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  1. Is it safe to finger yourself?
    Is it safe to finger yourself?
    8 Relationships 2527
  2. How to unlock my safe?
    3 General 24
  3. How safe is puerto rico?
    How safe is puerto rico?
    2 Travel 23
  4. Is MMR Jab Safe?
    4 Money 17
  5. Is sharing mascara safe?
    4 Style 64
  6. is safe for shopping?
    8 Technology 43
  7. When is it safe to have unprotected sex?
    18 Sex 79
  8. how safe is the Cambridge diet ?
    2 Health 16
  9. Is jailbreaking an ipad safe?
    2 Technology 16
  10. Is Myspace safe?
    ??? what is your opinion on myspace??
    10 Technology 34
  11. How can I safely exercise while pregnant?
    4 Nutritionfitness 31
  12. How safe is the site "myyearbook" ?
    9 Technology 11
  13. What makeup is safe to share?
    11 Health 63
  14. Is it safe for me to kiss my dog?
    16 Pets 69
  15. Are belly button rings safe?
    Are belly button rings safe?
    2 Style 60
  16. What pills are safe for penis growth?
    What pills are safe for penis growth
    2 Relationships 59
  17. Is hottopic a safe site to order from?
    Is hottopic a safe site to order from???
    7 Shopping 256
  18. is it safe to buy things on ebay?
    is it safe to buy things on ebay?
    3 Technology 27
  19. is it safe to get a epidural while in labor
    is it safe to get a epidural while in labor
    2 Health 19
  20. How safe is peircing nose at home?
    How safe is peircing nose at home?
    5 Style 20
  21. Is 'beemp3' safe to use?
    is it safe too use??? Thanks! =)
    2 Technology 107
  22. It is safe to have sex a week before menstruation?
    It is safe to have sex a week before menstruation?
    2 Sex 150
  23. Not sure if we were safe
    help I had it and im not sure if we were safe help what should I do???
    2 Relationships 29
  24. How can I tell if this is safe to download??
    How can I tell if this is safe to download?? Vvv
    3 Technology 16
  25. What are some relations between Physics and Safe driving?
    2 Science 18
  26. Is it safe to shave your head with a shaving razor?
    11 Style 45
  27. How safe is Greece, Athens right now?
    5 Travel 18
  28. How to move furniture down stairs safely?
    2 General 16
  29. Is it safe to machine wash Converse?
    3 General 51
  30. Is eyeliner tattooed on, safe?
    12 Style 57
  31. how safe is it for my cat to eat a mouse?
    3 Pets 41
  32. are there any hair dyes that are safe for permed hair?
    4 Style 63
  33. How long after a hysterectomy is it safe to be intimate again?
    4 Health 43
  34. are white tigers safe to be around with??
    7 Pets 82
  35. Is withdrawal method safe?? How many percent?
    Is withdrawal method safe?? How many percent?
    6 Health 106
  36. Clipping around dog's eyes safely?
    How do I safely clip around my dog's eyes?
    3 Pets 76
  37. Safe period
    How many days is a woman in her safe period
    3 Health 37
  38. is there any SAFE way to get rid of my frekles?
    is there any SAFE way to get rid of my frekles!?!?!
    6 Style 24
  39. Is the program "Bear Share" safe?
    4 Technology 14
  40. is it safe to brush your teeth with baking soda?
    is it safe to brush with baking soda?
    2 Style 57
  41. Is online shopping with a credit card safe?
    Is online shopping with credit card is safe or not?
    6 Shopping 36
  42. Is it safe to hide stuff in your underwear drawer?
    What do you hide in your underwear drawer? Is it safe there?
    5 General 65
  43. Who knows if it Is safe to masturbate every night?
    6 Sex 77
  44. is it safe to straighen my hair and it has olive oil in it?
    4 Style 8
  45. Is it safe to use a Motorola Defy in the shower?
    14 Technology 24
  46. Is it safe to take nitrofura if you have pustular psoriasis?
    2 Health 9
  47. Is it safe for me to download exe files with torrent?
    5 Technology 21
  48. Is it safe to take aspirin when you have symptoms of a cold?
    6 Health 32
  49. is it safe to keep a tampon in whilst in the bath ?
    2 Health 92
  50. Is it safe to stretch during the later months of pregnancy?
    11 Health 27
  51. Is it safe to douche with plain tap water?
    3 Health 676
  52. What plastic is safe for reusable water bottles?
    4 Environment 35
  53. is it safe to use nair on the pubic area?
