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  1. Can Bunnies have babbies with out a mate??
    Can Bunnies have babbies with out a mate???
    4 Pets 520
  2. how do I know how old the bunnie is?
    how do I know how old the bunnie is?
    3 Pets 16
  3. Can bunnies learn tricks?
    12 Pets 41
  4. How did they come up with a bunny for easter?
    4 General 51
  5. How to bunny hop a bmx bike?
    How to bunny hop a bmx bike?
    2 General 8
  6. Do bunnies sleep?
    Do bunnies sleep? If yes, what are their sleeping schedules/patterns?
    2 Pets 53
  7. Baby bunnies
    What do wild baby bunnies eat ???
    3 Pets 51
  8. Bunnies
    What do baby rabbts eat
    4 Pets 32
  9. is a bunnie rabit a good pet?
    6 Pets 11
  10. How did the Easter Bunny get mixed with Easter?
    4 Pets 19
  11. Bunnies!
    I love bunnies! They are sooo cute! Who else loves bunnies?
    4 Pets 13
  12. Bunnies
    Are bunnies suppose to eat newspaper because mine does?
    2 Pets 12
  13. how is bunnies related to easter??
    if easter is all about eggs and chicken,, how is bunnies related to easter??
    6 General 32
  14. Who likes happy bunny!!!?
    Who else likes happy bunny besides me? I love happy bunny!!!
    6 Entertainment 10
  15. Do you like the bunny?
    ()___() (= ' . '=) ('')__('') ITS A BUNNY!!! I THINK? YAH ITS A BUNNY!!! AWWW HOW CUTE!!!
    4 Technology 34
  16. What does it look like when bunny's open their eyes?
    what does it look like when baby bunnies open there eyes? and when do they open there eyes?
    4 Pets 122
  17. What do baby bunnies eat?
    We have a bunny that my cat bought in and we are wondering about what it should eat
    5 Pets 44
  18. When can bunnies begin to hear?
    at what age can baby bunnies start to hear?
    3 Pets 44
  19. Where playboy bunny stuff is sold?
    Does anyone know where playboy bunny stuff is sold?
    6 Shopping 44
  20. What did you believe in most- Santa, Easter bunny or Tooth fairy?
    23 Babies 45
  21. Bunny
    I am getting a bunny and I need the cutest name ever. Any ideas?
    6 Pets 36
  22. How to tell if my bunny is pregnant?
    how can I tell if my bunny is preagnant and if she is then when is she going to give birth?
    4 Pets 48
  23. Should I name my bunny Pierre or Houdini?
    Which One Do You Like better for my bunnys name?
    6 Pets 11
  24. Still Believe in Santa or the Easter Bunny?
    Do you still believe in like Santa, the Easter Bunny, etc?
    14 Babies 78
  25. Convince my Mom for another bunny
    hey people I want to get another bunny how can I convince my mom
    6 Family 32
  26. What kind of formula for baby bunnies?
    Ok its me again with the baby bunnies, I just wanted to know what kind of formula I should try?
    2 Pets 19
  27. Bunny names
    I just got a new baby bunny that is brown and I am not sure what to name it. Any ideasā™„
    9 Pets 119
  28. Two baby bunnies with no mother, what do they eat?
    What do baby bunnies eat when there ears are up and have fur but don't hop a lot and don't have a mother?
    5 Pets 57
  29. What does a bunny dream mean?
    Last night I'm pretty sure I had a dream I was a bunny. What does that mean? lol
    2 General 78
  30. what is a name for a cute little boy bunny that is grey and white?
    I wont to no a bunny boy name that is little bit funny and a little bit cute and my bunny is grey and white
    10 Pets 71
  31. Change a pregnant bunny's cage?
    Okay, so I have a little bunny and Im not sure if I can change its cage? Does anybody know?
    3 Pets 22
  32. Where can I buy a bunny?
    I want to buy a bunny, and I do not know where to go to buy a bunny, if there is any people on here that can tell me where can I go to buy a bunny! Aren't they beautiful, cuddly, and special? Thanks!
    5 Shopping 17
  33. Bunny Food~
    What do rabbits usually eat?? I know lettuce and stuff but anything else??
