I overwight or just a little chubby or normal
    I am 13 years old almost 14 and weigh 104 pounds and am exactly 5 feet tall
    6 Nutritionfitness 49
  82. How can I decrease the swelling and pain of an abscess in my cheek?
    (I am on antibiotics and prescripion pain pills and have a dentist appointment for next week (The earliest they could get me in), but my cheek is still badly swollen and I am still in pain)
    16 Health 86
  83. cheek scars...
    I took my cheek piercings out after bout a month and I was wondering what can I do to help them heal and to get rid of the slight bumps around them and discoloration?? I have been soo embarassed because of the way it looks now.
    3 Style 48
  84. Did he like it that we kissed his cheek?
    Ok, well I kissed my ex-boyfriend on the cheek with my best friend. We told him to close his eyes we counted to three and we kissed him. He smiled but was really nervous afterward. Did he like it,or not?
    3 Relationships 35
  85. would you go out with a chubby guy?
    would any of you girls ever would go out with a overweight guy??I ask because I think most men should be big and manly not skinny meatless pretty boys,,I don't know just my opinion
    4 Relationships 54
  86. What's this bubble in my cheek?
    Okay, I was just sitting here, and than I put my tongue back by my back teeth and feel this little bubble in my cheek, my tongue rubs it alittle and it pops I think. I didn't feel it pop, but it tasted like blood. I want to know what the bubble is and ...
    2 Health 56
  87. what are these bumps under my butt cheek?
    I have these smooth bumps (2) under my butt cheek and in it.. I dont know what its is I've never had s3x so its not no weird std or something. I think its irritated from the tissue paper. and when I wipe it hurts my butt
    2 Health 145
  88. Do cheek piercins hurt?
    Do cheek piercins hurt? Im goa get them done but I dont know yet I have my nose belly button ears 12 time and lip and they didnt hurt so what do ya think?
    2 Style 7
  89. Red spot things on my cheek.
    Since last night, I've had like red spot things on my left cheek, I got none on my right cheek, but on my left I've got loads and it looks like a rash but I duno what it is, its got worse since this morning its just red lumps, anyone have any idea what...
    4 Health 51
  90. Burning cheeks!---burning cheeks
    My cheeks are realy hot and red! I have extremely sensetive skin and my face goes red easily(@ school) but like at home too!! None else has red cheeks all day! Is there a home-made solution or a face mask I can perchase?? Or is zukini the trick?!? ...
    3 Health 49
  91. my cheeks are thin
    hi I have a problm related to my face. jm big as im faty girl of 22 years and 68 kg. but compared to body my face is very small and also my cheeks are thin . it looks very odd having big and large body and small face is there any way to make my cheeks ...
    2 Nutritionfitness 49
  92. Why when someone gives someone else a kiss on the cheek we have to make like a sound from our lips?
    Ive noticed that when i kiss someone on the cheek i make a wierd noise its never bothered me before but im curios why somepeople do that maybe its just where i live but i dont know why we do?
    3 General 60
  93. Why don't we kiss on the cheek in the US as a greeting?
    I have been in others countries and when a boy meets a girl he kiss her in her cheek like a way of saying hello, I like that kind of greeting but if I do that in new york people could say is innapropiate or something crazy like that. Why is this like...
    2 Relationships 35
  94. Why do I look so chubby?
    Im a size 10, im 5 ft 1 but I always look like I am fatter in clothes its soo annoying and getting to the point where everything I buy just seems like a waste of time and effort ?
    3 Style 44
  95. red cheeks
    I have red blemishes on my face. my entire life, I have been told by the doc that it'll go away and that there was no real medicine to reduce this redness. I'm fat, and have a beard... I kinda look like a young santa claus at times with those red ch...
    2 Style 42
  96. Why would guys like chubby girls?
    Hi everyone, im just wondering if guys ever took interest in chubby girls. I'm a chubby girl myself and I don't feel that much confident about my body. I'm not super fat but im not slender like most of the girls, so Im thinking about a diet so that I c...
    2 Relationships 65
  97. How do I stop chewing on the insides of my cheeks?
    I have recently started this bad habit. I start chewing on the insides of my cheeks. At first it was just small little bites, but after like a week I started chewing large holes in the sides that bled fairly badly. I've tried to stop but I failed. I re...
    3 General 43
  98. Why are my cheeks so poofy?
    So, I'm still kinda young and all, but I'd be really cute if I had a differnt face. I'm really skinny and have the perfect hair, but my cheeks make me look horrible!! I can stick my whole fist in my mouth without even stretching my cheeks. I need peopl...
    5 Style 48
  99. How long do chipmunk cheeks last?
    Okay, so my dentist told me a little while back that I had toget my wisdom teeth taken out, meaning that I would also have chipmunk cheeks. So, just recently, he took out the teeth and I've been home for the past two days with chipmunk cheeks. Does any...
    2 Health 151
  100. How to get dimples in the cheeks & lower back?
    Im only 13 and im thin and I have dimples in my lower back ndd my cheeks..I got cheeck dimples because when I was little like 4 years old I was getting scissors off the table then I fell andd the scissors went thruu my cheek..I had already had one dimp...