    21 Style 257
  54. What are some good & safe websites to watch documentaries on?
    7 Entertainment 15
  55. Where can I safely download VideoPad´╗┐ Video Editor?
    5 Technology 36
  56. Is it safe to sleep at rest areas overnight?
    18 Travel 40
  57. Where can I get safe animated desktop backgrounds?
    3 Technology 49
  58. Is it safe to give catnip to a cat that just had kittens?
    5 Pets 18
  59. Is Amazon a safe place to shop for everything?
    6 Shopping 19
  60. where is a safe place to store photos online?
    6 Technology 16
  61. Does the Wii Fit help you exercise safely?
    2 Nutritionfitness 19
  62. What types of cardboard is safe for gerbils to chew on?
    5 Pets 97
  63. What is the best bank today to keep our money safe.
    What is the best bank today to keep our money safe.
    2 Money 42
  64. how do you use an ouija board and is it safe?
    how do you make an ouija board? is an ouija board safe? how do you use one?
    6 Entertainment 71
  65. Is M&Co a safe site to buy from?
    Is M& a safe site to buy from?
    2 Shopping 47
  66. How to open a sentry safe when key is locked inside?
    How to open a sentry safe when key is locked inside?
    2 General 167
  67. Chasteberry a safe herb to take to increase your sexuality?
    Is Chasteberry a safe herb to take to increase your sexuality?
    2 Sex 23
  68. Is online dating safe?
    Is online dating a safe way to meet someone?
    3 Relationships 17
  69. is Oral safe without a condom?
    is Oral safe with an uncircumcised Penis without a condom?
    5 Sex 97
  70. What's a safe and fast way to make money?
    whats a way to make money fast and safe
    2 Money 54
  71. hotmail safe senders list
    how can I remove people from my safe senders list on hotmail?
    2 Technology 50
  72. do you think its safe?
    do you think its safe to surf while stoned? . . . lolz XD
    6 General 17
  73. Safe penpals sites?
    Some safe penpal sights, free, safe, legal, ...well are there any???
    3 Technology 77
  74. is Los Angela's California safe place to live??
    4 Travel 36
  75. Is it safe to tight line your eyes with gel eyeliner?
    7 Style 57
  76. Are Six Flag roller coasters safe when there's an earthquake?
    4 Entertainment 116
  77. Does anyone know if XviD Codec is safe to download?
    2 Technology 52
  78. Uncircumcised safe for Orgasm?
    is Oral from uncircumcised penis is good?
    3 Sex 34
  79. How long after a lip piercing and tongue can you safely change it?
    12 Health 185
  80. Is Frostwire safe?
    Is there anything I should really be worried about when using it??
    11 Technology 35
  81. How can i safely send food to people across the country?
    2 Food 125
  82. Is it safe for 12/13 year olds to use a tampon?
    17 Health 93
  83. are there any like safe houses for teens in spokane washington?
    3 Homegarden 19
  84. Is it safe for me to take Hoodia?
    I'm 13 And I Want To Know If It's Safe For Me To Take Hoodia
    6 Health 16
  85. Is it safe to eat eggs now?
    I wanted to bake cupcakes but i need eggs, is safe to eat them now?.
    9 Food 40
  86. Is it safe to put a picture on here?
    should I put a pick of meh on here??? iz it ugh safe?
    5 Funadvice 10
  87. Is it safe to masturbate 1 to 2 times in a day daily?
    Is it safe to masturbate 1 to 2 times in a day daily?
    4 Sex 164
  88. Safe ways to remove moles without going to the doctor?
    Are there any safe ways to remove moles without going to the doctor?
    3 Health 46
  89. How do I know that my pictures are safe?
    How do I know that my pictures are safe? Can people copy them, and put them to their profile?
    5 Funadvice 20
  90. Is it safe to use a debit card on eBay?
    is it safe to use a debit card to buy sh*t on ebay?
    3 Technology 36
  91. Where can kids chat online safely?
    Where is a good safe place for kids to chat online? Do you think it is safe for kids to chat anywhere online?
    17 Babies 114
  92. Do you think it's safe and okay to work until your baby is due?
    10 Health 15
  93. What is LimeWire? And is it safe 2 use, if it isn't do you know any other websites I can use?
    4 Technology 56
  94. How safe is Paypal?
    I want to buy stuff on eBay damn it!
