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  1. What do i do if i forgot to sign up for the draft?
    9 Politics 140
  2. What's the largest breed of draft horses?
    What's the largest breed of draft horses?
    2 Pets 17
  3. what's the largest breed of draft horses? in what country did
    what's the largest breed of draft horses? in what country did they originate?
    5 Pets 71
  4. Wwe draft 2010?
    What are your predictions for the wwe annual draft 2010? Or who you hope to be drafted to wherever
    2 Entertainment 38
  5. is the U.S. Government planning a draft in the near future?
    and what is your opinion?
    7 Politics 19
  6. How do I draft jake the snake on smackdown vs raw 2006 ps2?
    How do I draft jake the snake on smackdown vs raw 2006 ps2?
    3 Gaming 17
  7. Do you think it should be legal that in order to become an eagle scout you are required to sign up for the draft?
    9 General 58
  8. Has John Parker Wilson Been Drafted Yet?
    Does anyone know if John Parker Wilson from Alabama has been drafted yet and if so what team... thanks
    2 Sports 38
  9. FunAdvice Trivia: Which NFL Football team had drafted most 'Heisman Trophy' winners?
    A) Oakland Raiders B) Dallas Cowboys C) Detroit Lions D) Houston Oilers
    4 Funadvice 9
  10. Do you think the Canadian government would have a conscription (draft) if presented with the chance of war?
    I know they did during 1917, the conscription crisis, but it caused a huge gap in Canada because many of the Quebecqois didn't want to fight the war.
    2 Politics 11
  11. Why is there a draft system being implemented (Selective Service System)? mandatory registration by the time a man turns 18 and ends until he is 26. Or so goes my understanding, can someone explain to me why in a few years I have to register for something my ideology conflicts directly against?
    10 Politics 34
  12. What happened last night on RAW?
    What happened last night on raw? Who got drafted?
    2 Entertainment 13
  13. What do you think of my poem draft?
    I lay awake with no where to go. I turn to my left and See nothing but a hole. A Black lifeless hole. For that crack is filled with Nothing but with my soul. Its dark, And waiting to be lit, with the fire that Burns so deep inside my he...
    7 Literature 12
  14. Stupid Fun Mail
    HAHA My Fun Mail Still Isn't Working GRRR :( I don't have a message in my email and I checked in Drafts and Garbage or whatever. :(
    4 Funadvice 11
  15. What jobs/careers could be good for a student of CADD?
    I am currently taking CADD (Computer Archtecture Drafting and Design) at my school, and it intrests me a lot
    5 Technology 32
  16. who writes the laws?
    who actaully writes the law out in written form? does a senator have his helpers do a draft and then tweek it with little serets and catches. is it like a formal thing or just a favor he asks at the office?
    2 Politics 11
  17. Help to draft the below english letter
    I need help in drafting the below email: ___- Below are the details of issue(I am not very good at writing long emails so kindly overlook any mistakes): Since we have moved to au in 2007, I have been observing and it has become a daily routine th...
    10 Literature 43
  18. What age do you think is good to start a child's checking account?
    This would be a account they have access to with limits to protect you and them from over drafting the account. My hopes would be that they could see how they can invest their money and make them smarter consumers in the future.
    12 Money 27
  19. Do You Like My Poem?
    It's a first draft, so feel free to be extremely harsh. :) I hate you Because You Hate Me What did I do? Help me to see. I don't understand it I did nothing bad But you still hit me Just stop it, Dad. Why do you do this? It's evil It's sad...
    11 Literature 26
  20. What do I have to do with these words for my Spanish project?
    Okay I need people who are excellent in Spanish. This project I'm doing, I had turned in the rough draft so my teacher looked at everyone's rough draft and gave it back to all of us. So in Spanish, saying you have long, straight brown hair is el pelo l...
    13 Education 40
  21. How to use outline in Microsoft word 2007-8?
    I'm wondering, how does the outline feature work in Microsoft word 2007-8 work? I need some help since I'm frustrated and lost. This is for speech and, we need to make a rough draft. I'm not good with Microsoft Office 2007 all that well. I'm learni...
    2 Technology 45
  22. good deal or bad deal
    Ok so we got roy e williams from the lions I think it's good but on the other hand I dont know cause if he get's more cathes then t o then there could be a big problem in big d give me your take they gave up a 1 round draft 3 round and a 6th round.
    2 Sports 12
  23. Do we need the US government to figure out how to make transactions secure?
    Apparently, the government is drafting a plan to help figure out how to make sure people can transact online knowing that their identity, and the other party, are both trustworthy...don't we already have this in the form of websites...? I know I trust ...
    5 Politics 11
  24. how do you writea thesis driven research paper?
    I know you need a thesis but like for my topic I have to write about "charter cities" so can anyone explain to me what I need todo. do I needto write about charter cities? I wrote a rough draft basically talking about it and my teacher said that...
    3 Literature 62
  25. School Schedules?
    So... my friend doesn't really like her Mech Draft. class in high school. She kind of wants to get out of it but the school system won't let her without a legitimate reason. What's a good fake reason to tell them that will convince the school to let h...
    2 Education 19
  26. I wanna know my GPA
    ugh! ok im trying to found out my GPA . my grades for the 2nd semester is (1st) chorus: A (2nd) drafting: B (3rd) english 2: F (4th) piano: C (5th) sign language: B (6th) geometry: C (7th) personal fitness: D (8th) biology: whats my GPA? any help?
