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  1. What is worse - lying to yourself or lying to others?
    19 General 59
  2. How can I tell if I am being lied to?
    How can I tell if I am being lied to?
    2 General 49
  3. Why do guys lie?
    why does guys lie for
    4 Relationships 45
  4. Why do guys lie to girls?
    why do guys lie to you
    5 Relationships 59
  5. I lay me down to sleep or I lie down to sleep?
    I lay me down to sleep or I lie down to sleep?
    4 Education 21
  6. Difference between Allah and God?
    What is the difference between Allah and God?
    10 Religion 62
  7. boyfriend lying?
    how do you know if your boyfriend is lying to you?
    2 Relationships 46
  8. How can you tell when a guy lies?
    4 Relationships 14
  9. Who invented the concept of lying?
    13 General 31
  10. What are the differences between dieing, dying and lieing, lying?
    Are dieing and lieing actually words? If so, when do you use them? What's the difference between dieng and dying? What's the difference between lieing and lying?
    4 General 1472
  11. is it just me or is america full of sh!t and lies?
    is it just me or is america full of sh!t and lies?
    21 Politics 35
  12. What is the highest peak of the world and where does it lie?
    3 General 25
  13. How much does it matter to you that someone lies?
    25 General 67
  14. Does pregnancy test lie??sometimes???
    5 Health 63
  15. What's the best lie you have ever told?
    17 General 19
  16. Is keeping a secret telling a lie ?
    10 General 77
  17. What are some common things people do when they lie?
    7 General 35
  18. What is the worst lie you told your dad?
    What is the worst lie you told your dad? Why did you lie? How did you fess up (if you did.)?
    8 Family 59
  19. lie to say when you all a sudden can't make a date?
    what is a lie to say when you all a sudden can't make a date? :(
    3 Relationships 12
  20. What if I feel bad about lying to my parents?
    I lied to my parents and I feel relly bad what should I do
    5 Family 55
  21. Why would someone lie?
    why would someone try to lie about them selfs?
    2 Relationships 13
  22. Why do girls always lie about almost everything?
    Why do girls always lie about almost everything?
    11 Relationships 58
  23. What do you think of the TV series "The Lying Game"?
    2 Entertainment 6
  24. who thinks im horrible about lying to my parents?
    13 Family 40
  25. what.. how can you tell if a guy is lieing to you over the phone?
    4 Relationships 22
  26. what would your reaction be to someone lieing to you that you just met?
    8 Relationships 13
  27. To lie or not to lie?
    If someone ask you if they look fat and they have the time to change into something beter should you tell them the truth or lie?
    6 Relationships 20
  28. how do I cheat a lie detector test?
    how do I cheat a lie detector test? and how do I cheat a smoking pee test?
    5 General 135
  29. How do I convince my mum that I don't start fights with my sister or lie about them?
    9 Family 25
  30. Is telling someone what they want to hear considered lying?
    8 General 74
  31. why cant a pregnant woman do a lie detector test?
    5 General 632
  32. Why do people easily believe in lies rather than the truth?
    10 General 67
  33. What is your opinion on using lie detector in the process of investigation?
    7 General 28
  34. White lie
    When is it 'okay' to tell a white lie? Have you ever told one? To who and why?
    5 General 32
  35. What's the biggest lie anyone has ever been told?
    Here's something to ponder- What's the biggest lie anyone has ever been told?
    6 General 23
  36. would a guy lie about a girl being pregnant
    would a guy lie about a girl being pregnant if the girl is a responsible person but is his girl
    2 Relationships 52
  37. Your friend lied to you + flirted with your brother.
    What would you do if your friend lied to you + flirted with your brother...and then you forgav her but then she did the same thing again!...what would you do?
    4 Relationships 27
  38. Lying men
    How can I get my man to quit lying to me or I got to go
    2 Relationships 16
  39. Is there a boy out there who is real and never lies?
    is there one boy out there in the world who just wants be real and never lie
    10 Relationships 33
  40. How can I keep her from lying to me?
    my friend is a lier!!! shes always lying abot everything!! what can I do to keep her from lying again to me?
    5 General 18
  41. Why do people lie?
    I don't understand why people do lie. It usually just gets you into more trouble, and offends the person you lie to.
    2 Relationships 19
  42. who likes that song by Eminem- love the way you lie, it is so Real??
    12 Music 12
  43. Why do some people lie so much, like pathological liars; is it a disease?
    3 Health 63
  44. Why do think Allah created people who have disabilities?
    for example Dyscalculia?
    17 Religion 37
  45. How do you learn to trust people, if you have been lied and betrayed so many times?
    5 General 63
  46. Is proactive lying?
    Does anyone use proactive and it dosen't seem to be working??
    8 Style 35
  47. why do boys lie and say there going to call you back and they dont ?
    12 Relationships 37
  48. Would you lie in a coffin with worms for hours for a million dollars?
    13 General 29
  49. Lies to a boy!!
    If your friend lies to a boy that you and her like but you told the truth what sould I do about the other girl?
    2 Relationships 13
  50. Lie vs truth whats better?
    Whats better? A lie that draws a smile or the truth that draws a tear?
    5 General 65
  51. Would you lie to a friend?
    Would you rather keep a lie from a friend Or tell her something that would hurt her?
    2 Relationships 15
  52. What does it mean when someone says you make your bed but dont lie
    What does it mean when someone says you make your bed but dont lie in it ( its a metaphor)
    3 General 404
  53. Addicted to lying how do I stop?
    I am addicted to lieing I try real hard but its so hard I need to stop any help
    3 Health 65
  54. What cat stevens song is played in movie the invention of lying?
    What is the name of the song by cat stevens in the movie "the invention of lying?"
    2 Music 54
  55. Is there a difference between lying and not telling the truth?
    What do you think? If you avoid telling a person the truth, is that lying? I don't think so! If you don't say anything, them how can you lie?
    5 General 440
  56. How can food pass from the mouth to the stomach even though you're lying down?
    12 Health 46
  57. Lies all lies I tell you
    Why do people take vows saying forever when they leave at the first sign of trouble? what happened to the value of mans/womans word being their bond?
    4 Relationships 30
  58. Why do some girls lie to guys about not being a virgin and about how many times they've had sex?
    23 Sex 85
  59. Do you think that all of the people who claim they have come in contact with a ghost, or have been haunted by a ghost are lying?
