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  1. Is a legit website?
    3 Technology 17
  2. Does anyone know if is legit?
    3 Technology 77
  3. Is Pro Scout Modelling legit?
    4 Money 25
  4. Is Penn Foster a legit school?
    4 Education 158
  5. Do you know how to make legit money online ?
    2 Money 38
  6. Is a legit website or will my money be stolen?
    2 Technology 13
  7. Who here has had a legit paranormal encounter with the ouija board?
    20 Religion 46
  8. How to check if a company is legit?
    How do I check if a company is real or they just want to rob my interest?
    7 Money 59
  9. Are there any legit and safe websites where you can send in your jewelry, and receive cash for it?
    5 Shopping 7
  10. Can anyone tell me if this site is legit or not?
    6 Technology 8
  11. Is a legit website?
    I'm looking for a free MySpace friend adder that I can trust. Is legit?
    3 Technology 46
  12. Is there a place to get legit free music?
    Curious! Is there a legit place on the net to get free music clips to use for utube? Thanks,
    4 Music 8
  13. Is Spam legit meat?
    Well? or do is the Spam company trying to shove sh!!!at down our throats? =O
    5 Food 40
  14. Can someone tell me whether or not is legit and safe or not?
    If you have used this site, or if you can find out if this site is legit and safe...please let me know.
    4 Shopping 19
  15. What happens when you stumble across an idiot that says Dumbo isn't a Disney movie or even a legit movie?
    9 Entertainment 35
  16. Why is it so damn hard to make legit money with a felony?
    Why is it so damn hard to make legit money with a felony??? Its almost as if they want us to go back to making fast money so that they can just throw us in prison again!!!
    2 Money 58
  17. What does LEGIT mean?
    I've been hearing that word a lot but I don't know what it means. In what kind of sentence would you use it? Use examples please. Thank you :)
    3 General 51
  18. How do you tell if a website is legit?
    I want to buy a purse off wto-sell and I'm not sure how to check whether it is a legit website. I tried to google it but nothing stuck out.
    10 Shopping 60
  19. Is AGLOCO website legit or a scam?
    I had a question about AGLOCO and wanted to know if anyone is a member of that website. Is it legitimate or just another scam? I was looking to join and wanted to know if anyone has got any information of how they are going to pay there members.
    4 Money 26
  20. Are there any really free IQ testing sites that give you legit answers?
    Every one i seem to find has some sort of survey before you see your score... but the surveys never end!
    2 General 29
  21. Is the website The national Do not call legit??
    i heard from my friend about it and it sounds really good that telemarketers do not call my house phone, but it sounds to good to be true!! Is it legit or does it like send my number to telemarketing people? I already registered for it though i ho...
    2 General 11
  22. Can adding three legit dependents to my tax return cause an audit?
    I have been helping my sister with her 3 kids since Feb. I have been paying all the bills and rent. She told me that I can claim them as she hasn't worked at all this year. I normally only claim myself. Will the three dependents cause a tax audit?
    6 General 10
  23. How do I know if this site my boyfriend got me a necklace from is legit? <--- that's the site. My boyfriend ordered me a necklace and its over a week and ahlaf past the delivery date. All reviews are from like 2010. Is it possible the buisness closed and forgot to take down the site? Or is...
    5 Technology 37
  24. what are some legit websites to sell books or textbooks on?
    im just trying to sell some of my books that are just sitting in my house getting no use...I've tried websites like Chegg but they just seem like scams and wont buy my books but I can donate them...I guess so they can get them for free and then sell th...
    4 Money 56
  25. What is a good, legit, website for free make-up samples?
    I was just wondering if anyone knew a good site that I can sign up for free make-up samples. I have looked around and stuff online, I just don't want to give my address out to anyone, I'm very careful when it comes to the internet. if someone can send ...
    2 Style 32
  26. Is One Source Talent a scam, or is it legit?
    I sent them a form/application back in December. I thought it would be fun to do some modeling jobs, nothing serious. Anyways, they called me this morning and wanted to set up an appointment with me on Wednesday. I really don't want to drive to thei...
    2 Money 9
  27. is this online store legit? pleez help
    ok so I bought something from this online store friday morning and still haven't got a conformation number or anything. it hasnt been shipped and it coming all the way from Bejing, China and im and Pittsburgh, PA! well I used my paypal 2 buy it so hope...
