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Can my wife and i consolidate student loans

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  1. What is the best consolidation loan program for students?
    What is the best consolidation loan program for student?
    2 Money 13
  2. Are student loan consolidation programs good?
    Is student loan consolidation program is good solution for students?
    2 Money 8
  3. Why did my wife cheat on me?
    why my wife cheat on me?
    4 Relationships 105
  4. loans for free
    3 Money 31
  5. Who is ginuwine's wife?
    Who is ginuwine's wife?
    2 Relationships 61
  6. How can I get rid of student loan?
    how can I get rid of student loan?
    4 Education 30
  7. How do you consolidate debt?
    5 Money 12
  8. Can I take a student loan for daycare while in school?
    Can I take a student loan for daycare while in school?
    2 Money 38
  9. is it right for a teacher to tell a student he feels sorry for the students mother for having the student?
    6 Education 66
  10. What disadvantages do home schooled students have when compared to students in school?
    6 Education 19
  11. Can I get a loan with no credit?
    Can I get a loan with no credit?
    5 Money 33
  12. How do you withdraw your student from school?
    How do you withdraw your student from school?
    2 Education 60
  13. What's the similiarty between knife & wife?
    similiarty between Knife & wife?
    3 Entertainment 18
  14. How do I make a child with my wife?
    How do I make a child with my wife?
    4 Health 96
  15. How can computer help students?
    How can computer helps the student?
    2 Education 45
  16. Did Adam have a wife before Eve?
    Did Adam have a wife before Eve?
    26 Religion 280
  17. Should teachers be a student's friends?
    2 Education 12
  18. what is a trophy wife or trophy husband?
    3 General 38
  19. Who here is a college student and what are you majoring in?
    4 Education 16
  20. Who here has loaned a horse/pony?
    5 Pets 11
  21. what is an "independent student film"?
    2 Education 13
  22. What information do I need for student loan applications?
    What information do I need to fill out the student loan papers?
    4 Education 29
  23. How are students graded in medical school?
    How are students graded in medical school?
    2 Education 35
  24. why teachers not understand feeling of the students?
    why teachers not understand feeling of the students?
    6 Education 23
  25. Personal loan quick
    How to get a quick personal loan? Quick
    3 Money 31
  26. Can you get a debt consolidation loan without owning a home?
    can you get a debt consolidation loan if you dont own a home.
    2 Money 47
  27. Can I file bankruptcy on a loan from a friend?
    Can I file bankruptcy on a loan from a friend?
    3 Money 48
  28. Adam, more than one wife?
    Did Adam have more than one wife and how do we know?
    7 Religion 188
  29. What can I do to show my wife how much I love her?
    What can I do to show my wife how much I love her?
    4 Entertainment 24
  30. What happens with unpaid unsecured loan?
    What happens with unpaid unsecured loan?
    2 Money 29
  31. Who shot Trace Adkins' wife?
    who shot Trace adkins wife?
    3 General 83
  32. Can I get a 300 000 loan?
    Can I get a 300 000 loan?
    2 Money 75
  33. Can I take out a loan when I am under a chapter 13?
    Can I take out a loan when I am under a chapter 13?
    2 Money 17
  34. What is home equity loan bankruptcy?
    What is home equity loan bankruptcy?
    2 Homegarden 104
  35. How can I learn to read my wife's mind?
    How can I learn to read my wife's mind?
    5 Entertainment 57
  36. What do you know about student financial aid?
    What you know about student financial aid?
    2 Education 17
  37. What are good jobs for college students?
    3 Money 24
  38. How to make my students interested in my class?
    8 Education 22
  39. Can anyone explain the consolidation of the Nazis?
    3 Politics 10
  40. how can i make my wife satisfied?she is pregnent.
    7 Health 26
  41. should i go out with a guy who just split from his wife?
    4 Relationships 11
  42. What causes students cheating during exam?
    18 Education 33
  43. Is there a difference between a home loan and a mortgage?
    5 Money 26
  44. Do students bully you in high school too?
    Do students get bullied by other student in high school, too??
    11 Education 44
  45. How can i get the study loan from singapore?
    How can i get the study loan from singapore? And How can i apply the study loan from singapore?
    2 Education 38
  46. Why do we need student loans?
    today I was searching for my personal loan I saw student loan...then I thought why do we need. can someone tell me?
