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Blood clot gushing childbirth

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  1. Blood Clots?
    Is it possible you can have a blood clot in your foot?
    6 Health 108
  2. Does milk have blood in it?
    8 Health 68
  3. What would be a simple outline of blood clotting?
    5 Science 22
  4. What do i do when i jammed my finger and there is a little blood clot on it?
    4 Health 50
  5. How can I tell if I am a blood or a crip?
    How can I tell if I am a blood or a crip?
    5 General 182
  6. Is blood vomit dangerous??
    Is blood vomit dangerous??
    2 Health 65
  7. How old do you have to be to give blood?
    How old do you have to be to give blood?
    7 Health 93
  8. True blood.
    How do you think about true blood?
    2 Entertainment 14
  9. Does my blood taste sweet?
    Does my blood taste sweet?
    9 Health 1565
  10. Are blood clots all dangerous?
    Is there a blood clot that is not so dangerous and may easier to dissolve ?
    3 Health 242
  11. what are the clumps of blood in my period?
    2 Health 172
  12. what is the most common blood type??
    7 Health 21
  13. is it normal for blood to be out a cavity?
    3 Health 47
  14. What are the symptoms of a blood infection?
    2 Health 33
  15. How do you get blood out of a couch?
    12 Homegarden 64
  16. Do blood tests hurt?
    10 Health 76
  17. Why don't blood cells have a nucleus?
    3 Science 20
  18. WHAT if u had jello as blood?
    68 Health 62
  19. Why does my period blood come out in like.. clots?
    Is it supposed to? Like.. Here and there a clot will come out..
    7 Health 141
  20. what are some of the most unique / rare blood types?
    what are some of the most unique blood types?
    4 Health 69
  21. Tears of blood...
    What does it mean if you cry tears of blood?
    4 General 35
  22. Can you pass a blood test for THC?
    Can you pass a blood test for thc and how
    2 Health 99
  23. Donate Blood
    Do you donate blood or ever think about donating ?
    7 Health 42
  24. Giving blood
    Can you give blood if you did drugs the day before?
    4 Health 27
  25. How much money for donating blood?
    How much money for donating blood?
    2 Money 60
  26. Why do I feel faint at the sight of blood?
    Why do I feel faint at the sight of blood?
    3 Health 62
  27. will nicotine show up in blood work?
    will nicotine show up in blood work?
    2 Health 162
  28. Full blooded?
    How can you tell if your chihuahua's are full blooded?
    2 Pets 76
  29. Is it normal to have blood clots during a period at age 13?
    large clumps of blood
    4 Health 90
  30. How can you increase blood flow all over your body?
    3 Health 22
  31. Do clots mean you're pregnant?
    2 Health 132
  32. How can I get a blood stain out of my clothes?
    13 Homegarden 40
  33. What causes high blood pressure besides stress and salt, and what can improve my blood pressure?
    3 Health 68
  34. What are normal blood sugar levels?
    2 Health 19
  35. Is it bad to cough blood?
    20 Health 37
  36. What are blood oranges and cara cara oranges used for?
    7 Food 57
  37. Can someone recover if they have poision in their blood?
    3 Health 11
  38. Does it hurt to get your blood drawn?
    13 Health 78
  39. Blood in urine
    What does that mean? Does it mean your pregnant?
    4 Health 655
  40. How stupid was I to let him drink my blood ?
    50 Health 36
  41. Can dogs have certain blood types?
    4 Pets 16
  42. What kind of solution is blood to the red blood cell?
    Hypertonic, hypotonic or isotonic? And why?
    3 Health 60
  43. Can someone cry blood?
    If so, how does it happen?
    4 Health 50
  44. Bad blood Circulation and being cold
    Does having bad blood circulation cause you to be more cold? If so, Why?
    2 Health 374
  45. mean if your period blood is kinda brown?
    What does it mean if your period blood is kinda brown?
    2 Health 1142
  46. What is the highest ever recorded blood sugar?
    What is the highest ever recorded blood sugar?
    8 General 256
  47. giving blood
    Does unprotected sex disquilify you from giving blood?
    4 Sex 40
  48. Black blood
    What could it be if you bleed black blood from you vagina ?
    3 Health 95
  49. Does a little blood come when you're pregnant.
    Does a little blood come when you're pregnant.
