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  1. How can I become beautiful?
    How can I become beautiful?
    12 Style 85
  2. How to be more beautiful?
    hoe to be more beautiful?
    4 Style 56
  3. Who has a beauty pantry?
    9 Style 37
  4. What's the most important - inner beauty or outer beauty?
    10 Style 65
  5. any of you go for inner beauty or outer beauty?
    What would any of you go for inner beauty or outer beauty?
    10 Relationships 37
  6. What are some really beautiful suburban states, or states that have beautiful suburban communities?
    2 Travel 14
  7. What makes someone beautiful?
    What makes someone beautiful?
    15 Style 68
  8. How to attract beautiful women?
    How to attract beautiful women?
    2 Style 15
  9. What makes a woman beautiful?
    What makes a woman beautiful?
    9 Style 39
  10. What is the irish word for beauty?
    What is the irish word for beauty?
    2 General 81
  11. What do you find beautiful about butterflies?
    What do you find beautiful about butterflies?
    2 Pets 20
  12. Is beauty a blessing or curse?
    Is Beauty a Bless or a Curse?
    16 Style 53
  13. Which women are known for their beauty?
    Who are some women that are known for their beauty?
    13 Style 112
  14. Whats your beauty routine?
    9 Style 34
  15. What are some short, beautiful quotes?
    12 Literature 52
  16. Beauty, how?
    How do I look prettier/beautiful?
    5 Style 19
  17. What looks more beautiful - dimples in the cheek or a beauty spot on top of your lips?
    15 Style 109
  18. Divine beauty anyone?
    How can I become more divinely beautiful?
    5 Style 11
  19. Lady GaGa- A hoe or a Beauty
    Lady GaGa- A hoe or a Beauty???
    18 Entertainment 53
  20. Whats more inportant health or beauty?
    Whats more inportant health or beauty?
    16 Style 23
  21. Describe a beautiful lady
    describe a beautiful lady details
    6 Style 93
  22. How can I get beautiful long nails?
    How can I get beautiful long nails?
    7 Style 38
  23. What do you think makes a girl beautiful?
    9 Style 28
  24. How to be more confident and beautiful in front of a guy?
    15 Relationships 87
  25. What does "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" mean?
    7 General 46
  26. When do you feel more beautiful: morning or at night?
    32 Style 71
  27. Do you think if you look at something that isn't beautiful long enough that it becomes beautiful?
    11 General 25
  28. What's beautiful in the site?
    im a new member here...what's beautiful in this site?
    7 Funadvice 18
  29. How can I dance with a beautiful lady at a party?
    I want to dance a beautiful lady.
    7 Entertainment 11
  30. something beautiful I can take a picture of in winter?
    What is something beautiful I can take a picture of in winter?
    5 General 16
  31. What jobs are there to do with beauty?
    What kind of jobs are on offer in the beauty industry.
    2 Money 41
  32. Can you tell me the difference between beautiful and cute?
    What is deference between beautiful and cute??
    3 Style 39
  33. is it wrong to enter children in beauty pageants??
    is it wrong to enter children in beauty pageants??
    9 Style 66
  34. Who is the most beautiful woman according to Greek mythology?
    Who is the most beautiful woman according to Greek mythology?
    2 Style 69
  35. What is the beauty of India?
    hi friends, Can you tell me what is the beauty of India?
    4 Travel 36
  36. Is it wrong to feel beautiful?
    For me to feel beautiful for once? =/ I feel weird for it, and I don't know why.
    16 Style 29
  37. what makes you beautiful?
    and I dont mean by looks
    4 Style 13
  38. What are the correct lyrics to Beautiful by Christina Aguilera?
    2 Music 9
  39. What do you think is the most beautiful landscape or architecture from your country?
    19 Travel 30
  40. What is the most beautiful sounding instrument?
    19 Music 66
  41. beauty products
    wats some good make`up?
    5 Style 10
  42. Do you think beautiful people have an advantage in life?
    14 General 76
  43. Who knows of beautiful contemporary piano pieces?
    2 Music 26
  44. What are some beautiful trumpet songs?
    what beautiful trumpet songs are there, and where can i get the music for them, thanks :*)
    4 Music 37
  45. Beauty product that will permently straigthen my hair?
    What name of the beauty product will permently straigthen my hair?
    3 Style 34
  46. What would be a unique, beautiful name for my photography website?
    11 General 22
  47. Do we really need to be faithful in order to have a beautiful relationship ????
    19 Relationships 50
  48. hi beauties
    how can I my girl friend is interested in sex are not...
    3 Sex 9
  49. How does one learn to write beautiful, fancy cursive writing?
    6 Literature 36
  50. Why do naturally beautiful girls wear make-up?
    21 Style 27
  51. What shall i study if i want to open A beauty salon ?
    6 Money 38
  52. What is the beautifully haunting song TCM plays for TCM remembers?
    3 Music 64
  53. What would make a good beauty blog name?
    4 Technology 42
  54. Universe is beautiful
    Dosent it look beautiyful the way it is
    3 General 13
  55. What is the average amount one should spend on a beautiful wedding?
    5 Relationships 28
  56. What would you rate the beauty of your life from 1 to 10?
    48 Style 24
  57. What do you think beauty is?
    What do you think beauty is? I know this is a stupid question but I just want to know what other people think!
    8 Style 446
  58. Would you rather be sexy or beautiful?
    Would you rather be known as "sexy" or "beautiful"? If you had to choose, lol
    15 Sex 88
  59. Obsesssion with beauty
    How do model agencies influence people obsession with beauty?
