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  1. what is a fertilizer plant?
    what is a fertilizer plant?
    3 Homegarden 14
  2. What kind of plant is this?
    10 Homegarden 29
  3. Why is money plant called money plant?
    Whats a money plant and whys it called that
    2 Homegarden 43
  4. Can ants harm a plant?
    can ant's harm a plant?
    3 Homegarden 51
  5. Can I plant bulbs in the spring?
    Can I plant bulbs in the spring?
    2 Homegarden 34
  6. How do you plant a sun flower???
    How do you plant a sun flower???
    2 Homegarden 16
  7. What plant is Tequila distilled from?
    What plant is Tequila distilled from?
    4 Food 19
  8. Plants do they feel with their owners?
    Does the plant feel with its owners?
    3 Homegarden 13
  9. How should you plant cannis bulbs
    How should you plant cannis bulbs
    3 Homegarden 577
  10. How plants and fungi are alike?
    2 Science 21
  11. How to care for foliage plants?
    2 Homegarden 25
  12. How plants absorb water?
    2 Science 50
  13. what gives plants their color?
    2 Science 44
  14. How water travels through plants?
    2 Science 64
  15. Can I still plant a plant with cold air and enough sunlight a
    Can I still plant a plant with cold air and enough sunlight and water?
    2 Homegarden 107
  16. centipedes on my plant
    there is hundreds of centipedes on my sure they are centipedes.should I kill them???
    2 Homegarden 71
  17. What are your favourite potted plants (actual plant specimens and/or species)?
    6 Homegarden 29
  18. How are plant cells different from animal cells?
    How are plant cells different from animal cells?
    7 Science 384
  19. How do plants use and release water?
    How do plants use and release water
    4 Homegarden 316
  20. Different of plants cells and animal cells
    What is the different of plants cells and animal cells
    3 Science 42
  21. Do plants carry out cellular respiration?
    Do plants carry out cellular respiration? why?
    3 Education 147
  22. Plant reaction to music
    How do plants react to music?
    2 Music 72
  23. Can music make plants grow?
    Can music make plants grow?
    3 Homegarden 59
  24. How deep should they be planted?
    How deep should they be planted, and how much sun?
    5 Homegarden 37
  25. What is this plant? I found it at the New Forest.
    8 Environment 38
  26. Can you take a seed out of any vegetable and plant it?
    8 Homegarden 29
  27. what makes plants turn yellow?
    6 Science 38
  28. What do you plant to grow a seedless watermelon?
    2 Homegarden 40
  29. How do you go about planting and growing an avocado tree
    How do you go about planting and growing an avocado tree
    3 Homegarden 40
  30. do plants grow faster with or without music?
    do plants grow faster with or without music?
    7 Homegarden 95
  31. Can I divide my geranium plant to get more smaller geraniums?
    Can I divide my geranium plant to get more smaller geraniums?
    3 Homegarden 24
  32. Do plants grow faster with music?
    Do plants grow faster with or without music?
    10 Homegarden 214
  33. Watermelon House Plant
    What is the botanical name for a watermelon house plant?
    3 Homegarden 42
  34. does music make plants grow faster?
    does music make plants grow faster???
    8 Homegarden 161
  35. Material called linen is made from what plant?
    Material called linen is made from what plant?
    2 Homegarden 49
  36. How many watermelons does one plant produce?
    How many watermelons does one plant produce?
    3 Homegarden 216
  37. How can I make a plant project interesting?
    How can I make a plant project interesting and fun?
    2 Education 14
  38. Endangered animal eating an endangered plant?
    If you see an endangered animal eating an endangered plant? :)
    2 Pets 33
  39. What substance gives plants their green color?
    what substance gives plants their green color?
    3 Homegarden 102
  40. Which has a regular cell shape - plant or animal cells?
    8 Science 86
  41. What type of plant is this and will it lose its leaves in fall?
    2 Homegarden 9
  42. How to tell if your marijuana plant is a male or female?
    2 Homegarden 44
  43. Who here likes plastic plants because they won't die on you?
    8 Homegarden 27
  44. Corn plant care
    How do you care for the house plant commonly known as the corn plant?
    2 Homegarden 39
  45. When is the best time to plant tomatoes in Florida?
    3 Homegarden 15
  46. Why wont my tomato plants grow faster?
    2 Homegarden 11
  47. Cannis plants do they need full sun?
    Do they need full sun?
    3 Homegarden 98
  48. Can you plant Watermelon near a house foundation?
    Can you plant them near a house foundation? Does it matter?
    2 Homegarden 26
  49. What type of music makes plants grow faster?
    What type of music makes plants grow faster?
    10 Homegarden 137
  50. plants and music
    I am doing a report on "DOES MUSIC MAKES PLANTS GROW FASTER?"
    3 Homegarden 12
  51. Potato I planted wont grow, any ideas?
    The potato I planted wont freakin grow.
    4 Homegarden 50
  52. Pretty plants to grow?
    Whats the most prettiest flowers to grow
    6 Homegarden 12
  53. What kind of plants would be good in a garden for a beginner?
    5 Homegarden 45
  54. what is the most effective way to keep aphids off my cyclamen plant?
    5 Homegarden 33
  55. What can I plant in July?
    What types of vegetables can I plant in July in upstate New York?
    2 Homegarden 8
  56. what music help plants grow better?
    what music help plants grow better classical or symphony?
    6 Homegarden 42
  57. Rubber plants
    All of the leaves fell off of my rubber plant, is it dead or will it grow back?
    6 Homegarden 72
  58. Can music make plants grow?
    Can music make plants grow? What kind of music would you use?
