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  1. What are the bubbles made of in bubble tea?
    what are the bubbles made of.
    2 Food 19
  2. What do you do for fun in your area?
    What do you do for fun in your area?
    5 Entertainment 19
  3. What is Bubble Tea?
    3 Food 10
  4. What does bubbles in urine mean?
    What does bubbles in urine mean?
    5 Health 226
  5. What does plinth area mean?
    3 General 747
  6. What are some areas of concentration in science?
    What are some areas of concentration in science?
    2 Science 16
  7. How to draw bubble letters?
    How to draw bubble letters?
    3 Literature 247
  8. Urine with no bubbles
    What does a urine with no bubbles mean?
    2 Health 242
  9. What is the derriere hair area?
    What is the derriere hair area?
    2 Style 53
  10. What way should you shave your down there area?
    What way should you shave your down there area? Up or down?
    5 Style 178
  11. How many bubble gum bubbles can you blow?
    How many bubble gum bubbles can you blow into each other? Here's an example of a bubble inside another bubble:
    2 Food 52
  12. Why is it that some schools in one area have tight security , and the others in the same area don't?
    5 Education 27
  13. How do you find the area of a circle?
    5 General 56
  14. vaginal itching
    Why is the outside of my vaginal area itching?
    2 Health 863
  15. What's LA area code?
    What is Omarions area code?
    3 General 39
  16. what are some common female vaginal problems?
    what are some common female vaginal problems?
    3 Health 100
  17. How do I find the area of a slope?
    help! How do I find the area of a slope?
    4 Education 44
  18. Whats the fourmula for the area of a triangle
    Whats the fourmula for the area of a triangle
    3 Education 17
  19. carpet area
    which rooms are not included in carpet area?
    2 Homegarden 27
  20. Where is the most painless area to get a tattoo?
    3 Style 49
  21. What is the average cost for movers in your area?
    3 Homegarden 17
  22. What kind of clothes are 'in' in your area right now?
    19 Style 46
  23. Bumps on the vaginal area
    Umm what are these bumps? They sometimes be big with pus in them And they hurt very bad.
    3 Health 822
  24. Nail polish bubbles
    Why do I get little bubbles under my nail polish?
    3 Style 79
  25. What does it mean when you got pimples on pubic area?
    What does it mean when you got pimples on pubic area?
    5 Style 1399
  26. Help me find the area of a circle
    How to find the area of a circle if you have the diameter?
    5 Education 43
  27. Acne in the downstairs area
    I think I have acne on my downstairs area. HELP.
    2 Health 127
  28. How to get rid of midriff bulge area?
    How to get rid of midriff bulge area?
    2 Nutritionfitness 131
  29. Why is it that the areas of skin around my mouth are darker?
    Why is it that the areas of skin around my mouth are darker?
    2 Style 41
  30. Vaginal itching on pubic area
    I have a rash with a burning and king of painful burning in the pubic hair area can you tell me why.
    2 Health 1103
  31. is it safe to use nair on the pubic area?
    21 Style 257
  32. Does Lime Juice help in vaginal odour?
    2 Food 105
  33. Area conversion
    How many sq.ft.area is there in an acre?
    2 General 12
  34. big puss bumps on vaginal area
    My mother has these large puss bumps and she thinks its a boil. But what else can they be
    4 Health 170
  35. How do I act more bubbly when i feel like I have no energy?
    6 Health 36
  36. Is it safe to sleep at rest areas overnight?
    18 Travel 40
  37. How to tighten vaginal walls?
    2 Health 26
  38. Why do my questions not get posted on the main Questions area?
    7 Funadvice 21
  39. What is the approximate area of Nevada in squared miles?
    2 Travel 226
  40. Is it normal to get a boil on your private area?
    4 Health 59
  41. can pregnancy make your anal area inside itch?
    can pregnancy make your anal area inside itch?
    5 Health 69
  42. I need a job in the middlesex n.j. area
    I need a job in the middlesex n.j. area a.s.a.p
    2 Sex 62
  43. Do virgins have two vaginal canals?
    do I have two vaginal canals if im still a virgin?
    3 Relationships 228
  44. What shoes with a bubble style dress?
    what style of shoes look the best with a bubble style dress?
    3 Style 23
  45. How were the mountains formed and shaped in the Milford Sound area in New Zealand and what is it like to live and work in the area?
    4 General 82
  46. What should I pack for going to Huston, Texas area this week?
    9 General 39
  47. what is your favourite local band from your area?
    my favourite is called michou :)
    14 Music 18
  48. Why is my vaginal lip bigger on one side and smaller on the other?
    10 Health 71
  49. What are the three top leading countries leading in the educational area?
    6 Education 11
  50. What's a good dog name besides Fluffy and Bubbles?
    22 Pets 70
  51. Why do I constantly have thick, creamy, white vaginal discharge?
    6 Health 583
  52. What's so relaxing about a bubble bath?
    everyone says it is but I don't see how?
    12 Health 17
  53. How am I suppose to go to far away areas if I don't have a car?
    8 Travel 16
  54. Is it true that the more bubbles a shampoo produces the worse it is for your hair?
    3 Style 37
  55. IS there an Afrikaans language tutor in the Dublin area? ( Dublin, Ireland.)
    2 Travel 16
  56. how long does t take for cut in the vaginal wall to heal ?
