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Can the church be involved in politics

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  1. Politics
    How to deal with politics
    5 Politics 29
  2. what is church of magick?
    what is church of magick?
    2 Politics 56
  3. What church should I go to?
    What church should I go to?
    2 Politics 27
  4. Who here hates politics?
    Who here hates politics? I Hate it
    10 Politics 45
  5. Do you go to church?
    28 Religion 43
  6. Why can't you get married by church again after you've been married by church in the past?
    7 Religion 54
  7. The U.N. and Politics
    Is the U.N. affected by Politics and are the Politics affecting the U.N.?
    3 Politics 5
  8. Afraid of Churches?
    Is it evil to be afraid of churches?
    11 Religion 48
  9. Does your church have missionaries?
    Does your church have Missionaries? Just wondering.
    5 Religion 25
  10. Where to find political cartoons?
    Where to find political cartoons?
    2 Politics 10
  11. Will you join my Politics group?
    will you join my politics group?
    2 Politics 20
  12. When was the Baptist Church started and by whom?
    When was the Baptist Church started and by whom?
    4 Religion 71
  13. What's the difference between bible churches and regular churches?
    What's the difference between bible churches and regular churches? My curiosity aroused.
    5 Religion 51
  14. How long should a church service be?
    How long should a church service be?
    2 Religion 63
  15. what does being an Escort involve?
    activities of escorts
    4 Relationships 106
  16. What's meant by "political banter"?
    2 Politics 982
  17. What are your views on the Political Debate?
    5 Politics 19
  18. Which political party is messing up the most and why?
    13 Politics 40
  19. How can I promote a church of christ website?
    How can I promote a church of christ website?
    2 Politics 15
  20. How and why to get involved in timberland investment?
    How and why to get involved in timberland investment?
    2 Money 11
  21. What can you do when children is involved in Prostitution
    What can you do when children is involved in this bussiness?
    5 Politics 10
  22. What are the Sacraments of the Cathlic Church?
    What are the Sacraments of the Cathlic Church? Just wondering.
    5 Religion 53
  23. What part should morality play in politics?
    What part should morality play in politics?
    10 Sex 54
  24. Want church do you go to and how big is it ?
    Want church do you go to and how big is it ?
    8 Religion 50
  25. Is anyone else tired of politics?
    11 Politics 35
  26. who is involved in a domestic discipline relationship?
    4 Relationships 12
  27. What does it mean to dream of a burning church?
    3 Religion 708
  28. When's a good age to engage in politics?
    6 Politics 21
  29. What are some careers that involve travelling the world?
    8 Money 43
  30. Any of you attend church today?
    Any of you attend church today? If so, how was it? I went to church, and, it was great!
    9 Religion 44
  31. What's the relationship between Church and State?
    What is the relationship between church and state? Do you agree with that relationship? Why? Why not? Should there be a separation between church and State?
    4 Religion 37
  32. How can the local church help to heal the community?
    How can the local church help to heal the community?
    2 Politics 18
  33. What's involved in the Catholic Liturgy?
    What's involved in the Catholic Liturgy? I'm just curious.
    2 Religion 44
  34. How did britain get involved in world war I?
    How did britain get involved in world war I?
    2 Politics 137
  35. Why Go to Church to Worship?
    If God is everywhere, why do you have to go to church to worship him?
    41 Religion 62
  36. How are courts judges and justices shielded from politics?
    How are courts judges and justices shielded from politics?
    2 Politics 130
  37. Why do parents have to get involved?
    do parents have to get involved with their kids fights??
    13 Family 74
  38. Church home
    Will I still go to heaven if I don't have a church home?
    9 Religion 25
  39. political guru
    my friend calls me a political guru. what is that ? lol
    2 Politics 26
  40. How did vatican city reform the catholic church?
    How did vatican city reform the catholic church?
    2 Religion 23
  41. Who went to church today?
    Who went to church today? I did, I needed to go!
    18 Religion 29
  42. Can I attend lutheran churches if I m not a member?
    Can I attend lutheran churches if I m not a member?
    2 Politics 18
  43. Why do Catholics have to eat that host when they go to church?
    15 Religion 93
  44. What are some college courses that involve saving/helping/improving the environment?
    2 Education 18
  45. Why do you think separation of church and state is inviolable?
    3 Religion 12
  46. What are your thoughts on churches banning interracial couples?
    19 Religion 25
  47. Can someone tell me why people hate church people??
    31 Religion 73
  48. Church+gays
    Can you make your confirmation if you are homosexual?
    20 Sex 52
  49. What jobs involve research?
    can genealogy be one or no?
    6 Money 57
  50. what can i do that doesnt involve any skill when im bored??
    8 General 12
  51. what is the prayer that is said during catholic church services?
