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  1. What are the benefits of adoption?
    What are the benefits of adoption?
    5 Health 14
  2. What's business marketing?
    2 Money 81
  3. What are the benefits of oranges?
    18 Nutritionfitness 46
  4. Friends with benefits
    do you believe in friends with benefits? If so, why?
    3 Relationships 50
  5. Are there benefits to joining Myspace?
    Is there any benefits in joining Myspace?
    2 Technology 13
  6. Benefits Of Digital Marketing Consultant
    A digital marketing consultant can easily provide marketing strategies. That will help to overcome the competition. Also, provide the market campaigns on time.
    6 Technology 87
  7. What are all the benefits of being a member in Runescape?
    4 Gaming 45
  8. what are the benefits of having a boyfriend who's in the marines ?
    4 Relationships 43
  9. What juice has the most health benefits?
    5 Health 108
  10. What are the health benefits on Wine?
    2 Health 27
  11. What are the benefits for going to college?
    14 Education 29
  12. What are the benefits of dark chocolate if any?
    14 Food 18
  13. What benefit do blueberries give you?
    4 Food 12
  14. What type of Fruits benefit you the most?
    What type of Fruits benefits you the most? And what are they good for?
    7 Nutritionfitness 35
  15. Why is hte stock market falling?
    Why is hte stock market falling?
    2 General 9
  16. What are the benefits of a facelift
    What are the benefits of a face lift
    4 Style 11
  17. How to gain high in the stock market?
    How to gain high in stock market?
    3 Money 16
  18. What benefits come from donating plasma?
    6 Health 42
  19. How does the stock market work?
    Do you invest in stocks?
    2 Money 16
  20. What brand is your digital camera if you have on and is it any good?(:
    6 Technology 11
  21. What are the benefits of putting eggs on your face?
    2 Style 34
  22. Which is more accurate - a digital or dial scale?
    2 Technology 83
  23. What is the best laptop on the market today?
    23 Technology 69
  24. What is "branding" in marketing?
    as detailed as you can pleease?
    6 Money 12
  25. Do you believe in the benefits of knowing your BMI?
    4 Health 57
  26. what does the shutter button on a digital camera do?
    2 Technology 25
  27. What is the benefit if a girl weightlifts? What happens to them?
    12 Nutritionfitness 39
  28. What are the benefits of green drink powder?
    8 Nutritionfitness 36
  29. What are the benefits to drinking a lot of water?
    11 Health 32
  30. Can I use a digital camera as a webcam?
    Is there a way I can use a digital camera as a webcam?
    3 Technology 54
  31. What is the best dog food on the market today?
    What is the best dog food on the market today?
    4 Pets 87
  32. How to say friends with benefits?
    how do you say can we be friends with benefits in a different language?
    2 Relationships 13
  33. What kind of benefits do nurses get in Alberta?
    What kind of benefits do nurses get in Alberta?
    3 Money 31
  34. What does benefit identification card look like?
    What does benefit identification card look like?
    2 General 78
  35. Web marketing and Designing
    Can you tell me How I start web marketing and designing ?
    5 Technology 51
  36. How can a consultative examination prove you have an anxiety
    How can a consultative examination prove you have an anxiety disorder?
    2 General 13
  37. How do I upload video from a digital camera to a computer?
    How do I upload video from a digital camera to a computer?
    4 Technology 212
  38. Where can a get a pretty cheap digital camra?
    Where can a get a pretty cheap digital camra?
    2 Shopping 9
  39. What health benefits does pickle juice offer?
    What health benefits does pickle juice offer?
    20 Food 1903
  40. What are you the benefit of using sauna and stream rooms?
    What are you the benefit of using sauna and stream rooms?
    4 Nutritionfitness 85
  41. How much does a black market vicodine cost?
    How much does a black market vicodine cost?
    2 General 38
  42. how can I print a picture from my digital camera on paper.
    how can I print a picture from my digital camera on paper is that possible or I can not print a picture from my digital camera on paper.
    2 Technology 54
  43. What are the benefits of breathing exercises?Does it really helps you?
    6 Health 32
  44. Friends with Benefits
    Do you think its ok to have a friend with benny's?
    5 Relationships 14
  45. Should you buy fish at a fish market if it smells fishy?
    9 Food 103
  46. Does emancipation mean no more social security benefits?
    8 Politics 115
  47. What are the benefits of eating turtle jelly soup?
    19 Food 202
  48. Where can I find a nice digital camera?
    4 Technology 16
  49. What I can do to put my photos frommy digital camera to my computer
    How do I do to put my photos from my digital camera to my computer
    2 Technology 12
  50. What health benefits come from l-carnatine?
    What health benefits come from l-carnatine?
    2 Health 126
  51. friends with benefits or a relationship?
    which is better to be friends with benefits with some one or have an actual relationship?
    2 Relationships 12
  52. Is anyone here an affiliate marketer?
    I guess I want to ask if there are any affiliate marketers here and how do you do it?
    4 Money 24
  53. Benefits of being a waitress?
    What are benefits of being a waitress? I just need some ideas of what to talk about:) Thank you.
    7 Money 211
  54. What is the average cost of digital cable tv, and internet?
    What is the average cost of digital cable tv, and internet?
    2 Shopping 149
  55. Who knows if their are any major health benefits to eating oatmeal?
    11 Health 33
  56. Who know if orange juice has benefits to haveing pulp or are they the same?
    8 Food 27
  57. where can i get a lcd screen and digitizer screen for a iphone (not the internet)?