    6 Pets 50
  34. How do I convince my parents to get me a bunny
    my birthday is coming up and the only thing I want is a rabbit. how do I convince my parents too get me one?
    12 Family 134
  35. Happy Bunny vs. Hello Kitty
    If Happy Bunny and Hello Kitty ever gotten into a brawl...who do you think will win?? I think Happy Bunny would win cause she's sassy.
    18 Entertainment 44
  36. House bunny movie clothes
    Can someone please tell me where I can possibly find some of the clothes worn in the house bunny movie with Anna Faris?
    2 Shopping 335
  37. three legged bunny, what can I feed my 4 week old bunnies?
    I have three 4 week old kits (baby bunnies) and one of them has three legs! Will it survive, because it seems quite happy and jumpy etc. Also it can walk propley as well. Also, what vegetable can I give my 4 week old dwarf lops?
    5 Pets 50
  38. my new bunny?!
    yay yesterday I got a new bunny(my 1st bunny)!!! im so exicted!! any advice how to take really good care of it?!lol
    3 Family 25
  39. Just got a bunny, what to name it?
    I just got a bunnie an I dont know what to name it...any ideas people???... hes a male and I want something unique. thanks:)
    10 Pets 56
  40. My bunny has diarrhea
    I just got my bunny on sunday..and I took him out of his cage a while ago..and he had this bad? what should I do? please tell me if you know anything..
    6 Health 80
  41. The book of bunny suicides,Banned?
    I don't Know if you heard about it, but do you think the book of bunny suicides be banned && burned? if you dont know what im talking about look it up :] I don't think it should. opinions?
    6 Literature 52
  42. Why does my bunny always have poop on his butt?
    He always has poop stuck to his butt and its hard for me to pick him up or cuddle with him knowing he smells horrible and has poop on his butt. Any advice for this?
    4 Pets 118
  43. Is it harmless or not if I use antiseptic (that's for human-use) to clean a small pus wound on my bunny's front leg?
    4 Health 18
  44. How much does it cost to get a bunny spayed?
    Does anyone know roughly (obviously it varies) to get a bunny fixed? And the appropriate age to get that done?
    3 Pets 64
  45. Help my bunny is sick
    Ok my little bunny jakey is sick her head is tilted I to the vet her head is not better How do I get rid of it she's a mini rex
    2 Pets 35
  46. What do you do if you find baby bunnies?
    What do you do when you found two baby bunnies in a hole and your friends want to keep them put you know there wild and they should be left alone?
    2 Pets 16
  47. Why does the easter bunny hide eggs?
    lol, I'm jw because like it's a bunny, not a chickennn. lol xD so it just doesn't make any sense to hide eggs on Easter. haha. :)
    5 General 75
  48. Who sings the song that has bunnys running around in it?
    The video clip has people in white bunny rabbit costumes. It was featured on the tv show rage
    3 Music 16
  49. Why did my bunny growl?
    Well I had a bunny last year (she died a while ago) and she usedd to growl a lot. She was also very vicious lol. Is it normal for rabbits to do that? Thanks! =)
    2 Pets 53
  50. How long are bunnies pregnant?
    Bunnies are pregnant for 5 months right? I've heard that and it makes more sense than 31 days but I need to know which one is right?
    12 Pets 86
  51. Help, I need baby bunnies for 4-h!
    Where do I find a good male mini lop in centre county pa to breed with my bunny?
    2 Pets 15
  52. House Bunny Cake
    Hi! I am looking for that HOUSE BUNNY CAKE!!! Did you find out who made it??? Do you have a picture of it by chance or where I can find a clip from the movie ? I have a client that wants it for a party. Thanks!!! Patty
    2 Food 21
  53. Bunny thinks she is pregnant
    My bunny thinks shes pregnant.. But she isnt, she never goes outside or anything. But she is ripping her fur out, and she made a little nest in her cage.. Should we do anything with it?
