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  1. Why do more and more students fall pray for scam sites even after knowing most of them are scam sites?
    4 Money 41
  2. How can we stop Nigerian scams?
    What can we do stop scams from Nigeria?
    3 General 136
  3. Is the International Modelling Agency real or a scam?
    4 Money 18
  4. How do you know if a website is real or a scam?
    Because I Question Some Website.?
    4 Technology 16
  5. Does really work or is it a scam?
    2 Money 111
  6. Who thinks iRenew is a scam?
    3 General 49
  7. Is eBay a total scam or if you win the bid will they send you your stuff?
    6 Shopping 19
  8. how do you actually make cash money taking surveys online, or are they all scams?
    3 Money 22
  9. What is the best child modelling agency that isn't a scam?
    What is the best child modelling agency that isn't a scam and ts not too expensive??? x
    2 Money 143
  10. Do you think the HPV virus and vaccination is a scam (link)?
    4 Health 24
  11. Religion a scam?
    Im totally confused... Why is there no real evidence of a god? Is religion just a scam to keep people in order?
    46 Religion 48
  12. Are popups scams?
    when those pop ups come up and say youve won a price, is it real.
    7 Technology 58
  13. Who knows if AVG VIRUS SOFTWARE is a scam?
    Because it is saying i have a hella'of alot of viruses, and plus no virus protection is free.Now i don't know where to turn.
    13 Technology 52
  14. Penis Growth Scams
    Are these places that claim to add anything as far as inches to a penis reliable or are they just scams? I have never seen any before and after photos from anyone!
    2 Relationships 39
  15. Paid Surveys; are they all scams?
    I am trying to take online paid surveys and find out that most of them are scams. Is it possible that I can make money from taking surveys? If so, which websites I should visit. please help me...
    4 Money 26
  16. '6pm' Scam?!?!
    I fount this really cool website where they sell shoes, and the site looks too good to be true... does anyone know if '6pm' is a scam or not?!?!
    4 Shopping 144
  17. Are these lotto sites scams?
    Hi! I wanted to know if you think that pch lotto and luckysurf is a scam? Do people really win money off their websites.
    3 Gaming 61
  18. Is the a scam ?
    i want to complete some paid surveys. I found this website on youtube i dont really know if its trustfull
    2 Money 31
  19. Do you think is a scam ?
    I saw the commercials & I was like :o cheap camera ? So I went & looked at it & it looks kinda scammy in my opinion...
    6 Technology 30
  20. Is AGLOCO website legit or a scam?
    I had a question about AGLOCO and wanted to know if anyone is a member of that website. Is it legitimate or just another scam? I was looking to join and wanted to know if anyone has got any information of how they are going to pay there members.
    4 Money 26
  21. Do you think the shopping site BMA Modified is a scam?
    These plugs are exactly what I'm looking for & their at an AMAZING price, I just dunno if it's too good to be true.
    10 Shopping 59
  22. Scam websites?
    Earlier I was about to apply for a pre-paid credit card and it asked for my SSN (Social Security Number). I asked my mom for it but she said they aren't suppose to ask for that. Is that true,is it a scam if they ask for my SSN?
    2 Technology 33
  23. English bulldog - Can be Delivered Scam?
    Okay I was readin an ad because im looking for an englihs bulldog and the dog is free to a good home - but ull have to pay for Deilvery ... Isit True? or isit a scam
    7 Pets 38
  24. Lottery Scams
    Why is it that people think they can get by w/ acting like someone won the lottery by sending out these massive emails to get people's personal information and all they are doing is scamming you to get your identity and/or money? Has this happened ...
    4 Money 37
  25. anna klejnowski- scam- pageant
    I just got something from the mail. it's something about a Nationals Miss Teen Providence thing. I went on the computer to find that she was proven to be a scam. so I was wondering if anyone knew about it. or actually got the letter too. this time it...
    13 General 222
  26. Are all make money online websites a scam?
    I am just woundering if anyone knows of any legit sites that I can go to and make some cash online, they all look like scams to me, but if anyone actually dose it and it works please let me know the site and around how much money you make. Thank you ve...
    2 Money 42
  27. In trouble with law after job turned out to be a scam
    I have a problem that I hope someone can help me with. Last year I was working for a company online come to find out the company was a scam, now I'am being charged for 14 different counts. I cannot find a job anywhere and I have never been in trouble w...
    2 Money 25
  28. Who believes that swipeauction is a scam?
    My dad apparently got scammed from swipeauction yesterday and is very upset. He is supposedly getting a refund for all of the money taken out of my moms bank account. (every penny that was in there) I don't know if he'll actually get it back, I'm hopin...