    5 Homegarden 77
  59. FunAdvice Trivia: Technically, the Banana plant is what sort of plant?
    A) Shrub/Bush B) Vine C) Herb D) Fern
    15 Funadvice 17
  60. When should I plant my bean plant in an actual garden?
    It's like 11 centimeters tall and it has two big leaves but how do I know when to plant it? Like if it's strong enough or not.
    8 Homegarden 18
  61. What could kill plants on a massive level?
    what kills plant life? Is it common? what is it? and could it kill plant life on a mass level
    2 Homegarden 17
  62. Why doesn't the viola ( the musical instrument, not the plant) get good music?
    12 Music 50
  63. Should we be worried about the safety of our nuclear power plants here in the United States?
    16 Environment 30
  64. Why won't my rubber tree plant's leaves open?
    My plant looks beautiful but the leaves won't open!
    3 Homegarden 114
  65. What if a limb broke off my money tree plant?
    A limb has been broke off of a money tree plant. I have kept it in water when can I transplant it?
    2 Homegarden 674
  66. When do I transfer my Jalapeno plants?
    I would like to know when to transfer my Jalapeno plants outside after they have sprouted?
    2 Homegarden 39
  67. What should I do with the dead plants in my garden?
    just let them sit and become compost or pull them up and compost them?
    2 Homegarden 55
  68. What flowers should I plant in my garden?
    I have only a fern and a hosta and I need any flower that will do good in the shade!
    2 Homegarden 36
  69. Is there a job that requires traveling to collect plants for making medicine?
    if there is, what's it called?
    3 Money 19
  70. How do u get the weed plant emblem on modern warfare 2?
    2 Gaming 29
  71. Is it true that man-eating plants exist in some dense forests?
    5 Environment 45
  72. Ants on my tomato plants
    I have tomatoes plants and want to get rid of the ants with homemade stuff what can I do without harming my plant?
    2 Homegarden 55
  73. Who knows what happened to all the plants when God flooded the earth?
    I am curious, exactly how did all the species of plants survive when the earth flooded?
    65 Religion 37
  74. Plant chewing yorkie
    How do I keep my 11 week old puppy from chewing on my house plants safley
    3 Pets 38
  75. Plants vs Zombie
    where can I easily download the PLants Vs Zombie (PC) in full version without paying???
    4 Gaming 50
  76. Friends plant has a red dot on the stalk?
    for the growers (wink wink) out there my friend has a plant and its got a lil red dot on the stalk what is it and what does it mean?
    2 Homegarden 31
  77. transplanting and prunning plants
    curious of prunning a rubber plant for bulky growth instead of vertical height
    2 Homegarden 26
  78. How to take care of a watermelon plant?
    I have a small water melon plant in my has just 4 or 5 I have to take care of the plant?
    2 Homegarden 201
  79. What plants can I get for an area with little sun?
    I have a few houseplants that are dying for the lack of sun. I want to get plants that can survive an area with little sun. What plant should I buy?
    2 Homegarden 47
  80. How does a sea sponge differ from a plant?
    How does a sea sponge differ from a plant? I read a vegetarian book and it said that they're animals, but I can't see how.
    4 General 37
  81. How can large plants produce electrical energy? Is it possible to be done emission-free?
    3 Environment 18
  82. Why is Plants vs Zombies such an addicting game?
    im playing it right know and im so addicted to it i wanna know why is it so addicted??
    5 Gaming 9
  83. What are the directions for making a hybrid plant?
    i really want tomake a hybrid between a marigold and something else.
    2 Homegarden 21
  84. Millipedes or centipedes in house plants
    I have what appears to be millipedes or centipedes in my houseplants. I have bought sprays and insecticides and yet they still persist. Is there a way to get rid of these things without ruining my plants and how did they get in there since I had recen...
    5 Homegarden 3273
  85. Rapid growth of plants
    A bamboo plant grows 15 centimeters in 4 hours. At what average speed does the plany grow
    2 Science 46
  86. How many times per week should I water my plant?
    My money tree plant leaves is brown and dropping off and I don't know what to do.
    2 Homegarden 154
  87. Is kava-kava (plant) safe for people who take high blood pressure medications?
    3 Health 55
  88. Does music help a plant grow
    I am doing a science fair project I need to know what music works the best
    5 Homegarden 55
  89. Rubber tree plant dangerous to my cat and border collie
    My boss just gave me a rubber tree plant. I was wondering if it is dangerous to my main coon cat and my mixed border collie?
    2 Homegarden 103
  90. Does rubber come from a rubber tree plant?
    I thought that rubber was a man made substance but someone told me that it came from a tree called a rubber tree plant. Is this true?
    2 Homegarden 101
  91. How often to water a Chinese Money Plant?
    Hi, I recently purchased the above plant and was wondering how often I should water it ? It is kept indoors (office) Thanks
    2 Homegarden 96
  92. how can i get the game Plants Vs Zombies online for free without the free trial?
    ( exp: torrent downloads)
    3 Gaming 14
  93. what flowers should I plant in canada?
    I live in canada and I am lookig for a nice garden flower to plant in the spring. my fave coulers are purple and blue. please help
    3 Homegarden 18
  94. how do you keep cats away from plants?
    please help! my kitty keeps peein and eatin tha plant!!!..and so my mums gunna give her away if she keeps doin that:( how?
    3 Pets 38
  95. What are the signs of a dying lucky bamboo plant?
    I notice that my lucky bamboo plant water is still at the same position as of watering it lat week and I notice the stem is soft in the middle
    2 Homegarden 57
  96. What kills ants but doesnt harm the plants?
    im growing a pumpkin and there are all these ants on it and im afraid it mite eat my pumpkin. what could I do to kill the ants but not the pumpkin or the people
    6 Homegarden 289
  97. Can you plant watermelon in any area?
    Can you plant watermelon in any area? and is it really hard to plant watermelons wherever you are? Because I bought some in walmart haha (they were only like 97 cents) and I decided to try to plant some I just want to know if I even can.