    2 Education 58
  47. can my wife get pregnant
    can my wife get pregnant if we did the anal sex?
    2 Sex 560
  48. Can I file bankruptcy on a loan that a friend gave me?
    Can I file bankruptcy on a loan that a friend gave me?
    2 Money 20
  49. Can I get a home loan with bad credit?
    Can I get a home loan with bad credit?
    2 Money 19
  50. Can I get a car loan having welfare as income?
    Can I get a car loan having welfare as income?
    2 Money 294
  51. How can I make PayDay Loans illegal in my state?
    How can I make PayDay Loans illegal in my state?
    3 Money 13
  52. Can I adopt my wife's child if I'm a felon?
    I am a felon;Can I adopt my wifes child
    2 Babies 86
  53. Are you agree if a Priest have wife?
    Are you agree if a Priest have wife?...if yes/no why?... tnx... :)
    17 Religion 46
  54. In your school, how many students are actively involved in programs such as student government, sports, clubs, etc?
    7 Education 36
  55. What school events force students to interact?
    3 Education 8
  56. Can i wife charge her husband with rape if he raped her?
    5 Family 36
  57. why do the students of final yr submit projects?
    3 Education 8
  58. Do you think home loans are a bad idea; if so, why?
    7 Money 30
  59. How come expelled students can't be cyber schooled?
    7 Education 26
  60. What is the big deal about being student of the year at your school?
    4 Education 39
  61. Can a university deny funding to a student newspaper promoting religious views when it provides funding to most other student publications?
    2 Education 12
  62. Can the school find out the students IP if necessary?
    4 Technology 15
  63. Is payday loan available for international members?
    4 Money 17
  64. Is it okay for a student that has graduated to text/call a teacher?
    4 Education 27
  65. Do teachers enjoy giving advice to students?
    7 Education 16
  66. What does it mean when some says "I waved being a mother, I waved being a wife"?
    5 General 20
  67. How do students succeed International Baccalaureate Program?
    2 Education 12
  68. Is it wrong for a male teacher to wink at students?
    7 Education 66
  69. When do I have to start paying a personal loan back?
    If I take out a personal loan, when do I have to start paying it back?
    4 Money 192
  70. Can I get a small business loan after filling banruptcy?
    Can I get a small business loan after filling banruptcy?
    3 Money 12
  71. How do I get my wife back?
    I've tried everything how do I get my wife back
    4 Relationships 17
  72. Can I get a small business loan after filling bankruptcy?
    Can I get a small business loan after filling bankruptcy?
    3 Money 19
  73. How can I get my wife to love me again?
    My wife said she has fallen out of love with me. Can I fix it?
    2 Relationships 32
  74. Who all are college students?
    Just curious...How many people on here are college students? and what are you majoring in?
    11 Education 20
  75. do you know where can I get a loan to start a small business
    do you know where can I get a loan to start a small business.
    5 Money 30
  76. Are credit cards helpful for college students?
    Is credit card helpful for collage student ?
    3 Money 30
  77. Does John Cena have a girlfriend or wife?
    I just want to know if John Cena has a girlfriend or wife?
    40 Entertainment 221
  78. Wife some times smell like fish what can she do to fix that
    My wife some times smell like fish what can she do to fix that
    5 Health 459
  79. What are little things to do for my wife?
    Ideas for little & nice things to do for your wife everyday?
    4 Relationships 158
  80. Would you tell an administrator if you saw a male student who you knew argue with and hit a female student after school?
    7 Politics 15
  81. Are student loans a viable option?
    Are student loans a viable option? Dont you think its an unhealthy practice of pushing young students to debts early in their life?
    4 Money 18
  82. What is a best gift to buy for your future wife's grandmother?
    17 Shopping 69
  83. Do you think schools should be allowed to spy on their students on the computer?
    22 Education 47
  84. Do you think that dating an international student would work out?
    22 Relationships 38
  85. Who knows if teachers can get fired by cursing at students?
    4 Education 10
  86. HS Students Only
    What is your favorite subject if your in the 10th grade?
    6 Education 6
  87. does people to people student ambassador program cost money?
    4 Education 15
  88. Do law firms usually take Volunteers who are not law students or paralegal students yet and have no prior experience in Law?
    If so, How do I ask for a volunteer position?