    3 Money 11
  29. How do I know if this is not a scam?
    I am currently looking for a car to purchase online and I found this really nice truck on craigs list that I fell in love with it is a chevy colorado and it only has 30,000 miles on it it's an 06. she is selling it for 2,6000. for some reason this seem...
    4 General 34
  30. Is One Source Talent a scam, or is it legit?
    I sent them a form/application back in December. I thought it would be fun to do some modeling jobs, nothing serious. Anyways, they called me this morning and wanted to set up an appointment with me on Wednesday. I really don't want to drive to thei...
    2 Money 9
  31. Do you know of a way to get money online and no scams!!!
    Do you know any way to earn a lot of money online by doing anything. I want to get money and not be scammed and I want to get a paycheck or money. I don't want to pay for a dvd or pay for something free of charge them got to pay shipping and handling f...
    2 Money 32
  32. have you heard about the new scam?
    have you heard that the new scam is that some one asks you if you want to smell a piece of paper which is ment to be purfume which is actually daterape insinarated in the paper so they can rob you or worse this happened in a car park in asda and the m...
    8 General 83
  33. Aren't Time Shares just Scams?
    I sat through this sales pitch for a timeshare because they told me I had won a prize and I could go get it by going to this hotel conference center. I was duped along with about a hundred other suckers who sat mindlessly watching films of some beauti...
    3 Homegarden 18
  34. How do I make sure the modelling agency isn't a scam?
    I went to the Eaton Centre with my friend today, and this man came up to me and gave me his business card. He said that I had potential to be a model and that I should come visit the studio, and bring my parent along since I'm underage. I visited the w...
    3 Money 17
  35. Maxwell scott enterprises scam?
    I received this letter saying I could make money from home by mailing special letters. All I have to do is pay $49.00,or more to make more money. The company name is Maxwell Scott Enterprises. I want to know if anyone has ever made legit money from t...
    2 Money 45
  36. Inheritance scams via internet from UK
    I received an e-mail from a banker in the UK, saying that I was the Inheritor of a bank account. I was sent a copy of the Certificate of Deposit showing the amount of the deposit and I also received a confirmation slip stating that the funds had been w...
    4 Money 43
  37. Who knows if cash4books is a scam?
    I needed to make some extra cash, so I decided to sell a bunch of my old books. Seventeen (the magazine) recommended Chegg in their January '10 issue, but I went to the site and they only buy textbooks. So, I found Cash4books. They mail you a box for s...
    6 Money 1134
  38. Is this inheritance letter a scam?
    I got a letter from spain the other day and I live in the was an unsolicited letter and was in type form.a lot of the words were spelled said that he was a barrister in spain and his late client and all his family had all died in t...
    6 Literature 408
  39. Is Penn Foster a legit school?
    4 Education 158
  40. How can I stop all these good-for-nothing, free-loading, scam advertisers .....
    "following" me on here? {optional rant commences} When I joined the site, I set "automatically follow anyone who follows me", on the grounds that it seemed to be the courteous thing to do and (at that time) it was transparently simple, to: (...
    5 Funadvice 22
  41. What's a good website to buy concert tickets?
    I don't want to be scammed.
    5 Music 11
  42. How does beezid work?
    Anybody know whats going on with that beezid site? Is it a scam or not?
    2 Technology 105
  43. Does anyone know of any "free product/sample" sites?
    Legitimate ones, no gimmicks or scams.
    6 Shopping 22
  44. Mystery shopping
    Does anyone know if working as a mystery shopper is a scam? Or has anyone done it is it safe as a job? Just wondering
    2 Shopping 11
  45. Free pet classifieds?
    so why is it I posted my pet on pet finder and all I am getting is emails from scam artists? is there a better free pet classifieds I can use?
    5 Pets 25
  46. Mapleleaf, private server fer maplestory
    I need a direct link to it, please? :p && Don't try to scam me, because my boyfriend has the program and he will know if its a scam, Xd Plusss.. I dun have crud that anyone would want to steal. :p
    2 Technology 60
  47. is frostwire legal?
    all my friends tell me it is legal, but i dont know for sure. my dad says its illegal, and my friends say its legal. is frostwire REALLY legal or is it a scam??
    7 Technology 68
  48. What are some legitimate paid survey sites?
    I've had good luck with Survey Savvy, Opinion Outpost and SurveySpot. Does anyone know of other legitimate paid survey sites. Most are such scams.