    4 Sex 127
  101. Chubby Knees...[Lol] HELP ME!!!
    Thick Legs Run On My Father Side Of The Family.My Sister Has Thick Legs With A Small Waist.Unfortunetly I Have Thick Legs[And Proud],I'm Working On The Stomach Part But OMG MY KNEES are LIKE...[FaT] How Can I Get Rid Of This Saaad Problem
    2 Nutritionfitness 54
  102. How can i stop accidentally biting the inside of my cheek?
    I've had braces for about a month and since getting them the insides of my cheeks are COVERED in blood blisters and where there aren't blood blisters theres raw bleeding skin. I was wondering if there were any tips in trying to prevent doing this by mi...
    5 Health 99
  103. Am I chubby?
    I weigh like 110 pounds and I am 5' 1" or 2" and I used to be in karate. My stomach makes me sad cause I think I am fat. I have a habit of sucking in, but I wouldnt do it if I was happy with how I looked I am 12-13 and am wondering how to stay in shape...
    3 Nutritionfitness 39
  104. Cheek glued to braces ?
    I just got my braces on 2 days ago . && my back 2 molars dont have brackets on them but they have these metal things that wrap all the way around the tooth that they glued in && it feels like my cheek got glued to it. I can feel it like stuck but im no...
    2 Style 67
  105. How do I get rid of my chubby legs?
    I have a problem with my legs. They are so fat! *lol* My mom says it runs in the family. (my grandmother also has big legs.) Everytime I go to a famliy reunion or something,people always talk about my big legs and I'm tired of it. I'm a little chubby ...
    3 Nutritionfitness 51
  106. How can I get natural rosy cheeks?
    I was wondering how I can get mi skin color back to it normal color. you c I was born with very fair skin and not I have a brownish tan color. and I have tried puttin honey and lemon on my face but it duznt seem to work. I also don't go out in the sun ...
    9 Style 152
  107. My cheek bones feel as if they are being pushed out?
    My cheek bones recently this year have felt as if they are being pushed out. I am 13. My mum has a love heart shape face, and high cheek bones. My dad just has high cheek bones, Could this be something to do with it? My jaw also feels as if its wideni...
    3 Health 263
  108. How do I loose my chubbiness?
    okay i hate being the largest? fattest out my sister and i, weare always compared... and im tired of it, i want to be thin like, her and ive tried almost everything, at the moment im eating completely healthy and do fitness everyday for an hour... and ...
    4 Nutritionfitness 29
  109. What do people think about me having my cheeks pierced ?
    Hey yall !! So who watches la ink !! I love it , but latley I have been going a little mad with how I want to look. So here goes one quetsion and one fact please voice opinions on this as im really torn!! Pixie - she got them smart piercings on her c...
    7 Style 19
  110. Will red cheeks ruin my acting career?
    alllright so basically I've decieded this summer im going to start auditioning for hollywood films, and I know that im a great actor and that should be fine, and I know im not that bad looking (althought I guess it doesnt matter), but I have this littl...
    3 Money 36
  111. Why cant i stop chewing my lips, tongue, or cheeks?
    Ive been having this problem the last week or so. I have this horrible need to keep my mouth constantly moving, by rubbing my tongue on my teetch, biting my tongue or lips or swallowing. AGH its driving me nuts, i have so many sores on my tongue and th...
    8 Health 60
  112. Is this normal for cheek piercings?
    I recently had my cheeks(dimples) pierced about 3 days ago. The back of my stud (looks like a big libret stud) is cutting into my cheek and indenting. I can pop it out, theres no skin growing over it but its slowing digging in a litttttttle more each d...
    3 Style 32
  113. I'm kinda chubby but I have a 4 pack, how do I get a 6 pack?
    ok,well the title pretty much says it all, but what it really is is when I tense my stomach the top and the middle section goes hard, but the bottom bit at the bottomof my stomach doesn't. I did 50 sit ups a night, but now I've bumped it up to 100. wha...
    2 Nutritionfitness 70
  114. Cheek my grammer
    There are 8 fill in the blank every one has 1 mark how many marks you give to me please cheek it "the sutlej continues 1-was give sleepless nights to people in MOGA DISTRICT. The breaches 2- were developed 3- by the river 4- in saturday morning 5- b...
    3 Education 24
  115. Cheek piercings gone wrong?
    Hey there, I need anyone too help me out, okay 4 days ago I got my dimples pierced. I didn't go to a piercing place, but my friends friend does piercings outta his home. It costed 50$ for both sides.. And I had to by the jewlery. I'm thinking I didn't ...
    9 Style 159
  116. Cheek piercings
    Ok, so im a noob when it comes to piercings...I got my ears pierced at 3 months old, but for the last few moths I've been looking into getting my cheeks pierced. Online there are some horror stories, but of course there are people who have good results...
    4 Style 159
  117. Looks?
    How do I get naturally rosey cheeks?
    4 Style 16
  118. Septum, cheek and hip piercings.
    Alright, So, My best friends boyfriend is 17, Which isn't old enough to sign for me to get pierced. But he knows this guy who does piercings professionally that will do it. So I just wanted to know what people thought about hip and septum piercings. I...