    6 Religion 23
  52. What can i do with my crush that doesn't involve going to our houses?
    6 Relationships 32
  53. What are the circumstances under which an excommunicated Catholic can be readmitted into the church, if at all?
    6 Religion 23
  54. Why do people get confirmed into the Catholic Church?
    9 Religion 81
  55. How can I found church addresses in cedar bayou texas?
    How can I found church addresses in cedar bayou texas?
    2 Politics 11
  56. cute and weird hair styles that have braids involved?
    what are some cute and weird hair styles that have braids involved??
    2 Style 56
  57. Burma / Myanmar, should the UN get involved?
    Who thinks the UN should get involved in Burma / Myanmar.
    4 Politics 33
  58. split end help that does not involve cutting!?
    split end help that does not involve cutting!?!? please
    5 Style 89
  59. political gender
    who's better in politics, men or women? overall
    4 Politics 32
  60. Advertisement how to convince a teenager to go to church?
    What advertisement I can make on how to convince a teenager to go to church?
    9 Religion 90
  61. ???my mom does not like my church???
    well my mom does not like my church but you cant keep me away from my church what should I do
    4 Religion 39
  62. Is anyone active in church?
    Is anyone active in church? If so, what sorts of activities does your Pastor have you all get involved in?
    14 Religion 46
  63. Who knows what the Church Of Scientology is?
    Who knows what the Church Of Scientology is? and do you know what they believe? and finally, are you apart of the church? (are you a Scientologist)
    8 Religion 43
  64. How would you explain lame duck related to politics?
    10 Family 24
  65. Is it OK to be involved with a best friend's brother?
    is it ok to be friends with benefits with your best friends brother?
    3 Relationships 27
  66. Do you guys believe the government is getting to involved in our freedom?
    11 Politics 8
  67. What are some quick and simple desserts or dessert drinks that involve coffee?
    8 Food 30
  68. What:Is God going to be mad if i left the church i'm in?
    47 Religion 30
  69. Why does my friend's mom hate me because I dont go to church?
    10 Religion 50
  70. Why sonographer job involves risk of health problems?
    4 Money 15
  71. Have you heard of universal churches?
    They ask for so much money what to they do with it???
    2 Religion 12
  72. Church fundraisers
    What are some fundraisers we can do to get money for youth camp
    3 Money 48
  73. Who came up with political correctness?
    Who came up with political correctness? Why do people use political correctness? Whats the point behind political correctness?
    2 Politics 87
  74. Does anyone play the Organ or Piano in church?
    Does anyone play the Organ, or Piano in church? If Yes, what hymns do you play?
    2 Music 75
  75. What's involved in Ancient Religions?
    What's involved in Ancient Religions? Would it have to do with Ancient Roam, greece, or other? Just curious.
    7 Religion 20
  76. Does your church have Pot Lucks every other Sunday or something?
    Does your church have Pot Lucks every other Sunday or something? Just wondering.
    4 Religion 13
  77. What is your Political Stance?
    The headlining question says it all. What's your political stance? From Anarchy to Dictator.
    4 Politics 47
  78. Who going to church tomorrow?
    The question is whos going to church tomorrow. I am I love church and we should all attend. JUst a curiosity!
    10 Religion 48
  79. Does your church have Fast and testimony?
    Does your church have fast and testimony? If your church does something like that when does it occur? I can tell you, ours does it once a month.
    3 Religion 30
  80. What are good careers involving dogs that sill pay well?
    5 Money 36
  81. is the u.s getting involved in the war between south and north korea?
    12 Politics 44
  82. What is the church's teaching on same sex marriage?
    What is it? What is your opinion? Please tell
    23 Sex 45
  83. How many religions can you name which involved the mating of human with deity?
    11 Religion 34
  84. How can you keep a friendship after sex is involved?
    I had sex with my bestfriend, how do I keep that friendship and not worry about what we do in bed
    3 Sex 19
  85. What are some major beliefs of the catholic church?
    I was just wondering what some major beliefs for catholics are. Detailed please :)
    3 Politics 44
  86. What are some careers that involve only a couple of months or a year of training school?
    2 Money 158
  87. How exactly does skype work? Are there fees involved? Is it user friendly?
    5 Technology 44
  88. What are some experiments I can do on people that involves hand-eye coordination?
    5 General 14
  89. What's that song that was remade and it's kind of rock and it involves the word "dance"?
    6 Music 43
  90. Why does Catholicism have big churches?
    Why do they have big buildings like the Vatican? It's puzzling...
    11 Religion 23
  91. who believes that if you get out of church bad things will start happening?
    18 Religion 17
  92. Politically Correct?
    What is the politically correct term to call one in the US who is of African descent?
    4 General 30
  93. Do you agree with separation of religious and political order?
    Separation of religious and political orders was not clearly defined. Do you agree or disagree and Why?
