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  1. Bible Canon
    what is the canon of the bible?
    3 Religion 20
  2. Are horoscopes against the bible?
    6 Religion 70
  3. favourite character in the bible and why?
    who is your favourite character in the bible and why??
    8 Religion 48
  4. What is the best bible translation?
    What is the best bible translation?
    40 Religion 167
  5. What is your favorite bible verse?
    What is your favorite bible verse?
    6 Religion 55
  6. what is your favorite verse in the bible?
    what is your favorite verse in the bible?
    6 Religion 40
  7. What's a good Bible to buy?
    What is a good Bible to buy?
    11 Religion 27
  8. Does The Bible Have Anything Against Furries?
    Does The Bible Have Anything Against Furries?
    5 Religion 744
  9. How many chapters does the bible have?
    How many chapters does the bible have?
    2 Religion 44
  10. What does this bible passage mean?
    4 Religion 32
  11. Is Bible College easy?
    6 Education 29
  12. On which chapter does the bible says about musturbating
    On which chapter does the bible says about musturbating
    9 Religion 97
  13. whats your favortie verse in the bible && why
    whats your favortie verse in the bible && why
    9 Religion 31
  14. Who believes in the Bible?
    who believes in the bible and jesus christ
    37 Religion 28
  15. What's the Bible say about marriage and divorce?
    What does the bible says about marriage and divorce?
    20 Religion 129
  16. How old is the earth according to the bible?
    How old is the earth according to the bible?
    2 Religion 45
  17. Why does the Bible talk very little about women?
    Why does the Bible talk very little about women?
    18 Religion 127
  18. What is the traditional view of how the bible was written?
    What is the traditional view of how the bible was written?
    4 Religion 89
  19. Favorite Bible Verse.
    What's your favorite bible verse & why do you consider it to be your favorite ?
    5 Religion 48
  20. where in the bible does it say that holloween is bad?
    11 Entertainment 51
  21. Bible question
    6 Religion 6
  22. What is the logic behind the "devil's bible"?
    4 Religion 40
  23. Do you find the bible to be a "reliable" source?
    161 Religion 51
  24. The bible
    Do you think its just a good story.
    16 Religion 42
  25. Who wrote the bible?
    and where did the stories come from?
    7 Religion 26
  26. What are good Bible studies?
    Are there any really good Bible studies around?? : )
    2 Religion 9
  27. My Question is about Bibles
    Do youll now when the frist Bible started?
    2 Religion 25
  28. Bible quotes
    Does anyone know some inspirational quotes from the bible?
    2 Religion 40
  29. How is the Bible infallible if it was written by humans?
    How can the Bible be infallible if it is written by fallible humans?
    12 Religion 72
  30. How many people belive in the bible ?
    How many people belive in the bible ? I do do you belive in god
    24 Religion 62
  31. Can a tiny bible withstand the power of a bullet?
    10 Religion 46
  32. is there a book like the bible in american pie ????
    6 Entertainment 200
  33. How many parts of the Bible are also in the Koran?
    6 Religion 63
  34. Bible question are there husbands and wives in heaven?
    are there husbands and wives in heaven?
    7 Religion 31
  35. How can i get the woman's body bible for free???
    2 Literature 23
  36. Big bang and The Bible, opinions?
    13 Religion 52
  37. Why do you favoritize "" verse in the bible?
    What is your favorite bible verse in the Christian bible? Why is it a favorite? Explain how it has helped you.
    11 Religion 67
  38. Where is a good place to read the bible online?
    7 Religion 12
  39. How many pairs of twins are mentioned in the Bible?
    3 Religion 82
  40. How to find the right KJV bible online?
    2 Religion 13
  41. Favorite Bible Passage
    For you Christians out there/ and for nonChristians, too that read the Bible..What is your favorite Bible passage and why?
    22 Religion 40
  42. Why do I get a sense of peace when I read the Bible?
    11 Religion 19
  43. Does reading bible only help us increase our faith?
    Does reading bible only help us increase our faith?
    16 Religion 89
  44. What does the Bible Say?
    Umm ok what does the bible say about being with another race?
    20 Religion 74
  45. Were dose the bible say this?
    Were dose it say "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" in the bible?
    2 Religion 38
  46. Where to start in the bible?
    Where is a good place for beginners to start reading that bible?
    17 Religion 38
  47. Who has read the Satanic Bible ?
    Who has read the Satanic Bible ? What are your favorite verses ? What are your thoughts on Satan ?
    23 Religion 49
  48. What's the difference between bible churches and regular churches?
    What's the difference between bible churches and regular churches? My curiosity aroused.
    5 Religion 51
  49. How much does the bible and your religion matter to you?
    How much does the bible and your religion matter to you? Do you like your religion/beleifs?
    18 Religion 34
  50. "Damn" in the Bible?
    I keep hearing that the word "Damn" is in the Bible,is that true?
    10 Religion 1894
  51. Letters from Aristotle or the Bible
    Which came first, the letters we have from Aristotle or any of the books in the Bible?
    5 Literature 38
  52. is there anything wrong with masturbation in the bible?
    is there anything wrong with masturbation in the bible?random thought
    10 Sex 93
  53. Is there a devil bible on the internet you can buy?
    Is there a devil bible on the internet you can buy ? (Besides the devil bible 5000years ago)
    4 Literature 18
  54. What are some events that happened in the Christian Bible that turned out to be true?
    31 Religion 82
  55. What are some foods proven to make people improve memory?
    5 Food 17
  56. Does it mention anywhere in the Bible about having 7 people identical to you?
    3 Religion 19
  57. bible quotes
    whats your favourite bible quote/s ?? and how does it reflect on your life???