    2 Technology 23
  58. Are there any benefits from taking cold baths after an intense workout?
    9 Health 15
  59. Is a two digit IQ score considered average?
    7 General 125
  60. What are the best companies to invest in the stock-market?
    2 Money 47
  61. How do I retrieve my 4-digit password on the Motorolla i465?
    4 Technology 31
  62. Which camera is better - the Polaroid Pogo digital camera or Z340 digital camera?
    I thought about the nikon cameras but I want to save money for that and purchase it myself.
    4 Technology 13
  63. What are some benefits of birth control?
    pros and cons of getting on birth control
    6 Health 36
  64. Can teachers apply for social security benefits during the summer?
    2 Money 27
  65. What some benefits of eating dark chocolate as opposed to eating regular/milk chocolate?
    12 Food 39
  66. Are the benefits of technology really worth the harmful effects?
    5 Technology 13
  67. What are the health benefits of yogurt?
    What are the health benefits of yogurt. I have always enjoyed eating yogurt but now I am hearing that there are special health benefits. What are these benefits.
    3 Food 47
  68. Is Internet marketing the best way to earn money at home?
    Is Internet marketing best way to earn more money at home?
    4 Money 25
  69. Market investing
    If I were to invest a certain amount of cash into a market,what would happen?
    3 Money 18
  70. Digital Camera
    is 8 mega pixels a good digital camera quality?
    6 Entertainment 10
  71. Where can I find pictures for media and marketing?
    Where can I find picture for media and marketing?? Please help!! Thanks :)
    3 Technology 14
  72. Do you think the U.S. stock market is headed south?
    Do you think that US stock market is headed south?
    2 Money 39
  73. Which is the best cell phone on the market?
    I wanted to know which cell phone is the best available in market.
    2 Technology 23
  74. What is the cheapest guitar on the market with EMG active or passive pickups?
    3 Music 26
  75. What are some benefits of taking fish oil pills every day?
    3 Health 59
  76. Could drinking green tea and its benefits be a persuasive speech?
    3 Literature 185
  77. what kind of digital camera do you have?
    how many megapixels, and how much did you pay for it?
    4 Technology 14
  78. Why does some of the world have some much (Money and benefits), when other parts have so little?
    8 Money 38
  79. Are all yogurts actually good for you, and does the sugar content affect the benefits?
    5 Nutritionfitness 28
  80. What health benefits come from putting flax seed in your food?
    4 Health 42
  81. Who has the bigger share of the world market of shavers- panasonic or braun?
    2 General 12
  82. What are the benefits of a low carb diet?
    And how many carbs per day?
    5 Nutritionfitness 16
  83. Which national leaders have delivered the most benefit to their own people, or to humanity in general?
    6 Politics 19
  84. What Are The Different Ways To Learn Digital Marketing
    Today any digital marketing company expects the digital marketers to be skilled in a variety of areas including creative direction, digital media, analytics, sales, copywriting and more.
    4 Money 120
  85. Marketing products
    whats the best and cheapst way get fitness product on the market ?
    3 Money 15
  86. Full size truck on the market is the most fuel eficient ?
    To buy a new truck,which full size truck on the market is the most fuel eficient ??
    4 Shopping 14
  87. What is affiliate marketing?
    What exactly is affiliate marketing.Can you make a lot of money from affiliate marketing in the net?
    4 Money 31
  88. What digital camera is best??
    Whats a good kind/type of digital camera??? Not too expensive And where can I find it??
    4 Technology 11
  89. Are there benefits(healthwise) to waking up early?
    Or is it better for you to sleep in (both having enough sleep time)?
    3 Health 36
  90. Whats a better digital Camera, The Nikon Coolpix or the Canon Powershot?
    7 Technology 47
  91. How do you stop the date and time from showing on your pictures when using a digital camera?
    5 Technology 52
  92. How do you fix a broken screen on a digital camera?
    The camera model is a Kodak EasyShareC743
    7 Technology 18
  93. How much does a person get in food stamp benefits when they work, and do they get cash?
    3 Money 50
  94. Which branch of military offers better benefits.
    3 Money 98
  95. What are the benefits of getting a flu shot?
    Why would you get a flu shot? My grandma told me I should, but I don't understand why I should? Did you get it? Why or why not?
    4 Health 28
  96. How do you import music into Digital Dj Pro?
    Like of iTunes & my desktop.
    3 Technology 46
  97. What is healthier, and what are the benefits of eating chicken, pork, fish, beef, and steak?
    11 Food 50
  98. What jobs offer good secure financial benefits and what qualificati
    What jobs offer good secure financial benefits and what qualifications do you need for them?
    2 Money 128
  99. Who would benefit ?
    If Obama does away with carrying a gun by qualified commercial pilots - Who benefits ?
    15 Politics 26
  100. Digital camera videos
    I uploaded a video to my computer, but I couldn't hear the audio, is there a way to hear the audio? It's a digital camera, not a video camera.
    2 Technology 51
  101. What are the next 20 digits of pi?
    I know it it goes like this 3.14159... whats the next 20 digits?
    4 Education 73
  102. What is a good substitute for Benefits 'Benetint' lip/cheek stains?
    Post the brand and where you got it from here!!
    2 Style 47
  103. How do you guys feel when you watch movies and see the same ROADS,MARKETS,STREETS and BUILDINGS that you have been to?