    2 Politics 9
  94. political stability in Africa
    Hey! Does anyone know what is the political stability like in Cameron
    2 Politics 13
  95. How can I involve my boobs when pleasuring myself?
    I want to involve my tits when im pleasuring myself, and good ways.
    2 Relationships 1007
  96. Having a fight should another person get involved?
    if you are haveing a fight shoud onther persone get involved
    3 Relationships 9
  97. having an abortion but I don't really know what it involves!
    I'm 15 and I am pregnant.I'm having an abortion but I don't really know what it involves! how do they abort the baby??
    12 Health 72
  98. What does the Church of Scientology believe?
    What does the Church of Scientology believe? I've heard some things about them and I was just wondering what they actually believe.
    7 Religion 34
  99. Which church is closest to Greek Orthodox beliefs?
    There is no Greek Orthodox church anywhere around my home. What church would be the closest to my Greek Orthodox beliefs?
    15 Religion 945
  100. How did World War II and the Korean War have any involvement?
    Pease explain. Details
    2 Politics 15
  101. What do you think about people planning a trip to a casino to raise money for a church?
    6 Money 24
  102. What Do you like about your Church?
    If you dont go then ... well ... uh, yeah. lol =)
    20 Religion 39
  103. Who knows a lot about the economic and political situations in the country Luxembourg in Europe?
    3 Politics 19
  104. How do cultural, economic, political, and historical influences affect children's development?
    2 Babies 66
  105. Does every church??
    ask to give ten percent of their earnings every sunday!
    12 Religion 26
  106. What are some good websites that don't involve downloading or paying anything to look up ancestors?
    3 Technology 5
  107. what should i draw next, im into dark things, that involve the human body?
    18 Health 38
  108. What can some kids get involved in for the holiday season for volunteering?
    2 Babies 13
  109. How many pagan religions involve a man (or god) sacrificed on a tree?
    3 Religion 42
  110. Is it bad that I'm agnostic but I still go to church because my parents tell me to?
    6 Religion 61
  111. Where do you think you stand on the political realm?
    Explain why you believe you fall into this category.
    11 Politics 25
  112. Do you think there is true separation of Church and State?
    In the United States, is there true separation of church and state? and if not, does each religion receive the same consideration?
    5 Politics 13
  113. Church grounded?
    do you think my mom has the right to ground me from going to church?I an the only christian in the family so they don't get it.
    13 Religion 41
  114. Future Career jobs that involve animals and not sitting?
    For my furture career what jobs involve animals and nature and NOT sitting around?
    3 Money 53
  115. how to get donations for my church?
    Does anyone know how I could get some information on how to get donations for my church? Please let me know.
    6 Religion 216
  116. Are there alternatives to testosterone shots for female to male transgenders(something not involving needles)?
    6 Health 16
  117. What is a good short story topic for a contest that doesn't involve violence or profanity?
    3 Literature 16
  118. Why is it that the Johovah's witness people are the only ones that come knocking on your door to attend their church?
    51 Religion 62
  119. What are some specific examples of the government getting involved with business around the 19th century?
    3 Money 20
  120. Why do kids of today interested only in playing computer games than getting involved in outdoor games?
    5 Babies 10
  121. What are some hairstyles for curly hair (that involve the hair not being down)?
    I usually braid my hair when I leave it natural, but are there any other hairstyles like that
    3 Style 31
  122. Does it make a difference if you go to church to pray and ask for forgiveness of your sins or do it home?
    17 Religion 67
  123. how do u say "kiss my ass u stupid son of a bitch" politically correct?
    3 Politics 71
  124. Men who go to church
    How are men to act when they attend church? Nice? Are men not their real self? Do they act differently at home?
    8 Religion 12
  125. Can a muslim get married in a macedonian orthodox church?
    Can a muslim girl get married in a macedonian orthodox church without converting to her macedonian fionce?
    6 Religion 205
  126. What is a good duet song for a girl and boy to sing in church?
    I am in a singing com, and need a good song for a girl and guy to sing in church.
    2 Music 131
  127. Seperation of church and state in the Constitution?
    Do you think the constitution supports the serperation of church and state? Why or why not? Intelligent debate please.
    12 Religion 39
  128. What's a good job for someone with a Political Science degree?
    What is the best job for a person that compelete his B.A. With Political science?
    2 Money 10
  129. Why do people at my church either tell me to cut my hair or pick on me because of it?
    what should i do? should i cut my hair right now before tomorrow morning before church?
    25 Style 35
  130. Who can tell me a little about the gothic church?
    Can anyone give me at least an opening paragraph about the gothic church(cathedral)??
    3 Religion 14
  131. 13 year olds working in politics?
