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  1. Favorite candy
    What is your favorite candy
    10 Food 29
  2. What are some types of candy?
    3 Food 28
  3. Cotton Candy
    What is cotton candy made of??
    4 Food 24
  4. how to keep butter melted
    how do you keep butter melted?
    5 Food 233
  5. melting points
    melting point of gold
    2 Science 56
  6. What you mean by Hang candy ?
    What you mean by Hang candy ?
    3 Food 25
  7. What was your favourite childhood candy and what is your favourite now?
    28 Food 30
  8. What if Antarctica starts melting more?
    6 Environment 11
  9. Whats your favorite candy?
    13 Food 13
  10. How can I find the melting point of a sudstance?
    How can I find the melting point of a sudstance?
    3 Science 29
  11. Whats your favorite Mexican Candy???
    Whats your favorite mexican candy???
    4 Food 33
  12. CANDY the book
    who has read the book candy?? its amazing (:
    3 Literature 16
  13. Whats yall's favorite candy?
    Whats yall's favorite candy?
    9 Food 34
  14. Candy man a scary film?
    Is the film candy man scary???
    2 Entertainment 49
  15. Why do they call Life Savers candy "life savers"?
    12 Food 61
  16. is there any risk in eating weed candy?
    8 Health 47
  17. how do you fix faux fur after it's been through the dryer?
    2 Homegarden 622
  18. How do you find a melting point of a substance?
    3 Science 74
  19. What is the best blow dryer to use?
    2 Style 20
  20. Is it offensive to call candy you only find in Mexican food stores "Mexican Candy"?
    11 Food 27
  21. Childhood Candy
    What are some of you favorite childhood/old time candies?
    5 Food 37
  22. Where can you buy the Chinese candy "White Rabbit"?
    5 Food 13
  23. What's your favorite and least favorite Halloween candy?
    What is your favorite Halloween candy? Which candy do you hate to get? Why?
    11 Food 34
  24. How to make cool things out of candy wrappers?
    2 Literature 98
  25. What can I do to stop my velvet clothing from rolling up in the dryer?
    7 Homegarden 151
  26. How can you shrink shirts without putting them in the dryer?
    3 Homegarden 54
  27. Is it just me or does white chocolate melt slower than milk chocolate?
    6 Food 28
  28. Do you start at the bottom or top of a candy cane?
    Do you start at the top or bottom?
    5 Food 62
  29. What is the calorie count for Brach's Candy Corn?
    5 Nutritionfitness 13
  30. Do you prefer American candy or English sweets?
    5 General 14
  31. why does cheese always taste better melted?
    10 Food 45
  32. do you like hard candy
    do you like hard candy any answer is welcome thank you.
    7 Food 16
  33. Movie Candy with Heath Ledger
    where can I watch the movie Candy starring Heath Ledger???
    2 Entertainment 44
  34. Which candy do you prefer? Sweet tarts? or Smarties?
    Which candy do you prefer? Sweet tarts? or Smarties? As for me, I love Smarties.
    8 Food 99
  35. Pen in dryer
    How do I get ink stains out of the inside of a dryer
    3 Homegarden 21
  36. What's your favorite candy ?
    Wuts your favorite candy I'm bored -and- curious!!!
    19 Food 21
  37. Skull Candy Ear Buds
    Are skull candy ear buds worth the money?
    3 Shopping 41
  38. Are the fumes that come off melting plastic really toxic?
    2 Health 16
  39. Who sang the song "I want candy"; was it Aaron Carter?
    5 Music 45
  40. Why does my earwax smell like cotton candy for REAL?
    16 Health 104
  41. Whats the best type of candy
    15 Food 38
  42. Japanese Candy!!!
    Where can you get the all-loved Japanese Candy for a LOW price???
    3 Food 12
  43. Melting chocolate
    How do you melt chocolate? Everytime I try I burn it! Help me lol
    3 Food 9
  44. Which costumes get the most candy?
    I want to get a lot of candy this holiday. Which costumes are the most effective?
    4 General 20
  45. how long can you freeze chocolate candy for?
    How long can I freeze left over Christmas chocolate candy bars for?
    2 Food 51
  46. What does it take to open a candy shop?
    What does it take to open a candy shop? any ideas on what candies should be there?how it should be dcorated?just give me your input
    2 Money 38
  47. How can dry my hair really quickly without a blow dryer?
    12 Style 19
  48. Is it possible to melt rocks?
    Like everyday rocks that you find on the ground...
    6 Science 87
  49. Is it better to use the cool or heat option on a blow dryer?
    9 Style 11
  50. can teeth burn and melt?
    If so how long would it take at what temperture?
    3 General 86
  51. Candy floss vs. cotton candy
    Is there a difference between candy floss and cotton candy? Aren't they the same thing? My dad and I were grocery shopping and there was pudding from the same company, one was 'candy floss' flavored and the other is 'cotton candy' flavored. We're c...
    3 Food 279
  52. What's a good brand of hair dryer ?
    What's a good brand of hair dryer that's not very expensive, but is good quality, and comes with a diffuser?
    2 Style 15
  53. CANDY!!!
    What is yur favorite candy out of STARBURST, Skittles and Almonds my fave is STARBURST=) hehe
    14 General 28
  54. What's your favorite candy?
    I loved abba zabbas and snickers when I was a kid. What was your favorite candy growing up?
    7 Food 35
  55. Why do u get split ends with a hair dryer and straightning iron?
    Why do u get split ends with the hair dryer and the straightning iron?
    4 Style 46
  56. How do I straighten my hair without blow dryers, straighteners, relaxers, or hot oils?
    5 Style 7
  57. ever seen the movie "Hard Candy" with Ellen Page
    Has anyone ever seen the movie "Hard Candy" with Ellen Page and if so what do you think of it?
    5 Entertainment 38
  58. Like melting cheese on taco shells?
    Does anyone else like melting cheese on taco shells?its really good!!!