    2 Health 77
  57. How do I get a bubble butt fast?
    4 Style 311
  58. Are there any large raves located in Seattle, washington area?
    4 Music 9
  59. Chihuahua private area swollen
    How long does the private are stay swollen for?
    2 Pets 235
  60. Cost to get a name change for the illinois area??
    How much does it cost to get a name change for the illinois area??
    2 General 16
  61. Vagina area hair
    How much hair should you remove around the vagina area? Thanks
    8 Style 114
  62. Is it good to shave your private areas?
    I have heard about men that shave their private areas is it good to do that or dont
    7 Style 484
  63. burning stomach area fat
    good excersises to burn fat around stomach area and such.
    4 Nutritionfitness 29
  64. How to get Bubble Puzzle 97 to work with XP?
    How do you get Bubble Puzzle to work with WinXP?
    2 Gaming 66
  65. How much are bubble machines?
    The ones that blow big bubbles at parties.
    2 Shopping 25
  66. Is it weird to have anal sex before vaginal sex?
    Is it weird to have anal sex before your have vaginal sex? Like for your first time
    4 Sex 1019
  67. Vaginal problem, a lot of discharge
    I have a lot of vaginal discharge and it smells a lot what can I use to treat it
    3 Health 1396
  68. What are these bumps filled with puss and blood in pubic area?
    I get these bumps are my pubic area filled with puss and blood. What are they?
    2 Health 547
  69. Symptoms of a vaginal infection?
    I was justing thinkin...what are the main symtoms for a vaginal infection???
    3 Health 601
  70. List of jobs that hire felons in richmond va area?
    List of jobs that hire felons in richmond va area?
    2 Money 457
  71. Where would be a good place to have a sweet sixteen in Portland, OR area?
    3 Entertainment 40
  72. do guys like big (vaginal) lips??
    do guys like it when girls have big lips down below(vagina) if not what should I do??
    15 Relationships 2983
  73. What foods trigger the thighs and butt area to make it bigger?
    3 Nutritionfitness 84
  74. Why might a business WANT to set up in an area with many competitiors?
    2 General 21
  75. What are those websites where you can see the sex offenders and such in your area (I need a URL?)
    3 Sex 54
  76. Is there a difference between an industrial piercing and just two cartilage piercings in about the same general area?
    3 Style 127
  77. Who can tell me how to get these bubbles off my blackberry curve screen protector?
    20 Technology 46
  78. How can I make bubble gum flavored popsicles or ice cubes?
    2 Food 107
  79. Can gonorrhea cause pain around the area of your kidney's or infect your kidney's?
    3 Health 82
  80. Is Ashley Tisdale coming to the Bay Area?
    Is Ashley Tisdale coming to the Bay Area on her Headstrong Mall Tour?
    2 Entertainment 14
  81. What is the best water park in the New England area?
    Which is the best water park in the New England area? Water Country? any others?
    3 Travel 40
  82. How do you get dishwasher detergent out of the rinse agent area?
    what do I do now I put dish detergent in my dishwashers rinse area how do I get it out ?
    3 Homegarden 8
  83. I need america any area postal code no
    I want one postal code no in any area at USA
    2 General 30
  84. Does the hymen separate the vaginal wall in virgins?
    If you are still a virgin, does the hymen separate the vaginal canal into two?
    2 Health 486
  85. surface area of a 3in cube stack onto of a 5in cube be?
    What would the surface area of a 3in cube stack onto of a 5in cube be?
    2 Science 68
  86. Best way to get rid/prevent razor burn in all areas?
    Whats the best way to get rid/prevent razor burn in all areas?
    2 Style 240
  87. Tips for shaving pubic area?
    :] I need a good, close, clean shave.
    17 Style 735
  88. How do I lose weight fast in my stomach area?
    I have a very fat stomach, I need some advice as to how to lose fat in my stomach fast.
    2 Nutritionfitness 936
  89. Who- does anybody give themselves a shot at night, if so can you tell if you gave yourself a shot w/a bubble in it?
    6 Health 21
  90. Why do people live in areas known for natural disasters then complain when they happen?
    7 Homegarden 30
  91. Is it normal to have a small greyish area on your eyeball?
    It's farther back where you normally don't see it.
    3 Health 30
  92. Is the Chernobyl area still empty or can people live there now?
    - from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster...
    10 Environment 82
  93. When is Taylor Swift coming close to the San Diego area for concerts?
    5 Entertainment 19
  94. what vaginal infection could i have?
    ... i had anal sex then vaginal sex straight after and now i have a bad rash on my labia... what is it
    3 Sex 213
  95. Are there free Jonas Brothers concerts in the Bay area?
    Are there going to be any free concerts in the bay area that has the jonas brothers or anybody simalar to them?
    4 Entertainment 39
  96. Where can I find long jean skirts in my area?
    Where can I find long jean skirts in my area? Detroit, MI or anywhere near?
    2 Shopping 48
  97. Why do people have long vaginal lips ?
    I have long vaginal lips , is it normal ? I feel like boys won't like me because of that .