    5 Technology 6
  95. Is it safe to eat spam out of the can?
    Like without frying it or cooking it
    4 Food 138
  96. Is it safe for my cat to sleep on top of the TV cablevision box?
    7 Pets 47
  97. Is it possible and safe to upgrade an XP laptop to Windows 7?
    6 Technology 31
  98. How much do insurance companies like Safe Auto cost?
    5 Cars 13
  99. Is it safe for me to be in the ocean while I'm pregnant?
    I wont go in to far.
    5 Health 47
  100. is it safee to buy a belly button ring at hot topic?
    10 Health 620
  101. Is it safe to pop your ears on your own, or should you go to the doctor to get it done?
    9 Health 32
  102. Is K-Multi Media Player Safe to Download?
    2 Technology 9
  103. Is it safe to masturbate if you don't have your period?
    I dont have my period but I masturbrate sometimes. is that ok to do?
    5 Sex 123
  104. Does dying your leg hair help make it lighter and is it safe?
    7 Style 260
  105. Is Spain a safe place to live?
    ... and how much does it cost to own a home there??
    3 Travel 30
  106. Are there any legit and safe websites where you can send in your jewelry, and receive cash for it?
    5 Shopping 7
  107. Easy ways to lose weight and tone your body safely?
    What are some fast and easy ways to lose weight and tone your body safely?
    3 Nutritionfitness 57
  108. Is Bontril ER a good and safe diet pill?
    Is Bontril ER a good and safe diet pill?, and does it make you anxious?
    2 Nutritionfitness 39
  109. Is it safe for a child to live with a bipolar parent?
    Is it safe for a child to live with a bipolar parent? That takes everything over board?
    4 Family 10
  110. Is veet hair removal gel safe for arms?
    Just wondering if it is safe to try. :)
    3 Style 72
  111. Is sex safe if I haven't started my period?
    Is this safe?? can anyon ehelp me please???
    4 Sex 35
  112. Is masterbating with a spoon safe?
    Im 15 and I sometimes use a spoon to masterbate. Is that safe or normal?
    3 Sex 547
  113. Is it safe for me to go swimming in a lake, I am 6 months pregnant?
    Is it safe for me to go swimming in a lake when I am 6 months pregenet?
    4 Health 123
  114. How do you safely lose weight in your butt?
    How to lose weight in your butt safely? Like any diet plans or workout plans?
    3 Nutritionfitness 53
  115. Is a safe site? (Wonder if this is true or fake or even only a spam)
    4 Technology 27
  116. is it safe for me to sleep on my stomach with my hernia?
    Will it cause damage or make it worse if I sleep on it
    9 Health 21
  117. Is it safe to put cocoa butter around a lip piercing while it's healing?
    9 Style 101
  118. is it safe to delete the screen savers that came with windows vista basic?
    5 Technology 8
  119. Is Tunisia "safe" now?
    I'm going there in April.. kinda worried :|
    7 Travel 29
  120. Can you put the freeze stuff for warts on a mole, do you think it would be safe?
    6 Health 34
  121. Where can I download GTA Chinatown on my laptop safely without getting a virus?
    3 Technology 16
  122. is it safe for me to use a face mask everynight?
    if i use a different one each night???
    3 Style 18
  123. Is it safe to take two different types of vitamin supplements once a day?
    3 Health 31
  124. Safe from pregnancy?
    If you use two or three methods of birth control. Are you pretty "SAFE" from pregnancy?
    4 Health 37
  125. Is it safe to make love during my period?
    Would some one tell me about making love when I am on my period??? Is it safe? What is the best things to do?
    4 Health 65
  126. 900 calorie diet, is it safe?
    is it safe? Will I loose weight? Will aything bad happen?
    7 Nutritionfitness 118
  127. What is a safe muscle supplement?
    What safe product do you think will work for building muscle faster and stronger?
    2 Nutritionfitness 40
  128. Is my shih tzu still safe for pregnancy if she is more than 5 years old?
    my shih tzu is more than 5yrs old, is she still safe for pregnancy?
    2 Pets 41
  129. Is it safe to put jarred baby food, like veggies, in a baby bottle that has milk in it?
    17 Babies 38
  130. is it safe to give an aquatic turtle only sand during the winter to keep him from getting too cold?