    3 Religion 20
  58. Is the Bible in the fiction or non-fiction section of the library?
    In libraries, do they put the Bible in the fiction or non-fiction section?
    6 Religion 52
  59. womans body bible
    has anyone tried the womans body bible? does it actually work?
    3 Relationships 36
  60. Go to hell if I roll a blunt with a blank page from the bible?
    Will I go to hell if I roll a blunt with a blank page from the bible??
    20 Religion 172
  61. What does the bible have to say?
    What does the bible have to say, about events taking place on this earth, right now?
    3 Religion 25
  62. Favorite bible verses?
    Hey I'm just looking for some good bible verses...what are your favorites?
    7 Religion 47
  63. in the bible, does it really say to smoke "the holy herb" (weed)?
    in the bible, does it really say to smoke "the holy herb" (weed)???
    31 Religion 2487
  64. Is being gay against the bible?
    Is being gay or lez or bi against the bible? What about gay marrige? If you are gay or lez or bi do you get sins?
    28 Religion 104
  65. what do you think about the bible?
    what do you think about the bible? I personally think it constantly contradics itself and that its a bunch of hypocracy.
    32 Religion 34
  66. The Number 60 in the Bible
    Does anyone know if the Number 60 has any special meaning in the Bible? Or if the number is used in the Bible at all...
    9 Religion 6780
  67. What number is the apocalypse in the Catholic Bible?
    Is it 73? I'm not sure...
    4 Religion 72
  68. If an atheist goes to court, do they make him swear on the Bible?
    16 Religion 91
  69. Is it bad that I don't agree with the bible even though I'm Christian?
    37 Religion 51
  70. Does the bible say I am going to hell?
    In that case, I don't believe the hell part.
    18 Religion 41
  71. How often should you do the Woman's Body Bible Workout for faster results?
    3 Nutritionfitness 14
  72. What does the bible say about the fear of God?
    Are we as Christians... supposed to fear... God? If so, what does that mean?
    2 Religion 31
  73. Can u really use bible pages to roll a j?
    17 General 36
  74. Is the saying "Nothing in life is free" 100% proven to be true?
    11 General 85
  75. Why wasn't Casey Anthony proven guilty?
    the evidence was right there
    15 Politics 67
  76. Nice bible verses.
    Anyone know any good ones?
    10 Religion 45
  77. Bible vs Alien life?
    What does the Bible say about Alien Life, Extra Terrestirals, or just aliens in general?
    5 Religion 50
  78. Is the Bible the word of man, or God?
    Is the Bible the word of God, or just man? Why do you think? Opinions please..
    13 Religion 31
  79. Bible Code
    Has anyone heard of the bible code? if so, is there a site I could go on that features it?
    5 Religion 19
  80. What in the Bible has been disproven?
    What in the Bible has been disproven,and how and do you think that God created the Earth and life and Universe and why do you think so?
    45 Religion 349
  81. bible verses that are awesome?
    Anyone know any really good bible verses that has a really good meaning
    3 Religion 49
  82. Is the Bible real or fantasy?
    Is the Bible a book filled with facts or is it a book full of fiction? What are your views on the Bible?
    8 Religion 42
  83. What do you think of the Bible?
    Is it the true word inspired by God, is it a good book? Or do you think it can't be true?
    38 Religion 42
  84. What's a good bible verse to read to scare a demon away?
    10 Religion 127
  85. where in the bible is ghosts mentioned besides the holy ghost like ppl spirits?
    5 Religion 28
  86. What are some bible questions I could ask my Sunday school teacher to stump her on?
    32 Religion 83
  87. What are some good verses in the Bible that talk about how grateful we are for God and for all He's done in our lives?
    7 Religion 18
  88. Why doesn't the Bible mention Alexander the Great?
    why didnt the bible mention anything of Alexander the great if he lived in that time?
    15 Religion 217
  89. Did Jesus write the Bible?
    Did jesus write the bible... Very random...I've been wonderin all day lmao Xx
    21 Religion 183
  90. do anybody kno what part inthe bible will tell about the world coming to an end ?
    15 Religion 38
  91. What book in the bible talks about the end of the world?
    im curious but cant remember/
    9 Religion 43
  92. According to the bible, how does this current world end?
    I am looking for biblical answers. Thanks.
    4 Religion 14
  93. Theory of Evolution vs. The Bible
    Did we evolve from cavemen, or were people created by God as The Bible says?
    41 Religion 39
  94. Satanic bible
    What is the satanic bible. I gathered it might be something to do with satan but I'm not really sure. Can anyone shed any light?
    15 Religion 41
  95. how do you explain 101 cotrdictions in the Bible?
    I like to ask, you say Christianity is true religion, then how do you explain 101 cotrdictions in the Bible? How did they get there?
    8 Religion 39
  96. What does the Bible say about masturbation?
    Are there any specific passages about masterbation? I couldn't find any, but someone told me that the Bible says it's a sin.
    12 Sex 228
  97. Where in the bible does it say being gay is a sin?
    I never found anything in there about it. I was just wondering where it was. I think that love is love!
    13 Religion 68
  98. Where is this said in the Bible?
    ''If you want to make a friend,take him on trial,and do not be in hurry to trust him'' where can we get this words from the bible?
    2 Religion 8
  99. Bible references
    What would be a good reference in the bible when you are going to teach about people's sins and how jesuspaid the penalty for all of us?