    3 Homegarden 42
  98. Taking care of a boston fern plant
    Yes, I just brought a boston fern plant. It was nice and full when I brought it,now the leaves are turning brown and the leaves are shedding a lot. Can you please tell me how to take care of this plant.
    2 Homegarden 55
  99. How do I do this to my rubber tree plant?
    I have a rubber tree plant that has grown over six feet tall with no limbs. I need to prune it back and would like to start a new plant from the clip. how do I do this?
    3 Homegarden 80
  100. What fruits and veggies to plant and when?
    I want to grow a farm this year but I dont know when to start planting or what all I can plant. I tried to find a good farming for dummies online but couldnt find one. Any one got any tips on what to plant, how to plant, and when to plant stuff, or kn...
    2 Homegarden 42
  101. How do I plant squash seeds?
    My son and I are planting all sorts of seeds to see what we can get to grow and are having lots of luck (and fun) . Tonight we are having squash and I want to plant the seeds. Can I just plant the seeds right out of the squash in dirt or do I need to ...
    4 Homegarden 65
  102. can you plant flowers with a dead persons ashes ?
    can you plant flowers with a dead persons ashes ??? jw I dont have ashes or n-e thing I just like random questions lol
    2 Homegarden 49
  103. Plants and music
    Ok, it may sound a bit crazy, but is it true that if you talk and play soft muisc to plants, it will help them grow better??
    2 Homegarden 24
  104. I want a canibis plant!
    I want a weed plant in my bed room because it looks beautiful, is it illegal even tho im not going 2 smoke it??
    5 Health 52
  105. Why are my plant's leaves turning yellow?
    what would make all the sucker leafs turn yellow? after turning so yellow the you can't even see the lines in the leaf they turn brown around the edges.
    2 Homegarden 246
  106. Can any vegetable plants grow during winter?
    I wanted to know if there are any vegetable plants which can grow during frigid cold in winter in Maryland area. I was looking to plant something in vegetable garden which would atleast remain green during winter.
    2 Homegarden 47
  107. Watermelon plants
    I planted watermelon (from starter plant) in early May. The plant has many blossums and is covering a 3x8 foot area of the garden. I HAVE NO FRUIT. Am I being inpatient or do I need to wait for a while. The plant looks very green and healthy. Wha...
    3 Homegarden 35
  108. How to take care of a miniature rose plant?
    I got a minature rose plant for Valentines Day from my boyfriend. I don't know how to take care of it, and I don't want it to die. Please help me?? :D
    3 Homegarden 18
  109. How can I bring my rubber plant back to life?
    2 Homegarden 343
  110. Can anyone identify this plant?
    I've had a couple of these pop up in my garden, and I dont remember planting anything that looks like this... I did plant a few herbs, but I dont remember this particular plant showing up in previous years... Any ideas on what it might be?
    15 Homegarden 44
  111. How do I care for a rubber tree plant?
    How do I care for a rubber tree plant? We're considering getting one, and I'd love to get a handle on how to take care of one. The thing is, I'm not very good at taking care of plants. Any tips would be great.
    5 Homegarden 222
  112. Sensitive Plant
    Has anyone ever heard of a plant that closes its' leaves when you touch it? I want to get some seeds to grow my own at home. I don't know the real name of the plant. Can anyone help me out ? It's a really neat plant. Thanks! :)
    2 Homegarden 12
  113. What is this plant growing in my yard?
    I have this plant (I thought it was a weed) that kinda looks like a small tree now. Is it a tree or can weeds grow that big... it's almost like 4 foot tall and has like a thick trunk...
    6 Homegarden 25
  114. What are some species (animals, plants etc) that males have it harder than females?
    For debating at school the moot is 'males have it easier than females' and we're negating, and I'm covering males in other species in other species such as animals and plants etc. So does anyone know any species where males have it harder than females?
    9 Education 29
  115. Which trees should I plant in my roof-garden?
    I have a plan to make my garden a little special in nature. My garden is on the top of my house. Kindly tell me how can adjust the type of trees on my garden.
    3 Homegarden 54
  116. is METABOLISM same for plants and man in out space?
    just silly question was in my mind,coz every thing floats in out there, so i was wondering that its just like as it,s on earth or little diferent?
    4 Science 21
  117. What can be done to get my dog out of the potted plants?
    My dog, for some reason, loves to sleep in a pot. The only this is she keeps on digging the dirt out and destroying my dads plant in the process what can be done to keep her out of it? Is there anything I can spray around the pot to keep her away from ...
    13 Pets 60
  118. Can I do anything to strengthen my rubber tree plant trunk?
    my rubber tree plant is growing like a weed all of a sudden but the trunk seems to to be to weak to support it it upright. i have staked and tied it up is there anything else i can do? tom
    2 Homegarden 182
  119. How does toxic chemicals affect plants and the enviroment?
    Hey! I just need to do my course work and I cant seem to find the info for this...dont seem so complicated but I cant find it! If any of you know ...thanks! :)
    2 Environment 40
  120. Does anyone else like dead plants?
    I know its cliche, but i keep a dead rose in my room. i think dead plants are beautiful, in almost like an insightful kinda way :3 if that makes sense.
    6 Homegarden 35
  121. How to plant Bouganvilla twigs?
    We have three Bouganvilla 'sticks' with wax over both ends. My husband bought them at a market. To plant them, what do we have to do? Do we need to remove the wax? Do they need rooting powder? Do we start them off in water or in compost? Help, please!
    6 Homegarden 482
  122. Who has heard news about the Fukushima nuclear power plant?
    Is it going to meltdown? The news (on for example) say that there was an explosion in the reactor. Does anyone know details? Do we have someone from Japan here? What do the news in Japan say?