    26 Style 149
  119. dimples
    how long do cheek piercings take to heal?
    3 Style 51
  120. For all you Gents out there...
    Is being a bit chubby a MAJOR turnoff or can it be overlooked?
    2 Music 9
  121. cheating or not
    is a kiss of any kind cheating. like wud a kiss on the cheek be cheating
    6 Relationships 13
  122. Can I pierce My own Cheek or Monroe ?
    To let you know a little background first. I'm Savannah. 13 years of age!, And I am beginning to be obsessed with piercings. , I recently Pierced my lip myself. I didnt clean what I used. I wasnt thinking. UGH! . The day after I pierced it, it be...
    6 Style 197
  123. Who can tell me what to do?
    Im just trying to b thinner..I dont like having a stomach. And my face chubby..no1 wants a chubby face..
    7 Nutritionfitness 35
  124. CHUBBY CHASERS??!! LOL. please ANSWER.
    4 General 21
  125. How do I flatten my chubby belly?!?!?!
    Ok well heres the thing I am 13 5'4 and 119 lbs. The thing is I am in track and crosscountry but cc does not start until fall and my legs are muscular but my tummy is just really fat!!! Any answers I have so depressed and I almost went anorexia, I ne...
    5 Nutritionfitness 57
  126. how can I style my hair so my face looks thinner?
    I have a chubby face!how cani style my hair so my face looks thinner?
    3 Style 40
  127. Round face
    How can I lose weight on my face because it is round and I have chubby checks and I hate it!
    2 Style 196
  128. How shoul I kiss my boyfriend next time?
    Ok well today I kissed my boyfriend fo the first time on the cheek and he kissed me back an tomorrow I plan to do it again,, should I do it on the lipps tomorrow or on the cheek again??
    3 Relationships 66
  129. my mother slapped me
    my mother slapped me for no reason at all she told me to be quiet and i told her not to tell me to be quiet and she slapped me in the cheek that was not right
    3 Family 82
  130. Do guys like freckles?
    Do guys like freckles on a girl?? Not like all over the face but on nose and a little on the cheeks??
    6 Relationships 105
  131. What do yee girls like when your boyfriend kisses yee haha?
    This is just a random question for yee girls with boy friends or not but what do yee like for your boyfriend to do befor he kisses you or when he is kissing you haha. For example my girl friend likes it when we cuddle into each other and I keep kissin...
    2 Relationships 61
  132. double chin and fat on face
    I had a sharp and angular face...but now I can see face depositing under my chin and along cheeks which makes me look chubby and I have lost my angles can I go back to what I was???
    3 Style 32
  133. how do I loose my face fat?
    how do I loose my face fat? I know im not fat...but I want skinnier cheeks. 'is there any way that I can loose that fat?
    3 Nutritionfitness 62
  134. How to fix jiggly thighs?
    my thighs are kinda chubby. they jiggle when i walk and it really bothers me. i am not fat. what can i do to fix them?
    3 Nutritionfitness 102
  135. Saliva test
    can you pass a salvia test by bitin on the end instead of restin it between your cheek and gums?
    3 Health 71
  136. How do I get a skinner face?
    You've seen the girls with the perfect jaw line. No "chubbiness" on their face. How do I do that?
    10 Style 245
  137. Infected swollen lip from braces?
    I just got braces like 2 days ago... And the metal on the braces cut into my cheek really bad! Now the whole right side of my lips and cheek are swollen!:( What can I do to make the swelling go down? Xoxo
    2 Health 173
  138. How to slim down the face?
    I have big cheeks and I don't even eat much.Is there any way to loose my cheeks?I am 22 years old and everyone makes fun me at work for my big cheeks.I am quite active I walk a lot.
    2 Style 52
  139. Why are people so stuck up on weight?
    Why isnt there anyone happy with the way they are?? Why are chubby people trying to be skinny? Why are skinny people trying to gain weight?? ??why??
    4 Nutritionfitness 68
  140. Help with boys
    How do I get this boy of my back about me slaping his friend all I did was slap his cheek and thats because he was talking smack to me???
    2 Relationships 10
  141. How can I make myself look my age?
    I'm 19, short , slim and apparently pretty. But I look younger and it annoys me like anything. I wear make up, have style, do my hair nice, but still people are like 'You're 19?! really?' they don't intend to insult me but it does. I have chubby cheeks...
    6 Style 51
  142. Could I use a eye brow ring in my anti-eyebrow piercing?
    Anti-eyebrow is located on the cheek, under the eye.
    7 Style 50
  143. What can I do if I don't know how to kiss?
    me and this guy are really close and he is so sweet! we hold hands and kiss on the cheek and talk about everything we are about to do with each other and the other day we were talking about about cheek! and I really want to but its just I ...
    3 Relationships 42
  144. Will pimples effect your piercing?
    I break out very easily and a lot but I want some sort of facial piercing. I've been talking about getting my cheeks pierced for a while,but I break out on my cheeks, and I feel as if the oil and pus and blood will affect the piercing... would my pi...