    3 Health 196
  50. Why am I losing loads of blood clots why I am on my perid?
    I just have started my period and I am bleeding heavy and I am losing loads of blood clots is it normal?
    2 Health 270
  51. Menstrual blood color?
    What color should menstrual blood be? Mine is a weird color
    6 Health 93
  52. Blood clots
    Are blood clots the size of a golf ball normal.I pass them at least seven times a day
    2 Health 134
  53. How do you get blood stains out of your bed mattress?
    16 Homegarden 46
  54. How to treat decrease in pH levels in blood?
    3 Health 23
  55. Is it common to be extremely hungry after giving blood?
    20 Health 1877
  56. Who... does anyone on here watch true blood everytime it's on?
    7 Entertainment 7
  57. What causes high blood pressure and what happens when you have it?
    2 Health 17
  58. Who plays Eric Northman in True Blood?
    2 Entertainment 26
  59. What causes high blood pressure and cholesterol?
    4 Health 12
  60. How do you get blood out of a fabric (clothes), after it has set in?
    4 Homegarden 33
  61. What is the rarest blood type ever known and who has it?
    9 Health 42
  62. What was your pregnancy experience from the day you found out to childbirth?
    4 Family 23
  63. How to prevent hair loss after childbirth?
    this is not for me this is for my sister
    4 Style 39
  64. How much blood does someone have to lose for them to pass on?
    6 Health 17
  65. When puking what does it mean if u see blood?
    5 Health 66
  66. why is there red stuff in my semen... Is it blood or something?
    8 Health 80
  67. Do you believe there is any link between the lunar cycle and childbirths?
    2 Religion 14
  68. Does pickle juice help lower blood pressure?
    Does pickle juice help lower blood pressure
    2 Health 531
  69. My 9year old son has blood in his poo
    Why as my 9year old son got blood in his poo
    4 Babies 104
  70. What are causes for a low white blood cell count?
    What are causes for low white blood cell count
    2 Health 202
  71. What kind of magic is a blood oath?
    what kind of magick do blood oaths fall under???
    10 Religion 122
  72. Blood transfusion question.
    Why it is necessary to know blood types before a transfusion?
    5 Health 35
  73. Blood infection cure?
    Can anyone tell me the cure for blood infections..
    2 Health 26
  74. Why can't one body have two blood types?
    why cant two types of blood be in the same body
    2 Health 55
  75. Why when I go to the bathroom I whipe blood on the paper?
    Why when I go to the bathroom I whipe my a ss and blood on the paper
    4 Health 125
  76. True blood- Marryanne
    Who loves Mary anne from true blood>??? I love her!!!
    2 Entertainment 12
  77. What happens if your family member is in need of blood but your blood type is a different one; do they still expect you to share?
    5 Health 47
  78. Donation of blood even when THC is in the system??
    Okay so can someone donate blood when there is some THC in their blood?
    3 Health 136
  79. Golf: What's the blood type of Phil Mickelson?
    2 Sports 53
  80. How much blood loss would it take to faint?
    6 Health 53
  81. What's the normal blood pressure for an average young adult?
    5 Health 52
  82. Where can i watch free episodes of true blood ( season2 ) ?
    4 Entertainment 8
  83. What would you do, or how would you deal with knowing your parents are blood related?
    11 Family 18
  84. What foods or drink can lower cholesterol and blood pressure?
    4 Health 49
  85. What happenes when your sick and blood come out?
    Is it normal or should i be worried?
    8 Health 29
  86. What can happen if you don't wait the 8 weeks to donate blood again?
    14 Health 900
  87. Does RED BULL make your blood pressure go up?
    4 Health 103
  88. Can having low blood sugar make you feel nauseous?
    10 Health 55
  89. can you donate blood even if you're sick with a cold? ...
    6 Health 98
  90. What are some good replinishing things to eat after donateing blood?
    3 Health 20
  91. Do you get a new gene line if you get a blood transfusion?
    4 Health 14
  92. How do you get rid of a blood blister?
    If you can't, how long does it stay?
    9 Health 151
  93. Blood and puss filled bumps on my vaginia
    I have blood and puss filled bumps on my vaginia and I am sexual active. What is it??