    5 Pets 62
  54. What can I give my bunny she ate too much lettuce?
    She ate too much lettuce and I think shes dieing what can I give her to make her feel stronger or prevent her from dieing she looks verry weak
    3 Pets 34
  55. Where can I adopt a bunny in NYC??
    I want a bunny.but I can't seem to find a shelter in NYC where they have.does any one have a website or location of where I can go ? Thanxx XD
    2 Pets 51
  56. Are bunnies good for people with allergies?
    Are bunnies good for people with allergies? I really want a bunny & I've been around a bunny my allergies didn't go crazy but I have family that's allergic to some animals I wasn't sure if they would be allergic to bunnies I don't want anyone getting s...
    2 Pets 52
  57. I have Bunny Issues...
    My rabbit HATES being picked up. how can I help get her to let me pick her up? I really need to trim her nails and it would be nice if she would sit on my lap...
    6 Pets 27
  58. Bad bunnies
    My rabbits keep biting! When I hold them for a while they get mad! One made a hole in my shirt and they keep scratching stuff. How do I make them stop? Whats wrong with them?
    2 Pets 12
  59. What should I feed a baby bunny?
    I Got my bunny last night,and He came with all the food he needs for a while and such But im wondering if he can have carrots? Hes only 2 months,So Im not sure if hes able to eat carrots yet? How about celery?
    2 Pets 21
  60. When a cane corso is 4 1/2 months does bunny hop is it a problem?
    Hallo .I want to ask if it is normal for a puppy cane corso 4months and 15 days old to do bunny hopping?thank you .im very afraid that he has problem.
    3 Pets 104
  61. I need names for Baby Bunnies!!
    I need names for my baby bunnies. So far I have: button snuggles milky way thumper Bugs I need like 12 more names. Please! They are due to be born in less than a week. Thanks so much!!
    15 Pets 46
  62. Is a playboy bunny outfit too out of place to wear for Mardi Gras?
    I'm having a Mardi Gras themed Sweet 16 in October, and my friend wants to wear her halloween costume, a playboy bunny outfit to the party. Will she look too out of place/stupid, even with beads?
    4 Style 17
  63. My bunny licks me all the time
    My female bunny licks me all the time. I got her some salt sticks cause I thought she was licking the salt off my skin. However, she does not even lick the salt sticks, she will lick me instead. She is a very happy bunny. She "purrs" all the time and l...
    5 Pets 72
  64. What do I need to know about bunnies?
    My parents are letting me get a holland lop bunny. I've researched a lot about them, but I just need a little more info. What do they like to eat? What kind of cage(S) do I need? What kind of padding do I need to put in? Any other type of info would ...
    3 Pets 18
  65. Is there anything I can do to get my bunny to stop kicking?
    Is there anything I can do to get my bunny to stop kicking litterally all of her shavings out of the cage? I think she does it when she wants attention or is bored, I leave the cage open so she can come and go but I guess she prefers to sit in her cag...
    4 Pets 128
  66. What should I name my bunnies???
    Hello, I am getting 2 dutch bunnies that are both black and white. I can't figure out what I am going to name them. I don't like "cutesy" names. I like real names, that wouldn't be as good on people. I kind of like Betsy for the girl, what about the bo...
    7 Pets 47
  67. What to call my bunny?
    I have a female lop and have no idea what to call here, shes black with a few dark brown patches and really wierd eyes, there black but look almost purple in the light, I like the name bellatrix, any ideas?
    7 Pets 48
  68. Pet bunny and her habbits...
    why does my pet bunny poop everywhere, how many freakin turds can this less then 6 months rabbit hold? - shes not nuetuerd <-did I spell that right?, could this be a factor with why she craps every hop?
    2 Pets 44
  69. Rescued four giant baby bunnys
    I have just rescued four giant baby bunnys from a lady who wasnt looking after her animals and some of them has red rings around its eyes I am so cross , I cant afford to take it too the vets now as it will be in the hundreds but I dont want the bunny ...
    3 Pets 25
  70. Is there any way I can get my bunny to be less skittish?
    my bunny is skiddish and doesnt like being held and claws/bites alot. I've had her since she was weeks and have no idea why shes like this. I hold her everynight and make sure her legs arent hanging. Is there any way i can get her to stop being like t...