    3 Style 74
  145. How should I name my puppy?
    I have no idea how to name my very first puppy ... What would be a fun and cute name for him?? He is small really furry lazii and chubby... =]
    3 Pets 17
  146. what's a cute nickname for a guy i still care about?
    he calls me "sweet cheeks" so i want to give him a cute name in return. :-/
    28 Relationships 109
  147. What can I do about my double chin?
    I have a double chin and really fat cheeks and I want rid of it! what can I do to get rid of them? please I need help it's really unattractive. :(
    2 Nutritionfitness 44
  148. What should I color my hair?
    I have big brown eyes, brown skin, big mouth and am chubby. what do you think? DARK BROWN/LIGHT BROWN/BLOND???
    4 Style 31
  149. should I be vicky from farily oddparents for halloween
    should I be vicky from fairly oddparents for halloween my bellys a little chubby and vicky wears a halfshirt im 17
    4 Shopping 38
  150. Am I a little overweight at 5 feet and 105 pounds?
    I'm 5 feet tall and about 105 pounds. Female of course.Um...I don't know. Am I chubby, a little overweight..what do you think?
    5 Nutritionfitness 112
  151. Suggestions for my sister to lose weight?
    ohkay well my sister is chubby and well she weighs 155. any suggestions? oh and shes 5'5" and shes 13.
    2 Nutritionfitness 17
  152. Quick Count-up!! =)
    Alright, how many gals out there in the big world like chubby guys or are chubby chasers, I'm just wanting numbers so I can choose wether or not to loose a few pounds to impress a girl at my school. Come on, please! Help a feller out!
    2 Relationships 13
  153. Do you lose face weight too?
    When you lose weight do you lose fat from your face too? Like cheeks? Funmail me with answers please I currently cannot view my answers. Thank you (:
    2 Nutritionfitness 23
  154. Survey?
    Whats your fav snack? Do you perfer makeup or no makeup? Shoes or clogs? Hair up or down? Makeout or kiss on the cheek? Thanks?
    9 General 34
  155. What does a kiss on the forehead mean?
    what does it mean? I dont think guys go around randomly kissing girls on the forehead ...doesnt it mean something more than a kiss on the cheek?
    5 Relationships 3013
  156. help wit bod.
    ok, soo I have a chubby face, how can I reduce the chubbiness in my face? and how do I get big boobs, abd have a flat stomach? like not losing my boobs when gainign weight. other than that how do you make your boos bigger anyway? sorry so many w=quesyt...
    4 Nutritionfitness 22
  157. How far do you think?
    How far do you think friends could go without it being a problem? Because I was thinkin about kissing one of my good friends. But just like a peck on the cheek. What do you think?
    2 Relationships 54
  158. Mouth problems
    I have a line of dead skin on my cheeks and a sort of rough tongue. Do you know a way to make it go away?
    2 Style 14
  159. How can I get a small waist and thinner face?
    how can you get a small waist how can I get small arms how can I get a thinner looking non chubby face how can I get thick thighs how can I get a stomach like shakiras???
    9 Nutritionfitness 180
  160. Rash on face
    I have been taking steriod pills and some other medications for my bronchitis. I now have a rash on my face around my nose and on my cheeks. is an alergic reaction or somethig caused by my medication
    5 Style 41
  161. I want to loose sum weight...
    but when I do my face gets skinny and my cheeks sink in and my boyfriend doesnt like that what should I do to loose weight ? without it affecting my face?
    2 Nutritionfitness 29
  162. So chipmunk-ey
    Hi! I'm 14 years old and I'm asian lol I think I have a chubby-ish face I have some fat on my neck and on my cheek I hate it When I tuck my chin in I can see the fat and it gives me stress What is the best way to get rid of them??
    3 Style 67
  163. When I hold my stomach all the time, will it become flat?
    My friend was like when she was a kid in 5thgrade she was chubby and she just suck her stomach in forever!!! It just been flat since then,, is this true?
    5 Nutritionfitness 292
  164. Where do girls like to be kissed ? (girls only)
    I am going to be with my girlfriend all day tomorrow I just want to know where girls like to be kissed (lips, cheek, neck, forhead etc.) Where do you like to be kissed ? Thanks
    3 Relationships 188
  165. Anyone know any good comedians?
    Does anyone know of any good comedians like Lee Evans, Dane Cook or Roy Chubby Brown? I really like ones who do voices ^_^
    10 Entertainment 46
  166. I'm mixed race with black hair
    okay well I'm mixed race with black hair. and I have medium length hair thats just past the shoulders with a side fringe. I don't know what to do with it and I have a really circular, wide cheekbones small-ish forhead and kinda chubby cheeks. what hai...
    2 Style 12
  167. Should I tell my friend she looks bad in skinny jeans?
    my friend is chubby and she wears skinny jeans. when we walk down the hallway in school everyone stairs at her. should I tell her that she looks bad or just leave her alone.
    8 Relationships 29
  168. How to get rid of blackheads without popping them?
    I have some blackheads on my cheeks and I don't want to pop them because I heard they can just come back. How can I get rid of them without a) Popping them, b) Making some weird substance to put on them?