    3 Style 15
  60. I need to write a poem about what beauty is
    Okay I need to write a poem about what beauty is. Any ideas how I should start?
    7 Literature 29
  61. Do you agree that Dubai is a beautiful city?
    do you think that Dubai, is very beautiful city thats my opinion
    4 Travel 43
  62. what are some really cheap beauty tips for me?
    I have no money and I look a mess. what are some really cheap beauty tips for me?
    5 Style 33
  63. Do beauty mark piercings leave permanent damage after they are taken out?
    3 Style 39
  64. What brands of beauty products are "cruelty free" (not tested on animals)?
    9 Style 43
  65. Does s 14yr old girl like being told how beautiful they are? Even if they don't like you?
    3 Relationships 13
  66. in your opinion, what defines beauty?
    please incorborate your culture into this question
    5 Style 74
  67. Is it conceited if I think I'm beautiful?
    I think i am but sometimes i think it makes me so conceited and full of myself :/...
    11 General 111
  68. here can you buy a beautiful skater dress??
    where can you buy really beautiful but skater dresses cheap??? Like 30 and under???
    2 Shopping 12
  69. What are some beauty quotes?
    Please I need help... can you please write some awesome quotes on beauty of a gal... ?
    4 Literature 40
  70. Is competitive dancing a sport or is it still just another beautiful art form?
    Is competitive dancing a sport or is it still just another beautiful art form?
    4 Sports 17
  71. How can I take a beautiful picture?
    How or what can I do to take a picture that makes people say "wow, she looks beautiful"???
    2 Style 50
  72. Shy guys love natural beauty?
    Guys do you like natural beautys or make-up fake beautys??
    2 Relationships 18
  73. What is beauty?
    What is real beauty?many people just say it within other say it without. What is beauty? Help me please!!
    11 Style 43
  74. Is it strange for a male teacher to tell a female student they have beautiful eyes?
    8 Education 19
  75. Can I trust heat products from Sally's Beauty Supply Store?
    4 Style 40
  76. Who calls guys beautiful or elegant?
    My personal opinio is that they are more feminen words
    10 General 37
  77. The Beautiful Coast of Oregon
    AFter looking at this pic, would you want to live here? I would.
    9 General 11
  78. re: beauty
    so mens balls are wrinkley because the wack too much? lol
    5 Music 9
  79. what is the song in the at&t commercial that starts something like day had dawned and it was beautiful?
    2 Music 58
  80. Do you agree with the 50 most beautiful from People magazine or do you think some of them are on the list just because they are famous?
    What do you think?
    6 Entertainment 16
  81. Who do you think is more beautiful - Megan Fox or Kristen Stewart?
    I like more Kristen Stewart. I think she is cute.
    16 Entertainment 53
  82. Beauty Care how to remove oil dots from my face?
    On my face have a oil dots. how to remove oil dots? From-Amila.
    2 Style 42
  83. which girl is more beautiful?girl in the white or black shirt?
    5 Style 17
  84. Better to think of yourself as beautiful or have someone say it?
    what do you all think... is it better when you find yourself beautiful and attractive or when someone else says that ??? thanxx
    5 Style 12
  85. Why is it important to be beautiful to be acceptable in a society?
    I want to know whether it is really important to be fair, or be really beautiful to be acceptable???
    4 Style 79
  86. Am I ugly or beautiful?
    Give your honest opinion please, it wont make a difference. Am I ugly or beautiful?
    8 Style 48
  87. How can I get beautiful?
    I'm fat, ugly and get teased all the time... How can I get beautiful? I'm so tired of being this way. :(
    8 Style 32
  88. Beauty?? Skin deep??
    Fa what makes someone beautiful to you?? Like the looks... If so what? Or personality... If so what?
    9 Style 40
  89. Beauty within, is there such a thing?
    is there a such thing...? do you think beauty with-in, always outshines the outside appearance?
    5 Style 11
  90. Is visiting New Zealand beautiful in summer?
    I was thinking about visiting New Zealand this summer, is it really as beautiful as everyone makes it out to be?
    2 Travel 18
  91. Whats your beauty regime? To girls only
    Whats everybodys beauty regime? ..need some names and tips because starting a new beauty regime ...
    3 Style 15
  92. Do you think that I'm beautiful?
    I don't know why but I don't feel beautiful! But my bf always says I look beautiful. What do you lot think?
    3 Style 21
  93. Who knows of a beautiful clarinet solo piece for beginners?
    I need the notes too plz, if you can.
    2 Music 75
  94. Is having the Sally Beauty Club card a good thing?
    like does it actually help or what?
    4 General 20
  95. Do you have to have a cosmetology license or something to buy hair dye from Sally's Beauty Store?
    6 Style 408
  96. What do you need for beauty school?
    like what are good schools to go to, can you have a GED or a diploma thing and is it a good thing to do or what?
    4 Education 17
  97. Why can't girls realize that anorexia isn't beautiful?
    Why don't girls just learn to love there bodies the way they are?
    17 Style 43
  98. have you got to be pretty to take hair & beauty course in collage?
    have you gotta be really pretty?
    6 Style 39
  99. Emo questions in beauty?
    Why are What's wrong with being emo? questions catorgorized as beauty questions? just wondering if there's a glitch or somthing they seem out of place...
    3 Style 18
  100. What are good beauty tricks/secrets?
    !!! I want beauty tips for hair and makeup anything is good really!!!1
    2 Style 16
  101. She walks beautiful + she ran lyrics
    Does anyone know the lyrics to she walks beautiful by amy studt? I can't find them. Along with the lyrics to she ran by amy studt. Does anyone know them?