    5 Environment 16
  123. Can I plant my money tree in the ground
    I have a large money tree at least 6 ft. In diameter of leaves and about 5 ft tall. I would like to put it in the ground. What kind of conditiond would it require?
    2 Homegarden 186
  124. My cats eat my plants
    Does anyone know a good way to keep my cats from eating my plants? They even damage my cactus...they can't eat it so they dig holes in the soil...I know it'll pass my cats are 1yr old and 8 months but for now my plants need help! Thanks!
    6 Pets 51
  125. Does anyone grow plants?
    Wow, these topics totally blew my mind! Anyone offering hookup with a bonsai group, perhaps form a bonsai club? I'm completely and totally insane about my indoor/outdoor; plants/bushes.
    2 Homegarden 23
  126. How to make a homemade plant cover?
    I have just replanted my carrots and spring onion seedlings and I need something to cover them to protect them from birds and snails and slugs. I did have a plant cover but I can't find it. Could I use a bin liner with holes poked in it or should I use...
    3 Homegarden 41
  127. HELP! id this plant!
    ok so when I was in florida I purhased a very small vine plant, it had VERY small green,star shaped leaves. no flowers or anything. The card said it was a fig vine, and thats it. I REALL REALLY REALLY would like to know what this is! PLEASE HELP!
    3 Homegarden 24
  128. How to save a rubber tree plant that is losing leaves?
    My daughter brought home a rubber tree plant from her place of employment. For many months it thrived. Since we tturned the AC it has started to lose leaves. We moved it but it is still losing leaves. The stocks look like they are drying up and it lo...
    2 Homegarden 364
  129. Is urine bad for plants trying to grow?
    i want to grow avocados with the toothpick method and wondered if i put a little pee in the water, would it grow faster? i have heard that people also used their animal's poop to mix in soil also.
    18 Homegarden 76
  130. What should I do to stop deer that are destroying my plants?
    I like deer, but lately they have been destroying my landscaping. It’s such a large area that fences or netting would be a pain and an eyesore. My landscaper friend said to use deer off. Said it was the most effective spray he’s ever tried. Has anyone ...
    5 Homegarden 52
  131. Why is my cat eating the plant?
    I have a plant sitting in the corner of my room. It's the one that keeps growing and gorwing and you can wind it across the room... kind of like an Ivy. Anyways, for a couple of weeks now, I noticed that my cat climbs onto the soil and eats the leaves ...
    2 Pets 25
  132. Did I overwater my rubber tree plant?
    We've had a potted rubber tree plant for 8 months now. About three months ago the leaves were turning yellow and falling off. They are now all off and the stems of the rubber plant tree are brown. We have moved the plant into more direct sunlight an...
    2 Homegarden 139
  133. Moving bouganvilla plants that have grown into ground
    I recently moved two potted bouganvilla plants from the front yard to a more sunny spot in the back yard. The roots had grown into the ground on both pots and are now sticking out of the bottom holes about 3-4 inches. Should I repot these into larger...
    2 Homegarden 47
  134. How should I plant this bean seed that it will survive?
    So my friend was growing this bean plant in Biology, but he didn't want it so he gave it to me. It's starting to grow a leaf and it has like 10 or 12 roots. It's sitting on a wet paper towel in a petri dish right now, and I have no idea what to do with...
    6 Homegarden 18
  135. How do I stop rabbits from eating my plants?
    I see rabbits running around my yard and every morning there’s another plant that’s been eaten. Should I get a repellent? I don’t want to build ugly fences. Has anyone tried Havahart’s DeFence? It’s natural and organic. Plus, it repels deer too. Here’s...
    4 Homegarden 15
  136. How to make a 3D Plant Cell project in three days w/o using food items or clay?
    ..just simple items that won't cost money??? Sorry, but i'm kind of desperate at this point, and we have no clay that i can use or anything and can someone tell me all the parts and what to make them out of- the cell wall iz going to be a shoebox if th...
    2 Science 58
  137. When to pull up tulips for re-planting in fall
    We moved late last summer, and this spring were delighted to see many tulips pop up, however they are thru blooming, and we want to re-arrange the garden next year, and I would like to know if we could pull them now, and let the leaves die off, could w...
    2 Homegarden 54
  138. Can anyone identify this flowering plant?
    I took this photo during a recent cruise around the Greek Islands in Europe. I believe these were on the Island of Crete. It was around 4 feet tall (just over a meter) and quite bushy. I would like to identify it as I want to see if it is possibl...
    5 Homegarden 44
  139. how do i convince my parents to let me keep my weed plant?
    Right now my parents found my bud plant and I'm trippin I trying to figure out a way to convince my parents to let me keep it, but all I can think about is sumthing that won't do jack shit to convince them, all I want is 1 straight answer that will c...
    6 Family 59
  140. How do I take care of a Chinese money tree plant?
    Recently, my wife & I bought a "money tree" - one of those Chinese plants that is supposed to bring you good luck. Unfortunately, I'm terrible with plants, an frequently end up losing the poor things soon after we buy them. So, does anybody have any t...
    11 Homegarden 842
  141. My Money Tree Plant
    I think I may have over watered my Money Tree. Some leaves have turned yellow and a few have actually dropped. Do I remove the leaves or let nature take its place? We are currently letting the soil dry up but it is still very wet. Should we be doing ...
    11 Homegarden 365
  142. Should I replant my marijuana plant?
    I lost my my girl, mary jane, she died today cuz the heat was to intense and She didn't survive. She's in gods hands now but she will be reborn, now I feel that its necessary that I use the same flowering pot for the new mary jane to grow and be loved,...
    2 Homegarden 40
  143. Plants upper leaf turning yellow
    I have grown petunia & vinca,they grew very well for last 4months with lots of flower but suddenly most of the plants upper leaves turned yellow in color I hv been using 1/2 teaspoon of npk and spaying fungicide regularly once in 15 days also watering ...
