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  1. What to do if you overdose on cocaine?
    7 Drugs 223
  2. How long will cocaine stay in your system?
    How long will cocaine stay in your system?
    4 Drugs 5219
  3. How old do you have to be to work at taco bell?
    How old do you have to be to work at taco bell?
    5 Money 194
  4. Will niacin get cocaine out of your system
    Will niacin get cocaine out of your system
    2 Drugs 11108
  5. How are marks bell-curved?
    3 Education 40
  6. Can I move a door bell by splicing wires?
    Can I move a door bell by splicing wires?
    2 General 190
  7. How to make fake cocaine that numbs and works the same?
    How to make fake cocaine that numbs and works the same?
    15 Drugs 92111
  8. How to tell if a baby has been exposed to cocaine?
    How can i tell if a baby is on cocaine during pregnancy
    4 Drugs 98
  9. what are the effects of cocaine and what exactly does it do and whats the rush?
    6 Drugs 143
  10. McDonalds Vrs. Taco Bell
    12 Entertainment 30
  11. How in the world do you play bells?
    ! I'm not a percussionist!!!
    6 Music 15
  12. How old do you have to be to work at Taco Bell?
    How old does taco bell hire employees?
    4 Money 224
  13. How to detox my body of cocaine?
    what remedy detox's my body leaving it negative of cocaine
    4 Drugs 1867
  14. How many calories are in Taco Bell's burrito supreme?
    How many calories are in Taco Bell's burrito supreme?
    2 General 180
  15. How long does crack cocaine stay in your system?
    How long does crack cocaine stay in your system if smoked
    4 Drugs 4943
  16. Whats a good/cool scene name for 'belle' or 'isabelle'?
    Whats a good/cool scene name for 'belle' or 'isabelle'?
    4 General 52
  17. Is drake bell ugly?
    is drakebell ugly I say yi
    3 Entertainment 128
  18. Do you prefer a roast beef from Arby's or a taco from Taco Bell?
    13 Food 42
  19. Pass cocaine drug test?
    What household product can I use to pass a cocaine drug test
    11 Drugs 649
  20. baby bell
    what can happen if cheese gets stuck up a vagina?
    5 Relationships 29
  21. Does Taco Bell deliver anywhere?
    I've looked and I've yes's and no's.
    20 Food 60
  22. Will cocaine be out of my system by the 30th?
    I did cocanie yesteday and have a test on the april 30th will it be out of my system by then?!
    2 Drugs 398
  23. Can you get cocaine in your system from oral sex?
    Can you get cocaine in your system, knowing your partner does it, by having oral sex or "eating " her out?
    2 Sex 1619
  24. What song plays at the end of the Disney movie Cow Belles?
    At the end of the Disney Channel's movie, Cow Belles, what's the song that they play?
    2 Music 124
  25. Will she come out positive for cocaine?
    My friend snorted some cocaine on Tuesday and will be drug tested on the following Tuesday, will she be positive for cocaine?
    3 Drugs 13206
  26. Cocaine user, will I be clean in 3 months?
    I have a blood test in 3 months but I do cocaine will I be clean by then please help!!!
    3 Drugs 794
  27. Is there a Taco Bell on Elm Street?
    Do you think somewhere in the world there is a Taco Bell located on Elm St.
    2 Food 14
  28. Pragnent and boyfriend smokes cocaines
    I just found out that I am prago and my boyfriend smoked cocaine all the time will this effect my baby
    4 Drugs 73
  29. What is a home remedy for cleaning your system of crack cocaine?
    I need to clean my system of crack cocaine---quickly! I need a verified home remedy.
    2 Drugs 24135
  30. Would you tell a school official if you knew someone was selling cocaine in the bathroom? Why or why not?
    2 Drugs 45
  31. What do you think of Taco Bell in a bowl?
    I dont like it, when i think in taco bell i always think in a tortilla thats what i like i dont like it in a bowl i stay with the tortillas and tacos.
    3 Food 48
  32. How many days does it take for cocaine and meth to leave the
    How many days does it take for cocaine and meth to leave the body to pass a drug test?
    3 Drugs 5159
  33. Who's hotter: drake bell or zac efron?
    Who is hotter nickelodeon star drake bell or high school musical sentation zac efron?
    26 Entertainment 72
  34. How unhealthy is Taco Bell?
    After eating taco bell for lunch, I have a morbid idea of wondering exactly what I just did to myself. Is it really unhealth to eat taco bell or only slightly?
    16 Food 532
  35. Could you test positive for cocaine just by touching it?
    I have a drug test soon I really need to know if by touching cocaine the test will come out positive
    2 Drugs 11659
  36. Do you think wedding bells are in the near future for Lady Gaga and boyfriend Taylor Kinney?
    6 Music 33
  37. Longest cocaine can stay or has staid in anyone's system?
    Whats the longest cocaine can stay or has staid in anyone's system? I'm not using drugs, I'm just curious.
    2 Drugs 7529
  38. Laura Bell Bundy's birthday?
    Okay, WHEN is Laura Bell Bundy's birthday??? like, year was she born? I cant find it anywhere?
    3 Entertainment 46
  39. tried the new volcano nachos from taco bell?
    Today I tried the new volcano nachos from taco bell they were spicey as hell!!! If you tried this please tell me what you think!
    4 Food 15
  40. Will cocaine be out of my system for my drug test?
    I did a large quanity of cocaine on the 4th of August and I had a drug text on the 13th,will it show up in my urine
    3 Drugs 800
  41. where can I find people with cerebral palsy?
    I have cerebral palsy and would like to chat with others like me over the internet. I need a friend that understands me and my disability
    3 General 22
  42. What is the best thing to order at taco bell?
    I'm not feeling cookyish tonight and taco bell sounds good :) so what is your all time favorite thing to order from there?
    7 Food 23
  43. Is anybody still a fan of Saved by the Bell?
    Is anybody still a fan of Saved By The Bell I think it is one of the best shows ever and I thnk im the only fan left.
    3 Entertainment 10
  44. How long does cocaine stay in your system?
    how long does cocaine stay in youre system, I heard it depends on how you use, is this true or is 48 hours the longest it stays, regardless?
    4 Drugs 24605
  45. What happens when you use weed and cocaine at the same time?
    I was wondering wht hppnd whn you combined those thngs together?
    11 Drugs 5749
  46. Cocaine out of my system
    Whats the best thing(s) to take to flush coke out of my system for an upcoming drug test I have in a week?
    9 Drugs 1255
  47. Can someone give me a short biography on alexander graham bell
    Can someone give me an short about a paragraph and a half long biography on alexander graham bell pleaseee!! That would be helpful thanx
    2 Education 43
  48. How can I pass a drug test for cocaine withouta detox kit ?
    How can I pass a drug test for crack cocaine if I without a detox kit? I didnt smoke a lot and I dont smoke it often.
    5 Drugs 4776
  49. How to get rid of cocaine in my system?
    How can I get rid of cocaine in my system in order to pass a urine drug screen in 48 hours. I need a home remedy.