    5 Music 11
  102. What, in your opinion, in the most beautiful song ever?
    mine is Scyscraper by demi lovato very emotional and beautiful!!! <3 <3 <3
    16 Music 32
  103. how do I make myself beautiful!
    how do I make myself beautiful because I want to be noticed and I am really ugly! (well not really!) And how do I get people see who I really am?
    2 Style 60
  104. How do I direct a beauty pageant and what would be a good name for it?
    I want to direct a beauty pageant different from others. I want to make a beauty pageant where you don't have to be perfect.
    3 Style 29
  105. Beautiful woman or girl
    Why do I like beautiful woman? What is it that make me drive me really hard when I see beautiful and pretty girls? I love you all girls
    2 Relationships 36
  106. Ugly duckling to beauty queen
    Saying if you weren't beautiful as a child is it possible to become beautiful as you get older?
    4 Style 49
  107. What do you think is the most beautiful wild animal?
    I'm stuck between a white tiger and a macaw bird
    23 Pets 36
  108. Where is a beautiful place to visit in india during summer season?
    I have been here in india from last winter.but I am looking the most beautiful place to visit in this summer.Can you suggest any?
    4 Travel 16
  109. When you're in a beauty pageant, will they take points off for freckles?
    i was watching toddlers and tearas and they have 0 freckles?!
    5 Style 13
  110. Which one is beautiful and stylish??
    Which looks more stylish and beautiful for long hair with oval shape face??straight or permed hair??
    3 Style 10
  111. Tyra Banks or Beyonce, who is more beautiful without makeup?
    Tyra Banks or Beyonce? Who do you think is more beautiful than the other without their make-up on? Give a reason why...
    13 Entertainment 114
  112. How can you make natural beauty supplies?
    beauty tips?? Does ane body have like a really good beauty tip.. or like how to make natural beauty supplies from like fruits or sumtin? =]
    5 Style 37
  113. Beauty Tips
    I want some beauty tips that will may me look prettier, more beautiful and healthier..any beauty tips will do that actually work lol :) and it doesn't just have to be for my face... Thanks :) x
    5 Style 40
  114. Why do people say that this song is from Sleeping Beauty?
    People say that the song "some day my prince will come" is from Sleeping beauty. But it's from Snow White, isn't it? I don't get why people say that/
    4 Music 30
  115. Why can't I be drop dead gorgeous and beautiful??
    why can't I just walk into a room and have all the guys stare? why can't I be so beautiful that no guy could resist me? but more importantly, why do I have to be so ugly?
    6 Style 43
  116. Where is a fun place with a beautiful beach to go on vacation with my family?
    dad, step mom, 2brothers and me
    8 Travel 14
  117. Beautiful girl names?
    I want to know some girl baby names besides the names hailey,katie,kayla, or kayley...
    29 Style 114
  118. Who finds those kiddie beauty pageants (like on that show Toddlers and Tiaras) kinda creepy and weird?
    12 Entertainment 63
  119. Any website for fashion and beauty?
    Is there any web site for girls like for fasion and makeup?beautitips etc...
    3 Style 17
  120. What is the most beautiful beach in the world?
    I'm about to graduate high school and i want to go on a trip with a friend to a beach.
    4 Travel 15
  121. what are other words for beautiful?
    im doing a project and I am writing the word beautiful in my paragraph, but my teacher hates when we use the word beautiful, so I need a list of words to use instead of beautiful, please...thanks -peh159
    5 Babies 95
  122. What happened to all the beautiful words of literature?
    an example would be In shakespearean, when someone describes beauty, it is described and it just sounds so beautiful. And now, it is all just summed up with "she's/ he's hot". I love old literature!
    6 Literature 13
  123. Should I take off my beauty mark?
    I have I beauty mark above ma lip on my left side... I realy don't like it that much shud I take it off or just leave it dere...???
    7 Style 55
  124. How can I look beautiful for my husband?
    how can I look beatiful I am 35 and just want to look pretty for my husband as I am scared he will stray again which he has done and it broke my heart
    12 Style 377
  125. Do you think beauty is the only thing you will need in life?
    i know the answer is no but i have to have a pretty long answer for a pageant so any ideas? thx
    3 Style 15
  126. What is a beautiful girl name that means freedom?
    No, I don't mean the name Freedom, I mean a name that MEANS freedom. If you could help quickly I'd love you forever! Thankz
    5 General 82
  127. How to make myself beautiful with plastic surgery?
    What can I do to make myself beautiful.? I'm so unhappy with my looks. can anyone recommend a plastic surgeon who can do facial reconstruction and body contouring?
    6 Style 23
  128. What city in your state has a beautiful neighborhood?
    Just a curious question. I consider the old neighborhood I used to live in when I lived with my dad in Riverside, CA
    8 Travel 12
  129. Do beauty marks grow back if they are peeled off?
    my sister did it last night and I felt like smacking her... Because my moms grew back and she had peeled it off to.
    3 Style 1079
  130. how do I win a beauty pagent?
    I need to know by march 13th hurry think girls hurry. I have never won a pagent so hurry if you have the anser
    3 Style 51
  131. Random beauty question?
    Heavy eyeliner. Or Just a little bit. Me and my mom were fighting over what looks better.. I say heavy eyeliner.
    14 Style 32
  132. Who else thinks it's stupid that Liver German Shepherds are considered an American Kennel Club fault when they're beautiful?
    5 Pets 16
  133. *don't lettem say you ain't beautiful...*
    I hear beauty comes from the can you tell if you have inner beauty then?how do you get inner beauty?is it just by being nice to people and doing the right thing?or is there more to it?plzz help thx
    9 Style 28
  134. girls think guys eyes are beautiful
    Do girls think all guys eyes beautiful? When ever me or one of my friends start dating someone it seems like the girl always says how beautiful mine or their eyes are.