    2 Style 93
  169. Who thinks I'm overweight? Do I need to loose weight?
    I'm 13, 5'3 and weight 108. I feel a bit chubby in the stomach area. Should I loose weight, and if so, how?
    8 Nutritionfitness 21
  170. How do I get a toned tummy?
    How do I get my stummoch tonned? like not a six pack, cause there ew on girls, but like still have hips and that but not any chubby fat. and how do I get all over toned?
    4 Nutritionfitness 35
  171. Is there any diet or exercise ayone can recommend?
    I think I am pretty chubby im 5'6 and I weigh 156 am I overweight? and is there any diet or exercise ayone can recomend? thanks :)
    4 Nutritionfitness 19
  172. I hate being fat
    I feel so depressed :( mainly because of my appearance:( I hate being fat..even though I know im not FAT but im not skinny either I have chubby arms and a chubby face and I realy really want to be skinny but I find it too hard to lose weight or stay he...
    7 Nutritionfitness 46
  173. Will my breast grow soon?
    Okay now this is embarrasing... I'm 15 years old and and I'm only a size 32 A. All my friends are B's and C's, and I just want my breasts to grow! I am skinny and short about 5 foot. I weigh about 94 lbs. I don't know if I'm too skinny, but everyone sa...
    5 Style 52
  174. What should I do about the guy who asked me out?
    at school this boy asked me out and I said yes becuase I have been liking this guy since like forever.anywayz on the third day we were going out I was at my locker and he came behind me and gave me a hug,then wispered something in my ear and then he ki...
    4 Relationships 29
  175. Face fat
    How do I thin out my face and neck faster than the rest of my body? I have chipmunk cheeks and a double chin and I would love to beable to thin them out fast! Hlp what can I do?
    3 Nutritionfitness 19
  176. What are the best exercises to build a strong muscular body
    Please give instructions, because I have a built even though I am a little chubby, I just need to develop it.
    3 Nutritionfitness 24
  177. Can I still be pregnant with my period?
    me and my boyfriend has sex earlier this july around the 4th. I've always been a bit chubby and I have my period now but im still paranoid ..could I be pregnant?
    10 Sex 35
  178. Will clean and clear black head earser work?
    I have couple of black heads on my cheeks, and nose..I can't stand them I bought netruogena duo and clear products and the clean and clear black head earser..does it work?
    3 Style 49
  179. How can I make my face less red?
    Well, it's not actually red. But it's redder than most people's. My cheeks and the areas around it usually. How can I make it less red? Naturally. Where I won't have to wear powder.
    4 Style 472
  180. How to make my features softer?
    I have a really like, sharp face. My nose, chin, and cheeks are really pointy. Is there anything I can do with my hair or make-up wise to soften my face?
    4 Style 192
  181. What kind of physical features do you guys look for in a girl?
    Thick? little? Short? Tall? Hair length? Think thighs? Skinny thighs? Chubby? Detailsss...
    2 Relationships 97
  182. I suck at relationships
    I am 15 years old, short, chubby, and I look like im 12, so it's hard for me to get a girlfriend. I NEED HELP PLEASE!!
    3 Relationships 62
  183. Facial Exercises
    Hi, I'm trying to lose weight around my face, at the moment my face is round and I have chuby cheeks. Is there any easy exercises to tone your face??? Thanks..
    2 Health 13
  184. I want to get a great stomache!
    I have the perfect wait I am not chubby or too skinny I am normal, but. my stomache is not toned any ways to get a nice stomache that is nicely toned. please help! ly x x x :O
    3 Style 39
  185. I want to dye my hair black
    I've been thinking of dying my hair black again, but I'm really not sure. I have quite a chubby face, so I'm not sure if it will make me look even more chubbier?
    4 Style 47
  186. How to get rid of light spots on my face?
    I noticed these light spots a few weeks ago; they are mostly on my cheeks. They really spoil my appearance and I want to get rid of them (permanently)...can anyone help me??
    3 Style 110
  187. What's a fast and easy way to get rid of dry skin?
    I've been using stridex wipes on my face and this morning i woke up and all the skin around my nose and on my cheeks is dried out. What is a fast and easy way to get rid of the dry skin
    3 Style 36
  188. Tiny clear bump inside my mouth
    K so I got this really tiny clear bump inside my mouth. It's on my right cheek but all the way in the back. It doesn't really hurt but I have no idea what it is. Do any of you know what it might be?
    2 Health 476
  189. Can I ever be pretty if I have acne?
    heres my face Left cheek: 1 pimmple Right cheek: a couple small ones that you can only c when I am at an angle 4 HEAD: 4ISH small ones in a cluster I also have small underlyin ones that you canonly c at an angle in certain parts when I wear cover up...
    7 Style 47
  190. Does your pet rabbit ever kiss you?
    I have a female rabbit, and ever since she was 2 months she would always give me kisses on my nose and cheek. I would kiss her and she would return my kisses back by licking me on my nose and cheeks. I think is so sweet of her and now that she 1 yr an...