    5 Pets 16
  131. How can I open my Sentry electronic combo/key safe if the keys got locked inside?
    2 General 28
  132. does anyone know any symbols that keep away bad spirits or demons, and can keep me safe?
    9 Religion 107
  133. Is it wrong for me to want to have sex im14 but not stupid enough to get pregnant i just want SAFE sex is that wrong ?
    14 Sex 65
  134. who thinks that dating friends they've known for a long time is ok and safe?
    23 Relationships 40
  135. Would the e-cig be safe for someone to smoke who is in the hospital and on dialysis?
    7 Health 52
  136. How long after a hysterectomy due to endometriosis, do women typically start hormones, and are they safe?
    2 Health 14
  137. What kind of dog would be best for keeping sheep and goats safe from predators?
    3 Pets 29
  138. Whats the easiest and not so time consuming way to make money but also safe?
    2 Money 55
  139. When i masturbate i use a marker cuz i get bored with my fingers so is that safe? and it is okay?
    5 Sex 329
  140. How, or is it safe to have sex when you don't have your period?
    If you have protected sex (with the proper use of a condom),within the time period in which your period will not start, is it safe to have sex?
    3 Sex 77
  141. Hypnosis, is it safe?
    I have gone to different websites. Some places say hypnosis isn't safe, and some say it is? Would any of you know?
    3 General 20
  142. Dying hair while pregnant, is it safe?
    I was wondering since I am pregenet is it safe for me to dye my hair now that I am 6 months...
    4 Health 48
  143. What is 100% safe when having sex?
    I am 13 years old. I might be having sex. I wanna know what is 100% safe for having sex? I dont wanna a baby. So what is 100% safe for having sex?
    15 Sex 55
  144. is it safe for a healthy 26 yr old to take 800 mgs ibuprofen before an arthrogram>?
    2 Health 20
  145. How do i take google safe search off of a t mobile blackberry curve?
    5 Technology 12
  146. Is Mozilla Firefox safe on computers?
    Is Mozilla Firefox safe on computers? It's just like Internet Explorer right? Please answer! Thanks!
    13 Technology 26
  147. Am I safe?
    Is it possible to get pregnant if you have dry sex (sex while wearing clothing)while wearing a pantyliner? Or a tampon?
    8 Sex 157
  148. Are percosets safe to take?
    I want to buy Percocets online for my unbearable cramps ... Are they safe to take? If not, what about Tylenol 3's?
    3 Health 56
  149. What's a website where I can safely download free music to my computer without worrying about getting a virus?
    9 Technology 16
  150. Is it safe to take sleeping pills while pregnant?
    Pregnant women having trouble sleeping and need to take sleeping pills, can it harm the baby?
    3 Health 49
  151. Lil dog gonna be a mom?!! Is it safe??
    Is it safe for a 6 month old dog to be pregnant with a much larger dog??
    7 Pets 51
  152. Is it safe to buy painkillers online?
    Is it safe to buy pain killers online or could you get in trouble? if any safe websites let me know
    7 Health 269
  153. How safe will I be if we just use condoms? but no birth pills?
    I know its not 100% but for the small percentage, what are the reasons for it?
    4 Health 315
  154. Is it completely safe for a guy to come inside a girl when she is on the pill?
    (without the use of a condom)?
    5 Health 86
  155. Is it safe to give oral sex while on Chlamydia treatment?
    Is it safe to give oral sex while on treatment to get rid of chlamydia? They say not to have sex, meaning intercourse, and chlamydia is in the is it safe?
    2 Sex 79
  156. How safe are rottweilers?
    I want to get a rottweiler but my mom is worried about how safe one is. Can someone please tell me how aggressive a Rottweiler is?
    12 Pets 56
  157. Food safe certificate
    Where do I go to get my food safe certificate thing. The one that you have to have like if you were to work at a fast food restaurant?
    4 Food 42
  158. is it safe to take a shower after a morning workout?
    Like I wanna workout morning and night but I will work out early in the morning then take a shower. is that okay to do. Is it safe .. ?
    7 Nutritionfitness 36
  159. Is it safe to wear wired bras to sleep?
    i have a wire bra that push up my boobs and i was wondering if wearing it to sleep is bad.
    11 Style 46
  160. Is it safe to ejaculate under your briefs and let it dry?
    Is it fine to ejaculate under your brief and let it go until it dries? is it not harmful to your penis or something?