    6 Relationships 24
  135. What are good magazines to read for beauty and style tips?
    I like learning new beauty and style tips, but it seems like they are all really similar. Please answer and thank you.
    2 Style 15
  136. How can I marry a beautiful white lady?
    I live in Africa,I am jobless,no income.I am 31 years old,single male.Is it possible me to get married to a beautiful white lady?
    6 Relationships 89
  137. What makes the difference between "beautiful" and "cute"?
    I dont get it why some humans look beautiful and some others just look cute... is it like the shape of the eyes or bone stucture?or is it the eye brow?
    10 Style 673
  138. What is a Beautiful Lie?
    What is a beautiful lie? Any lie isn't a good thing, because if you lie or somebody lies to you than that shows that you can't trust each other! Jared Leto says a beautiful lie a lot in his song and he liked it so much that is what he named his album!...
    3 Music 23
  139. Youthful beautiful feet
    Well my feet are kinda veiny.. An boney and just I think do not look nice.. Is there any products that can make them look beter?
    3 Style 16
  140. I want to be beautiful
    I really hate how I look. My hairs greasy and damaged, my clothes are boring and I need loads of beauty advice. Make up, straightners, clothes... HELP!!!
    3 Style 26
  141. Beauty or the Geek?
    If you had to choose between being beautiful or being a genius which would you be? I'd take a bit of both though I dont put that as an option, because I know everyone would pick that. Just tell me which and why.
    5 General 42
  142. What kind of girl is beautiful
    I always hear people describe girls as beautiful and I just dont see anything special. Who do you think is hot and why do you like them as maybe a celebrity?
    6 Style 54
  143. How are other ways of telling your girlfriend that she's beautiful?
    What are some other ways of telling your girlfriend that she's beautiful without being straight-forward and just saying those words? She's simply amazing and I love everything about her. Thanks in advance.
    3 Relationships 36
  144. Who is more beautiful, men or women?
    In your opinion who is more beautiful in the world man or woman? Feel free to answer this question. I shall make a stastical record of the answeres i get from this question.
    4 Style 42
  145. Hairdresser or at one of those beauty saloons to dye eyebrows?
    Ok,so I already got my answer concerning dying my brows,but the one thing I forgot to ask is where do they do it? Is it at the hairdresser or at one of those beauty saloons?
    2 Style 18
  146. Is having natural beauty a good thing or bad thing?
    Ok.I've never dyed my hair,but my hair fades from black into brown. &&believe it or not its it good or bad?
    7 Style 64
  147. What are some things i can tell a girl i like, how beautiful i think she is. Something really nice that will completely flatter her?
    Or what are somethings you have told a girl or have been told as a girl that made you feel flatered
    7 Relationships 39
  148. Who knows good place, where I can buy beautiful chip shoes?
    I tried to by on [link removed], but it was some problems. Who knows the same shops please write adress
    6 Shopping 7
  149. How can I possibly become beautiful?
    How can I become beautiful? I have blonde hair, blue eyes, but I am not very pretty. I am a litle round in the stomache, and I am eighteen, turning ninteen soon. what do I do? Pleeze help!!
    5 Style 16
  150. Graceful And Beautiful Vocabulary
    Take Corey Taylor's vocab. for example. I want that kind of vocabulary,only more...graceful...beautiful...hard to not notice. How can I get to that level of knowledge? Thanks, xx
    2 Education 31
  151. Wanting to feel beautiful
    How can you feel beutiful with a kinda wide nose but its not that big just people pick on it alittle bit so what do you say to them please anwser this so I can tell my friend to feel beautiful
    5 Style 33
  152. Tips on how to look naturally beautiful
    on how to look naturally beautiful :) I do not like fakery lol I only wear mascara so I would like to ask your ideas on how to have a natural looking beautiful face and what face washes are best to clear spots and keep them away?
    3 Style 16
  153. Urgent Beauty Advice Needed!
    Its picture day tomorrow... and I look terrible. I need any and all tips/ advice for looking great and having a great photo. Hair advice... how to keep it from frizzing... THANKS!
    6 Style 8
  154. Why does most of society see tan skin as beautiful and pale skin as the opposite?
    I honestly love women is pale skin, its softer, its more healthy, it reminds me of porcelin dolls, gorgeous.
    15 Style 85
  155. Suggestion For my Beauty salon company name
    Hi I would like to open beauty salon. The whole decoration for my beauty salon is pink and white color. while the products that I going to use is from swisszerland. can you please advise me the best name for my beauty salon ?
    3 Style 79
  156. What simple craft things I can do at home to make it beautiful?
    I want to do some art and crafts in free time to make my hoise look good,or to make things which are useful in many ways.simple crafts which look beautiful or can be used as gifts also.
    4 Homegarden 23
  157. What is the name of the short, rotund, electric blue bird with the long, beautiful feathered tails that look like eyes that are commonly collected?
    For the life of me, I can't remember!
    9 Pets 12
  158. Beautiful Pictures
    what do you think of theese pictures I took and edited?? you'll need to click to see larger size and if that doesnt work, then I don't know ill send it to you.:]
    3 General 14
  159. Why do black men and women tend to have beautiful singing voices?
    Is there a physical difference in their vocal chords that allows them (or anyone of any race) to sing good? I wish I could sing :(
    16 Music 584
  160. How do you feel about little girls being in beauty pageants?
    I'm not a mother yet, but if I ever have a daughter, I wanted to enroll her into beauty pagents. How do you feel about pagents for young girls? Can anyone give me some advice about what it takes to be successful in a pagent for young girls?