    3 Sex 102
  94. period and the blood is comming out like jelly, normal?
    im on my period and the blood is comming out like jelly!! is it normal.
    7 Health 128
  95. What are these bumps filled with puss and blood in pubic area?
    I get these bumps are my pubic area filled with puss and blood. What are they?
    2 Health 547
  96. How to pass a blood test?
    How to pass a blood test for pot...the test is in august and I smoked in february
    2 Health 59
  97. Period blood brown?
    is period blood suposed to be brown when its in the pad when you go to twinkle!?
    3 Health 117
  98. On your period and you throw up blood?
    If your on your period and you throw up blood the same day is that okay? Or should I tell somone about this?
    7 Health 135
  99. What is a normal blood sugar level?
    what is considered normal blood sugar level? when should someone be concerned?
    2 Health 174
  100. Why do love bites taste like blood?
    when I give a love bite my mouth tastes of blood after... I LOVE IT, but why does it???
    7 Relationships 223
  101. How is it normal if I get blood clots during period and heavy flow?
    im 13 and I have blood clots and a heavy flow and it also soaks through when I sleep is that normal? Because im scared when it comes out and scared if its normal!
    2 Health 81
  102. How do you find out your blood type?
    Is it only by doing a blood test, and would the doctor do one just to find that out?
    7 Health 51
  103. Fasting blood sugar
    My fasting blood sugar was 134 this morning...could this just be a fluke?
    3 Nutritionfitness 29
  104. Are blood clots normal during your period?
    when I have my period I have large clumps of blood in my pad or it falls into the toilet when I take my tampon out is this normal bleeding or am I having blood clots. is this something I should talk to my doctor about?
    18 Health 1170
  105. How does blood process sugar?
    How long does it take for sugar to affect your blood sugar, and how long does the sugar stay in you blood stream?
    2 Health 35
  106. blood clots after pregnancy
    I never started having blood clots till after I had my two kids, and I have starting having them everything I have a period, and there more of them, then just a few of them durning my period should I call my doctor and talk to them bout it?
    2 Health 41
  107. How can you combat high blood pressure, besides using medication?
    3 Health 15
  108. How many fake liters of blood has hollywood thusfar used??
    2 Entertainment 24
  109. Who has read the 4th book of Vampire Academy, Blood Promise?
    2 Literature 12
  110. What would happen if you were to drink, like, a pint of someone's blood?
    9 Health 42
  111. What blood type are you?
    As usual my curiousity is coming out. I'm O+
    31 Health 29
  112. What's the best way to get blood stains out after they've dried in?
    10 Homegarden 42
  113. Does anyone like Blood On The DanceFloor?
    I was just wondering because lots of people don't like it :) So does anyone?
    19 Music 17
  114. How accurate a pregnancy test taken via blood sample?
    4 Health 43
  115. How much body weight is made up of organs, bones and blood?
    4 Health 58
  116. How do you know between implantation blood and your period?
    How do you know bettween inplantation blood and your period??? Just not the fact that its lighter...
    2 Health 2130
  117. My baby girl's blood group
    Do maby girls takes after their father's DNA or Blood group?.
    2 Family 10
  118. Can I drink alcohol after donating blood?
    I have donated blood, just a few minutes ago, Is that okay if I drink alchol now?
    5 Health 950
  119. Why did my cat poop blood?
    This morning found blood in my cats poop. She has not been sick or acting different.
    5 Pets 73
  120. Will weed show up in a blood test?
    This may sound really stupid but, does weed show up in a blood test?
    5 Health 134
  121. Fingering Blood
    When I finger myself, a foul smelling blood comes out, and this has never happened before, what's wrong?
    2 Health 229
  122. Does blood tests hert
    Hey I am really scard because I am going to have my blood tested does it hert really bad
    5 Health 16
  123. clean blood
    how long dose it take for your blood to clear up from smokin weed
    4 Health 49
  124. On my period and strangely my blood is like brown
    I've just come on my period and strangely my blood is like brown :s help!
    2 Health 70
  125. What are some side affects to low blood sugar?
    Also, What can make you have it? And what can low blood sugar cause?
    3 Health 22
  126. Doctor able to tell if she was pregnant from her blood test?
    If a pregnant women had a blood test, would the doctor be able to tell if she was pregnant just from her blood results?