    18 Religion 41
  60. Why do i feel so bad, after breaking up w/my bf becus he lies so much?
    29 Relationships 39
  61. Why does nobody trust me ever, I've never even lied to them, what should i say?
    6 General 39
  62. Why do you lie?
    Just curious peoples reasoning... I try not to, but I will if I feel it will protect me or my daughter.
    9 General 21
  63. tell me da truth...don't lie
    what do guys really look for in a girl??
    2 Relationships 36
  64. Why do people believe lies?
    One thing goes wrong then they blame me
    5 General 48
  65. Lies I've Told
    Lies can spin way outta control. You know what I mean???
    9 General 46
  66. men and why they have to lie
    so my qustion is why do guys think they need to lie to a girl. we dont think it is cool
    2 Relationships 16
  67. Do you think I should lie for my friend?
    NOTE: If i lie for her, My whole class gets detention and so do I. D:
    12 Relationships 59
  68. What's the point of Eminem and Rhiana's song "love the way you lie"?
    like what's the story?
    6 Music 33
  69. Why do some people lie about their age knowing it has to come out one way or another in a relationship?
    11 Relationships 17
  70. I lied to my best friend
    Help me I lied to my bestfriend and I want to tell her but I dont want to hurt her feelings?
    4 Relationships 33
  71. Interpretation of God never said thou shalt not lie in proximity?
    What is your interprutation of "God never said thau shalt not lie in proximity"
    3 Religion 43
  72. Can I lie about my hymen being broken?
    How can I convince my husband that I am a vigin even though I have a broken hymen and used to masturbate?
    3 Sex 680
  73. Do people from England or the UK think that they are better than Americans, or is that something that television shows lie about?
    18 Entertainment 52
  74. is it okay for a preacher to lie?
    my preacher does out side of church jobs but when he worked at our house he lied and told a relative that he was at work but he wasn't
    9 Religion 41
  75. Should I believe a family member who's lied before?
    i was lied to from a family member before more then once. Should i believe him again? i dont kno if i can't trush him right ow. plezz help me out
    3 Family 32
  76. Did anybody find that in the 3rd season of "Lie To Me" Cal Lightman seems a bit crazier?
    3 Entertainment 19
  77. Should I believe my dad because he lied to me before?
    My dad said that he is coming to pick me up the being of summer should I believe that because he saidthat the last time and he did not
    3 Family 37
  78. Why do you girls lie so much?
    No offense or anything but it seems like every girl I know just about everything that comes out of there mouth is a lie. Why do you girls lie so much?
    16 General 138
  79. how can a sheriff in wa. state pull my daughter over in my car with the reason being that i have a suspended license which was a lie?
    6 General 43
  80. What's the most insane lie you've told to your parents or friends?
    I'm just curious. Tell me what was the most insane lie you've told your parents or friends? I've told so many lies to my parents, can't remember, and I'm glad I can't.
    15 General 35
  81. Is it okay to lie to my doctor about having my period?
    I haven't had it in 2 and a half months but I tell my doctor I have it every month
    3 Health 70
  82. Why do guys lie?
    Why do guys lie? Even if it's something stupid. I hate it. My boyfriend lies about stupid crap. Then when I call him on it he admits it then lies and says he never admitted it. So how do I get him to stop lying to me?
    4 Relationships 50
  83. How can I stop my compulsive lying?
    I have lied a lot to my friend that lives in a different state. and I just keep making up these lies, how do I stop? I feel bad..
    6 Health 25
  84. What is the biggest lie your significant other has ever told you?
    We've all been lied to at some point in our lives, what's the biggest lie you've ever been told, whether it was from a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife??
    2 Relationships 28
  85. How do I help my husband to stop lying?
    My husband tells small lies all the time he is a pathalogical liar and we have separated beacuse of it so I want help to help him to stop it
    3 Relationships 67
  86. What if life is a big lie?
    I was listenin 2 30sec 2 mars \beautiful lie\ And I was wonderin is it reallly what do you think? Me I think it is And I believe so
    6 General 26
  87. What's the best way to tell whether a person is lying?
    What's the best way to tell whether a person is lying? It would be really cool to know whether a friend is telling the truth or not.
    5 Relationships 23
  88. Should women be allowed to lie about their age in court?
    I had seen a court show yesturday and the judge allowed one of the parties (a woman) to lie about her age
    15 Politics 33
  89. how do i talk my mom into letting me go to my bestfriends house even though my bestfriend lied to my mom and now my mom dosent like her?
    10 Family 38
  90. Why do commercials lie about their products?
    why do commercials say their product does this and that when it doesnt? then people sto buying it and go out out of buisness who agrees with me?
    5 General 223
  91. Do certain jobs make you take a lie detector test?
    If so, can you list some? and what kind of questions do they ask you?
    2 Money 23
  92. I lied about birth control?
    I just had my period, so in the moment I thought it would be fine, now I am paranoid. Should I tell him, or wait it out?
    2 Health 31
  93. Why do people lie and call into work "sick?"
    For once I'd like to see someone just be honest and call in "LAZY!"
    12 Money 123
  94. What is a Beautiful Lie?
    What is a beautiful lie? Any lie isn't a good thing, because if you lie or somebody lies to you than that shows that you can't trust each other! Jared Leto says a beautiful lie a lot in his song and he liked it so much that is what he named his album!...
    3 Music 23
  95. parents lying or not???
    ok how can you tell if your parents or friends are lying to you cause I liek to sing and they tell me im good but how can I be sure??? please help
    9 Family 31
  96. R.I.P Here lies the USA. 1776- 2008?
    R.I.P Here lies the USA. 1776- 2008. Cause of Death: Obama. Anyone else agree that he is not cut out for president?
    23 Politics 46
  97. Why do people lie to me?
    I'm sick and tired of people talking behind my back and lieing to me!!! How can I tell people to stop while being nice!!! PLease HeLp!!!
    5 Education 50
  98. telling a lie?
    do you think that there is ever a situation where it is justifiable to tell a lie. example: to save your own life. answer yes or no and explain why x
    7 General 39
  99. MEN LIE
    Can anyone tell me why Men Lie if they so called tell you that they love you and have waited all their life for someone like you? And to top it off we are already married...
    5 Relationships 32
  100. Lying about pregnancy
    If I were going to lie about being preganant how long should I want after that person and I had sex? Then would birth control be a cause of a miscarriage?
