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  1. How do you remove braces?
    How do you remove braces yourself?
    29 Style 599
  2. How to remove pores
    4 Style 54
  3. How to remove braces yourself?
    How to remove braces yourself?
    3 Health 141
  4. After removing tile what do I use to remove adhesive?
    After removing tile what do I use to remove adhesive
    3 Homegarden 43
  5. How do I remove pics on here?
    6 Funadvice 34
  6. Can you use acrylic nail remover as nail polish remover ?
    3 Style 33
  7. stain remover
    how is stain remover made?
    2 Homegarden 26
  8. How do I remove pimples from my face?
    13 Style 479
  9. How to remove rv smell?
    How to remove rv smell?
    2 General 904
  10. How do you remove eye bags?
    How to remove my eye bags?
    6 Style 95
  11. How do doctors remove the prostate?
    How do doctors remove the prostate?
    3 Health 55
  12. How to remove paint from clothing?
    How to remove paint from clothing?
    2 Homegarden 70
  13. How do I remove mould from a coat
    How do I remove mould from a coat
    2 Style 90
  14. how to remove the redness of pimples?
    19 Style 37
  15. how do you remove photos from your profile?
    2 Funadvice 17
  16. how do i remove a status update?
    3 Funadvice 36
  17. What's your favorite makeup remover?
    10 Style 23
  18. How can I remove my city from my profile?
    How can I remove the city I live in from my profile?
    2 Funadvice 10
  19. How to remove dark circles?
    Hey!!how to remove dark circles
    2 Health 36
  20. How to remove my big tummy through exercise?
    How to remove my big tummy through exercise?
    5 Nutritionfitness 105
  21. How to remove alcohol from breath?
    how to remove alcahol from breath
    3 Health 182
  22. how can I remove moles and spots from my face?>
    how can I remove moles and spots from my face?>
    2 Style 32
  23. Do you remove your clothes when you go to bed?
    Do you remove your clothes when you go to bed?
    9 Health 321
  24. How to remove Mywebsearch from my pc?
    How to remove Mywebsearch from my pc? Thanks
    2 Technology 19
  25. Scar removal
    how I remove scars fm my face?
    2 Style 65
  26. Is there a way to remove hair permanently?
    is there any way to remove hair permanently?
    3 Style 58
  27. How to remove lipstick stains from carpet?
    How to remove lipstick stains from carpet?
    2 Homegarden 82
  28. How to remove scratches from a psp screen?
    How to remove scratches from a psp screen?
    2 Gaming 75
  29. how to remove smell of alcohol on breath
    how to remove smell of alcohol on breath
    4 Health 504
  30. how can i find a virus myself and remove it manually?
    how can i find a virus myself and remove it manually?
    3 Technology 99
  31. How to remove unpleasent odour in the toilet?
    How to remove unpleasent odour in the toilet?
    5 Homegarden 53
  32. hair colour remover
    where can I get hair colour remover from?
    5 Style 25
  33. How do you remove a small surgery scar?
    4 Style 27
  34. how effective is laser hair removal?
    3 Style 20
  35. Can face wash remove makeup?
    8 Style 14
  36. How can you remove a coffee stain from carpet?
    4 Homegarden 20
  37. How long can an account be inactive before it's removed?
    6 Funadvice 45
  38. What's the fastest way to remove a hicky?
    15 Style 60
  39. Does getting a tooth removed hurt?
    16 Health 47
  40. Does getting catrax removed hurt?
    8 Health 15
  41. What to do to remove keloid?
    4 Health 26
  42. Clear & clear blackhead remover
    2 Style 17
  43. How painful can it be removing my wisdom tooth?
    5 Health 48
  44. Who is the richest between donald trump and bill gates?
    Who is the richest between donald trump and bill gates?
    4 Entertainment 47
  45. CD Scratch removers
    are there any good scratch Removers for CDs
    7 Technology 12
  46. How to remove water spots from my car?
    how do I remove water spots from the body of my car?
    2 Homegarden 35
  47. How remove old nail polish from the carpet?
    How remove old nail polish from the carpet?