    7 Relationships 115
  161. is it safe to get my black hair stripped and dyed a dark red colour professionally?
    4 Style 48
  162. What makes you fell safe?
    What is tha one thing that you got that makes you fell safe? Mine is my teddy bear I had it since I was little.
    8 General 16
  163. What are safe days for intercourse?
    my last lmp was on 29 aug with circulation of 29 days. kindly let me know about my safe days fo intercourse.
    2 Health 111
  164. Can someone tell me whether or not is legit and safe or not?
    If you have used this site, or if you can find out if this site is legit and safe...please let me know.
    4 Shopping 19
  165. frostwire and safe downlowond.
    is frostwire good to download music? is is safe? and how do kkno if one may conatin cookie or virus??
    2 Technology 51
  166. Have you heard of monovie juice and is it safe?
    does anyone know if monovie juice has anything that would interfere with the drug Risperdal? And is this juice safe for children?
    12 Health 86
  167. Is being on your period and gettting in the ocean safe?
    I'm about to go on a trip to Key Largo, but I will be on my period the entire time. Is it safe to get in the ocean while I'm on my period?
    2 Health 72
  168. Is kava-kava (plant) safe for people who take high blood pressure medications?
    3 Health 55
  169. What make condoms safe?
    Me and my boyfriend have sex a lot, but we use a condom..I fear that I can get there a possibility that I can get pregnant?
    2 Sex 23
  170. where can i find a bootleg of the runaways that is safe for my comp?
    im EXTREMELY desperate for this movie! PLEASE HELP
    4 Entertainment 58
  171. Is greentea always safe?
    How does greeentea help you loose wait? and how much are you supposed to drink a day?
    4 Food 28
  172. Is it safe to give dogs daily doses of aspirin for arthritis?
    If it is, should we use baby aspirin or is it okay to give them a higher dose?
    4 Pets 29
  173. What safe websites could I buy trainers like Reebok or Air Max for little price?
    5 Shopping 27
  174. What cities or towns in New Jersey are very safe?
    I want to rent a apartment one day with my friends.
    2 Travel 21
  175. Is it safe to remove the side bar gadget from my Windows Vista Home Basic 32bit?
    2 Technology 11
  176. Disk Defragging in safe mode
    I usually defrag my hard drive (windows x.p.) in normal mode but I was wondering if it is more effective to do so while running in safe mode.
    2 Technology 44
  177. Is hydroxcut safe to take while breastfeeding?
    I have a 9 week old son and I'm breastfeeding and i want to know if hydroxycut is safe for me to use?
    2 Health 46
  178. Will I be safe from pregnancy?
    If im going to have intercourse after my period which means after my 28 cycle I have sex on the 2nd day, is it safe from pregnant?
    4 Sex 40
  179. is it safe to consume expired coffee powder?
    i did not notice the expiry date on the coffee pack and now i realized that i had been consuming expired coffee. how will this affect my health?
    2 Nutritionfitness 63
  180. Is dry humping safe? Can you get pregnant?
    me and my boyfriend were dry humping yesterday I was in my pjs and he was in his boxers is it possible that sperm got in or what
    5 Health 2077
  181. Is it safe to lay down after eating dinner?
    How long after dinner can you go to sleep ? I heard its not good to sleep or lie down right after eating a meal
    4 Food 171
  182. How can you safely pop a pimple?
    I have a HUGE pimple on the left corner of my bottom lip. How can I pop it so it won't leave a scar and it will be gone!?!?
    5 Health 545
  183. Is it safe to blowdry your hair when it isn't wet?
    No damage or damage to the hair or parts of the hair? I want to blowdry my hair to make it look full and puffy!
    9 Style 28
  184. Is it safe to order from Google?
    I mean when i want to purchase something i google the image out and i see a number and i make a call and order it?
    2 Shopping 10
  185. Is it safe to use hot sauce every day?
    I use hot sauce on everything all the time. Like everyday. my question is, is hot sauce bad for you?
    2 Food 15
  186. How do you no if its safe?
    Are condoms really safe like I always use them but am afraid that if I go to hard our fast they will split! I really dont what that to happen so is there anythin I can do to make it safe?
    2 Health 25
  187. Should we be teaching abstinance or safe sex?
    Should we be teaching our high schoolers abstinance, or safe sex? How would you react if your kid came home with a condom, or if you are in school, how would your parents react?