    5 Health 129
  98. Surface area of a prism?
    wut is the surface area of a prism if the : length: 9cm width:12cm base:9cm
    2 Science 15
  99. Does anybody have any tips on how to tighten loose skin around the stomach and waist area?
    3 Style 58
  100. what are the effective ways to make my inner thigh, anal area and pussy lighter?
    2 Style 295
  101. who is a good doctor for teenage bipolar disorder in the vista or oceanside ca area?
    2 Health 22
  102. Can a guy eat you out when you use encare or options conceptrol vaginal contraceptive gel?
    4 Health 392
  103. What does it mean when my dog will pee outside in one area then a little pee again in another then another lol?
    7 Pets 29
  104. Is it common to have bruising and soreness in the area you had an IV attached after several days of being out of the hospital?
    4 Health 24
  105. Do you think it's trashy to do stuff with your boyfriend in public areas such as parks or behind places?
    4 Relationships 52
  106. What are the best exercises to lose weight in the stomach, legs, and upper back area?
    4 Nutritionfitness 28
  107. why have I had vaginal discharge for 2 years now and still no period?
    I have had vaginal discharge for 2 years now, but I still dont have my period! why dont I have it yet?? im not weird am I?
    3 Health 96
  108. Why is the area down there discoloured?
    The area around my *part* is kind of discoloured like my panty line..its just always like that whats this from?
    2 Health 60
  109. Which is safer, anal or vaginal sex?
    I really would like to know which sex is safer and better and y? Anal or vaginal?
    6 Sex 271
  110. Vaginal dischage
    I'm 25yrs old and I'm wondering if you can get an abnormal vaginal discharge from masturbation...or an increase in vaginal discharge...
    3 Sex 1120
  111. Can you use smooth away on your bikini area?,
    does smooth away work? and are there any side affects, like it hurting?
    3 Style 130
  112. Why does my crotch area smell like sweat?
    Every once in awhile my crotch area smells of sweat...inside and out. What causes this smell and how do I get rid of it?
    7 Health 3222
  113. what is the best kinda wax to use when waxing your, well, lower areas?
    i want a brazilian, and what is the best way to do it?
    2 Style 34
  114. What's the best way to remove all the hair in your bikini area without getting the bumps and rash?
    5 Style 108
  115. Anyone from the Warrnie area?
    is there anyone who lives in the Warrnambool Vic area. love to hear from you guys and gals if there are any outthere
    2 Funadvice 7
  116. What plants can I get for an area with little sun?
    I have a few houseplants that are dying for the lack of sun. I want to get plants that can survive an area with little sun. What plant should I buy?
    2 Homegarden 47
  117. nose ring bubble
    I have a nose ring and theres a bubble around the peirced spot on the inside ? is that liek normal? what should I do to help it?
    2 Style 84
  118. How do guys like gurls vaginal hair?
    ok..well I want to have sex..but I don't know how to keep my vaginal hair..I want to know how guys like it so when I do have sex the guy will like it...
    5 Sex 80
  119. why is it that people get boils around their private areas and they take regular baths,etc??
    9 Health 40
  120. Razor burn on the vaginal area
    Ok I shaved down there 2 days ago. I have razor burn so severe that I have bumps all over and around my clit. Its soo swollen down near my anal area that its hard to use a tampon is this normal?
    5 Health 1303
  121. How is real estate doing in your area?
    I wanted to know how the mortgage problem has effected your area. In our area house prices has fallen about 10%. (Baltimore)
    5 Homegarden 23
  122. Is vaginal discharge supposed to taste sour?
    ok so my vaginal discharge tastes sour is it supposed to taste sour? Also I don't think I have a yeast infection, but anyways what does vaginal discharge taste and smell like?
    3 Health 1887
  123. Why do I have pimples around my public area?
    I'm married and I have small pimples around some of my pubic area, mainly around the hair part .What can cause that ?
    3 Health 68
  124. Where should I hang out in the Bay area?
    I just moved to the bay area, and don't know many places to go nor somewhere to meet people...any suggestions?
    2 Entertainment 72
  125. The area under the bust hurts
    My chest area hurts, under the bust...why could that be? I do the following when it does hurt; I remove my "support" And try to breath calmly but it hurts to much
    3 Health 17
  126. Why is she feeling kicks around her pubic area?
    K so my friend is on her period and she is feeling kicks around her public area. Is that just period stuff or something eles?
    3 Health 39
  127. How long does it take for sperm that is on your cl!t area to travel up inside you?
    Can they still travel up in you if you clean up right afterward?
    6 Health 91
  128. I have vaginal bumps and never had sex..what do I do?
    Im a virgin and I noticed have a bump on my vagina and I dont know how I got it.
    3 Sex 311
  129. What do French people call the surrounding area of Paris?
    For my French homework. I can't find the answer anywere..
    13 Travel 100
  130. What areas of psychology involve hypnosis and mind control?
    what types of psychology are about stuff like hypnosis, mind control, and brain wash?
    2 General 12
  131. Where is a good place to get singing lessons in the Valrico, Florida area?
    and whats the best price?
    2 Music 12
  132. What happens when you swallow bubble gum?
    its for a science project due in 3 days. we don't have enough information.
    3 Food 72
  133. Is it possible for a virgin to become pregnant from a penis being near her private area, and there may have been pre ejaculation?