    2 Religion 11
  100. Best version of the Bible for me to read?
    I want to read the bible, but im not sure if I will be able to understand it. Who has the read the bible. Did you like it? What is it about? Do you recommend that I read it? Is there different versions of the bible?? if so which is the best?? thankz
    14 Religion 51
  101. Porn and mastrubation is it a sin, where does it say in the bible?
    If you say its a sin I am christian and trying ti kick of the habit If its a sin Where is it stated in the bible
    32 Religion 371
  102. Which version of the Bible is best to study?
    If I want to really study the Bible (even as a skeptic) which Bible should I use? Is there one divinely-approved version?
    10 Religion 43
  103. How can I start a bible study?
    Does anyone have any good ideas for starting a bible-study? I really want to start one but have no clue how. HELP!!!
    4 Religion 23
  104. Which Bible is the truth?
    I've been in wicca for awhile, I was a agnostic, I was catholic, and I was christian...but with so many bibles out there...whats the truth? please help!
    43 Religion 38
  105. Birth control in the Bible?
    Is it in the bible where you cant use it and its a sin? I heard thats why God wont let me have kids is because I used birth control.
    10 Religion 34
  106. Are we living in what the Bible calls the "last days"?
    Do you think that our times are unique and that we are heading towards Armageddon? Why?
    23 Religion 17
  107. Is getting a Christian tattoo against the bible?
    what if i get a christian tattoo and then ask god for forgiveness isn't that kinda taking it to far?
    5 Religion 41
  108. What part of the Christian bible can I find where it says that Jesus is the son of God but that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are one?
    34 Religion 37
  109. Where in the bible does it say you must take the bible literally?
    Why do you have to take many things in the bible as literal truth? Where does it say this? Personally I think that the bible is supposed to be metaphorical, most of the stuff anyway. Plus the old testament contradicts the ten commandments. It says to K...
    15 Religion 63
  110. Bible verses for depression?
    Does anyone know some good bible verses for: Eating disorders, Self harm, Depression.. Stuff like that?
    10 Religion 85
  111. Read most of the bible and it's stupid, why do so many believe?
    okay, I have read most of the bible... and its STUPID! Why do so many people put all their faith in something so farfetched? just think about it logically...
    32 Religion 166
  112. Bible verse?
    What's that verse in the bible abou gettin tats an piercings? I heard it before I just forgot the verse...And can anybody kinda like explain it to me? What's your view on this?
    8 Religion 53
  113. Abortion and the bible
    In the bible it says any infant under 1 month or any infant before his first breath is not a person, im serious! so then abortion is not murder, right?
    19 Religion 39
  114. Where in the bible is eteuchlese or whatever found?
    I just want to know where the guy eteuchlese is found in the bible. I think he is in luke or mark. I think I spelled his name right. :)
    5 Religion 16
  115. what does the bible say about looking at nude pictures?
    Thats about it, wondering if it's a sin to look at porn, nude bodies, etc. thx
    3 Relationships 67
  116. Trinity??? where is that in the bible
    Many christians believe in the "Trinity" How is that when Jesus said that he is not equal to Jehovah Philippian 2:6
    3 Religion 27
  117. Who decided which of the original books should go in each verson of the Bible?
    Why is there not simply one definitive version and why were the Apochrypha left out?
    5 Religion 28
  118. How many versions does the Bible have?
    does bible really has that many verisons? isnt it hard then to believe which one is true? in islam. there is only one Quran and no 2nd or 3rd verisons.. and how many versions does a bible have ?
    11 Religion 54
  119. What does the bible say about women pursuing relationships?
    What does the bible say about women pursuing relationships with men? I know it says that a man who finds a wife finds a good does that mean he is the one who should do the finding??
    4 Religion 358
  120. Bible verses that say dance
    Ok everyone I am doing a dance "recital"thingy at my church this year and I need all the bible verses you can think of that say dance please:) thanks
    4 Religion 87
  121. why is the bible considerd to be true?
    I believe that the bible is not truthful and was written by crazy people on lots of drugs and based on a lot of false facts what is your opinion
    44 Religion 39
  122. Why isn't the bible easier to read and understand?
    Question...if the bible was just thought up by some random people...then why in the world isnt it more down to earth. Wouldnt it be a little more easier to read and understand?
    14 Religion 65
  123. Any websites where I can find the bible?
    I have an assessment for r.e does anyone know any websites which I can find the bible on I lost mine and its in 2 days please help thanks
    9 Religion 42
  124. Who has read the woman's body bible?
    Does it work? I came across it on the internet, but I don't hear anyone in everyday life referring to it.
    2 Literature 37
  125. FunAdvice Trivia: Godspell was based on which book of the Bible?
    A) Colossians B) James C) John D) Matthew
    4 Funadvice 45
  126. Does anything in the Bible mention aliens?
    I am a christian and I was wondering if anything in the bible says that we are the only life or if there are other life in other planets??? I know it could happen if God wanted it to but just wondering if it was biblical or not.
    13 Religion 178
  127. History and the bible
    Why do people see Alexander the Great as a legitimate historical figure, yet the figures mentioned in the bible somehow are viewed as Fairy Tales?
    19 Religion 40
  128. Bible and the Homosexuality
    I know this is simular to a question asked just a few hours ago but its different. If the bible said nothing about Homosexuality would Christanity still be aginst it?
    25 Sex 34
  129. Where in the bible does it mention purity?
    where in the bible does it say to not have sex before marriage and to stay pure until married because I cant find it anywhere. so im wondering if its even in their.
    4 Sex 18
  130. proof that the bible has not been changed?
    Has anybody here got any proof that the bible has not been changed. and that christianity is the right religion . just curious to know not being racist or anything sorry if anyone thinks I am .