    Is there anywere in ohio a 13 year old can get a job with politics or law
    5 Politics 23
  132. What does the church say about cigarette production?
    what does the church say about this? can anybody tell me a good link/site on the information about this? THANKYOU
    7 Religion 41
  133. Is not going to Church wrong?
    I'm Christian and I believe in God, but I have not been to church for several months. and before that several years. Is that wrong?
    28 Religion 382
  134. Need money to build a church
    Can anyone help us build or buy a church that is no longer in use
    8 Religion 193
  135. Anyone that attends church, do you all have a kind Pastor? or Not?
    Anyone that attends church do you all have a kind Pastor? Or not? Just wondering. I know for me, I have a kind and sweet leader in my church. He has the spirit. Would that be the same for your pastors?
    10 Religion 23
  136. Does the Political Party change it's platform based on the Presidents views if the President is well liked by the public?
    7 Politics 18
  137. What are the reforms that hs to be done in our political system
    What are the reforms that hs to be done in our political system to make our mother nation a land of peace and prosperity...
    5 Politics 14
  138. What is church
    Why do christians leave denominational religion? Is there a site or magazine for believers that have had it with forms with no power religion?
    13 Religion 28
  139. What activities can I get involved in for the rest of this year since I'm home-schooled?
    6 Education 12
  140. What do you think of this statement: Parents who are involved in online gaming give inadequate care to their children?
    6 Family 15
  141. what shhould i take to sleep away camp for 4 days, im going with this church?
    2 Travel 17
  142. America Interfering In Other Countries Politics
    Why doees America always interfere in other countries politics?Why does it feel the irresistible urge to get involved?
    8 Politics 108
  143. What does this sentence mean: "building self-esteem in a child involves a collaboration, not deception"?
    3 Education 394
  144. Why do I want my dreams involving southpark to be real?
    Lotsa dreams I have involve characters from south park. I just really really want them to be real. Is that normal???
    3 Entertainment 17
  145. In your school, how many students are actively involved in programs such as student government, sports, clubs, etc?
    7 Education 36
  146. What jobs involve working with animals that pays well but doesnt require a ton of schooling?
    4 Money 13
  147. What to wear to church?
    My baby cousin is getting baptised and I dont know what knd of stuff to wear to a church . . . I hate church and I never go so I dont know what to wear
    15 Style 105
  148. The Synagogue church of all nations
    Nobody has answered my question about T. B. Joshua of the Synagogue church of all nations (SCOAN). Is he really a man of God.
    4 Religion 53
  149. How does confession work in the Catholic Church?
    How does confession work in the Catholic church? Does the Preast help you repent? And if any of you happen to be Catholic, do you feel better when confessing your sins? Just curious.
    5 Religion 60
  150. What do you know about the United Penacostal church?
    Just curious, what do you know about the United Penacostal Church? Are they different then some religions? My second part to this, how strict are they? as far as rules?
    3 Religion 61
  151. homework help, please? political science!
    what parts of classical liberalism have been adopted by modern liberalism? and what parts of classic liberalism have been adopted by modern conservatism?
    2 Education 21
  152. Why have there been so many Stanley Cup games involving Boston and Vancouver?
    Are there always that many and is there still more to come for this season?
    3 Sports 5
  153. Do I have to go to church every sunday?
    is not attending a mass every sunday,,(roman catholoc)decrease my faith in the Creator?
    9 Religion 74
  154. What areas of psychology involve hypnosis and mind control?
    what types of psychology are about stuff like hypnosis, mind control, and brain wash?
    2 General 12
  155. How can I get to know politics better if I don't like politics?
    Friends! If you trust me I dont know anything about my country (or other) politics. I really hate the knowledge , discussions about it.If one asks me sum thing about it, I wont be able to answer anythng.Guys, I know one should have knowledge for his be...
    4 Politics 39
  156. Where could I get LDS Church ringtones for my cell phone?
    Where could I get LDS Church ringtones for my cell phone? I've been looking for ringtones from my church. If you know any websites to find them, I'd appreciate it.
    2 Technology 183
  157. How come I'm mixing politics with religion?
    How come I'm mixing politics with religion? I'm christian and living Mormon Life but, lately, I've been mixing politics with Mormonism together. Is that normal? What are your thoughts on this?
    4 Religion 14
  158. Whats the best ways to be politically active?
    Well I've just begun being a anarchist a couple weeks now. Im wondering what in your opinion is the best way for me to be politically active. What is the best ways to be politically active?
    3 Politics 68
  159. Can I still go to heaven even if I dont go to church?
    Can I still go to heaven even if I dont go to church but as long as im a good person and helps the ones in need?
    14 Religion 159
  160. Have you ever fallen at church and your arms touched the floor?
    ladies have you ever fell on the floor at church? you have on long or short sleeves? did your arms touch the floor? im just curious
    5 Religion 29
  161. Gay-bashing Churches
    if churches are supposed to be accepting all of the community...then why do they gaybash people??? I dont find that very christion like at all!!!