    14 Babies 53
  161. Who is more beautiful?
    Lexie Contusi (from laguna beach 3) or Shenae Grimes (annie from 90210) if you don't know them you could research them they very pretty girls and I was thinking about it who is more beautiful and I want to know ppls opinion on this
    3 Style 7
  162. As beautiful as you are
    It's as beautiful as you are In every single way When I come across it All I can do is look and stare I wish you could see the way I look at you Because I now see the way You look at me You are beautiful Unique In every single way I love...
    6 General 7
  163. What's the most beautiful experience of your life?
    I'll try to describe mine the best I can after I hear some of y'alls. This is just for fun. Life is beautiful, sometimes it doesn't seem so. But thinking about the beautiful parts of life can change your whole outlook on everything.
    5 General 22
  164. Why are the standards of beauty usually the same?
    like, most men will prefer women with shaved legs than hairy legs. Or girls will prefer a guy with a flat stomach and a six pack abs than a fat guy.
    4 Style 36
  165. Give me your best beauty top or secret...
    Everyone share pls :p One of mine id to blow dry your hair upside down for extra volume :)
    2 Style 28
  166. Beauty :ppp
    I feel like no matter what I do,I still look terrible.what can I do to make myself more stractive im short...thin...brown hair brown eyes...kinda!
    2 Style 19
  167. What beauty tips will get guys to notice me?
    I am a Puerto Rican girl with no sense of style whatsoever. I really want this guy to notice me but I need an experts advice. What do I wear? What do I do to my hair and how do I wear my makeup?
    3 Style 48
  168. 1-10 beauty
    if you get told you are a 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- 8- 9- 10- how does it go with one being the ugliest and ten being the most gorgeousss?
    4 Style 37
  169. Who do you think was more beautiful in their prime?
    This is pretty dumb, but my friend and I were having a little argument on who was the most beautiful in their prime... A young Brooke Shields, Phoebe Cates, Milla Jovovich, or Rachael Bella. I think hands down Brooke... Opinions are appreciated ~ Thanks
    4 General 18
  170. Beauty tips for natural looking makeup?
    I really need some beauty tips..I got some people on the side of my nose..and I want to make my face more fair...please give me some natural beauty tips,and also some tips what should I do,what should I eat,what should I avoid to make my skin fair and ...
    5 Style 21
  171. Am I being self absorbed if I think I'm beautiful?
    Whenever somebody asks me if I think I'm ugly, I say no, because I think I'm beautiful. When I tell them that's what I think, they call me self absorbed. It's not like I run down the street screaming: "I'M BEAUTIFUL!", they ask for my opinion, and I gi...
    8 Style 48
  172. Natural face beauty
    Aktly my face was very fair previously now the complexion became a little darker so could I know how could I regain my fairness again by natural home remedies please help I am little nervous after loosing my good complexion
    2 Style 18
  173. FunAdvice Trivia: Which Italian actress was voted the Most Beautiful Italian Girl in Tunisia 1957?
    A) Gina Lollobrigida B) Sofia Loren C) Claudia Cardinale D) Stefania Sandrelli
    8 Funadvice 191
  174. How much does beauty school cost?
    I'm thinking of going to beauty school does anyone know what it costs? I've always loved doing hair and makeup do any of you beauticians out there find it rewarding financially as well as fitting into a moms lifestyle?
    2 Education 13
  175. Beauty Salon - Convincing parents
    How can I talk my parents into allowing me to go to the salon to get my nails done like a girl? Im a girl who was born in a boys body. by the way im 16 years old now.
    2 Family 18
  176. any beautiful piano songs?
    im really into piano songs im actually learning how to play piano and I can say its my only obbsession. lol and well I just want to hear some very beautiful songs ,do you know any? I'd prefer piano songs with a singer , ( no country please x( ) and we...
    13 Music 108
  177. Guys, am I beautiful?
    ok this is just out of curiosity...on a scale of 1-10 what am I. 10 being beautiful and 1 being ugly. Also if you could say what you think my best feature is. Im just curious about this. I have a couple pictures on my profile you can take a look at. :]...
    3 Relationships 20
  178. Beauty schools! help me plzzz!!! :(
    is there any web site online that will teach you how to become a beautician for free?? please help, I'm really instered in to it, so then I can do my own, hair I'm 13, so I'm to young to go to the beautician collage. :( so yeah help please!
    2 Style 18
  179. whast you fav beauty tip?
    mine is 4 ltrs of water a day keeps my skin looking good oh and moistuise your neck to pro-long a wrinkley neck lol
    2 Style 17
  180. Singing a beautiful songgg
    Okay people ask me all the time "can you sing" and I say yes, because I can ( not being conceited or anything ) But when people ask me to sing in front of them, I get too nervous, and dont.. I really would like to get over this fear, any advicee
    3 Music 28
  181. How can I make myself feel beautiful inside again?
    theirs been a lot going on with me and my boyfriend for the best few days, I havent felt beautiful inside or outside. I can't sleep and I can't eat I feel sick half the time, I dont know what to do. I feel so ugly, so useless, so unloved almost. I want...
    3 Style 44
  182. What is beauty in the current day and age?
    I know it sounds stupid but what do people actually think physical beauty is because you hears loads of people say there really pretty or some such but how do you define beauty as a whole is it eyes, mouth, hair, figure etc. Just wondering what you guy...
    4 Style 15
  183. Beauty Most have
    Whats your must have beauty essential mine is face coverage but if I had perfect skin it would be eyeliner then blush would be next. But my everyday where is foundation eyeliner mascara blush and lip gloss When I got out I add eyelashes, eyeshadow, a...