    4 Religion 48
  131. What's the difference in the JW Watchtower and the Bible?
    Just curious, what's the difference in the JW Watchtower and the Bible? I know the JW religion is different then others but, I'm just curious to know what their Watchtower teaches compared to the bible. I would like anyone's opinion on this. This inc...
    5 Religion 85
  132. Reading the bible...
    I'v never read the bible before so how should I start? some people tell me to only read specific books... others tell me to read specifil verses or scriputres... should I just read the entire book in one shot?
    8 Religion 10
  133. is the bible a lie?
    how do you know that the bible is true. you have to think about it did some homophobic guy make it up? can you prove that its not a lie. and btw I do believe in god but im not cathic for the people who are strong believers
    5 Relationships 26
  134. bible verses
    hello can you give me like 3 of your favorite bible verses and please tell me what they mean. ( in like words an unintelligant person would understand thank you)
    9 Religion 52
  135. Does the Odyssey date back further than the Bible?
    Hmmm...did I spell that right?? Hmm I was wondering...does the Odessy date back further then the Bible? Like is it older? (im too lazy to google it...haha)
    8 Religion 1272
  136. If the bible is infallible, why are there so many Christian sects?
    Many people claim the bible is the "infallible word of god". However, there are hundreds of Christian sects and denominations, all of which have differing interpretations of parts of the bible. If the bible is infallible, why are there so many diffe...
    25 Religion 62
  137. Good ole' bible questions...
    My questions... 1.)has anyone actually finished the bible?? 2.)how do you actually get yourself to read the bible?? 3.)how would you know if the bible is actually true and not made by some crackpot. 4.)has anyone not finish the bible?? 5.)is the bible...
    14 Religion 37
  138. Daily Bible Quiz
    Where is this scripture found in the bible ? "Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, ...
    3 Religion 33
  139. So do you believe the Bible is copied from Pagan sources?
    Just wanna hear other peoples opinions out of curiosity. I personally think the Bible is false. Especially concerning "hell". Anyways...
    28 Religion 26
  140. Where in the bible did that one dude get the idea that the world was going to end on May 21st?
    Didn't he say in his interview that he got it from the bible in some mathematical equation or something?
    4 Religion 15
  141. relazing/inspiring bible verses
    im just looking for some bible verses to inspire or help me calm down a relax, or just any good ones you love. please let me know, thanks so much.
    2 Religion 36
  142. Is Vitamin D proven to make us happier and fight depression?
    im writing an essay and rite now im writing how it makes us happier (not healthier) i just want the happy part
    8 Health 43
  143. Bible Thumpers?
    Why are some people so pushy about Religion. I've been reading answers to questions and the feeling im getting off people is that: "If you don't believe what I believe then your just plain stupid" Why do people have such a problim with people who d...
    21 Religion 71
  144. Daily Bible Quiz
    Where is this verse found in the bible? He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.
    4 Religion 32
  145. What does the Bible say about premarital sex?
    Me and my girlfriends are Christians, and we go to church, but we don't understand what the Bible's stance on pre-marital sex is. I have several friends at college who are Christians but have had pre-marital sex with their girlfriends. Can someone e...
    20 Sex 120
  146. If christianity was proven wrong, who would still believe?
    If archaiologists found christ's remains, indicating he didn't go up into heaven, would any christians still believe, even thought their religion was proven to be false?
    23 Religion 45
  147. Where does the bible say it is right to judge others?
    I know adultery is a sin..but is it right to place judgment on the adulterer? We all make mistakes. (im referring to tiger woods.)
    10 Religion 61
  148. Bible says no aliens or something like that
    Im pretty sure somewhere in the bible it says we are alone in the universe is that correct? And if so would you be so kind to tell me the page number or what verse its in Thanks
    13 Religion 86
  149. Daily Bible Quiz
    Where is this verse found in the bible? “Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.”
    3 Religion 21
  150. Bible is confusing me!
    Im jewish and Im learning about Christianity in school. Im a little confused.. how is Mary a virgin if she had a baby with Gd? how did her husband feel when she had a baby with Gd? Isnt the gender of Gd unknown?
    23 Religion 64
  151. where (if) are pagans mentioned in the holy bible?
    During my childhood I was taught that pagans were "bad" or "evil" as an adult I've become more curious as to why? Research that I've done states that the word pagan means "country dweller"... are pagans even mentioned in the holy bible if so where?
    6 Religion 77
  152. Is there any reference in the bible, to a prior civilization?
    There is much talk from scientists, and those who believe in evolution, that this world has actually existed for many years, before the biblical account, given in Genesis. Is there any mention of this, or reference to this in the bible? What about othe...
    7 Religion 25
  153. Believers...any bible study methods?
    Hi, I study the bible using different methods switching it every year.if any believers could be so kind to share with me their ways of studying the bible or know of a great method of studying it I'd greatly appreciate it. (:-) thanx people!god bless.
    4 Religion 30
  154. Why do people believe the bible?
    I'm not all in the religious stuff, to tell you the truth I don't have religious beliefs. I just have a couple of questions that I don't understand. Why do people believe the bible so much? Why do some people base their life on this book? Do they be...
    38 Religion 159
  155. If there's no Bible tomorrow, could someone recite it ?
    if there was no bible tomorrow, if it all were somehow missing, will someone be able to recite the whole bible without making any mistakes?? if you're asking whether someone can recite the Quran without the Quran, yes, an Imam can without making mistak...
    12 Religion 66
  156. Where is Purgatory or Limbo in the Bible at all?
    I have not once encountered any scripture or any detail regarding purgatory or limbo in the bible, which catholics talk about a lot. Who here is catholic, and believes in Purgatory??? And if you do, can you please point out to me in which book, cha...