    24 Religion 54
  162. Is there a job that a 17 year can get that doesnt involve a lot of
    Is there a job that a 17 year can get that doesnt involve a lot of people. im very shy and dont want to have ajob with a lot of people
    8 Money 12
  163. What's all involved in getting tested for pregnancy and for STDs?
    I've heard that they check your genitals and your butt for STDs and that they take blood for pregnancy but then I've heard that they don't have to do that.
    4 Health 21
  164. What do you honestly think of political correctness?
    I'm interested in what people think, because I just think it's becoming an overplayed excuse for things..
    33 Politics 37
  165. What careers involve working with troubled teens?
    Please give the job title and a slight description (: Thank you!
    7 Money 95
  166. is it politically correct to:
    call african americans blacks, and native americans indians? or is it offencive to you...? I'm just never sure.
    4 Politics 47
  167. What would be good project involving Transcendentalism?
    I have to do a project that portrays any part of transcendentalism, but I have to use my learning type which is bodily/kinesthetic. Any Suggestions? :)
    3 Education 8
  168. Will you be bless if you dont attend church?
    I attend church , but I have"nt been to church in the last three sundays. Will god stop blessing me just because I miss church, someone said how do I expect god to bless me if I don't give him some of my time.
    7 Religion 38
  169. Christians that don't go to church?
    Why is it if someone doesn't go to church people automatically believe that you're 1) not a Christian or 2) you're a bad Christian? You don't have to go to church to worship god so why is it people look down on those that don't go?
    16 Religion 143
  170. why churches teach all is going to heaven???
    I want to know why all these churches are telling every that they are all going to heaven, that is not what I read in the bible, but all they talking earth burning up and we all going to heaven or hell.
    12 Religion 66
  171. Avoid going to church
    Ok my mom keeps bugging me about going to church tomorrow,I don't even want to go because well I don't like it as much as I use t,how do I avoid it.
    5 Family 70
  172. Has anyone heard of Charlotte Church?
    Has anyone heard of Charlotte Church? She is an Opera Singer that's been on many broadway shows I believe and others. I love some of her songs. So, if anyone has heard of her, what do you all think?
    3 Music 9
  173. Is political correctness political censorship?
    Why do people insist on being politically correct? Do you think this is a way people are trying to censor other people? I know the law doesn't enforce it but I think its a way away from critical debates and strong skeptisicism of something. Its ...
    5 Politics 26
  174. How do you politely get people to RSVP for a dinner party when you need exact numbers and you've asked twice already?
    13 General 95
  175. Should Gaddafi Duck his Political Responsibilities in Libya?
    . In view of the escalating level of civil unrest that now appears to be totally out of control. .
    2 Politics 9
  176. Do you think that the sale of three churches for $1 is a sign that Catholicism is beginning to fade?
    3 Religion 37
  177. Moving out without cops involved
    Okay, my dad just choked me and I need to know how to move out without getting him sent to jail and without their permission.
    4 Family 65
  178. Who knows Uncle Sams Political race?
    I need to know if uncle sam is a democratic or a republican for a test on monday, so can anyone tell me the answer?
    5 Politics 31
  179. How can bring about erection?i'm 20years,i involved in 4day consecutive sex with drugs because i seemed to lose my erection in the time of penetration
    2 Sex 34
  180. How can a pagan go to a church gathering and not offend anyone?
    Well I am pagan and my mother invited me to a church gathering with her I politly said no thank you buit she kept on she does not know I am pagan. yet,.
    5 Religion 42
  181. How to get middle school kids involved in an assembly?
    How do you get middle school children involved in assemblies? We are promoting a CD and we need to involve the audience so they remember us! Please help Thanx
    8 Education 33
  182. Why are politics and religion such touchy subjects?
    Why are politics and religion such a touchy subject.people really get mad when you start discussing these subjects. Doesnt everybody have a right to their opinion and beliefs?
    11 Politics 302
  183. Would political differences prevent you from having a relationship?
    Would you go out with someone who had different political views (I.e. if you were on the left would you consider being in a romantic relationship with someone on the right, and vice versa?)
    14 Politics 29
  184. Can you get the police involved over a stolen Myspace?
    If someone scammed me and stole my myspace account could I get the police involved? im not saying that I would over a myspace... but everyone says its illegal. so could I?
    3 Technology 14
  185. Is it compulsory for everyone to have communion in Catholic Church?
    Is it compuslory for everyone to take Holy Communion in a Roman Catholic Church? I am doing a school project on it and I can't find the answer anywhere! Thanks
    4 Religion 28
  186. Who here in FA are involved in geocaching?
    i would explain what geocaching is but that would only sound like i am promoting it.. which i'm not. i only want to know who here shares the same hobby as i do.