    9 Pets 702
  191. Who likes nevershoutnever?
    I know that nevershoutnever isnt really known but you should cheek him out. He has great music and has probably gone thourgh a lot. Thats probably where he gets such good songs from :d
    9 Music 9
  192. What do you think of fat people?
    what do you think of fat people? I personally feel warm and cuddly when I see a fat person. It feels so warm when you hug chubby person. It feels AS if hugging a cute teddy bear... SO what do you think? (I dont mean FAT in an offenssive way rather in...
    9 Nutritionfitness 37
  193. How can I get rid of this itchy acne on my face?
    I hardly get any acne, but now i got this itchy rash like acne on my cheek, after I use this "clean and clear deep clean wash". what can i do to make it go away?
    8 Style 60
  194. Pain in my face
    This is kind of weird I know but over the last 3 hours pain has moved from my right side of my jaw to my cheek and now it's next to my right eye,can someone explain why this is happening?
    3 Health 30
  195. Wisdom teeth how long does it take you to recover?
    I got my wisdom teeth out 2 days ago and my cheeks are big and my mouth is really sore!! If youve had yours out too...when did your swelling go down and how long did it take you to recover??? Thanks!
    4 Health 40
  196. another look?
    my hair is dark brown and somtimes in my face so I need a haircut but I dont know what to get cause I still have baby fat in my cheeks what do you think I should do with it thanks
    2 Style 14
  197. What are the signs of an ear piercing infection?
    K so right now my ear really hurts and it's warm. And even my cheek closest to the piercing is red. It's not going away and now I'm worried.. Help!
    3 Style 72
  198. What are easy ways to gain weight?
    hi, i am a 20 yr old guy and a pure vegiterian . i really wanted to gain my weight and some cheaks.some what chubby. will you please tell me the ways to gain weight and some flesh in my body.
    3 Nutritionfitness 20
  199. What kinda haircut should I get ?
    I need a new hair cut .I've had the same for a while . Ok , Im short ,chubby and have a round face . Any ideas ? That us a pic of my current cut/stye -->
    6 Style 65
  200. Physical characteristics of French people?
    so many people think im white... and I don't know what to say to them please help me find out what the characteristics of french people are like how indians have high cheek bones... what do the french have??? plzandthnkyouuu
    14 General 17285
  201. What is a good foundation to use if your looking for coverage ?
    I have really red and somtimes blotchy cheeks, I have been looking for a foundation thats really good for coverage but can also look natural , and not look like I have a cakeface . So if you guys know of any foundations that will help me then please te...
    4 Style 28
  202. Does anyone have an idea about this skin disease??
    Okay so I don't know why they say its a disease cause its not exactly harmful to your life. Last year mid November I got a rash on my cheeks, it looked like an heat rash, The doctors told me that it was infact some genetic skin disease, (which once aga...
    2 Health 25
  203. How to get rid of large pores on face?
    Hi I have really large pores on my nose, around my nose and on my forehead and chin but none on my cheeks and im just wondering if there is a inexpensive way I can get rid of these without wearing makeup
    4 Style 59
  204. Is this weight fine average or over form a 13 year old?
    I dont know weights too much but im half way between the 7 and 8. But im not fat or overweight or chubby . How is my weight? How much is normal for a 13 year old? Doogle
    4 Nutritionfitness 104
  205. My hamster is hurt!!!
    I dropped my hamster on the concreate when she had apple in her cheek shes breathing but im scared shes got a concusion she my baby im crying right now please please help me ;( Megan age:13
    5 Pets 121
  206. I need help vd my blackheads
    I have pimples all over my fore head cheeks and I have blackheads on my nose !! I think I im gettin the pimples under control bt the blackheads!??? there all ova ma nose cn sm1 pls help me??? PLEASE???
    2 Style 43
  207. CHeekZ
    I had got my cheeks peirced and they were devolpoing a ball on the inside so ii took them out so they kan heal fully ..I want to go get them done aqaiN...iis it going to hurt more then the first time??
    4 Health 49
  208. What is a healthy diet?
    I am 15 years old and weigh around 120 lbs for a 5 foot 1 frame. Is that a little chubby? I want to diet healthy...not starve myself or throw up ( I find that gross). what can I do?
    5 Nutritionfitness 36
  209. When I am 14, 5'2'' and weigh 130, am I fat?
    I am 14 years old and struggling. I am 5'2'' tall and I weigh 130. I want to know if I am considered fat or chubby or average or whatever. Tell me your honest answer please.
    4 Nutritionfitness 97
  210. Do guys care about what girls weigh?
    I was just wondering do guys care about the girls weight? like obviously when a guy sees a fat girl hes not really attracted to her.. but im kinda chubby around the hips and I hate it! like from the side view I look average but I have huge hips, like t...
    6 Relationships 148
  211. why does he do this stuff to me?
    I was at my cousins party and at new years he kissed his girlfriend but 2 seconds later he came and found me...he picked me up and I told him I loved him and he immediately responded with "no, I love YOU" then we took turns kissing each others cheeks a...
    3 Relationships 84
  212. Will calamine lotion help with pimples?
    Ok so I bought calamine lotion, I want to know if it helps with pimples. If yes, then how long does it usually take to work its magic? Btw I got pimples like on my cheek and they take a long long time to go away on their own =(
    3 Style 49
  213. 13 and needs to lose weight!