    14 Religion 181
  157. Can someone help me place the following bible names in order?
    Laban, Esau, Isaac, Jacob, Leah, Rebekah, Rachel, Ishmael, Hagar, Abraham, Sarah, and Joseph
    3 Religion 15
  158. Freedom of speech and the Bible
    Why is, even tho they say we all have freedom of speech, does everyone object when I quote the Bible? I mean, if others quote other sources it's monroe, but if I quote the living God I'm not allowed--is this fair?
    27 Religion 54
  159. Daily bible quiz
    Where is this scripture found in the bible? “If anyone says, "I love God," yet hates his brother, he is a liar. For anyone who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God, whom he has not seen. And he has given us this command: Whoe...
    2 Religion 38
  160. Liberal bias in the Bible
    At first I thought this must be a joke but it seems legit. It seems a group of conservatives wish to provide a translation of the Bible without what they consider to be liberal bias. Is the King James Version of the Bible from 1600 really too lib...
    6 Religion 61
  161. Science in the bible
    I have a question. In genesis, does it say anything about chemistry? or, in any other parts of the bible? here is an example: "in the beginning...god created the heavens and the earth" in that sentence alone, the bible talks about time,space, and...
    12 Religion 51
  162. How can I memorize 100 Bible verses?
    ok so im going to join a Bible Verse memory contest. SO I have to memorize over 100 verses to get through so I could win 1st place... Can anyone please give some "easy to learn" verses. Please? I will be really gratefull if yall help me wit this...
    13 Religion 48
  163. Daily Bible Quiz
    Where is this verse located in the bible? “This is what the LORD says— he who made a way through the sea, a path through the mighty waters, "Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you ...
    3 Religion 31
  164. Does the bible really say that homosexuality is wrong?
    Does the bible really say that homosexuality is wrong? Do you think it is? I'm not a homosexual, but I do believe that they were born that way. I don't think they are mental, or that they are evil or anything like that. I don't think they CHOSE to be...
    20 Sex 68
  165. Daily Bible Quiz
    Where is this scripture found in the bible ? “wash and make yourselves clean. Take your evil deeds out of my sight! Stop doing wrong, learn to do right! Seek justice, encourage the oppressed. Defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the...
    4 Religion 25
  166. Carrie-The bible and carries mom...
    In the movie Carrie, He mother is bible crazy but yet she attemps to kill her daughter when one of the ten comandments is "Thou shalt not kill" and she has a daughter and thinks its a sin when she had sex. When Thou shall be fruitful and multiply. I ju...
    2 Sex 10
  167. Bible verses about relationships?
    I'm making this thing for my boyfriend thats like a pretty cardboard heart with a bible verse on it but I can't find the verse I'm looking for...I think there's one about putting god first in your relationships...does anyone know where this might be? o...
    4 Religion 84
  168. Favorite Bible Verses?
    What are your favorite bible verses.. A few of mine are: Weeping may endure the night, but joy cometh in the morning. (psalms 30:5) My goodness and my fortress; my high tower, and my delivere; my shield, and he in whom I trust; who subdueth my peopl...
    16 Religion 65
  169. The other daily bible quiz
    Where is this verse found in the bible? "and toward her young one that cometh out from between her feet, and toward her children which she shall bear: for she shall eat them for want of all things secretly in the siege and straitness, wherewith thin...
    4 Religion 18
  170. Can a Christian answer a question about Christianity without quoting the bible?
    I'm not being discriminating - the reason I ask is because it seems every time you ask a question about Christianity, you get a flood of bible quotes...personally, I'd like to see an actual answer, thought up by the person, instead of reading bible quo...
    69 Religion 47
  171. Wondering how the bible can't be proof of god's existence
    Hi, I was just wondering how the bible can't be proof of god's existence, I mean, I personally believe that man wrote the bible and god inspired them(told them what to write), some recent comments about it are, it's written by ancient men, well pretty ...
    14 Religion 26
  172. Why isn't the bible written in its original language?
    Why isn't the bible written in its original language of 'koine greek' followed by an english translation?why is it written in english only and not in its original language?and yet, as in the new testament, in particular in the masoretic texts, changes,...
    11 Religion 87
  173. Does anyone know where to find this in the Bible?
    My aunt found out something I didn't know about in her bible.It was telling why God flooded the world.It said that demons were impregnating human women and they were having giants as babies.The babies were then also demons.Does anyone know where to fin...
    8 Religion 13
  174. What does everyone think about the pastor that wants to burn muslim bibles on 9 11?
    How do you think it will affect our soldiers overseas? My friend thinks it will cause what they call a blackout and that means we will have no contact with our loved ones overseas for days. I think it will be put to a stop before it happens. Any thoughts?
    30 Religion 28
  175. reading the bible without the Holy Spirit?
    Some christians will tell you that you can never understand the message of the Bible without being inspired by the Holy Spirit. They will also tell you that the Bible has a simple message, and they quote texts from the Bible in an attempt to persuade ...
    22 Religion 74
  176. If you belive in the bible read this,,,***
    For the people who belive in the bible, shouldn't you see the swine flu as something send from God for a purpose? people pretend to be verry religious and follow the bilbe to the fullest but I bet if they got something like the swine flu they won't thi...
    14 Religion 37
  177. What Bible says the word "replenish" Gen 1:27&28
    My Bible's say to multiply and fill the earth. I've read controversies of some Bibles saying the worg "replenish" in verse Gen 1:28. I am new to reading scriptures and this is confusing. I read (NIV) version of the Holy Bible and in my Bible verse Gen ...