    4 Sex 70
  101. Whats the biggest lie you've told ever in your life?
    Whats the biggest, badest, lie you have ever told..Dont be shy tell us..
    4 General 25
  102. Is manmade global warming a lie?
    Personally, I think it's fake. I would like to hear your opinions though :)
    9 Environment 48
  103. What is a comfortable position to read in whilst lying down?
    Well I can never get just a silly question ^-^
    7 General 12
  104. Help me mom lying
    My mom is dating a jerk and I need help Because I find my mom and your boyfrien in my bed having sex. Help and then my mom siad it was nothing help
    2 Sex 49
  105. Why does my husband lie all the time ?
    My husband lies to me all the time. His lies seem like little white lies that make no sense. I don't understand why it he can't seem to tell the truth. It is very frustrating for me and only makes me suspicious that he is cheating on me. I don't know w...
    2 Relationships 35
  106. When somone lies to you once should you continue to trust them?
    It wasnt a big lie...Im kinda just afraid that his lies will escalade into bigger lies..I just dont wanna deal with it if it begins to worsen.
    2 Relationships 9
  107. Is it bad that I lied to get out of rehab?
    do you think it was a bad idea that I lied so I wouldbt have to go to rehab?? me and my friend did extacy like 2 years ago and I lied and she had to go to rehab and I didnt
    3 Health 67
  108. How can I squirt and stop lying to him?
    okay me + my boyfriend have phone sex but I can never bring myself 2 squirt but I always pretend I do.. what can make me squirt + stop lying?
    3 Sex 56
  109. What is a good lie I can tell my mom so I can go to my boyfriend's house?
    My mom won't let me go over to my boyfriend's house so I was wondering what a good lie would be that would/has worked on parents.
    5 Family 227
  110. Who never told a lie?
    I want 2 noe if there is such person out there who had no need 2 lie what so ever. Not if that person dont care bout feelings, because duh...
    6 General 35
  111. I lied, now what do I do?
    Okay, so the story is, my schoolmate asks me if I skate (bcoz they saw my pic that stated "I t know how to do Ollie :( HELP!!!
    7 Relationships 37
  112. Why do dogs turn around three times before lying down?
    There's a reason for everything. What about this one? Does anyone know or want to take a guess? The question again: why do dogs turn around three times before lying down?
    5 Pets 49
  113. Why does my friend deserve a 3rd chance after he lied to me twice??
    Do people deserve third chances? Basically this guy lied to me once and I gave him a 2nd chance now he lied to me again. does he deserve a third chance? I cant really go into detail what he has lied about because its really long story
    7 Relationships 91
  114. Have you listened to the song Alyssa Lies by Jason Michael Carol?
    to me its one of the saddest songs I've ever heard, it makes me cry.
    2 Music 20
  115. Why do people lie about being raped?
    Im 15 and was raped at 13. Yes of course it sucked and I wanted to kill myself! And what makes me mad is that people lie about being raped and it makes me sick! So is the point about lieing about that kinda thing!?
    3 Relationships 72
  116. Is my boyfriend lying to me?
    I think ma boyfriend is lying to me because im being told stuff and his telling me the complete oppisite and im getting really confussed what can I do please someone just help me out!!!
    3 Relationships 47
  117. Who lies more men or women?
    This is a general question arising so long in my mind and already an answer has come up into my mind. Women. What is your opinion about this. Do you don't think that women makes more lies in their live? I feel so.
    10 Relationships 38
  118. is the bible a lie?
    how do you know that the bible is true. you have to think about it did some homophobic guy make it up? can you prove that its not a lie. and btw I do believe in god but im not cathic for the people who are strong believers
    5 Relationships 26
  119. 'Lying' vs 'hiding the truth'
    I think its morally wrong to lie but so is hiding the truth. Some of my friends disagree with me because 'hiding the truth' is totally a different thing altogather. Do you agree? Whats your opinion on this?
    8 Sex 392
  120. FunAdvice Trivia: Which Oregon city does not lie in the Willamette River Valley?
    A) Medford B) Portland C) Eugene D) Salem
    4 Funadvice 10
  121. Why does the government lie to us?
    Why they also hiding things like aliens & ufos. I know that sounds silly. I take intrest in politics anything 2 do with it. So why do they lie & lie about ufos and aliens? I dont know why.
    17 Politics 66
  122. I lied to my friends...but I'm not sure if it was an ok lie?
    I told my friends a lie and I don't know how to tell them the truth. I told them that I satyed at my dads this weekend when I didn't. It's killing me that I lied to them. I told them I stayed at my dad's because I wanted them to think I still kept in t...
    6 Family 72
  123. How do I tell my friend I dont want her to lie anymore?
    My friend is lying about serious stuff like having sex, shes still a virgin. She lies and says she has boyfriends, and the guys arent even real. I no she lies but she doesnt no that I no how do I tell her?
    4 Sex 37
  124. Can Stride be sued for lying that their gum lasts long?
    stride just tastes awesome is the company allowed to lie like that? will they get sued? if so they can burn in hell waste of my $1.29 (included tax)
    9 General 43
  125. if he doesn't look me in the eyes, does that mean he is lying?
    the guy I am seeing doesn't look me in the eye all of the time when we are talking. Sometimes he does, mostly when he is being flirtacious and then other times when we are talking or are up close and kissing or talking he will close his eyes or look a...
    3 Relationships 97
  126. Lied to my friend and she won't forgive me
    I have this friend who I lyed to and made someone up on the internet as her boyfriend.. I lied to her.. we went to the same school and we were bff's. she wont forgive me.. what should I do? I have said sorry a thousand times.
    2 Relationships 121
  127. Why do guys lie?
    Every guy I've ever met has lied to me. my ex of 4 years was cheating for almost a year (I JUST found out). and a new guy that I met lied and said he was single, and wanted me, but really had a girlfriend. WHY??? I dont get it.
    10 Relationships 30
  128. How many words long is Michael Gran'ts book Lies?
    I was just wondering. An estimate would be fine if you can't find the actual length. Thanks in advance!
    2 Literature 18
  129. Hymen and Allah
    How do you know if your hymen is broken? Is it haram to have your hymen broken (through masturbation)? Is it considered very bad? What if you didn't know until now? And only noticed after it had been broken? Can you repent and can Allah forgive you? ...