    6 Health 89
  127. What would happen if a vampire sucked the blood of an HIV positive person?
    13 General 75
  128. When does season two spartacus blood and sand start?
    This series is awsome.
    5 Entertainment 15
  129. How long has Blood on the Dance Floor and Jeffree Star been around?
    And how old are they?
    4 Music 36
  130. Why is my blood dark red(like maroon) on the very first day of my period?
    3 Health 86
  131. When wearing headphones, are you supposed to hear the blood flowing through or around your ears?
    6 Health 3110
  132. Really boils my blood when a person passes away for no reason :/
    2 Health 10
  133. how do i get blood off a pillow case?
    i had a bad bloody nose when i was sleeping
    5 Homegarden 70
  134. Is true blood a good film or should i change the channel?
    6 Entertainment 7
  135. Who do you think sookie should end up with on True Blood?
    2 Entertainment 9
  136. How to know if my virgin blood still exists or not without going to the doctor?
    7 Health 336
  137. about periods.. how thick is the blood meant to be???
    with periods how long does the period last on average? and how thick is the blood? and what colour is it?
    2 Health 40
  138. What is a blood?
    Okay this my promble my boyfriend is a goon I'm a blood ..but I don't know what a goon is pleaze help
    2 General 38
  139. Blue Bloods
    When is the fourth book in the Blue Bloods series "The Van Allen Legacy" coming out?
    3 Literature 12
  140. Blood spots
    I have these two blood spots/warts in the groin of my leg, when I rub them they bleed and after a while they smell?
    2 Health 107
  141. How can you tell if your ear is blood poison?
    Ear is swollen and red is it blood poison and when to go doctor I pierced my own ear and it is swollen and red what do I do
    2 Health 281
  142. Can you give blood while taking iron pills?
    This may sound stupid but here we go. can you give blood while taking iron pills?
    2 Health 13
  143. Bands like Blood On The Dance Floor.
    Hey what are some bands like Blood On The Dance Floor? I know a few but I was wanting to know more :D
    4 Music 51
  144. What type of blood do demons drink???
    So what type of blood can demons drinks like can they drink humans blood or is it just demons blood or is it both lol I dono so please help me thx ^ ^
    7 Religion 423
  145. Has anyone ever been into Blood On The Dance Floor (band) or Jeffree Star's music?
    8 Music 16
  146. when is true blood season 4 starting ??
    i no its just ended but i rlly cnt wait
    2 Entertainment 38
  147. Can anybody recommend some really good Blood On The Dance Floor songs to pump you up?
    7 Music 42
  148. Is it normal to wake up with dried blood in your nostrills, a month after you get your nose pierced?
    6 Style 21
  149. When doctors take blood to look for a certain sickness like mono
    When doctors take blood to look for a certain sickness like mono, can they look for other things like drugs?
    5 Health 59
  150. What will happen to your vein when you were taken out some blood?
    Will the blood leak out of the vein? Does it quickly? Can anyone give me a video or image?
    2 Health 29
  151. How soon can a blood pregnancy test detect pregnancy?
    How soon can a blood pregnancy test detect pregnancy? I heard it was like a week into conception it can detect pregnancy is this true?
    2 Health 124
  152. Is anyone watching True Blood at the moment?
    Is anyone watching True Blood at the moment? I am and im obsessed I think its really good What do you think of it?
    3 Entertainment 9
  153. Can people have green blood?
    i saw a news article where this man in Vancouver had green blood and i wondered is this possible?
    18 Health 134
  154. How do youll thank off the new Harry Potter Move, Half Blood Prince
    How do youll thank off the new Harry Potter Move, Half Blood Perines?
    3 Entertainment 8
  155. How can I get blood stains out of bed sheets and blankets?
    How can I get blood stains out of bed sheets and blankets? I tried washing them, but it didnt help
    4 Homegarden 463
  156. Daughter is 3 years old and when she has a poo there is blood
    My daughter is 3 years old and when she has a poo there is blood and she gets cramps. I been to the doctors and the is no change.
    5 Babies 309
  157. Blood donations and eating disorders?
    If you have an eating disorder, is your blood still healthy to donate? And... Which arm do they get the blood out of? the one that you're dominant with or the other one?