    5 Entertainment 21
  104. Does the Benefit You Rebel tinted moisturizer (lite) work good?
    2 Style 13
  105. When do camel crushes go off the market?
    I know that they're going to take them off the shelves soon but when?
    3 General 50
  106. Gettin dem digits!
    How do you ask for your crush number without looking dumb?
    2 Relationships 12
  107. Does anyone have the digital camera "Samsung DualView TL205"?
    Is it good? Would you recommend it?
    2 Technology 10
  108. Bond Market
    Is it on the brink of disaster too? I say it's coming thanks to our governments intervention
    2 Money 11
  109. Where's the software for a Sims Digital Recorder?
    Where can I find the software needed to install my Sims Digital Recorder SVR-M935?
    5 Technology 202
  110. Marketing
    Currently studying Marketing at University. Has anyone else done so? Jack, 19, UK
    3 Education 10
  111. What kind of digital camera should I buy ?
    I will buy a digital camera later on this week , but I have no clue what to buy .. Any help would be great
    4 Shopping 8
  112. Is that true that they changed the date to digital tv until june.
    I have heard that they changed the date for digital tv until june is that true any answer is welcome thank you.
    2 Entertainment 8
  113. What brand digital camera should I get?
    I'm gettin a digital camera and I was just wonderin what brand would be the best between kodak or sony
    5 Technology 22
  114. What are the benefits of joining the Army?
    10 Money 109
  115. Why at 17 can we be trialed as an adult can't recurve any of the benefits as one,renting apartments,hotels,etc?
    3 Politics 7
  116. Which video game on the market is the scariest?
    For all of you gamers, which video game out there do you think is the scariest? For me it’s between Silent Hill and Resident Evil.
    9 Gaming 26
  117. What is too much free service for consulting?
    I give my customers 2 hours of free consulting on each one of their new projects, am I giving to much?
    6 Money 15
  118. What do you think about friends with benefits?
    hi I just wanted to know some of your opinions about friends with benefits. do u think theyre good idea?
    9 Relationships 64
  119. Why do you think women cannot compete with men in competitive market when you see so many women in top now?
    3 Money 40
  120. Good digital camera for a good price?
    duz anyone noe anywhere I can find a good digital camera thats not overpriced?
    2 Technology 18
  121. What is a good way to ask your family to eat healthier in order to benefit, not only yourself, but everyone else?
    6 Health 28
  122. What's the smallest investment available in the market?
    What is the smallest investment opportuniteis available in the market,including on the Net ? And how much is it ? Please give a link if possible !!
    2 Money 13
  123. What's a good summer project for an MBA in Marketing?
    As I am studing MBA Marketing as my subject, What is the best topics for summer project related to mutual fund?
    3 Education 23
  124. What is the reason behind the Global stock market crash?
    Nowadays in most of the countries stock market is crashing more often. What do you think what is the main reason behind this global crisis
    7 Money 15
  125. Plastic Surgery digital imaging?
    Ok, so I would like to know where I can get free online plastic surgery digital imaging..
    2 Technology 48
  126. What are health benefits of apple cider vinegar?
    Hey, I just got apple cider vinegar today, I heard it had really good health benefits, do any of you use it?
    9 Health 749
  127. Does running in place have the same benefits as jumping rope?
    Does running in place for 5 min have the same effect as jumping rope for 5 min. Which one burns the most calories.
    2 Nutritionfitness 80
  128. What is a good alternative to Benefits 'Benetint' lip/cheek stain?
    List he brand name and where you got it from if you can remember!
    3 Style 179
  129. Digital Camera
    I want to buy one that under $150 and it has to be a good one!! If you know where I can get one under $150 please tell me
    2 Technology 8
  130. How many pixels need a digital camera to be good
    I want to know how many pixels need a digital camera to be good and I can take pitcures but not to get blurry pictures how many pixels need at least to have a digital Camera to be considered a good digital camera.
    5 Technology 54
  131. Can I turn pictures taken with a regular camera into digital pictures to put it in the computer or not?
    I have many pictures taken with a camera but this camera its not digital is there a way to turn this pictures into digital or not if you know tell me please thank you.
    6 Technology 23
  132. What parts of your body benefit while bike riding?
    What parts of your body benefit while bike riding? I'm looking to slim down my thighs a bit and I'm not sure if bike riding helps the thigh area at all.
    3 Nutritionfitness 77
  133. When will being on the track team benefit me?
    I was thinking about joining track and field and wanted to know if I will get in better shape or if it is fun or not.
    2 Sports 63
  134. How to transfer pictures from digital camera to phone
    How can I transfer my pictures from my camera into the computer or website?I have a wire that came with whe camera but I don't know where to put it in on the computer.
    2 Technology 31
  135. When going to a haunted place does a digital camera pick up ghost sounds?
    Like talking, gun sounds etc...?
    2 Entertainment 9
  136. What does SLR stand for with regards to digital cameras?
    I want to purchase a new camera (more advanced than my current point and shoot).
    2 Technology 52
  137. Who thinks Old Spice is doing good marketing by replying to tweets with videos?
    Who uses Old Spice? And do you think their marketing tactic of replying to Tweets with video will work? Here's a video made and produced by Old Spice in response to some Tweets.