    3 Pets 30
  71. Why wont my bunny eat?
    I got a bunny two days ago. He is my first rabbit since I was four. Its been almost nine years so my parents are no help. Mine refuses to eat anything apposed to my sisters bunny who's a total pig. No veggies no fruit not even regular pellets. Can you ...
    6 Pets 41
  72. Where can I buy a classic playboy bunny costume?
    I want to buy a classic playboy bunny costume (like what they wore in the 50's) but i can't find one. I would like it to have a corset or atleast some sort of boning so it stays up. Also, is there such thing a corset one-piece? Again, one that looks li...
    3 Shopping 11
  73. How should I care for a baby bunny that has been cut on the leg by a cat?
    It is currently laying on a light blanket in a large plastic bin. He has some shredded carrots and bits of lettuce as well as water. I will be unable to get to the vet until tomorrow morning. Tips for caring for the bunny for between now and then wou...
    3 Pets 18
  74. Why don't my two bunnies like each other ?
    Help! My two bunnies . Male and Female dont like each other .The girl is 7 weeks and they boy is 8 weeks.The male is a lot smaller because he is a netherland dwarf and she is a minilop. She always chases him and looks like she is biting . How do I mak...
    3 Pets 39
  75. Light to help bunnies stay warm?
    Someone told me that putting a light near the cage to keep them warm is bad because they cannot get any rest/sleep with the constant light. ...I have 3 bunnies in the pole garage (about 3 months old, without their Mom) and I am worried they might be to...
    3 Pets 36
  76. What is happening to my bunny?
    My bunny, 1 year old, has suddenly got two very dry black, bald spots on her back. There is a couple of small scabs around these spots. It also appears her fur is changing colour close to her skin, or possibly more strange spots. What could this be? Mo...
    3 Pets 33
  77. my bunny Ginger
    okay so I have a bunnny and her name is Ginger and shes butterscotch. I named her after my aunt...anyways so like she bout 5 months old and gorgeous and healthy and is very jumpy as all bunnies are. so when do you think she can mate? and how big will t...
    2 Pets 47
  78. Theres poop stuck to my bunnys fur!
    I have a long haired rabbit And It was hot in my room,and he got diareah,and now its stuck to his fur. I've pulled off as much as I can,but Theres some hardended onto his fur. Im scared to rip it out,because everytime I try,he flinched and I think i...
    6 Pets 68
  79. What kind of litter box for my bunny?
    Hi just got a netherland dwarf, 10 weeks old. I got a cage and some food and the neccesitys like that, but I dont know what to do about litter? I want to train it, is there anything I sohuld buy? Or do I use newspaper? Please help I really ...
    2 Pets 32
  80. How do I make my bunny rabbit love me?
    My rabbit is sort of spoiled but not overly, I play with her 1 or more hour(s) a day and she gets her favorite foods she gets fed twice a day. when I bring here out and let her run around my room, she won't let me pick her up, and she runs away from me...
    4 Pets 218
  81. Does anyone have a pet bunny?
    My birthdays coming up in September. I REALLY Want a Bunny. I've wanted one for about 3 years not,But everytime I asked,My mom Gave me a dumb excuse Like "We have cats,itll be dead within a week" But My cats died. So now im all set=] I want an indoor ...
    9 Pets 48
  82. Why Won't My Bunny Potty Train?
    I have a Mini Rex Lionhead Rabbit,Named Onyx. He Refuses to Potty Train,and Its really starting to aggrivate me. In his Cage,Hes got a Potty Training box,And he wont go in it,He sleeps in it,and Goes to the bathroom in one spot,else where. I've tried m...
    5 Pets 84
  83. is a bunny inapropriate to be for halloween if your only 15?
    for halloween i want to be a bunny but i dont know how to make it look unplayboyish. the only way i can think of that will make it look uninapropriate is a big furry bunny suit like the little kids where. my mom said she doesnt mind if i wear it cuz it...
    13 General 25
  84. Maggots
    How do you get maggots our of long hair bunny fur?
    4 Pets 44
  85. Why does my bunny like to tease the chinchilla?
    Ok so my bunny Kiara gets to run free like a cat and the one thing she loves to do is make my chin Rockee spit at her.If I don't keep at shutting the door to the room he's in she acts like she LOVES to annoy him.Here's the thing Kiara likes to act like...
