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  1. What's the most physically demanding sport?
    what is the most physically demanding sport?
    28 Sports 193
  2. Determinants of demand elasticity
    Determinants of demand elasticity?
    2 General 53
  3. Are Marines part of the Navy?
    are the marines part of the navy?
    6 Politics 232
  4. What is your favorite part of being on funAdvice?
    6 Funadvice 14
  5. what is the worst part of being a teenager?
    27 General 27
  6. can you explain some parts of evolution for me?
    56 Religion 43
  7. Is Latin America part of America?
    14 Travel 50
  8. What are some qualifications to be a part of the CIA?
    2 Money 14
  9. Is Hawaii a part of the USA?
    4 General 38
  10. What part should morality play in politics?
    What part should morality play in politics?
    10 Sex 54
  11. What body part do you take pride in?
    What part of your body do you take pride in?
    18 Style 33
  12. what do you think the sexiest part of the body is?
    what do you think the sexiest part of the body is
    6 Sex 34
  13. The Best Part of Thanksgiving is...?
    What do you think the best part of Thanksgiving is?
    4 Food 13
  14. Do they pierce the bottom part of your belly?
    do they do it the bottom part of your belly?
    2 Style 31
  15. Which part of a girl is best to tickle?
    which part of a girl is the best to tickle?
    14 Relationships 3292
  16. What do you think is the worse part of being sick?
    20 Health 33
  17. How can I demand respect without being mean?
    17 General 51
  18. does nailpolish describe a part of your personatly, and how does it?
    2 General 26
  19. Which body part??
    Booty or Titts ??? and why ???
    2 Relationships 10
  20. How do I use only part of a song with photostory ?
    3 Music 24
  21. What's it like to live in Canada? What part do you live in?
    6 Travel 46
  22. What's the best part of high school ?
    5 Education 19
  23. Would you rather have a part or whole of something? With things in general, would you want a part or whole of something?
    10 General 10
  24. Why women have tattoo in parts that anybody can see.
    Why women have tattoo in parts that anybody can see.
    7 Style 22
  25. Help on the math part of ged
    I need help on the math part of ged
    2 Education 17
  26. Part of you is missing
    Do you ever feel like a part of you is missing?
    15 General 31
  27. which is best part for getting tattoo on females ?
    which is best part for getting tattoo on females ???
    6 Style 55
  28. How can I be part of the cool crowd without being fake?
    11 Relationships 78
  29. Is it true that you can masturbate with the plastic part of a tampon????
    3 Sex 511
  30. What did you think of Deathly Hallows part 1!!!?
    4 Entertainment 10
  31. what parts of your body does running exactly tone ?
    4 Nutritionfitness 43
  32. How many parts of the Bible are also in the Koran?
    6 Religion 63
  33. What are the largest and the smallest parts of the human brain?
    4 Science 1345
  34. Do humans have any part in the forming of all these tornados?
    36 Environment 27
  35. Who is Robin Hood, is he real or just part of a story?
    3 Literature 15
  36. what are some scientist that you can name that had a part of making the "Atom" ?
    3 Science 10
  37. What is a website that has the music, but not the voice part of a song?
    4 Music 19
  38. What is the oddest part of your body that has "fallen asleep"?
    19 Health 44
  39. body part starting with an M?
    whats a body part that starts with an M (that can be touched)
    3 General 65
  40. Parted in the middle or on the side? (for curly hair)
    Should I part my curly hair in the middle or on the side? If your answer is side, how do I do that?
    2 Style 61
  41. Was anyone on here part of 9/11?
    Im curious.. Was anyone here a part of 9/11?
    4 General 21
  42. What is the main part that is on greece?
    The main part of Greece is on a ___, or land that has water on most sides
    2 Education 13
  43. girls what part of the body do girls like men?
    alry this is for the girls! what part of the body do girls like men?
    8 Relationships 50
  44. Why is the top part of your nail white and the rest is clear?
    2 Style 29
  45. Where can I get a list of the parts and functions of Tilapia fish?
    2 Pets 394
  46. Do your nails grow from the top white part and out or from the bottom and up?
    5 Style 199
  47. What would you do if part of your back itches and your hand can not reach it?
    10 Health 25
  48. How can I go to college part-time while in the Marines?
    3 Education 16
  49. What is the white part that can grow in your nails?
    Is it bad? and how does it form?
    6 Style 14
  50. Is there a place where I can buy just the ear clip part to my Bluetooth?
    2 Technology 14
  51. Which part of the egg has the most protein and is better for you - the yolk or the egg whites?
    9 Nutritionfitness 43
  52. what part of the military would u join if u were made to join, and why?
    13 Money 19
  53. What does Major mean on the Education part for a job application?
    4 Money 6728
  54. Is there any program that lets you take out a certain part of a song?
    2 Technology 41
  55. Are males ticklish on their private parts?
    are men ticklish in the weiner
    2 General 325
  56. hardest part of bein an advisor?
    what the hardest thing you guys have to do?
    3 Funadvice 17
  57. What is your fav part on a girls body & girls whats urs on a guy?
    Guys--- what is your fav part on a girls body? Girls--- what is your fav par on a guys body? Guys--- what is your fav part on your own body Girls--- what is your fav part on your own body?