    5 Health 284
  158. Why do I smell blood but theres no there?
    Sometimes I can smell blood like my nose is bleeding or about to bleed and when I blow or whip my nose there is no sign of blood soo what could it be why do I smell blood but theres no there?
    2 Health 642
  159. Blood donation information
    When you go in to donate blood, which arm do they take it from? And how long does it usually take to get all the blood they need? And what all "tests" do they have to do before they can actually take the blood?
    2 Health 22
  160. How do I stop the blood leaking threw my pants..AT SCHOOL!?
    I have school tomorrow and I'm on my period... Once I was at school on my last period and it leaked threw... How do I stop it from leaking.??
    23 Health 922
  161. Do blood tests or shots hurt more?
    which do you say is more hurtfull? blood tests? shots? how much do they hurt? tankk you all ya fans of mine.
    4 Health 173
  162. Why she had nosebleed and smell blood sometimes?
    She had a nosebleed and sometomes she told me she smell blood in her nose when she felt hot, she had serious illness?
    2 Health 57
  163. Is there a blood test that can determine ancestry?
    is there a thing where you do a blood test and they can find out who was your family member from 5 decades ago??
    4 Family 14
  164. anything similar to nickasaur or blood on the dance floor?
    Does anyone know anything similar to nickasaur! Or blood on the dance floor??? I looovveee them and need more songs
    2 Music 35
  165. Jehovah witnesses don't believe in blood transfusions?
    Is it true the Jehovah witnesses don't believe in blood transfusions? I read something about this online off their website and I was just wondering if that's true?
    11 Religion 59
  166. First to study blood splatter ?
    Who was first to study blood splatters and write a bookon it he also discovered finger print brush
    3 Science 99
  167. About selling my blood
    I want to sell my blood but 1st I want to know if its dangerous? Can I I die from it? Also how much would they give me? Do you know???
    3 Health 10
  168. what does it mean when a guy cums blood?
    my friend doesn't have a computer so she told me to ask. but I assume she was having sex and the guys cum was blood.
    3 Sex 173
  169. Can doctors see if you had cancer cells in your bloodstream even if they took the blood for a different cause?
    4 Health 12
  170. Pregnanty and blood donating?
    ok question...if you give blood and dont know your pregnant can it hurt your baby? and if so how can it hurt your baby?
    2 Health 17
  171. Would you give blood?
    so would you donate some blood to a hospital? personally I deffinately would. obviously it would have to be healthy..but why not right? would u?
    6 Health 38
  172. Does it matter if you've recently got a tattoo or piercing or had surgery when it comes to giving blood?
    2 Style 22
  173. RH(D) O positive blood my husband is O my daughter was born with A+
    I have a RH(D) O positive blood my husband is O my daughter was born with A+ I did not mess around how did that happen.
    6 Family 87
  174. What could I eat to improve my blood clotting? (i'm a vegetarian)
    I was cutting some bars today and cut my finger by accident, my finger bled for like 20 minutes and it was annoying cause I had tasks to complete.
    2 Food 8
  175. If you put your finger on your vein would it cut off the blood
    I was alwas scared of that happening could it happen
    2 Health 107
  176. Why can I taste and smell blood?
    so basically for awhile at random I can smell and taste blood in my mouth. anyone know why? its not when I have a bloody nose.
    3 Health 273
  177. Where can i watch true blood season 1 and 2 or cold case online for free?
    19 Entertainment 46
  178. Blood lines of Jesus ?
    Do you think that bloodlines of jesus still live among us today ?
    11 Religion 36
  179. Is chlamydia in your blood?
    Can you get/give chlamydia 2/from someone by... kissing? touching? tongue kissing? Is chlamydia in your blood? Cause I was thinking about going give blood then I found out I had it!! Can I give it 2 someone if I go give blood?
    3 Health 82
  180. Can I get a tattoo even if I have blood problems?
    if i have unstable blood pressure and low blood sugar is it okay to get a tattoo? am i more likely to faint? does it depend where i get it?
    5 Health 19
  181. White Blood cells
    Ok so I went to the doctor for a check up and they took a sample of my blood and it read back that my White blood cells were low... What does that mean???
    3 Health 64
  182. Why would blood be in someone's stool?
    what could be the condition wher one passes out blood together with stool. there is no stomach pain.