    8 Pets 48
  86. Can you help me with my bunny emergency?
    I have two bunnies. I went to clean one of their cages, and I left the two of them alone in the room while I was gone. They get along very well so I thought they'd be fine for only 10 minutes. Plus, they weren't in a huge space and the room is safe...
    2 Pets 41
  87. Baby rabbit lost its mom
    What can I feed a domestic baby bunny?
    8 Pets 49
  88. What are small animals to have as pets?
    whats better mice vs. bunnies?
    8 Pets 41
  89. What type of hair type is more favorable?
    Do you prefere straight or curly hair? Details Details Details Details. Details Details Details Details. () () ( -.-) @((,)(,) Bunny!
    5 Style 54
  90. Why do we celebrate Easter?
    what is easter anyways..when i think of that word eggs and bunnies pop into my head.
    24 General 47
  91. What is wrong with my poor little bunny?
    I just got back from a two week holiday, to find that my 4 year old male bunny seems to have something wrong. First of all, I noticed that he seems to have possibly cut his nose, as on the side of it there is a small, single scab. So perhaps he scratch...
    5 Pets 60
  92. Will my cat attack my rabbit?
    I recently got a bunny,and I have 2 small Kittens.And Im scared to let my bunny out because of the cats.((my bedroom door is weird,it like opens randomly)) Do you think my cats would attack my bunny? And if so,Is there anyway to keep it form happening?...
    7 Pets 691
  93. What is the common denominator?
    What does Santa, the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny, Superman & Grimms fairy tales have in common?
    7 Religion 47
  94. A different happy birthday song.
    It was on gilmore girls and the house bunny. Its like "happy birthday, happybirthday" Lol
    3 Entertainment 67
  95. Kid who doesnt believe in god
    Theres this kid at my school who doesnt beleive in god( but he believes the easter bunny!) is there any way I can possibly make him belevie!?!?!?!?!?!
    28 Religion 54
  96. What is the purpose of our parents making us believe in people and things that don't exist?
    like the tooth fairy, and the Easter Bunny?
    15 Family 20
  97. Does anyone know that song you sing to kids on tieing their shoes?
    I remember a song about looping through bunny ears or something?? Anyone know what I'm talking about?
    5 Music 39
  98. Rabbit breeding
    What qualities should a rabbit breeder have. In other words if someone wanted to breed rabbits for selling what is it that people look at when they go to buy a bunny etc.?
    2 Pets 27
  99. Does anyone know any good animal food samples?
    I cannot find the perfect food for any of my animals. :( I have bunnies, cats, and dogs. Please help, thank you!
    2 Pets 21
  100. what is a cataract?
    I think my bunny has one.. he has a huge white spot on his eye near his pupil. are they a big deal? does he need to see a vet?
    3 Health 18
  101. Is Magic Real?
    Im asking a weird question, is magic real not magic like a bunny in a hat I meen with a real wand like Harry Potter. Black magic you know finger, wand magic.
    14 Religion 42
  102. Whats up with easter and eggs?
    I don't remember if I ever learned about this, but what does a bunny hiding eggs really have to do with easter? Did someone just randomly say "hey its easter lets hide some random plastic eggs filled with cheap old candy so that little kids will look ...
    6 Religion 56
  103. What type of enclosure do you have your rabbit in?
    I just got a Flemish Giant who we're going to train to be a 'house bunny'. For now he still needs a cage.. What do you suggest?
    2 Pets 10
  104. My fair bethany
    Does any one have any funny names that they called their teachers weather it be bad or good? I have a teacher we called little bunny in little bunny foo will like this one I have a teacher named beth and she is so nice and stuff a...
    6 Education 39
  105. Has anyone had a pet rabbit?
    I got a few questions.. 1.Do they bite? 2.Are they chill;;Can you sit around with them in your lap,like a cat? 3.Do they make big messes? 4.Can I put it in a dog carrier? ((I read somewhere that lots of people perfer to keep their bunny in a pet carri...