    2 Money 8
  89. How can a co-signer for a car loan be from out of the country?
    2 Cars 24
  90. Which loan do you prefer more?
    Which loan do you prefer more a) personal loan b)home loan c)education loan d)car loan
    4 Money 19
  91. Where can I get a bad credit home loan in Ga.
    4 Homegarden 23
  92. how much hrs can the college students tape recorder record?
    4 Music 8
  93. A friend makes a good wife
    is true that friends make good wivies
    2 Relationships 9
  94. How do you lead a group of young students to good morals?
    4 Sex 11
  95. what advice will you give a new high school student?
    5 Education 54
  96. Where should an exchange student from the USA go - France or England?
    5 Education 15
  97. Is it still special if I get my wife a gift from her own spa?
    12 Shopping 22
  98. Are loans a good option?
    when you are short of money, what is your best option--loans or some other means?
    4 Money 23
  99. How doses obomas wife doses her job so good,excellent?
    How doses obomas wife doses her job so good,excellent?,my friends.
    3 Politics 17
  100. Foreign exchange student?
    Do parents have to agree for their kid under 18, to be a foreign exchange student?
    4 Education 27
  101. gta 4 how to get a loan
    is there a bank on the video game gta 4 were I can get a loan
    2 Technology 16
  102. What should I buy my wife for Christmas? No kids, love to travel.
    What should I buy my wife for Christmas? No kids, love to travel. help!
    3 Shopping 25
  103. Divorcing my wife- need reasons
    What criteria should I consider when thinking about divorcing my wife?
    3 Relationships 37
  104. Being a foriegn exchange student...
    Does being a foriegn exchange student look good on your college application?
    3 Education 14
  105. How can I make my wife have a orgasm.
    How can I make my wife have a orgasm without using my penis or fingers?
    3 Relationships 68
  106. Any a level students studying Biology?
    Hei there! Any a level students studying Biology? If so what do you think of the course? :)
    3 Education 20
  107. Is it right for students to use credit cards?
    Today mostly students using credit cards. Is it good for students?
    5 Money 10
  108. Are loans a good idea for education?
    Is education loan is best thing for poor students or not?
    2 Education 12
  109. Do you have to be in college to apply for a student loan?
    3 Money 36
  110. How many students (of high school) are appropriate in one class?
    9 Education 58
  111. What can happen to a student who is caught cheating (red handed) in your country?
    18 Education 26
  112. Romantic ways to let my wife know I love her
    what romantic ideas do you have
    5 Relationships 32
  113. Why do more and more students fall pray for scam sites even after knowing most of them are scam sites?
    4 Money 41
  114. How can I shut noisy students in class room without offending them?
    17 Education 37
  115. Does going to school for nutrition & dietetics make you a medical student?
    4 Education 27
  116. Do you think teachers should be allowed to "friend" their students on social networks?
    8 Politics 43
  117. Do you believe that bullying affects some students in school on a daily basis?
    8 Education 15
  118. I am running for student council. what do I do?
    how the heck am I going to run for student council. please help me now !!! do you have some ideas for me?
    2 Education 225
  119. What should I do When the people to people student abassador?
    When the people to people student abassador program mailed me a invatation to go to Japan should I go?
    3 Education 13
  120. Need a loan fast
    How to get a loan for $10,000 regardless of credit
    5 Money 56
  121. $2500 auto loan with horrible credit
    Any ideas where to get an auto loan for $2500 when you have terrible credit.
    3 Money 101
  122. How can a public school deny a student from going there?
    can a PUBLIC school not accept a student there when they belong to that district?
    7 Education 20
  123. Can dental assisting students in connecticut take x-rays?
    Can dental assisting students in connecticut take x-rays?
    2 Education 35
  124. Would I be able to get on the mortgage loan once my wife refinances?
    So here's the deal, my wife has the credit but I make the money, so she will be with a co-signer on the loan, now, if she refinances would I be able to replace the co-signer once my credit is at a 620?
    2 Money 11
  125. What kind of documents do I need to get a loan to start a small business and where can I ask for that loan?
    I would like to know what kind of documents do i need to show to get a loan and where i can get that loan. If you know tell me please thank you.
    3 Money 13
  126. Taxes on loan
    I recieved 37,000 from my grandmother as a loan . Do I have to report this as income? does she have to report this on her taxs?