    2 Shopping 19
  28. Does anyone know of a legit way to earn money from home in the UK?
    So since I'm only working weekends and doing nothing but sleeping during the week, I thought it would be a good idea to sort of get another job, but one where I can work from home. I would do anything such as filling in surveys or writing reviews.. I w...
    2 Money 51
  29. Are there any LEGIT websites where you can enter a small art contest?
    I would like to find a website that has contests, where you can go to paint, gimp, photoshop, whatever you want to use....and make some kind of picture on whatever that particular contest was about. Then, if yours is picked best out of everyone's, or r...
    2 Literature 77
  30. What: Is SpywareDoctor legit or not?
    I had a virus on my computer. I tried everything, nothing worked. I tried SpywareDoctor, and it seemed pretty much like Rogue program, aka, a total scam. My grandmother has that on her computer, the paid version. She is on her computer 3-5 hours a day....
    3 Technology 70
  31. Peculiar Question
    Is it legit to be hated by my aunt because I'M NOT GAY?
    8 Family 8
  32. How can I make money with a home computer?
    Does anyone know about a legit way to make money with a home computer.
    3 Money 24
  33. Can your heart explode?
    Can someone please give me all the info you can on how a heart can explode or what its called or how it can happen. Legit answers please!
    3 Health 104
  34. Annoying Slang?
    So what slang words do you find the most annoying? For me, its legit (meaning true) ex. Yeah dude thats so legit! sick (meaning cool) it just confuses me and the last one is false (used to say no) ex. Uh, false ryan.
    29 General 244
  35. Guarantor Loans?
    I have heard a lot about guarantor loans and I am thinking of getting one. Does this website look legit?
    2 Money 13
  36. Does coca butter work on stretch marks?
    I heard you use coca butter? or something like that...well do you use legit coca butter or can you use coca butter lotion?
    5 Style 56
  37. Are all make money online websites a scam?
    I am just woundering if anyone knows of any legit sites that I can go to and make some cash online, they all look like scams to me, but if anyone actually dose it and it works please let me know the site and around how much money you make. Thank you ve...
    2 Money 42
  38. Stop taking my question down??
    Why do you keep deleting my question?? It was legit. I asked the opinion of the funadvice community, looking for advice. so why do you advisors keep taking it down?
    11 Funadvice 20
  39. Who has ever sent cash through the mail?
    I wanna buy something from the internet, but only have cash. Its a legit site, just wanna know if its safe to send cash in mail. Is it reliable?
    5 Money 20
  40. Can a penguin be domesticated?
    I know that is a very odd question but i am legit! If a fox can be, can't a penguin be domesticated and kept as a pet? I truly want one! And i don't care how weird that makes me!
    6 Pets 100
  41. Does it make sense?
    You know how in a magic show people can't really do 'real' magic, so shouldn't they fail? Unless someone does real magic like with wands and stuff, is it considered a legit magic show?
    2 Entertainment 20
  42. Why, when people post a link, does it change the link to a FunAdvice link?
    Is it a way to make a little extra money, which I know is completely legit:3 Or is it making links more safe? I'm just curious!
    3 Funadvice 8
  43. Who is the black guy in Rebecca Black's video "Friday"?
    so he looks like a mix between usher and flo rider haha. Also whats up with that song ? Is it legit ? or a joke ?
    9 Music 75
  44. What 20 reasons can I use to get my phone back?
    My parents took my phone and I need to find a way to get it he said that if I can give him 20 reasons he will give it to me but this the catch he said it has to be legit questions so please help.
    7 General 4847
  45. Is it normal to just forget?
    okay so say you where at a party and you DIDN'T DRINK AND your POSITIVE, and you cant tember ANYTHING that happend, like legit you forgot you went somewhere until someone talked about it. is this like normall???
    8 Health 39
  46. What job can I get as a 13 year old?
    I really need one!! What kind of place would hire me? What are some legit paying survey sites? Any advise worth the world to me!
    5 Money 24
  47. Felons cant get a decent job in charlotte
    Why is it that felons cant get a decent job in charlotte no matter how much you go legit I feel like leadin a life of crime. Can any one tell me where to find a decent job legally?
    2 Money 63
  48. How do I know if this modeling agent is a scamer or not?
    Today I was at the mall, and someone came up to me and told me that they work at a modeling agency. They gave me their card and told me to call them. I really want to do this, but I want to be sure they are legit. How do I know if it's a scam or not?
    2 Money 41
  49. What is the purpose for mosquitoes and ticks?
    I understand every living thing has a certain job to do in life...but is there really any point to these anoying bugs that suck blood? A legit reason for their exictence?