    2 Homegarden 41
  144. money tree moleing
    my money tree plant is moleing?why
    2 Homegarden 89
  145. Killing my garden
    Help! something is eating my veggie plants from the root and killing the plant. First it was my cucumber, then zuchinni, then cantalope, they are all planted next to each other.
    4 Homegarden 24
  146. Respiration
    What materials are required by plants for the process of respiration?
    2 Science 27
  147. Maple tree
    How close to my house can I plant a maple tree?
    3 Homegarden 76
  148. What's the difference between independent, dependent, and controlled variables?
    I'm doing my science project where i'm comparing what makes plants grow the fastest & healthiest. I'm using a plant with Riverbank Zoo's Compose, Scott's Fertilizer, and a plant with just dirt. There winter plants, and I water them every two days. The ...
    3 Education 27
  149. Dog licking ivy
    Why do dogs lick the plant ivy ?? And is it good for them is it or isnt it???
    3 Pets 100
  150. Do you think weed should be illegal?
    Do you think weed should be illegal I mean it is just a plant right
    6 Homegarden 60
  151. Rubber tree, how long to grow?
    How long does a rubber tree(plant) take to grow?
    4 Homegarden 352
  152. What is this plant that caused a rash?
    I am taking a floriculture class, which is responsible for managing the FFA greenhouse. We found a plant that was interesting looking, and nobody knew what it was, so we disected it today. The leaves looked like corn leaves, but there were bulbs below ...
    2 Homegarden 31
  153. Why do some perennial flowers multiply year after year, and others don't?
    I have 3 differant kinds of lillies, I don't know which kind, but the ones that smell real good don't multiply, I planted 1 plant 5 yrs ago and there is still only one plant, I have 2 other kinds that don't smell at all and I planted 1 each of them 5 y...
    4 Homegarden 16
  154. How do Clinton and Obama plant on bringing back the American dream?
    I would like to know how Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama plan on bringing back the fibers of the American Dream...meaning how they plan on making America more economically balanced, and safer to live in? Our home crime is getting worse and worse. Even smal...
    11 Politics 26
  155. where do graphic designers/graphic artists work?
    in a office? jobsite? plant? all ?
    8 Money 25
  156. What's the best time and soil for money tree transplant?
    When is it time to transplant a money tree plant and what is the best soil?
    3 Homegarden 409
  157. Maths problem
    Can anybody help me solve this maths problem? Thirty seeds have been planted. After one week, some of them are 5cm high, a SMALLER number are 2cm high, and the rest are 1cm high. After another week, every plant had doubled size EXCEPT for one, whi...
    2 Education 31
  158. Dogwood trees, how far from the house?
    How far away from the side of my house should I plant a dogwood tree?
    2 Homegarden 115
  159. Endangerment..
    What do you do when you see an endangered animal that is eating an endangered plant?
    4 Pets 7
  160. What would you suggest me to buy?
    I wanna fill my house with plants and flowery plants and stuff... I want those cute lil plants but didnt know how to maintain them... Omg, will be a real challenge for me now... Please help! Thanks fellas! :)
    3 Homegarden 34
  161. How to eliminate money tree bugs?
    I have Money Tree plant as a gift recently, I placed it in my living room. Unfortunately since then I experience bugs in the house. They are tiny, dark and fast. I wondering if these come from the plant? If so, how can I eliminate these bugs without sa...
    3 Homegarden 335
  162. Healthy vegetables
    What vegtables are good to plant in the summer and what nutrients do they need?
    4 Homegarden 18
  163. How to grow apples?
    can you take the seeds out of the inside of the apple to actually plant an apple tree?
    2 Homegarden 35
  164. am I over or under watering
    Some of the leaves on my outside pot plants have gone yellow. I don,t know if I am over or under watering them
    2 Homegarden 30
  165. Ozone layer
    Why couldn't plants move onto land until an ozone layer formed?
    2 Science 56
  166. Catching rabbits
    How do I snare a rabbit? I have some wild rabbits in my backyard that eat my plants and my vegetables.
    2 Food 37
  167. Need your help dude (and dudents)
    Um like, people say pluto isent a plaiet (lol, cant spell) but, what do you think is it a dwarf plant or just a plant???
    8 Science 25
  168. Small Rutgers Tomatos
    My Rutgers Tomato plant is yielding lots of tomatoes but very small.Anyway to encourage larger tomatoes?
    2 Homegarden 40
  169. Watering impatiens
    When I water my plants from above (as opposed to underneath directly on the soil) I find large white spots on the petals. Is this normal? Should I avoid it? Is it bad for the plants? Thanks for any input. Rae
    2 Homegarden 61
  170. How do I repot a money tree?
    i have purchased a small money tree plant that needs to be repotted in a 6" pot, what do I need and how do I do the potting.
    2 Homegarden 101
  171. Does Anyone have examples of pollution?
    I need examples of pollutions for Plants Construction And Mold Thank You so much!!!
    3 Environment 37
  172. too much ammonia nitrate in garden
    Is there anything that can be done if too much ammonia nitrate was put in garden and plants are now starting to wilt?
    2 Homegarden 54
  173. Vegetable leaves turnubg yellow
    What makes my Pepper and Tomato plant leaves tuen yellow. Some have vevetables on them.
    2 Homegarden 43
  174. Money trees and coffee grounds?
    Do money trees like coffee grounds. I don't know whether they are plants that like acidic soil or not.
    2 Homegarden 687
  175. What is going on with my legs bouncing on its own?
    With my feet planted, i raise my heel and let it bounce. My leg basically bounces on its own - but do you know why what is this called.