    2 Homegarden 25
  48. What is the best way to remove body hair?
    what is the best way to remove body hair?
    8 Style 58
  49. Snake removal
    How much does it cost to have snakes removed from your home?
    2 Pets 20
  50. what are some home remedies for blackhead removal?
    what are some home remedies for blackhead removal? please
    3 Style 33
  51. How to permanently remove hair?
    What should I do to remove my hair permanently near my anus.
    2 Style 82
  52. Remove hair color
    How can I remove semi permanent hair color from my hair?
    3 Style 196
  53. Computer virus removal for free?
    how do I remove these virus from my computer free of charge
    3 Technology 42
  54. What to do next after using hair color remover?
    What to do next after using hair color remover?
    2 Style 44
  55. How can I remove libusb from my computers?
    How can I remove libusb from my computers? I have windows xp
    2 Technology 24
  56. Removing braces
    How do you remove your braces from home fast and painless
    3 Style 67
  57. How do I remove vista pop up blocker?
    How do I remove vesta pop up blocker
    2 Technology 42
  58. Substitue for nail polish remover?
    I am out of nail polish remover, what will do the triicckk :)
    5 Style 54
  59. how can I remove the dark circles bags from my eyes?
    how can I remove the dark circles from my eyes? Remove bags from under eyes, any ideas?
    6 Style 72
  60. Removing Waterproof Mascara
    How do you remove waterproof mascara without using makeup remover?
    10 Style 55
  61. What's the price if i were to get my eczema removed with a laser?
    2 Style 20
  62. What are the causes of having this thick skin on my heels and how to remove it?
    12 Style 32
  63. Does being removed from a problem better your chances of solving it?
    6 General 20
  64. How to remove excess loose belly skin??
    5 Nutritionfitness 58
  65. Is it possible to remove a question you posted?
    3 Funadvice 14
  66. Ebay removing your own bid
    How do you remove your bid on ebay, that uve bidded on somthing and want to remove your bid?
    2 Technology 50
  67. How to FULLY remove a uni-brow ?
    15 Style 22
  68. How do I remove duplicate songs in my iTunes library?
    4 Music 21
  69. How do I get Spyware Remover off of my computer?
    How do I get SpywareRemover.msi off of my computer?
    2 Technology 14
  70. What are your thoughts on the statue being removed at Penn State?
    3 Politics 10
  71. Belly ring removal
    How do I take of my periced belly ring
    3 Style 41
  72. Why is there a "Remove follower | Stop from following you" If it doesn't work?
    5 Funadvice 7
  73. Do you randomly get your answers removed because they were not useful?
    11 Funadvice 17
  74. do scar removal medicine actually work?
    2 Style 34
  75. What's the BEST brand of make-up remover?
    109 Style 45
  76. How to remove a mole naturally?
    How much does it hurt?
    4 Style 51
  77. Is Contractubex effective in removing white scars?
    3 Style 214
  78. Is there a way to remove black and white off a picture?
    6 Literature 33
  79. Why did FunAdvice removed a question without notifying me at all?
    11 Funadvice 11
  80. What can I use to remove makeup?
    I don't have any make-up remover atm.
    10 Style 25
  81. Contractubex does it help for removing the scars?
    have anyone tried Contractubex and does it help for removing the scars?/
    5 Style 345
  82. Baby Wipes, are they good to remove makeup?
    Good for removing makeup? x
    6 Style 17
  83. Remove wound marks from skin
    On my skin has some wound marks. how to remove that marks? From-Amila.
    3 Style 114
  84. What major should I be in college to be like Donald Trump?
    what major in college do I have to study to be like donald trump ?
    2 Education 21
  85. Removing Permenant Marker From Cardboard
    Does anyone know how to remove permenant marker from cardboard??
    2 General 95
  86. How to remove dried old mortar off used brick?
    How to remove dried old mortar off used brick?
    3 Homegarden 73
  87. some FREE virus scans and can remove all the threats?