    3 Pets 41
  50. Maxwell scott enterprises scam?
    I received this letter saying I could make money from home by mailing special letters. All I have to do is pay $49.00,or more to make more money. The company name is Maxwell Scott Enterprises. I want to know if anyone has ever made legit money from t...
    2 Money 45
  51. Exercise...good idea?
    So I heard from a friend about her super-skinny dancer friend who does (legit) like 500 situps a day. I am 112 lbs... and 5 foot 1... is this insane/unhealthy to do for me?
    4 Nutritionfitness 9
  52. Where can I find info on affordable cruises for a vacation?
    I'am trying to find a cruise line to go on w/my family for vacation. I have 2 young children under 5 and I want to find something to entertain everyone. And I want to find something that is affordable and legit. no scams!!
    2 Travel 14
  53. How should I tip a baker? Should I even?
    I'm having a friend of mine bake a cake for my birthday and she has a legit home bakery online. She is baking me a Yellow Submarine themed cake that will serve 25-30 people. Should I tip her? If so, how much?
    3 Food 1387
  54. What site works great for Casual Encounters?
    I've been browsing the Casual Encounters section of Craigslist but damn I've been getting nothing but spam. Does anyone know any good alternatives? Or tips & tricks to getting a legit girl? Thanks.
    2 Relationships 38
  55. What are good things to ask a crush in 20 Questions?
    what are some good questions that I can ask my crush??? we are playing 20 q now...and weve been playin straight for like 1 day... give me legit questions not topics but the a girl hes a guy we are both 14
    5 Relationships 354
  56. Liberal bias in the Bible
    At first I thought this must be a joke but it seems legit. It seems a group of conservatives wish to provide a translation of the Bible without what they consider to be liberal bias. Is the King James Version of the Bible from 1600 really too lib...
    6 Religion 61
  57. How do I write a letter to a legend?
    I really want to write to Paul McCartney, but I wouldn't know where to begin. Like, how would I set it out? And I'm wondering if anybody could tell me a legit address, and I also want to request an autograph.
    3 Literature 28
  58. how do you get naturally preety? with no makeup.
    how do you get preety in the face? evry time I look in the mirror my face loos dry and you can c my pores.-when answering this question dont b dumb and say something about your self or smart answer the question and b legit.
    8 Style 62
  59. How des the secret shopper position work?
    I asked a question the other day about felons and finding jobs in NJ,someone responded that they were a secret shopper. Will that person let me know if that is all legit, I have been offered that position. If anyone else knows anything about that posit...
    4 Money 22
  60. How do I get an activation installation code for XP Home?
    Trying to re-install XP Home but need to activate it without original CD cover... lost!! Running out of time now. Any help much appreciated. Also legit product key might help...
    2 Technology 18
  61. What do you think is the better choice norton or avg?
    I do a lot of computer work so im curious what other people recomend I usually go with norton that I get from a website witha keygen but I been trying to steer in the more legit direction with avg but over all if one were to purcahse antivirus what wo...
    8 Technology 50
  62. What are some good songs for a mezzo soprano to sing for auditions?
    I am auditioning for the mystery of edwin drood at my school and I personally am auditioning for the part of Edwin drood (which is a female) and is a legit mezzo. Well a mezzo who hits a high E at the end yikes! Could anyone help me find an reasonably...
    2 Music 306
  63. The Godfather - bits that still confuse me
    I'm a huge Godfather fan, I have all 3 films on DVD and have watched them hundreds of times, I absolutely love it, but I have a few bits that still confuse me . . . In the second one Kay (Michael's wife) says that the family still isn't legit. In what...
    3 Entertainment 9
  64. anyone Tried P90X
    so yea im tryna put on 20 pounds but of muscle is p90x a good workout and has anyone went up in weight by using this??? oh and im also takin protein and bout to start takin gnc weight gainer 2200 gold if I use lookz legit but does it worK???
    2 Nutritionfitness 8
  65. How do you cast a psychic spell?
    I have been researching 4 days On how to do it and came across some pretty legit pages with spells... 1st I want to know if anybody on here knows how to do it. Nd second Do you really have to have ever single ingredient to cast it? If you know a...
    3 Religion 46
  66. Soulja Boy?
    What's your opinon on the rapper Soulja Boy? I really like him an his music. But some people say that he is lame an he raps about childish stuff. But I give him props because he got discovered in a legit way. A producer saw his video on youtube an cont...