    5 Relationships 94
  58. Stop the hair on your arm legs and private part from growing?
    How do you stop the hair on your arm legs and private part to stop growing?
    6 Style 211
  59. Has anyone ever been to the Southern part of Africa?
    Has anyone ever been to the Southern part of Africa, and if so what did you think about it? Just curious :-)
    4 Travel 15
  60. What is your favorite part of cheerleading?
    What is your favorite part of cheerleading? Dance? Cheering? Stunting? or TUmbling?
    10 Sports 173
  61. What do you think the worst part about growing up is?
    For parents, and kids what do you think the hardest part about growing up is?
    14 Babies 45
  62. why can you move the top part of your finger wthout moving the res
    why can you move the top part of your finger wthout moving the rest of it?
    3 Science 40
  63. STD somewhere besides your mouth or "private" parts?
    can you get a STD somewhere besides your mouth or "private" parts?
    4 Health 189
  64. Who thinks Christmas is just for kids, I mean like the gifts part of it?
    5 General 15
  65. Is it ok to shave the top part o tour legs?
    4 Style 35
  66. Is there a time when everyone in every part of the world is celebrating christmas?
    7 Religion 18
  67. Where can I find the trumpet part to Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire"?
    2 Music 51
  68. If you and I could exchange body parts, which would you choose?
    And why? (NOT perverted)
    6 General 29
  69. Why is it that when someone scratches your back another part of it starts itching?
    7 Health 14
  70. Scariest part of your life
    What is something that you went through that you thought was very frightening?
    5 General 7
  71. Body parts
    Whats the normal size penis for teenagers
    3 Relationships 41
  72. Why does some of the world have some much (Money and benefits), when other parts have so little?
    8 Money 38
  73. What's a good idea for something I can draw, and then paint, that's part 3D?
    4 Literature 18
  74. What's a good picture to draw a boyfriend for part of an anniversary gift?
    17 Literature 18
  75. How do I find registration to apply for a part time job on
    4 Funadvice 9
  76. When does Breaking Dawn part 2 come out?
    I know its in Nov. But when in Nov...
    5 Entertainment 34
  77. Who sings the main parts in Aly and AJ?
    in Aly & AJ, who sings the main parts, Aly or AJ? I'm guessing Aly, right?
    6 Music 103
  78. Harold and Kumar, funniest part of their new movie?
    What do you think is the funniest part in the newest Harold and Kumar movie?
    2 Entertainment 14
  79. I have little white bumps in my...'girlie part'
    I have little white bumps in my...'girlie part' I'm a virgin so it can't be an STD
    3 Health 56
  80. What are good part-time jobs for teens?
    What's a good part time job for the summer for young teens?
    2 Money 51
  81. If you could have an extra body part..?
    Excuse me ..!! If you could have an extra body part..? If you could have an extra body part, WHAT... What would You choose for YOU ...? What would You choose for Your partner ? sanks. :) .
    5 General 47
  82. How long do I have to train running to take part in Olympic Games?
    4 Sports 10
  83. Which would you rather visit, the deepest part of the ocean or the farthest of stars?
    14 Environment 46
  84. Why does hair grow more rapidly on different parts of the body rather than others?
    3 Style 73
  85. Who is part maltese?
    Hey!!! I want to know whose maltese out there! Im maltese! Are you??? Lol
    2 General 18
  86. What part of the year would i get my school certificate (im homeschool)?
    16 Education 21
  87. What are the important parts in the secret life of bees book?
    in the secret life of bees book, what are 5 of the most important events?
    3 Literature 71
  88. Who sings the girl part in the song a little piece of heaven by avenged sevenfold??
    Who sings the girl part in the song a little piece of heaven by avenged sevenfold??
    2 Music 194
  89. Which part of your legs do lunges help the most?
    what part of your leg do lunges help the most. inches wise. and how do you do them without your knees killing you???
    3 Nutritionfitness 40
  90. I used 2 av boil on my private part,
    Wht can i do 2 avoid dis again.
    2 Health 51
  91. Is there a movie that you'd really like to take part?
    I'd like to play in the Hangover...This movie's hilarious..!!!
    19 Entertainment 31
  92. do anybody kno what part inthe bible will tell about the world coming to an end ?
    15 Religion 38
  93. What movie will be better, Transformers 3 or Harry Potter 7: Part 2?
    11 Entertainment 37
  94. Part time jobs that pay?
    Can I found a job for 14 year olds in brooklyn
    2 Money 14
  95. Why do people pass every part of their driving test except parallel parking?
    15 Cars 56
  96. What part did religion/spirituality play in the founding of America
    Did religion or the bible have anything whatsoever, to do with the founding of America? If so what? If so, why not?
    16 Religion 34
  97. Is it true that Panda Bears pee through their body; like they don't use their private parts to pee?
    4 Pets 48
  98. when do you think John Cena will get his life back, and no longer have to be a part of nextis?
    4 Entertainment 9
  99. What; Do I have an English accent? I'm from the north-east part of the states, I guess?
    3 General 39
  100. Which work force is more demanding these days?
    like i know medical field, and are there any others?