    Ok, so I am 13 and weigh 115 and I am really chubby. I know 115 doesnt look like a lot but if you see a pic of me I am really pudgy around my belly and my thighs.When I tell my mom that I need to lose weight she's like "Well its your fault your not as ...
    9 Nutritionfitness 31
  214. How can I remove my spot?
    I m a fair girl...but not my childhood I was very fair but day by day its going to dark!and I hv some pimple spot on my cheek..I used many medicine but it doesnt work...what shoul I do...please help...
    2 Style 38
  215. Why do I get the weird ones?
    they'll be 20 sumthin or they'll be kinda ugly I know its not all about looks. I see girls uglier then me with cute boys their own age. like I don't know I aint hideous or immature haha.. I've been told I had a nice body and I was cute/hott or wateva. ...
    2 Relationships 28
  216. How much, on average, do the following cosmetic surgery procedures cost?
    1. a nosejob 2. inverted nipple correction 3. cheek fat injections 4. lip injections (botox, etc)
    5 Health 33
  217. Okay I need help losing weight
    im 13 and I am over weight I am 160 pounds and I want to lose about 40. Before I have to go see all my friends again in about 2 to 3months. I dont want to be the chubby girl anymore. Any help or ideas?
    4 Nutritionfitness 51
  218. how does my mouth stop being sore?
    ok, i got headgear and a retainer yesterday, and i don't think my orthodontist fitted it correctly, part of my retainer is cutting the inside of my cheek. And i dont see him until jan 7th. what do i do to stop the pain?
    4 Health 35
  219. Am I fat for my age?
    do you think I am fat for a 14 year old im 6 feet tall and weigh 175 I started exercising to loose weight too also for girls, what do you think of guys with bug cheeks?
    3 Nutritionfitness 27
  220. What order should I get which peircings?
    So three peircings I have on my "must get" list: Belly button Cheek Surface Ear cartilage I don't know which I should get befor the other and my boyfriend wants me to get my lip peirced but I don't know about it. Any suggestions? please and than...
    5 Style 36
  221. What is causing my twitching and cramps?
    I've been twitching a lot lately. and getting cramps everywhere. I got a foot cramp when I stood up, and I started twitching from my cheek, bottom lip. and now my foot. whats wrong with me? I've been sleeping good. so I'm not tired.
    2 Health 77
  222. How to get a muscular body and how long will it take?
    Okay I am 15 im okay in the built but I have a little bit of a gut and a little bit fat I want to look and feel good about my body. I am chubby I need to work on sum things but I want to know how and how long does it take to get a muscular attractive...
    9 Nutritionfitness 168
  223. What do I do now, I told her and she's mad about the cat?
    Ok so to those of you who know about my 1st question, "what do I say happen to the cat"?. OK so I took the advice and told her and now she hates me because she knows that stupid cat and I didn't get along anyway. I have a red cheek to prove it, anywho,...
    3 Pets 9
  224. Is my guinea pig the only one that eats 24/7?
    He doesnt do anything but eat im not going to feed him for a week!! Not only is he costing me $60 a week but hes also gainin weight, hes so chubby tho, its cute XD
    7 Pets 36
  225. How can I shrink my pores size?
    I have large pores on the side of my nose and around my cheeks, I don't like how it looks, and I know you can actually shrink your pores size, but I was wondering how can I do that? do I need medication,home remedies,face products etc..
    2 Style 56
  226. How do I lose 50lbs in the least amount of time possible?
    Okay so I'm 5'3 and I weigh 195 lbs. Weird thing is that I dont look that fat. I just look chubby and no one thinks I weigh over 150.
    11 Nutritionfitness 90
  227. Gettin a tattoo on my face
    I've been thinking about getting a red star on my cheek and a blade going threw my eye it would be piece of the blade on both sides of my eye going up and down the star would be kinda small should I I think it would look totally sick aweasome
    6 Style 19
  228. Is there a way to 'gain weight' in my face or make it look fuller?
    ive lost some weight, when i was actually tying to gain, and now people keep saying where did your cheeks go? i want it back, even my dimples have disappeared, i think.
    4 Nutritionfitness 16
  229. Do people get big boobs just from genetics?
    I have a cousin & she has big boobs but I dont think her mom or anyone from her fam. has big boobs. shes pretty short like 5'4" and shes 19 and shes skinny and used to be kind of chubby.
    9 Style 166
  230. Anerexic
    Latley I've been feeling like im starting to get chubby . Its embarrasing, So for about a monthnow I eat about once a day, but I dont get hungry . My hands usually get unusually cold for some reason . What are the symtoms of anerexia ?
    4 Health 64
  231. Pimple scars that wont go away
    ..its been 2 years and my scars have been going away but new pimples just cause new scars even when I dun pop it and wait for it to dry up and peel off on its own it still leaves a scar...clearasil doesnt work for me..I was using it for 3 months and th...
