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  1. whats a bouncer
    4 General 65
  2. Who approves of underage drinking?
    What do you think of underage drinking
    6 General 30
  3. Do clubs hire female bouncers?
    4 Money 46
  4. Someone you know smokes and there underage should you tell?
    If someone you know smokes and there underage should you tell?
    10 Health 60
  5. Do you believe underage drinking has doubled since the 90's?
    11 General 25
  6. how to get cigarretes underage without askin friends?
    3 Health 46
  7. can underage get tickets and watch movies tagged as adult
    can underage get tickets and watch movies tagged as adult
    3 Entertainment 39
  8. Think the china gymnastic women's team has underage girls?
    Do you think the china gymnastic women's team has underage girls?
    2 Sports 46
  9. If the parents are underage, who has rights to take a baby?
    17 & 16 have a baby who has the rights to take the baby home
    3 Family 42
  10. underage drinking
    im 18 years old is it illegal to drink in the privacy of my own home
    2 General 17
  11. Is it legal to give alcohol to an underage spouse?
    can a 21 yr old give alcohol to an 18 yr old spouse in georgia?
    4 Family 84
  12. Will diet pills harm someone who is underage?
    What would happen if somebody underage took diet pills? I'm not planning to do it- I'm just curious.
    6 Health 167
  13. underage drinking tickets
    what are the cost of underage drinking tickets for your first, second and third offence? and how much is to get throw into detox?
    2 General 55
  14. how can I move out underage?
    how can I move out and be able to go to school and able to pay my apartment because I dont get along with my family
    2 Family 56
  15. Are people overage not allowed to talk to people underage?
    I understand that they are underage and that they could get in trouble if they have sexual intercourse or dating... but are they not even allowed to talk to them?
    17 Sex 95
  16. could they arrest you for underage drinking?
    If you were to get drunk in a country where the drinking limit is under 21, and went to the states and were still over the limit, could they arrest you for underage drinking even though you did not do the drinking in the states.
    9 Politics 158
  17. Underage in the US
    Hey, im 18 and from Australia and am planning on going to the US soon, just wondering how hard it is for Under 21's to get into clubs and bars etc?
    5 Travel 19
  18. Where to get a piercing underage in Southern California?
    What's a good place where I can get my navel/ tongue pierced in So. Cal? It has to be a place where they will pierce me even though I'm not 16 yet. Thank you!
    2 Style 59
  19. underage
    im 13 and my fiance and I are thinkn bout a baby I don't know what to do we are thinking a few years not like now young moms run in my family help me
    8 Relationships 51
  20. Cna you get your belly button peirced underage with a friend that I
    Can you get your belly button peirced underage with a friend that is 18? Dont be like oh dont do it blah blah I dont care what you have to say. Im 17 and I reallly want it done now...
    4 Relationships 59
  21. Can I get in trouble for buying them alcohol if I'm underage too?
    I'm 15 my friends who are like 17 who can't buy things like achool and other things who can't get suvered for it, however I can because most people think I'm 18, can I get in toblle for buying them it?
    8 Shopping 61
  22. Where can I get a piercing underage in Camden?
    are there any places in camden where I can get ma belly button pierced without an adult or fake id>? im 13 and I relly want to get mine done fankoo...x
    2 Style 87
  23. Would you ever provide alcohol for your underage child?
    What if they were going through a really hard time, or they just wanted to try it. What if they we're 18-20...and the legal drinking age was 21? Or, if they were 16-17, and the legal drinking age was 18?
    19 Family 65
  24. tattooing underage
    If a sixteen year old girl went to a tattoo palour with her boyfriend who is 25, would she be able to get a tatoo with her ''adult" friend present? It's not me who wants one, it is my sister. Btw - it's in Brisbane
    6 Style 106
  25. underaged drinking /
    hey, I am not a big drinker.. I am underaged.. I dont drink. but last night I did.. I got a lil drunk.. but as the night went one I sobered up. I have a doctors appointment today. I have to get my finger pricked to test iron or something.. is there ...
    6 Health 27
  26. Can I move out if I am underage and I have a place to go?
    I am only 14 and my dad and I dont get along at all. I want to move out and my boyfriend's parents will let me live with them, but can I? We talk about getting married and everything. I am a good student I get good grades I already have scholorships...