    3 Health 61
  183. Can blood damage teeth?
    i have an open cavity and whenever i sleep and wake up, i have to wash my mouth because there is blood. my cavity doesn't hurt at all.
    2 Health 27
  184. What if your period blood is brown?
    Ok like what if its your 5 day into your period and your not seeing red blood anymore its like brown now. Is that bad or is it normal??
    5 Health 102
  185. Feeling sick after giving blood
    Is it normal for someone to feel really sick, after giving blood, its my girl she 5ft 8in tall, 140pds
    7 Health 624
  186. What does it mean when you clean yourself and you find blood but it doesn't come out?
    so my gf told me that she was in the restroom and told when when she was cleaning up she saw blood but when she saw it it didn't come out it just stayed there
    5 Health 25
  187. Watery discharge with blood after your period
    I'd like to know is it normal to have watery discharge with blood after your period. I check it there's no smell to it . It's really heavy
    2 Health 370
  188. Is kava-kava (plant) safe for people who take high blood pressure medications?
    3 Health 55
  189. What do you think of the new perfume of Lady Gaga's with her own blood smell?
    That is so crazy. Who wanna smell like that lol.
    13 Style 35
  190. Why did my friend urinating blood when she had sex yesterday?
    My friend had sex whereby her husband entered her vagina from behind now she is urinating bood what should she do?
    3 Sex 57
  191. Why is it that ever since my dad found out he has high blood pressure, he has been getting more angry like he wants it to be high?
    12 Health 21
  192. harry potter and the half-blood prince
    anyone looking forward to watching this movie?
    5 Entertainment 37
  193. What can I eat to lower my blood pressure?
    what can i do with my high bllood pressure can u help what i can eat like row garlic
    2 Health 28
  194. Why don't women pass out from the loss of blood when on their period?
    I know they say if you lose too much blood you will pass out or die. Does the body make extra blood cells while were on our period?
    4 Health 93
  195. What causes clotting during my period?
    I came on my period today but its clotting what causes this and is it bad? what should I do?? Thank you for taking time to answer my question take care :) x
    4 Health 73
  196. Why is there blood in my cats poop?
    My cat was recently sick, and she stopped eating and got sick and we took her to the vet. She recovered from that, but not whenever she poops there is blood in it. What is happening?
    2 Pets 56
  197. Blood in vomit
    Im bulimic(for ten months now)...recently I have found blood in my vomit... Is it serious or could it be that I just scratched the back of my throat??
    8 Health 76
  198. what demon drinks vampire blood?
    im wondering what kind of demon would drink vampires blood. just figured I find out what I can about it dont know much about demons
    5 Religion 63
  199. Burping and spitting blood
    My aunt keeps burping like almost everyday and every second, she also complain about spitting blood, what could it be
    6 Health 113
  200. Normal to be pooping out blood??
    Im a dude. And here for about the past month I've been pooping out a lot of blood. Anyone know whats going on?
    6 Health 179
  201. True Blood + Moonlight
    IS the new show True Blood any good? 2nd Q Why did they cancel the show Moonlight? The vampire Mitch was super cute!
    7 Entertainment 23
  202. Where Does The Blood Go ?
    You Know How Some Girls Get Something Put In There Arm So They Don't Get Their Period? Well Where Does their Blood Go ? Doesn't It Have To Come Out ? xx
    5 Health 35
  203. Donate blood after getting a tatoo done
    Why cant someone give blood to the Red Cross if they havent had a tattoo for more than a year?
    3 Style 34
  204. Why I have blood spot from last 2 weeks but my period don't start?
    I am late and I must be period in 28th of feb but I have dark blood spot from last 2 weeks what I should I do know?
    2 Health 107
  205. Blood test for alcohol
    I have a blood test scheduled tomorrow to test for alcohol and I did drink some vodka this morning before I found out about the test. Is there anyway I can pass the test. I do drink alcohol on a daily basishave
    3 Health 88
  206. Can period blood be brown and still fresh blood?
    Can it be a light brown colour evan if its fresh blood ? im kinda scared :S Andd.. say you godda pad how much you surpose to bleed in a normal period not a heavey one just normal because mine is really slow..
    4 Health 194
  207. What color is the blood?
    Im having my first brown 0_o. Your brown?suppose 2b red rite...