    2 Money 33
  101. What body part(s) have little or no feeling?
    Like I know how we all have sensory nerves. But are there any parts of our external bodies that feel little or no pain?
    5 General 403
  102. Do human brains work in two parts?
    Do you think human brains work in two parts. And most people only use one side brains.
    5 Health 34
  103. funniest part of your day?
    what was the funniest part of your day? something good. im bored and good use a laugh right now
    3 Entertainment 12
  104. how do i cut parts out of songs?
    I wont to cut out the talking part in the song I'll Make a Man Out of You-Mulan
    2 Music 31
  105. what happens if you numb a body part with ice then poke it with a hot needle?
    Will it be like a tattoo?
    6 Style 49
  106. Is the movie Black Swan worth five bucks on demand?
    Tell me your opinions on the movie and stuff=]
    10 Entertainment 22
  107. What Islands do hula dancing as part of their culture?
    i know its not just hawaii.. there are more but idk the rest!
    4 Travel 13
  108. What's your favourite part of the day?
    i love the shower and fun but my best is when i finally lay down to sleep.......
    17 General 43
  109. why is it when someone cracks a part of their body, I get an unbearable urge to crack my knuckles ?
    4 Health 21
  110. Perfection: Part 2
    IF you could be perfect what would you look like? What would you improve? If you could be perfect what would make you that way?
    3 General 8
  111. What are the most important parts of the Weimar period?
    I'm doing readings on it but I can't seem to figure out the main points in it.
    4 Education 17
  112. Part time and Casual work
    In Australia, What is the difference between Part Time and Casual work. As a High School student, which would be most appropriate for me?
    3 Money 16
  113. How much money a week do you usually make when working a part-time job?
    3 Money 15
  114. why do people tattoo the white parts of there eyes?
    like inside of there eye.. isnt that painful?
    9 Style 39
  115. is it true that in some parts of africa they sew girls v@ginas shut and burn off their clitoris?
    7 Environment 23
  116. Is there any part time job for a 14-year old?
    I live in Islamabad,Pakistan and was wondering if there are any part time jobs for 14-year olds for summers.
    3 Money 77
  117. Who watched Pretty Little Liars and what was your favorite part?
    and was Page and Emily kissing at the end?
    10 Entertainment 11
  118. What's your favorite part of sex?
    What is your favorite part of sex? Beginning? (when you first put/get it in) Middle? (when your going strong) End? (when you orgasm) =)
    7 Sex 37
  119. How to make the part in my hair less noticeable?
    when girls part their hair they have that line separating it, is there a way to get rid of that or make it less noticeable, if so how?
    9 Style 641
  120. What part of an egg is my dad allergic to?
    My dad's allergic to eggs and I wanted to know what part he's allergic to. But unfortunally, he only know its a protein in the egg itself. So my question is, does anyone know what part of the egg is he allergic to. Is it the white or the yolk?
    2 Food 12
  121. Are my puppies cute (part 2)?
    this is the second part of it..and this one is Rhyan the cross pitbull-pug. shes so cute
    2 Pets 13
  122. Where should I part my curly hair?
    Left side, middle, or right side? My hair seems to naturally want to part in the middle. Which looks best?
    5 Style 76
  123. Is it true that if you shave a part of your body it will grow back
    Is it true that if you shave a part of your body, like your pubic hair, it will grow back thicker? God I hope not.
    10 Style 48
  124. Still have feelings for my ex - Part 1
    I am currently seeing a new girlfriend... but I still have feelings for my ex and still talk to her what shall I do???
    5 Relationships 15
  125. What body part is the best turn on spot for you?
    If my boyfriend even bumps against my nipple I am totally turned on...It is an instant turn on...What is a turn on for you?
    4 Relationships 364
  126. How does putting ice on a swollen body part make the swelling go down?
    I'm just curious as to how it works.
    2 Health 58
  127. Still have feelings for my ex - Part 2
    my ex wants me back and deep down I want her back but there is a lot of history ??? any 1?
    6 Relationships 36
  128. how do you volunteer verseas for free, because every website i look at is demanding a large amount that i will have to pay to volunteer which is stupid ?
    2 Money 13
  129. What part of the Christian bible can I find where it says that Jesus is the son of God but that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are one?
    34 Religion 37
  130. What's this lump in part of my vagina?
    I have found a lump. in part of my Vagina wot could this be? imreally worried sum1 plz help i dntknow wot to do x
    3 Health 25
  131. What parts of your body benefit while bike riding?
    What parts of your body benefit while bike riding? I'm looking to slim down my thighs a bit and I'm not sure if bike riding helps the thigh area at all.
    3 Nutritionfitness 77
  132. What is the name of the part of my body I want to get a tattoo?
    Well, I want to get a tattoo but I have no idea what part of the body you call it :') I want to get it just below the knicker line, anyone know what its called?
    3 Style 46
  133. Belly button pierced, which part?
    okay so I'm getting my belly button pierced but I have no idea if I should get my bottom or top part pierced or both I don't know tell mee!?
    8 Style 73
  134. How can I change my side part on my hair?
    I want it on the other side (right now its parted to the right) except every time i flip it to the left it looks weird...