    7 Drugs 10693
  50. Is it weird that every time I listen to Kristen Bell talking about a sloth (autotuned) I get teary eyed and choked up?
    8 General 11
  51. What home remedies can I use to get rid of cocaine?
    I have a urine drug test next wednesday and would like to know what home remedies I can do to get rid of cocaine in my system by then?
    3 Drugs 22254
  52. Why Can They Say Cocaine On The Radio, But You Cant Male A Reffrence Towards Weed?
    I was listening to Eric Claptons "Cocaine" On The Radio And A Song After Had The Word Weed In It And It Got Censored.
    3 Drugs 186
  53. FunAdvice Trivia: What is the name of the 'geeky' guy on 'Saved By The Bell'?
    A) Slater B) Screech C) Zach D) Leon
    10 Funadvice 12
  54. Does vinager detox you from cocaine
    I used about 5days ago I have a drug test today and I was told to drink cranberry juice and a bottle of vinager, will this work?
    4 Drugs 3030
  55. How long does it take to get cocaine out of your system?
    I used just a little bit on saturday nite... got to go in in one ;hour for a u/a
    2 Drugs 1210
  56. Cocaine
    I have only done coke once or twice in my life. I did one small line and 48 hrs I took a drug test. Do you think I will pass
    4 Drugs 4186
  57. Drake Bell
    What radio station has Drake Bell's music on a lot?? I really like it and no stores have his cds where I live. I live in Sarnia, so if you know what station tell me! QUICK! Thanx, qazwert
    2 Music 25
  58. What would hapen if you put cocaine in your coffee?
    I saw this scene in the movie Starsky and Hutch where Ben Stiller took accidentally put cocaine in his coffee and messed him up. Just wondering if its really like that.
    10 Drugs 312
  59. how much niacin to flush cocaine out?
    I my sister did a few lines on fri. and now she goes back to the navy on mon. I know not the brightst but we're past that. will slo niacin work?
    3 Drugs 12991
  60. How long does cocaine stay in your system?
    If someone eats concaine, how long it stays in your systems, and is the first time they done it this person told me she done cocaine on Saturday, and was drug test on Thursday, she wants to know if she will be okay,
    20 Drugs 74552
  61. What are some possible jobs for a person with cerebral palsy?
    My brother-in-law has cerebral palsy and wants to go to work. He is 18 and is very smart but he cant stand or walk for long periods of time.
    4 Health 21
  62. Jingle Bells
    Does anyone remember the lyrics to Jingle Bells as sung by Yorgi Yorgenson? The lines I can remember are: Yingley bells, yingley bells yingling all da vay. I vouldn't make a brass monkey ride in a von horse open sleigh. Yingley bells yingle...
    2 Music 117
  63. How do I get cocaine out of my system in 1 day?
    Drug testing for employment. How to pass a urine drug test? What home remedies can be used to clease the system? How long does this stay in your system? Can this be eliminated from your system in 2 days?
    5 Drugs 20689
  64. Cocaine?
    How long does cocaine last in your system last used sat have drug test on monday,but have tested + after using 7 days?? Also passed one after 3 day? I dont get it, also cranberry juice and water is the key , right?
    4 Drugs 5929
  65. Is Taylor Swift still mad over what Camilla Belle did to her boyfriend?
    Is Taylor still upset over Camilla Belle if so why? I mean this was like 2 years ago and Taylor is still angry about Camilla cheating on her boyfriend or something? And is she friends with Kanye West now..i heard they definitely made up.
    18 Entertainment 38
  66. How do you add money to your bell account on a pre-paid card?
    Ok so I have this lg rumor 2 and I got it for christmas and we went to the Bell store and got it programmed, and they added the money on, but my phone is out of minutes and im going crazy! lol no texting! and anyways, I have a bell account and lots of ...
    2 Technology 37
  67. Does actress Camilla Belle get a real tan or not?
    You've heard of Camilla belle right? She is half Brazilian and I see her skin tone sometimes and it can get olive brown type so I was just curious is her skin color spray tab or is it all natural? Because of her Brazilian roots?
    2 Style 50
  68. How long does cocaine stay in your baby's system?
    how long does cocaine stay in your unborn baby system the last time I used was in december and the baby is due march 20th I know it was stupid dumb and selfish of me to do that to my son but I had a hard time in my life. I only used for 3 weekends smok...
    7 Drugs 5831
  69. Can you heal a paralysis caused by cocaine use?
    my friend is a coke head and over the weekend he did a lot of it and hit a nerve in his face and paralzed half of his face. whats the name of what happened to him, and is there ways for himm to get better?
    4 Drugs 3367
  70. Drug test for job and did cocaine
    Is 4 days long enough for coccaine to come out of my system? Please I understand everyone just wants to help but I dont want to hear "dont do drugs and you wont have to worry" obviously its too late for that so please, no judgment:)
    5 Drugs 739
  71. FunAdvice Trivia: In the Walt Disney film, Peter Pan, whose body was used for the model of tinker Bell?
    A) Marilyn Monroe B) Doris Day C) Katherine Hepburn D) Grace Kelly
    8 Funadvice 37
  72. the bell jar by sylvia plath HELP!!
    can anybody summarize the book in only TWO sentences? this is what I came up with: Esther Greenwood is brilliant, beautiful, talented, and successful; however she sees very little value in her life. The Bell Jar is the story of her struggle between ...
    2 Literature 35
  73. What are technologies that will help people with Cerebral Palsy?
    Hi, im working on an assignment and was wondering if anybody knows any assistive technology for an elderly individual with cerebral palsy. Dont worry im not asking you to do my homework, I only need three types of assistive technology and then I have ...
    2 Health 32
  74. Is there a home remedy for getting cocaine out of your system?
    just want to know if sonny7, vinegar, cranberry will help to get cocaine out of system. last use was 8:00 saturday morning test could be tomorrow. home test today shows postive need help asap! for sure done after this incident
    9 Drugs 162067
  75. guess whats happened to the new school bell!
    at my schhol, as a classroom dismissing and a recess/lunch ending, we hear the FRIENDS theme song! yeyyy! too bad about the fire that burned the place where the original bell was. that stinks for me...but, im so glad. I want the bell to stay! I dont kn...
    3 Education 18
  76. Did Taco Bell stop serving the Baja Chalupas?
    nooooooo i love those. thats the only reason i go :( lol must bring them back the guy still made me one last night though ;) think its cuz im pregnant hehe
    2 Food 31
  77. How long do pills and cocaine take to get out of the system?
    ok my older bro is in the same situation that I am in with the U.A's 2ce a week but the only difference is, is he dont smoke weed he just does a lot of pills and coke and stuff like that and he wanted me to ask all of you how long it would take for pil...
    6 Drugs 2755
  78. Off cocaine gained 20
    I used to do a lot of cocaine then I got caught druged tested and failed went to jail I've been clean for 4 months and I've gained 20 or 25 pounds I was around 120 now im around140 I want to ,lose weight but im diabetic and its hard plus I eat a lot mo...