    4 Food 39
  59. Why is the dryer on top of the washer in most condos?
    is most condo's why is the dryer on top of the washer?? wont the button directions be facing upside down?
    3 Homegarden 12
  60. When do you start giving little ones hard candy?
    When do you start giving little ones hard candy butterscotch, jolly ranchers, or mints?
    5 Food 44
  61. Mint things you put on yor tounge and they like melted
    Do you remember those mint things you put on yor tounge and they like melted + they were reallly hot?
    4 Food 41
  62. Do You Have a Favorite Candy that You Miss?
    Seems that a great many candies we knew as children have disappeared off the shelves at the candy store because they are no longer manufactured. Do you have a favorite candy that you miss?
    2 Food 39
  63. What is your favourite Easter candy?
    Mine are those marshmallow eggs and robin eggs, the ones like Whoppers
    18 Food 37
  64. Why doesn't the snow on Santa's roof melt?
    If heat rises and north is up, how come the snow on the roof of Santa's workshop never melts?
    9 Entertainment 30
  65. Candy & junk?
    Ok well I was thinking! Does candy make you fat? I mean I know that junk food like chips make you fat but does candy??? Does candy make you fat or does it just ruin your teeth???
    2 Nutritionfitness 18
  66. What candy shape should I make my island for a school project?
    Hi. I have a project I must do and I must create and island. The island must me fantasy. So I want to do Candy Island. What candy shape should I make my island? Please help!
    2 Education 202
  67. What's your favorite candy bar?
    I wanted to know what is everybody's favorite candy bar? Mine is a Heath bar and th Dove chocolate, now that melts in your mouth!!!
    30 Food 58
  68. What kind of candy do you like?
    eheheh XD I just wonder.. What kind of candy do you like?? :D Can also be nuts, chips and more :D even if it's not candy :P
    7 Food 26
  69. 40 pieces of candy too much?
    Is eating over 40 pieces of halloween candy a very bad thing to do in one day? because my friend did it haha
    2 Health 18
  70. Would you let your child(dren) get candy from a police officer that is riding around in a police cruiser?
    32 Babies 42
  71. How many Warheads (candy) are in a 1.5 oz bag?
    I need to know because me and my friends are going to do the warhead challenge.
    2 Food 92
  72. Should candy canes be put on the Christmas tree?
    heres another debate question. should candycanes be put in the xmas tree and do you do that
    14 Entertainment 106
  73. Can anyone give me a list of animal testing free cosmetics + candy?
    Can someone give me a list of cosmetics with animal testing and a list of cosmetics animal testing free? Oh and a list of candy/snacks/softdrinks that have animal testing and a list that are animal testing free.
    7 Shopping 47
  74. What can I do while I wait for kids to come and get candy?
    What can I do while I wait for kids to come and get candy? I don't just want to wait and be bored. I am 13 years old, this is my first time I am going to pass out candy.
    2 Entertainment 12
  75. Hat to put in a pinata besides candy for sweet sixteen?
    For my sweet sixteen year old daughter, I would like some ideas on what to put in a pinata besides candy?
    9 Gaming 111
  76. Where can you find Toxic Waste Candy?
    my friend Michael gave me one and some of my other friends some and they are like sour at first but then sweet.
    4 Food 65
  77. Melting ice question
    Say you have a container full of water, and a chunk of ice in there as well...when the ice melts, the water level/volume will be exactly the same as when the ice was initially placed into the container of this true?
    13 Science 92
  78. Would you consider a Snickers candy bar to be a good snack food?
    I don't mean like all the time but maybe a once in a while thing?
    14 Nutritionfitness 41
  79. Where can I buy a big candy jar of choc nibbs?
    Where can I buy a big candy jar of chob nibbs online like the ones you get in candy shops? how much are they? can someone give me a link to them?
    3 Shopping 36
  80. Candy 'bar' or candy 'cup'? Everyone vote!
    Ok, so here's the story. A friend of mine made a 'How well do you know me?' quiz. One of her questions asked what her favorite candy bar was and her husband guessed wrong. The correct answer was a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. But, now he's trying to say ...
    6 Food 36
  81. What is your favourite kind of candy?
    No reason on why I'm asking this just wanna see what people say cause candy is so cool!!:d I love moro's!!!
    7 Food 23
  82. Who can tell me about hair dryer accessories?
    Well not accessories but tools, lately I've been seeing these dryers with something black at the front where the heat comes out of. What is it for? How does it help your hair?
    2 Style 16
  83. Can vegetarians eat candy?
    I know this might seem like a stupid question but my friend said some candy has animal fat in it, so they cant eat it. Is this right?
    5 Nutritionfitness 721
  84. Why does my dog like cotten candy,and I dont?
    My dog loves cotten candy is there somethig wrong...wihtthat beside it having's so cute though..but It's so not healthy
    3 Pets 38
  85. How can you get melted aluminium foil off the bottom of an oven?
    It melted on the bottom and now it doesn't come can't use chemicals it's a self cleaning oven plus it is new..
    6 Homegarden 41
  86. Where, if anywhere, are they selling things like candy canes and stuff, already?
    I really want som sweettart flavored ones. :)
    8 Shopping 34
  87. Can you freeze candy bars to use later?
    So I was going to make my mom some Heath bar cookies but I'm not going to be able to for a while...if I freeze the candy bars, will they be alright to use later? (All you have to do is cut them into little pieces.)
    4 Food 147
  88. Would you Like to receive "Bacon Candy" as a Christmas gift?
    Ok, so, bacon tastes good ... but in candy form? Would you eat this? Read about it:
    18 Food 17
  89. Candy Grams
    Okay. Well I figured candy grams would be a good funraiser to do...since its almost christmas time. much should they cost? and...what candy should they be? I was thinking...candy canes...or something but...what are your ideas?
    6 General 65
  90. How can I fix the blower on my clothes dryer?
    The dryer drum revolves but no air is coming out. I have removed the hose and that seems to be fairly clean. The drum sometimes seems to be slower and has a scraping noise.