    2 Sex 126
  130. How do I get over feeling guilty about a lie?
    At times, I feel like its eating me alive. And if I tell the person it was all a lie and I did it for attention, she'll lose all respect for me. But I really regret this and don't know how to overcome this guilt feeling.
    14 General 22
  131. What do you think of my poem called Lies?
    Lies,Lies,Lies The World around me is nothing but lies. I'd Rather die The to hear another lie My heart crys from all these lies Who can I trust Who can I believe if everyone I love is lieing to me im going crazy im going inscane when w...
    2 Literature 45
  132. Do you agree that to tell a lie is a sin?
    My understanding is that to tell a lie, knowing that you are lying by leaving out key information, in other words lying by omission, is a sin. And if you continue to sin, knowing that you are sinning, it will cause you to go to hell and burn with the ...
    9 Religion 62
  133. What are some movies that revolve around the central theme of truth, lies, or deception?
    I know there's a lot but I'm totally drawing a blank right now. Trying to do a project lol
    3 Entertainment 134
  134. The truth about lying
    While majority of people in a recent survey said that people were more honest ten years ago.And some older people too were saying the same thing.Now the question is:Is telling lies a new trend in present generation?
    4 General 29
  135. Are Jehovah, Allah same?
    Somebody telling jehovah and allah are different. because jehovah is god for jews and christians. but allah is arabian moon god for muslims. My question is if both are different how judaism, islam and christianity are abarahamic religions? If Allah is ...
    15 Religion 65
  136. My Husband Lies - I caught him Lying to me about lunch, what to do?
    Hello, I need some advice. My husband lies to me all the time. I always find the lies, and when I do he gets really angry and tells me that I am invading his privacy. He lies about where he gets things. Like he'll take his lunch to work and then wh...
    22 Relationships 1512
  137. I said you were top of the line but I lied youat the bottom
    why r some people so uptight a joke is a joke get over it there are some real lamez on the internet what do you think have you ever told a joke and people got mad at you for it
    4 General 16
  138. Riddle There's a body lying dead on a bed, and
    There's a body lying dead on a bed, and on the floor beside it is a pair of scissors. The scissors were instrumental in his death, yet there's no trace of blood. The body reveals no signs of any cuts or bruises. How could the person have been murdered ...
    24 General 202
  139. I lied at the counselor but I really do need help
    ok, so I went to a counsler, I had all these big answers prepared for her (that were true) to make it easier to come out with things, and when she asked me the questions I lied. I really tried not to, just at last second I lied my butt off, and I truly...
    4 Health 29
  140. How do I confront my friend about the possibility of her lying?
    Ok well everyone is saying that my friend is lying about being pregnant. They are telling me things that make me think she really is lying. They say the "boyfriends" she has are all fake and made-up. She also says shes had sex but my other friend begs ...
    2 Sex 50
  141. How do I know if my sister is lieing to me?
    See my sister has lied before and I want to know how to know if she is lieing to me and my parents. My sister has lied about getting a tattoo which was a little bit after christmas and I am still p*ssed off about that. Also when we are fighting she s...
    4 Family 59
  142. Have you ever lied to your parents about where you are going?
    Ok, im bout to tell my parents that im going to a friends house but we are leaving there and going sumwhere else, and im scared.. I've nvr been a bad kid before... and advice?
    7 Family 35
  143. How can I tell the diffrence between
    How can I tell the diffrence between lie and lay as in lie and lay down?
    12 General 23
  144. Investigation and lie detectors.
    Why when the cops, fbi, detectives etc. Want to know if a suspect really killed a victem Why dont they just do a lie detector test & ask them if they killed someone ? I've always wondered about that... Isent it easier ?
    5 Politics 54
  145. what if I been lying about not having a girlfriend
    well yea so been together 4 3 weeks now I just didnt wanna say anything because it was so soon and she saw my funadvice account and now she wants 1 what should I do people are probably guna look at me different now 4 lying
    2 Relationships 16
  146. lieing :/
    ok well I lied to my mom for da 2nd time and I feel super bad like I have this gut feeling in my stomach 24/7 and well tmwrow she's going to take me shopping and I don't know I'm jsss really guilty...:/
    3 General 12
  147. why do I lie
    why do I lie to my mom so much and why cont I just tell my mom some thing as soon as it happensi just dont get . for example the first time I kissed my boyfriend was october 18 and yester day I told my mom eirlyerthis week my boyfriend only kissed me o...
    2 Relationships 37
  148. How can I make the lies stop?
    Okay so I have been with my boyfriend for 2 months and people lie and stuff like telling him im going to break up with him, so he cries so of corse I cheer him up:) but now people are saying that im p!ssed off at him. And im not. So how can I get the p...
    11 Relationships 23
  149. Why does high school feed kids lies?
    like when i was in high school they said to every one. with a h.s diploma you can get any job, buy any house, be happy, but phew years past and no jobs aren't available and no one is happy
    5 Education 17
  150. Why do I miss my ex when our whole relationship was based on lies?
    He cheated on me on several occasions. He'd lie about basically anything and could be mean. Yet I miss him like crazy. We've been over for almost 3 months. Why would I miss someone like that? And what should I do about it.. ?
    26 Relationships 266
  151. How to admit I lied?
    I really like this boy. I told him I got him these shirts but I really didnt. There fox shirts. If I tell him I really didnt get them, he might hate me. When im trying to get him to like me. What should I do?? I said ill give them to him on st patties day
    2 Relationships 65
  152. How come when criminals do something, they lie to the police?
    How come when criminals do something, they lye to the police? Are they too scared to admit their mistakes? Or what? Just wondering. If I had my way, I'd tell the police the truth. I might feel just as guilty about telling them as much as the criminals ...
    7 General 32
  153. Lied about my Age
    I started talkin to my neighbor who lives upstairs from me on aim. It was fun getting to know each other.But then one day he asked my age and I lied about it. He still thought I was young but we kept on talking. Now we are going out but im scared he wi...
    2 Relationships 64
  154. Love and lies
    I am having a tough time. I feel like I am loved by a ton of my friends and then I am being lied to by people that I kinda trust. Like today my sort of friends jessi and bree, told me that my friend sanch was talking crap about me. So what should I do ...
    4 Relationships 13
  155. How can I make up for lieing to my girlfriend
    I just told my girlfriend that I smoke and she's very anti-smoking I told her that im gona give up for her but I feel realy guilty and she wont talk to me. I know that she is upset and disapionted with me but what can I do to try and repair our realtio...