    17 Family 1112
  27. Leave underage.
    17 and residing in WV. if I left with only 1.5 months til my 18th birthday to another state with a 24 year old guy.. What cld my parents do about it? What kind of charges ect, any advice on how to get away with it?
    5 Family 20
  28. What happens, underage, clinic, morning after pill?
    Basically, me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex, and he came inside me, its the first (and last) time I do it unprotected, normally im sensible because I know I wouldnt cope with a child or pregnancy, but gave in this one time, but what I want to kn...
    4 Sex 48
  29. What would happen if i got a tatto underage?
    This is quite random + would be illegal at any age for me. But say you were allowed to get a tattoo in a different country at a younger age (your age) but you couldn't in your hometown, you got a tattoo on holiday what would happen if you got back home...
    3 Style 56
  30. Is it bad to look up porn when underage?
    I scared my friend marco with this crazy lie about porn. He was surfing the web for porno and he's only 15. just earlier he was looking at some , I told him " hey you can go to jail for looking at porn when your not 18 years or older, you could do li...
    3 Relationships 42
  31. What if I think he's hot but I'm underage?
    k, so this guy asked me out. he is really hott. but the problem is i dont know him at all. o and im under age. when he asked me out i said that i couldnt and i kinda felt like i blew him off a bit cause when he asked me i was on the phone. he just kind...
    4 Relationships 65
  32. How can my fiance and I get married underage?
    I am 16 years old and I am pregnant. I know I can get married without my parents consent because I've already looked it up and I live in Ga. but I want to know if my fiance can get married without his parents consent. He is 17 and we want to get marrie...
    3 Relationships 49
  33. Does moderate underaged drinking cause permanent brain damage?
    my question isn't why does it they made me put why first... but does MODERATE underage drinking cause permanent brain damage?? I've heard every time you drink if you're underage it makes you more stupid and I want to know if thats true because I'm 16 a...
    5 Health 252
  34. Is it illegal to smoke in public underage?
    Is it illegal to smoke in public underage? I'm 14 and about to be 15 and I've only smoked like 5 cigarettes in my life and me and my friends were walking around this place and smoking cause thats the only time I would do it and a undercover cop comes u...
    3 Health 96
  35. Im trying to get into a club 2 years underage
    Errm yeah, this saturday a load of my friends are going out into town to the clubs for one of my friends birthdays. Who im going with are mostly 17 and I am 16. We will be going in a group of about 15 and so I was just wondering if anyone had any tips ...
    25 General 1421
  36. underaged drunking??? =(
    My ex boyfriend told me he hooked up with a guy when he was drunk the other night. HES 12! I just realized these past couple weeeks thats a bunch of kids in my grade drink!!! What are these kids doing with their lives? It makes me want to cry to think ...
    8 Relationships 20
  37. Pregant and UnderAge
    Hi I am 13 year old and I had sex 2 days ago. I wanted to know how do you know if you are pregnant. I've gain about 4 pounds. I started my period 3 weeks ago. But if next week comes and if I dont start my period would that mean Im pregant. I've been ha...
    9 Sex 263
  38. Abusive parents
    How to move out if you are underage and you parents are abusive
    5 Family 23
  39. How to look older/fool club bouncer?
    I've been invited to a friend's party at a club; I'm 15, but I've always hung around older people simply because their lifestyle seems to draw me in. I've been told I look older than I am, but bouncers are meant to recognise these features and I'm just...
    5 Entertainment 297
  40. Underage drinking
    Okay so...this has been bugging me for a while. There are these girls who go out every weekend and drink. The other day one of them was gathering money to go and get a keg for a party. Now, call me crazy...but the last time I checked she was seventeen ...
    7 General 41
  41. underage pregnancy
    I am 15, I had sex with my ex girl friend and we split-up a week later. a month after that she told me that she was pregnant and he was going to be called luka. I have a new girl friend now and im going to tell her tomorow about my unborn son. if she t...
    2 Sex 50
  42. What should me and my girlfriend do about underage sex?
    I am 19 andmy girlfriend is 15. We live in California. I was recently arressted because she is pregnant. I have court on march the 9th. I don't know what to do so that I don't have to spend time in jail and away from my girlfriend and my soon to be bor...