    7 Style 16
  184. What is a beautiful song to learn on the piano?
    I am an excellent piano player looking for a new song to learn. I can read music extremely well and just want a new challenge. I am willing to learn any song, even if it is on the easy side. Any suggestions would be greatly appriciated :)
    10 Music 28
  185. How can I be beautiful like these girls?
    I have natural blonde hair, blue eyes, and I sometimes get freckles from the sun. I'm 5"4.
    2 Style 15
  186. How would a Monroe look with snakebites and a beauty mark already? I already sum what know the answer to that, I've done my snake bites my self...and all my other piercings, but my question is, how well do you think it may look if you had snakebites and a beauty mark with a monroe? ...I have snakebites and a...
    2 Style 81
  187. What is beautiful?
    I'm asking for opinions here. What do you see in people, what do you appreciate? What makes you feel special? Guys, what makes a girl [iyo] compelling? Can personality make up for a lot of looks?Girls, what do you see in other girls and guys that makes...
    5 Relationships 12
  188. LADIES! Give me some beauty advice will ya?!
    I'm just wondering if there is a way to make your NATURAL lashes grow. Note: NATURAL lashes. I don't want to wear anything fake. You don't have to get offended if that's what you wear; it's just not right for me. Your time is greatly appreciated.
    7 Style 13
  189. Nature's Beauty
    Should they open up nature reserves and other government land for the exploration of natural resources, mainly oil and natural gas, or should the government promote and endorse other forms of energy that works with the environment such as bio-fuels ele...
    5 Environment 22
  190. need a beautiful song!!!
    know any songs similar to 12 stones - world so cold ? like a rock song with an orchestra in the background? not looking for metal or goth music just soft rock , or a pretty piano song :) ?with or with out singer but if its just the piano playing make s...
    6 Music 13
  191. Beauty tips for super glue on my fingernails?
    Hi.. I was fixing something with super glue, and I forgot to put glvoes on, and now it's all on the tips of my fingers, how can I get it off before tomorrow without any products... or hopefully.. without a hospital visit! Ahhh. LOL. Yeah. I'm an idiot....
    5 Style 17
  192. Black Beauty ??
    What happened to black beauty ? I am black and I not going to lie (: im pretty ! but I mean ill see black girls and they look like SH*T I mean no offense but I can see why some black mean go for white girls black women are letting themselves go but my ...
    9 Style 39
  193. Beauty question
    My boobs are too bigger and loose like a married women.I want to make them small or otherwise tight.please tell me the exercise to make them tight or small.I m in big trouble please help me.I would be very grateful to u.please
    3 Style 31
  194. Is 'Hey there Delilah' the most beautiful song on earth?
    I love it, and the lyrics are amazing. the way I see it a song is only admired if it has a hidden depth, and Hey there Delilah is... indescribable. Is it just me, or do many people feel the same way? If you don't, can you please not blatantly insult it...
    12 Music 34
  195. what makes life beautiful to you?
    or perhaps, what is it about life that makes it beautiful FOR you? is there a difference? id just like to know the opinions of this maybe an invalid question for some? if so, why? could it be the imperfections of living that makes life so i...
    5 Religion 62
  196. How can I feel beautiful?
    I don't like pitty parties. I just like the straight up truth. So it's hard for me to see myself as stunning. I am a size 16, big breasted and just always low self-esteem. I try to play if off by being the funny one but it hurts. Umm, I guess I am just...
    3 Style 11
  197. Racism about beauty
    Well some kid ask me for my note book and I did not give him looked ugly and the other guy is hadsom , (im not gay) he asked me for it and I gave it to him instantly ,and one time this ugly kid say hi to me , I said : do I know you but if nice looking ...
    2 Education 10
  198. How do I get rid of unwanted beauty marks?
    Okay so I have like a thousand beauty marks all over my legs and arms and it wouldbe so nice to have beautiful clear skin. I have heard that lemon juice works but wouldnt thatbe bed for my skin in general? Or would it make it worse it the long term??? ...
    4 Style 83
  199. Why is our perception of beauty so distorted?
    In society today we look upon people who are big brested,blonde haired,and wearing tons of makeup as being portrayed as beautiful but when has our perception become so distored to the point of where we consider that beauty? Worst of all this is giving...
    3 Sex 34
  200. Why am I shy around girls that I think are beautiful ?
    Im 16 male and girls that I like always say that im shy and quiet.they say that I should talk more . I know that I am quiet but when im with them there is nothing that comes to my mind that I would want to talk about. When im with the lads im always t...
    3 Relationships 8
  201. is there really??
    is there really a "most beautiful women/men?"
    5 Travel 3
  202. What does it mean when a guy calls you beautiful?
    What does it mean when a guy calls a girl, "beautiful"? I read somewhere that guys rarely use the term, "beautiful" to describe a woman..they usually say she is "hot" or cute" and if they do say "beautiful" it must mean they really like them..This guy ...
    5 Relationships 1065
  203. How can I help my bff realize that she has a wonderful life and is beautiful?
    because she tells me she hates her life and that shes ugly constantly?This grl is like my sister and it hurts to see her so upset with her life. She dosnt believe me wen i tell her shes pretty and that people hav it worse in there lives so i duno wat...
    7 Relationships 32
  204. What makes you beautiful?
    this is to all females because I hate seeing all these posts by girls saying how ugly they are and how fat they are.. STOP! because it is not true! everyone has different qualities and assets that make them unique and BEAUTIFUL.. so please please pleas...