    5 Drugs 58
  79. Brother with Cerebral Palsy
    My little brother is a spoiled little brat with Cerebral Palsy. He never gets off the computer, he always plays runescape. I'm trying to figure out something that he can do besides sit on the computer. He is very short tempered and gets mad when he can...
    14 Family 60
  80. How to stop thinking about cocaine?
    im 15 and addicted to cocaine I used to do it every day like I would stay up for like 5 days at a time I did it in the bathroom at work before and now I f*cking want it soo bad I havnt done it for a couple months but everyday I think about it and I do...
    3 Drugs 71
  81. Dog Rings Bell to go potty and to go play!
    We started training our puppy (she is 13 weeks old-had her for 3 weeks) to ring a bell on doorknob to go outside and do her business. But she likes to go outside to investigate our cats and play around so she rings the bell even after coming back insi...
    5 Pets 158
  82. Confused how I came out postive for cocaine if I dont do it
    I took a drug test and came out postive for cocaine but the thing with that is I dont do that stuff so just wondering if you could get a postive reading by touching it cause I've been killing myself by asking myself how this could happen but it wasnt...
    4 Drugs 1018
  83. How long does cocaine stay in an unborn babies system
    A friend of mine in due at any time now and her boy friend is doing cocaine. Well she asked him for a ciggerette and he lit one then gave it to her she noticed it tasted funny so she asked him if he put something in it and he said yeah but he smoked it...
    2 Drugs 958
  84. Where would you rather eat, an authentic Mexican restaurant, or Taco Bell?
    I like both. I like Taco Bell just for when we are driving around or something and we get a bit Hungary. It's fast food, and it's pretty darn good. lol. However, I would defiantly enjoy an authentic Mexican restaurant better, real recipes that have bee...
    16 Food 57
  85. Dog rings a bell to go potty?, does it work? how does it work?
    I've somehow ran across through a video on youtube; of how to train your dog to ring bells when he needs to go outside and do the bussiness. it amazed me, that's why I wanted to learn and train my dog and new trick. Denver, my dog, is currently on the ...
    5 Pets 89
  86. "Home & Away" question
    the charactor "belle" how come everyone calls her "belle" but "drew" calls her "taylor" ??
    3 Entertainment 9
  87. Belly dancing
    Does belling dancing really tone your belly???
    3 Nutritionfitness 85
  88. No wedding bells or baby cries
    After just splitting p from my former fiance who I cheated on and talked about or whole lives and children and all that wold have came true but I wrecked it,. My boyfriend who is 19 dosnt have any desire to b a dad or have or a husband right know and I...
    7 Relationships 27
  89. Can you buy and iphone and get it unlocked
    Can you buy and iphone and get it unlocked, and put it on bell?
    3 Technology 12
  90. Christmas songs
    What is your favorite Christmas Song? Mine it Carol Of The Bells!
    9 Music 21
  91. Who is your favourite Disney princess?
    For me its a tie between Belle and Rapunzel :)
    33 Entertainment 33
  92. Pass home drug test
    How do you pass a home drug test for cocaine with a home remedy?
    6 Drugs 1681
  93. What can I do about this unsafe diet of cocaine?
    ok seriously I can't diet. I can set my mind to do it. It started after I had my daughter. Now she's 7. Before I had her I was 5'7 and weighed 115 -120 and my butt was always big but like that sexy big. Anyway in 7 years I have spent thousands of doll...
    3 Sex 28
  94. How- is this a funny dumb blonde joke?
    a dumb blonde walks into a taco bell. the taco bell guy says - ''what do you want?'' and the blonde says- ''can I get a hamburger?'' =D
    11 Entertainment 22
  95. How can I get clean for a urine and hair test?
    I used cocaine 2times a week ago aproximately a 50 of cocaine and yesterday I used a 20 of cocaine and I have a pee test on Thursday and a hair drug test. Will I pass either one? And if not what can I do before then to pass my pee test
    2 Health 28489
  96. Who lives near West Newton PA?
    Who lives in or near west newton PA. !!! Or near belle Vernon
    3 General 11
  97. amount of cocaine over that amount of time
    I have been living on my own since I was 16 after my mother passed away, and have lived a relatively productive life, though I did begin smoking pot and drinking soon after I was kicked to the curb. I graduated high school, joined the Air Force - got ...
    4 Drugs 64
  98. Wondering how to pass a drug test using only home remidies
    How do I pass a drug test for cocaine with using only home remidies
    8 Drugs 116
  99. passing a drug test
    what's a way to get crack cocaine out of your system.
    2 Drugs 295
  100. When I let my 4 month old niece touch my not yet vaccinated puppy?
    my 4 month old niece is coming to visit on sunday to see my new puupy Belle, but belle is only 8 weeks old and isn't due her 1st vaccination until next wednesday. Is it safe to let them meet, or should I wait until Belle has been vaccinated?
    2 Babies 16
  101. Favorite Fast Food Resturant?
    I luv subway and taco bell. Whts your favorite fastfood resturant?
    11 Food 21
  102. coke detox time :)
    how can I get cocaine out of my system fast 2-3 days
    4 Health 1935
  103. What website can I watch hellsing for free?
    What website can I watch hellsing for free,an other animated like one piece zatch bell and anime like that?
    2 Entertainment 16
  104. Detox
    If I somked cocain drank vinegar and a lot of water would I pass a drug test
    2 Health 1619
  105. Codine
    Could you come up positive for cocaine in a urine sample if taking percription meds thats have codine in it
    2 Health 43
  106. Drug hair test coming up
    I have not used in 60 days.Will cocaine still show up?? What do I do to detoxify? I am no longer using...
    4 Drugs 67
  107. Animal crossing for the wii
    There are 2 fings I wud like 2 no. I av read that there is a rock that I can hit and get bells frm well I av a few rocks in my town but nun of them seem 2 work, and yes I do av the golden shovel. Also I av buryd sum bells wiv the golden shovel about a ...
    2 Gaming 14
  108. Passing drug test
    how do I pass a drug test for cocaine without buying anything cause im broke and I have to be at court in the morning
    3 Drugs 3126
  109. Where can I find a cheat sheet?
    I can not solve the ringing of the bells does anyone know how to? (magicians hand book blacklore 2
    5 Gaming 12
  110. Is marijuana worse than cigarettes?
    is mariwana and cocain and stuff wrose than cigarettes.y?I want 2 know why it ilegall and other drugs are not
    9 Health 72
  111. How long for the piss test?
    Used a gram of cocaine 16 teen days a go..first use in 8mo..cup tested will I pass?
    4 Health 55
  112. would the drugs still be in my system after 6 hours?
    after 6 hours would I b able to pass a drug test if I had been taking cocaine and smoking pot?
    10 Drugs 624
  113. What do you do when you're bored in lesson?
    Some lessons I just sit there and stare at the clock waiting for the bell to go, if I've finished my work or just being lazy and not doing anything!