    2 Homegarden 48
  91. Fixing clothes dryer that won't dry
    Hi, I am a Mother to two beautiful children ,but we do have a lot of laundry. The machine has not been drying our clothes. We don't have too muc money for a repairman. How can I fix it on my own? The dryer just doesn't dry the clothes.
    3 Homegarden 56
  92. On a box of heart candies, do I leave the tag on?
    I got my girlfriend a box of heart candies, do I leave the tag that says Harry London on or do I yltake it off? I don't know cause I've never given them before soo?
    2 Shopping 11
  93. Candy Kids.
    Well, I've been really wanting to be a candy kid. but I don't know if I should do it. Candy kids dress awesomely, and have fun and all the glow sticks and orbits and what not are madd cool. I just don't want people thinking "Oh she's a candy kid- ...
    4 Babies 18
  94. If I had a room made of cotton candy, would it be warmer than the rest of my house?
    Like if the walls and everything were made of cotton candy. Cuz like wouldn't it sorta like insulate the room? Theoretically, obviously xD
    11 Homegarden 25
  95. How much do you spend on Halloween candy to pass out?
    We used to get away with spending 20 bucks, but every year more and more kids have been coming and last year we spent almost $100 just on candy to pass out.
    7 Money 42
  96. Why does my tattoo look like the color is melting off?
    I got a tattoo a couple days ago and today I started using bacitracin on it, and it kind of looks like the color is melting off. The tattoo doesn't look any different but when I looked down at it there was color coming off of it. What does this mean?
    9 Style 1379
  97. FunAdvice Trivia: How many inches of snow must be melted to equal 1 inch of water?
    A) 6 B) 7 C) 8 D) 10
    9 Funadvice 18
  98. Would Walmart Sell Candy Corn This Time Of Year?
    I know that candycorn is more of a halloween-ish type of thing, so I'm wondering if Walmart would still sell it this time of year?
    2 Food 128
  99. Candy Man and Bloody Mary
    Are the rumors true about candy man and bloody mary. like if you say there names a certain amount of times the glass will break or they will come get you and stuff? and have you tried it and what happen?
    10 General 45
  100. Whats the best candy?
    I love candy! Lol.. I guess you can say I have a real sweet tooth.. Whats your fav? I love peanut m&ms and rasinettes! Oh and for candy bars.. Well I gotta say it's the zero bar!
    8 Food 40
  101. Barking at the dryer
    Everytime someone is doing laundry and the dryer door is opened Baist barks and bites the dryer door. Why? What can I do to stop this. I can't lock her out of the laundry room cause she barks outside of the door and she put a hole in the door from tha...
    6 Pets 50
  102. What are some other things to pass out besides candy at halloween?
    No baked goodies or anything that isnt deamed appropriate to be passing out. Just curious what your ideas are or what youve seen someone giving out that was neat.
    30 Babies 265
  103. What is an easy way to melt chocolate chips?
    Well.. This weekend, i thought it would be a fun idea if my boyfriend and i were to make chocolate covered fruit. But how can i melt chocolate.. Of course on the stove. Thanks for your help!
    3 Food 18
  104. How many bags of Candy Corn would it take to fill a 30 gallon fish tank?
    Use any size bag of candy corn that you know of, just tell me what size you used. xD I'm actually doing this as a surprise for my boyfriend.
    5 General 35
  105. What are some good candys I should sell?
    Me and my mom want to take my little cusins to disney land and my mom is selling sentsy .. My friends at school like mexican candy a lot so I guss ill do that but what els and name the prise that is good for the candy. Thankz!
    4 Money 28
  106. Curling Iron & Blow Dryer and carry-on luggage
    I will be traveling to San Diego and am taking only a carry-on. I want to bring my curling iron and blow dryer since there will not be one in the hotel. Can I pack them with my carry-on as long as they are visible when the bag is checked?
    2 Style 185
  107. CandyMan
    Speaking of candy... who is the Candy Man???
    2 General 15
  108. Why do my skull candy headphones hurt my ears?
    ok I just got these new pair of skull candy headphones , they are the smokin buds. but everytime I wear them I get an ear ache even if the song is turned down low and is really soft. does anyone know why??
    3 Technology 588
  109. Why does candy make you twitch?
    Me and my boyfriend just got done eating alot of candy. And now we can't sit (well were sitting,...watching V for Vendetta but were twitching)still becasue were twitching and having random movenments. Pain is having spasms with his leg and he kicked me...
    4 Health 78
  110. FunAdvice Trivia: Which company sold the first hand-held hair dryers?
    A) Racine Universal Motor Co. B) Cameron Electromaton Co. C) Siemens D) Ericsson
    3 Funadvice 11
  111. Taking candy from a baby... or the other way around
    I have a friend whos a teenage mother, she is sooo not ready to take care of a kid I just found out that she gives her now 6 month old baby candy. namely, suckers. is anyone else reaaallly bothered by that???
    9 Babies 15
  112. people continue to say that the United States is the Melting Pot
    Why do people continue to say that the United States is the "Melting Pot of the world"? The reason why I ask this question is because they are indeed wrong. The Melting Pot theory within itself is a racist concept. The actual melting pot theory says t...
    2 Politics 31
  113. Clothes dryer won't dry.
    My gas dryer only puts out heat for the first couple of minutes then it is cold air. It takes about 4 cycles to dry a load of clothes. The lint filter and exhaust hose are clean. We can see flames in the back with the back cover off. What could it be?
    2 Homegarden 51
  114. Poision Halloween Candy?
    Has any heard about the rumor going around about some chocolate coming from China being bad? I got an email on Myspace about this. The ones I am talking about are the little round chocolates they kinda look like a large gold coin.
    4 Health 102
  115. How can you preserve sweethearts candy hearts?
    I have this coating stuff to put on clay sculptures and make it shiney and it hardens it. Would that work? I mean, those candies dont really start to smell or get moldy, but the phrases wear off, would a seal like the one I have prevent that?