    9 Style 25
  205. Beauty Pagaents
    I would really love to participate in a beauty pagaent. Maybe when I leave school when im 16. Does any know (maybe whos been in one before) if their are any contests for older teenagers and what they are like.Like Clothes,Makeup And I've heard that yo...
    3 Style 18
  206. What--Is beauty really nothing without brains?
    Can beauty really get anyone anywhere? I was talking to someone I hadn't seen in a while, and she was asking me about what I planned on doing after high school. She said she's sure I would do well and be successful. SHe said if I wasn't, that I was ver...
    7 Style 497
  207. How do I get a beautiful voice with the lovely tone?
    okmy friends say i have a voicee, but i have known them for so long i know when the are lying.. anyway... i have on of those voices that can hit high notesand all but i dont have that gorgus tone or that auto type stuff... i want that voice so bad.......
    3 Music 169
  208. Who thinks that doctors shouldnt tell teens that if they lose weight they will be beautiful?
    I seriously lost 40 lbs, went to the doctor and first thing she tells me is i need to lose 30 more to be pretty, she didnt acknowledge the weight i had lost, and the only reasons she gave me to lose more weight werent for health concerns. I mean i can ...
    8 Health 15
  209. How to become beautiful?
    No one has ever told me I'm beautiful. I know I shouldn't care what other people think, but no guys like girls with small boobs and love handles. I'm upset, I'm in 11th grade and have bearly had my first kiss yet. I want to be gorgeous. I do cheerleadi...
    4 Style 54
  210. What is more beautiful, skinny or curvy/thick/heavy set?
    Many girls think the only way to be beautiful is to be completely stick thin. I want to know what guys think about the female body? Do you like skinny girls? Chubby girls? Or girls that would be considered overweight or plus size? Im 5'6 and just un...
    9 Relationships 100
  211. Hair and beauty training
    Hey guys I really wanna train in hair and beauty, you know like hair extensions, acrylics, waxing, spray tanning etc, but I am unable to afford to go to college to do it. Im 21 and have to be working full time to afford to live, but want to do an eve...
    2 Education 12
  212. Is it dangerous that i look at anorexic girls and think they are beautiful?
    Like whn i as about 10 i suffered bulimia and never even ate. I gained a lot of weight now 4 years on im average/chubby. I eat 200 calories a day which is made up of fruit and seeds. Im not anorexic and i dont have an eating disorder i am constantl...
    7 Nutritionfitness 23
  213. Why do you think people have beautiful gardens rather than functional ones?
    I notice in the world (especially in my country) that people will spend tons of time and money to have these beautiful gardens with all the nice trees and flowers, yet they won't be able to use any of that to sustain themselves.My boyfriend and I start...
    17 Homegarden 20
  214. My girlfriend is beautiful and she thinks she ugly
    I tell her shes beautiful all the time and she really is to me but she told me that she always tries to look her best to show everyone that shes pretty so they dont think I have an ugly girlfriend, I have seen her w/o make-up and I have seen her with a...
    9 Relationships 427
  215. Beauty looks help please
    how could I make my self ( like naturally and no makeup) look pretty so I can be compliemented.. see I am the type who deosnt care how I look I mean I care a lot bout my hair but its SOMETIMES a bit frizzed up and gets humid... and like yea I have a ve...
    3 Style 33
  216. How can I feel and look beautiful when he doesn't want me?
    I can give good advice to others on relationships and makeup, hair and weightloss, but I can't seem to do it myself. My friends say that I'm so pretty, that sometimes it scares them, but I don't have a good body and I can't stick to a diet. I feel like...
    12 Relationships 41
  217. What my dog had a beautiful litter need some advice?
    Hi everyone my staff just had a litter of 9 pups about 48 hours ago she seems well but she's losin a brown discharge from her private region lol is this normal gonna take her vets tomorro to have her and pups checked over also why does she go crazy at ...
    3 Pets 14
  218. What do people see that's so beautiful about me?
    I am a healthy 13 year old girl, and almost everyone that I meet thinks I am the most beautiful thing they have ever seen, and people think I'm a least 16, even though I don't wear much make-up. It's kinda wierd because all ages of young guys stare at ...
    4 Relationships 20
  219. Big beautiful girls
    Ok so im not a tiny miny I was wondering why guys like skinny boney girls that like never eat and are so worried about how they look Wouldnt you much rather have a girl that will have fun with you and acually eat when you go out to dinn then sit aro...
    8 Relationships 69
  220. Why do was as human kind kill wildlifes beauty?
    Why do we kill and hunt so many wonderful creatures, like the elephant for its tusks, and why do we have to cut down nature and damage so much, we are killing our world with pollution and yet we carry on. So many dont seem to care. Also if we kill tho...
    23 Environment 43
  221. Why do people call beautiful people ugly?
    Well a lot of people call me ugly & im wondering why. I'm not saying I'm beautiful or ugly b/c you also see attractive people teased . Isn't that odd? Is it b/c they're jealous or b/c they have a sucky life? These two kids from my school called me ugly...
    7 Style 571
  222. What would you do if someone stole your growth, beauty, youth, and blessings?
    If you were born to be tall and someone stole your growth, your beauty, your youth and your blessings what would you do? If God blessed you to be beautiful with long smooth hair and someone stole lots of hair on your head and made your hair thin, what ...
    2 Style 18
  223. What are some beauty tips?
    Ok. This may sound weird...but I need a bunch of beauty tips. I guess I am a cute girl, but my boyfriend is starting to talk about great things on other girls (eg. hair, body) I just need some questions answered. 1. What do you know about vegans? 2. ...