    9 Religion 226
  178. Could you stop the quotes from the Bible?
    Please, im getting sick and tired of the quotes from the bible in the religion & spirituality section.. We, who ask or state that God isnt real or which is the best religion, dont need your pointless quotes.. I think im doing this for everyone and as...
    6 Religion 32
  179. Cute Bibles(:
    Ok, so my Bible is getting kinda old and I wanted a new one. Where can I find a cute Bible? Like some of my friends have like ones with polka dots, ext. Mine did too but I need a new cute one(: Help Please(: Btw, if your gunna tell me how you bel...
    5 Religion 60
  180. Which divisions of Christianity reads the bible (parts of the Old Testament) NOT literally?
    I know my division does not read it literally, I also know the Catholic highschool I have been studying at, that division does not. The teachers have been telling us that they believe in the Big Bang theory, and the evolution, just that God had a hand ...
    4 Religion 29
  181. What does the Bible say about dating older people?
    What does the Bible say about being in a relationship or marrying someone who is slightly older or younger? I DO know that dating or having a sexual relationship with an underage person can be considered pedophilia, but say what if both partners are of...
    9 Sex 527
  182. What is a bible verse that can be used with letting my friend go to New York with me?
    I really want my best friend to go to New York with me but her mom said no, My mom and her mom are best friends too, even though my mom yelled at her today cuz she never lets my friend go anywhere with me. My friends mom is super religious, and i was w...
    3 Religion 44
  183. Where in the bible it says that
    Ok I was at school today and we had a project to deal with obama and mccain. And my friend mentioned that there is a verse in the bible that mentions something about a man trying to run for president for four years. And he is in his late 40's and I don...
    9 Religion 29
  184. Who knows a bible verse about brothers?
    Basically, I get upset constantly about my dad and my uncle... my dad isnt mentally well but my uncle is, my uncle hates my dad but my dad still loves my uncle. (they're brothers) it affects me because im a christian and I would like to find a verse in...
    5 Religion 48
  185. What does the Bible say about transsexuals?
    When God places the mind of a woman in the physical body of a man and she has sexual re-assignment surgery in order to make her physical appearance match how she feels inside and then starts a relationship with a man, does God still consider this to be...
    51 Sex 120
  186. Who is Joseph in the Bible?
    Erm...I was thinking about jesus's family. I'm not religious so I don't know much about it but who exactly is this Joseph guy??!! If Jesus is the son of God, then that makes God, Jesus's father. Is that right? Jesus's mum is mary... yes? So we have mum...
    15 Religion 31
  187. What does the mass deaths of the birds in the news lately have to do with the bible?
    At dinner last night the restuarant had the news on and i asked my fiance what he thought the deal was with the birds. All he said to me was its in the bible....and he left it at that. I didnt want to pry anymore since we generally dont discuss religio...
    27 Religion 31
  188. Why should I believe in the bible and god?
    Why should I believe in the bible and god? If the bible was written by man, how is it the word of god? Why should I believe in the bible when people can just make a new book and call it the word of god like the book of mormon? Most people just tell me ...
    23 Religion 49
  189. Daily Bible Quiz
    Where is this scripture found in the bible? “Do everything without complaining or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which you shine like stars in the universe ...
    4 Religion 32
  190. According to the bible, is it wrong to kiss people on the lips?
    I don't mean going around and just kissing everyone on the lips. It says it's wrong to have sex before marriage, like it's a sin. But is it wrong to show affection by kissing someone on the lips???? I've never really thought of it as wrong just until n...
    14 Sex 33
  191. bible know how God apparently created the universe?
    I just have one quick question about christianity. well, I haven't really read the bible in a long time (I'm not a christian, but I like to learn about different religions because for some reason I think they are interesting) and I'm not quite sure abo...
    9 Religion 21
  192. Quote from the Bible
    In RE, we have these "Youth Bible" things. Basically simplified, but has the same meaning. So me and my friend were bored and read a section. It said something like "If a man releases semen into a woman, they are both unclean, they must bathe and vi...
    22 Religion 22
  193. On what biblical authority can you say not to burn the bible?
    Now, I'm a bit upset. We had two Christians complain about an answer, it got removed, and now I've had a nightmare of clean up to follow. On what biblical authority is there to say you can't suggest burning the bible? If you're Catholic, you can poi...
    10 Religion 36
  194. Scientific reasons for not believing the bible is true?
    What are the facts in the bible that have been proven false by science? I want things lke how old the earth is, where dinosaurs came from, oldest living things, how the first organisms developed into what they are now, plus theories that suggest we hav...
    32 Religion 132
  195. How can I keep my anger inside about this topic in bible class?
    soon, my bible teacher is going to be talking about homosexuality. you can imagine where that would go. this topic makes me very angry because i support gay rights and i dont have the best control when it comes to my anger over things. i feel like the ...
    25 Sex 13
  196. What do the Bible, the Qur'an, and the Tora have in common?
    please help! i need to know what does this three books have in common: The bible, The Coran or Koran (I don't know wich is right..),The Tora( of the jewish) it wold be really helpfull if you could tell me the differences, and the common things, i'm...
    7 Religion 103
  197. Why do Christians follow the Bible?
    I don't understand why people study the Bible!?!? I mean why? What is so special about the Bible? How come you don't read the Quran. How do you know that the Bible is not true? Does it have some kind of code? Does it have a sign or do you read it b/...
    22 Religion 158
  198. Bible was written by man right?
    Well one last thing before I go off to school is that to all you bible lovers and whatnot out there. Do you not realize that the bible was written by Human beings?Translanted and whatnot? It has been proven that there are numerous mistranslations one o...