    5 Relationships 30
  156. friend is lying about stupid things?
    so my friend the other day made up that her mom was pregnant which was weird because she is like 42 and it is weird for women older than 40 to get pregnant..anyways so she told basically everybody in the school that her mom was pregnant and then a day ...
    5 Education 12
  157. Digging myself a hole by lying
    ohkay, I've been digging myself a whole. I'm lying to my parents almost everyday about the same thing. and if I tell them the truth I will be grounded for months and be sent a way.. and I know this for sure because it happened to my sister. but I also ...
    5 Family 34
  158. Techniques on lying to my parents
    How do I lie to my parents im the worse at it I need help Its for a good reason lets see tommorow I want to go to church with mf best friend and my boyfriend they might not let me how do I lie and on Friday I want to stay the night at my bfs house with...
    9 Family 40
  159. Are you "surprised" to learn that doctors often lie to their patients?
    I'm sure we've all been in a situation where we've doubted our doctor's diagnosis or advice, but it would appear that many doctors do, in fact, lie. Does this surprise you, or does it simply verify your previous opinion about doctors telling the tr...
    10 Health 31
  160. Why do I lie so much?
    Ok im a person who lies up to 100 times a day.why because I cant stand the truth of reality and I was wondering why I feel like I have to be a lil better than everyone and I was wondering why cause even when I dont wanna lie I lie its like my mind tell...
    5 General 45
  161. Why do i lie?
    Ok i tend to Lie alot and i know i do its just that i dont want to hurt others feelings. Like for example- My friend asked me to hanhg out wiht her this weekend and i said No im busy but then i go out and party and she hears that i did i have to lie an...
    2 Relationships 16
  162. Do you think it's possible for someone to have a personality where they lie sometimes without meaning to or thinking?
    Could someone be able to lie without thinking or meaning to or do you believe that when someone tells a lie that there's always a reason behind it even if it wasnt a necessary lie? Like, could some people just have that kind of personality where they t...
    13 Health 23
  163. Did Tom lying about his age on MySpace set a bad example?
    For many years, Tom Anderson, the famous co-founder of MySpace, lied about his age on his profile...then years later (post acquisition by news corp) it was made a major story, etc. I've never lied about my age here...should I have, to get more press co...
    7 Technology 36
  164. What do I do about my lying husband?
    My husband has been lying to me for a long time. He likes to keep his old sex friend around. I don't approve of that so he gets mad and tells me that I'm an insecure person. I have found phone calls and text messages in his phone of old friends. This ...
    2 Sex 43
  165. What is in your purse (for females only, no lying or skipping anything either)?
    Mine: Powder compact, wallet, deoderant, body spray, lipstick, lipgloss, keys, lollipops, babywipes, small notebook, pen, wic booklet, change purse, pink knife, sunglasses.
    61 Style 53
  166. Lie or Die?
    I lost my credit for english; im afraid to tell my moms, bc I know what she's going to say. but I feel bad about hidin it from her too. and I might have to take english 1 over again next year. I could work it till next year and then tell her first r...
    5 Family 17
  167. Is it a lie when a man tells a woman she doesn't need makeup?
    No, this isn't some insecurity of mine. They were talking about it on the radio, and some interesting points were brought up. A man may say that just because he doesn't want to wait for his girl to put on makeup, or he could just think that she's ugly ...
    20 Relationships 73
  168. Cavalier king charles not herself - just lying around
    My king charles (9 months) is just not herself. usually delighted to see us in the mornings but today doesnt want to get out of her bed or go outside to the toilet even growling at the children when they go near her. this is really not like her never...
    4 Pets 53
  169. What do you think of my poem?
    Lies,Lies,Lies The World around me is nothing but lies. I'd Rather die Then to hear another lie My heart crys from all these lies Who can I trust Who can I believe if everyone I love is lieing to me im going crazy im going inscane w...
    4 Literature 18
  170. I lied to my dad, what should I do?
    I lied to my dad to get me out of trouble and now im in more trouble, I think hes forgot about it at the moment but I dont know fully! and I go to my uncles pub most days because my dad works there, and I want to go on friday and stay all day because I...
    2 Family 76
  171. 3 tymer promise no lie
    1st I'm 14 years old then my first girlfriend is with me (9months) and we already have kiss and have sex... then my 2nd is with me (6moths) and we have already have kiss and sex.. My 3rd is very beautiful I like her very much since the first tym I've m...
    2 Sex 12
  172. How do I get myself out of this lie I told?
    I told my friend that I'm going to this dance with this boy- Matt. I don't know why I did it, I think I just wanted to make myself feel better and brag. It turns out that my friend wants to come to the dance too, and she wants to meet Matt! I'm not eve...
    3 Relationships 53
  173. My friend can't stop lying
    I've left a post before about this and how my 'friend' lied about being pregnant / overdue etc. and she wasnt, I stood by her when no body else did becuase I told her id always be there for her, except now she has just tried 2 take me and a few other o...
    9 Relationships 51
  174. How to know if someone is lying?
    Hi, its goodgirl124 here again, I need to know how to tell if someone is lying or not. Well, the reason why I'm asking this is because I have a friend he's sort of a friend and he's been doing allot of masterbation and so forth and he wants to join my...
    5 Sex 104
  175. Lying for someone
    My mother -in-law wants my husband and me to lie if other family members ask where my father-in-law is living (they're divorced). Lying would make me feel uncomfortable, since we do know where he is living. Telling the truth would get me in trouble w...
    2 Relationships 19
  176. Why does my friend always lie to me?
    Laura and I were pretty good friends last year then she got a boyfriend, and ever since she's been lying to me about everything and I find out shit second hand from people at school. She says she wants to move on and get over it but when we agree to it...
    2 Relationships 29
  177. lies, lies and more lies...
    ok so here's the deal...I've lied a lot in the past..I thought about them everyday...1day a friend of mine confessed of a few lies she told and it gave me the confidence to tell the truth..I told the truth about everything except one BIG lie...I didnt ...
    4 Health 71
  178. how can we stop kids from lying?
    i have lil brother,he,s 6 years old prince. he was good an pure heart kid,an still he is.but in these days he has bad habbit of lying, ofcouse i cant make children understand,they do what they like and hate what they are scared there,s any way ...