    13 Sex 14
  188. Is it safe for a 14 year old to try viagra?
    I found an unopened box of viagra on the floor waling home, and I'm tempted to try, but is it safe?
    4 Health 174
  189. How to get rid of pimples safely?
    I dont get that many pimples but when I do theyre the real nasty ones. Anyways I was wondering if there was any way to help get rid of them in a safe way?
    3 Style 21
  190. Is it safe to upload pics of yourself onto this site?
    Is it safe to upload pics of yourself onto this site? Not anything inapropriate, just normal, everyday pictures. My mum said it's not, and my mum's not overprotective or paranoid.
    6 Funadvice 43
  191. Why do my breast hurt after safe sex ?
    My breast have really been sore and I dont know what to do but they been hurting ever since I had safe sex. I used a condom. Please help!
    4 Sex 551
  192. Is it safe for us to conceive when I'm 14?
    I am 14 years old. I live with my dad. My boyfriend and I are madly in love, and wish to consive. Is this safe? What should we do?
    11 Health 44
  193. How safe would it be for me to download cleaner?
    I want to download ccleaner, so I can erase my google memorie ,is this wise? Any info would be grateful thanx
    3 Technology 22
  194. Is a safe site?
    I was wondering if I can depend on this site? As in it's honest, they dont cheat you I hope. If I order something from their site is it guaranteed I get it?
    2 Technology 13
  195. Is it safe to give a 7 week old puppy Gravol?
    We're in the car with her and she's vomited three times now :( -From my Blackberry
    5 Pets 180
  196. Would it be safe to double the dose of my dietary supplements if they have possibly lost their potency?
    I mean, would that make them work better, or no?
    4 Nutritionfitness 10
  197. How do I pierce my bellybutton safely?
    How can I pierce my bellybutton with it being as least painful as possible, & so it doesnt get infected? I can always have a friend do it, if thats safer
    9 Style 102
  198. How can we have safe sex without a condom?
    I want to have sex with my girlfriend with her permission. Please send me tips or other products (not condoms) which are 100% safe to do safe sex without pregnancy. Remember we don't want child yet. But we want to do sex without pregnancy.
    5 Sex 47
  199. Is fasting safe?
    I've heard it is a good way to detox your body, but is it safe? I'd really like to hear from people who have personal experience.
    2 Health 31
  200. Would it be safe to start whitening my teeth?
    Would it be safe to start using that home made bicarb. of soda paste to whiten my teeth? and how should I make the paste and how many times a day/week should I use it?
    3 Style 19
  201. Is hydroxycut safe?
    Has anyone used hydroxycut?? I just started taking it b/c my sister used it for 2 weeks and lost about 15 lbs. Any input from anyone who has used it?? Just wondering if it's safe...
    2 Nutritionfitness 62
  202. We mite have sex but we are 14 how safe is it?
    Okay me and mt girlfriend are going to have sex but I dont want her to get pregnat how safe are condoms by the way its our first ?
    3 Sex 664
  203. What version of limewire is safe to download?
    What version of limewire is safe to download, because there are many limewires, for example limewire 4.1 limewire 5.2 I dont know what is the difference if anybody knows tell me please thank you.
    6 Technology 44
  204. Safe but effective weight loss?
    im looking for a safe but fast acting effective way I can lose weight over the next 4 months. can anyone help me?
    4 Nutritionfitness 19
  205. How sucking a puccy safe for boys?
    I generally used to suck my girlfriend vagina.I cant control myself. I just want to know that it is safe for me in terms of any internal infections...
    2 Relationships 238
  206. How can you look at a solar eclipse safely ?
    Case I realy what to see one and what to konw if their any thing specil I need for this univesla event.
    2 Science 34
  207. Is it safe to use the patch to quit smoking while pregnant?
    A friend of mine is 13 weeks pregnant and is having problems quitting smoking. She wants to know if she can use the patch. Thanks.
    6 Health 48
  208. Is It Safe To Go Out If You Have Bruised/Fractured Ribs?
    Even If The Doctors Tell You To 'Rest' & You've Been Laying In Bed Doing NOTHING For Two Days?
    3 Health 39
  209. Do you have a "safe place"
    Mine is sitting in the shade of my sweet gum tree,drinking iced sweet tea,and sometimes listening to music.