    8 Music 12
  67. I need a little adoption advice kinda
    I hate my mother with a passion and I want my because to adopt me but my mom wont let her I have a legit reason to why and so I was wondering how long it would take and what the actions are that I will have to take for her to do it all so I am getting ...
    11 Babies 31
  68. How can I get experience, if I can't get a job right now?
    I want to work at a front desk/office filing paper work, entering data on the computers, answering phones, scheduling appointments, etc... It doesn't matter where at, maybe a hospital, or clinic...anywhere that has a front desk/office. I can't ge...
    5 Money 39
  69. What do you do when your family hates you?
    What do you do when your family like legit hates you and yell at you and abuse you for no reason... I was suppose to be in child services but then my dad shipped me oversees and in jordan you are allowed to hit your child and you cant leave at 18... So...
    20 Family 1870
  70. Diablo 2 lod bot + hacks
    Ok, ever sense the new version of d2 lod came out (1.12) I have been trying to find a safe and working bot to do some runs for my friends and a clan, can anyone send a safe link to me for bots+hacks? (maphack only, I don't like auto hammers, tele, etc,...
    4 Gaming 185
  71. What tanning bed lotion works the best?
    What brand? or actual name? I have used jwoww the new lotion obvi by jwoww and i wanted to try a new lotion. what kind of lotion works the best? I want a greatt dark look before prom. which one gives the fastest way and the darkest color, without looki...
    6 Style 81
  72. What can I do to keep my neck from hurting every morning?
    Legit every morning I wake up with a headache and neck pain. I have an othapedic bed, a memory foam pillow and then just a normal one with stuffing. No matter which way I switch it up, bend it, or even go without they are never comfortable. Ive used di...
    8 Health 45
  73. Do hazel eyes really change color?
    I'm like, speechless to say that my eyes have changed color once and twice before. Like it seems legit, but crazy. I have natural hazel eyes, I woke up this morning and my eyes were a dark forest green(more green then normal) Then I remember 2 years ...
    16 Style 84
  74. What should I do to tell my mom my boyfriend is good for me?
    My mom and I are having some trouble seeing eye to eye about my boyfriend. She thinks that he's a player and like other girls besides me. I told her that he's not that way at all. I know he's not that way cause at first I thought he was and I asked my ...
    2 Family 11
  75. What would look good with red hair,streaks,accesories.?
    I have died my hair soo many colors, Itg was recentlly JetBlack, and I just bleached it, now it liek orange, well im dying it red. I mean what will look good with it, streaks(color?), accesories, shoes, cloths, anything. I guess I dress legit. Nothing ...
    4 Style 38
  76. what should i do about my job?
    I'm a part time worker, and I specifically told my boss I want rocwork no more than 3 and sometimes 4 times a week. Since summer started she has me working 6 days a week, 9 hours a day. I handed her my summer holidays like myself and every other employ...
    4 Money 24
  77. Can my brothers tell me what to do?
    MY brotherrrsss won't let me go to the me go to dinner tommarow night with a guy freind!!! because they "dont like him" cuase they got in a fight I don't know why. and they told me I COULN'T GO!!! if I sneak out legit they will call the cops as a runaw...
    2 Family 37
  78. Has this ever happened to anyone's computer?
    This thing just shut down on it's own for a few minutes, then re-started and informed me of a mile long list of updates windows installed for me. More bells and whistles that I don't need, to take up memory and disc space. I say if it isn't broke...
    5 Technology 20
  79. How do I know if I'm high?
    Alright, I'm not new at smoking or anything, it's just that, I've got a new guy that gets me stuff and I'm not sure if his stuff is legit or not. I tried some, but I never seemed to get high, my vision got messed up, but I could still think properly a...
    4 Health 530
  80. Police pullin you over
    soo recentlyyy myy sister had gotten pulled over my the police which is a very ricildous story so she was in the burger king parking lot and your boyfriend had hes elbow resting on the window my sister leaves the parking lot and the cop pulls her over ...
    3 General 42
  81. How can I stop feeling emotionally hurt so easily?
    I take things really personally and it's starting to really affect me the last few monthes. Like I cry alot because i'm unhappy with myself, and my boyfriend will say things that will really cut me deep even though he dosen'tt mean to and i end up cryi...