    7 Travel 29
  187. How can I determine where I stand politically?
    I know I'm somewhere on the left, but I'm not sure what I am anymore than that. How can I decide without reading for a fajillion hours?
    3 Politics 54
  188. How can I get more involved with politics?
    Well, I'm only 14 years old and I'm really interested in politics. My views are conservative, but I'm Independant. I've been to a Tea Party and Town hall meeting. I always watch the news and pay very close attention to what is going on. I will be going...
    3 Politics 16
  189. What is a testamony for church, I need help with ideas?
    What is a testimony. I'm supposed to come up with one before my next youth group meeting at my church, but I don't fully understand it.
    5 Religion 26
  190. Places to get donations for a church?
    I want to build a church for my christian members so I'm looking for adresses like Oprah to ask for donation and others if you know them
    8 Religion 1345
  191. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints??
    well I want to know what religion they have and explain a little bit about the rules and stuff in this type of church.
    8 Religion 46
  192. Rules for divorce cases by catholic churches?
    Can anyone let me know wht are the rules for divorce cases by catholic churches. Do they grant divorce if both partners are willing ? I heard they dont ? How long before they do finally grant the divorce?
    3 Religion 25
  193. what's an example of political behavior/beliefs?
    Im doing this thing for ap gov. It's a slideshow for current events. I need help finding articles for political beliefs and behavior
    2 Politics 46
  194. Is it true Obama's father was involved in Poligamy?
    Is it true Obama's father was involved in Poligamy? I heard something about it on the radio and I was just wondering if Obama had three step mothers something like that let alone his biological mother?
    3 Politics 14
  195. What does it mean when a lady who has given birth is "churched"?
    I am reading a book set in the 1400's and the main character is "churched" after delivering her babies and before she can resume relations with her husband.
    2 Religion 46
  196. Random Church Question..
    Another random thought.. Are woman preachers too? Like, are they allowed? Cause all the churches I went to/ know has a dude preachin'. Idunno, random thought.
    10 Religion 36
  197. What exactly is involved in a physical?
    I am having a physical soon and I would like to know because I havn't had one since like three years ago which was when I was in 7th grade.
    2 Health 37
  198. What episode of Supernatural involved the Hookman and the reverend's daughter?
    If so did anyone watch the hookman part About the reverend's daughter? If so please tell me what episode that is?? :P I'm just too bored right now!!?
    7 Entertainment 28
  199. What do you think of the new app to confess instead of going to the church?
    I think this is crazy, why they dont make an app to get married in the iphone that would be cool.
    4 Technology 13
  200. What's the right day to go to Church?
    What is the exact day to go to church ?Because I go on an saturday and people at my church say that day is when jesus was rising but I dont understand because you still worshiping god and it dont really matter what day you go on along as you go?
    9 Religion 76
  201. a polite way to say...
    Is there any way I can ask my mom to STOP chewing with her mouth open without hurting her feelings/ idon't think she knows she does it...
    7 Family 21
  202. Is sex stuff sinful in the Catholic Church?
    Is M*stu*bat*on, bl*wj*bs, ha*dj*bs, j*ck*ng off etc. a sin? In the Catholic Church
    13 Sex 49
  203. What are Jobs Involving Children/Teenagers?
    What are jobs that involve children or teenagers. I'm interested in somthing like that but I havn't quite found one the clicked yet. Thanks, Erin
    4 Money 97
  204. Talking about their own church
    I have a friend that goes to church and she keeps talking about that our youth service is boring that her friends is better than ours that makes me feel really bad because is like she was talking about god ,me and my pastor.what should I tell her about...
    7 Religion 22
  205. Online Churches
    Our family stopped going to church a while ago; but I still want to stay connected to God and learn about him. Are there any churches online that might have videos of sermons once a week? This is what I am looking for. Thanks, Rach
    5 Religion 36
  206. is it wrong to wear chains to church?
    I'm a christian but I also like to have my own style. every time I try to wear my chains to church my parents get all pissy. they do the same thing when I wear my skate gloves. is it wrong to dress like that for church???
    8 Religion 34
  207. How do I response to someone say "praise" to me in a polite way?
    How do I response to someone say this to me? You are keeping so well, How do you keep it? You are beautiful? You and your daughter look like sister. In social occasion, how do I response? thanks.