    2 Education 56
  27. Is non violence a end to a beginning?
    I would say non violence can achieve a lot when done within a protest in a democracy. The idea that one can change a dictator through non violence may be possible but I doubt it. The question comes from when non violence becomes instilled in a governme...
    4 Politics 16
  28. Is he lying??
    This random girl got a wrong number an txtd my boyfriend. Well he sent me a fwd msg from her an I asked if he talks to her an he said no. I looked at his phone an there wasn't any messages from her not even the one he sent me but they didn't auto delet...
    3 Relationships 12
  29. What do you think of my poem about moving from one location to another?
    I hate it myself, we are moving the our Allen spa and I had to write a little poem about it. This is the first draft, subject to change with varying annoyance leave. Moving day Packing crap for places unknown. Moving sucks, away we go. Have a ...
    17 Literature 92
  30. Is my house really haunted?
    Is my house haunted? I have heard things being hrown around andthings banging against my door so I opend it and there is nothing on the other side...there are lots of times when I get cold spots in my house.. I have heard my name called..I have heard h...
    6 Religion 56
  31. Know any blonde jokes?
    Post some !:) Don't take offence, I'm blonde. They're just funny ! Q: Why do Blondes wear earmuffs? A: To avoid the draft. Q: Why did the blonde stare at the can of frozen orange juice for two hours? A: Because the can said "concentrate" on it. Q: H...
    5 Entertainment 70
  32. Should I be mad at my man saving an old poem?
    So while I was saving a draft I had done on my fiance's computer, I saw an unfamillar file, so I clicked it. I read one of the messages on their and it was a love poem he wrote to some girl a while back. While I was reading it I started to cry becaus...
    5 Literature 47
  33. What should I write in an email response to a job posting on Craigslist?
    I found a posting on the site for a Lot Attendant at a car dealership and I would like to apply for it. The details are very vague in the description of the job; it just says some of what I'd be doing and to email a resume. I have the re...
    4 Money 52
  34. Which of the following categories would veterinarian fall under?
    I'm filling out an application, and I want to be a veterinarian, it lists these categories: Biotechnology Cisco Working Academy Electronics Engineering Manufacturing Automotive Technology Collision Repair Printing Technology Welding Technolo...
    2 Education 322
  35. Getting rid of weak verbs
    Hey everybody, im in need of homework help again. I'm working on a paper for one of my classes and it is a proficency. So I need to make it really good as far as the thesis statment, apperance, introduction, conclusion, resources etc. I am doing well o...
    5 Literature 169
  36. What do you think of these assessments ?
    What do you think of these assessments ? COWS Isn't it amazing that during the mad cow epidemic our government could track a single cow, born in Canada almost three years ago, right to the stall where she slept in the state of Washington? And, they tr...
    12 General 37
  37. Best friend or not?
    I have this friend. and well she kind of introduced me to a lot . like qoinq to clubs and church (well she drove me). she takes me to fancy restauraunts and out of state and thiings but shes never there for me like a real friend should. im only 13 so i...
    3 Relationships 16
  38. Why do these creepy things happen to me?
    Well, I was in I.T. and this cold draft started coming all of a sudden, and it wasnt as if it was a slight change in temperature it was a MAJOR difference (I had to put my jacket back on), so I asked my friend ffion who waas right next to me to feel ho...
    14 General 58
  39. What do you think of this part of my story?
    Here is a little bit of the story I am writing. Let me know what you think. Its just a rough draft, not official yet. The fog was low to the ground, creating a fuzzy blanket over the green field. The sun was just about to come up, and the air smelt o...
    3 Literature 37
  40. Rough draftt.
    Here is a little bit of the story I am writing. Let me know what you think. Its just a rough draft, not official yet. The fog was low to the ground, creating a fuzzy blanket over the green field. The sun was just about to come up, and the air smelt...
    2 Literature 25
  41. My dad is cheating on my mom
    Hey So, my dad has a job that requires a lot of business trips. Recently, he went to Boston for around a week and a half and my mom went with him. She got back on a Sunday night, I picked her up from the air port. My dad got home that Wednesday night. ...
    4 Sex 33
  42. My mom is going crazy
    Hi my names David Ok, so today was a really strange day, I got up at 10 (im still on summer break) and make my bed. My mom says I get up in a cranky mood which I can but besides that im a really nice kid, even my mom says that. I continue downstairss,...
    11 Family 70
  43. really dumb surveyy hahah
    1) Who is the last person you high-fived? 2) If you were drafted into a war, would you serve? 3) Do you sleep with the tv on? 4) Have you ever wheezed the juice? 5) Have you ever won a spelling bee? 6) Have you ever been stung by a bee? ...
    24 General 39
  44. My Note .
    ( I get , there are a lot of spelling errors , this is the rough draft , so just read it , tell me if you like it , and why ) cause its a break down , my life , no longer includes , being Cautious , It is going to Consist of risk's risk's , se...
    2 General 21
  45. US Drinking Age (Change?)
    As some of you may know there is a quite large petition going around to try and change the legal drinking age from 21 to 18, I'm curious to hear what everyone thinks about this matter, I myself think it would be bad, allowing 18yr old's to buy alcohol ...
    27 Politics 102
  46. What do you think about my story.. ?
    I'm looking for some opinions on a book that I am writing. I've dedicated lots of time to it and before I continue I would like some input. This is only a portion of the story that I am sharing -- a critical portion that is. It's a rough draft so pleas...
    2 Literature 27