    8 Health 124
  176. Needs cutting back its huge
    My plant is hughe and not room to get bigger pot how do I cut it back please
    2 Homegarden 8
  177. How do you grow bananas?
    my 4 yr old and I have planted several different type of seeds for fun to see what would sprout...we have planted apple, tangerine seeds, orange seeds and they have all sprouted. I know bananas have little "seeds" , how to you go about potting them an...
    2 Homegarden 14
  178. yellow leaves
    I bought 2 jasmine plants and placed them with full sun and the leaves are turning yellow. I live in south Texas where temp. is usually in the 90's. So I moved them to my patio (they are still in their pots). What does the yellow leaves mean, and sh...
    3 Homegarden 48
  179. fish..more like snails
    sooo I have a fish tank and my mom bought plants like real plants for it and then we put um in the fish tank and we found a snail a few days later we found another one but this one bigger... then today there was another one and its the same size as the...
    3 Pets 13
  180. How can you explain tea,if water and oil don't mix?
    If oils and water don't mix how can you explain tea? It smells and tastes like the oils of the plant and still you can't separate one from the other. 1-Fact: When you are drinking tea, the tea will smell like the plant and most of the times it is du...
    5 Science 41
  181. How to make poinsettas bloom?
    I have kept a poinsetta plant for about 2 -- maybe 3 -- years. It is quite healthy, but never blooms. So, how can I make it bloom?
    4 Homegarden 43
  182. Norfolk Island Pine
    I got one for christmas. I was wondering if its safe to plant outside I live in Indiana.
    7 Homegarden 100
  183. Weeping cherry
    Can you help me ? I planted a weeping cherry tree last july very young tree trunk size is about 2 inchs around . When I planted it it had green leafs on it . This year nothing . That roots are very frim in the ground , has sprouts on the trunk , trunk...
    2 Homegarden 45
  184. What soil is used for money tree?
    I would like to repot my money tree plant what soil is used, its been few years since we got it as a gift?
    3 Homegarden 211
  185. How hard would it be to start an organic garden?
    I wanted to plant an organic garden, with no artificual pesticides and such, how hard would it be to keep things alive?
    12 Homegarden 21
  186. where is the best place to buy wedding dresses?
    i live in plant city, fl and im looking for a wedding dress for an outside wedding in october
    4 Shopping 13
  187. Is sticking an orchid in the window ok for it or does the window need to be open?
    I have 2 African violet plants and they have been doing well. However, I just recently bought a $15 orchid plant and I want to make sure it has the best care because orchids are my favorite flowers and I don't want to kill it because it doesn't have en...
    3 Homegarden 18
  188. What are some good cheats for Sims 3?
    Hey! Does any one know good cheats for sims 3,can you get vampires,wearwolfs,plant people e.g?
    3 Gaming 38
  189. Do the majority of Christians believe this?
    The universe and everything in it was created somewhere between 6,000 and 10,000 years ago, in six 24hr days? * There was a world-wide flood about 4,500 years ago * In this flood, all human, plant and animal life was destroyed except for eight people ...
    33 Religion 50
  190. favorite singer from around 1970 to 1995?
    who's your favorite singer from around 1970 to 1995? I'd say. kurt cobain. or robert plant. . how aboutt youu?
    6 Music 24
  191. Tulips replanting
    I planted some tulips and they already died. I want to pull the bulbs out and seperate them so I have more next year. when do I pull the bulbs out and sperate them? Any techniqes? What do I do with them after I seperate them?
    3 Homegarden 58
  192. Can you help me with science?
    1) what is the function of a chloroplast? why are they found in plant cells and not in animal cells? 2) what is the function of a lysome? why are lysomes unigue to animal cells? you help is very much apprecaited!
    3 Science 49
  193. Venus Fly Traps not responding to bugs?
    I've been growing these plants for a while now, but all of a sudden, they've stopped responding to insects. DUBBAYOO TEE EHF?
    4 Homegarden 42
  194. Hydrangea care
    What the best way to care for a hydragena plant to produce flowers. I have a small one for 2 years, but it gets no flowers. thank you,
    3 Homegarden 55
  195. Why do cats love catnip?
    Is it really like a drug for them? When I give it to my cats, they really get weird. Does it have the same effects on them that certain green plants have on people?
    7 Pets 19
  196. Elephant ears
    I have 3 elephant ears that I planted outs ide... I know you have to take them inside when it gets cold.. Do I just take the bulbs or the whole thing
    2 Homegarden 18
  197. I want to be a farmer
    I want to be a farmer. No kidding. I want to plant grapes and make wine and smoke 420 and live a good life. where can I do that? im in yreka right now.
    4 Money 18
  198. Green Thumb
    Does anyone want to form "The Green Thumb?" I am searching for other people that are into growing plants-bushes-gardens-flowers...anything :D
    2 Homegarden 8
  199. Can I put an algea eating fish in a small bowl with my beta fish?
    the bowl is a starter kit with a small plant and gravel. It is pretty small but has enough room to put a divder in.
    4 Pets 68
  200. why is marijuana / weed / kish / spliff etc. illegal again?
    its a plant, whats the big deal, so pll get high thats their problam
    9 Health 42
  201. Who is the bandleader of Led Zeppelin?
    If you are a massive fan of Led Zeppelin please tell me: who is the bandleader, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones or John Bonham?
    7 Music 88
  202. How deep of a pot do I need to grow jalapenos?
    I'm trying my hand at indoor gardening, and I have these jalapenos I'm starting to grow. How deep should a pot be for a full grown jalapeno plant? Thanks!
    2 Homegarden 57
  203. Beans are growing too high
    I have some runner beans growing and the plant is flowering now . They are very tall and I cant let them go any higher, is it ok to nip off the ends ? Will it encourage them to grow out further down ?