    What are some FREE virus scans and can remove all the threats? and it's not a fraud
    7 Technology 33
  88. Mole removal?
    how much does it cost to get moles removed from a dermatoligist/doctor??
    4 Style 20
  89. Removing a mole
    Can you get a mole removed even if it is not sticking out? Has anyone had a mole removed like this?
    4 Entertainment 14
  90. do u think immagrints should be removed from america?..i dont='(
    14 Politics 42
  91. mud/face masks do they remove spots?
    do they get rid of spots??
    2 Style 22
  92. how can i remove a watermelon stain for a white cotton shirt?
    6 Homegarden 97
  93. Can any one tell me how to remove a hard case if its on my Blackberry?
    4 Technology 16
  94. Does anyone have any tips on how to remove small ticks off of your dog?
    13 Pets 19
  95. How to tie a friendship bracelet so you can remove it/make it tighter/looser?
    2 General 45
  96. how do i get off nail polish that is on my nails and doesnt come off with nail polish remover?
    12 Style 42
  97. How to remove mold stains from clothing?
    How do I get rid of mold stains on clothing?
    4 Homegarden 548
  98. How can I best remove glass shards from an open wound?
    5 Health 62
  99. What is the terminal command on Linux for removing a file from a directory?
    3 Technology 29
  100. Is there anyway to remove tattoos without doing laser & all that stuff?
    5 Style 71
  101. What happens to the skin and hair when a permanent hair removal is done?
    2 Style 69
  102. Why is it whenever I try to give a link it gets removed ?
    5 Funadvice 5
  103. How can someone remove audio from their videos?
    What if its from a flip camcorder?
    3 Technology 20
  104. is the hair removal CREAM better or worst than shaving ?
    6 Style 80
  105. Removing Friends From Facebook
    I am wondering what happens when you 'remove a friend' from facebook? Do they see that you have done it?
    4 Technology 120
  106. If I uploaded a pic would it be removed?
    If I uploaded a pic of my body in a bikini out side will it be removed?
    3 Funadvice 47
  107. Have a home remedy for removing super glue from your skin?
    Does anyone have a home remedy for removing super glue from your skin?
    4 Style 39
  108. Homemade Nail polish remover
    Can you make home made nail polish remover?
    3 Style 68
  109. How to remove hair growth from my forehead?
    is that natural that hair grows in forehead too?how do I remove it permanently?
    2 Style 66
  110. How to remove a thumbdrive virus?
    how to remove this write protected virus from my thumbdrive? can somebody help me?
    3 Technology 45
  111. how to remove phone numbers on your ATT cell bill ?
    Howcan I remove phone numbers on my Att cell phone bill ?
    2 Technology 1566
  112. Dye removal on leather
    How do I remove hair dye off of tan colored leather sofa?
    2 Homegarden 70
  113. What age do you have to be to buy hair removal cream?
    What age do you have to be to buy hair removal cream or waxing strips?
    5 Style 1099
  114. Does a miscarried fetus need to be surgically removed?
    Does a miscarried fetus have to be removed surgically, or does it abort itself naturally?
    3 Health 57
  115. Removing Nail Varnish From Clothes/Bedsheets
    Does anyone know any products that Remove Nail Varnish From Clothes/Bedsheets??
    2 Homegarden 37
  116. What if the a koolaid stain is months old, can it be removed?
    I have a koolaid stain in my carpet that is months old. Is it possible that the stain can be removed and if so, how?
    2 Homegarden 56
  117. Safe ways to remove moles without going to the doctor?
    Are there any safe ways to remove moles without going to the doctor?
    3 Health 46
  118. Remove the blot from bitumen
    How can I remove oil stain on asphalt driveway
    2 General 24
  119. Pimple removing tech.
    How can I remove pimples from my face in 2 to 3 months?
    2 Style 32
  120. Army tatttoo removal help
    how do you get help from the army to remove a tattoo before enlisting
    2 Style 29
  121. first cousin once removed ? what does that mean ?
    I dont get how it works
    5 Family 136
  122. what can i use to remove orange/red popsickle stains rom my carpet?