    12 Babies 17
  179. How can you admit to a big lie, while avoiding alotta drama.?
    I rilly need helpwoth this like it's been totally awful this stuff has been totally exaggerated and then like made up rumors added to it so mow everybody thinks it's true so I now have to convince everybody that it's not true hasn't been true it just g...
    5 General 45
  180. I knew you where just a lie!!
    me and my girlfriend broke up like a week ago and I found out she was talking with some other guy for like 2 weeks and the worst part is that I was gana give her another chance till I found out and she claimed she loved me a lot now I see its a bunch o...
    7 Relationships 21
  181. Lying About Pregnancy. Fixed.
    To clear up my last question. This guy who is older than me and has twin baby girls in a different state used me for sex. I want to get back at him by telling him I'm preganant, but I don't know how long to wait. Then I was planning on telling him my d...
    22 Sex 43
  182. How can I get over my friend lying about cancer?
    ok so my frnd said she had cancer nd she lied every1 was really angry with her for lying but now they have forgivin her but i cant i jst cant nd now she is bringing up things that happended in the past trying to make me feel bad! my uncle recently pass...
    2 Relationships 30
  183. How do I tell my mom that I think I am half black and that she lied?
    My mom has told me all of my life that my dad was an east indian/asian guy from singapore. I am realizing that I really just look like her people tell me I look like I have some black in me even though I have asian eyes and straight hair. I want to tel...
    3 Family 44
  184. In the middle of a huge lie
    I am in the middle of the biggest lie ever!! I told a couple of popular people at school that I had a boyfriend and I have stolen from stores. they are sooo popular so of cours they have I puposly dress up and itz makin my mum suspicios So I told h...
    4 Relationships 11
  185. why did she lie for?
    well supposely me && my friend Esther were going to tha movies,with thiz two guys that one of them iz my crush && tha other iz her crush...anyways all freakken week she was bugging me 2 go wit her because she didnt want 2 go alone..and finally when tha...
    2 Relationships 33
  186. Do you think it's right for someone to be charged with statutory if the other person lied about their age?
    Say there was a 16 year old, and a 21 year old. The 16 year old told the 21 year old he/she was 19. They get in a relationship, and later have sex. Later, the 21 year old says he/she doesn't think it's going to work out. So, they break up. The 16 y...
    7 Sex 15
  187. What to do when your father lies?
    Today my father went to the bar next to my familys house I know I am an adult but he promised on my life and my sisters life he would not go over there.Then to top it off he went upstair woke my mom up to tell her he was going over and she did not give...
    6 Family 49
  188. I need help (they wont stop lying)
    Ok well my mom and my because keep lying to me and I don't know what to do I live with my mom right now but I am gonna be moving in with my because on my 18th B-day which is next month I get ssi but both my mother and because have been lying to me abou...
    3 Family 13
  189. What should I do my best friend lied to me ?
    My best friend recently told me and our other friend that she was raped when she was seven by an old friend of ours - we'd recently got back in touch with -- we're only 14 but I dont think I can forgive her, everyone in our school found out and she wen...
    5 Relationships 107
  190. What phone is better I wanted to ask youu, because shops may lie?
    -Samsung Tocco Lite -LG Viewty KU990 -Samsung Satio -LG BL40 This phone would be for someone who is 14, will have the phone for a while, one that has a USB cable and someone who runs around quite a bit (doesn't want it calling people by accident), lik...
    3 Technology 17
  191. Lying parents
    If you tell your child that the food pyramid recommends 5 servings of fruits AND 5 servings of vegetables a day, what would be a suitable punishment for the said parent? a] Follow her own recommendation and be a good example b] Go forthwith to t...
    5 Babies 27
  192. was I wrong to lie?
    okay so I feel bad...I lied to my boyfriend's friend. he thoguht one of my friends was hot and asked if I could set them up...she didnt care if I set them up or not, but I ended uo telling himshe said it wasnt going to work. him and my boyfriend share...
    6 Relationships 30
  193. What does it mean when someone sais they know you are lying because your lips are moving?
    everytime my mom or any adult in my family accuse me of doing something and i try to explain why i couldnt have possibly have done whatever i am being falsely accused of, they just laugh at me and say,"i know your lying to me, you want to know how i kn...
    2 General 58
  194. Why do people lie for no reason?
    -__- why?! it annoys the frig outta me like srsly what the hell is the point? im so tired of it I swair especially when they keep going back and forth first they said they did something then you ask again and they say they DIDNT do it and that they did...
    7 General 96
  195. What do I do when my friend lied to me?
    A few weeks ago, my friend lied to me twice. I forgave her before she even said sorry because I didn't want to be fighting. Now, she lied again and this time it is worse. But still, all I want is an apology and she just won't say she's sorry. I really ...
    2 Relationships 86
  196. How to tell my parents I've been lying about my grades?
    well my mom is soo strict about my grades...she wants all A's...and she said if I dont get all A's shes takin my phone and car away...and I didnt get all a's and its my senior year and im in all honors classes, so I didnt want it to be gone, I want to ...
    10 Family 724
  197. Elfen Lied, dark and disturbing, yet amazing!
    I just finished watching the 13 episode anime Elfen Lied for the 3 time (I own it haha) and it never ceases to amaze me. I know some people out there don't like it because of its graphic nature with the nudity and gruesome violence. Its so much more th...
    2 Entertainment 7
  198. The Holiday Lies...
    Why do parents always tell their children that it's not right to lie and that lying is bad, but they end make up stories and telling their kids about: The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy (not part of a holiday, but I just wanted to throw that in ther...
    11 Family 27
  199. He lied on everything
    He promised fiscal responsibility in 3 months he sapnt more than bush in 8 years said if we passed stimulus unemployment wouldnt go over 8% its now at 10% whered all the money go lol he cant nake up his mind to send troops to afghanistan while troops a...
    9 Politics 31
  200. What to do when my parents think I'm lying?
    What do I do when my parents think I'm lying at every turn and doesn't believe a thing I'm saying. The thing I hate most is when someone falsely accuses me of something. I did absolutely nothing wrong. I had this job that I did with my friend for a cou...
    4 Family 261
  201. How do you get out of a massive lie without telling the truth?
    I told a really massive lie. More than one... I'm a compulsive liar. Now I've been caught out in one of them, and I've lost 3 of my closest friends. 2 of them I don't really care about, because they're bitches anyway. But the other one is the most amaz...