    2 Money 13
  127. Do you believe all students in public schools should be subjected to random drug screens?
    5 Drugs 13
  128. Musicians or students
    How long have you been playing your instrument and what is it bout your instrument that makes you want to play it??
    9 Music 13
  129. Is it strange for a male teacher to tell a female student they have beautiful eyes?
    8 Education 19
  130. Can schools suspend students for refusing to recite the pledge of allegiance?
    4 Education 13
  131. How do college students apply for a scholarship?
    do professors give out scholar ships?
    5 Education 23
  132. What were some popular drinks with teenagers / college students in the 60's and were there any drinking games or such?
    3 Food 11
  133. Do you think its fair for teachers to get fired because student scores are low?
    6 Education 30
  134. looking for wife
    im looking for wife to love to shere all my life she must be frome kergestan and that what im looking for
    2 Relationships 22
  135. What can make students want to learn?
    What motivates students To wan to learn in scool what rewards can I give them'
    5 Education 21
  136. mayb you dont like obama but what do you think about his wife...
    I know a lot of people dont like obama but what do you think about his wife???
    9 Politics 29
  137. people to people ambassadors student trips
    is the people to people ambassadors student trips good ???and how can I know how much they are paying for the 2010 trip...
    2 Travel 35
  138. Help student council slogan
    Please I need a slogan so I can be in student council my name is genesis ortiz :)
    3 Education 126
  139. Mortgage loan
    What's the process to get a mortgage loan? My parents need it. Has anyone done it? Ugh.
    3 Money 8
  140. Loan officer
    How do you get a spot in the loans field? Like mortgage loans and things like that, If you're a felon, can you work as a loan officer?
    2 Money 13
  141. Is it true that if a man kills his wife when he found out she cheated on him, he can get out of his charges because he was in a rage?
    11 Politics 32
  142. Is 5 hour energy bad for students to drink to stay awake for school?
    8 Health 88
  143. Does it speak of Adam's first wife before he ever met Eve in the Garden of Eden?
    27 Religion 43
  144. Is it legal for a lecturer to marry his student in your country?
    He is 32 and she is 23 years old.
    9 Politics 27
  145. Poor credit loans
    I really need to find a company that specializes in unsecured poor credit loan fast
    5 Money 40
  146. How do I tell my wife that I love her?
    I am broke and I will be broke till January. How do I show my wife that I love her without being sexual or material?
    11 Sex 59
  147. Loans for college
    I don't know if I am going about trying to get federal loans. Can someone please help by telling me how I should be going about the loans.
    3 Education 22
  148. What- information on nz student loans etc?
    Hi, im leaving school, and any information on student loans and student allowance would be greatly appreciated. Like, just about what they are etc. Most websites dont say much unless you create an account. Thankyou.
    3 Money 12
  149. Student Council/Government ?
    I got nominated for student council yesterday , and I have to write a paragraph on why I should be in student council . can someone help me outtt ? PLEASE .
    3 Education 533
  150. Students studying abroad
    Hello, I need to write a caption for an assay about students studying abroad. Please help Jen
    2 Education 8
  151. What should I do now that, my wife is moving out of our home?
    We are at peace with each other, and she is only 1 block away, and claims we are still together.
    6 Relationships 28
  152. how to write a speech for high school students on career choices
    please help its for my project
    2 Education 1144
  153. Does anyone know a good way for my wife to gain 20 lbs?
    13 Nutritionfitness 41
  154. Why does my wife m*sturbate while she sleeps?
    my wife m*sturbates while she sleeps almost everynight now. whats wrong, is it me or is it someone else now. I think I'm losing my wife.
    5 Relationships 129
  155. Guarantor Loans?
    I have heard a lot about guarantor loans and I am thinking of getting one. Does this website look legit?
    2 Money 13
  156. Wife is sending other men photos of her breasts
    how do you handle the fact that your wife was talking to another men while you were at work and sending the men pics of her breast?
    5 Relationships 52
  157. How many times a week or a month should a stressed out working college student practice yoga?
    Should I just do it only when I am stressed?
    5 Health 37
  158. why dose bad things happen to gods most blessed people like canser to my wife?