    3 Homegarden 32
  123. What are three things you would like to remove from your life if you had the choice?
    13 General 19
  124. what will remove traces of opiates and meth in a urine drug test?
    2 Drugs 632
  125. Does anyone know how to remove this type oof light from the ceiling???
    3 Homegarden 18
  126. Magic Marker Removal
    How do you get magic marker stain off of brick mortar?
    2 Homegarden 68
  127. What is the difference between 1st, 2nd, or 3rd cousins and cousins once, twice removed?
    5 Family 89
  128. Would having my gallbladder removed, not help with weight loss issues?
    2 Nutritionfitness 18
  129. What was the situation on the roast of Donald trump?
    He's never done comedy before....
    3 Entertainment 12
  130. When can I get pregnant after IUD removal?
    how long after I get my I.u.d taken out , can I get pregnant?
    7 Health 342
  131. How can I remove black circles under my eyes?
    my eyebags are blacck and im so worry about it... how can I remove that?
    5 Style 17
  132. Can I use a fine sand paper to remove old wall paper paste on
    Can I use a fine sand paper to remove old wall paper paste on my walls?
    3 Homegarden 36
  133. Why is my linked removed when I tried to post it?
    how can i upload a link to a question with out it getting removed also?
    8 Funadvice 12
  134. Toothpaste to remove acne scars?
    I've heard toothpaste can help remove acne scars is that true? If not what can?
    5 Style 48
  135. Nicotine remover
    Anything you can take to remove nicotine metabolites from showing up on lab results.
    3 Health 424
  136. Beauty Care how to remove oil dots from my face?
    On my face have a oil dots. how to remove oil dots? From-Amila.
    2 Style 42
  137. How do you get removed from your parents' custody?
    How can I get removed from my mom's custody without her losing custody of my sisters???
    5 Family 20
  138. Removing Fake Nails
    Recently, I just bought some fake nails. How do you remove fake nails? And can you use them again after the first time?
    2 Style 65
  139. How to remove an accidental friend?
    Just added a friend by mistake on FunAdvice how do I remove them? Any help appreciated!
    8 Funadvice 10
  140. Can i use veet sensitive skin hair removal cream on my testicles?
    7 Style 365
  141. Removing food coloring from clothing?
    How can you get food coloring out of clothing. I got some on my sisters clothes for school
    4 Homegarden 192
  142. Is veet hair removal gel safe for arms?
    Just wondering if it is safe to try. :)
    3 Style 72
  143. How to properly and completely and harmlessly remove vegetable oil from my rabbit's fur?
    3 Pets 12
  144. How to remove burnt stuff from my iron pan?
    how do I get burn off my iron please!!!
    3 Homegarden 53
  145. What is the best homemade hair removal wax recipe that really works?
    3 Style 18
  146. How can I get rid of a corn if using a corn remover pad isn't working?
    4 Health 30
  147. How to remove the pimples on my face?
    I donot know what to do to those hateful stuffs ? I mean the pimples
    3 Style 23
  148. How do I clean stainless steel appliances & remove water marks?
    How do I clean stainless steel appliances, I have water marks that I can't get out.
    14 Homegarden 957
  149. Should I remove the hot pink colour from my hair or dye it all back to black again?
    5 Style 105
  150. What nine letter word in the English language is still a word when each of the nine letters is removed one by one?
    6 Literature 71
  151. I attached my I pod to pc and I tune sync. removed my data from I pod
    I attached my I pod to pc and I tune sync. removed my data from I pod now how can I get back my data ?
    3 Technology 80
  152. How can kids with thick thighs remove cellulite?
    I just want to know how to remove the cellulite from my hips and thick thighs. Please?
    3 Nutritionfitness 53
  153. Best way to remove arm hair?
    what's the best way to remove arm hair so that it'll last for at least a week?
    8 Style 98
  154. Will water remove pot from your system?
    Will water take weed out of system. I only smoked One J
    8 Health 110
  155. Does NoNo work to remove hair and does it hurt?
    I would really like to know.