    2 Homegarden 18
  204. What is satin, as in, is it inorganic?
    I have to do some homework for school about organic and inorganic materials. Would satin be inorganic or inorganic? In other words did it once come from something that was alive such as a tree or plant? Help would be apreciated :)
    3 Education 62
  205. Why do girls ask questions about bigger boobs?
    I can't understand the girls ask a question here that how can they make their honey plant bigger. But I never find a question from man that how can they make thir XXX bigger or wht so?
    2 Relationships 59
  206. Supplies for 46 gallon aquarium???
    I started with a 5 gallon at the beginning of the week. And now I have a 46 gallon. I was wondering what is the best kind of vacuum? I can't find one. Well I have found them but not sure which to get at a reasonable price. Also, plants? Do I need tall ...
    3 Pets 26
  207. How can I make an organic pesticide?
    I'm planning on starting my organic garden :D I want to grow tomatoes, and lettuce and other plants and I wanted to know f it was possible to make an organic pesticide?
    4 Homegarden 33
  208. How big would the impact be if Japan's nuclear cooling system were to stop altogether?
    would it blow up? Their prime minister said "no radiation had leaked and residents living within 3km of the plant were being evacuated by the military, and those within 10km told to stay in their homes" what would happen to the Nuclear Power plant if...
    11 Environment 52
  209. When is it time to repot?
    I bought this plant from a florist and it came in a wonderful little pot and it well for quite some time. Now it's almost bare. The original dirt looks like its got a lot of bark and rocks in it so it drains quite well. Do I need to put it in a new pot...
    2 Homegarden 15
  210. When tips of leaves are drying, does it need more water?
    I have an indoor lily plant, barely blooming, white. The leaves are drying toward the ends. Am I watering it too much or too little. It has partial sunlight.
    2 Homegarden 22
  211. 9/11 attacks
    do you think bombs were planted inside the building because if you go to youtube in a video you see and hear FDNY and NYPD talking about another device in the building what do you think
    6 Politics 47
  212. Tree trimming mightmare
    We have 4 large pines that we planted years ago to give us privacy from neighbors. The trees are planted on our property but branches do hang over neighbors back yard. I understand that he has the right to trim the tree branches that are on his propert...
    2 Homegarden 36
  213. What is causing my rashes?
    I've had rashes on me for three days, and I don't know why, I haven't touched any plants, haven't changed my diet or anything, but I've been using aloe vera on the rashes does anyone know what could've caused it?
    7 Health 11
  214. I'm trying to get a job at a landscaping place...
    I saw the shop and I thought it was cool, I got an application. Ok, the shop sells really cool scuptures and flowering plants, gardening soil, etc. Does anyone have any tips that I could use in order to obtain this job? I am capable of anything they as...
    2 Money 25
  215. How can I stop my face from breaking out?
    okay so I've tried aloe plant and noxzema and really hot water any thing else I could try? or any home remidys?
    9 Style 57
  216. Found science topic, but I'm still having some trouble.
    Hey guys... thanks for answering, and I think I found a topic, what the same type of plant, same food & water amount, would do if I played classical music in one, and metal in another for an hour a day. Does this really work? What type of plant do I u...
    2 Education 20
  217. Where do they take trouble makers in amusement parks?
    Where do they take them, like is there a building usually? Im comparing an amusement park to a plant cell for science and i need to know so i can label it in my diagram?
    5 Politics 12
  218. Herbacious peonies survive in temperate or moderate climate?
    I live in the bay area, and was wondering about planting some herbacious peonies in my garden. I've heard they are very nice, and have been reading about them on other websites. My question is, do peonies have to have warm weather / climate, or is mode...
    2 Homegarden 30
  219. Did God create us before we were born?
    Did God create us before we were born? Did God create us knowing our lives and everything about us? Did God create animals and plants like that too? Or do you think humans have the ability to give birth and we did not exist before that, what do you t...
    17 Religion 193
  220. Rubber Tree is growing very tall
    My rubber tree is getting so tall it is extremely hard to keep it upright. I need advice. Deeper pot? Tall plant spikes? WHAT? Help please. Thanx.
    2 Homegarden 105
  221. Why is my Hydrangea turning brown?
    I have an endless summer hydrengea newly planted this spring, it has beautiful pink flowers and they are now turning brown. Do I cut them off in hope of new ones. If so , any specila way?
    2 Homegarden 85
  222. How toxic are poinsettias for you cat?
    I would like actual facts please. I have two cats and one of them has a knack for eating plants and i'd rather not find out there extremely toxic to late.
    2 Pets 51
  223. How can I get rid of Fuligo septica mold?
    This disgusting mould magicall why appeared in my garden today which has mulch. It is surrounding a cone flower plant and creeping by the hour. How do I get rid of it?
    3 Homegarden 698
  224. How do you get expn card on itouch pokemon silver?
    I did the whole power plant crap and still it wont upgrade so im stuck cause I can't move snorlax!
    3 Gaming 57
  225. What makes the universe its color?
    what makes outer space it's color? I know why the grass is green the plant dosen't let in green light from the Sun, but there isn't a big enough ligt to cover the Universe.
    5 Science 22
  226. What Kind Of Nut ?
    I'm growing two tomato plants outside my apartment. Yesterday the only large-sized tomato (not even ripe), was stolen by one of maybe four people who came over. It wasn't even edible and needed a chance to grow. It's not the value of the darn thing; it...
    7 General 14
  227. What I need help with a story?
    Hello,please help me! I need to do this essay and it has to be done for tommoro! You are an alien,you find out that plant earth [our planet] is dryed out caused by global warming...I have no idea how to start it what to say...please help..I need ideas!!!
    4 Literature 24
  228. Word Association Game!!!
    Lets play. Instructions : You look at the word above and say another word that reminds you of it. Ex: Bed Sheets Table Wood Tree Plants ... Get it?!?! Each word will be in a different post. Here is the word. Game
    12 Gaming 53
  229. Should I leave the avocado seed in the sunlight or does it need less light??
    I've been planting avocado seeds in the house because i've read that it soundn't be in direct sunlight till it has grown a stem but i have also read that the seed should always have direct sunlight. which one is true.