    7 Religion 26
  159. Should I be worried that my wife is into wearing thigh high boots and mini skirts when she goes out lately?
    23 Relationships 160
  160. How should a school environment be like if the intentions planned for students are to make the best out of their learning experience?
    3 Education 15
  161. advice about my kids seeing me naked and my wife
    me and my wife and extended family are needing advice kids seeing us naked PLS ANSWER ME
    6 Babies 130
  162. My wife cums but no orgasm?
    So my wife gets off just fine with the clit but when I figer her or doing her she cums a lot but she says shes not having a orgazum
    3 Relationships 138
  163. How do I take out a student loan without a cosigner
    I am currently in my first year of college and trying to plan how I will take out a loan next year without a cosigner. What are some ways I could go about doing that? I am currently unemployed but do have small credit card bills paid by my parents.
    3 Money 50
  164. How can I get a better bj from my wife?
    My wife just seem to understand how to put tounge pressure on it, cam someone help?
    5 Relationships 48
  165. Tips to become the best student in my university
    I am in my first semester in my university so that I want some tips to become the best student in my university and I am going to do facult of information technology
    2 Education 63
  166. How to get rid of loan calls from banks?
    From a month I'm fed up with the loan calls from different banks. suggest me some of the extreme ideas for getting rid of them.
    3 Money 21
  167. canadian loan
    I need a personal loan with bad credit asap. I am in canada and they only offer them in the states...does anyone know of any in Canada
    4 Money 32
  168. asking for material about loan pricing
    I work in a commercial bank of state in china.I'm looking for materials about loan pricing. thank you!
    3 Money 15
  169. What is a lender and how do they help you get "pre-qualified for a loan" in terms of buying a new house?
    5 Money 14
  170. Can purchases be made with a student Paypal account?
    And also can payments be recieved from sites like gpts?
    3 Shopping 13
  171. Where would you relocate (country wise) for a year as an exchange student if you could?
    Me: Canada, in Banff or Jasper.
    23 Education 35
  172. How can I ask my brother in law for a loan of 100.00 dolars?
    How can I ask my brother in law to believe that I could multiplied his money guarantee ?
    2 Money 16
  173. How many people are/were a full time student while having a job?
    What was the job and how were you able to handle the work load?
    10 Money 55
  174. Help getting over ex-wife
    How do I move on she still wants to see me some and have sex but she still wants to be single.
    2 Sex 22
  175. how can i make my parents understand that i am not an A grade student as my sister?
    .that i will never be able to get a scholarship based on my grades?
    2 Family 23
  176. Does this article say Bank of America tried ripping people off with loans?
    3 Money 39
  177. Looking study loan for Foreigner at Singapore.
    Im studying at MIS currently and also finding a study loan for foreigner at Singapore but I can't find. Any one can tell me which bank have study loan for Foreigner in Singapore or any opinions?
    2 Education 52
  178. My wife's birthday gift
    My wife's birthday is approaching, what is the best economical gift I can present her? Please suggest some bright innovative ideas folks.
    2 Shopping 156
  179. christmas gift for my wife
    I need a good gift for christmas for my wife. we have been married for 4 months. 1st christmas together. she also likes snowman.
    2 Shopping 145
  180. What schools offer medical scholarships for international students?
    Plz any idea of schools offer scholarships 4 international students n where can i get registered for their tests???
    4 Education 13
  181. pay day loans
    what is the easiest way to pay off a pay day loan. do I get another one higher to pay off that one then have monies left over to pay more bills that I don't have money for.
    4 Money 25
  182. Is anyone in Who's Who Among American High School Students?
    I just want to walk to someone in there to see if they have this year's bk
    9 Education 178
  183. A high school student has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.
    What factors increase his risk for developing diabetic ketoacidosis?
    2 Health 45
  184. Catchy student council sloagans
    I need one that rhymes with haylee krupp Please help asp.
    2 Education 309
  185. How does having more than one test a day impact students' learning?
    My son needs quotes for an editorial assignment. Thank you!
    3 Education 31
  186. Where or how to get a loan?
    okay so I am 16 and I need a loan.. [confidential] no need 2 give my reasons.. but does anybody know where or how I can get a loan at age 16? please its very very impt.
    12 Money 28
  187. Is there a government loan like this?
    Has anyone heard about a goverment loan that for ex. on a $100,000 loan you don't pay interest for $20,000 of that $100,000? If you have I would like to know what is called.