    2 Style 96
  156. When you use hair color removal kits, does the color go back to your natural color, or to white?
    3 Style 61
  157. What is the best way to remove 3-quarter-inch plywood from a floor?
    10 Homegarden 31
  158. Removing store bought glue on nails
    How in the crap do I get these darn things off???
    4 Style 640
  159. What's a good free virus remover?
    freevirusremover I need it bad please help
    2 Technology 37
  160. What can I expect when I take my 4-year-old cousin to have some teeth removed?
    4 Babies 21
  161. Can you get skin surgery to remove freckles?
    if so what's the name and around how much does it cost?
    13 Style 41
  162. How can I get rid of the red marks on my nose that I got when I tried removing my blackheads?
    10 Style 48
  163. how do you get nail polish off of clothes without nail polish remover?
    my sister is throwing a fit
    3 Homegarden 31
  164. Removing dark wood stain from cabinets
    what is the best way to dark wood stain off of my cabinets not sure how long it has been there...
    2 Homegarden 159
  165. Who would you rather eat dinner with: Presidents Obama and Clinton or Romney and Trump?
    11 Food 25
  166. How long do you wait after surgery to remove the clear film they put on the surgical incision?
    5 Health 24
  167. When you get your wisdom teeth surgically removed, are you not able to eat solid foods?
    3 Health 12
  168. Removing vocals with AVS Audio Converter
    I downloaded this AVS Audio converter program and I want to know how to remove vocals. Does anyone know how?
    2 Technology 399
  169. facial problems how can I remove my acne scars??
    how can I remove my acne scars?? please give me effective answers..
    2 Style 89
  170. Why would it be necessary to remove teeth of a 4-year-old?
    my cousin is 4 they said they have to remove some of his teeth..why?
    4 Health 34
  171. remove dodge tail light assembly
    How do you remove the tail light asembly on a Dodge Ramm 1500 when there are no visible screws?
    5 Cars 59
  172. Mole Removal No Surgery
    Is There Any Way That You Can Remove A Mole From The Skin Without Surgery Or Seeing A Doctor ? What Happens If You Just Cut It Off ?
    7 Health 27
  173. Hair removal test
    I had taken a darvocet about 4 mouths ago can this be found on a hair removal drug test?
    2 Health 41
  174. where can you get hair removal for female private's?
    im trying to remove all of my pubic hair from my vigina im wondering how I can do that?
    5 Style 139
  175. Do you think the next huge trumped crisis will be 'Inflation, Infla
    Do you think the next huge trumped crisis will be 'Inflation, Inflation' and a demand for price controls ?
    3 Politics 16
  176. Would you get a skin tag removed from down there?
    I have a skin tag between my butt and my vagina theres no pain, but I can tell its there. Would you get it removed?
    7 Style 92
  177. Use lemon juice to remove or fade a tattoo?
    I have heard that you can use lemon juice to remove or fade a tattoo... Does this work and if so how long will it take to work?
    2 Style 854
  178. What would happen to a guy if his testie were removed
    What would happen to a guy if his testie were removed due to an accident? Would he start growing breast?
    5 Health 170
  179. Can I remove my puppies stitches?
    My puppy was spayed and she needs to have her stitches removed. they are the metal kind and look pretty easy to remove. is this something that I can do myself?
    3 Pets 65
  180. How can I remove or diminish cellulite from my legs?
    How can I remove or diminish cellulite from my legs? I run a lot and it only removes a little, any advice you can give is appreciated. Thanks!
    2 Nutritionfitness 92
  181. How do I either remove someone that is following me and I am not following them, or at least block them so I am not getting flooded with their updates and
    15 Funadvice 40
  182. is it important to have a hernia removed ASAP or?
    I want to postpone my hernia surgery until after the holidays, would that be dangrous?
    3 Health 15
  183. How much $is it to get my mole removed and where should I go2do it?
    I need to have it removed but I don't know how much help if it's a lot then I need to know if I have to save up, and this is two moles! Is it a lot for two or what?
    3 Style 23
  184. Any way to remove subliminal messages?
    I'm concerned about some subliminal messages I have put in my own mind and now wish to remove. Is there anyway to remove them, or is there nothing that can be done?