    5 Style 26
  135. How do you clean the dirt from the suede part of your shoes?
    Advice anyone. I got some dirt on the suede part of my Hare VIIs. I need help ASAP!
    2 Shopping 17
  136. What Iz Da Part Of The Body that Guys Like Most On A Girl???
    Ok im just asking diz out of nowhere...
    10 Health 35
  137. How can you have you're picture in black and white but have some parts of the photo in colour?
    Is there a certain website you have to go on??If so, please tell :)
    7 Technology 9
  138. jobs for 13-14 years part time or summer
    I am 13 and my family in running low on cash I need a summer job
    2 Money 54
  139. what Amy's reacttion wen Ben told her about Adrienne,(on secret Life) i missed that part cuz i was on the phone??
    7 Entertainment 5
  140. Edit pictures to make part of them black & white
    How can I make most of the picture black and white and only one thing or a couple of things in the pic color? -thanks
    2 Technology 47
  141. Different Averages in height for different parts of the world ?
    in england the average height for a woman is 5'4 ... and for a man is 5'9 is this different for different countries ... ?
    2 Nutritionfitness 75
  142. Why are there school rules that really have nothing to do with the actual education part?
    You know, like hair rules or uniform or whatever...
    23 Education 32
  143. Does having mono affect other parts of my health?
    After having mononucleosuis for a month my physical health is still not good. Does my poor health have any effect on the rest of my health and why.
    8 Health 113
  144. What does it mean when the upper part of yur tummy hurts but then the pain moves to the right?
    this happens to me frequently and I don't know why.
    3 Health 18
  145. What is a good part healthy menu for my home work?
    For home work I am doing a menu for a party but it hast to be healthy!! can you give me a few ideas !! thank you xx
    2 Nutritionfitness 26
  146. What's the best way to develop parts of Brazil?
    Are big projects better or small ones, your view and opinion?
    2 Environment 21
  147. Is Carlos Mencia part German?
    I heard somewhere that Carlos Mencia, comedian and star of the Mind of Mencia comedy show, is half German. I know that he's part Guatemalan. Is he also part German?
    4 Entertainment 123
  148. What color is best to dye the blond part of my hair?
    I'm having a hard time deciding what color to dye the blonde part of my hair. I've already had purple. Any suggestions?(:
    6 Style 11
  149. Is it normal to be able to see the part of ribs between your cleavage area (read more)?
    to be more descriptive the part of rib that is connected to your breast bone. i can visibly see them on my chest is this normal?
    10 Nutritionfitness 82
  150. Tattoo on the lower part of my back hurt more?
    I got a tattoo on my left hip a couple months ago, kinda hurt And I want one on the lower part of my back... Does it hurt more there?
    4 Style 65
  151. grey squar glasses and long brown hair with part emo?
    Hay yall, I have another quistion for u. are grey squar glasses and long brown hair with a side part emo?
    5 Style 36
  152. Can I take part in any paying medical trials without my parents permission?
    Can I take part in any paying medical trials without my parents permission? Also I am 14, so is there anywhere that would allow that? x
    6 Family 7
  153. What physical parts of a body makes humans cry?
    I was wondering what triggers the tears when we are sad, frustrated, angry, etc.
    5 Health 55
  154. Why do i always gain the most weight on one part of my body?
    When i gain weight all the fat usually goes to my stomach... it's disgusting and it sucks... totally!
    3 Nutritionfitness 21
  155. What are the lyrics for part of that world in the little mermade?
    Well im trying out for the school musical and I want to do this song...can you help me?
    3 Music 45
  156. how to clean that part
    I was wondering how do yu clean down in that area. im a girl. I just want to know how to keep it clean and how to keep it smellin good. thanks.
    4 Health 43
  157. Are sending/receiving pictures part or included in text messages?
    I have unlimited text messaging, and i send/receive photos, i don't want them to charge me extra, are these included in text messaging??? thanks!
    4 Technology 13
  158. Which part not to touch?
    Dont have more details. I just want the answer. Girls should answer my question. Please girls its important. If any guy has the answer so he can also help me
    5 Relationships 455
  159. Could I get a part time job after school from Monday to Thursdays or would I need to work weekends as well?
    7 Money 56
  160. do women/girls actually like/see them as attractive the mans private parts for example as a the way most men see the womens breast/boobs?
    16 Relationships 100
  161. What is the best way to put coon tails in my hair without the dye bleeding into other parts of my hair that i dont want dyed?
    6 Style 15
  162. part time jobs for a 16 yr old in anaheim, ca?
    need a part time !!! asap =D help. female in anaheim..16yrs old where are they hiring ???
    2 Money 125
  163. Saturday / Part time job
    I'm 15 and looking for a part-time or saturday job but don't know where to look. I have tried my local newsagents and now don't know where to look. Any Advice? Many Thanks!
    2 Money 42
  164. shave your genital parts could you still be able to get crabs?
    I dont have crabs or anything like that, so people dont go wondering about me or nothing. but I was just wondering, if you were to shave your genital parts could you still be able to get crabs??