    8 General 14
  210. Is it safe to take my puppy to the beach?
    And am I allowed to? (huntington beach) he's a pug puppy.. I want to know if I'm allowed to, and if it's a good idea with the sand and all....
    13 Pets 139
  211. is there a safe painless way to pass out?
    advice for painless ways to pass out and notget hurt or get brain damage or killed I want to know what its like
    6 Health 480
  212. Is it safe to shut down my laptop by pushing the power button?
    Is it safe to shut down my laptop my pressing and holding the power button? I do that sometimes instead of having to go in programs and then turn off computer and then waiting for it to shut down. When I press and hold the power button it shuts down im...
    4 Technology 60
  213. Who thinks is it safe to eat this jelly?
    I eat jelly out of the packet, in the cubes. Is it safe to eat it even though it went out of date january 2010? It has not been opened and is still sealed in the packet x
    4 Food 478
  214. Why are Indians not safe in Australia?
    I want to know that are Indians really safe in Australia or the media is just creating a hype on this matter? I would especially like to know the views of people living in Australia?
    7 Politics 49
  215. are artificial sweeteners as bad as some people say or very safe as some people say ?
    i had to ask this question cuz i use a product called hermesetas and it contains aspartame
    3 Style 11
  216. How can I safely open my cervix to induce labour?
    Am only half a center meter and my husband be working 24/7 but i don't know what i could take or do to open my cervix faster ?
    9 Health 42
  217. Is Venezuela and the Islands around it there safe for USA tourist?
    Me and my wife want to take a trip to Margarita Island Venezuela, but this worries me, I would not be carrying a M16 on this trip.
    5 Travel 18
  218. Safe way to tan?
    What's the safest way to get a tan? I know probably laying down outside in the sun, but should I put anything else on to protect my skin?
    2 Style 40
  219. Do you think it is safe to shop on Black Friday, or should one pass it up?
    I've heard of a woman being killed, because she was trampled to death on Black Friday. Is that likely to happen, or not?
    4 Shopping 33
  220. What's a safe video plugin to download?
    So I don't get the channel my tv show is on and when I go to different websites to watch it, it says I need a plugin to play the video..?
    3 Technology 14
  221. Is it safe to put different medicines for fish together?
    i bought a lot of medicine/support bottles for my new fishes and i have bought bottles for preventing the tank being dirty. should i put them all in the water?
    2 Pets 25
  222. Can a recovering bulimic become pregnant safely?
    I am a recoving bulimic for over ten years. I am doing great, eating better, and take vitamins. I am trying to get pregnant. Any suggestions???
    2 Health 62
  223. Why do people hate the police when they keep us safe?
    I mean, the police protect us and always keep dangerous criminals away from us, and they seem pretty cheerful, so why do people hate the police?
    13 General 35
  224. Colouring relaxed hair, is it safe?
    Can I safely colour my relaxed hair? It is very dark brown at the moment but I would like it to be medium to light brown? Would it damage my hair to put colour oover my relaxed hair and can anyone recommend any brands of hair colour?
    3 Style 79
  225. How safe sex is the before and after method?
    If the partner mates is it ok to come inside of her after her period about 2 days after is she get pregnant or not? Is that true the the 5 days before and after of the period of a woman is safe and if its yes why?
    2 Sex 44
  226. Is it safe to peirce your belly button?
    I am thinking about peircing my belly button (even though my parents would kill me watever) :). I just wanted to know is it safe or does it cause anything bad to happen?
    5 Style 31
  227. Are protein powders safe?
    So I was wondering are they safe? They dont contain no steroids right? D: Since I want to start drinking some to build muscle with my work outs.
    2 Nutritionfitness 18
  228. What) Will this be safe???
    My boyfriend and I are planning to have sex on new years. (dorky, I know =P) but I was wondering if this will be safe ; -Using a condom -Using spermicidal lube -Him taking it out before he comes Will this be enough?
    8 Sex 19
  229. Is it safe to cut my calories like this?
    Is it safe for me to go through the whole day without eating and then at about 5,6,or 7 o'clock eat five hundred calories or less?
    5 Nutritionfitness 18
  230. How to lose weight fast and safe?
    How do you lose like 80 pounds realy fast but safely nothing dangerous like crash dieting and nothing exsrem like sergery. help please and thank you
    2 Nutritionfitness 43
  231. Safe day of the month?
    I had unprotected sex 2 days after my peroid ended. Im pretty sure its a safe day, right??? because my boyfriend came inside of me. just wanna make sure.