    4 General 64
  185. How to remove a hard drive and clean it ?
    How do you remove a hard drive from your computor --clean it --and re-install it--so it will not have any information on it please help.
    5 Technology 55
  186. Is it really that gross for a girl not to remove her leg hair?
    i haven't shaved my leg hair and is it really that gross??? is it ugly? is it too hairy?
    11 Style 65
  187. How to remove blackhead? effective ways please
    Not only my face, but my back and chest started to have it too. help!
    4 Style 16
  188. Tattoo removal
    Has anyone here had a tattoo removed? What options do I have I have a tattoo on my lower back I want removed. I heard about this cream called tatbgone does it work?
    4 Style 62
  189. How do you remove a lot of pimples on your forehead?
    I have a whole bunch of pimples on my forehead! My mom even tried to remove it, so what do I do? Please help!
    3 Style 46
  190. How can I remove semi-permanent hair dye?
    how can I get out semi permanent hair dye in less than 10 hours
    9 Style 1073
  191. What's the best way to remove all the hair in your bikini area without getting the bumps and rash?
    5 Style 108
  192. Wart Removal
    what are some home remedy ways to get rid of a wart I have in the palm of my hand? thanks
    2 Health 22
  193. What's a good face wash/ make up remover and teeth whitener I can get?
    2 Style 20
  194. Spot I'd like to remove, any ideas?
    I have a formal tomorrow and I have a spot:( ..any ideas how to zap it away? xx
    3 Style 41
  195. removing permament marker on a whiteboard?
    Someone wrote on a white board at work with a permament marker. Any ideas on how to successfully remove it?
    3 Homegarden 55
  196. Can security tags be removed by any shop?
    When you go to a clothes shop, you get like plastic security tags that the salesperson has to remove with a machine. Do you know if the security tags need specific machines to remove them or can they be removed by any machine in any shop?
    4 Shopping 26
  197. How to remove a virus?
    I have got a virus that is located in my system volume information. Any advice on how to remove it? I am using Panda 2008 and it notifies me about the virus but cant remove it.
    3 Technology 26
  198. removing an unintended 'friend'
    I very much want to remove someone as 'friend' - I simply clicked on what I thought would be a profile, and suddenly I was his friend. What can I do?
    2 Funadvice 6
  199. anybody love the song kiss me by six pence none the richer?
    anybody love the song kiss me by six pence none the richer? because all my friends think its crap but I love it :D
    3 Music 8
  200. How do I get my tattoos removed?
    I have 2 tattoos that I want to get rid of, not covered up, I WANT THEM COMPLETELY OFF OF ME!! any suggestions or a system I can use to remove them?? help!!
    7 Style 62
  201. Why do they have a do not remove tag on mattresses?
    Have you ever wondered why they put the "do not remove under penalty of law" tags a mattress. Like really now...who is going to know?!?
    4 Homegarden 63
  202. How to checked who has blocked me / removed me from a social site
    Dear all, Anyone could advice me is there anyway to check out who has blocked me / removed me from their a social site list? Thank you .
    11 Technology 160
  203. Who knows did joe jonas ever have his appendix removed?
    Im working on my jonas brothers fansite and im updating joes biography did he ever have his appendix removed?
    4 Entertainment 41
  204. how can you remove black under circles and lines?
    does anyone knoe how can you remove black under circles???... and lines? under your eyes .. and how your eyes can stand out more and have shinny look eyes if you understand what I mean
    3 Style 25
  205. how do I remove all the messages in my email?
    i mean without clicking clear all then delete, cause it only deleted some of it possible to clear all the messages in my inbox?
    3 Technology 17
  206. How do I remove a Monroe piercing?
    does anyone know how to take out a monroe peircing? I need help. asap. thank you!
    2 Style 108
  207. Is it safe to remove the side bar gadget from my Windows Vista Home Basic 32bit?
    2 Technology 11
  208. how many admins are there on this site that can banned, remove posts, edits ect. ect.?
    and may i have a list of name of them :)
    27 Funadvice 13
  209. Remove Computer Virus..
    How do I remove personal antivirus?? I don't have a recovery cd or any money. :( I need help bad... please?