    6 Health 27
  82. Why is it that guys are so jealous!?
    Sooo I have a friend..who talks to mee about her relationship all theee time! (it gets annoyong to here the same story) point being, her boyfriend always asks her about what shes doing... Where shes going.. And if shes with us(the girls) and he calls h...
    3 Relationships 40
  83. What could have caused me to feel suddenly ill like this (read more)?
    a couple days ago i was feeling fine for most of the day, then i started feeling sick to my stomach and a little lightheaded. i went to shower and i lost co ordination of one of my arms, i almost fell over, and it felt like i left my body kind of :S i ...
    5 Health 31
  84. the great depression
    Saturday I found out that iam officially pregnant and the babys father wants me to get an abortion but im not because I dont have it in me to kill an innocent being...anyway I really love him and I call him everyday at the same time but I feel like he'...
    4 Health 15
  85. Can I be pregnant???
    This is seriousss; I need accurate & legit answers & responses! - so me and my boyfriend had sex, bt I wouldn't really call it sex bt technicly it was. So anyhow he didn't go in all the way because it was both our first time, and I was pretty uncomfort...
    4 Sex 95
  86. What do I do about this Love Crisis??!
    Alrighty, so usually I'm the one giving advice so I feel weird asking for some. ANYWAYS Me and this guy are really into eachother, he's utterly amazing and arggg I can't get him off my mind. So Him and I went out in December 2008 and we've been on and ...
    6 Relationships 9
  87. Why do I get acne in random places and how do I get rid of it?
    I get acne in random places on my body. On my face (chin) is at least normal but all of the sudden it start popping up. I've gotten one small bump on my neck, a few bumps and 2 legit pimples on my back, one where my bra strap lies and one where my unde...
    5 Sex 128
  88. Why am I hungry no matter what I eat?
    This isn't all the time, just right now. It is nearly 10pm and I had leftover roast potatoes and an apple at about 6pm after work. Then I had rice at about 7 with some roast kumara, and have since also had more potatoes! I am STILL HUNGRY! And I don't...
    5 Health 56
  89. What should I make my boyfriend for his 15th birthday?
    My bf is turning 15, in about a months time. We have had our little thing for about 6 months now, and have a pretty serious relationship. He is pretty geeky, not like cool geeky, like legit geeky. But I love it ^.^ He is very musical, and smart, and a...
    5 Music 50
  90. What should I make my boyfriend for his 15th birthday?
    My bf is turning 15, in about a months time. We have had our little thing for about 6 months now, and have a pretty serious relationship. He is pretty geeky, not like cool geeky, like legit geeky. But I love it ^.^ He is very musical, and smart, and a...
    11 Literature 36
  91. I think I may be depressed
    Recently I have been very irritable and angry for no reason. I'm always tired and I have trouble falling asleep and waking up in the morning. I have also gained weight and feel like crying all thetime. I was once a straight A student and now am getting...
    5 Health 26
  92. I've been so happy! but please help me
    I've been friends with this guy(lets just call him ian) ever sence the beginning of high school ians a great guy and wouldnt lie to me.. but then he moved to utah last year:(, hes just a really great friend and hes getting married in may, ima be in his...
    2 Relationships 31
  93. Boys and the games they play
    I swear my boyfriend is messing with me. I want to know what you guys think is up. He has to work during the weeks I get that cool whatever. But he leaves my town to get to work two hours ahead of time... Ok? Then if I call him we talk maybe like 5 mi...
    2 Relationships 9
  94. Why do I have these feelings, are they like normal-ish?
    Umm yea im straight. Lol thats the most inportant thing, like all my friends would describe me as a ruler. Thats how into dudes I am. And so yea I love someone right now, a dude, but im sliiightly attracted to one of my friends. Who is a chik. And like...
    3 Sex 11
  95. What should I do about this sale?
    Well I got an offer from this lady Via E-mail about my hair. she said that she would offer me 900 dollars for 14 in. of my hair.. I would really love to donate my hair to a good cause but the truth is me and my fiance could really use some extra cash r...
    3 General 11
  96. Should I report it?
    This might seem incredibly obvious to everyone, but nothing like this has ever happened to me. Yesterday, some man approached me while I was on campus. It was in a crowded place. He asked about the shoes I was wearing, so I answered trying to be fri...
    9 Politics 32
  97. boyfriend and dating issues help!!
    im 15 by the way... ok so I've been dating this kid. and I think hes the one. we were both virgins when it started and now were not. do the math. and I promised myself id lose it to the person I love. and thats what I didsince the first time, weve had...
    5 Sex 22