    2 Technology 24
  49. Who knows if there are ACTUAL online jobs?
    I do know that some jobs are scams but I want a job in the field of photo editing. I did a little research but I don't think I did it right. Can you guys help me out?
    7 Money 37
  50. Online businesses
    I have seen on tv people that say they made like 5000 bucks in one day whit this online businesses is that true or only is a scam for the people.
    2 Money 23
  51. Can you get the police involved over a stolen Myspace?
    If someone scammed me and stole my myspace account could I get the police involved? im not saying that I would over a myspace... but everyone says its illegal. so could I?
    3 Technology 14
  52. Does My Power Mall really make money?
    I have joined a sort of mpm marketing site called my power mall.Has anybody heard about it ? Any reviews? Or is it a scam?
    3 Money 39
  53. who else has been getting this message from hotmail lately?!
    wondering if it is another scam or something serious to worry about! this is what was sent to me...HOTMAIL ACCOUNT ALERT !!‏ thanks in advance all!
    6 Technology 27
  54. Conmen, web advertisements
    Why do people make adverts like shoot 10 ducks and win a laptop? It's obvious it's a scam, and not many people are going to fall for it...
    2 Technology 35
  55. What is a Hedge Fund?
    Is a Hedge Fund something legal or is it something I should learn about? I have heard of Hedge Funds in passing but I have never bothered to look . Is this a good way to invest your money or some boiler room scam?
    3 Money 19
  56. What: Is SpywareDoctor legit or not?
    I had a virus on my computer. I tried everything, nothing worked. I tried SpywareDoctor, and it seemed pretty much like Rogue program, aka, a total scam. My grandmother has that on her computer, the paid version. She is on her computer 3-5 hours a day....
    3 Technology 70
  57. What are some real envalope stuffing jobs?
    My parents want a job working at home stuffing envalopes. We searched online and had no luck :( could some people give us websites for envlope stuffing jobs that are not a scAm??
    2 Money 23
  58. How can a 13 year old make money online?
    Is this even possible at all? Please also explain some more details, like what I have to do and how I get paid, etc. Thanks and please NO SCAMS
    5 Money 134
  59. where can I find a real IQ test online?
    every IQ test I find is a scam,and the questions are retarded.I have never taken one,and I want to know my score.I think I am avrage(atleast)
    3 General 54
  60. Has anyone tried the concert ebook?
    If you have actually bought and now own this book, please tell me how you like it. Some say it is a scam and others don't. How did you like the book? Was it worth your money? NOTE- This is the concertebook, not the Ultimate Backstage Book.
    2 Entertainment 19
  61. How do I know if this modeling agent is a scamer or not?
    Today I was at the mall, and someone came up to me and told me that they work at a modeling agency. They gave me their card and told me to call them. I really want to do this, but I want to be sure they are legit. How do I know if it's a scam or not?
    2 Money 41
  62. How do you feel about chiropractic spinal adjustments?
    Safe? Unsafe? Risky? A total scam? Love your Chiropractor? Will never visit a Chiropractor again? Feel stupid for not seeing a "real doctor" in the first place?
    7 Health 20
  63. Who buys Jordan/Nike shoes online?
    .. Seems to me that shoes online are like so much cheaper than when you buy em in Footlocker or Champs .. Has anyone ever bought shoes online before ? Any tips ? Are they safe ?, or just a scam sometimes ?
    9 Shopping 24
  64. Would it be possible for my parents to set up a wifi network where if I connected they would be able to see what I was doing?
    My parents got a new wifi thingy and they say it's faster...but I'm still worried that maybe it's just a scam for them to be able to see what I'm doing =/ would it be possible for them to do that?
    4 Technology 61
  65. How to become rich.
    I am sick of being poor and I want to know how to become rich. I have tried so many different MLM scams and have not gotten rich or even gained any income. How do I really make some good money?
    2 Money 46
  66. Where can I find info on affordable cruises for a vacation?
    I'am trying to find a cruise line to go on w/my family for vacation. I have 2 young children under 5 and I want to find something to entertain everyone. And I want to find something that is affordable and legit. no scams!!
    2 Travel 14
  67. ASPCA
    Anybody a member of the ASPCA? You know those commercials with Sarah McLachlan and the poor animals? It's not a scam is it? Is it a one-time pay, or is it a monthly payment? Can I cancel at anytime? Thanks!!! =D
    5 Pets 104
  68. Who here has had experiences with Barbizon modeling company?
    Because I received a call from them today inviting me to an audition. I am completely aware of the fact that there are many modeling scams, but I am very curious about this one. Any info would be helpful! Thanks :)
    2 Style 12
  69. How or when the government companies that are scaming people?
    Those that have lost their homes and other items due to high prices by mortage and companies that scam people out of their houses just to make a buck. When is the government going to catch these people and what will be done for those that have lost the...