    2 General 13
  188. Why are they Gettin rid of Student metro cards!!??
    OMG, I heard that there taking away student metro card and makin us pay for them !!!? WHY? What else are they taking awayyy?
    2 General 10
  189. What are good student exchange programs?
    Does anybody know a good students exchange program in U.S.A for those who study in university (give me web site name if it's possible).
    3 Education 25
  190. How can I find out what my wife is looking up on my computer?
    My wife keeps deleting the history every time she gets on my computer. I am wanting to know what she dont want me to see
    3 Technology 103
  191. Should students get paid for good grades?
    Do you think that students should get paid for receiving good grades? this isnt for a homework assignment or anything. I just want to know what people think. I think we should!
    8 Education 105
  192. How I should dress my 8 month old daughter for my wife's graduation
    My wife is graduating from fresno state on saturday. Does anyone have any unique ideas on how I should dress my 8 month old daughter for the ceremony?
    3 Style 36
  193. How can you file bakruptcy if you get a lot of payday loans?
    Can you file bankruptcy on payday loans? My friend wrote over 20 and she wants to file bankruptcy what will happen if she files chapter 7
    3 Money 23
  194. Cheating wife
    I am married but is currently cheating. My husband has fund my boyfriend phone number in my phone and is now asking question . Whart do I say
    6 Relationships 56
  195. Math students
    Classify The Triangle By Its Angles And Sides :Its a triangle w/a box at the top I dont understand this can somebody help me?
    2 Education 15
  196. How do find the phone number on my wifes phone she had it changed"?
    Need help finding phone number don,t know how it.s a boost phone but they will let her know if I try trhough them
    3 Technology 60
  197. does anybody know if jensen ackles is getting along with his wife?
    i read somewhere that he has a secret love.does any of you know if that's true or is it just a rumour?
    2 Entertainment 35
  198. Should a teacher be fired for telling a student this?
    ...that they are hopeless,never will amount to anything in life, and they should go ahead and stop caring now?
    24 Education 28
  199. Can a teacher get fired for making a student clean a microwave/ cleaning with the fumes from the water?
    Well maybe not fired but they still shouldn't do it?
    9 Education 45
  200. Which is best to claim on student taxes?
    What is Ideal to claim on taxes so I do not end up owing the Gov more money? 1 for single not married or 0?
    2 Money 14
  201. Is it wrong for a 20 year old student to go out with her professor who's in his mid 30's? friend teacher (college) asked her out?
    15 Relationships 19
  202. How can I get a loan with bad credit?
    Student loans have trashed my credit rating. If my credit is real bad how can I get a loan to buy a car or a house? I know that people do it. I know the easy answer to this is to fix my credit, but is there any other way?
    5 Money 47
  203. how to report student loan fraud
    I know several people who are giveing fake addresses to get grant money in kentucky who could I report this too both have parnets with lots of money but list there address as a vacant lot that ther family owns but really live at home there people who n...
    3 Education 48
  204. Why does my wife let loose trucker farts?
    my wife shamelessly expells trucker sized farts. Its not so much the fact that she farts in general just that she can do it louder and longer than me. I feel immasculated.
    4 Health 323
  205. What type of document should I write for a personal loan?
    Does anyone know the format/template for writing a contract out for a personal loan? Does it need to be notarized/have any legal action to be considered legitimate legally?
    3 Money 37
  206. Are you an art student?
    Are you an art student? B&W picture... I once photographed a white cat on a white picket fence. There may have been white snow as a backdrop. Been so long ago...
    2 Literature 13
  207. How can I help this student go to a better school when his parents don't approve?
    My students dreams to to go school A (the best in town) his parents do not approve of his dream since the location of the school is a bit far from house.
    4 Babies 20
  208. Foreign exchange student programs ?
    Are there any good , reliable , and safe foreign exchange student programs I can join ? I want to go to other countries and meet other people and learn about their culture :)
    2 Education 47
  209. How to have fun with a Spanish exchange student?
    For the summer, my friend and I are getting an exchange student from Spain. What should we do to have fun with her? Obviously, basic things. But how do we give her the ultimate summer trip experience?
    3 Travel 32
  210. Are there any Federal grants or scholarships from the U.S. Gov for students studying internationally?
    i'm trying to study in Europe but i can't do it without help financially.