    17 Pets 51
  106. Sexy but not slutty halloween costume
    Hiya Soo im dressing up for halloween this year. I want to look quite sexy but nothing too slutty like a bunny or a devil. Any ideas? xxx
    4 Sex 68
  107. What can I do to keep my rabbits warm this winter?
    How do I keep them warm? Their outside rabbits in a cage, I tried putting a sheet on there, but it keeps blowing off. I tried putting hay in there, but they just eat it. I also tried making a "bunny hut", but they chewed it up. HELP!
    7 Pets 146
  108. Any Christians feel that Easter is too downplayed?
    Do any other christians out there feel that easter is too downplayed by society? I personally am sick of it being about easter eggs, candy and a big bunny instead of family, and most importantly Jesus. What do you think? How do you celebrate this imp...
    11 Religion 43
  109. Indoor Rabbit?
    I love my bunny 2 bits & really want him to be an indoor bunny. I have tried to litterbox train him but he just goes in whatever random place he wants!! So my parents arent gonna let me keep him inside till he is trained please help!! Also when I am si...
    3 Pets 30
  110. My birthday is coming soon...
    I love animals so much and I really want to have another pet. But it does get expencive with buying the food [bedding if I wanted another bunny]=[ It died=[ horrible experiencee. But I want another pet..I already have a golden retriever whos amazing! ...
    3 Pets 30
  111. Good nick name for funny teacher??
    Ok so their is this teacher who bounces when he walks... I am trying to think of a funny name for him. Like, bunny bouncer... Or... Bouncer.. I dont know do you liek those? Please tell me your ideas!!!
    4 Education 14
  112. Is there a long eared lionhead rabbit?
    Im considering buying a bunny soon. I Like the floppy Eared ones. And I Also like the Lionhead Ones((the kind wiht the mane)) Is there a long-eared lionhead breed? ((mane AND floppy ears)) That would be aweomse =]
    3 Pets 140
  113. How to persuade my dad?
    Well... you see I have a three year old, male bunny rabbit at the moment, he is healthy, I am very responsible, I clean him out, play with him, always make sure he is cared for, and he is happy... BUT... I really feel like he is missing out...] Rabbit...
    4 Pets 68
  114. What is wrong with my rabbits skin?
    My bunny gets a dandruff spot like right in between his shoulder blades. I brush it out but it seems like he's in pain when I do it He jumps around and tries to bite me. Is there anything I can do, certain shampoos lotions? anything?
    2 Pets 27
  115. Easter poem with rude humor, my original
    As you know the easter bunny is quite funny But last year spent 4 months on the dunny To much chocolate made him get the runs So know you know why they chose that colour for this years hot cross buns The cadbury company has done its part With there w...
    4 Literature 112
  116. whats kind of pets do you have
    what kind of pets do you have,what are the names, and why did you choose that name, also why did you pick that animal. my pets are: ozzy is a yorkshire terrier,flower golden retriver, baby collie mix. I also have a bunny named chip, I have two degus n...
    15 Pets 50
  117. What do you think about my thinking?
    Okay my family says im over thinking this but what do you think??: Now the whole Santa/Easter Bunny thing started allong time ago but could they be just a way to make the holiday seem less about God and more about presents and make belive charecters? D...
    10 Religion 36
  118. What do you think of my childrens story
    In a world where the fog is made of pencils, there was a bunny named stew. This bunny was so funny, because he had a lot of money. He lived in a hole, to eat carrots from his bowl. And his spoon was made of gold because his father was very old. When st...
    5 Literature 12
  119. What was this brown stuff on my rabbit?
    Okay,its kind of funny,but Im babysititng a friend's rabbit while shes in Manhattan,and Him and my bunny like to play.They are both boys,but this morning her rabbit was humping mine.When I pulled them apart,there was brown stuff all over the backside o...
    2 Pets 43
  120. 5 week old chihuahua afraid to leave room
    I have a 5 week old maltese chihuahua I know kinda youg his mom died so im doin a good thing takeing him in I need advice he is walking and learning how to run he is so playful he follows me and my fianc'e around the room only he is scared to leave th...
    3 Pets 43
  121. What's an original Halloween costume?
    I would like to have a cute halloween costume this year. I want something sexy but not obviously sexy (like a nurse or playboy bunny, I hate it when people dress up super skanky). but I had a few ideas like me and a few of my friends would be football ...