    6 Technology 19
  210. Is Nair for Men good for pubic hair removal?
    is nair good for your pubic area?? has anyone tired it?? does anyone know any other hair removal products that work in the genital areas?
    19 Style 13477
  211. Removing Dreadlocks and Braids
    Does the Take Down removal cream really work if I want to take out my dreads? I started them with braids so they are a bit matted at the root.
    3 Style 11
  212. How do you remove the censor bar on sims 3?
    How do you remove the censor patch when sims shower. Its annoying I've heard of some ways but it doesnt work.
    2 Gaming 121
  213. Do any home tattoo removal systems work?
    Ok so I heard about the "home" tattoo removal systems... The question is do they really work and which one(s)? Your answers would really help! :)
    3 Style 76
  214. What other method are there of removing hair?
    heyy :D I was wondering if there was any other methods of removing hair on your legs other than shaving or waxing? Because I don't want to do either of them. Thanks for any help :)
    3 Style 70
  215. What would u say if ur gf/bf had removed ur pixx and had a friend of the opposite sex as their wallpaper on their phone?
    11 Sex 15
  216. Does No No hair removal really work?
    The commercials have me hooked and no I have to know how well No No actually works. If it works well, what are some off brands I can buy that are cheaper than No No?
    5 Style 26
  217. How can I remove a tattoo at home?
    I have a hellla small tattoo on my hand that I did myself. But my parents freaked and are making me take it off. How do I do it at homee and not the laser thinggie?! :)
    4 Style 101
  218. How the pimples removed from my face?
    I am 15 years old male.I have a pimples on my face and some dark spots from last 6 months
    9 Style 39
  219. Who knows a good facial cream I can use that removes dirt and leaves the face clear?
    I apperciate any help?
    6 Style 14
  220. How to remove waterproof mascara?
    How do you guys get waterproof mascara off? I rub it with soap but no matter with soap gets in my eyes and they burn like a lot.
    9 Style 64
  221. How can I remove oil stains from my timberland boots?
    what can I use I have read a lot of remedies but I am not sure which one is really the one to use
    2 Style 646
  222. How to get a tattoo removed
    Okay I had my b/f name tattoo on my back now I what it removed I know supit move I should have never gotin his name tatto on me in the first place but how can I get it removed...
    9 Style 37
  223. do you know if there is a cream to remove facial hair for men.
    do you know if there is a cream to remove facial hair for men I dont like to shave every weekend any answer is welcome thank you.
    5 Style 37
  224. Computer has a serious virus need help immediately to remove it!!!
    my computer started to have this virus just a few days ago and it's really serious. Anyone have any advice or tips remove it!!!
    8 Technology 15
  225. What can I buy to remove the orange color from my hair?
    What can I buy at the local store to remove the orange/brassy color from trying to use a home blonde hightlighing kit?
    5 Style 7857
  226. Sniffing nail polish remover
    My friend told me that she has been sniffing nail polish remover lately because she likes the smell of it, and I'm a little worried, it it bad for her? and what can I do to help her if it is bad?
    4 Style 388
  227. Water marks remover for stainless steel?
    The pans we have are about six years old now, and they have spots on them. Can anybody let me know what water marks remover for stainless steel has worked for them?
    3 Homegarden 47
  228. How do I remove cum stains?
    I was masterbating and I came on my rug on my bedroom floor and now its stained (like yellowy its really gross) how to I get it out?
    6 Sex 98
  229. how do i remove a brownish green from my hair? it was blue so i used a dark
    brown to remove or hide it but it didnt,is it true that a red dye will remove it? or cant i do that as ive but brown over it already?
    2 Style 38
  230. Do you think a non Muslim can ask a Muslim woman to remove her hijab?
    Afew years ago, the home secretary asked a Muslim woman to remove her hijab so he could talk to her! Do you think that a non Muslim should be able to asked a Muslim woman to remove her hijab, or do you think that it was disrespectful?