    11 Health 684
  134. Thinning of the vaginal skin
    Why every time I have sex I tare down below?very bad tares the older I am getin the worse it is.
    2 Sex 157
  135. What is this bump/ bubble on my finger?
    i have two flesh colored bumps on my finger they both contain liquid/puss inside and hurt badly and also itch. what is this bump / bubble on my finger?
    3 Health 238
  136. red itchy bubbles
    I keep getting theses red itchy bubbles all over my body, it mostly comes up when I'm cold, it keeps recurring... any help?
    4 Health 39
  137. What would be a good way to help decide which area of job I should look for?
    Is there any way to help me choose a career path? Thanks :>
    8 Money 25
  138. How bad are the storms in your area?
    Tornadoes everywhere here in Oklahoma. Anyone else seeing this kind of stuff right now?
    9 Environment 42
  139. Why is everyone in the Bay Area so obsessed with 99.7 and 94.9 radio stations?
    these hip hop/pop stations are so repetetive. why are they popular?
    6 Music 19
  140. what do u think about area 51? u belive it has stuff tha goverment iz keeping away from us?
    9 Politics 10
  141. Would you be tolerant of having Gitmo inmates imprisoned in your area?
    With Gitmo closing, who here wouldn't mind having them imprisoned near your city or in your state ?
    18 Politics 19
  142. Is it normal to get dandruff in one area of your head?
    I have what appears to be an accumulation of dandruff in my fringe, but nowhere else on my head.. is it normal? If it's not dandruff, what is it?
    5 Style 47
  143. What are good formulas for finding the surface area of a triangular prism?
    (trianges could be scalene, isosceles, or equilateral)? (a formula for each)
    5 Education 117
  144. Is your area in desperate need of rain? Do you, (read more)
    A: Want it to rain B: Don't want it to rain C: Don't care if it rains or not D: Never thought about it
    13 Environment 14
  145. Is it normal when a girl gets a physical for the doctor to pinch the vagina in certain areas? mine did and I see no point in it.
    4 Health 95
  146. Does walking help to burn fat in the lovehandle area?
    Finally Spring, and I can get my excercise outside! Does walking help to burn fat in the lovehandle area? What are some good techniques for getting fat off of that area? Much thanks ^_^
    8 Nutritionfitness 170
  147. Haunted houses that are around the dutchess county area?
    are there any haunted houses (hotels) that are around the dutchess county area? I'm very interested in them, and I want to stay over in one. Please help.
    2 Religion 108
  148. Is there a cheap good apartments in NJ that isnt in a bad area?
    I need help... maybe a loft or apartment under $1000. *I need to know where in nj is cheap but not in a urban area. That is all.*
    7 Homegarden 30
  149. Will the area codes of my texts show on my bill?
    I have a verizon phone, with unlimited texting and I want to know if area codes of my texts show up on the phone bill. ? and if they dont what information CAN you see. :) thanks.
    2 Technology 52
  150. What causes the bubbles in Mentos and Diet Coke?
    When I put a roll of Mentos in a bowl full of Diet Coke why do foam bubbles go everywhere and then millions of them burst?
    7 Food 68
  151. How do I know when shows are around my area?
    please tell me I really want to go to a show...cause there rad And no I do not mean the movies...!
    2 Entertainment 10
  152. Does anyone know of haunted homes in their area?
    I used to live in Southern Cal and I just heard a crazy story of this home if its true.
    17 General 9
  153. What is this weird vaginal discharge?
    I have sort of greenish/brownish discharge..Is it an infection? do they go away by themselves or should i see a doctor? can these infections spread throughout the body?
    3 Health 40
  154. Why are my knickers soaked in the crotch area?
    hi my knickers 4 sum reason are completely soaked in the crotch areaa and I don't know why please help
    2 Health 213
  155. How do you get rid of bad razor bumps/ingrown hair from the bikini area?
    They hurt and causes self-consciousness :(
    6 Style 182
  156. Where can I work in the Austin area?
    I could really use a job I'm 14 yrs. old and I live in Round Rock/ Austin area, Texas.
    2 Money 9
  157. How are people selected to work at Area 51?
    How does that process work? Just curious. Me and my dad were talking about it and didn't know. How are people chosen (and what kinds of people are chosen) to work at Area 51, since it's so secretive?
    6 Politics 57
  158. How can I find in patient care for depression in my area?
    I keep searching to find in patient care for depression in my area, and have so far only found one that is out of pocket only. I am having a hard time finding any online. Help?
    5 Health 19
  159. What caused my pup's bubble after shots?
    After her first puppy shots, my puppy has developed a bump/bubble about the size of a dime under the injection spot, does anyone have any idea what causes these bubbles under the site?
    2 Pets 95
  160. Small grassy area would like to convert into a patio
    I have a very small grassy area outside the front of my house and wish to turn it into a patio as will mean no matienance how do I go about this myself
    6 Homegarden 60
  161. Bad vaginal odor and discharge
    I have very bad vaginal odor and not sure why exactly and I wash and clean very good and douvhe regulary I just cant figure out what the problem is?