    2 General 44
  208. Is anyone else tired of political name-calling?
    whos sick of this? just to name a few: "McShame" "Barry Hussein" "NoBama" "Sarah Failin" "McSame"
    5 Politics 60
  209. Strange yet scientic involved question
    Do you believe that if you could have an outer body expierence than if you time it and have the right mterials , to be brought back with the answers
    8 Religion 9
  210. the catholic church "branches"
    why are there so many different kinds of 1 religion? there is roman catholic greek orthidox prespiterian christian why are there so many different kinds? please mind my spelling
    6 Religion 67
  211. What should I do if the father doesn't want to be involved?
    Ok well I just got off the phone with the baby daddy and he just told me he don't want nothin to deal wit me or he kids. What should I do? Any advise
    4 Babies 41
  212. What are some good movies made recently without any sex or nudity involved?
    I'm looking for some good movies to watch with my boyfriend. Thanks to anyone who gives good answers :)
    3 Sex 45
  213. What to do if I'm getting too involved with someone?
    im husband is in iraq riight now..i might have gotten too involved with another i dont know what to do..what would be the best thing to do??
    5 Relationships 36
  214. Why do women have to cover their hair in some Church's - specifically Lutheran?
    Just curious. Started going to church with my new g/f and noticed during the service all the women cover their hair with a scarf. I have seen in before just never really knew why.
    7 Religion 38
  215. Catholic Church
    I was just wondering why the Catholic Church seems to put so much emphasis on the the Virgin Mary. I have several Catholic friends, all who know the "hail Mary" thing, but none of them seem to know why they worship Mary. Just wondering if any of you (C...
    10 Religion 35
  216. Are religion and politics similar?
    I was just thinking about the similarities between politics and religion. It seems that more people fight about being to the left or to the right (in politics) and people often argue about which religion is the "true" religion, so is it possible to det...
    6 Religion 41
  217. What kind of club or something can I get involved in to make friends?
    Im fourteen and a girly girl..i love pink things and just nothing sporty..
    14 Relationships 18
  218. Should I get involved with someone who just had a baby?
    there is this girl I really liked but the thing is she just got a baby...her baby's daddy left her and she has no feelings for him. my question is should I be in a relationship with her or should I find somebody else?
    5 Relationships 15
  219. what is more polite no problem or you are welcome.
    I was asking a woman for an adress I told her thank you and she told me no problem but what is more polite no problem or you are welcome do you think when they say no problem its like a kind of code to keep with the conversation im just wondering lol ...
    3 Relationships 18
  220. How is it wrong by going to a different church?
    I was born and raised catholic. My family doesnt go to church on sundays that often anymore. But for a year a I have been singing in a amazing church choir at a presbyterain church and loving it! But it has raised a couple eye brows with some members o...
    13 Religion 51
  221. How much do political decisions that the government make matter to you?
    I'm more concerned with how my age group feels about this. I know a lot of adults on here are very well informed, biased or no. I'm more concerned with the youth, how much does it matter to you what the government does?
    8 Politics 12
  222. Political agreements?
    If Barrack Husein Obama is the candidate of change, how come he said 8 different times I agree with John McCain in the debates last night?
    15 Politics 22
  223. Why won't the church unify
    Eph. 4 says we are to all come into the unity of the faith but it seems like a new division (denomination) starts every week. Why? Apostlequestjohn
    19 Religion 41
  224. Is it wrong to go to church just to hang out with friends?
    hang out with your friends? I Just dont know. All this seems so hard to believe! I mean, no offense to ANYBODY out there, but I just dont understand. How can you believe? It just seems so fictional! Will I have a moment where I will realize and believe...
    7 Religion 74
  225. What if I'm confused about the Church scene?
    i go to church and im in the youth group and im a councler at bible camp but i dont know what to believe in i always just believed what i was told but im kind of haveing seccond thoughts
    13 Religion 44
  226. How can I get my daddy to come to church?
    I'm a Christian and as you know thats more than going to church and readind the bible which is all my dad does but I want him to be saved and and in a relationship with Christ how can I get him in church. please I afraid he will die unsaved and go t...
    17 Religion 36
  227. How can I start going to church?
    I was raised in a family that doesn't go to church or practise any religion, but between my own curiousity & what I have been / am being taught by my christian friends, I want to start going to church. I'm a little afraid because I have no one to go wi...
    17 Religion 212
  228. How do you be assertive yet polite?
    I need to motivate the people in my class to finish a very important project by Friday. Any tips. P.s. I do not want to sound bossy and annoying. Please help!!!
    4 Education 81
  229. Is it true that once your 16 social services cant get involved with you anymore, or is it till 18?
    This girl told me that once your 16 they stop and they dont take you away from your perents and stuff like that, is it true?
    14 Family 48
  230. Why am I so afraid to give my testimony in Church?
    I join the Church of Jeezus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and, when we have free time to share testamony, I'm always so afraid to speak in front of people. How come I'm so afraid to speak in front of people? And, also, How come I'm so afraid to share my...
    5 Religion 70
  231. How many bars & churchs are in Montana?
    Ok well I live in Montana, and there is this joke that there are as many bars as churches in Montana - which I have to say could be true. But I was wondering is there any where to look up an approximate number for either one?? Any Ideas? so far goog...