    9 Style 29
  224. what do you think about the child beauty pageants?
    my opinion fake tan fake nails fake hair. i read some kid got plastic surgery. then another i saw that a mom was shaving her daughters legs! really? i think they are making them sluts. then i saw that show abojt them and where they show the dan...
    11 Sex 41
  225. How can I become beautiful and get my first kiss?
    No one has ever told me I'm beautiful. I know I shouldn't care what other people think, but no guys like girls with small boobs and love handles. I'm upset, I'm in 9th grade and haven't had my first kiss yet. I want to be gorgeous. I play basketball an...
    20 Relationships 45
  226. Why does everyone ask if they're beautiful enough?
    why are so many girls asking if they are pretty? I've looked at a lot of pics of girls who ask that and they are all more or less beautiful. sure they all have flaws like bad hair, zits, caked on makeup but they also have gorgeous eyes, nice bodies, be...
    2 Style 9
  227. What makes a person beautiful?
    I spent my teenage years without mirrors in my room.I guess it is the first thing I would break when I am angry.I just couldn't associate what I saw in the mirror with who iam.AS if I was seeing someody else in it.It is just that I keep hearing my moth...
    11 Style 129
  228. Do you like this song?
    DO you like thie song "You're beautiful"
    3 Music 19
  229. How can I look beautiful everyday?
    I just need some nice makeup tips that will help me look better. Im not terribly ugly but im not really pretty either. Just average and I like it that way. I am not to good at makeup and never really know what or how to do it. I have big almond shaped ...
    2 Style 73
  230. How can I feel beautiful, like im not ugly?
    I just feel so ugly. I feel I've been ugly my whole life. I just want to feel beautiful for once in my life. I have a big nose, and my face features just done go together. I'm always the friend that gets left out, and im just so done with it, I want to...
    7 Style 105
  231. How can I amke myself beautiful without makeup?
    Ok, so I'm 13 years old and I have big blue-teal eyes will long-ish eyelashes. I'm a blonde that darkens and lightens throughout the year. My skin is tan and fair, with an accasional pimple. I absolutely HATE wearing makeup because it leaves marks and ...
    2 Style 42
  232. why does my boyfriend say this to me?
    He always tells me that I'm beautiful, to him. Is he trying to say that other people don't find me beautiful? Please answer.
    5 Relationships 35
  233. Is this poem good?
    Beautiful,am I? Beautiful. am I She says no! He says not really. The mirror is silently whispering his opinion that is never heard. I am brown skin. I am natural hair. I am beautiful smile. I am deep eyes. I am thick. I am me. And...
    18 Literature 28
  234. How are some ways to make myself beautiful before school?
    Ok I wake up like around 6:20am and school starts at 8:30am but I have to leave by 8:00am. And when I walk into school all my friends(only girls) are like hi rachel! And when I look at my crush hes talking to his friends and not one boy looks at me whe...
    6 Style 36
  235. what you think...
    What would you Prefer :- "Beauty, Love or Wisdom.."?
    9 Style 8
  236. Song.
    which song is that Just open your eyes and see that life is beautiful
    4 Music 6
  237. akon.
    is Akon - Beautiful a new song ? or isit old ? :S
    2 Music 33
  238. What is a good beauty look...?
    Okay, so I might be going to a school (6mnths from now) where you have to wear a uniform. so obviuosly I cant choose my clothes, haha. 1. and your not allowed to have nailpolish (but I will) so any good colors or desgins... for my nails that wont be...
    4 Style 14
  239. Why do people call you ugly if you're not?
    Why do people call you ugly if you are a beautiful person inside?
    11 Style 140
  240. Fairy tale
    What's your fav fairy tail? Mine is Beauty and the Beast
    6 Entertainment 15
  241. What Song Are These Lyrics By And Who?
    Draw Me In, Colour Me In, Make Me Beautiful -maddie-
    2 Music 10
  242. Who is your hero?
    :) mine is my granma, my beautiful wonderful granma <3 xx
    54 Relationships 31
  243. What my beauty q's are ?
    Ok because funadvise wont let me ask lots im makein one big q. Q1) do pink eyeshadows look good with brown/hazel eyes for school? Q2) how to get the perfect messy bun? I think I might try teasing but dont no how, so tips plez Q3)do smokey eyes look g...
    3 Style 64
  244. I need advice on this song
    I wrote this, I'm not done with it, yet, but here's what I got: " His eyes sparkle like diamonds They'll stun you just, walking by His eyes shine like the sun They're beautiful, Just like a, clear blue sky And I don't know how, he does this to me And...
    2 Music 15
  245. Beautiful Wreck - new song
    This song is my first back in song writing and it's called Beautiful Wreck Half my life it's been like a bomb battle field always blown when there's happiness All the arguments I have been put through have made me this way Keeping your eyes on m...
    4 Music 13
  246. Why women are lesbian
    I think its because they look so pretty and beautiful that they fall in love of themselves. What do you think about that.
    5 Relationships 30
  247. What song are you listening to right at the moment?
    I'm listening to "Life is Beautiful" by Sixx am =] What about you?
    12 Music 18
  248. What...Have you heard of this before?
    Someone class said they once heard that if you're a beautiful girl (and I mean extremely beautiful) then a angel can pick you and impregnant you with their baby. I had never of that before soo I was just wondering if any of you heard of that
    7 Religion 40
  249. Names to call a girl
    Like what are some names you can call to describe a girl, besides like beautiful or pretty?
    9 Relationships 528
  250. Why is graffiti a bad thing to do?
    Why the graffiti is a bad thing to do I have seen walls with beautiful graffiti so I dont understand why is that bad.
    6 General 187