    9 Health 158
  208. Can I be pregnant and still have my periods with blood clots?
    I had sex on the 16th day after my menstruation and I patiently awaited for conception only to know that my monthly menstruation came as usual and I also had blood clots during my periods. Presently my breast feels heavy and full but when I took a preg...
    3 Sex 67
  209. Quistions about donating blood?
    Im a skinny guy with skinny arm's if I donate blood will I look like a zombie or die of major blood loss? I want to should I do it anyway?
    5 Health 23
  210. What does it mean if I poop blood its bright red what do I do?
    Im 16 I started to poop blood earlier today its diarehea and a lot of bright red blood im scared im only 16 what could it possibly be?
    4 Health 108
  211. What can cause blood in your stool, and when you wipe?
    Is it serious? The blood is bright red. Could this just be from straining or something? I don't think it is far up in the digestive tract...since the blood is bright red.
    6 Health 61
  212. Why am I getting little strings of blood?
    I was supposed to get my period yesterday, but today, I noticed that I've been randomnly getting these little tiny strings of blood, what could this mean?
    3 Health 145
  213. im having major blood clotting
    I have no health insurance, im only 16 and need your advice!!! my period came a week early and im having a lot of blood this a sign of previous a major possibiliy I could of been pregnant. im scared to talk to my mom abo...
    4 Health 30
  214. Why do the crips and bloods fight?
    I've always wondered why the crips and bloods fight all over america. Will someone tell me why P.s. Im strongly against gang violence
    17 General 813
  215. Our dog has a high blood?
    Our dog "dwyth" cant walk now..I dont know what happened..everyday he is neighbor said our dog has a high that true??
    5 Pets 12
  216. Urine mixed with blood..
    Please answer my question...why my urine has mixed with blood..then im always urinating...we had contact with my boyfriend after my im pregnant?..or I im sick?..
    2 Relationships 76
  217. When I pee out little drops of blood
    I am having a hard time peeing and when I do pee ,,I sometimes pee in drops,and sometime I pee out alittle drop pf blood?...please help I want to know what I can doo?
    3 Health 236
  218. Is blood blue?
    I read this book(cant remember title) and it said that inside you blood is blue and when it hits oxigen it turns red is that true?
    7 Health 58
  219. Why Is there blood?
    I was just using Swiss Navy's Silicone lube masturbating and now theres blood. Do you think my period came like a week early?.
    5 Sex 376
  220. Why do I still wake up with blood?
    I have my period. I wear tampons and everytime I go to bed I wake up with blood all over me from leaking through. I don't know what to do besides pads. Any advice?
    7 Health 114
  221. Why is there blood in my pee after sex?
    I did it with my boyfriend yesterday. And today we were freaking out. I kept feeling the need to pee. And today when I pee, there was blood. So am I like pregnant? Or is it something else? It was only yesterday.
    3 Sex 194
  222. How long does take to get your blood work results?
    They just drew my blood and didn't say how long it would be till they knew if something was wrong with me
    6 Health 34
  223. What should I focus on if I want to donate blood?
    I heard you have to have good amounts of Iron. How can I increase that? My blood type is -AB which is really rare, should I be worried?
    12 Health 18
  224. How to pass a blood drug test?
    I need to take a drug test possibly blood. I hit a joint like two times how can I clean my system?
    6 Drugs 31
  225. What would you think if I straightened my hair and dyed it a deep dark blood red, with a blond bang, and black ends?
    9 Style 26
  226. Blood..what do I do?
    Okay so after I got done fingering myself..I started bleeding..does anyone know why..or what I can do..please help scared
    5 Health 429
  227. 2nd trimester with blood cough, fever and vomiting
    Has this ever happened to anyone and if so is it serious to where I should be in a hosital or getting help?
    10 Health 37
  228. Natural Childbirth
    I am due on Christmas Eve and I want to do it all natural no drugs or anything, Has anyone done it all natual and if so can you give me some tips
    2 Health 11
  229. Is it normal to have a sharp pain in my vagina whilst being fingered? And a small drop of blood? And will this reoccur? Yes I am I virgin btw.