    3 Health 152
  162. Vaginal odor
    Im 13; And my vagina gives A weird odor. Its not very pleasent; And im a bigg masturbater I have no idea what to do; So please help me out Thank you
    4 Sex 63
  163. Can you apply cocoa butter or bio oil in this area?
    Can you apply bio oil or cocoa butter on your upper thighs? (for stretch marks) Is it too close to the vagina? Where your panties end.
    5 Style 135
  164. Is it normal to be able to see the part of ribs between your cleavage area (read more)?
    to be more descriptive the part of rib that is connected to your breast bone. i can visibly see them on my chest is this normal?
    10 Nutritionfitness 82
  165. Shaving your areas . . . And irritation
    Okay I shave mi pu*sy and it tends to get very irritated, So is there like a cream or sumthin? Because I cant be like this anymore!!!
    4 Style 29
  166. How to make tapioca balls very sweet in bubble tea???
    I make bubble tea and one time I went and bought it at frulattie anyways the bubbles(tapioca balls) were very sweet.they were sweeter then the actually smoothie!! how do I cook the bubble tea so the they are very sweet? any tips on bubble tea are also ...
    2 Food 45
  167. tips for shaving the vaginal area
    I guess my vag area is really sensitive so when I shave it hurts pretty bad. and I can't shave the next day when the stubs start to grow back because I did that and now I've got red bumps and it really itchy. So what I want to know if anyone has any ...
    7 Style 323
  168. How can I get a big bubble butt?
    Hi I'm Latin and im 15... I REALLY think I have a small flat butt... and I was wondering how can I get a big bubble butt!! Here's a pic of my small butt! lol
    25 Nutritionfitness 2055
  169. Is it prefered to be shaved in the genital area?
    Heya I just wanted to ask, do most peole prefer the genital area shaved or with natural pubic hair? Because I cut my pubic hair at the moment and I just want to know whether most people prefer this?
    3 Style 123
  170. Hotel in chatuchak area
    Need sum advices.. I'd like to find a gud hotel in a reasonable price in chatuchak area, bangkok.. Any ideas? Tq
    2 Travel 40
  171. What is this vaginal discharge?
    All the time except when im on my period there's always stuff in there kind of like snot[sorry]but not really does any body know why or what it is?
    8 Health 81
  172. Does anybody know what these little red bumps are around my mouth, chin area?
    They're not pimples but if I pick at them they scab over and get pussy?
    3 Health 22
  173. Every time I polish my nails they get bubbly
    Every time I polish my nails they get bubbly. My friend polished them for me once and they were perfect. I always check to make sure they are dry before applying another coat,but they have tiny bubbles everywhere
    7 Style 53
  174. itchy flaky vaginal skin
    the skin around my vagina started itching me and then I noticed they became flaky even though the itching has reduced and there are no discharges. what is it likely to be?
    3 Health 766
  175. Is it normal to have two vaginal canals?
    one day, I put my finger into my vaginal hole and reached long enough where I felt that there were two ways to go. is that normal for there to be like two canals in your vagina hole?
    5 Relationships 496
  176. Strange pink stains on my shirt (armpit area)
    Okay, so I put my shirt through the washer (and dryer, blahblahblah) but when it came out, the armpit area on the sleeves were pink! I have no idea why. is this common at all? and how can I get rid of the pink stains?
    5 Homegarden 1310
  177. Areas to pierce?
    What areas do you avoid when piercing you lip? I've called all the tattoo and body shoppes in indianapolis. I have to be fourteen at most of them. Soo.. Last resort. Pretty much.
    3 Style 36
  178. Can cory cats live without bubbles and air filters?
    I was thinking of bringing a new fish fow my bettas and I heard they get along great but I do not have any filters or air bubbles. can cory cats live with bettas?
    2 Pets 301
  179. Can you plant watermelon in any area?
    Can you plant watermelon in any area? and is it really hard to plant watermelons wherever you are? Because I bought some in walmart haha (they were only like 97 cents) and I decided to try to plant some I just want to know if I even can.
    3 Homegarden 42
  180. How to lose weight in the chest area
    im embarrased to say this by my chest is big and im a boy im shy to wear tight shirts because of my men chest does someone knows to lose men chest?
    3 Nutritionfitness 31
  181. Does anyone know if I can use 3G out in Spain around the Malaga area?
    Im with Orange and tried looking t up on the website but I dont understand what its saying
    2 Technology 15
  182. Which cream with which SPF is good for summer in desert area?
    Soon ill be going to my village which in desert . so want to know which cream would i use for sunburn and hot.
    7 Health 22
  183. FunAdvice Trivia: What desert has an area larger than the continental U.S.?
    A) Russian Arctic B) The Sahara C) Gobi D) Great Sandy Desert
    10 Funadvice 73
  184. What to do when you itch down in the vagina area?
    It sounds stupid, but during the day, my vagina can become dry and may itch. If I try to itch it, it makes it worse and makes it red and sore. Any idea's how to prevent it?
    3 Health 608
  185. the area around my areola
    has little bumps on it. I checked it out last night and I sqeezed it and some puss came out. theres also little bumps on my breast.. is this serious?
    6 Health 141
  186. why is my nipple area enlarging day by day...should i stop my boyfriend from sucking badly over it?
    is it a matter to worry? please help me freinds! whats this happening to me? :-( (69)
    6 Health 349
  187. How do I shave my pubic area?
    how to shave pubic area!! I dont know how and when I do it irrates sooo much!! and if my mom finds out she'll kill me!! so I cant go and buy stuff.. HELP!!!