    6 General 118
  202. Where does my marraige go from here,when husband lies all the time?
    my husband of 10 years and father of my 2 girls, lies to me all the time. He always has. I doubt hes having an affair, but he lies about silly things constantly, and it doesnt seem to matter how hurt I am, he just keeps lying. I tell him I cant carry o...
    3 Relationships 67
  203. I was lied to (Part 2)
    I was adopted by my grandmother not by my moms choice! my 'so called father ' didnt want my mom to keep me. she wanted to keep me and raise me but they wouldent let her. my dad talked her into signing the papers that were only for temperary custody. an...
    2 Family 10
  204. caught my husband in a huge lie
    i found some pornographic sites my husband had visited, which he thought he deleted. He knows how i feel about that stuff and has promised he would never do that although he's around computers all the time. Now, its not so much that he did it, its that...
    4 Relationships 52
  205. Abraham and his lies
    ok I know another religious question but I got a milion of them. OK, Abraham was a choosen person of God. Yeah and he was to have his own nation and blah. But why did he get all his riches through lies and manipulations? I mean every time he go to a ne...
    7 Religion 62
  206. Tried hard to come out of lying
    I am 30 years old and in the past 10 years I have always lied to my parents and most of times I spent the money I recd as salary plus borrowed the money on huge interests and then I spent those amount but wouldnt remember where I spent it also when my ...
    3 Family 14
  207. Why do people feel like they have to lie to me?
    I've been trying to find a job for... since 2002 and now that it's going up on 10 years with out a job, being turned down, I'm beinning to believe more and more that I've been lied to since than and the lie is... people have been telling me there is no...
    8 General 48
  208. When I caught my friend lying?
    kk So along time ago one friend ill call D. accused another with rape (ill call B) but I have proof that shes been lying all along. But I havent been her friend for a while because of my disbeleifs but now I have proof. She told the police, our school,...
    3 Relationships 19
  209. What if this online guy I met is lying and I've told him so much?
    soo theres this guy whos 3 years older than me and he askes me a lot of queston like my cup size,how far I've gone, how many guys I've seen naked,how many guys see me naked, how I like to be fingered and stuff and I met him over the internet.he knwos e...
    8 Relationships 27
  210. What's a good lie for throwing up?
    my mom made a freaking doctors appointment because she thinks i threw up my food a lot. its so annoying because shes so nosy. anyways i do throw up my food but im completely in control i havent like totally lost it i know what im doing. andim not under...
    2 Health 22
  211. Lie, cheat, steal, love survey
    ***l*I*e*** How often do you lie? Are you a good liar? Do you get away with it? What is the worst (horrible) lie you have ever told? What is the worst (stupid) lie you have ever told? Are white lies okay? What is the last white lie you told? D...
    13 General 45
  212. Liar guys
    How can you tell if a guy is lying to you ?
    5 Relationships 35
  213. Do you think my boyfriend is lying about girls?
    My boyfriend is quite good looking. Girls are always telling him he is and a couple of girls have left comments under his bebo pictures saying he looks like johnny depp (girls he knows) he doesnt reply to the comments but he leaves them there. He say...
    4 Relationships 28
  214. Can my Mom get in trouble for lying about him raping me?
    hey I'm 16 and my boyfriend is 18!!! my mom is very angry that im pregnant and is tryna press charges of my boyfriend saying that he raped me which is not true!!! hes a very good dad and he never got in trouble with the law hes loved by everybody!!! my...
    10 Family 119
  215. How to get out of a big lie, without telling the truth?
    Ok before i start asking for advice... Please no mean comments or judgement! I know my lie is stupid.. But there was a reason why i told it. This year has been a really hard year for me i went from super popular for having 6 friends.. And thats it. 2 o...
    16 General 2863
  216. How can I get proof that he's lying?
    I have been with my significant other for Seven years now and we have four kids together. Well I have caught him lying to me a few times lately and now i question every thing he has ever told me, ever excuse He's ever given. I feel like our whole relat...
    4 Relationships 34
  217. Friend is bipolar and told neighbor lies
    I made friends with a girl who turns out to be bipolar, she has spread terrible untrue stories to our neighbor, who believes what he has heard from another source who happens to be friends with the bipolar girl. The neighbor has stepped on my property...
    6 Relationships 61
  218. lied on bank application
    so I was online the other day filling out an application for a checking account from bank of america. when I entered my birthday it said "error must be over 18 to apply" ( Im 16) so I put another birthday and continued with my social security etc.. th...
    4 Money 33
  219. Feeling really guilty.
    Okay. Well I really hate lying, like I hate it. And I can't help it, but I lie to my family all the time, and I really don't want to. Like I don't set out to lie to them and to hurt them, it's just something I have to do. I lie to them about the th...
    6 Family 18
  220. My lies caught up with me
    My past is a very grizzly past, and I've tried to cover it up since I met my girlfriend. Now I'm being stalked by one of the ex-girlfriend's that I tried to get away from. She's back, and I have been telling my girlfriend that she's not trying to conta...
    5 Relationships 89
  221. How to stop lying?
    I remember a while back I told a lie to a few of my friends. It was a huge lie and I don't even know why I said it! I also tell tinsy white lies sometimes. It doesn't make sense. I write a lot and those lies are just making stuff up on the spot. And pe...
    3 Relationships 24
  222. What if talking to your children about God is not lies?
    I absolutely agree with you, that children need to be told the truth, from the begining. That God is real, and that they were created in his image, that they are uniquely and wonderfully formed, and that he knew each of us before we were formed in the ...
    4 Religion 22
  223. Is he lying??
    This random girl got a wrong number an txtd my boyfriend. Well he sent me a fwd msg from her an I asked if he talks to her an he said no. I looked at his phone an there wasn't any messages from her not even the one he sent me but they didn't auto delet...
    3 Relationships 12
  224. Why does my sister lie like this?
    I could use some advice on how to deal with my sister. She makes up stories all the time! I guess it is for attention, but we can't ever just hang out like friends because she wants to have a lot of drama going on. She started posting pics of hersel...
    5 Family 94
  225. lie detector test
    ok i've lied to my bf so much and told him so many different stories about my past. Well, after several, several times and different stories we've went through. I know I'm telling him the truth now but of course he doesn't believe me and the other nig...