    4 Health 141
  165. Can you hide specific parts of the interests section on myspace?
    I want to keep just the music,heroes,and general section of my interests,and I don't want the there any way that I can hide just the ones I don't want?
    2 Technology 124
  166. Why do they call underwear diff names in diff parts of world?
    Why do they call it knickers in england panties in america etc. Where are you from and what do you cal them? Include thongs etc
    2 Style 20
  167. How can I block off the under part of my bed?
    My bed is lifted from the floor on railing. I would like to block it off, so that my dog can't get under my bed. How can I do that easily, without having to 'build' anything.
    14 Homegarden 974
  168. Why do I feel like a pulsing in random parts of my body sometimes?
    Like in my leg or something it'll just pulse idk how to describe it and it happens randomly sometimes..
    10 Health 137
  169. Did You like the new Twilight movie Breaking Dawn, Part 1?
    I did Ooh so freaking much <3 I loveeeeeee it .! haha ,!
    6 Entertainment 19
  170. Do you think angel and demons is the second part of the davinci cod
    Do you think the movie angel and demons is the second part of the davinci code or this movie is another different story, I would like to know if this movie is continuing the same story of the davinci code.
    3 Entertainment 9
  171. FunAdvice Trivia: What part did Shakespeare play in the original version of Hamlet?
    A) Polonius B) Rosencrantz C) The Ghost D) Yorick
    3 Funadvice 30
  172. What tv family would you want to be a part of?
    I would either choose Roseanne or Grounded for life, i just love the parents on these shows they are so nonconventional lol.
    12 Entertainment 37
  173. What is the mental illness terminology of an illness when the person feels like they aren't complete unless they cut off part(s) of their body?
    arm or fingers...etc?
    2 Health 10
  174. Would you considering doing dr*gs a 'normal' part of being in highschool/being a teenager?
    And please justify your answer well, don't just be like "NO CUZ DR*GS ARE BAD >:("
    20 Health 24
  175. Who thinks an idividual's style, way of dress or makeup, is part of who they are?
    I personally believe that it is part of what makes you YOU, of course not all of it, other parts do too but it is one of those things that express yourself and makes you unique from others, other than personality, beliefs, etc.
    8 Style 23
  176. Where can I get cheap car parts?
    I need to find replacement parts for my Toyota Highlander. I've already tried junk yards, and Toyota (too expensive). Any suggestions?
    7 Cars 28
  177. Can you get the color part of your eye tattooed?
    I heard of a guy getting the whites of his eyes tattooed. And I have heard of them filling in the colored part for patients who are experiancing blinding where the eye turns all white to appear normal. But can you get the color of your eye tattooed and...
    5 Style 18
  178. What part do girls like more on a guys body?
    I have a six pack and the "v" thing below them, big arms and strong legs.. I was just wondering what you girls look at the most or like the most on a guy?
    16 Style 70
  179. Is there an Animal Shelter near Slidell Louisiana that is looking for help an will hire a 15 year old part time without a workers permit?
    2 Money 70
  180. How did football and stuffing our faces become part if thanksgiving tradition?
    Believe me I'm NOT complaining lol but it just doesn't make any sense ya know?
    5 General 9
  181. Job help, I work full time but want a part time weekend job
    I work full time but I want to work on the weekends as well to earn a little spending money dose any one have any sugestions
    2 Money 47
  182. Why do some people think that it's a bad thing to have extra body parts?
    I mean, it's evilution. The next generation could have wings if it weren't surgicly chopped off.
    6 General 46
  183. Which part of the body in men that the most like by women
    I want to know that which part of the men's body that the women like I mean as for me I like breast and pussy but I prefer breast more than pussy.And one thing What's size of the body did they like? fat,skinny or muscular body.
    10 Relationships 43
  184. Is Mandy Moore a part of FunAdvice or something?
    Is mandy moore a part of fun advice, I am confused. Is she an advisor??? I ask this because people keep asking about her like becoming her assistant and what it was like to work with Diane Keaton.
    12 Funadvice 21
  185. Coloring part of my hair red
    Just the front part my hair is black now jet thats not my real color tho but I have like hair that goes up 2 my neck like on my neck and its like longer in the front kinda like a bang thing thats the part I want 2 color red what do you do you think I s...
    2 Style 14
  186. Who else has taken part in 'No Shave November'?
    I did! But only 'cause I've been too lazy to do it so I just used it as an excuse.. only my legs though. I'm not an animal, ahah :L
    14 Style 31
  187. Does Dr. Pepper really make your lady part smell bad?
    Some (dumb) chick told me that today at lunch and it actually got me thinkin! lol
    3 Health 4672
  188. Normal Preg Tummy Feeling Part 2)
    Its more like a butterfly feelinqq. Like lots of butterflies in my stomach going to my backkk too!!! Is this normal ? Almost 5 weeks preggg
    5 Health 346
  189. Why would a female dog keep liking her private parts?
    My female dog keeps liking her private parts every night before going to bed. I don't know why she does this. I know she is not in heat. Could she have a UTI? Please help!! She does this for hours at a time?
    5 Pets 412
  190. What do you think is the hardest part about your road test?
    I gotta take mine soon, and I havn't really practiced parking, I just suck backing in and parallel ahh wtf. What was the worst part for you?