    4 Style 55
  232. why do I lie
    why do I lie to my mom so much and why cont I just tell my mom some thing as soon as it happensi just dont get . for example the first time I kissed my boyfriend was october 18 and yester day I told my mom eirlyerthis week my boyfriend only kissed me o...
    2 Relationships 37
  233. Making out for the first time...
    okay so my boyfriend is giving hits about wanting to make out with me but I have never made out with a guy before and I was just wondering what are some good tips to do to be really good at it... I already know about the whole write your name in cursiv...
    4 Relationships 299
  234. Am I skinny already?
    I want to be skinny... am I fat? am I chubby? am I chunky? what the f*ck am I! im 4'10 and 101 lbs... I want to get to 89 lbs, is that crazy?? sorry.. too many questions lol... answer whatever..
    3 Nutritionfitness 19
  235. Where do you like to be kissed??
    I like to be kissed softly on the lips, or when in snuggling mode, I like to be kissed on the forehead and ear...also just to the side of the cheek, they are really sweet and make me feel special =3 I tell my boyfriend this and he does it to me out of ...
    10 Relationships 57
  236. How to look happy when you're sad and depressed?
    i look in the mirror when im at school and im depressed and my eyes are watery, my cheeks are red, it looks like ive been crying, and i look miserable....and people even asked if i was ok and to cheer up cuz i looked sad...well how can i look happy whe...
    7 Health 57
  237. Would you go out with me girls only
    I am 17 years old average height very chubby I am quiet and shy I dont drink or smoke I usually wear jeans and jackets I have black short hair I love sports would you go out with me
    4 Relationships 14
  238. How to illiminate my reddish face?!
    Hey peeps, in school I always have reddish cheeks and it's annoying cuz I like my white skin... I know it's inflammation because of one thing or another. What do I do about it? Is there a cream to apply to lessen the redness? Thanks!
    5 Style 42
  239. im 14 and want to lose weight. im im 5"1 and I weigh 103
    im 14 and want to lose weight. im im 5"1 and I weigh 103 (I know you might think I dont need to lose weight) but I have long legs and a short torso which makes me be chubby and have rolls. so what is the beast way for me to lose weight?
    4 Nutritionfitness 79
  240. How do you get a higher w/o meds metabolism?
    Ok im a little chubby and swim suit season is coming how would I go about geting a higher metabolism and quick. Also im not that rich so I need a cheap nonmedicadid way to get it.
    3 Nutritionfitness 26
  241. How can I help my girlfriend lose weight without insulting her!
    basically, my girlfriend is a bit chubby, not fat. I think she is perfect, I love her so much, I love how she looks, etc.. I really do. I really care. But she is so insecure and it is getting in the way of our relationship. She can't help but feel u...
    5 Relationships 192
  242. American History X
    ok I saw the part from where derek kills the black guy and the police come and arrest him. I didn't see the beginning. or the end the last part I saw is where derek kisses his mom on the cheek after he got out of prison how did the movie begin and end?
    2 Entertainment 10
  243. tiny spot bumps all over face with tiny holes
    does anyone know what you call the very tiny spots that just seem to appear overnight mostly on the chin and cheeks but then never go away unless you pick at them very hard and that ust call a hole in your face which is then there forever. there must b...
    2 Style 53
  244. My boyfirned
    Okey, well,I try ed telling my boyfriend, that I did not want to have sex when I saw him but I ended up giving in cuze he keeped preuseing me into it, and he keeped saying please over and over agine and he was bugging me. And he bit me on my cheek, and...
    4 Sex 26
  245. Bruising with no cause
    My fiance every few weeks ends up with bruises on her cheek and around her eyes. I don't believe it's from bumping into things etc. Is there a particular condition that can create these around the face and eyes? The kids are starting to wonder what th...
    3 Health 64
  246. How to thin my calves?
    Im skinny from my waist up and have really chubby thighs. When I walk they touch and when I stand they touch. I have big calve muscles too and I hate it. is there any excersise that would make my legs skinnier, smaller but not muscular and so with my c...
    5 Nutritionfitness 264
  247. Wtf is with this stocker!!!
    This one boy at my school asks me to kiss him on the cheek and follows me around... He gets close to my face and tries to like sit on me... Do I have the right to smack him? He keeps tpuchs me in the butt and back...what rights DOI have in this problem???
    3 Relationships 37
  248. losing weight in 2 months??
    ok s0o I am 14 yrz old and I am chubby I hate my bodii people say am pretty but I don't think that...I wanna be able 2 have the boiiz in my sk0ol with there mouths open sum boiiz in my sk0ol tease me because am chubby I wanna find a g0od way to lose we...
    2 Nutritionfitness 17
  249. what kind of make over can i get?
    i have long curly hair with bangs on right face can said as long with high cheek bones,i am a bi healthy kind but my face looks skinny :/ weird.except going for straight hair any makeover ideas plz?thanks!
    2 Style 13
  250. I Want To Be Thinner :)
    I Would Like To Loose Some Weight As I Think Im Chubby Lolss So What Types Of Food Is Low In Carbs And Fats What Type Of Breakfast,Lunch And Dinner Could I Have That Is Really Healthy Or Not Fatty Thank Youu x
    2 Nutritionfitness 38