    2 Education 13
  211. Why does every school around the world decide to give the students breaks in June?
    i mean different states should have different month vacations?
    10 Education 9
  212. What is a creative student counsil slogan?
    I really need really creative and unique slogans to use for my campaign as 10th Grade Representative. Anyone have any ideas?!
    3 Education 173
  213. What jobs/careers could be good for a student of CADD?
    I am currently taking CADD (Computer Archtecture Drafting and Design) at my school, and it intrests me a lot
    5 Technology 32
  214. What do you know about student debt?
    who has it, how much you got, what are you doing about it? School time is here, lets talk about the reality about borrowing money for school.. anyone?
    29 Education 18
  215. Should I go to Australia to be an Exchange student?
    So today I recieve a rather interesting piece of mail from the Student Ambassador Programs stating that I am elidgable to go to Australia as and Exchange student for 17 days. Should I look into this?
    16 Education 19
  216. Where can I get a bad credit personal loan for $3000
    Can anyone tell me where I can get a bad credit loan for $3000. I desperately need to get this money. I can pay $300 a month on a loan. Can someone please help me here
    4 Money 145
  217. Student Council Represenative!
    okay im runing for Student Council but I need a slogan but I dont want it to be a corny or stupid slogan. any ideas? I need ideas in less then 2 days!!!
    3 Education 196
  218. Can someone tell me why my wife can't get pregnant?
    I have being with my wife for 7 years but she can`t get pregnant. Last year she found out that she hard a fibroid, she operated on it, and still for about 1 year she can`t get pregnant. Can someone tell me what the problem may be? Is it me or her?
    5 Health 67
  219. need loan money
    how long does it take to get money for school? school starts 29 aug 09 -- but I NEED some cash now to get ready for school. (pell grant, stafford loan)
    4 Education 37
  220. Where to get a loan to buy a house?
    i am planning on buying a home and this is something new please help..if i borrow a loan will the interest go up meaning i have to pay more than i was granted and if so where do i go??
    7 Money 22
  221. What are your feelings about the riot caused by Penn State students after their coach was fired for concealing s**ual abuse?
    Read about it:
    3 Politics 12
  222. Finding a good list of movies for Psychology students?
    Finding a good list of movies for Psychology students? Got any ideas. would be nice if I could find a list broken down by movie categories such as "action," "comedy," "drama" etc.
    4 Education 81
  223. Where can I get student loan to study at ite in singapore?
    I'm not from singapore. but I applied for ite in singapore and I got into it. but I couldnt attend as my family couldnt afford. I was wondering if anyone noes where I can get student loan.. like bank loan to study at ite... please share it wit me.. my ...
    3 Money 72
  224. My wife's affair
    I caught my wife cheating on me with another man about a year ago in which she said that the affair had ended. Well my wife had a baby about 2 months ago and it is half black and we are both white. What should I do, I am having trouble coping with this.
    14 Relationships 3873
  225. Problem with quiet student
    How can you tell if a quiet student has problems (like mental promblems, ie depression)? One of my students doesn't have any friends in her class (I have seen her with friends from another class) so she doesn't talk that much. How can I tell if som...
    5 Education 33
  226. Why did solomon had too many wifes?
    King solomon and others had many wifes. Can someone explain if god allowed it? Also, he had sex with almost all of the virgins at that time. So now some religions use this example to have more than one wife. Is that excused?
    5 Sex 61
  227. Why do men cheat on their wife, whom they promised fidelity to?
    I just wonder why? please enlighten me:) I am merely curious. not just male celebrities have affairs, even normal people...
    3 Relationships 14
  228. What slogans - I am running for my student council. Name = Tamara?
    Hey I am running to be a PCCR - which is a parent community council rep. My name is tamara. Do you guys have any good slogans. Please help ASAP!
    2 Education 59
  229. Student Activity Council
    Hi, my name is Samantha Singh and I'm running for my schools secretary and I need a slogan...can anyone help me? Thanks :)
    6 Education 84
  230. A man came home and found his wife..its a joke
    A man came home and seen his wife blow drying her pubic hairs, and he says babe what are you doin and she says reheating your dinner.. Haha
    5 General 18
  231. How do this Reverend and his wife pull demons out of people?
    I know a powerful reverned and his wife who have done all like taking demons out of people, prophesy, and speaking in tongues and healing people I am interested in what they are saying? and how are they so called doing all this?