    3 Style 35
  188. area 51
    what exactly is inside area 51? how do you get a job to work there? how come the government wont let anybody know what's inside it-as citizens of the US I think we have a right to know...
    4 Politics 41
  189. Lump on the inside of my vaginal lips
    There a quite big lump on the inside of my vaginal lips and it hutrs a little and its red . I don't no what it is and I dont whant to go near a doctor or anything,! Help can some one tell me what it is??
    7 Health 307
  190. How do you find the area again?
    Ugh. I forgot how to find the area, or I think I did because It just doesn't seem right. For a square and a rectangle it's height times width times lenght? But isn't height and length the same thing? Math is not for me.
    4 Education 63
  191. Pain in bellybutton area
    Theres a pain in my belly button area whenever I urinate or stand up straight or stretch my mid male and 14 does anyone know what this is?
    22 Relationships 3042
  192. What's this bubble in my cheek?
    Okay, I was just sitting here, and than I put my tongue back by my back teeth and feel this little bubble in my cheek, my tongue rubs it alittle and it pops I think. I didn't feel it pop, but it tasted like blood. I want to know what the bubble is and ...
    2 Health 56
  193. How can I get more comfortable in the area I just moved to?
    I moved across the country to D.C. & Im not use to it here, I dont like it.. Its nothing like Chicago; how can I get more comfortable, make new friends, get out there??
    13 Relationships 12
  194. Private Area
    since friday my vagina has been ejaculating non stop and its really irritaing and it becoming kind of uncomfortable does anyone know whats wrong with me
    2 Health 132
  195. anyone from Wales UK (North West area)
    anyone know what the opening times are for Deeside Ice Rink??? looked on the website and couldnt find anything...
    5 Travel 14
  196. How do I lighten the dark areas between my legs and on my vagina?
    think I might have pcos so its kinda dark. its on the inside of my legs and on my vagina. around my anus too, just wanna know if I can bleach the skin or something
    3 Style 2334
  197. I have really bad razor bumps on my bikini area!
    I have really bad razor bumps on my bikini area! They are dark and I constantly have to make sure my bathing suit bottoms are covering them. Does anyone know how I can get rid of them or just make them ligher?
    3 Style 152
  198. Where in Mexico (Cancun area) under 16's cheaper (URGENT)?
    Booking a holiday very soon, 2 16 year old teenagers will be coming and is there any hotel that has cheaper prices for under 16's in the Cancun area? Any links/names of hotels will be helpful! Thanks
    2 Travel 22
  199. What is it about the downtown area?
    the other day I was driving in the downtown area looking around and I noticed how trashy and ghetto it was then I drove to the west and north end of town and I noticed how nice and clean it was. So my question is what is it about the downtown area of e...
    4 General 12
  200. How to tone my problem areas?
    im not fat, but I think I could loose bout 15 lbs. im 13 5 3, and 125lbs. thx xoxoxo jen
    2 Nutritionfitness 7
  201. What is the best site to help find a job in your area?
    K so I need need need a job and I've looked in newspaper and I cant find anything so is there a good site that is free that will help show job places around here?
    3 Money 36
  202. Bikini wax area gets red and irritated with ingrowns, what to do?
    Every time I try to do a bikini wax or shave, my skin always gets irritated and red with ingrowns. I need advice and help please!!!xx
    3 Style 84
  203. what will they think about my down there area?
    So, there's a guy I'm really into and he wants to "mess" around, but I'm paranoid about what he is going to think whenever he touches me down there. It isn't anything major, but I still don't want him to think I'm a freak or something.
    2 Relationships 14
  204. What area in Houston Texas has the least amount of African Americans?
    for example bellaire, river oaks etc. i'm really curious can someone please help!!
    4 General 13
  205. I feel like thiers 10 ppunds on my chest , like my heart area ?
    I feel like thiers 10 ppunds on my chest , like my heart area ? I havnt done any drugs, I just over dosed on pilLs the other day ? to fall asleep cause I didnt feel good ? what could it be ?
    2 Health 40
  206. got badly sunburned around my chest area
    I've got badly sunburned around my chest area and my shoulders and back...its really painful and its stopping me from going out in the sun for the next few days:( is there any way of getting rid of it quickly ?
    3 Health 42
  207. How can I get rid of vaginal thrush?
    I have horrid vaginal thrush and I have had it for a while. I can't get rid of it and I've tried all kinds of tablets and pills. It's like a thick white goo kinda stuff. Please help. I'm worried :(
    4 Health 76
  208. How do I find a musician in my area?
    I would serriuosuly apreciate it if someone could help me find a lead singer or a bass player around my area so if you know someone please help :P I live in houston, texas.
    3 Music 15
  209. Where can I get lots of bubble gum?
    ok so I have this big bubble gum machine..and all the gum ran out and there normal sized ones..but where would I look for them where I can get a big huge bag of them er somthing because I need enough to fill it all up.
    5 Shopping 23
  210. Why do I have a deep hole in my chest area?
    Why do I have a deep hole in my body (chest area) my mum said when she was going to give birth to me they had to cut her open and get me out is that the reason why I have that? And how can I get rid of it because im scared of taking my t shirt off in t...