    2 Politics 12
  70. How do I get started in acting?
    I really REALLY wanted to get into acting but don't know where to start. how can I tell whether some one is trying to scam me or something? How do I know if I'm pretty enough or skinny enough or have enough experience to break into it? Does it matter? ...
    3 Money 11
  71. What is best to put on your new tattoo?
    I just got a tattoo yesterday. He told me that i shouldnt put vaseline, becaue its a tattoo artists scam. the vaselin sucks out all the color, so you have to go back for touchups. Anyways. I forget what he told me to put on it. Is ALOE VERA ok ?
    7 Style 48
  72. how to get my poetry published ?
    im 15 years old and I like to write poetry. Most of my friends say im pretty good . I was wondering how I can get some of my poems published. or any contests online or in Brooklyn New york ? I know some online poetry contests but most of them are scams...
    4 Literature 30
  73. What are some online jobs for a 17 year old female, with no experience, and currently attending college to get her GED?
    I really want a job I can do online. I don't know exactly what kind of jobs there are, and how I can go about getting them. Also, I want to know if there is any of them that will hire me, I am 17, no experience, and currently trying to get my GED. Are ...
    3 Money 36
  74. I love starting arguments!!!
    Well... only on runescape, it is so fun! I mean, because I am never mean or argue with people, and I think it is a good way to let it all our, and it is fun! Am a weird? (PS. I never hurt their feelings, I dont go that far, and I always say jokes at...
    3 Entertainment 37
  75. How do I find out who I owe money to?
    I just got a call from a debt collector saying that I owe money. I have absolutely NO idea what I owe. I just checked my student loan status and I'm good there, I don't have a credit card and my checking account has a positive balance, my paypal accoun...
    2 Money 42
  76. How do I know if this site my boyfriend got me a necklace from is legit? <--- that's the site. My boyfriend ordered me a necklace and its over a week and ahlaf past the delivery date. All reviews are from like 2010. Is it possible the buisness closed and forgot to take down the site? Or is...
    5 Technology 37
  77. Can You REALLY Make Money Online?
    Are those websites that say you can make money by taking surveys ect. real? Id LOVE to sit here and make money doing ANYTHING online,Im constantly on the computer. But every website I've heard of where you make money,you have to sign up for thingsor yo...
    10 Money 107
  78. what are some legit websites to sell books or textbooks on?
    im just trying to sell some of my books that are just sitting in my house getting no use...I've tried websites like Chegg but they just seem like scams and wont buy my books but I can donate them...I guess so they can get them for free and then sell th...
    4 Money 56
  79. ITVAC
    Well well I still have not got an answer for my question, I know that it is probably a scam. But what if it isn't and they are only asking for what is there;s. There's must be someone other then me asking the attorney who and what they are being I scre...
    3 Money 71
  80. Whats the deal with data processing ads, are they for real?
    Saw this is an ad: "data entry processors needed! Earn 3500-5000$ weekly working from home! Guarunteed paychecks! No experinece necessary! Positions available today! Register online" Is this thing for real? Has anyone actually done this? What is it al...
    5 Money 11
  81. Where can I watch old Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Disney Channel shows or movies?
    So i really miss the old (late 1990s - early 2000s) shows from my favorite childhood channels & i really want to watch & enjoy them again. I was wondering if you guys new any links or websites where I can watch them. Please no scams or spam websites '...
    6 Entertainment 43
  82. How can I hack into Myspace to see who my boyfriend talks to?
    There's a lot of suspicion on my end with my boyfriend and a new girl that he supposedly knew from before and worked with. Apparently she's moving back here and they've been doing a lot of talking. I know there's a way to hack into Myspace. I've ordere...
    6 Technology 201
  83. Is this my real best friend?
    Okay so this girl she comes over my house sometimes but I've never been to hers. We always call each other but dont talk about anything.I think we are really different she is so superficial for examplle one time she said I hate wearing jeans and she ww...
    3 Relationships 15
  84. How to remove MacKeeper from computer completely?
    I downloaded MacKeeper a few days ago, but i wish to remove it now because i figured its a scam? So i moved the app to the trash, but when i want to empty the trash it keeps telling me that 'MacKeeper Helper", "VersionTrackerAgent", "TrialPopupsAgent",...
    2 Technology 192
  85. Is a 33 month sentence long enough for the scammer who sold fake medication to cancer patients?
    Using a website to sell a fake medication that he claimed was an experimental cancer med, he managed to scam at least 65 terminally ill people out of their money. He was also order to pay a $75,000 fine and $53,724 in it enough?