    6 Sex 101
  122. How to care for a pregnant rabbit?
    I came into the kitchen on January 3 and I seen that my boyfriends 7 year old little brother put my 3 year old netherland dwarf bunny in his other brothers male dwarf rabbits cage. so She is for a fact pregnant.I don't know what to do, when do the bunn...
    6 Sex 124
  123. Why am I so late for my cycle?
    hi mii name is kenneshia but I like 4 people 2 call me bunny me and my boyfriend have been knowin each other since 8th grade and we have been datin 4 7 months and 1 month after we got 2getha we had sexy wit a condum and soon we stop usin them and no...
    2 Sex 14
  124. Dwarf hotot
    Im getting a bunny :) I've decided to name her isabilla. I want a girl and the breed looks like they have eyeliner, so I'm incorporating bill kaulitz into the name. hence, isabilla. I don't know. Anyway, does anyone have one? I haven't had a rabbit si...
    3 Pets 53
  125. Should I be a slut for Halloween?
    K well lol I want to know wht to be fore hallown because my boyfriend is havin a big party either playboy bunny prepy girl with my hair colored like pink and blue! haha just relly slutty girl? wht one you think he will like because I think were going t...
    2 Relationships 16
  126. How to persuade my parents to get me a rabbit?
    I used to have a rabbit.and he was like a bear making sure that no one came nere his cave.the bear would be my bunny and the cave would be me.and anybody that came nere me he would just into there arms and poop,bit and scrach that do I persu...
    8 Family 186
  127. How can I make myself sleep?
    2 things: 1st any body got any tips on sleeping?, its 10 to 11 in england and I want some sleep I have school tomorrow. 2nd any one know how to do scene/ emo hair and know how they can make it stay big all day? (\_/) (\_/) (\ /) (\---...
    6 Health 30
  128. Do you get this Childrens' program in your country ?
    An Islamic TV station using a Bugs Bunny lookalike to preach to children has been slammed by religious leaders in the UK who fear it could brainwash vulnerable British children. Assud the rabbit, who vows to 'kill and eat Jews' and glorifies the maimin...
    5 Entertainment 11
  129. my teddy bear hamster?
    my little teddy bear hamster, mickey, got stuck in my bathroom walls last night and when he finnaly got out he was covered in hair and dust bunnies. is he ok from crawling around in there? he hasent showed any signs of distress or anything. I don't kno...
    5 Pets 40
  130. What can I wear to a party and look hot?
    its my mates party in a week and its going to be the party of the year .. but im really stuck on what to wear .. its sa fancy dress one too .. but I was thinkin of wearin normal clothes and thn like sum bunny ears and tail?... but I want to know what n...
    2 Style 49
  131. names for a boy bunnny?!
    hey guys I just got a new bunny yesterday=) well...the problem is I cant think of a good name for him and I have to name him before my dad gets home(45mis) anyways hes a boy he is hunny colored hes big(5 months old) and all of my pets are named after ...
    6 Pets 22
  132. How was everyones halloween!!!
    How was everyones halloween!!! Mine was really fun lol :P But a gang of lads ruined it at the end because they robbed me and my friends bunny ears : ( Then they stalked us. But its okay It was still really good! And I knew who one of the lads was Mw...
    7 Entertainment 9
  133. animal cruelty do you care!
    so im looking for shampoos that arent used in animal testing on peta and I come across a video of an animal mill (places were animals are bred for pet shops) 1. A man stomp and kill a hamster because it ran away and he couldn't catch it when it tried...
    10 Pets 57
  134. Why is my puppy barking at everything?
    Hi about the first 5 6 days I had my puppie from adoptening her she didn't bark much then she would bark here and there and sometime's it would be like someone walks by she's been around kids as well as older kids male adults female adults seen a cat o...
    3 Pets 12
  135. How can I convince my mom to let me get a pet rabbit?
    I'm Nikki and I am 15 years old and for my 16th birthday I would like to get a pet bunny. Now I would like to add I do help around the house and get good grades and I feel like I have matured a lot more then I have before. When I asked my mom for a bun...