    9 General 16
  114. What do I do about my foreskin?
    I have foreskin and I try to pull it down but I cant get it past the bell end of the dick and when I get far then pull it back up it like rolls in on itself and hurts bad :( what do I do?
    3 Health 58
  115. Redbull, Monster, and Mountain Dew
    I heard that there is a tiny bit of cocaine in Redbull meth in Monster and theres somthing in Mountain Dew. whats in mt dew? is it really true?
    6 Food 427
  116. Who Loves What Moviestar?
    Who here loves Drake Bell and who loves Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas my personal favorite or boring old Keivin Jonas ? Please tell me in answer
    5 Entertainment 16
  117. Why do people feel always sorry for me just because im disabled?
    why do people always feel sorry for me just because I am disabled. I have cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy makes me walk different like you can tell there is something wrong with me. But other than that I am like any other teenager. I can tell that some ...
    9 General 85
  118. How can you tell if someone is taking drugs?
    just trying 2 weed em out at school: how can you tell if someone is taking: 1)cocaine 2)marajuana 3)heroine 4) any others I forgot...
    13 Drugs 277
  119. Namezzz
    Which name do you like the best? 1.) Cassie Cupcakezz 2.) Clever Sleazoid Cassie 3.) Cannibal Cassie 4.) Cassie Cocaine 5.) Cassie C*nt
    4 General 32
  120. Do you ever drink energy drinks?
    I’ve heard things about a new energy drink called ‘Cocaine’ that is supposed to ‘have no crash’ after you drink it. Do you ever drink energy drinks? If you do, which is your favorite kind? (Either most effective or best tasting?)
    6 Food 35
  121. FunAdvice trivia: Who sang 'Build Me Up Buttercup' in 1969?
    A) KC & The Sunshine Band B) Archie Bell & The Drells C) Foundations D) Lettermen
    10 Funadvice 36
  122. What does it feel like to be addicted to drugs?
    my best friend, went to rehab this summer for a month only. we both go to the same boarding school but NO1 knows about her going to rehab apart from me and the school hospital.she has many drug tests, but she struggles so much to not relapse. she will ...
    8 Drugs 153
  123. What should I do
    what should I do if a really good friend of mine was not tellin me stuff that I am findin out a/b him b/c some of his ex-girlfriends that would never lie to me have been tellin me stuff well me and this guy can talk but I am scared to bring up if he is...
    3 Relationships 10
  124. How much time will my boyfriend do in jail?
    Hello my boyfriend got caught with cocaine. He has a prior weed charge hes 24 has a good lawyer was on probation but hes serving his time for that now do you think he will be there for a while?
    3 General 43
  125. What do you think of these baby names?
    What do you think of Braden Michael & Kaden James for twin boys!? :) Just for one boy; Braden James or Daniel James. For a girl; Aliyah (ah-lye-uh) Belle.
    11 Babies 112
  126. How is sniffing crushed tablets bad? or is it?
    I got bored last night so I crushed up half a panadol tablet and sniffed it up like cocaine. It made me a little high but not for very long. I find this fun but is it bad??
    3 Health 200
  127. FunAdvice Trivia: Who really invented the first recorded record in 1887?
    A) Thomas Edison B) Emil Berliner C) Alexander Bell D) Benjamin Franklin
    6 Funadvice 18
  128. Who are your top five actresses?
    Who are your top five actresses? Mine are: 1. Camilla Belle 2. Jody Foster 3. Mila Kunis 4. Ashley Greene 5. Megan Fox
    3 Entertainment 44
  129. How can I stop my drug addiction?
    OK I am gonna admit I am addicted. First it started with ciggs >weed> pills> crack> cocaine> crystal meth. How can I stop myself before it gets any worse? I really want to. I just can't.
    2 Drugs 73
  130. Should I Get The Inferior Navel Piercing?
    I’m thinking about getting the inferior navel piercing! Its where your bell is pierced at the bottom and the top, I’m trying to find a good picture but no luck ! If anyone has theirs done or has seen it. Tell me do you think it looks good?? Or no
    4 Style 122
  131. What are your favourite movie scenes/quotes?
    I'm bored ;) Mine are: Mean girls - The taco bell scene ;) "wanna go to taco bell? I can't go im on an all carb diet GOD KAREN you're so stupid!" Legally blonde - "Bennddd... and SNAP!" & "Look at me. I'm a highschool drop-out. With stretchmarks an...
    5 Literature 37
  132. Has anyone read or seen the movie or book the Great Gatsby?
    Has anyone seen or read the movie or book the Great Gatsby? It's by Fits Gerald. It's a classic. It's also from the 1920's during the Flapper years. Hope this rings a bell to some of you. The great Gatsby is a really good book so is the movie.
    4 Literature 15
  133. Std in throat
    I gave oral sex for the first time...I checked the bakc of my throat and it seems that I have two bleeding spots above my bell of my it because I sucked to hard or went to deep...or is it a std and should go get it checked out...
    4 Sex 135
  134. Why do female celebrities of today are afraid to show off their bikini body?
    Taylor Swift, Camilla Belle, Joanna levesque and other female celebs don't show off their bikini bodies a lot like other celebs do. Why not? Why be shy off flaunting some of your best assets?
    11 Entertainment 11
  135. Do anybody out there like this show called celebrity fit club?
    Do anybody out there like this show called celebrity fit club? I thought dustin from save by the bell was going to get his act right, do he act like a puss* about everything? And who out there believe that crap that he can take harvey on?
    3 Entertainment 13
  136. Symbols of freedom?
    I have to do a photography assignment. Other than running horses, the us flag (liberty bell, all that american shit) butterflies, and birds in flight, can you think of anything else I could photograph for freedom? Thanks
    3 Politics 14
  137. What food commercial sucks you in every time and makes absolutely need to get it as soon as you can?
    Taco bell is killing me- ive got to stop watching commercials...its all ive wanted to eat since i got pregnant.
    7 Food 11
  138. what's this song?
    I heard this song that I recognized, but I never have known the name, and all I remember is right around the beginning they mentioned "blue suede shoes" and at the end they kept repeating "rock on". does that ring a bell with anyone?
    2 Music 7
  139. Friendship Advice
    I have a friend who is 19 w/ 2 kids and does drugs. She lost her job because of her cocaine addiction but now she wants me to help her find a job. Problem is she does not answer her phone for days is she a hopeless cause?
    4 Relationships 25
  140. Which one of these guys would you pick?
    This question is not really important, but I would only ask. If you must pick 1 guy which one should you pick? Zac Efron, Drake Bell, Lucas Grabeel, or Ricky Martin? If you don't want to answer its ok. because this is a dumb question!!!
    3 Relationships 32
  141. What do you put in your stuffing?
    I just made mine, and I'm taking a break before I help with the sweet potatos :) I made mine with onions, apples, bell peppers, ground sausage and bread slices. What about you? I know most people have their own special recipes.