    5 Sex 49
  43. Should I risk my life to save underage sex girls overseas?
    17 Sex 44
  44. Is Sarah Palin's underage daughter drinking alcholol an issue?
    So it came out that her daughter was drinking alcohol in some pictures she'd posted on the net. At 17, that's highly illegal in all 50 states. Yep, I know, it's not politics. But watching the RNC last night & listening to Fred Thompson claim that she ...
    28 Politics 142
  45. Underage Dating, but only by one year
    im 17 and I really like someone that is 18. I want to start dating him but my mom says no because he is 18 and that means hes trying to date an underaged girl. we are talking one year difference!!! I was recently dating a guy that just graduated also,...
    3 Relationships 18
  46. When can you drive in your country?
    What do you think about underage driving ?? Have you done it ?? When is it legal for you to start driving in your country ??
    5 Politics 18
  47. At what age did you start smoking?
    Im just many underage smokers are there
    12 Health 116
  48. underages girls at Olympics?
    anyone else wondering about this/ apparently the girls gymnastics team is made up of a few underage 12 and 13 year olds... now I've done a bit of research, and found out their birth years changed a few times in different sources...a ...
    2 Relationships 54
  49. Good nick name for funny teacher??
    Ok so their is this teacher who bounces when he walks... I am trying to think of a funny name for him. Like, bunny bouncer... Or... Bouncer.. I dont know do you liek those? Please tell me your ideas!!!
    4 Education 14
  50. What would the police do if they caught someone...
    underage drinking alcohol with their friends on the street. Thanks x
    3 General 20
  51. How to get rid of it if I'm pregnant?
    I think im pregnant, but im underage. I want to get rid of it! Is there a pill or anything that I can get ahold of to get rid of it?
    15 Health 377
  52. How come people on TV can admit to drug use and not be penalized?
    Such as underage drinking or use of narcotics in shows. Just wondering.
    3 Drugs 23
  53. 15 and pregnant
    im 15 and pregnant and my step dad said that he is going to make me give up my baby after birth cus I am underage and I am scared is this true
    11 Family 35
  54. Is 4months too young to put my child in a highchair
    my daughter is 4months old and gets board sitting in her bouncer on de ground is it ok to put her in a highchair once she's well straped in?
    4 Babies 55
  55. where can I go drinkin
    wheres the best place to go drinking with my (underage) friends?without gettin caught by parents cops etc.and no free houses
    11 Relationships 35
  56. How do I get drugs or cigarettes?
    hey where do I get drugs? I CANNOT FIND THEM ANYWHERE!! like where do people get a hold of this stuff, I dont ever see people selling it on the streets! So where do I get it? Or how do I get cigarettes underage?
    13 Drugs 428
  57. Can anyone view the mature questions section?
    This just occurred to me, I've never been underage on this site so I don't know. Is there an age restriction on the mature sections? Can anyone view them? If so, would it be a better idea to change it so that there is an age restriction, or leave it as...
    5 Funadvice 25
  58. How can I get into a club that is 18+?
    The title pretty much says it all. I'm 17 but friends with lots of 18 year olds. This Thursday everyone's going clubbing, problem is I'm only 17. However quite a lot of underage people have gotten in before. Wondering if anyone has any quick tips on ho...
    3 General 93
  59. Is there a loophole so I can move out at 17?
    Is it possible to move out at 17? I have a job and go to school and wish to keep going to school and on to college! Is it possible to move out when 17 if I have a steady income , a house to live in and still going to school? I really hope that there i...
    3 Family 73
  60. What do you think of this new Louisiana law about cellphone use while driving?
    It was just passed that texting while driving is illegal (i agree with this), and that talking on a cellphone while driving is illegal if your under the age of 18. Im just curious as to how they will enforce this...i look younger than 18, they can just...
    11 Politics 40
  61. how can i get my mom to stop stealing?
    she knows my whole family social security and she has been taking money from my family. every time i talk to her she yells at me and im underage but my either family knows she steals but they haven't lock her up because of my sake but i just want her t...
    3 Family 32
  62. Sex related adverts on TV. Do you think it should be banned?
    I hate all the s*x related stuff on TV its getting really annoying, like those averts saying " text 'FLIRT' to get hot pictures" (I pity anyone who does) there on every channel and theres always about 3 or 4 of them shown in a row , also a lot of under...