    4 Family 41
  136. a code or a secret message in the following words. what is it ???
    hey can anyone crack this code ??? I have been breaking my head on it to no avail anyone understand anything by it ??? blood Wh0r3 bunny spike whip liar gore bridge wall eyes soul shield no I dont know the answer theres lies something really imp...
    5 General 37
  137. Why can't I potty train my rabbit?
    I recently Got a Mini rex Lionhead,a little moe than 2 months Ago. When I first got him,he was potty trained for the most part. In his Cage,he's got a Little Shelter Part,And a bunny potty training box. Lately,hes been Pushing out everything in the lit...
    8 Pets 107
  138. The Holiday Lies...
    Why do parents always tell their children that it's not right to lie and that lying is bad, but they end make up stories and telling their kids about: The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy (not part of a holiday, but I just wanted to throw that in ther...
    11 Family 27
  139. Breeding netherlands dwarfs
    I have a netherland dwarf buck that would have been a strong competetor in nationals except he hurt his nose and it scarred which made his fur come back white in that spot. I want to breed him to get national level quality offspring but I haven't bred ...
    2 Pets 18
  140. Any fair ideas on what to ask for in return?
    I transfered into a bigger unit in my complex. They forgot the unit was about to be occupied until I called to remind them a day before. They asked if I could move in a week later. I said no. They scrambled to make it somewhat presentable, and fell...
    4 General 19
  141. What pet should I ask for?
    Ok heres the deal. My birthday is comin up and I want my boyfriend to get me a lil baby bunny or somethin, but I don't want nothin too expensive and hampsters annoy da flip outa me. They bite and are evil and all, but anyways. He just got a job and he ...
    15 Pets 30
  142. Atheists and God
    Okay just wondering this question. I hear from Atheists all the time that they don't believe in God anymore than they do in Scooby Doo. I don't believe in Scooby Doo either. The thing is if this is how the atheists feel, then why are almost all of t...
    10 Religion 26
  143. Is anyone else peeved that the US are creating their own version of Skins that follows identical story lines instead of just watching the original British one?
    I've been in LOVE with the tv show Skins since it started. I've seen every episode and can't wait for the next series. But apparently the British version isn't good enough for the US so they've completely remade it using different actors, changing some...
    30 Entertainment 42
  144. What is puberty
    Okay I am a female and things have been changing for me my boobs keep growing and I have to keep shoping for bras its so annoying then my mind is changing I remember when I was like sooo little my boyfriend used to always ask for sex and I yelled at hi...
    5 Sex 39
  145. Musical Misogyny: Good or Great?
    I've been listening to the complete works of 'Led Zeppelin' for the first time in ages. The casual misogyny in their songs struck me like it never did before. Much as I dislike misogyny on a personal level, using the subject as the centre of their musi...
    2 Music 108
  146. My survey, 30 random Q.s
    1.)Live,Love,Laugh? 2.)Fav ice cream flavor? 3.)Do you have a nickname? 4.)Gender? 5.) Fav Dairy product? 6.)Fav Season? 7.)Ever have a high texting bill? 8.)Fav soda? 9.) How old where you when you had your first kiss? 10.)S...
    14 General 52
  147. Quiz: Which Funadvice member's mother has a Canon 600d camera and her names ends in a "A"?
    Another FunAdvice quuiz, some easier then others :) 1)Which Funadvice Member has a picture that has more then 888 views? 2)Which Funadvice Member has a pictue titled hiccup? 3)Which Funadvice Member is an idiot (clue- The answer is Drew) 4)Which...
    28 Funadvice 44
  148. How is this possible?
    Just a little Update on this situation, before I ask my real questions! I have a tiny Chihuahua named Zoe! She weighs 3.5 pounds. She is almost 2 years old. Six months ago, Zoe was diagnosed with Liver Disease, through some bloodwork she had done, when...
    8 Pets 23
  149. Open Surgical Liver Biopsy!
    This is long, but if you have the time and you can help, Please Read and Answer! Does anyone here, have any experience with or know anything about, "OPEN SURGICAL LIVER BIOPSIES"? I have 2 Chihuahuas who have Liver Disease. They are 1 1/2 years old. Th...
    4 Pets 54