    6 Food 33
  142. How long does it take for coke to get out of your system?
    my friend wanted me to ask you guys how long it would take for the cocaine to go from his urine becuase he has to take a urine test soon and wants to know how long it would take him to it to go? it was his first time and he did 2 small lines of it. ...
    2 Health 6944
  143. I Need Christmas Song Lyrics.
    I need to figure out some song lyrics so I told my girl that I would check here on FA. What are the lyrics to jingle bells? Or is there a better song that a group of 5 year olds could sing at school? I need lyrics too if anyone knows any. I need Ch...
    2 Music 78
  144. Why do I feel attracted to this other guy?
    ok I have been with my guy nearly 2 years now and I really do love him... but on new years eve I met my mates cousin... he is 26 and he is gorgeous... and I know he likes me because he kissed me and we had sex... he is also a cocaine addict... what do ...
    2 Sex 55
  145. What happened to these shows?
    whatever happened to- Xmen evolution, mew mew power, yugioh (not gx), zoids, naruto (it just disappeared after day light savings), the orginal pokemon with ash and misty, that show with the singing monkeys, and saved by the bell? I loved those shows.
    2 Entertainment 35
  146. What are some more things about my topic that i can use for my project ?
    In health i'm doing a project, the topic is cocaine, yes i looked it up on the internet, all i got is the street names, the side effects, where it's from, what forms it's in, & how it gets in your system. I can't think of anything else to look for, or ...
    2 Education 22
  147. Should I?
    I met this guy on the first day of school. It was in my first hour class and I had started to flirt with him when the five minute bell rang. He went to the teacher desk and started taking role. I turns out he's the teacher! Ever since that day, I j...
    3 Relationships 14
  148. How to properly work out?
    Alright,this is a multi part question,so bare with, I bought this 25 pound dumb bell, how should I work out with it, how long will it take to atleast get some kind of bumps on my arm, and if I do this for a couple of months will I lose weight? Sor...
    3 Nutritionfitness 44
  149. job interview advice
    I'll be putting my job applications to taco bell shortly. However, I'll be listing wal-mart on my work experience. I've been canned for gross misconduct (see other questions.) How do I explain that during the interview, if there's gonna be one?
    5 Money 51
  150. Dilute your urine with water directly.
    If you dilute your urine directly with water and just add a couple of drops of your urine, will a positive results come back. I just took a couple of tokes of some weed and 2 snort of cocaine, and had a surprise drug tests the next day so I put warm ...
    4 Health 1983
  151. Did the father who threatened kids on a school bus go too far?
    After his daughter, who has Cerebral Palsy, was the victim of several counts of bullying, the father decided to take issues into his own hands. Did he go too far, or do authorities really need to step up their game to prevent kids being from bullied? W...
    6 Family 17
  152. First fight tomorrow?
    Yesterday while trying to get out of the class a kid that I have mentioned before named Gustavo blocked the door,and I asked him nicely to get out of my way,he said the bell hasn't rung yet,I said So I don't care,I then pushed him out the way pissing h...
    12 Education 44
  153. My friend's taking drugs!
    My mate admitied to me last night that she is taking drungs. Shes been doing cocaine. I dont agree with it, I never will. But I dont know how to help her. She likes things to stay quiet, but I dont think I can let this stay quiet. Im stuck she is one o...
    4 Drugs 43
  154. Nickleback song
    I was in a real hurry to make a Dr's appointment. Caught part of a song on a R&R station by Nickleback. Sounded like a Ballad type of song. The line I remembered said something about "Leaving The Light On" Does this ring a bell with anyone? If so, wh...
    2 Music 43
  155. Trying to quit drugs
    I've been trying to quit drugs for a while now but I just cant do it, ill quit for 6 weeks then do it for 6 months. Im smoking weed, popping pills, and snorting cocaine. The reason I started was because I was going through some rough times in my life a...
    11 Drugs 79
  156. Twilight Cast.
    Does anyone else think that the upcomming movie Twilight has been casted wrong? I think that Camilla Belle should have been Bella. Oliver Goodwill (when he looks like a wolf in the music video call me when your sober by evenessence) should have played ...
    4 Entertainment 30
  157. Job!!! Any good tips on how to get the job?
    No one ever calls me back!!!I applied to ihop on sat...they are hiring...any good tips on how to get the job???what should I them...come in...what is the best thing to say...and lol will fast food like taco bell hire anyone...haha im desperat...
    4 Money 20
  158. I hate code name corn with a P
    I hate porn but I watch it any way its like a sad drug like cocain you want to stop but you always find a reason to watch it I know the reason I watch it is because most of the things in porn will never happen in real life or stuff you don't wan...
    3 Relationships 13
  159. Teacher Cursing a student
    After the bell rang to let school out a student and the teacher were joking back and forth playing around and the student jump on the teachers back , remember they were both playing back and forth with one another, not know the teacher just had back su...
    4 Education 57
  160. are there any low brass here?!
    does anyone here play a low brass instrument?! if so, what do you play,and how long have you been playing it? I play euphonium switching to tuba in nineth grade, and this is my 2nd year to play eyphonium. I wonna play tuba so I can play susaphon...
    2 Music 9
  161. Pass a drug test
    I have a little less then 2 weeks to take a drug test. Last time I failed, testing positive for THC, amphetamines, and cocaine. I dont know why I tested + for coke, I think it was in some Salvia but whatever. Its been 2 weeks since I've smoked, and ...
    9 Drugs 1234
  162. Wierdest pick up line youve ever gotten?
    Ok so whats the strangest pick up line someone has said to you? MIne was while I was volunteering for the salvation army ringing the bell at Christmas time three guys walked up and one said "Hey cutie if I donate 15 cents can I get your number?" It ...
    3 Relationships 26
  163. Help I need to lose weight and get toned before two months
    How do I make my body more toned before two months? I really want to make a good impression that I can lose weight and keep my body toned without eating them nasty thing people want others to do. iw want a way I can eat the food I eat now and still los...
    5 Nutritionfitness 69
  164. Right or Wrong?
    my mother has in the past recent years done cocaine, and until now I've done nothing about it. she stopped for a while(because she was caught and on probation) but she just failed a pee test and now I(being 17) have the right to choose where I want to ...
    6 Family 13
  165. Will Klonopin show up as a Benzodiazepine on a drug test?
    I am asking this seeing as klonopin is a benzodiazapine Derivative and someone told me it wouldn't test positive. my test is a 4 panel and has thc, cocaine, opiates,and benzo's on it. I have to take a test 40 hours fom the time that I ate 2 mg of klon...
    7 Drugs 1024
  166. nice names for a female cat?
    okay, I might be getting a cat who is 9 years old, black and white, and medium hair. she is the cutest cat I've ever seen and I have to think of cute names for her. (I dont like human names for animals, so yeah) here are some I already thought for he...
    9 Pets 22
  167. Boy with big belly bloat
    Today I drank 4 litres of water. I got extremely bloated. My stomach just grew and grew and became so hard. Is it bad for you. Can I drink 3 litres of water every day. The bloat was awesome. I can take the biggest pair of pants I own, put them on, pull...