    5 Sex 70
  232. What are, if any, *safe* teen sites to chat?
    To be more specific; are there any websites where you can ensure safety while chatting? Sometimes I'd like a person to talk to that I don't know whatsoever, just to well, chat?
    5 Technology 15
  233. How can I safely clean my iPad 2?
    I don't have a micro fiber cloth. I have a fine fiber cloth though (the cloths you use to clean glasses) would that be ok? If I spray windex on it would it work the same as a micro fiber cloth?
    7 Shopping 39
  234. What can I store my artwork in to keep it safe from damage?
    ive tried keeping it in the bin I keep my paint, paintbrushes and pencils in but it doesnt work very good and they get ruined?
    5 Literature 19
  235. BIrth Control how long until I'm safe
    I just restarted taking my pill last night (had my period) How long should I wait til I become sexually active again?
    3 Sex 222
  236. safe to eat?
    are packaged foods that are cooked or smoked good to eat without being reheated in any way? like smoked salmon and cooked slices of turkey meats and etc...
    2 Food 18
  237. How to have safe anal sex ?
    If a person was to put on two condoms , will the sex be safer & theres extra protection.. We''re planning on doing anal for our first time.
    5 Sex 51
  238. Is this a safe diet?
    I have resently started myself on a 1000 calorie a day diet and 1, 10-30 minute exercise a day..along with drinking Wu-Yi this safe?
    9 Nutritionfitness 37
  239. Are Iams Tartar Treats safe?
    I have five chihuahuas. Two are adults, and three are 6 months old. I was just wondering if anyone knows if Iams Tartar Treats are safe? Have you given them to your dogs and did they like them?
    2 Pets 45
  240. Are dual OS or Multi-boot OS safe?
    Are dual OS or Multi-boot OS safe?... I want to try using two operating system in one pc... it is possible if one is Vista and the other one is XP sp2
    7 Technology 44
  241. How safe are condoms and birth control pills together?
    What are the chances of getting pregnant if my boyfriend uses a condom and I take the pill every day at the same time? I don't want to get preggers!
    4 Health 97
  242. not sure about the belly piercing is it safe?
    if I get my belly pierced and later on in life I want to have a baby I will be able to and will it affect the navel at all? and can I take it out when im pregnant? please help me
    3 Style 39
  243. Are wigs safe to wear?
    I tend to wear wigs on a regular basis as I suffer from exzema dermatitis,and because their is no cure for this my hair is badly damaged and very dry and always keeps breaking.
    5 Health 1480
  244. Why is piercing your ears at Claires not safe?
    Why is piercing your ears at Claires not safe? Is the infection rate higher than getting your ears pierce at a tatoo store? because I got my ears pierced at Claires and it's infected like trillions times, and I don't know does that have to do with Clai...
    5 Style 66
  245. Is taking an extra BCP extra safe?
    SO, in this scenario of unprotected sex...... The girl takes her pill before her and guy go at it, with out a condom, he pulls out and later that day, the girl takes an extra birth control pill. Is that safe enough? Or what does the extra pill do?, any...
    4 Sex 48
  246. Is jogging safe?
    Is it safe to jog on in a high traffic area? I've heard it can be really bad for the lungs. Should joggers avoid streets? Maybe stick to parks instead? But, what if you live in a city?
    3 Nutritionfitness 18
  247. Can you take frozen ground meat, thaw it out, and then refreeze it, or is that not safe?
    I have a HUGE thing of ground meat in our freezer and i want to seperate it into smaller portions but im not sure if i should try and cut through i frozen or if its safe to thaw it and freeze it again.
    9 Food 54
  248. Is it safe to let my 14 year old daughter see a band she knows very well in Roscoe Village in Chicago with no parents, no friends?
    She'll only know the band. I'll be in Lake View while she's there.
    9 Travel 23
  249. Why is it not safe to leave your account "signed in" all the time?
    I usually leave my yt, fb, twit, and funadvice signed up. Rarely do I sign out. I heard that it makes me easier for hackers to access your this true?
    4 Funadvice 30
  250. Is it safe to drink wine while on anti-depressant pills?
    I drink alcohol and I've been on depression pills for a year now. I want just 1 bottle of wine. I take my depression pills in the morning with water. I want to drink this wine at night. Will it be okay?
    6 Health 51