    5 Literature 35
  116. Good "Candy" songs?!=D
    Who knows a good song that has to do with candy? Or even a few songs? =D I'm having a candythemed birthday party next week, and I want some cool songs to go with it. I already thought of these ones: "Lollipop" by Mika "Candyshop" by 50 cent "Candyman"...
    5 Music 60
  117. Did anyone else notice that people dont give out candy like they used too?
    I remember needing three bags to bring all the candy home from trick or treating. We took our son and every single house was giving one small piece of candy and after two hours of trick or treating we ended up with only a quarter of a bag. Is it the re...
    7 Food 34
  118. What's this candy?
    It's a little round disk colors I think are red, yellow, green, and purple. They're about an inch in diameter and they're kinda sour fruit flavored and they sorta dissolve in your mouth, they almost turn into like a paste type thing and they're chewy. ...
    5 Food 11
  119. How To Save My iPod Nano That Went Thru Washer & Dryer?
    I made a big mistake and didn't check my pockets before doing laundry today. My iPod Nano went through the wash and dry as a result. Any suggestions on how I can save this? I've currently got it powered to a wall charger and in a cup of rice. Any o...
    6 Technology 38
  120. What are skull candies(read more)?
    Ok so i went on my boyfreinds facebook.. Not bein nosey or anything but likee.. Im glad i did. He was talkin to his best freind ... He said " Yo man can i have dem skull candies?" and his freind said " Yeah the blue or weed " And he said " Weed i guess...
    2 General 8
  121. Is it normal for steam/smoke to come out the side of my dryer?
    i put my dads clothes in the dryer so i could wash mine and there is smoke or steam coming out the not completely sure witch on but i think its steam. but anyways i got scared and turned it off because the laundry room is in the basement and...
    8 Homegarden 304
  122. What is the best thing to melt ice off of the driveway?
    My grandma called me after recently moving up to montana and she has never dealt with snow or ice before. She just asked me what the best product was to put down to melt ice. I told her just to use rock salt. Is there something better that she could...
    8 Homegarden 437
  123. What do you think of my poem "Melt"?
    This is a poem I've just written called "Melt." I will love you languid When you're tired Stay in your white nest All day if you like I'll stare at you while you stare at your eyelids I'll move over you like a sentient glacier Or if you like We'll ma...
    5 Literature 10
  124. Why would cinnamon candy cause discomfort in my tongue?
    So I've been on a kick of eating hot tamales. Bought the suckers at a dollar store for a dollar a box. So I've eaten around 3 boxes already, and now it feels like my tongue has been scorched with a flamethrower. It's been 12 hours since I've eaten any,...
    3 Health 1825
  125. Is Goth melting into the mainstream?
    Goth is becoming more and more accepted by the mainstream. At first I saw this as a positive thing, that might stop people hating us, but then I realised, when Officeworks started selling " gothic stationery ", that the newfound, accepting nature of th...
    7 Style 52
  126. How to make chocolates?
    how do you make chocolates like candy
    3 Food 12
  127. LG Truesteam washer and dryer
    Hey there. I am considering buying the lg truesteam washer and dryer. Though currently, I have top loader washer and a normal front load dryer. I always forget something to throw into the load and its easy with a top loader because well, you just open ...
    3 Homegarden 54
  128. Biology stufff! Animals and classificiations. O:... And candy!
    Hey. Okay, so I have finals tomorrow and I'm sure this question is going to be on it. "what characteristics define an animal?" I know they're multi-cellular and lack cell walls and are motile or sessile. But what else? Also.. To classify animal...
    2 Education 14
  129. How would table salt work on ice?
    All the snow here has melted now, and I can't test this out for myself... but I was wondering something. When you have ice and snow on the ground and you put salt down it melts it... what would happen if you put table salt down on the ice/snow? Would i...
    3 Environment 52
  130. Why do glaciers retreat?
    I only have 1 point.. They're melting. As the ends break off and melt, the glacier gets shorter.
    2 Environment 9
  131. Sugary Goodness!!!
    What's your favorite Candy, or anything sweet?
    2 Nutritionfitness 7
  132. How to prevent cellulite?
    my mom told me that people who eat a lot of candy end up getting cellilite!!! OMG! I eat tons of candy! how can I prevent getting cellilite?? besides stop eatin candy and drinking water?
    2 Style 10
  133. Shrinking clothes?
    Do clothes shrink in the washer with hot water or in a dryer?
    4 Homegarden 57
  134. Cleaning a thermal shirt
    Should a thermal shirt be cleaned in a washing machine and dried in a dryer?
    3 General 29
  135. Ice and snow
    When do why ou put ice melt on a driveway, before or after the ice/or snow?
    4 Homegarden 249
  136. Ideas (decorations, games) for a Candy Themed Bday Party?
    So, I'm turning 17 next month! Last year I had a huge Sweet Sixteen, so this time I'm only inviting about 15 people to my house, for a get-to-gether. BUT-since it's my last birthday at Curacao (the island where I live) because I'm moving to Holland nex...
    5 Entertainment 95
  137. Do you feed your horse anthing special?
    such as a lil peice of candy or something
    9 Pets 20
  138. What are some healthy snacks?
    THAT ARE STILL DELICIOUS. chip... candies... cookies... bars...
    4 Food 19
  139. What are some words with ''C''?
    Please Give me some words with ''C'' not like candy,cool,cat,and that.
    9 Literature 50
  140. who loves starburst??
    yummmy!! its my fave candy ever!!! who else is obssesed over starburst??
    8 Food 13
  141. Smoky eye look & Curls
    smoky eye look and candy curls...I love them but would it look nice?
    2 Style 11
  142. How do I get contacts overseas to make something for me?
    I need to gain contacts overseas to have some candy confections made for me. I am thinking on selling "Sweet Jesus" candy (a gummy Jesus on a small gummy cross). It would be mostly a t-shirt sales retail online site with a limited amount of candy mad...