    16 Religion 44
  199. How many copies of the Bible existed at the time of Ahab c 850 BCE?
    This is about the time of 1 Kings 16:30-33. Obviously this was before the full OT existed, but how many copies of the scrolls would have been in use? One in the Temple and.... how many elsewhere in old Israel-Judah, which other centres would have had t...
    2 Religion 16
  200. Bible pretty much not much of a believer of god
    Ok, so I'm pretty much not much of a believer of god, disown me, hate me, curse me, but I don't. I don't see the logic in it, I don't see how it helps at all. To be 100% honest I believe it is the biggest lie of all time, it's a method of spreading fea...
    23 Sex 37
  201. Did Jesus Christ Claim Divinity? Accodring to the Bible?
    No Jesus Never Claimed Divinity, with these simple statements. Jesus NEVER CLAIMED DIVINITY. IF ANYONE CAN READ THIS, THEN DO IT NOW. CAUSE JESUS SAID THIS...JESUS: (I) "My Father is greater than I." [The Bible, John 14:28] (ii) "My Father i...
    8 Religion 47
  202. I find it difficult to understand the Bible
    I was just reading the first few pages, and was bewildered to read that Adam lived for 930 years. In India in this present modern age, 60% of the people do not know their date of birth. Former Chief minister of Bihar, for 14 years. Mr. Laloo Prasad doe...
    38 Religion 25
  203. How was you first encounter with the Bible?
    I had been remembering how I was introduced to the Bible for the first time: When I was very little (I still have the images on my mind) , My Mom used to sit me with Her on Her bed and read to me very softly some passages of the Bible ,specially the N...
    12 Religion 42
  204. Foods that make you taller?
    Do you no of any foods that are proven to make you taller?
    3 Nutritionfitness 154
  205. What is hypnosis, and how is it performed?
    What is hypnosis, and how is it performed? What does the bible have to say about it?
    10 Religion 37
  206. How can we know that we are saved?
    How does the bible say that we can know that we are saved?
    10 Religion 40
  207. Bible and Eagles
    I have a friend who wanted me to post this question since he doesn't have a funadvice site... okk here goes...The Bible mentions the eagle in different places, our forefathers when they founded the U.S. used the eagle as a symbol for our country, do yo...
    17 Religion 57
  208. Gaps in the bible show the question of Christianinty.
    okay so here's the deal.. some odd years ago God flodded the Earth because of bad people and Moses and family landed in jerusalem and where the only ones to live right? well they reproduced and his decendant, christopher columbus, sailed the ocean bl...
    12 Religion 53
  209. Why do some people go overboard with religion and make *everything* about God/the bible?
    Theres nothing wrong with it, I'm just curious. My boyfriends family are the most religious people I've ever met and well I'm not really religious at all, they talked about how his grandpa keeps money from hid wife and acts like her personal bank and t...
    11 Religion 227
  210. Why do christains eat pork if...
    Why do christains eat pork if in the bible it says you should not eat pig? Some body told me it says in the bible you shouldnt eat pig
    10 Religion 62
  211. Who understands the bible?
    Clearly, numerous sections of the bible should not be taken literally. I assume that biblical advice such as self-mutilation, burning-down of cities, rape and ethnic cleansing should be interpreted in such manner that it will make sense in modern conte...
    12 Religion 33
  212. The Bible?
    I've studied the Bible and while some of the stories are good morality tales and others are flat out outragest laws and claims, I still dont understand how people can devote there whole lifes to it. Christians say its the word of God yet we all seen to...
    14 Sex 39
  213. According to the Bible: Was Jesus really crucified?
    If u believe in the Bible, and have full knowledge about christianity, Arent u supposed to agree that Jesus was not crusiifed? If so, then that is the biggest flaw among all the religions and it precisely proves that Christianity doesnt exist ! IF THE...
    2 Religion 17
  214. Were there dinosaurs in the Bible?
    Yes the qustion that might keep you awake all night wondering,the qustion that fuses Science with religion.For me there is enough proof to say that there was dinosaur's mentioned in the bible.The Behmoth mentioned in Job chapter 40 who's"step's shook ...
    21 Religion 58
  215. Gay sin
    Is it Truely a sin to be gay? where in the bible does it say this?
    31 Religion 43
  216. Bo0k of judas!
    Why bo0k of judas is n0t included in the bible?
    8 Religion 17
  217. Homosexuality and the Bible
    Okay, first of all I'm heterosexual and I'm a Christian, but I don't understand how people who call themselves Christians go and spit on gay people and tell them they're headed for "eternal damnation". What the name Christian means to me is someone who...
    34 Sex 52
  218. Bible, fiction or non?
    Alright, the bible is a book correct? It teaches you morals correct? It talks about god correct? Magical doing and such, correct? Good well most people believe that the bible is the word of god, but how do we really know. It has been edited so ma...
    19 Sex 60
  219. Do you question the logic in the Bible?
    Dear joseph1949, By chance, I came to this webpage and I was caught at first sight given the questions quoted by you. I am a Christian, though for many years, and I do have the same thoughts as you and I "questioned" the logic and true principalities i...
    5 Religion 15
  220. Why isn't there any humour in the bible?
    Well, I was wondering why there isn't any humour in the bible. Does that mean that god doesn't have a sense of humour? The bible just doesn't seen to have any humour in it, especially the old testament. What about judgements on nations that don’t e...
    10 Religion 68
  221. What does the bible say
    My husband and I was married for almost 30 years.we have three kids. Before we got saved,; we both commited adultry,but I never cheated on his once we got saved,but he he wants a divorce because he has left me and found someone else.the fact th...