    10 Health 1420
  211. Why does my genital area smell?
    Yesterday I noticed that my genital area smelled, quite badly too. I'm 16 and have never had sexual intercourse and I can't think of why my genital are producing such an odour. Does anyone know why this could be happening and how to fix it?
    6 Sex 227
  212. I'm scared about my "downstairs area"
    I have white bumbs down there and I get really gross secretions- they might be normal but I'm not sure. I have had oral sex but not vaginal so I don't know what it could be. Any ideas, and sorry I know its gross!
    6 Sex 26
  213. What's the average monthly rent in the West Greater London area?
    what is the average monthly rent to live in the west greater London area (ie.. Ealing, Acton town) for a 3 bed or 2 bed house or flat non flatshare?
    4 Travel 37
  214. Why is my lower area always wet?
    I am 13 years old. Everytime I use the washroom I have this yellow liquidy stuff. Now it is just wet and slipply. It might be cum from when I masturbate. How do I stop my lower area from being wet all the time? (69)
    8 Sex 348
  215. How can I shrink the area around my ribcage?
    The area right under my chest, all throughout my ribcage before you reach the waist. I feel like I have a lot of muscle and tone elsewhere but this area... Some dresses wont fit in that area, they will at the very top and bottom, but there is a middle ...
    2 Style 41
  216. How do I get rid of a clear vaginal liquid that leaks often?
    It started with my period at the age of 13 and as carried out for a year. I am forteen and the leakage has gotten worse. It is a smelly substance.
    3 Health 81
  217. Vaginal Infection
    Hi all...Its awkward to talk about this but did anyone used Vaginal tablets? If yes, I want to discuss something...I am using them now.last night I used one. have another 6 to use. Please post your comments. Thnks
    4 Health 71
  218. How to girls shave their vaginal hair?
    I asked my friends how to shave and they say the nicker line and I was like ok because I didnt want to look stupid. what is the nickerline? how do you know which bits to shave? help thanks
    4 Relationships 336
  219. anyone agree with grey area?
    well I used to think everything was black and white, good and bad if you will. But now I see that there is a mixing of both.. a gray area. If you look into anything and everything I think you will find a little bit of both. Any opinions?
    2 Entertainment 12
  220. Does Anyone Know When Katy Perry Plans On Going On Tour Around The Toronto Area?
    Im A Huge Fan And I Didnt Get The Chance To Go To Her Last Tour. ;(. So Im Hoping To Go To Her Next One.
    2 Music 6
  221. How to Train a dog to use the bathroom in one area outside?
    I just moved into a house that has a pool and lots of side walk area. It has a patch of dirt in the back of the yard and my dogs just use the restroom right on the sidewalk! Help! Is there something I can do to help them always go to that area!
    3 Pets 36
  222. What is the surface area of a cube?
    I need to know how to find the surface area of a cube ,and I also needed to ask a nother question about this its a cube an the numbes around it say 4cm 4cm an 4cm around differnet sides and the question tells me that I need to find the syrface area .an...
    2 Education 69
  223. How long after vaginal distress do you have your first period?
    I have this white/clear jelly stuff oming out my soon after this do you think I will start my period?my boobs are geting bigger,im getting taller ect.
    2 Health 75
  224. Weird feelings in your bladder area?
    Ok this is kinda weird, but I was wondering, whenever I have my period I have a weird feeling in my bladder, v$%ina area. It's like something is going out of it, I know blood is, but I don't like miving when it's happening. Anyone have any ideas what i...
    3 Health 79
  225. Seattle area statuary store that sells Baphomet?
    I have been looking in the Seattle area for a statuary store that sells Baphomet, but I cannot find any! I can't go into the U-District because all of the creepy guys. Does anyone know of a seattle store that would sell him? Or an online store that's ...
    3 Shopping 19
  226. What do you think of schools in your area?
    We keep hearing about how bad American public schools are, but there is data to suggest it's not a national problem, more of a local problem. So whether it's suburban schools, inner city schools, or private schools, how do would you say the level of K...
    10 Education 24
  227. brownish vaginal discharge before period?
    why do I have thick brownish discharge? It's like having a period before my period. I suffer from leg cramps, heavy bloating, extreme fatigue,depression and a thick,brownish discharge for three to four days before I actually get my period. Please advise.
    30 Health 10949
  228. Vaginal irritation
    whenever I have unprotected vagina gets irritated. I think this is because the ph of the mans thing throws off the one in the vagina an irritates it because I am very sensitive the inside is clean and I have no discharge but the outside is sw...
    4 Sex 111
  229. how can i get rid of razor bumps in the bikini area?
    I've tried Bikini Zone but it burns like hell. I read that you should switch razors frequently nd use shaving gel..has anyone tried Bump Patrol??
    5 Style 122
  230. A bubble thats about to pop!
    I need like an online therapist I can talk to because I got all this anger and sadness and me and im about to burst I need someone to talk to, do you know who I can talk to online, or where I could go, I need to message someone ,tell them everything th...