    2 Money 22
  143. ionic compounds?
    explain why a solid ionic compound does not conduct electricity, but the compound will do so when melted or dissolved in water.
    2 Science 59
  144. healthy sugary foods
    is there some sorta food that taste like candy or something but is still healthy??
    3 Food 41
  145. What to get him for Valentine's Day?
    how do you know what kind of stuff to get for your boyfriend for valentines day?? teddy candy what
    6 Shopping 40
  146. Bad foods?
    Im dieting and what are bad foods I only know of Pop Candys/ choc. Any more to help?
    3 Food 28
  147. Can I put a china bowl in a microwave???
    Quick Question, can I melt choclate in the microwave in a china bowl or can you not put china in a microwave??? Thanx
    6 Food 185
  148. What did you do for Halloween 2008?
    Trick or treating? Parties? Passing out candies? See a movie? :) I want to hear what everyone did on their Halloween. I stayed home and passed out candies but there really weren't much people because it was raining.
    6 General 7
  149. Ideas for a candy/cocktail themed birthday party?
    Hi, So I already asked a question earlier, but I really liked this one idea for my birthday party: A candy and/or coctail party. I was thinking about stuff like chocolate fondue, candy creatures, or like, mixing your own coctails. But I need some h...
    2 Entertainment 51
  150. Can dogs eat this?
    My dog is chewing on a huge candy cane and I don't know if they can eat peppermint. Is it okay for her? Thanks :)
    4 Food 83
  151. Do you have any special Halloween traditions?
    Other than decorating, trick or treating, or giving out candy, do you have a special tradition that your family likes to do for Halloween?
    19 General 27
  152. what kinds of things do teen girls want to hear from guys
    what kinds of things do teen girls want to hear from guys that will melt themon the inside with love??
    3 Relationships 56
  153. What are favorite holidays?=D
    Mine are Haloween and Valentines Day so much candy and flowers! Haha!
    4 General 14
  154. Where to find good yam and marshmellow reciepe?
    I need a good reciepe for candied yams with marshmellows, vanilla, brown sugar and butter .
    3 Food 54
  155. How contact lenses affect our eyes?
    I heard that the contact lenses melt when we are in the heat area , and it will spoil our vision., is that true?
    2 Style 41
  156. how to dry my cleates
    my cleates are soaking wet I need them dry really quick how can I dry them quickly but I cant put them in the dryer any suggestions?
    2 Sports 42
  157. Why is Miley Cyrus being criticized?
    Do you think it's right for the tabloids to jump to the conclusion about her and her friend and this piece of candy between them?
    7 Entertainment 35
  158. song about candies/sweets
    I need a song about candies, sweets, ice cream for my campers they are seven years old.
    5 Music 57
  159. India electrical stuff
    When I go to india will I be able to use my hair dryer etc. In indian plug sockets?
    2 Shopping 17
  160. How can I get dark eyeliner?
    I cantnever make my bottom eyelid to look right. and my pencil eyeliners stink! how can I get my eyeliner to look dark, and not melt?
    3 Style 49
  161. Physical Change HELP!!
    Which of the following does NOT involve physical change? a. decomposing b. mixing c. grinding d. melting
    2 Education 68
  162. My Cell Phone
    Help! My cell phone just fell in the bathtub. What do I do? It's not working properly... Can I use a hair dryer set to cool on it???
    6 Technology 43
  163. favourite snack/treat/candy
    what is your favourite snack / treat / candy? I have a lot but an few are skittles and chocolate cake and strawberry shortcak icecream.
    5 Food 23
  164. UM HELP
    2 Style 8
  165. complimenting girls (help soon
    I never had a problem with it but whats one thing you can say to a girl to make them melt...
    4 Relationships 23
  166. Which Smells Better?
    I have a question: Which smells better? Vanilla Fantasy or Cotton Candy Fantasy? Both are from the Body Fantasies Collection and both smell good but which one is better? Random Question.
    11 Style 34
  167. What's your favorite kind of cookie?
    My mom bought these ridiculously delicious gourmet cookies that I fell in love with at first bite! What about you guys, do you have any special cookies that make your mouth melt?! The cookies I ate were chocolate chip and they were so soft and the choc...
    25 Food 55
  168. How well does Veet work?
    Does it get the hair out by the root? Or does it just melt off the ends and leave you with dark dots like shaving?
    5 Style 386
  169. How often do you use heat styling products during the week?
    Blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons, crimpers, ect.
    9 Style 18
  170. Math help?
    Ok my math question is: A bag contains 50 pieces of candy and each piece can be one of four colors. There are twice as many green pieces as there are red, and a fourth as many yellow as there are green. The total number of red pieces plus the number of...
    2 Education 19
  171. What if all the quarters disappeared one day??
    What do you think would be a downside if all quarters diappeared one day?? One downside would be that there won't be any candy machines :( Idunno, random thought
    4 Money 12
  172. Importance of Sceince
    how is solubility, malleability, ductility, permeability, boiling point, melting point, electrical conductivity, and specific heat important in the world?
    2 Science 35
  173. Curly hair sucks
    How do I get ridw of curly hair naturally? I needd!!!help!!! Without damiging it or making it dryer or dandruff I neeeddd help!!!
    9 Style 105
  174. Choice
    If you had a choice between these things which one would you pick?? 1) have a million bucks? 2) all the candy in the world? 3) have a chance to be famous? Pick one. :)
    5 General 15
  175. How, Self clean oven and plastic, HEEELLLPP?
    There is some melted plastic in my oven, I got most of it out but is it safe to use the "self clean" setting? Without releasing poisonous fumes?
    2 Homegarden 48
  176. How can I stop eating too much?
    I eat a lot!!! Today I ate tons of candy, even after I was full!!! I can't control myself D: PLEASE HELP!!!
    3 Nutritionfitness 30
  177. comon girls help me!