    2 General 20
  232. my parents wont let me go to church with my boyfriend
    Well my boyfriends papaw died while ws at bball practice and I really need to be there for him so I ask my parents if I could go to church with him and I tried to explain y but my parents won't listen what should I do?
    6 Relationships 76
  233. How can I tell my church crush that I like him?
    is a boy at my church that i like but he asked my Friend out but she said no. i told her i liked him She said that was ok(cuz she did not) I want to tell him i like him but i am shy and i have known him for 7 years We are both in 7th grade. ...
    2 Relationships 38
  234. What's it like to be married in this church?
    For those who might or might not be members of the Church of Jezus Christ of Later Day saints: I would like to to know what its like to be married and sealed in the temple? Well, the reason why I'm asking this, is because I'm a member of the church. I ...
    3 Religion 10
  235. Which is more politically correct: man servant or butler?
    my bf recently told me that he became a butler for an old time very wealthy man and he likes the term butler but i though that it was supposed to be man servant so im confused anyone know??
    14 General 129
  236. How can I politely ask for the money I earned?
    I just spent 2 hours gardening, and was told I had earned £10. They said it was 10 and only gave me 5. However they are my Grandparents and I don't want to be rude. Please help me D:
    4 Money 29
  237. Why do people act crazy in church?
    i mean its not a concert its church.dancing shouting screaming and a scary silver flag flapping up and down the country side!i had 2 laugh at the dancing tho was 2 funny.but is that suppose 2 happen at a church?
    14 Religion 82
  238. Mormon church should lose tax exempt status?
    It was revealed that the Mormon church was one of the biggest donors behind Prop 8 in California that stripped gay / lesbian couples of the right to, now that they've gone & played politics, they should lose their tax excempt status, right?
    20 Politics 89
  239. What to wear to church to impress a guy?
    what should I wear to church tomorrow it needs to be kinda nice, but still kinda casual I'm not real into skirts and dresses either any ideas would be a huge help ...and well...I'm kinda trying to impress a guy too keep that in consideration
    5 Relationships 56
  240. How can I make my mum happy apart from going to church?
    I make my mom upset by not wanting to go to chuch in the morning and when I dont go she takes away everything like I did somthing to put me in to juvi. what can I do to make her happy or cheer her up beides going to church very early on sunday mornings.
    9 Religion 36
  241. Will Ohio police get involved?
    If I leave home to go live with someone like family in a state where the cops can't make you go home if your 17, will I be allowed to stay because of this law or not because I left from Ohio? (I'll be 17 when this applies)
    3 General 30
  242. What branch of the military isn't involved in war?
    My husband wants to join the army(or some branch of military) but we have a 1yr old son and I would hate him to go off in a war and not come back. So does anybody know if there is any branch he could join but not have to fight???
    5 Money 89
  243. Im going to a church camp this summer and im gonna have to wear shorts like everyday but i cut myself and i have scars on my legs so how do i hide that?
    How can i make my lips bigger without surgery is there a certain product that will do this for me
    6 Style 15
  244. How much pain is involved with these piercings?
    I am thinking of getting the following piercings done depending on their pain level because I have a very low pain tolerance. So can you tell me your experiences & how bad these hurt when getting them done? Belly Button Nose Piercing Thanks in adva...
    2 Style 207
  245. My political essay... HELP!!
    my professor in college gave us an essay. He have to write a 2000 word essay about politics. but here's the problem, I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT POLiITICS. it can be about politics in any country. I need you guys to help me out. I need a topic 3-6 s...
    5 Politics 41
  246. What to do when your already involved but someone askes you out?
    This guy asked me out when he already knew I was in a realationship. I tell him I can't; that I'm involved but he won't take no for an answer. And I see him practicly every day in school. What do I do to keep the friendship going but yet say no in a ni...
    3 Relationships 43
  247. There is this guy that I catch staring at me during church but when I look at him he doesn't look away. Why does he do this?
    He is 6 years older than me but in our culture that's perfectly normal and his parents are like 10 years apart. He lives close to me and we used to hang out a lot.
    6 Relationships 62
  248. what are some careers involving animals?
    In a small town area, I also don't leave near an ocean, and don't plan on it, only small lakes. I need to start planning my future and I want a career involving animals, or the environment or something to do with policing. Preferably a well paying job,...
    2 Money 22
  249. Churches against murder
    How come it is that all churches are against murder yet they all have a cross? If you look back into a cross is a murder weapon. It killed jesus and countless other people? All these very religious people wear crosses yet are against murder. Shouldn'...
    18 Religion 125
  250. How common is it for youth in USA to go to church?
    I just see here on FA that there's a lot of young people talking about church, and it's so weird to me. I'm from Norway, and during my whole life, I've been to church 6 times, and all of those was funerals. I'm not baptized, and NONE of my friends all ...
    3 Religion 25