    11 Sex 75
  63. How to get the abortion pill or abortion free?
    A really close friend of mine thinks she might be pregnant, and im not quite sure how to answer her question. Can an underage girl get an abortion (preferrably the abortion pill) for free if they cannot tell their parents? Would they be able to lower t...
    11 Health 891
  64. Why would anybody make a big deal about Edgar Allan Poe marrying his cousin Virginia?
    I mean, I think nobody knew about it at that time even if she was underage, because it could never have done that now with the paparazzies and the laws. What do you think? Tell me please thank you. By the way Poe rules.
    6 Literature 39
  65. Yet another republican scandal involving children
    Brown County GOP Chairman Donald Fleischman has resigned his post, following allegations that he fondled an underage boy. Forgive me, I'm not keeping track very well. How many republican leaders now have turned out to be criminal scum?
    5 Politics 10
  66. Good places for hidden tattoos?
    So I have been really wanting a tattoo and I have a friend that does thema and I totally trust and I have seen his work and I've been dying to get one but im still underaged and my parents would flip if they found it. Wheres a good place to get one whe...
    2 Style 82
  67. What does the Bible say about dating older people?
    What does the Bible say about being in a relationship or marrying someone who is slightly older or younger? I DO know that dating or having a sexual relationship with an underage person can be considered pedophilia, but say what if both partners are of...
    9 Sex 528
  68. Can you bring cigarettes on a plane?
    Security regulations keep changing so im confused about what exactly you can and can't do. Lots of people say that you can take it as carry-on or checked luggage, but last time i was told that my mum had to pay for the carton she had in her checked lug...
    5 Travel 64
  69. Underage wanting to move out
    I am about to be 15 years old and I want to move out... I know I'm very young and no I'm not physically abused... I think? I get hit every week but not to the point of any real injury and only when they think I've done something bad but it can get pre...
    7 Family 120
  70. Unprotected sex ! Help!
    I am 14. And I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend 2 days ago,he did not pullout and he cummed in me twice but I was not on my period. I do not want my parents knowing, and I need to take a pregnancy test, but how as I am underage and I deffinately d...
    9 Sex 42
  71. Can I can pierce my hips safely without purchasing the equiptment?
    Im dying to get my hips pierced! buut my parents WILL NOT let me get ANY piercings. I dont have a job. So I dont wanna have to spend too much money. im also underage so I cant have someone sign for me. Do I have to use a hollow needle? and where could ...
    8 Style 194
  72. Do you think it's right for someone to be charged with statutory if the other person lied about their age?
    Say there was a 16 year old, and a 21 year old. The 16 year old told the 21 year old he/she was 19. They get in a relationship, and later have sex. Later, the 21 year old says he/she doesn't think it's going to work out. So, they break up. The 16 y...
    7 Sex 15
  73. What should we do for prom night?
    I'm totally not into the whole "Oh it's prom! Its the night to have sex/ lose virginity" kinda thing. What kind of things can we do? it ends at 11, and well, I am underage, he is of age, were both broke and my parents are quite strict about boys althou...
    3 Sex 46
  74. Sex advice.
    K. So, im 13 and my boyfriend is 14 [about to be 15]. I really want 2 do somethin sexual w/ him without going all the way (like fingering, oral..) but the thing is...I dont know how 2 ask him w/out him thinkin im a bad person. And I dont want to get ca...
    7 Sex 9
  75. How do I make sure the modelling agency isn't a scam?
    I went to the Eaton Centre with my friend today, and this man came up to me and gave me his business card. He said that I had potential to be a model and that I should come visit the studio, and bring my parent along since I'm underage. I visited the w...
    3 Money 17
  76. Fun things to do over summer?
    I normally have very boring summers but I want this one to be very fun and exciting!! so I need a "summer bucket list"(things I HAVE to complete before summer ends) I'm underage but I wanna do things I've never done, fun things though such as "throw a ...
    4 Entertainment 43
  77. Would you read it?
    Well, im kinda of a writer and I just want to know if anyone will read this novel if I published it. I know you are tired of people asking these questions but this is really my dream and I like to see our people opinions. Ok, the story bout how a nice ...
    5 Literature 11
  78. View Private Profiles: Myspace
    I was sexually assaulted February 1st and the guy keeps moving around so we have yet to capture him or even get him served the protection order papers. He has been talking to several young girls (UNDERAGE, and he's TWENTY SEVEN) on myspace who have pri...