    I want to do or give something to this girl im in love for christmas that would just make her melt... she is an alternative chick, witch I love :) I've already written her songs with my guitar, and thats all im really good at artistic wise... s...
    8 Relationships 16
  178. How can I get crayon wax out of upholstery?
    I left a Crayola Crayon on the seat in my fiance's vehicle and it was a hot day. The crayon melted into the upholstery. Does anyone have experience with this and know what I can do to get the wax out?
    2 Homegarden 59
  179. Is this a good deal??
    ok this lady is going to sell me a BAD HEAD straightener curling iron and blow dryer and a mirror all for $75.00 Is this a good deal??
    2 Style 31
  180. Why is my mom's dog scared of everything? stuffed animals and random items like candy wrapper? Or Christmas bows? Or music??? lol
    9 Pets 55
  181. Creative a social site Names?
    I see people with these creative a social site names that have their names in them [for example,my friends is Taylor x Toxic and I saw one girls that was Mandy.Massacre]. I want one too but I can't come up with something to go with my name. I used Toxi...
    12 Technology 54
  182. Q.s 4 Spanish Words
    Is "hi how are you doing" coma estas in Spanish??? Is "hello" hola?? Is "thank you" gracios? Is "skittles" (the candy) skittles? is "rubber" rubber? ??? jw if they do...
    3 Literature 12
  183. How do I get a nerd out of my ipod hole?
    I got a nerd (it's a small beadlike piece of candy) in the headphones hole on my ipod! I stuck in a little needlelike thing to try and retrive it but it just cracked the nerd and shoved it up further! This is horrible, can anyone help?!?!?! Thanks soo...
    5 Technology 103
  184. Is it legal to sell snacks/drinks in a salon?
    Do you need any kind of liscense for it or can you just do so? Drinks like sodas and juice. Snacks like candy bars and chips.
    2 Money 75
  185. Should I beat the thief?
    Last night i caught a thief in my house but he looks so innocent that my heart really got melt. now i have changed my mind and thought not to beat him...
    2 General 35
  186. What foods should I stay away from?
    I want to give up most junk foods for lent. well all junk foods, and I know I should stay away from like, chips and candy and things of the sort..but what are some other foods in the junk food area that I should stay away from?
    3 Food 48
  187. why do things move away from the heat?
    I was melting butter on the stove and I noticed that the butter moved away from the center of the pan on the eye. so the middle of the eye, im guessing, is the hottest part of the eye. why do things move away from heat?
    3 Science 28
  188. Lyrics to this song?
    whats the lyrics to the song that starts: "If all the snowflakes turned to candy bars and milk shakes." haha me and my friend are sitting here just wondering what the rest of the lyics.
    5 Music 85
  189. How can I repair my mp3 player after I washed it?
    Ok well I forgot to check my pockets before I did laundry and I accidently washed my mp3 and then it went through the dryer is there some way I can fix it or am I just out of luck?
    4 Technology 56
  190. women eat less than men.
    I wonder is that true that women eat less than men, because I dont believe that women can fill her stomach all day only with a candy bar they need to eat real food.
    4 Nutritionfitness 36
  191. How do I get myself to sleep and eat?
    I cant sleep at all and my grades are slipping and I havnt aten in a week and an half I cant even eat my halloween candy I dont know what to do or how to get myself to sleep. any ideas??
    4 Health 26
  192. Can you use regular detergent in a HE Washing machine?
    I just bought a front loader,high efficiency washer and dryer. Can I use the regular liquid detergent that I have left in the new machine, or do I have to use specifically HE detergent?
    3 Homegarden 49
  193. Best way to remove fake nails?
    Whats the best way to take off fake nail I tried acetone to melt them off but it didnt work so gurls out therr pls help me take them off...
    5 Style 62
  194. valentines day gift for girlfriend.
    is a flower (rose) and candy hearts good enough? I'm 15 and we've been dating for about 2 months.
    5 Relationships 21
  195. What are some inexpensive things I can do for a Sweet 16?
    I'm planning on having a few friends over for my 16th birthday, and the theme is "Sweet" 16. Like, TONS OF CANDY! What are some other easy, inexpensive things I could do that are still related to the theme?
    2 Entertainment 56
  196. What kind of battery should I connect with my Castle 2200 motor?
    im making a super light and fast rc. i need a battery. which battery will give as much power it can but not melt the motor
    2 Cars 13
  197. Can I cook fudge inside of a cookie?
    Im making a cookie pizza and i want to put the fudge topping in the "crust" . Like cheese in the crust of an actual pizza.... Will the fudge melt the cookie? or just be disgusting because the sugar in it?
    3 Food 14
  198. Strange pink stains on my shirt (armpit area)
    Okay, so I put my shirt through the washer (and dryer, blahblahblah) but when it came out, the armpit area on the sleeves were pink! I have no idea why. is this common at all? and how can I get rid of the pink stains?
    5 Homegarden 1322
  199. People who whine about how fat they are then only eat crap...
    Does it REALLY bug you when people whine and whine about how they're SO fat and can't lose weight...and then constantly eat and eat and eat stuff like chips and candy? It really drives me nuts.
    6 Nutritionfitness 33
  200. Joe Bros or Foe Bros?
    Ok hear me out... you Jonas Brother fans listen to the song Year 3000... then listen to the song Candy or Juilet! they sound a lot alike! Candy is an Aaron Carter song... and Hey Juilet sung by LMNT... Both of these are Pop stars and the Jonas brothers...
    18 Music 46
  201. What you get in your easter basket?
    So happy easter ... Lol if you got a basket what cha get? If you didnt what would you have liked to get in your basket ... You prob. Dont care but I got a lot of candy and a teddy bear. Lol
    4 General 23
  202. Am I going bald or what?
    Ok so im bi racial. And I have really curly hair. I have notice there is a spot on my head that is dryer and thinner then the rest of my hair. Im only 14. Is there anything I can do to fix it?