    2 Homegarden 38
  230. Will the flowers last?
    I planted some annual flowers in pots this year--my first attempt at gardening. What happens after they stop blooming? Will they come back next year? Should I do something with them to protect them over the winter? Any advice would be great.
    3 Homegarden 9
  231. Worried they will die
    I planted my super skunk in april it was doing well but a lot of leaves are yellow and it looks like its drooping my friends are a lot taller than mine but his garden hasent as much sun as mine and mine are wider what can I do
    2 Homegarden 17
  232. Should people ask such gross questions?
    can I plant avirus in peoples computers who ask the most disgustin questions...hahaha...but seriosly do you guys think people should not ask such... nasty questions...I know some may really need be answered but...I guess you can ask what you want... wh...
    9 Funadvice 71
  233. How to become a gardener?
    I love plants and have very green thumbs but cant find a college course anywhere for it and I've looked for a job but they all want experience and wont give me any advice! whats my best option?
    4 Money 7
  234. Should I cut down my weeping cherry??
    I have a weeping cherry in my front yard. It is pretty big because the previous owners never kept it trimmed. It is planted only about 18 inches from my house. My question is should I bother trimming it or should I just cut it down because it is so ...
    2 Homegarden 61
  235. Would you invest in elastic bricks, wireless chargers, or?
    Would you invest in; -elastic bricks -wireless battery recharger -plants that are nitrogen based? -wood stronger than titanium? -instant food( something this size->( ) would turn into a tripple wopper with water) -everlasting food
    4 Money 46
  236. hymen braking
    Is it possible that my hymen has not broken, even though i've masturbated, i have used tampons, and i've been fingered? I haven't had sex yet, but i plant to very soon, and i really want to brake my hymen before so i can actually enjoy it...but i don't...
    2 Sex 113
  237. Good idea to get a kid sized pool and make a pond?
    I seen on animal planet that you can go buy a big kid sized pool and put tons of plants around it to look like a pond.I want to try it with turtles.Think it's a good idea?
    2 Homegarden 10
  238. More ways to masterbate?
    Im a 13 year old girl and fingerin has lost its edge, I've tried evereything like plants and clothes but nothin works to get me to climax anymore. any advice? ty xxx
    9 Sex 87
  239. What can I put in my 5 gallon beta tank to eat the algea?
    my daughter has a 5 gallon beta tank and the algea is getting out of control! I put two snails in there but they are not eating enough and are not getting the algea off the fake plants and decor, I know algea eaters/sucker fish need filters but betas d...
    11 Pets 61
  240. What can I do about some type of burrs or stickers that burn?
    I just got done mowing part of the lawn and there were some plants I mowed over that had some kind of stickers or burrs on them. I was wearing pants I took a shower and changed but it still feels like I have thorns or something in my skin and it hurts ...
    2 Health 25
  241. What are strange/funny things you did as a kid?
    as a child I hated eggs, mum made me a fried egg for breakfast and said your not to move from the table till its all gone, so when her back was turned I quickly ran outside to the garden and planted it in the garden, day after day I went back to the pl...
    3 Babies 27
  242. Who knows the facts on Cannabis?
    Okay, I've been getting mixed facts on Cannabis, I've been wondering just how harmful it is to the average individual. Also, I've read that weed contains carcinogens, not the weed itself but the smoke produced from burning plant matter. So can so...
    3 Health 12
  243. What will stop dogs going to the bathroom on garden?
    Dogs are urinating in my garden on walk path and killing my shrubs I have tryied sprays and amonia Nothing seems to work im looking into sound device That will keep them from stoping to pee on plants and flowers
    2 Pets 40
  244. How do I get rid of fruit flies?
    I have cleaned the garbage disposal. There isn't any food out (all dishes clean, fruit is ziplocked) counters have been sanitized (a couple times a day), my trashcan has a lid, and my potted plants are outside. I don't know what else to do... They jus...
    2 Homegarden 21
  245. How do you take care of a money tree?
    We bought a money tree a few months ago. However, for some reason many of the leaves turn yellow and droop down. I would like to know how to prevent this from happening. Does it need more sunlight? Less water? Plant food? Is it natural for this to happen?
    2 Homegarden 77
  246. How do you fit everything on the stage in Urbz?
    OK my question is: how am i meant to fit 3 paintings on the stage and 2 plants? That is impossible. And where does Daddy Big Bucks hang out? Because I have checked everywhere I can think of. Please help me. I am sick of trying to find him and there is ...
    2 Gaming 24
  247. What is this cactus?
    I've recently purchased this cactus looking plant. Anyone happen to know exactly the name of this cactus? I'm searching it now, but there's so many different types of cactus to go through, I was hoping someone on here might know and be able to tell me,...
    5 Homegarden 149
  248. How can fossils be found on high mountains?
    For those who discount the biblical account of a flood, that wiped out all mankind, except for 7 people, how can the finding of fossils on high elevations, possibly be explained, if not for a global flood? We live in a very high area, and we find t...
    5 Religion 61
  249. Look At The Chart & Answer Me This
    Look at the chart, (It's beliefs in America) then answer me, why do Christians complain they're being stamped out? If your answer is because not all are real Christians, again I ask, Why not help them understand it better & eave those firmly planted ou...
    6 General 34
  250. My dad refuses to recycle paper even though we recycle cans??
    Okay my father an I recycle aluminum cans but he refuses to recycle paper The reason I want to recycle the paper is because my father delivers the austin-american statesman and he just throws out the extra papers And its a lot of paper What can ...
    7 Environment 50