    8 Education 57
  191. Are there any high paying part-time jobs out there?
    I have a very busy schedule and I am now living on my own. I got out of college not very long ago, and now I have many many responsiblities. I don't have the time to have a full- time job because I have a very busy lifestyle right now. I was wondering...
    3 Money 65
  192. What am i sopposed to do when the best part of me was always you?
    it goes like what am I sopposed to do when the best part of me was always you, and what am I sopposed to say when im all choked up and your okayyy?? I heard it on the radio yesterday and I cant seem to remember the name!! does anbody knoww??
    3 Music 49
  193. Who can help me with my story?(another part...ANSWER PLEASE!)?
    This part is, the father(or possible father if I go with someones idea)of this girls baby is an A-hole and he doesn't really care but he is going to should he change?(I'm not so good with some parts)
    4 Literature 14
  194. Where can I find the scary maze game screaming part of the video?
    Hopefully you will all know what the scary maze game is. It's when you play this game and when you get to a certain part in the game, a picture comes up with a scream which scares you. I've been looking and can't find just the screaming part and the...
    2 Gaming 21
  195. Exposed body parts?
    Why always in english countries, there is no shame? Women, girls wear short shirts,skirts,tops? The remaining body remains exposed. Why isnt there shy in females for this?
    25 Nutritionfitness 113
  196. FunAdvice Trivia: What S3x Pistols song is reworked as a part of the soundtrack of The Flintstones?
    A) Anarchy in the U.K. B) Bodies C) No Feelings D) Pretty Vacant
    3 Funadvice 22
  197. How can i find a parts catalog for a model 65 Massey Ferguson Tractor?
    It's for my Dad, and he needs a Power Steering Gear(that goes in the motor of course) Does any1 know???
    7 Cars 12
  198. Guitar solo part
    Which song's guitar solo's part do you like more? Mine are--- 1.Metallica-Master of Puppets 2.Iron Maiden-Wasted Years 3.Metallica-Suicide&Redemption 4.Metallica-Cyanide 5.Metallica-So What?
    4 Music 18
  199. why they dont build the mosque in another part of the city?
    i dont think every muslim is bad, but they can build the mosque in another part of the city, not close to ground zero i think they can build their mosque in another place for respect to the people who died there, what do you think any answer is welcome...
    6 General 9
  200. What are they going to put in Breaking Dawn Part 2?
    I didn't see it but when I was watching the previews it looked like they put all the parts from the book in the movie. So it doesn't seem that there would be a part 2 unless she wrote an epilogue in a novel that I didn't know about...
    6 Entertainment 30
  201. What is your favorite part of your partner and why?
    Well it my wife was hear I would have to say her intelligences, but since she is not it is going to be her butt. I like a nice round bubble butt, without the dimples and tracks. What do you like?
    45 Relationships 28
  202. Why hasn't repealing part of the patriot act hit Obama's agenda yet?
    I thought I voted for change...but so far, I feel like I've gotten far more status quo :(
    8 Politics 34
  203. How do you pass this part in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas?
    can someone please tell me how to get passed the mission "life's a beach"?? I get to the beach and talk to the DJ and I dont know what to do after that..
    2 Gaming 57
  204. snakebites part 2 help !!!
    so last night I asked about snakebites and if they would hurt and the cost now I am woundering would they look right on me since someone brought it up please help !!!please and thank u
    3 Style 28
  205. What part of Japan does the Anime/Manga Yuyu Hakusho take place in when it first starts?
    I never read the Manga and I don't remember if the Anime mentioned the location nor do I know or remember if it was a real place in Japan or if it was a made up place
    2 Entertainment 33
  206. FunAdvice Trivia: The c.ockatoo bird calls which part of the world its home?
    A) Brazil B) Peru C) Australia, New Guinea D) Central equatorial Africa
    9 Funadvice 15
  207. Is this part of my vagina normal?
    okay so I want to know if this is normal becuase I dont know. my vigina has like 2 long pieces of just droopy skin like inside the lips. is that normal?? I don't know help please.
    4 Health 96
  208. If you celebrate Christmas, what is your favorite part ?
    Before I ask this question, I just want to make this wish for all on Funadvice: May this Christmas be filled With happiness in all that you do And may this Joy continue The whole year through Wishing you a Merry Christmas And a Happy New Year May God'...
    10 General 30
  209. Can someone tell me a good part in the book "Great Expectations"?
    i have to read it for my summer holiday project and i cant find the book. cant buy online. i hav to make a comic strip of a small part. please tell me one nice small part of it
    4 Literature 28
  210. What part of Montreal is the best place to live?
    Kay so I'm going to montreal,canada in a few years but before I go what side of montreal is the best place to live like north,west,south,east also what places do you recommend going to for couples or just for fun?
    3 Travel 72
  211. Just asking part 2
    So if your boyfriend uses a condom and pulls out before he ejaculates its kinda impossible too get pregnant right? theres like a .1% too get pregnant because doesn't the sperm have to meet the egg?