    2 Style 10
  203. What's the fastest way to dry hair?
    Should I sleep with it inna towel or should I just sleep with it down. It's not soaked but deffinitely still wet. I need it dry asap. The hair dryer is locked in my sister's room and she's sleepin :(...
    3 Style 14
  204. Any Christians feel that Easter is too downplayed?
    Do any other christians out there feel that easter is too downplayed by society? I personally am sick of it being about easter eggs, candy and a big bunny instead of family, and most importantly Jesus. What do you think? How do you celebrate this imp...
    11 Religion 43
  205. I'm thinkin' Arby's (sucks)!!
    So what's the deal with Arby's? You order curly fries and a cheddar cup, and they fill the cup only HALF WAY with some melted, globular substance with some resemblance to melted cheddar! what the f*ck?? Are we currently under a dairy product shortag...
    8 Food 164
  206. How can I get my eyeliner to stay on?
    I always put on eyeliner and by about half way through the day its all melted down my face and I look really scarey. is there a good way to make it stay like it looks when I first put it on? or are there any really good brands you know of?
    8 Style 211
  207. Is it healthy for hair to be wet for a long time after taking a shower?
    i take a shower and then when i'm done, i wrap my hair in a towel and hold it up and keep it like that for a long time. should i change to drying it fast with a blow dryer or keep it like that.
    5 Style 26
  208. What is up with my hair extensions?
    OK I bough hair extensions and they are glued on they feel weird now because I've reglued them and they get loose and rip my hair when I take them out also they melt or slide off when im sweating omg what do I do???
    2 Style 47
  209. Riddle: Can You Get It?
    I can be both short and long. I can fly like a bird, but I sing no song. I make snow melt and I make paint dry. I help nature grow and also make it die. What am I?
    9 Entertainment 12
  210. That this is a good idea for my girlfriends birthday???...
    That this is a good idea for my girlfriends birthday??? I am going to get her a giant basket full of all her favorite candies and make it pretty!! P.S. we are serious now...thank you for your feedback on the last question
    6 Shopping 45
  211. What cravings did you have during pregnancy?
    What weird cravings did you all get during pregnancy? And how far gone were you? I'm interested! As I've started to crave melted cheese and granny smith apples! Just not together!!... not yet anyway! Haha
    2 Health 47
  212. Is it legal to drop out of school if I'm
    Im 16 and I just resently found out that im pregnant. Is is legal for me to drop out of school at this age? Candi ps-I'll be 17 next week (March 8)
    3 Health 34
  213. Different words same meaning?
    Can you think of words that us guys say in the uk that are different to how you say them over yonder,eg crisps / potato chips sweets/ ...
    26 General 572
  214. new design of street drugs
    Has anyone seen the new design that they have for Bennies! (Bens, Nemesis, "poor mans E"). Its an amphetamine similar to Ecstasy, and their them in the shape of kids cartoon characters face. (Only one I could make out was Bart Simpson). They look just ...
    4 Drugs 21
  215. How do you think the world will end?
    Do you believe in the 12/21/2012 hype? Do we have another 5 million years before the sun burns out? Will global warming cause the polar caps to melt and drown the Earth? What do you think?
    16 Environment 66
  216. How do you straighten your hair without a flat iron?
    Sorry about the title. Anyway, I have really thick and curly hair and I wanted to see what I looked like with straight hair but I don't have a straightening hair iron. I have a hair dryer and that's it. So I was wondering if anyone knew how to straight...
    6 Style 67
  217. Do I love him or lust him?
    when it comes to my boyfriend I am so vunerable. Sometimes I say to my self I will never talk to him or see him again the next thing I know he calls me and I'm melting away I don't know If I love or lust him. Please help
    2 Relationships 16
  218. Trick Or Treat LOL !
    how was everyone's halloween? what did you do? or dress up as. let me know because I didnt do anything but pass out candy to da cheerin. lol I was sooo bored but itz all good I still had a good tyme.
    4 Food 32
  219. 3-D ANIMAL CELL
    I have to do a project for biology and I cant use CANDY CLAY OR ANYOTHER TYPE OF FOOD. and im gunnah use styrafoam/ can you help me on wha I should use to make it. please
    3 Science 16
  220. When am I supposed to put the Hershey's Kisses in the cookies?
    i got up really early and started baking for tomorrow and im making cookies, and then putting Hershey kisses in them, but do i do it while they are still warm, so they will stick? or will they just melt? or do i put them in when they cool down?, im rea...
    7 Food 8
  221. surveyy for youyouyou
    1. whats your favorite candy? 2. whats your favorite fruit? 3. are you blonde or brunette? 4. what do ya want to b when you grow up? 5. do you like the jonas brothers?
    12 General 53
  222. I bought a thong
    Today I just bought a thong, but my mom doesn't know. I can't tell her because she already thinks I'm growing up too fast. Im thinking of not telling her, and just washing it myself in our laundry room. But what if she puts the wets into the dryer when...
    6 Style 135
  223. Party foods.
    For 14 year olds! I want snacks, not meals. Nothing I have to make, not candy, food! Not stuff that will go really fast either, like pizza bites and nothing messy.
    5 Food 8
  224. cant think of the name
    im trying to figure out the name of the people that you can call and send and order of flowers or candy and when they deliver it there all dressed up and sing like a little song or something. can you help me think of what there called?
    2 Relationships 14
  225. How do I use self control?
    I am 14, and I do want to loose some weight. Now I don't wanna diet because thats unhealthy. but I wanna cut back on candy and eat healthier. I try but I dont have self control, and I need to get some. How?
    3 Nutritionfitness 41
  226. Is anyone else addicted to this film? :)
    Hard Candy? Ellen page is a brilliant actor inthis film, and the wording is just perfect :D I can endlessly watch this film, anyone else like this? if you havent seen it, I recommend it.
    3 Entertainment 6
  227. The flavor stuff you put on shaved ice?
    My friend said that if you put some of that flavor stuff that you put on shaved ice, like the cotton candy or blueberry, you know stuff like that...well she said if you put some of that stuff down there everyday that it will start smelling and tasting ...