    2 Style 9
  138. Why do the photos on the EOS 5D Mark III 22.3-Megapixel Digital SLR Camera take up so much space?
    9 Technology 29
  139. Is the house market better?
    I have had a house on the market since this past july and nothing but shity a#$ contracts on it we cant get rid of it for the right price... What you all think
    2 Homegarden 13
  140. Which is the best graphic tablet for digital painting?
    does anyone know anything about graphic tablets, such as wacom? if so could you tell what is better for digital painting wacom intuos3, or bamboo fun?
    2 Technology 19
  141. What internal benefits is a company offered if they use a WACC (The weighted average cost of capital) offer?
    I think we need a "Business" category...
    8 Money 39
  142. The Ultimate Health Benefits of Amla Extract
    Amla or Indian Gooseberry is one of the main ingredients used in all the ayurvedic tonics and medicines.
    10 Health 77
  143. What are the benefits of drinking diet Ginger Ale, instead of regular sodas like Coke, Pepsi, Mt. Dew, etc...?
    18 Nutritionfitness 115
  144. What are the benefits of joining the military?
    BESIDES self discipline, and stuff like that? I need statistics, and stuff like that. please and thank youu! :D
    5 Money 34
  145. Can you take pictures from your computer, and put them on your digital camera?
    I know you can put pictures from your digital camera onto your computer....but does it work both ways? I have pictures on my computer, that I want to put in my digital camera so I can print them out using the memory card. If you can, how would I go...
    11 Technology 78
  146. Why does the flash go off when I turn my digital camera on?
    Whenever I turn my digital camera on, the flash goes off. This started happening not long after I purchased the camera. Its more annoying then anything else, but I'm wondering why?
    2 Technology 29
  147. What is a good, cheap underwater digital camera?
    I really want an underwater digital camera but I have no idea what kind to get. What is a good, not too expensive one that will take great photos in and out of water?
    4 Technology 13
  148. What are the best/cheapest skateboard decks on the market?
    (I usually just just chill on my arbor long board, but I'm getting into tricks and need a board that allows me that privilege)
    3 Shopping 22
  149. What is a digital signature?
    I need to forward a contract online to a client and they asked me to use a an electronic signature. Does anyone know this company - [link removed] ?
    6 Technology 13
  150. What are some health benefits of gluten-free products?
    I am not allergic to gluten, but I have heard from many people how good gluten free products can be for the body. What makes gluten free products so beneficial opposed to products with gluten?
    5 Health 22
  151. What is a free market?
    My idea of a free market is where every community cand develop the type of ecnomy that to them would best suit their needs. Some may go socialist some may go capitilist and etc, etc. What to you is a free market?
    2 Money 40
  152. If social security benefits end for one child will the next child receive the funds?
    Both children receive death benefits for there father but one child will stop because she's 18 will the amount pass on to the younger child?
    2 Money 14
  153. What do I need to buy for my computer to download pictures from my digital camera?
    My computer doesn't have a slot to put the memory card of my digital camera,so what do I need to buy or add to my computer to put the memory card and download the pictures if you know tell me please thank you.
    5 Technology 14
  154. What is Blogging & Its Benefits
    What is Blogging & Its Benefits – Blogging is a very interesting profession. Nowadays, the blogging industry changing its trend. people do a blog as a full-time profession. Blogging is an online informational content that is displayed by the website.
    6 General 249
  155. What are the benefits of beliver's(adult) baptism?
    I am stuck on my r.e homework And I would just like to know your viewpoints on the benefits of believer's baptism Answers will be appriciated Thanks, a-j :)
    4 Religion 809
  156. Whats with friends with benefits?
    Whats uip with being friends with benefits??? How cuould you ask someone to be 'friends with benefits' newayz??? It'd be weird like doin stuff with them, and then just acting like friends wouldn't it??? J/w wonderin what you guys thought
    5 Relationships 30
  157. What were the benefits of mercantilism and imperialism to the natives of the New World?
    What were some advantages of mercantilism and imperialism to the natives of the New World during the age of exploration? It'd really help if you gave a few links with the answer, thanks! :)
    4 Politics 12
  158. Do you think even the worst product can survive with good marketing?
    I mean most people know that fast food is bad, but everybody eat it anyway. What do you think?
    4 Money 21
  159. Is there anyway to put a picture in internet if the camera is not digital or not?
    If i have old pictures taken from a non digital camera can i put in my profile in any website or not. Tell me please i have seen people who put it, but i dont know how they do it if you know how to do it tell me please thank you.
    2 Technology 12
  160. What are some of the best free online marketing techniques?
    I am just starting out as an internet marketer. I have found a few ways to promote my products and websites for free, but I haven't had much luck with them. What are some successful (and free) online marketing techniques you have used? Any help with th...
    6 Money 19
  161. What are the benefits of doing 500 jumping jacks a day?
    Will it build muscles? Lose belly fat? Get you toned? What body parts does it workout? Everything and anything.
    3 Nutritionfitness 185
  162. A 13 digit phone number?
    I was receiving phone calls from a 13 digit number, I was wondering if anybody knew what country they were from or what type of device, if they were even from this planet?? Haha but yeah... It boggled my mind, any ideas?
    5 Technology 4714
  163. What is PPC and Its Benefits
    PPC means Pay Per Click also called internet marketing. In this advertisement will be paid and pay per click amount will be deducted. It is a best way to buy visit to your site.
    6 Technology 98
  164. What digital camera is better: sony or cannon (less than $200)?
    I want to buy a digital camera. Which is better? Sony or cannon? I want to buy it for less than $190. I really have no knowledge on cameras.And if you know where I can get it the cheapest please let me know! Thank You!!