    4 Relationships 48
  212. Where can i get a list of names of the children that were in the music video for another brick in th wall part 2 by pink floyd??
    i looked up alot of stuff but came up empty :( thanks
    5 Music 14
  213. How do you make a picture in greyscale with one part in color?
    people on facebook or wherever will have these pictures and they will be grey and then like there shirt or whatever will be pink like its original color. like look at my album with the girl in the eagles pink jersey. How do you do that!?!
    4 Literature 8
  214. What should I do please help one vagina lip is partly red?
    it has a little it of a burning/itchy sensation? what should I do? NO DISCHARGE and it doesnt burn when I pee so im thinking its just irritated? and not a yeast infection. thanks
    3 Health 37
  215. Why does the upper part of my left breast hurt when I touch it?
    hi. i'm 18 and i have a problem with my left upper breast.whenever i touch the left upper part ofmy breast, it hurts.this pain has last for quite sometimes....what should i do?is it a natural sign of the breast development or it's a disease?i'm so scar...
    5 Health 278
  216. exact lyrics for the part in the movie dumb and dumber ?
    Does anyone know the exact lyrics for the part in the movie dumb and dumber (the first one) when they're in the sheepdog singing "mock, ing, bird, yeah, bird, yeah, yeah, yeah" etc.. Haah. If you do please let me know!
    3 Music 8360
  217. How can I remove the middle part of a song in iTunes?
    So I have California Gurls by Katy Perry with Snoop Dog and I really want to take the part with Snoop Dog out. I searched iTunes and every version of this song features Snoop Dog so I can't buy it without him. Does anyone know if/how I can take the mid...
    5 Music 278
  218. Part-time/summer jobs for 16-18 year olds?
    How much do/did you get paid for your part-time and/or summer job on a daily/weekly basis? (And where did you work? A big department store or somewhere smaller?)
    6 Money 175
  219. Is anyone part of an internet school or Home-Schooling?
    Hi. I really don't like school and I was wondering if any of you, or anyone you know, doesn't go to school and gets taught at home or is part of an internet school? I would like to know what it is like and if you/the other person prefers it to actuall...
    3 Education 9
  220. Can someone please explain the correct way to clean your lady part?
    They say clean the outside and use warm water and I'm not sure exactly what that means. I've always used soap to clean everything.
    8 Health 28
  221. What is the nickname that you use for your girl parts?
    Im watching scrubs and it made me wonder what other girls call theirs lol. Mine goes by a couple of names lol, Miss. Pinky. Pink Tulip. Play Area. Lol
    24 General 56
  222. How do I pierce this part of my ear?
    How do you peirce that thing in your ear like that peice of skin thats really thick not the cartlege or whatever but the peice of skin. I dont know what its called haha. But does anyone know what Im talking about or how to even peirce there?
    2 Style 41
  223. Does anyone know the name of this part of Mozart's opera Cosi fan tutte?
    So far I couldn't find the info or classical performance of this piece (it can be seen on youtube link).
    5 Music 11
  224. When a body part is severed from the body, how long do surgeons have to sew it back on if they can?
    Im watching the Ringer and on here he has a couple of weeks to reattach the fingers (i know its just a movie, thats why im curious as to what the real time limit is)?
    4 Health 30
  225. Whats like the best part time job ever?
    I want some cash to buy an ipod nano new version or ipod vid because everyone said it was good, but when eBay says new I doubt it
    3 Money 12
  226. Clear jelly discharge came out my part
    ok sorry if this is nasty but this morning I went to the bathroom to pee and some Clear jelly discharge came out my part lol it was nasty Could that mean I am ovulating? whats ovulating means?? im just 17 and I know im not pregnant I had my period la...
    3 Health 697
  227. Which part does the girl with the dragon tattoo get interesting?
    I've started reading the Girl with the dragon tattoo, and its being pretty boring. I have so many good comments about the books, so i really want to continue reading. But right now its been pretty boring. Can anyone tell me when the plot starts getting...
    3 Literature 36
  228. How to get a clear face part 2
    ok so how do I not get wrinkles when I am older? now I dont want "your too young to be worrying about wrinkles" or anything. I just want to know what moisturizers I should use and what foods I should stay away from or what are best to eat to prevent fr...
    2 Style 7
  229. How could I quit a part time job?
    I haven't been working there long and I have to go in tomorrow. But I hate it! They're so stuck up and I can't handle it. Theyre now closed so I can't go in and tell them. Could I write a letter saying I'm quitting and post it through?
    3 Money 21
  230. What part of the body is my first tattoo not gonna hurt?
    I am 38 years old only have my ears pierced. I really think I want a tattoo I know what I want but I freak out even when I get my blood taken . Does it really hurt and is there a spot that doesnt hurt?
    8 Style 289
  231. When I asked God to reveal parts of my future through my dreams ?
    I bega to really believe that certain things of the future could be predicted by what Id dreamt. After this that night I had a panic attack, I had been thinking that if I asked Him, then he would do this, when I try to sleep all I do is panic... why is...
    2 Religion 48
  232. Normal, that I can't brush the back part of my tounge
    Kind of a weird question but I was just wondering. whenever I brush my tounge I am unable to brush all the way back because I start to feel like I have to throw up if I try to brush all of it when I brush my teeth. is this normal, that I can't brush ...