    6 Health 185
  168. Stand up for myself
    Today at 6th period the same dude that acts gay comes up to me the first time and asks me if I snitched on his friend Gustavo,I asked him to who,he said to the office,he got mad and flinched at me which tempted me to cuss him out. Later on in the perio...
    2 Education 16
  169. What do you think of unexpected visitors to your house on weekends?
    What do you do when you are on weekends trying to relax at home and somebody comes and rings your bell or knock at your door somebody that you didnt expect and your open the door and they said hey body how are you? Are you awake? and other obnoxious q...
    5 General 10
  170. will it be out of my system?
    What do I do? I am a female-120 lbs and have to take a drug test in 45 to 52 days... For everything(pot - cocaine- meth- the whole 9 yards), I smoke weed at least one time a day thats it. Today was the last day I am going to smoke. But I'm freakin out,...
    4 Health 59
  171. Final Survey
    This is my last survey, promise. THIS OR THAT: Raviv Ullman or Nathan Kress: Bebo or Myspace: Harry Potter or Twilight: Drake Bell or Josh Peck: Nickelback or All-American Rejects: RANDOM QUESTIONS: Do you have a youtube account? If so what is it? Ar...
    4 General 48
  172. Survey #2
    Kay I have another quick suvey I am bored: THIS OR THAT: Pepsi or coke: McDonalds or Burger King: Youtube or myspace: Yahoo or hotmail: Linkin Park or Green Day: Raviv Ullman or Drake Bell: Nick or Disney: RANDOM QUESTIONS: Did you like disney before...
    16 General 41
  173. What is a title of this movie?
    First off, it's an old movie. Secondly, I remember it being a comedy. And there are a lot of children. The main character is a young boy. If I remembered right, he was dealing with some kidnappers (yeah I seriously don't know about this part) but hopef...
    6 Entertainment 30
  174. How can I reduce the tension and stress in our household?
    My brother-in-law moved in with us after being homeless for a couple months. He irritates me so bad. His room is always a mess and we have to basically force him to shower. I am completely at my witts end but I don't want to kick him out for fear the h...
    4 Family 15
  175. Who would start a band...if so what would you play..?
    Like genre what you would do in the band...example: vocals drums guitar...and what would you sing about...? Me A hardcore band with a lot of screaming and small amount of clean vocals with a lot of low distorted to high growls and screams...lots o...
    12 Music 28
  176. Has this ever happened to anyone's computer?
    This thing just shut down on it's own for a few minutes, then re-started and informed me of a mile long list of updates windows installed for me. More bells and whistles that I don't need, to take up memory and disc space. I say if it isn't broke...
    5 Technology 20
  177. What do you think about this to say to a girl?
    Okay so here is the lines that I will use to talk to a girl in my school while were walking to class I wanna know if there is anything wierd or creepy about it or if I need to fix it a little "excuse me"(she looks at me) "I was wondering where you got ...
    2 Relationships 4
  178. Prepared for the responsibility
    I graduated college this past year as a Vet Tech and at the moment I do not have a job in this town that I recently moved to. The vet clinics around here aren't looking for a tech so I've applied at a few places and today I recieved a call from an orga...
    3 Money 36
  179. What was your best ever (and harmless) Halloween trick?
    When I was about 18, I took a door from storage in my mom's garage and some friends and I carried it around the neighborhood with us. We would stand the door up in the doorway of a house and ring the bell. They would come open their door and see - a ...
    13 General 31
  180. Do I have a chance with him?
    ok so heres the deal, I like this guy I kinda know him, I mean I have like him for a week or so, (8th grade) he teases me but talks to me and ONCE I got close to him to ask him a question and he didnt back off, also like in history today, he and his be...
    3 Relationships 12
  181. Convince Ma Mum!!!
    How Can I Convince My Mum To Let Me Get Ma Bell Button Pierced I Think It Will Look Good But Ma Mum Iz Old school I really Wanna Geh It Done because a lot Ov My Friends Have Wun And Its Not That Kinda Fing that ii Onlii Want It because Ov Ma Mates Buh ...
    7 Family 49
  182. Where can I listen to this French Christmas Carol?
    Where can I listen to this? I think it's called either C'est Noel or Joyeux Noel. "La neige tombe , Le village est tout blanc , La lune est ronde , Dormez, petits enfants ! Les cloches sonnent, Embrasse ta maman , Un train glisse , G...
    2 Music 66
  183. What usually happens if you get caught..?
    Today, me and my friend left class early (P.E.) and got caught by security, we had no passes, but look, it's was just 10 minutes or something like that before the bell... so.. what's gunna happen? He took our ID#'s and took out refferals.. I've gotten ...
    4 Education 87
  184. Hip Piercing
    Ok, so I do my own piercings. I did my own snakebites, except for the one my friend did to make it even, my own septum, and I jsut did my own hip, jsut one side. I'm going to use saline solution (contact solution) to clean it so it stay moist. Plea...
    2 Style 41
  185. What's up with me and my boy?
    I am in highschool and my boyfriend is now out of highschool! He has a bestfriend that he spends almost all of his time with! I do good to see him once a week now! We hardly talk now because he's too busy and hates talking on the phone. Today he was di...
    2 Relationships 31
  186. What is the top 10 songs in your itunes?
    What are your top 10 songs in your itunes right now? And what is your favourite song right now? My top ten are: 10- Feel the love - cut copy 9- Moths wings - passionpit 8- Always more - AutoKratz 7- Postcard - An horse 6- Lights and music - Cut ...
    4 Music 35
  187. Is there some sort of device out there than can pinpoint the exact location of a possible cell phone?
    so, about a month ago, i started hearing the ringing of a cell phone in my house all the time in the midde of the night and early morning. i follow the sound of the ring but i can never find it! my parents think its one of the phones ive lost in the pa...
    3 Technology 22
  188. I have the flu and my mom is taking me to school..
    I've had the flu for a while now, and my mom's been taking me to school. I already got my friend sick. Is this legal? I feel very sick, when the bell rings I can hardly get up, I have a sore throat, headache, lungs hurt.. doctors said I need rest an...
    4 Health 79
  189. Should marijuana be legal?
    Should marijuana be legal ?? Marijuana helps ~Intraocular pressure- for glaucoma suffers, cannabis relieves the pressure in their eyes that leads to blindness.~ ~Pain- for sufferers of migraine headaches, post-menstrual cramps, labor pains, multiple ...
    7 Politics 40
  190. What do I do im in love with a guy from ohio, im from canada, help?
    Okay, so I have an ipod touch and added the taproom. But I met this amazinggg guy who's from ohio, the same age as I am [being 16] and really gorgeus and kind. I sortta figured out it was an actual 16 year old, because he's sent me like 6 picture...
    5 Relationships 18
  191. What do I do about my drug addiction?
    I am a weekend drug user aloth I wouldnt say I was adicted I cant go out at the weekend without takin cocaine etc and base to have a good time I say to myself I wont take it again but the weekend comes along and I get offerd and cant rezist despite how...