    2 Sex 90
  79. When did you get your first bra??
    When did you get it? How old were you? Did you tell your mum? I got my first "Bra" today. well, a crop top, but I needed one for ages. it felt good to be picking up awesome crop tops. my mum wanted me to start off easy, so we brought the ones with...
    15 Shopping 139
  80. pregnant and confused
    Hi im about one and a half month pregnant and boyfriend knows about it.He thinks I should get an abortion because having a baby right now is not the best decision in our life.I sort of agree with him but at the same time I want to keep this mea...
    12 Family 12
  81. Protecting a small network
    We have a network of four computers in one room at our mobile home park. Three of us have admin rights via a password, and everyone else logs on as guest. How do we prevent unknown individuals (underage, we believe) from d/l objectionable images? We...
    3 Technology 56
  82. Friends before fun mail, should it be optional, or what?
    So we added a feature the other day where you can't fun mail somebody unless you're on their friend list...however, I've already read a few comments that indicated people weren't happy about this added bit of "protection". So, how should it work? As an...
    7 Funadvice 13
  83. So why aren't we nailing Foley to the wall?
    You know, the Republican who checked himself into an alcohol abuse treatment center after he was confirmed to have propositioned page boys in the senate. Now...if it was me, I'd be after him with a baseball bat for messing with my kids. I'm sure many ...
    3 Politics 13
  84. I want a baby , mature responses please
    im 15 and wanted a baby since I was 13 I have been with my boyfriend over a year and we have had sex once without any contraception we were bot planning for a baby and I did not end up pregnant , my boyfriend is 17 he wants kids with me but not till ...
    17 Sex 68
  85. What happens if an 18 year old boy gets a 15 year old girl pregnant in Scotland?
    I am writing an essay about underage pregnancies in the UK but mostly in Scotland. I know a few girls that got pregnant when they were under 16 and none of the boys got charged or went to jail, so I've got a question: What would happen if an 18 year ol...
    7 Relationships 509
  86. Am I pregnant and what do I do?
    A little more than 3 months ago, me and my boyfriend had sex. Well we done it in the other place...and he pulled it out too soon and i got all over me if you know what i mean. Well I am 3 months late on my period, i have been filling sick and all my pr...
    7 Sex 27
  87. Why do I like doing things I shouldnt?
    I have just gotten into a realationship, it's not your average realationship. Its a darker and more deeper realationship I have told him I'm a few years older than my real age ,I'm scared of telling him my age, my real age. He is older than me, for the...
    2 Relationships 22
  88. Worried love
    okay, well I just want to knownif anyone can help me out with this Me and my boyfriend have been going out for a week but I was with him for four months before he dumped me, but got back toggetheir well my problem is ok I do trust him but I can't he...
    3 Sex 25
  89. Am I the only person who hates Jefree star?
    I don't get him. Seriously. I don't have anything against drag queens - hell, my favourite band is the frankenstein drag queens from planet 13! - but I don't see the appeal of a disgusting man in a mini-dress, who is promoting self harm, underage sex, ...
    8 Sex 295
  90. How do I get alcohol to stop my cravings?
    im not 21 yet I have 8 years to go but me and my friend had a few drinks one time adn tehy were really really good. and then at my friends sisters college graduation we took some stuff from the bar and it tasted really good to. I was wondering where oy...
    4 Health 44
  91. How to know if it's a UTI or pregnancy without going to doctor?
    Ok so, me and my boyfriend sometimes have unprotected sex and he pulls out when he's close and it's all been fine for months now but three days ago he pulled out really late and he came almost immedately after and I got scared that some may have gone i...
    7 Sex 90
  92. Can he go to jail if we have sex?
    ok in south carolina im not sure what the age is for sex. but could my boyfriend go too jail if im underage & he is 17 ? or does it depend on my mom's choice ? I've heard as long as nobody press charges than he can't go too jail. but if they do then he...
    5 Sex 56
  93. illegal piercing even with a parent?
    hey . I live in the southern New Jersey area. im 14 and I can pass as 16 on my better days lol. my mom agreed to let me get a belly button piercing if we can find a place that allows it since im underage. she said that in not 18 so no piercer will do ...