    7 Health 77
  233. Is this part of the symptoms from birth control or should I be worried?
    ive been feeling like throwing up all day since like friday i get the depo shot every 11th and ive been on it for 3 months should i be worried and since ive had my baby my periods irregular help ?
    3 Health 11
  234. Immaculate Conception someone give me the missing parts?
    Can someone give me the missing piece of the puzzle? Either Jesus was an ugly girl, or didnt exist, Or wasn't the son of Mary, or Mary wasnt a virgin. If Mary was a virgin, she couldnt have given birth to a boy.
    12 Religion 42
  235. Cleaning of our private parts
    We normally do not give more attention towards the cleaning of our private parts which are usually covered by clothes when we are at out. Where as it is very important to give more attention towards the proper cleaning of our private parts like armpit,...
    4 Health 177
  236. What part of new york is the nicest?
    The upper east? Upper west? Lower east? Lower west? I would love to know because the apt. Monica& chandler had on f.r.I.e.n.d.s. (tv show) was amazing... Even though I know it was a set, I would like to know what side they lived on.
    3 Travel 45
  237. Where can I buy Airsoft Mag parts?
    I bought a Smith & Wesson Sigma 40F today and when I was loading my mag I stripped the level thing that holds the spring down. Does anyone know where and how much I could buy a spare one or a metal one. Thanks
    2 Shopping 7
  238. How to tone these parts of the body?
    -upper arms -calf area -butt -thighs -stomach -and reduse back fat Also how would you tighten your skin ? I have really loose skin and I hate it >.< and also any tips to get in shape ? Thanks ! [=
    2 Nutritionfitness 48
  239. When will you be able to ask a question to Twilight stars from "Breaking Dawn" part 1?
    I know the movie is not until like next month but is'nt their a way if your a big twilight fan you can ask a question to the stars? I tried doing it last year but it was too I was wondering where can I ask a question to a Twilight star or is i...
    2 Entertainment 13
  240. loose weight on lower part of body
    I am 27. I am 5'3" and 130 lb. I am little over weight and i want to loose 10 - 15 lb from my tummy and hips and legs area. I am good in the upper part. What should I do? Everytime I start loosing weight, I loose from breast........I dont want to l...
    2 Health 30
  241. What do you guys feel about the Pentagon demanding the files that Wikileaks has?
    Wikileaks is in posession of over 15,000 files related to the war in Afghanistan. The Pentagon has demanded them to hand the material over, the reason that these articles haven't been disclosed is to protect the names of the people in it. They've alrea...
    5 Politics 14
  242. Random question part 2
    Dude... What would you do... If cupcakes roared?? You know... Like.. Rawr!!! And like they even tried jumping on you And itd be like the attack of the cupcakes!! If cupcakes roared.. I dont think id be able to eat them anymores :[ But id...
    9 General 19
  243. What is the fondant bakery's use to make cakes actually made of, do you eat that part, and what does it taste like?
    When I watch shows on TV like cake boss, or ultimate cake off, or anything I see they use fondant a lot, but it doesn't look very good. It looks like play dough. Are you actually supposed to eat that?
    6 Food 16
  244. What does this quote mean; I don't really understand the part about the" feminist recuperation of art"?
    Kruger’s earliest artworks date to 1969. Large woven wall hangings of yarn, beads, sequins, feathers, and ribbons, they exemplify the feminist recuperation of craft during this period
    3 Literature 41
  245. Guyfriend Part #3
    my guyfriend is not talking to me its been so long since we have talked usally in band he would hit me with is drum stick and laugh at me now its me and him just standing there ever since I told him I liked him he just doesn't talk .How do I break the ...
    2 Relationships 17
  246. Does the rest/unbleached parts of my hair stay healthy if I only bleach a section of it?
    I want to grow out my hair, but I also want to bleach a little of it. I know from the past that if I dye or bleach my hair, it pretty much stops growing at all, but my hair has been untouched (no dyes, no heat) for years. I wanted to make sure that if...
    6 Style 43
  247. Parnets are demanding rare to not make anymore viva pinata games
    I don't if this is just stupidity taken to the next level but I guess some parnets are demanding rare to not make anymore viva pinata games which are e rated The reason their kids which are ages 10 to 12 are asking about what sex is Wtf is wrong wi...
    2 Sex 10
  248. Which divisions of Christianity reads the bible (parts of the Old Testament) NOT literally?
    I know my division does not read it literally, I also know the Catholic highschool I have been studying at, that division does not. The teachers have been telling us that they believe in the Big Bang theory, and the evolution, just that God had a hand ...
    4 Religion 29
  249. How do I get my teacher off my back, part two
    Okey. My teacher called my mom. Now every time I try to talk to her, my mentor comes and tells me the same damn thing, im going to tell the dean of students that your harassing the teacher. To me pearsonaly, im like what I talk to other teachers about ...
    2 Education 41
  250. Who can help me get close to my old hair part back again?
    I used to have kinda an extreme "scene" (I hate lables) hair part. The deep angled bangs and such. I went to the hair stylest for a trim and when she did it she totally messed the part up. The cut was angled all wrong for the way I had it parted and I ...
    5 Style 19