    3 Sex 19
  226. Typical male lies when it comes to sex
    Hi all, Following on from another question I was wondering what are some typical male lies that a guy tells a girl just to get sex/better sex. I would be interested in examples from the ladies but guys, please feel free to share your secret examp...
    3 Sex 25
  227. How do I stop my dad thinking that I'm lying at everything?
    First my dad put a family timer since last year on my xbox 360. Ok so im playing on my xbox 360 and my dad asks me how much time do you have on your family timer and it said 27 minutes and then I kept on playing to then I realized that the timer resete...
    2 Family 265
  228. What-do you thnk hes lying??
    Ok I thnk my boyfriend is lyin and mite b cheatin on me I thnk this because he has told me he has cheatd on a girlfriend in the past but he said he would never cheat on me on a social site this girl startd tlkn 2 me and she added me on there and it sai...
    3 Relationships 30
  229. Guys and rules
    Whats up with these 'rules' that guys say that they have when it comes to chicks??? Like for example they cant compliment a chick only like once every now and then..or like they have to lie, lie, and lie some more in other to get to her...I mean whats ...
    7 Relationships 13
  230. What should I do about my boyfriend lying?
    The other night my boyfriends lied to me about his ex girlfriend being at his house and about what he was doing that night. I got really worried and I rang his friend to see where they went.I went to where he was to find out what exactly was going on a...
    7 Relationships 41
  231. how can I look lie miley cyrus?
    I have blond hair and blue eyes. my hair is starting to change to a darker color as I get older so I figured ill dye it anyway. Then I saw the movie the last song and now I want to have miley cyrus hair. Im also going tanning soon so the hair and skin ...
    3 Style 26
  232. I told a HUGE lie and now I need help. I can't tell the truth.
    I was talking to my friend and she was going off on her mom. I nodded the entire time and said that people knew that her mom was crazy then she asked who. And I said my mom kinda knew. Then I quick changed the subject and talked about a trip we were go...
    6 Family 150
  233. Doctors lied to my girlfriend. I'm pissed!!
    My girlfriend was having some werid family problems. She found it had to get to sleep at night. so, we went to a doctor and he gavr her this bottle an said 'take 50mg during day, 100mg at night'. I thought it was strange, but I didn't think too much o...
    18 Health 26
  234. Does your metabolism slow down at night?
    Is it a lie that metabolism really slows at night???
    3 Nutritionfitness 142
  235. What does it mean???
    What does this saying mean " You make your bed, you lie in it"
    4 General 45
  236. Help!!! I told a huge lie, need to get out w/o telling truth!!!
    Help!! Told huge lie, and need to find a way out without telling the truth!!!? Help!! I told a lot of my friends that I have all these other friends who are awesome - and I gave my fake friends these bolgus email adresses, and put together two of my r...
    16 General 3913
  237. Help pleaseee lieing boyfriend
    My boyfriend and I have been together for a year,everything started out great. Couple months into it and I noticed him having a controlling/abusive has gotten somewhat better but I honestly don't mind becuase I never have anything to hide. ...
    6 Relationships 53
  238. What? Does she really love me or was it all just lies?
    Well I love her in a lovers way, but she says she loves me in a brothers way, its the same girl I wrote about last time. Even if she doesnt love me in the way I love her, I have to know if she loves me at all. Im always there for her, and shes usually ...
    2 Relationships 15
  239. Why is my boyfriend lying to me?
    I go thru his phone and find text messages. I get pissed off when I seen the number that I know for a long time that he has been still talking to and wont stop talking to her. She had asked him if he can come over and He had asked her if he was able to...
    3 Relationships 46
  240. How to tell if she's lying
    Ok. I had slept with this girl about a month ago, the condom completely broke. So obviously there is a chance she is... However, this girl also has been trying to get me to be with her forever. She is saying that she has been sick and she threw up o...
    10 Relationships 69
  241. he has lied to me before what is some advice.
    me and my boyfriend dated during the summer. then one morning like at 2 he sent me a text and said its over. I was like why everything was like going fine. so then one day I was shopping and his ex girlfriend texted me and said "sorry" I was like why a...
    4 Relationships 41
  242. Should I lie to my doctor about having sex?
    Okay. Here's my situation. I'm sexually active, but my mom doesn't know. She always wanted me to tell her when I thought I was responsible enough to "diddle" as she calls it, and then she would take me to get birth control. My appointment is tomorrow, ...
    2 Sex 206
  243. He lied to me, he had sex with his ex girlfriend
    I had a boy friend from 8 months and I love him still. unfortunately we had sex for many times. I come from a culture where having sex is considered shameful before getting married. I know that my boyfriend had a another girl before me and still loves ...
    6 Sex 52
  244. Should I trust my boyfriend if he lied to me about porn for 5 years
    Hello, I am looking for advice as I do not know what to do. I have been with my boyfriend for 5 years and recently found out he watches porn (not very often). I mind, but I mind more that he lied to me about for so long. I asked him many times and he ...
    4 Relationships 51
  245. I keep lieing and I feel like a terrible person!
    Please! hep me! I keep lying. All the time now it seems. I lied to my friends so it would seem like I talked to my dad and two other times... time 1- yesterday Kelly told me that John might like me and I was about to tell taylor but than I didn't want...
    3 Relationships 51
  246. My boyfriend lied to me about his age.. what do I do?
    I was dating this guy, and we seemed to click pretty well. We met while I was walking around the mall awhile ago. Swapped numbers and emails. Etc etc. Well I introduced him to my aunt and her bf james. And the first thing James said was, "He looks lik...
    9 Relationships 53
  247. I was lied to part 3
    I have a 17 yr old sister whom has moved out because she got tired of all the drama and she didnt want to live there anymore so she moved out and the legal age in oklahoma to move out is 14 and the cops didnt make her go home and she lives with her bes...
    2 Family 15
  248. Is Scott McClellan Lying?
    Scott McClellan just released his memoirs titled What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington's Culture of Deception. It is a scathing indictment of the bush administration, and the methods they used to manipulate the truth. He said Bush...
    3 Politics 21
  249. she lied. I am confused. I love him. What now??
    so I am 13. I am absolutely in love with my ex boyfriend. He is so sweet. He loves me for me and only me. He cares a lot bout me too. And my so called best friend broke us up. She was telling me crap. She told me that he didn't regret it when he did h...
    2 Relationships 37
  250. do girls care
    do girls really care about penis size or is that just a lie
    2 Relationships 66