    2 Shopping 11
  165. Are digital pianos good to get if you can't afford a real one?
    I'm wondering because I want to get a piano but my mom said we would have to try to put money aside(if we can) to get a digital one because the real ones are thousands of dollars.
    4 Music 16
  166. FunAdvice Trivia: In 1975, inventor Ed Roberts marketed the first PC under what brand name?
    A) Altair B) IBM C) Okidata D) Commodore
    6 Funadvice 37
  167. What are the steps in putting a book on the market?
    I know you write and stuff, publish, etc. but not exactly... Like how do you get your books to be sold in stores? Step by step process please. I will be grateful for your help.
    3 Money 15
  168. Would you use a digital rug that changes its design?
    A digital rug has been created that alters the design when someone walks across it. Would you use this rug, or do you think the novelty would get very old, very fast? Read about it:
    9 Technology 10
  169. What are the benefits that a veterinarian gets?
    im doing a school project and I chose vet as my career, but I cant find one of the requirements- what benefits does a vet have? and by benefits I mean insurance, vaca days, sick leave, etc. any help at all is appreciated!
    3 Pets 29
  170. Can friends with benefits turn into a relationship?
    So I have a friend with benefits, and I am starting to have feelings for him. Has anyone ever had experience where they had a friends with benefits that turned into a relationship? Should I tell him how I feel? Even though he probably only wants a phys...
    3 Relationships 42
  171. what's a decent price for a good digital camera?...
    i was thinking about getting one cuz i fell in love with my bf's when i was in cali and you know, i don't wanna be too cheap and get a piece of snap me out?
    5 Technology 15
  172. SHould i jusyt keep my regular digital camera or get those professional loking ones?
    cuz i wanna start doing photography and editing pictures? i need some help.. so answer
    5 Technology 11
  173. Can taking out money from my savings account affect the benefits I get?
    I want to take out some money but i wasn't sure if it could make our benefits stop coming. Also, does anyone know if i have to take it all out or am i allowed to surrender jus a bit of it?
    2 Money 35
  174. If, for any reason, my unemployment benefits are stopped, can I apply for it again?
    For example if the unemployment agency call me and im not there or something happen and they stop to give me unmployment benefits, can apply for that again until i find a new job or not. If anybody knows tell me please thank you.
    2 Money 21
  175. How To Get A Job In Digital Marketing
    Thеsе dаys, оnе оf thе mоst еxсiting industriеs tо wоrk in is digitаl mаrkеting. This is аn еvеr-сhаnging еnvirоnmеnt, whеrе аnyоnе сrеаtivе аnd gооd аt sосiаl mеdiа соuld bе а grеаt fit fоr а jоb аnd hаs mаny оppоrtunitiеs.
    4 Money 136
  176. Should i study communication and media or marketing?
    Anyone whos got info about either of these studies (or job prospects) please share! I need to know a bit more about these fields from some different perspectives. Thanks!
    2 Education 14
  177. What happens to my benefits over Christmas?
    I get paid income support into my bank every 2 wks. I would usually get my next pay on the 26th, but that's boxing day. when do you think I would get paid instead?
    5 Money 261
  178. How can I find out if my friend with benefits wants to commit?
    i have a friend and we're sort of friends with benefits. he's so sweet to me but he never said that he loves me. and i wonder if we'll be just friends forever. he kisses me. how can i know if he wants me as a girlfriend cause i cant ask him that and it...
    3 Relationships 48
  179. How can I unlock the memory card of my digital camera?
    How can unlock the memory card of my camera I dont know how but memory card is locked and I can not take pictures with that memory card I need to unlock that card because when I turn on the camera with the memory card inside I got this message card loc...
    2 Technology 17
  180. Taking Digital Pixs With Your Bra On!!
    Okay..I guess you can say there's nothing wrong with being and looking sexy rite??? there are a lot of ways to look sexy,lol:) friends loves taking pixs with their bra on and so do I...Is that being slutty and Trashy??? or that's a wa...
    4 Sex 23
  181. Why they force us to get digital tv.
    Why we are force to get digital tv, converter or cable why they dont leave tv just like this and let people to choose if they want to get a digital tv or they want the regulart I think this is only businees to sell digital tv and cable, because even to...
    4 Technology 19
  182. Has the real estate market bottomed out?
    I was talking to a realtor friend the other day, and she was saying how the market was going to come back now. Has the real estate market bottomed out? It seems to me like the market has a ways to fall still before purchase prices come back in line wit...
    3 Homegarden 36
  183. Health insurance (military benefits)
    I currently do not have health insurance but if me & my boyfriend decided to have a baby would his military benefits cover the baby even if we are not married and the doctors visit every month? I use to have military benefits but I lost them when I tu...
    3 Health 25
  184. Do any of you know about TV going digital in 2009?
    Do any of you know about TV going digital in 2009? I've been hearing that those TV's that have Rabbit ears or Enntennas that those who have those will need a convertor box. This includes local channels. If you know about this transition, what are your ...
    3 Entertainment 5
  185. Does anyone have any realtor marketing ideas?
    I am a Realtor and I am looking for new ways to market. Does anyone have any cute sayings like to put on candy bars or inexpensive items such as "Want a sweet deal call..." and sticking it on a Hershey bar? Thank you in advance.