    11 Religion 15
  232. Emergency loan with bad credit
    I am in need of a quick short-term loan of $3500 I am willing to pay a high intrest rate and I am in need of it by 10/16/08 can anybody help
    3 Money 44
  233. How can I see my son legally without threats from my wife
    My wife and I are physically separated but we were sharing our child till she changed her mind. she is not allowing me to see my son without any legal action. She is threathing me with the police if I try to see my son.
    4 Family 60
  234. Is it cheesy to write a poem for your wife?
    Back in the day, I used to write my wife poetry. I haven't written anything like that for her (or poems in general) for a decade. Is it cheesy to write a poem for her now, after so long, or would she appreciate the gesture?
    5 Literature 54
  235. How to repay a loan faster?
    I'm a man with no future planning for my expenditures...I owned a personal loan of $10,000 and now I can't repay and the company is noticing me continuously. so please help me out with some of the great advices how to repay my loan fastly.
    3 Money 12
  236. Can teacher threten students
    My 3rd period teacher told my class she wasn't going to be there monday,. She said we better be good or we would all pay. Can she actually say that?
    6 Education 12
  237. What would be some good ideas for 5th grade student council slogans?
    I have two kids running. Names: Ricky and Cody (sometimes called "code")
    2 Education 62
  238. How do you feel about Mitt Romney bullying classmates or walking a blind teacher into a door to make students laugh?
    would this have you not vote him? why or why not? im just curious :3
    14 Politics 31
  239. Student Council slogan 5th
    My son is running for 5th grade vice president, his name is Chad Everhart anyone think of something??
    2 Education 991
  240. is beginning alegrba embarrassing when your a college student?
    i am taking that class its like equivalent to 7th grade math and my neighbor was in the same class and told me "i thought u were smart:(
    4 Education 15
  241. my boyfriendboy and his ex wife
    my boyfrienboy is always taling to his ex wife and as even stayed at her house for3 days at a time .we have been togather for 7 years. im dont what to do. he tinks it is fine and she does to.
    5 Relationships 48
  242. How much does it cost to go on People to People Student Ambassador trips?
    I just got a letter today telling me I was invited to be a Student Ambassador and that I will be going on a trip around Europe. I was wonder how much it may cost to go and any other additional information you may know about this.
    4 Education 14
  243. Student Council Campaign slogans?
    Hey plp, I'm running for student council at my middle school and I need some help. Anyone have any catchy and/or funny or totally awesome slogans from some posters?
    12 Education 4024
  244. Will I ever be able to trust my wife again?
    I recently found out my wife had an affair with a married man. She wanted to leave me and marry him but he said no. She said in all affairs, things are said but not meant and wants to work things out with me. I feel she is with me only because he said...
    2 Relationships 50
  245. What do I buy my wife for christmas?
    Wondering if ya'll can help me - I love my wife, but she is very stressed that I am going to mess up when I get her a christmas present. Can anybody give me some good gift ideas? Thanks!
    19 Shopping 893
  246. When dealing with college students for physical education, what sport would you recommend to teach?
    i am helping at a college when i am not doing my real job and i was wondering what sport would be good to teach to young students to keep them intrested in sport. so what sport do you enjoy? and what sport would you suggest to get the students invol...
    5 Money 14
  247. The maturity of college students
    I do not know if this is true for every college, but the students at the university that I attend are kind of immature. Why are college students so immature? I would think that they would act more adult considering college is one of the first steps of ...
    3 General 53
  248. Are loans getting dangerous?
    Now days every bank provides loan facility so that they can earn a huge interest from customers. These loans spoils the habits of public.People can't even think to control their expenditures they easily go for loans. I need few tips for controlling our...
    3 Money 36
  249. Slogans for student council poster
    Hey everyone I'm olivia and im running for 9th grade student council and have to make posters. So does anyone have some great slogans I could use that cross the point but are some what funny?
    6 Education 1516
  250. Is my wife right?
    My son leaves his toys (knights and monsters) all over the floor. He is nine and we have told him four times that if these toys will get stepped on if he leaves them out. My wife thinks I should walk on them with my cowboy boots to teach him a lesson....
    4 Relationships 28