    6 Politics 19
  86. What is a good small breed dog?
    Whats a good small breed dog that likes to hang out inside and still likes going outside. I have a yorkie poo(2yr) and a german shepard(9yr) both my parents dogs(supposed to be mine!). I was thinking about a teacup yorkishire terrier but the cheapest 1...
    3 Pets 48
  87. Does Trilastin work for stretchmarks?
    Hi my name is Kristin and I was relieved to read about a comment you made on someone's blog about stretch marks. I'm 18 years old and I've suffered with stretch marks since the age of 11. No one really understands how much it bothers me, but it does! a...
    2 Style 49
  88. What's a legitimate work from home job?
    I've spent hours looking for a legitimite work from home typing job, or data entry; and no luck. If I had the money these sites request, then I probably wouldn't be looking for work, Obviously...But there has to be some real free ones, that pay. Anybod...
    6 Money 28
  89. What is IAC Recovery Systems Ltd. ?
    Today, I got an email from a company located at IAC Recovery Systems Ltd. 17165 Platte St., Suite 110 Denver, CO 80202 Fax: (303) 756-3400 Email: iacrecoverysystems(at)mail(dot)com but I can not find anything out about it. They are saying I am passed...
    17 Money 61
  90. What about the 2010 health care bill?
    does any one know about the 2010 new health care bill that was just past? I heard if you don't have health insurance the first fine is $500 is this true? I am under 26 and it was rumored to me that I can go back under my mothers insurance, she asked h...
    10 Politics 20
  91. When will I be on iCarly?
    I went to the auditions for the Hannah Montana iCarly parts for the "Annoying biggest fan" in Miami Florida about a year back when I was living in Florida. So they said I got the part. They called me about 2 weeks after the audition and said I made the...
    4 Entertainment 41
  92. The Holiday Lies...
    Why do parents always tell their children that it's not right to lie and that lying is bad, but they end make up stories and telling their kids about: The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy (not part of a holiday, but I just wanted to throw that in ther...
    11 Family 27
  93. eBay buyer won't pay what I shipped?
    I sold a buy it now 230.00 iPod touch fifth generation and it's in good working condition, well the buyer turned out to be a scam, I recently found out I sent it to a address with no one currently living there and he will not contact back. And I tried ...
    4 Shopping 31
  94. What do you think of the series Lost?
    Just wondering what your opinion is on the series Lost? Is it not the most drawn out. complicated, complex, disorganized and expensive production out there.. and hey put out by ABC? Each season has around 23 episodes and has been going on for 6 years y...
    7 Entertainment 54
  95. Need an easy job??
    Hey, My name is Chris and I just recently joined FunAdvice. I noticed that they had this particular section so I decided to post this question because about a year ago I started a company to help anyone and I mean anyone, make extra cash or start you...
    4 Money 16
  96. Another question about drug tests
    I know these are all over the place, and I've read through them. I'm not asking for advice or tips on how to get THC out of my body, but I know results may vary depending on a person's build. So here's the deal... I'm 5'8, I weigh between 150...
    6 Drugs 124
  97. How much trouble could I get in with the law for this?
    I am a bank of america student account user and I am 17. During the week of Thanksgiving I spent about 550 dollars and although my account didn't have it. However when the overdraft dues kicked in my amount due was 750.Thanks to family and friends will...
    3 Money 27
  98. Will I get in trouble for this?
    "Hi,I'm 13.I am a girl.I watch porn a lot.I've been watching it a lot lately.I intentionally went on a kid porn site.It said they will contact me and come after me and that they have information about me sich as my phone number and address.I'm scared.I...
    9 Relationships 716
  99. Computer infected
    I went on the internet and al of a sudden it kinda shut down and this thing cam eup saying that all my files had been infected with tonns of worms, trojons (?) and stuff like that and saying that my documents and my c: drive was too. It was strange bec...
    2 Technology 21
  100. Cute puppies... I need help...
    Ok.. I found these really cute teacup yorkie puppies online for FREE! and me and my fiance would love to have them for our new apartment...but... I dont know if it is a scam or not if you could please read over the E-mail she sent me and tell me what y...
    10 Pets 57
  101. Am I buying a sick puppy? Or just a naturally calm one?
    I have been looking to adopt a new puppy recently, and found a yorkie-bichon frese mix that I absolutley adore. I met him yesterday, he was sleeping when I got there and walked right by him several times to play with other puppies. my fiance picked up...
    3 Pets 79