    4 General 24
  231. How can I find animal shelters, pounds, etc... where I can get a puppy from in my area?
    I want to get a puppy, but I have no idea where I can get one. I've been to one animal shelter, but they only had 4 dogs, and they were all huge. I am looking for a small puppy. I've looked in the phone book, but I can't find anything. :/ How c...
    7 Pets 36
  232. Blood bumps on the outside of the vagina area
    I have on the outside of the vagina area. Little red bumps. Very small they have blood in them. They do not hurt. If I pick with one it bleeds and will not stop for a long time, like a vessel. Otherwise they do not bother me. Just very ugly. About 30 o...
    5 Health 321
  233. Is there still a spencer's giftstore in your area?
    They took all of the spencer's store out of sacramento that I know of pretty much. I'm so upset because that's like the main reason why I'd visit the mall. That store is hilarious & is full of surprises. With good price! Did they take all the stores ou...
    7 Shopping 16
  234. Vaginal itching before menstruation?
    Vaginal itching before menstruation? I have had this problem for years. I just figured it was normal. No matter what I do I itch. I wash with water twice daily to try and avoid the itch, but it seems unavoidable. This happens every month around tha...
    5 Health 4660
  235. Vaginal Bump
    I just had sex with my boyfriend and now I have a bump in between my lips fro my vagina mylabia minoria is swollen and I dont know why is it because he sucked on it too hard or because we had sex doggystyle I dont know what it is but its stings every t...
    3 Sex 181
  236. What is the area of the rectangle?
    Please help my little sister with her algebra homework!!!! A garden is 12metres long and x metres wide. It consists of a path 2metres wide round a central rectangular grass area. Make a sketch and find an expression with brackets for the area of the p...
    2 General 11
  237. Shaving gentilal area... Please help.
    I shaved around my pubic area about 3 days ago. It got really itchy and redans it also burned . but today there are little zit-like things everywere down there and they have pus in them. Is this normal? Please help.
    5 Style 434
  238. Bubble feeling
    hay I've had these bubble feeling in my tummy is that a symtom of beeing pregnant ? and I had sex like to weeks ago n I finished mi period and then had sex the like a few days later I got this brown color bleeding can any 1 help me or does any 1 no ...
    4 Sex 50
  239. VaGiNaL DiScHaRgE
    ahh, I am really scared. I have this gooey stuff in my vagina every time I go to the bathroom. I am worried. Some people say it is vaginal discharge...but what is that? when I woke up this morning, it was on my underwear and it was yellow. but otherwis...
    9 Health 121
  240. What are these bumps on my vaginal wall?
    im a virgin and sometimes i get bumbs on the inside of my lips. it can't be an STD but i just dont know what it is. the bumb is sort of hard but i only feel it when i touch it, and only when i touch it is that it gets itchy sometimes. i dont know what ...
    2 Health 26
  241. What is wrong if I've been vaginally bleeding for a month non-stop?
    I've had bleeding for around 3 weeks non-stop. I am on birth control and have been the whole time, even when I miss it I make sure to use a type of protection. What could it be?
    4 Health 73
  242. vaginal discharge question
    ok, this is a little embarrassing but I've noticed that the discharge in my underwear has gotten almost sticky looking. it's either clear or white so there's no color change and there's no odd smell. is there still something I should worry about?
    4 Health 2700
  243. Bubble Gum Is Gross.
    Before you read this I aint a poser. Never was. Never will be. Never want to be. So if your going to talk sh*t then get off this now. My question is... What ideas do you have for scene eye makeup. I need pictures not tutorials or just words. P...
    2 Style 34
  244. Vaginal issues
    My vaginal lips, or whatever you call them are pretty large, the are thin, like they are sposed 2 be, but they are really long and wide. I know this sounds wierd but I've looked at pictures of vaginas on wikipedia to see what they are sposed 2 look lik...
    3 Health 81
  245. What the best site for buying a used car in the area of new york ?
    Im a junior in high school and I dont have my parents support on gettin a car and I need to buy one on my own so whats the best website for used good vehiles in the cortlandt manor / mohegan lake area in new york ?
    3 Shopping 16
  246. What do sores inside the vagina area mean?
    My best friend of 6 years told me that shecheate on her husband of 7 years on now she has sores on the inside of her vagina area. She said that it burns when she pees. She doen't have an std or anything like that. But can someone tell me what to tell h...
    2 Health 87
  247. a lump in pubic area
    23 yr old female, with a lump in pubic hair area. it is round and regular, soft to form in consistency, about 1 - 2 cm diamater in size, painless, with pus and bloody discharge, reddish in color, and attached to skin. what can it be???
    2 Health 1126
  248. Bubble in earlobe
    Well liike 2 months ago I was in the shower And I touched my ear and I fellt a ball insiide My ear lobe I told my mom and she said its a bugbite it will go away Soo its been two months im scared!!
    4 Health 333
  249. vaginal problem..need help!!!
    my girl friend had a deep red discharge this week...not menses and it also didnt look like blood also had no 3 days it stopped...we had sex last there something wrong???
    2 Sex 35
  250. Is clear vaginal discharge normal when pregnant?
    Hi all again! I am having a blood test next week to confirm pregnancy. The consensus is that I am... However, I am experiencing quite a lot of clear viginal discharge throughout the day and night for around 3-4 weeks now. Normal?
    5 Health 857