    3 Homegarden 24
  186. what is the best and cheapest digital camera?
    ok so im looking to buying a new digital camera from walmart. I need something that is good quality but not too exspensive. like maybe within 100-150,or cheaper. and what brand is better?
    2 Shopping 9
  187. What are the benefits of taking an ice bath?
    So Ive taken two these past few days cause some of the guys on the team recommended it for soreness and stuf like that. But how long are you supposed to be in thers for exactly? And what exactlymdoes it do?
    4 Health 19
  188. Amazing Benefits of A Watermelon
    The watermelon is a tropical fruit renowned for its delicious taste and thirst-quenching ability. It has been enjoyed by many all over the world and with a lot of varieties of watermelon to choose from, there is bound to be one that you would enjoy.
    1 Health 30
  189. Digital camera for under $300?
    I want to by a good digital camera just to take pics I dont need anything fancy but I want it to be nice. I want a large sceen to look at, zoom in and out, and other good stuff like color effects. What kind of camera should I get?? P.s. I only have $3...
    2 Technology 14
  190. How to become a freelance SEO consultant
    Regardless of the size of the industry today, it’s fair to say that there’s never been a better time to get started as a freelance SEO consultant, especially considering the way in which the search industry changes on a near-daily basis!
    5 Money 166
  191. Can you move out through housing benefits at 15?
    Ok, I can't live with my dad any more, he's to controling. My mother agrees she recmends I move out, how can I when I'm just 15, (16 in 2 months though.) Will the conacal help out? Worst thing is I'm doing mY GCSE's right now.
    2 Family 13
  192. friends with benefits will hurt ?
    Hi,My friend is showing very much interested to offer me "friends with benefit" like having oral sex,but I feel it will hurt me oneday when I found a life partner to have family.Please let me know your suggestion is it good to have it or not or can I c...
    3 Sex 32
  193. what would be the benefits of taking water retention tablets?
    I'm wanting to loose weight quickly before a holiday, and as well as starting a new low fat/ low carb diet, & going swimming I wondered if taking these water retention tablets would help me loose weight?
    3 Food 20
  194. Best Digital Camera
    What is the best digital camera? I am looking for something really small. I love taking pictures but my current camera is very bulky and I hate taking it around. It seems like the smaller the camera the fewer the features. Is this true. There are so ma...
    2 Technology 7
  195. Which party would benefit ?
    1/30/08: Ralph Nader has formed a presidential exploratory committee, and said in an interview Wednesday that he will launch another presidential bid if he's convinced he can raise enough money to appear on the vast majority of state ballots this fall ...
    5 Politics 27
  196. What do you think of the new Sony DSC-TX7 Cyber shot Digital Camera?
    I saw it on TV this morning and absolutely love it! It has so much new features that cameras have never had. Does anyone have it? If so, is it as good as advertised? I want to buy it but I want feedback before I do.
    3 Technology 15
  197. What is the best way to benefit from massages?
    I've had several massages, all after and before different things, and now wonder if there's any way to best reap the rewards... Should I eat something prior, 1-2 hrs? Is an empty stomach preferred? Should I sleep after it or eat a healthy meal? Etc. Th...
    3 Health 16
  198. The complete guide to picking a Digital Marketing school
    How we reach consumers is changing. In this attention based economy, simply posting on your social media account or on your website is not enough. You have to pick the right audience, drive the traffic to the right places, make the right offers and cul...
    9 Technology 182
  199. Is having a friend with benefits being a bad Christian?
    I am a good christian girl, I strive to be close to God, I want a great relationship with him, and I love to learn what he has instor for me. But there is this guy friend that I have and he isn't a christian, or at least not a good one and we love to ...
    40 Religion 1232
  200. How can I use my digital camera as a webcam ???
    well, I gotta be honest with you, my web-cam sucks after the incident where it fell out of the window (well it was thrown) so I was just wondering how I can use my digital camera as a web-cam insted, I have the kodak easy share M753 (sorry about the e...
    2 Technology 48
  201. Can you suggest a nice digital camera between 200 and 300 bucks?
    I'm really desperate about choosing a digital camera. I want it's functions to be close to these of the digital SLR cameras, but I don't have that kind of money. I prefer Canon and Nikon. Also I don't mind the optical zoom that much. I'll be really gra...
    2 Shopping 19
  202. Would getting married completely mess up my government benefits, such as wic, medicaid, unemployment, etc?
    Chris is talking about getting married sooner now that weve got another little one on the way, but im afraid it will cancel out my medicaid for this pregnancy and other things im currently getting assisstance with.
    7 Money 56
  203. what are benefits of stopping masturbation?
    actually I had many question 1- did masturbation increase sex hormone in men 2- I took a decision to stop masturbation .. how is that going to affect me did it has advantages or disadvantages .. please no one say maste. is ok and all this .. I wan...
    2 Sex 185
  204. What to do with a finance degree now that the markets are dead?
    I have a bachelors of finance and 3 years experience at a brokerage firm. I'd like to transition into somethign else, even something like financial investigator for the CIA. I'm having trouble figuring out what is good. Anyone have ideas about what to...
    5 Money 70
  205. Anyone else take a hit in the stock market?
    I guess its my fault for trying. but im a noob in the stock market, I've been messin with it for about 4 months now. and I just happend to buy a couple day's before it dropped big, just my luck right, lol. just checking to see how everyone else is d...
    5 Money 33
  206. Are TV shows and movies predictors of financial markets?
    There was an article saying that this was indeed the case. Are TV shows and movies predictors of financial markets? The article was in Money magazine, and said that anytime hollywood or a major network makes a show on something financial related such a...