    6 Religion 45
  231. How can I remove a stain from a wall painted red?
    I have painted my chimney in Farrow & Ball Eating Room red but it already has a few marks on it. Does anyone know anyway of removing marks without removing the paint?
    2 Homegarden 17
  232. how to remove mywebsearch toolbar?
    I caught some sort of bug that says it is mywebsearchtoolbar and I want to know how to remove it? ? ! ? !? It is really messing up my computer. Anyone can help me?
    3 Technology 50
  233. How can i remove a hawaiian punch stain from carpet?
    so the other day some hawaiian punch got spilled on the carpet but i was half asleep when i was cleaning it and i THOUGHT i had removed it completely but then my mom asked what that stain was...
    2 Homegarden 82
  234. Removing sunscreen stains
    I live in southen georgia and everytime I use sunscreen it turns my clothes orange. the water here is well water high in iron. how do I remove the stains?
    5 Homegarden 126
  235. when you take out a nose piercing can you remove the scar?
    when you take out a nose piercing and it leaves a scar, will scar removal products help get rid of that? this is probably a stupid question, but w/e. ty:)
    2 Style 135
  236. How to remove popsicle stain from the carpet?
    How can I remove red and orange popsicle stain from a tan carpet. It is 1 day old so far. response needed ASAP...please
    2 Homegarden 175
  237. How to remove hair dye quickly?
    Please help me remove my hair dye semi-perminant I have very un attractive roots! Remedy or fix needed!
    6 Style 281
  238. How do I remove diazepam from my system?
    What is the safest way to remove diazepam( valium) from your system. I have a urine test coming up next week and need to know how to flush my system properly
    2 Health 677
  239. How can I remove the trojan spycrush?
    i keep getting a system alert that says spy-ware was detected . when i click on it ,a spycrush ad appears. how do i remove it ?
    2 Technology 22
  240. Veet hair removal?
    anyone try the new veet formula??? is it better? then the other 1s??? and what is the best veet formula to use for sensitive dry skin??
    5 Style 68
  241. Is this an avocado acne remover?
    I have been seeing on televition how these teen girls have like a green type of acne rmover, it looks slmost like avocado... how do you make it?
    3 Style 77
  242. removing marker and fabric paint from walls
    I just bought a house that has permanent marker and puffy fabric paint all over the walls, how do I safely get this off without ruining my drywall
    3 Homegarden 999
  243. How can I remove a greenish-silver tint to my hair?
    When trying to dye my hair blonde it has left my hair with a greenish silvery or smokey tent to it. How do I get this out?
    2 Style 442
  244. How do I remove the "Win 7 Security 2012" virus?
    I found out that I have a virus that is pretending to be Windows security and it won't allow me on the Internet (I'm on an iPhone). Does anyone know how to remove it?
    3 Technology 53
  245. Appendix Removed...??? HELP
    How soon after you find out (by a doctor) that you have appendicitis do you have to get your appendix removed before something bad happens?? Esp. if you are 2 1/2 months pregnant??
    2 Health 40
  246. How do i remove stains on my nails?
    I do use a base coat but my nails always get a yellow/orangy stain after i remove the nail polish, i heard lemon juice removes the stain but do i have to soak my nails? for how long? or can i just put it on a cotton swab and use it like nail polish rem...
    11 Style 33
  247. How do i remove a footnote separator line in Microsoft Works 9?
    I'm copy-editing a book for a friend, and every footnote i put in has the line.
    3 Technology 22
  248. Whats the best way to remove eyeliner?
    Whats the best way to get off eyeliner? My grandparents dont let me wear it and they can always tell I had it on no matter now much I try to get it off.
    5 Style 50
  249. How to remove stickers from my door?
    I'm moving and I stupidly put peta stickers on my door. When I tried to take them off, they just left that annoying white base. How can I get them off?
    5 General 38
  250. black marks from popping a pimple, how do I remove?
    I poped a bump on my forehead and on my chin and it turned black how can I get my skin color back its really black it
    4 Health 7180