    2 Health 52
  228. Does the Conair blowdryer/straightener work?
    If you have tried the newish Conair blow dryer that straightens your hair as it dries it does it work and is it worth paying $60? And if you have no clue please don't answer cause I don't want to spend $60 if you don't know.
    3 Style 59
  229. Love- is it possible
    Is it possible to be in love with someone even after jsut a month? He's all I think about. He's always on my mind and whenever I see him I get these butterflies and when he touches me I just want to melt? Do you think this could be love? If it is, w...
    3 Relationships 16
  230. I need a nickname for Zuly
    she likes oreos,coffee,tattoos,cotton candy, stars, rain, and hello kitty she loves the color turquoise the thing she hates the most is strawberries help me out plzzz
    3 General 73
  231. Which would you rather have; one of those big lollipops, or a bag of sour keys?
    My friends gonna bring me candy in like 20 minutes cuz I'm hungry and those are the choices, but I can't decide O:
    8 Food 28
  232. What should we sell to raise money for a hotel?
    2 Money 40
  233. Iron and Wine
    If you like Iron and Wine, what are you're favorite songs by him? I love his voice it makes me melt like crazy. My favorite songs are: Such great heights Flightless bird, American mouth The trapeze swinger Beneath the balcony
    4 Music 17
  234. How to dry shoes
    I got my shoes hella muddy playin airsoft so I hadta hose them down. Its been 3 days now and I really want them to finally dry? I cant use the dryer because the shoes will break it. Is their anything else I can dooo?
    3 General 50
  235. what to get a boyfriend for valentines day?
    I plan on making my boyfriend a card with a pic of me and him on it,, I want to get him sumthing else,, should I get him a box o candy?? flowers?? other?? what do you think?? and what are things you got your boyfriend or girlfriend for valentines d...
    3 Relationships 46
  236. dont want to go to trial... scared
    okay I dont want to go to trial, against this rapist,... he had raped me and now their saying that he pleaded inocent even tho theirs proof they still want me to testify against him, I don't know what to do im like having a melt down any help at all?!
    6 General 62
  237. What's the best way to stay in shape?
    What's the best way to stay in shape? I'm always getting winded whenever I do a dance or something, I already do yoga and exorcise. Is it the candy and sugar and junk I eat that makes my body more droggy like?
    2 Nutritionfitness 37
  238. Zac Efron or Ryan Sheckler or Cody Linley
    Who is the best good looking boy of the 3 of these? My friends say Zac and Others Cody, I think both of them but since Ryan is so cute and he makes my heart melt I couldn't leave him out
    2 Entertainment 69
  239. greatest movies ever!!!
    Have you scene the movie eternal sunshine of the spotless mind It is the most beautiful/eccentric movie I have ever scene please please watch it And if you like that you should also see The science of sleep Hard candy Kids Bully And be...
    3 Entertainment 5
  240. What can I do about the lights?
    So every year there has been someone how messes with our christmas lights. One year the repeatedly cut our candy cane lights, another time they cut the lights on the tree outside and last year the cut our lights on the bushes. THis year they keep break...
    2 Homegarden 39
  241. need some good ways to get excersise help?
    so recently I've gained a lot of weight. and its so notciable!!! I need help resisting stupid candy and cookies. And I need some good ways to get excersise help?? my mom wont buy anything healthy so its all junk!
    2 Nutritionfitness 8
  242. Can someone help me with laundry issues ?
    Ok so I confused the detergent with the fabric softner and when my clothes came out the dryer all my work pants and like...blotches of the fabric softner on it. Almost like do I get it outtt ??!?!?! Someone please help mee :( these are all...
    2 Homegarden 18
  243. Does plastic in the microwave cause cancer?
    Does plastic in the microwave cause cancer ? I just put a plastic cup in the microwave to melt the butter that was in it. I did this to spread more butter on my popcorn. I need to know if this is a health hazard ? my home ec, science and health teacher...
    7 Health 275
  244. Does anyone have any realtor marketing ideas?
    I am a Realtor and I am looking for new ways to market. Does anyone have any cute sayings like to put on candy bars or inexpensive items such as "Want a sweet deal call..." and sticking it on a Hershey bar? Thank you in advance.
    3 Homegarden 24
  245. Uhhh what do I do to it?
    Ok, I was fighing with my small dog trying to get candy out of his mouth. He has eaten enough candy in his life. I was trying to pry his mouth open and something spooked him and he bit me by accedent. He didn't mean to because he thought I was playing ...
    6 Health 63
  246. Frizzy hair
    Hi I have fizzy hair and curly hair I must hair dry my hair every day to make it stright with brush dryer and I hate my hair and am getting dandruff and fizzy waht shouled I do to not damage it I hate my hair I want to make it stright but if I do it st...
    2 Style 22
  247. My sweatshirt shrunk!
    My favorite sweatshirt got put in the dryer. Now, one sleeve is significantly shorter than the other. It makes it uncomfortable to wear. How can I fix the sleeve? I need to wear this sweatshirt tonight. So I only have a couple of hours to fix it...
    2 General 39
  248. Who else has eaten a crayon?
    By a show of hands...uhhh wait, by a show of comments has anyone ever eaten a crayon? Come on admitt it...u have, I know I have. I also used to put them ob the heater and melt them, but it never worked very well.
    6 General 22
  249. Who loves shows that come on the Food Network Channel?
    I love most of the shows about cooking and baking. Iron chef, cupcake wars, hell's kitchen, ultimate cake off, Kid in a candy store, man vs. food, etc....I love competitive cooking! What about you?
    7 Entertainment 8
  250. How do I make sure my laundry doesn't smell when I left it in the wash too long after washing?
    I didn't realize the load of wash had sat in the washing machine for a few hours...and it smells a bit. It's in the dryer now, but I really don't want to re-wash it. Any ideas how to make sure the clothes don't smell bad?
    8 Homegarden 20