    3 Money 65
  207. Mysterious 12 digit numbers calling my cellphone
    On October 8th, I got a phone call from a 12 digit number. The number is "912-223-68***" They had an accent, and asked for someone (I can't remember the name) I told them they had the wrong number and I hung up. I didn't think much of it. Toda...
    7 Technology 679
  208. Don't know which digital SLR camera to get?
    I'm really interested in photography. I do this BOCES program where I leave my school for a half a day and just learn/practice photography. Soon I'm going to need a digital SLR camera, but I'm completely clueless on which brands are the best. I'm looki...
    3 Technology 39
  209. Does anybody know how I can get how-to information on making money with the stock market for beginners?
    I'm interested in making money with the stock market like my daddy did when he was alive, but I don't know how to do it or where to begin and I would be a beginner at this. I don't have a job but I make pocket change by selling stuff at yard sales and ...
    2 Money 10
  210. Is it possible to use a digital camera for my project?
    Hey guys... I have this project that I am working on where I need to record myself speaking for about 5 minutes. I have a digital camera that records pretty well. My ultimate goal is to take the short snippets and have them put together as a document...
    2 Technology 7
  211. Do you believe digital art is easier and taking away from traditional art?
    I mean in programs like photo shop you can download a brush of any texture you want. I believe it takes some of the skill out of it. Yes you can argue you need some know how on composition, color ect. to create a good piece of art with or without digit...
    8 Technology 59
  212. Who knows about the stock market?
    I just got my tax returns and it's a nice chunk of change (for once) I want to invest it in the stock market, mutaul funds, and the money market but with the rise and fall of out economy...well I have know clue if it's a good idea, basically I don't wa...
    5 Money 27
  213. Clitteral piercing
    clitteral piercing are there any benefits
    4 Health 229
  214. How can I make my ex-friend with benefits as my boyfriend?
    I'm totally inlove with my friend, he knows/knew as we've gotten off at parties, we talk all the time, we hang out quite a bit and we were friends with benefits.. then he broke it off so he could go after another girl he really likes but its not awkwar...
    5 Relationships 12
  215. A Bong
    What is a bong use for? Benefits?
    8 General 28
  216. sex change
    what are the benefits of having a sex change?
    3 Sex 23
  217. How accurate is my first response gold digital?
    I had sex on december 31st and I took a first response gold digital test yesterday feb 9th and it read NO which is good this was my first time. We used a condom which did not break that I know of :/ and I'm on bc lostrin fe 24 and missed one pill a we...
    2 Sex 74
  218. Should they legalize marijuana due to its benefits?
    I Was researching it in School.. Marijuana Is Actually very helpful plant. The Oil From ONE SEED can Fuel a Car. And It has been used for years in Medical Insituttions. The Crime Rate Has also Shot Up Since They made the Drug Illegal. Should they Leg...
    30 Politics 105
  219. What do you think of unemployment and how they have extended unemployment benefits?
    We have a few companies we own, and what I have seen personally is that people would rather draw the unemployment check, than work. We have tried to interview people, that have told us they do want a job, they just have to send their resume out to keep...
    8 Money 24
  220. What are the benefits or negative side effects you've experienced from taking Prozac?
    I was just proscribed prozac for OCD/Anxiety and they say the risk of suicidal thought is significantly increased if under 25 so im nervous to start taking it, i've been on muptiple other base medications for Anxiety before (zoloft, celexa,lexapro,traz...
    7 Health 13
  221. Video game development question, how to market games?
    me and my bro have been producing two new games . they are complete and practical. We want to introduce them to the world but we dont know where to begin and we are scared to show our plan to our country games ministry because we know they will take it...
    2 Money 19
  222. Olympus digital camera
    I have a Olympus digital camera and I brought it to the beach yesterday.. Anyway it was working fine in the beginning and later on that night it started not working... I didn't get it wet or sandy because I kept it in a plastic sandwich bag.. Any way I...
    2 Technology 8
  223. What canvas size does one use to do digital paintings on Photoshop?
    When I try painting, (People from far away with a background) And zoom in, it gets all pixally and I can't do details. Does anyone know the right settings to use? I'm using Photoshop CS6 For something like this: (remove the spaces) Not the exact pi...
    2 Technology 27
  224. What happens during a braces consultation ?
    I have been told by my doctor that I need to get braces because my jaw is giving me really bad ear pains and that's my only solution. So I did some research on local orthodontics and asked a lot of my friends who have braces and it was a clear decision...
    3 Style 85
  225. How will Obamas plan benefit America?
    1. If he raises taxes on buisnesses then what is to keep the buisnesses from moving overseas? 2. Why does he believe that the rich paying 96 percent of the governments income isnt enough? 3. If he is such a great leader why did he refuse to vote 130 ...
    10 Politics 36
  226. What would benefit me more if I wanted to be an English teacher-drama or modern studies?
    I've been asked to chose my subjects for 5th year, my sister has convinced me that if I don't take maths then it will haunt me for the rest of my life. Other classes I am taking are English, Maths, Art (inevitable due to column choices) and either dram...
    2 Education 10
  227. Why wont my little Sony digital camera import videos to my computer?
    When I plug it in to my laptop doesnt seem to recognize there are videos also on the camera. I tried adjusting the import options and I accessed the memory card from computer and they dont show, only the pictures. I really need a video on it cause its ...