    16 Religion 54
  222. joe biden and the bible
    in a quote that was taken at some time in an interview for 60 minutes, joe said that by the time his tenure was up in the Senate Judiciary Committee that he was going to make sure or "mark his words" that every american will have "chips" installed as t...
    6 Politics 49
  223. devil attack
    In the bible is there a scripture that explains ways to attack the devil?
    5 Religion 47
  224. Does prayer work?
    Does prayer work like the Bible says it does? Or does it even work at all?
    24 Religion 32
  225. Does anyone repent for their sins?
    Does anyone repent for there sins? If so, do you all turn to the bible? Or Pastors?
    10 Religion 19
  226. Bible "Jesus & God"
    I am no longer confused in my belief, but the belief of some out there, How on earth do you get so confused with the silly beliefs like "Jesus is God" the "three in one deal" I have been reading the Bible and every time it talks about Jesus and God it ...
    35 Religion 54
  227. Why do so many judeo christian religions have different bibles?
    Right or wrong, I consider myself reasonably well versed in a number of religious topics. From the Council of Carthage where they assembled the modern bible, to the fiction of Jesus real birth day (by a pope, as was mentioned here, 270 years after the ...
    11 Religion 52
  228. Why do we generally dismiss the beliefs of ancient societies
    Why do we generally dismiss the beliefs of ancient societies (primitive or tribal) while we hold on to the bible's teachings? Isn't the bible essentially the same thing?
    6 Religion 16
  229. Should I forgive or punch someone who kicks my bible around?
    I know you might think...well why doesn't she just throw that right in with the other sins... But isn't like kicking God's Holy Word like kicking God himself...I mean who has the nerve to do that?... I know if you kicked the Quaran things would p...
    21 Religion 74
  230. Why does God ask to murder?
    How can God be true, if he asks to murder in the Bible. And why doesnt he murder the sinners himself?
    14 Religion 35
  231. What is Hell?
    A friend of mine claimed that there was no such thing as an eternal torture(aka:Hell) and the Bible does not even support it. Does the Bible actually describe a literal hell? And if so, where?
    8 Religion 27
  232. Is Christanity a male-dominated religion?
    in bible god the father is a man .jesus is a man .the books written in bible are written all by men.please comment.
    8 Religion 81
  233. men and women working together
    Can you give me bible verses of men and women working together
    6 Religion 153
  234. Do We have a Common Enemy?
    Do we all have a common enemy? If so, who is it? Is it another human being? Can you explain what the bible has to say about this?
    5 Religion 34
  235. What does god think of gay relationships?
    Christians say he is against gays but what does god think of gay relationships what does god say in the bible about it not christians god
    14 Religion 53
  236. Story of elizabeth
    in the bible how old was elizabeth when she got pregnant with joun
    3 Religion 9
  237. A virgin woman being pregnant
    Why can no other woman have a baby and be a virgin like mary did in the bible?
    4 Health 201
  238. Why are some athiests "sinking to the bible thumpers level"?
    Perhaps my favorite group of people to hang out with and share ideas with were the athiests. The ones I personally know are the most amazing people I know. However, it seems that in a lot of other places (such as fact...especially funadv...
    21 Religion 37
  239. Is Martial Arts forbidden in the Bible?
    I was just wondering about something that happened when I was in high school...I just came home from a Taekwondo class and went to a bible study...when they asked me where I came from I said Taekwondo Practice.They start shaking their heads and said.. ...
    8 Religion 98
  240. Why are some people against gays because of the bible or religion?
    Okay so I have seen and heard a lot of people discriminate and hate against gays becasue they say its not what "god would want" or because its againsts gods word, but ithought that god had created men and women and brought theem to his world and also I...
    14 Religion 44
  241. Bible Condemns Animal Killing
    This is an argument that I place in favor of my Animal Killing Question. I studied the Bible for quite a while. After reading these Bible verses please give suggestions. Thank You. Many comments, I guess I will have to quote from the Bible to show y...
    12 Religion 143
  242. Christian...masturbation?
    do you believe that it is against the bible (Christian wise) to masturbate? cause I have no idea what to think
    7 Sex 141
  243. Will my grandfather go to Hell for killing himself?
    My grandfather killed himself. Do you think he will go to heaven or hell? Is hell real? Does it say anything about going to hell in the bible? If so where? Does it tell what hell is like in the bible? please help me... I am so confussed, and I love m...
    27 Religion 210
  244. Can god be proven?
    First off, advisers, please don't lock this just yet, I really want to read the feedback I get from people. secondly, if you're not going to read this with an open mind, leave, I really don't feel like beating a dead horse here because when I do, it's...
    26 Religion 45
  245. whats your favorite scripture
    I love to hear what people pull out of the bible.
    5 Religion 45
  246. Diabetes prevention?
    What are ways to prevent type 1 diabetes? Are there any doctor proven ways that make you have type 1 diabetes?
    3 Health 24
  247. Did jesus exist?
    I there any real, actual proof of Jesus's existance? ( Please don't say the bible ).
    27 Religion 28
  248. Gods Grace
    Does Gods Grace have a limit? Can you share scriptures that pertain, and where they are found in the bible?
    2 Religion 24
  249. Where did the Christ come from?
    where did the christian got the name for their religion? has christianity mentioned in the bible?
    5 Religion 32
  250. The truth of the matter
    I realize the question that I am going to ask may be controversial. I do not mean to offend. Can a person who hates/cannot stand/does not like Caucasians truly call himself or herself a Christian? I am asking this question because there are people who ...
    3 Religion 33