    3 Drugs 40
  192. How to fix this hair disaster?
    I decided to colour my hair with a blonde belle colour last saturday and its turned bright yellow and orange!! Yuk!! I've braved facing everyone at work this week but feel like crying as the salon said the strand test showed my hair was too damaged to ...
    10 Style 203
  193. Can Serotonin Levels Replenished
    As the title suggests, I want to know if Serotonin levels can be replenished. What I mean is, lets say my friend did street Ecstasy, which contained not only MDMA but cocaine as well as heroin, for about 6 months, every single day and moreso on the w...
    10 Health 120
  194. I can't go for a walk...
    I'm 20...Living in a dysfunctional family who have dealt with my older brother doing drugs...and currently my younger bro now doing drugs...guess he didn't get the message I don't do drugs...well hard stuff...I smoke weed once in a while but its not...
    2 Family 38
  195. would you ever do any of these things?
    touch an electric fence to see if it hurts? (yeah.) peirce your belly because a guy said it would be hot? (thinking about it. can't hurt that bad right?) get snakebites because they make kissing fun? (and other reason... so maybe.) mess around with ...
    17 Sex 156
  196. Why does it feel like there's something stuck in my throat?
    Alright, so here is the issue, I was at taco bell eating lunch with a friend and she made me laugh as I was chewing up a bit of crunchy taco (it was only about half way chewed up) anyways me laughing caused me to involuntarily swallow the bite, it didn...
    2 Health 402
  197. why do I still get drug dreams?
    I started cocaine when i left home at 14. Life was pretty crazy for a while, sometimes i used heroin aswell but not everyday like coke, I gave up about 3 years ago now, and have sorted my life out pretty much with a nice house and good lifestyle. I...
    3 Drugs 36
  198. Really scary neighbor problems...
    Ok, well I have these neighbor problems. They ar e really bad problems. Ok, so my 3 best guy friends and I where buying fart bombs from the ice cream truck and we got 8 all together. We used them all accept for two. One of them we threw in a UPS truck....
    6 Relationships 38
  199. Name for this 'poem'?
    She stands infront of the mirror Dressed in red Touched by her emotions With a bottle in hand the alcohol starts to talk Admits all that she's denied Shows all she had to hide. Today shes dead maybe tomorrow she'll be alive Writing notes she ...
    5 Literature 14
  200. What should I know about Cavilier King Charles Spaniels?
    I am thinking about getting a Cavilier King Charles Spaniel puppy, and I was wondering if there was any advice anyone could give me. I am an experenced dog owner and currently own an Aussie. She is 12 and very relaxed. My current dog, Maggie, does n...
    4 Pets 50
  201. Drug use during pregnancy
    I have a friend who is pregnant, we'll call her casey, 10 weeks behind me, and she has been using drugs through out her pregnancy. I am afraid for her baby, and what the possible birth defects might be. The things I know for sure she has used are cocai...
    8 Drugs 57
  202. How to keep a dude hooked on you w;o any sxual relations?
    so I like this dude, like I mean he's just really sxy. He's the skinny jeans tight shirts ghetto preppy type and he's just so ridiculously charming. So he made advances to me right? but later did I find out that he had a girl but he stay talking like h...
    2 Relationships 16
  203. What; Can I get him on verbal abuse, mom says its to hard?
    Okayy, so jsut last year I went through a very bad difficult custody battle. I was living with my dad,and am now living with my mother and have been since july. I wanted to live with my mom, so my dad has given me a hard time about it. Saying we dont c...
    5 Family 13
  204. Can my 2 teachers do this??!
    I have 2 teachers who I have problems with. These both happened last week. I'll tell you them and tell me if Can I report them for this? 1: My social studies teacher marked me down points on my graph for my poster board because I didn't use a number...
    4 Education 11
  205. Help girlfriend's parents caught me at there house when they came
    Ok I go over to my girlfriends house just about everyday after school and our parents dont know, I drive and she dont so yea, anyway today we were just makein out and her door bell rang well we started to freak and I went to the front door thinkn that ...
    4 Relationships 66
  206. my guy best friend hates me?! what to do?
    me and this kid name Alex met this year in 9th grade in the 3rd day of school. Hes in my 2nd and 8th period class. We were so close that everyone thought we were dating. He will always make fun of me and shit, but I thought he felt the same way as I fe...
    6 Relationships 65
  207. Isn't this a good Poem ?
    MY NAME iS C0CAiNE: Beware my friend ;my name is cocaine. coke for short. I enterd this country without a passport. Ever since then I've been hunted & sought; By Junkies and Pushers and plain clothes d*cks. Mostly users who need a quick fix. Im more ...
    11 Literature 156
  208. my friend or my crush?
    Well theres this guy I REALLY like. On wednsday our class was at the computer lab and he was sitting on my left and my friend was on my right. I started talking to my friend, but I was having computer problems so I asked my crush to help me and he wa...
    2 Relationships 50
  209. coke!!!!!!!! help
    okay i was actually never gonna write this in here as im so ashamed of myself and didnt want you guys to think im trashy but its been eaten away at me and i had to tell sum 1,me and my friend were at another friends 18th saturday night now you remember...
    3 Relationships 13
  210. Who can help me with bodybuilding?
    hey evryone im 5'7 last time I check that was quite awhile ago so iunno now I weigh well im not sure but I weighed 180lbs just about 2 weeks ago and scince then I feel very week and I cheked the scale and its an electric one and it said 169lbs and I k...
    2 Nutritionfitness 9
  211. Why dont felons get a second chance in life?
    So I am a felon, got a distribution of marijuana within 1000ft of a school, and possesion of cocaine about 4 years ago. Besides those convictions , I have a totally clean record. And the circumstances in the case are ridiculous, because I was only char...
    4 Money 84
  212. 8 months pregnant, had hit of joint for the first time?
    I am currently 8 months pregnant (due Oct. 3, 2013) and last night for the first time since I found out that I was pregnant in February, I had four to five hits from a joint that my fiance and his friend who suffers from MS were sharing. I have not smo...
    7 Health 34
  213. Have you heard of Cylaris diet pills and do they work?
    I went against the grain and got some diet pills today. I had my mom read over them, and she picked the best one out of the 4 I was looking at. She picked out all the bad stuff and compared, yadda yadda. I wound up with something called Cylaris. S...
    25 Nutritionfitness 222
  214. Do you think this is funny
    ok I have this really mean, serious, science teacher. Everyone is afraid of getting in trouble with him. Im the only on who is not. I have done many things to him. I have: 1) messed up his rubix cube. it always sits there nice and perfect on his d...
    10 Education 34
  215. Which twilght team you on ??
    Hey what team would you be on . Team Jacob ( aka taylor lautner ) , team Edward ( aka Robert Pattinson ) thoes have been the two mane ones everbody folks about . But if your a team Jasper, Bella , Esme , Carlisle , Emmet , Rosalie or who ever tell me ...