    3 Technology 25
  228. How can I damage my digital camera on purpose?
    Ok, I know this is an odd question! but let me explain it!! For an art project I decided to do stuff with multimedia and I am doing this whole segment on glitching and circuit bending. I wanna alter my old vivitar 4090 so that it can create weird image...
    9 Technology 52
  229. What do you think would benefit a homeless person during winter?
    I'm going to be using the money I cashed on here to make packs for homeless people during the winter, the things need to be pretty cheap because i'm going to be buying them in large quantities. I'm thinking socks, hats, gloves, blankets, water, snacks,...
    15 General 42
  230. How can I fix my digital camera lens?
    My Grandfather bought me this new HP Photosmart Digital Camera, that costed around $300. I broke it. It fell off my bed. My cameras lens goes out when you take a pic, it has two sections to the lens, and the second (smallest) where the Cameras "glass...
    3 Technology 53
  231. Cameras In Digital Converter Boxes
    okayy you know those digital converter boxes the goverment was givin out $40 dollar coupons for? well since the DTV transition, you now must have one of those boxes to recieve TV airwaves. Well a bunch of people at my church and a lot of christians a...
    6 Religion 46
  232. Please help!! I need my 4-digit id code for my orange phone???
    Right I've kinda locked my phone so I wanna try and register for orange buh I cant cause it needs to send me a text and I cant read texts cause my phone is locked. So I phoned up and entered my number buh then... It asked me for my 4-digit id code? A...
    2 Technology 68
  233. Is anyone here a vegaterian or vegatarian-symphatizer and how has it benefited you?
    I recently stopped eating wheat products and milk for my allergies (I am now on soy milk). This is working quite well for me and my cough has almost completely disapeared. Now I was thinking of cutting out meat (with the exception of fish and maybe chi...
    16 Nutritionfitness 40
  234. How to not feel weird around my new friend with benefits?
    I'm 16 years old.I have had sex with 3 guys.And they have been friends with Benefits.Well the first to I didn't really feel that wierd after ,but this is time it did.We have been friends for about 2 years now,and I never really saw my self having sex w...
    5 Sex 25
  235. What is the best rechargeable battery on the market right now with the highest energy density?
    Still working on my sons RC airplane and we want to turn it into a FPV but the thing has to go on a diet to carry the extra equipment. I need a battery chemistry that will give me the most energy for the weight. From my research it looks like Li-Poly P...
    3 Technology 11
  236. Can I study while on sick benefits?
    I have been on income support for almost 15 mths due to deepression and an eating disorder and I don't think I will not be coming off it anytime soon. I'm obviously unfit for work or studying at a public place such as college. but I was wondering if ...
    6 Education 138
  237. How do I get an apprenticeship in the UK?
    and if i do how will it benefit me.?
    4 Education 12
  238. What is a viewfinder?
    To do with digital cameras..
    5 Technology 16
  239. 7 Certifications that can get you an Online Marketing job - 2020 Edition
    Let's face it, one thing that 2020 has taught us is that the idea of going into a store or office to but goods or services is over and will probably never come back to what it was before. People were already making most research and buying decisions on...
    7 Education 98
  240. Housing Market?
    I just bought a house, and when I told one of my friends what it cost, he thought it was the deal of the century. It's a 3 bedroom, 3 level house, with sunporch, attached garage, shed, large backyard, brand new wood burning stove with air filter, an...
    5 Homegarden 38
  241. Is it mandatory to have a Demat account to share online?
    I am interested to invest some money in the share market. Because it is now safe and easy to invest money on the share market. I do not have a demat account. Is it possible to invest money on the market without a demat account?
    2 Money 26
  242. Looking for an email marketing tool, either website or software,..
    Looking for an email marketing tool, either website or software as long as it can help me send to a huge mailing list. I have tried Gmail Nevertheless, it just enables u to send 1000 emails in twenty four hrs: (Yahoo, Hotmail etc are all scrap, they...
    3 Technology 46
  243. Does anyone make money on Clickbank?
    Has anyone tried marketing off of Clickbank and how successful were they? What are the best programs to market?
    3 Money 7
  244. Can I be jealous of a friend with benefits?
    Should I become jealous if a sex buddy wants my best friend? The thing is, I hate my sex buddy because he sucks at sex but I love how he would always beg for me to come outside so we could mess around. I know he has a thing for my big-chested ugly best...
    5 Sex 51
  245. My digital camera wont turn on and it gets really hot.
    Yesterday I was about to upload pictures and I noticed my battery was almost dead, but I want too worried because uploading pictures takes like five seconds. I turned it off and unplugged it when I was done, then tried turning it on again a little late...
    3 Technology 102
  246. What is Forex trading?
    What is forex trading, is there any benefits in making this investment?
    4 Money 72
  247. Ipod is locked
    My ipod is asking for the 4 digit's locked...I have never used a 4 digit code --- as far as I can remember
    4 Technology 29
  248. Tax Attorney Help
    What is the benefit of hiring a Tax Attorney
    2 Politics 14
  249. What are some heart healthy teas?
    What benefits would they have?
    3 Nutritionfitness 12
  250. How much would it cost to put on a benefit concert?
    I have a few details. - I am trying to put together a show at a venue in Austin, TX called Mohawks for charity. - The main artist charges $5,000 but may give a discount if the proceeds go to charity. - I know a few local artists who will play for fr...
    2 Music 96