    6 Health 133
  230. Can stress affect your blood glucose levels?
    Im getting tested for gestational diabetes tomorrow just wondering if stress can some how affect the results
    6 Health 47
  231. What does it mean if your dog is puking blood?
    What does it mean if your dog wont eat or drink and hes puking up blood and poopin out blood??? My dog died from this and I want to know how you can get it!! Died on may 21,09
    8 Pets 64
  232. While masturbating a few drops of blood came along with the sperm,
    while masturbating a few drops of blood came along with the sperm.I want to know whether this would cause any problem in my marriage life.
    2 Sex 97
  233. Blood brothers
    I wanna write a report on blood brothers for the school newspaper What shud I write bout? And do you think the good and bad points were? Thankz X
    2 General 45
  234. Pimple red from blood build up and its right above my vagina
    I have a pimple in my "area" and im not sure if its bad...I mean its red from blood build up and its right above my vagina where your pubic hair is, and I want to know if it bad or not
    2 Health 917
  235. Will high blood pressure hurt my chances of having a baby?
    I have high blood pressure it was 168/110 They wanted me to stay in the hospital I was wondering if that would also hurt my chances of having a baby and my irregular periods!
    3 Health 40
  236. could they give me a blood pregnancy test?
    if I was to go to a walk in clinic could they give me a blood pregnancy test? how long should I wait after having sex to get one? and how long do the results take?
    2 Sex 52
  237. Blood Sugar
    I doubt that you want to know this but I need your opinion. I went to pee about 7 times in 30 mins. do you think my blood sugar is low?
    3 Health 33
  238. How does pen ink seep into your blood?
    If you draw on yourself, is it true it goes into your blood? everyone says it does, and others say it doesn't. because if it does, isn't it harmful to get a tattoo?
    2 Health 194
  239. What direction does blood go when you are shot?
    do any of you know where I can find an image? I'm can't find anything using Google. This is part of my project on murders.
    10 Technology 59
  240. Is it possible to have blood clots in your lungs?
    Just curious, I went to the doc today, well just recently and with my off and on short breaths, he believes I might, though not sure and I'm going for an X-ray this Thursday. So if anyone knows, please lemme know~ Thanks <33
    5 Health 18
  241. What is a soap that gets rid of a lot of redness in the face and popped blood vessels?
    I dont care the price as long as its not surgery.
    10 Style 30
  242. When does the blood come out during sex?
    Ok so I heard that when its your first time blood comes out... When duz it after you do it or durring? Because if its durring Wont it b kinda embarassing getting al tat blood everywere
    6 Sex 589
  243. 5-6 pints to 3-4 pints, how is new blood formed?
    How is new blood formed? If your asking I got this question from abook that said "adults have more blood than children", and that just made no sense to me.
    2 Health 33
  244. At a blood drive
    I'm giving blood at my school Tuesday...and I was just wondering what kind of questions do they ask you? and does it hurt? or does it just feel like getting your blood sampled at the hospital...thanks.
    2 Health 50
  245. Why am I bleeding dark brown blood almost black blood
    It is not time for my period I am bleeding dark brown almost black blood with a little bit of cramping on my left lower pelvic area. About 2 weeks ago I missed one of my birth control pills but I took a pregnancy test and it came up negative. Whats goi...
    4 Health 404
  246. throwing up blood
    my brother recently had a grand mal seizure , and he's been taking all kinds of medication ,his recent medication has been making him throw up some blood , he's gone to the doctor , and the doctor doesn't know what to do , is there anything we can do ?
    4 Health 12
  247. Period Blood
    I know this is kinda gross, but I got to ask. I'm on my period right now and my blood was kinda clumpy not hard clumpy or anything just yea kinda looked like that has anyone had that?
    5 Health 53
  248. Who would you harvest for blood if you were a Vampire?
    Okay so I was watching BET and I saw a commercial that asked that question who would you harvest for blood if everybody was vampire? lol and wanted to know who you would pick???
    3 Entertainment 19
  249. Sneeze blood latly???
    What should I do ??? I've been sneezing blood but I'm already in trouble with my parents because of health stuff so I can't tell them ... Any advice Please help I don't know what imma do
    4 Health 42
  250. I thought I was pregnant but have seen blood!
    what does this mean for around a month I have felt pregnant and have had signs of pregnancy but I am due on tomorrow and have seen some blood today does this mean I am definatly not pregnant or that I still could be?
    3 Health 37