    6 Style 103
  94. Why do I look young?
    Whenever someone finds out my age (I'll be 24 on the 10th June) they seem really surprised because they say I look a lot younger. When I go clubbing the bouncers let my friends in no dramas, but they scrutinise my I.D and often ask for another form of ...
    14 Style 83
  95. What do I need to have a baby
    Okay so I am pregnant with my third baby but I need some help with items needed. So here it is this is what I got, Am I missing anything? ~ Bottles ~ Bibs ~ Toys ~ Changing Table ~ Car seat ~ Stroller ~ High Chair ~ Bassinet ~ Crib ~ Play Yard ~ Swing...
    8 Babies 45
  96. Going on a plane?
    Ok so here's the deal I want to go to texas to visit my girlfriend and well I looked at the flights and they went from 321 down to 274 and I'm like great and I showed my mom and said I can't go b/c she's afraid I'll get killed or something.She over exa...
    3 Travel 50
  97. Is it wierd to be sixteen and still getting an allowance, rather than just getting a job?
    i had jobs at 1 point but they were all really gross, and i moved alot and my mom doesnt like me doing those jobs because they are gross. so i was gonna wait till im 18 so i can get a better job instead of fast food restaurants and i want to be a pierc...
    20 Money 30
  98. Tattoo- Knuckles/ Lower Back/ Side Of Wrist ? x
    Okay, at the moment I'm still underage for tattoos, but I've been wanting to get a few for years. For starters, I wanted to get a small MM. [For Marilyn Manson] on the side of my left hand, it would be pretty small, and near my wrist on the side my thu...
    2 Style 162
  99. amount of cocaine over that amount of time
    I have been living on my own since I was 16 after my mother passed away, and have lived a relatively productive life, though I did begin smoking pot and drinking soon after I was kicked to the curb. I graduated high school, joined the Air Force - got ...
    4 Drugs 64
  100. I am very close to my sister
    hi, I'm going to start out and I know most of you are going to simply reply with "oh my god that's nasty and sicK". please save yourself, I don't care what our opinions are in that regard. now then: my younger sister and I have always had a very strong...
    8 Family 104
  101. Your thoughts/opinions & advice please
    Well im not sure on how to ask this one. but basically im kind of with this guy, although officially we're not going out. his coming round to my house on friday after I've finished school. we decided over christmas to have sex & although we might no...
    3 Sex 17
  102. My Boyfriend Watched My Sister Give A Blowjob - I'm Disgusted!
    My boyfriend watched my sister give his friend a blowjob and I'm still disgusted with him about it. I can't forget it. The other night, we all had a drink and my sister was drunk. She said she would give my boyfriend's friend a blowjob. His friend s...
    4 Sex 3298
  103. what do I do when my family is falling apart?
    today is probably one of the worst days of my life, school was fine then when im walking inside I smell somthing wierd and my mom came inside too but she ussually dosnt b.c. she needs to go to work. but then I asked do you smell that? and then I relize...
    8 Family 58
  104. Fearful agnostic with religious pressure...?
    I'm in a bit of a position. My family and society are uber-religious- and it's not like they're Christians, whose members at least live in (generally) normal society. No, my family are such that they live in like a 'bubble' of orthodox life. Consequent...
    12 Religion 56
  105. How can I help my living environment?
    Hello, Last time I had a problem, it was my sister being a 1st class bully BIG TIME! Now I realize that it's because of my parents. About 2 months ago, my sister left a friend's house to go to another friend's house without a phone and never told ...
    9 Sex 31
  106. How do I deal with my teenage children being involved in gangs?
    I have four children between the ages of 14 and 17 all living at home with me- Leyland- 17, Riley- 16, Dustin- 15 and Jared- 14.. I am a single parent and often struggle with the raging hormones of the teenage years, as well as having four younger chil...
    19 Family 30
  107. Do I get back with my girlfriend fully?
    Hey, me and my girlfriend have been together for a year and a half, things were going so great, but we started arguing a lot while drunk and it was mostly my fault because I tend to dwell on things to much and make them worse than they are! Well we wer...
    4 Sex 18
  108. I would like to hear comments on something I am doing
    Recently I got a message from a guy who was offering money for pictures. He was mostly looking for locals he is learning photography and loves to photograph women...a regual guy thing LOL. Ok so anway What caught my eye is 1. His email was not rude or ...
    13 Sex 33