    3 Literature 38
  216. I just woke myself up from a nightmare. what does it mean?
    I just woke myself up from a nightmare. It all started with me on my laptop IMing a boy [ I used to like] in a chat room with his friend about playing call a duty [a game I play often.] my cousin [who I rarely see] got into a argument with him and the ...
    2 General 67
  217. Help with a sad situation...
    My daughters friend is 16, she lives with her abusive mother (most recent she choked her, spit in her face & called her racial names) & she's dating a 24yr old man (her mom approves) & he's also physically & emotionally abusive with her. 2day we hid he...
    2 Family 42
  218. Hating your mother?
    I cant help but hate my mother, yes I know this sounds awful but I hate my mother and I want to stop hating her but I cant help it. I'm angry with my mother because I got taken away from my family yes a parent who did cocaine and drank constantly altho...
    5 Family 48
  219. What causes adult autism?
    Hi I have adult autism. I want to know what caused it? Am I still a cave man. Did I not develop like normal because mom used drugs. I know she did. She is currently on meth, cocaine, heroin. I hate her. Grandparents raised. I think so fast it is cra...
    7 Health 49
  220. Is it wrong for me to leave my drug addict husband?
    Well I am I suppose considered a newly wed. My husband and I have been married a lil over a year, and we date for a yr before we got married. When I met him we were just friends. I was a courier he worked the shipping and recieving dock at a warehous...
    3 Drugs 64
  221. Should I stay,or should I go?
    My boyfriend and I have been together for about 3 years now. I was fifteen when I met him. He was twenty. He's a major pot head (well he stopped smoking) and he has done a lot of drugs in the past such as E,Shrooms,Acid,Cocaine.. nothing with needles...
    2 Relationships 13
  222. Someone I Love
    My boyfriend and I have been together for about 3 years now. I was fifteen when I met him. He was twenty. He's a major pot head (well he stopped smoking) and he has done a lot of drugs in the past such as E,Shrooms,Acid,Cocaine.. nothing with needl...
    2 Relationships 12
  223. Tell Me What You Think Of:The Story Of Emma
    This is not true at all,it's made-up. It just came to my mind. Hope ya like. >.< Okayy,here it goes: I knew a girl named Emma; She was my best friend. We did everything together; I knew our friendship would last to the end. Some days she came to schoo...
    5 Literature 23
  224. Have you had a UFO sighting?
    I am extremely interested in hearing your stories if you have. Personally, I have had three sightings in my lifetime. The first was back in 1997 when my daughter and I were having trouble sleeping, so we went out to sit on the front porch. It was ab...
    6 Science 43
  225. So called "stepdad" is too much to deal with
    well where do I start... my mum is married to the the biggest jerk on the planet and hes using her and just about any other woman he can get his filthy hands on she doesnt believe me tho and doesnt even hear me out he uses her for sex, for her to clean...
    2 Sex 59
  226. What should I do with my sister-in-law??
    I'm tired of my sister in law. she is my husband's sister and I just can't deal with her anymore. I am a vary patient person, but everything has a limit. She comes over to my house every weekend. I don't really care about that, what I care about is t...
    7 Family 186
  227. Judge Roy Moore
    I received this today. Tell me what you think: The following is a poem written by Judge Roy Moore from Alabama. Judge Moore was sued by the ACLU for displaying the Ten Commandments in his courtroom foyer. He has been stripped of his judgeship and now ...
    23 Sex 46
  228. What if her parents made us break up?
    Well me and this girl has been dating for 11 months we were commited to eachother and promised eachother that we will always be together and get married someday. well one time when I went to her house me her and her parents were in the living room. she...
    5 Family 717
  229. moving out issues with boyfriend and family
    okay so I got a problem-o.. im 17 and my boyfriend wants me to move out with him and start a life on our own when he comes back from the marines which is in a couple of months but thing is..he's leavin again.. so yea..we wont be together all the time...
    4 Family 48
  230. Why do people not like me?
    I am soo nice to everyone, i watch what i say to others and i am very respectful to everyone, i do nice things for others to please people (everyone in 8th grade seems to like eachother (i get along well with teachers and everyone when people talk to m...
    7 Relationships 103
  231. My husband has lied, had affairs, slept with prostitutes
    I think I am in shock. I discovered 10 days ago that my husband of two & a half years, a man I have been with for nearly 8 years has lived a completely secret duplicit life away from me. He admitted to an affair with his secretary a year ago after I di...
    4 Relationships 81
  232. Why did I stop liking a girl that I liked for over a year ?
    Ok so this girl that I liked for more than a year I stopped liking her and I don't know why. heres the whole story about a year and 4 months ago I saw this girl in the library then the 2nd or 3rd day I saw her. I started to like her it wasn't a big cru...
    4 Relationships 312
  233. What do you think of my new song?
    This song is called I'm in Heaven, it has to do with the happiness that she brought me after coming into my life. Nothing mean please :) Alone for the past 3 years, wondering why that is So many pretty girls in one place but I know none of them are fo...
    5 Music 36
  234. Controlling Boyfriend or is it my fault?
    Ok...I was dating this guy, we will call him Mike. When we first met everything was amazing...he took me out $200-$300 dinners everyweekend...went out dancing...always around eachother, Could never get enough of meI noticed SOME jelousy in him soon in...
    12 Sex 80
  235. if you were a disney princess, who would you be...
    Cinderella: One of your parents is dead You are expected to do a lot of chores You love to dress up You love animals You are waiting patiently for your Prince Charming Your mom is really strict You have sisters who seem kind of jealous of you ...
    4 Gaming 25
  236. How do I talk to a guy who I stopped talking to(due to rumor)?
    He's very sociable and capable of speaking his mind. He made everyone laugh. It was the beginning of junior high when I met him. I was into the whole "punk" thing and so was he. I dyed my hair colorful colors and had a "weird" haircut. I was very quiet...
    2 Relationships 55
  237. Should I continue writing my novel?
    I'm not really sure if this is good, so could someone please read it and tell me if I should continue writing? Thanks! :) Don't Open this until your ready, Alexa. Those seven words were written in sharpie across my sister's leather bound diar...
    5 Literature 36
  238. Help me with a few life issues.
    Hello, I have been having a few life issues lately. I have recently gone into Year 11 in schooling. I am 16. I am confused with my life. I don't know where I am going and I'm worried because I don't have much of a life plan. I have recently bega...
    3 Family 34
    Untitled `Page 1 Chapter One, Defiance “I don’t want to go to some stupid private school. I was happy where I was! Why can’t you ever just leave me alone?” I pleaded. I could tell by the expression on Paul, my uncles face, that no matter what I ...
    7 Literature 46
  240. What does everybody think of this story??
    Part 1: Introduction- As the blade grew deeper in her arm, Daina forgot about everything on her mind. The only thing she felt was the growing pain coming from her bloody limb. She hated her life, and everyone in it. Nobody felt the sever pain and fea...
    9 Literature 22