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  1. What are emos and are there any here?
    What do emos were? are there any emos here?
    27 Style 144
  2. Is anyone emo here
    11 Style 28
  3. Emo&Punk
    9 Style 31
  4. How do you dress emo?
    how do you dress emo?-_-
    9 Style 26
  5. emos are picked on why?
    why are emos picked on?
    9 Style 61
  6. emo kid?
    4 Style 52
  7. How to change my username?
    How can I change my username?
    4 Funadvice 38
  8. How do I change my username???
    How do I change my username???
    2 Funadvice 26
  9. What are some "emo" stores?
    2 Shopping 31
  10. Emo christian?
    Are there emo christains?
    11 Religion 62
  11. What's the difference between emo and goth?
    ...between goth and emo?
    4 Style 63
  12. What is the difference between scene and emo?
    What is the difference between scene and emo?
    10 Style 70
  13. Why do people act emo?
    Why do people act emo?
    9 Style 63
  14. what is an emo?
    I confused what is an emo??? HELP
    12 Style 55
  15. Any emo guys around here?
    Any emo guys around here??
    2 Relationships 85
  16. Good username or not?
    Is marchbaby a good username?
    3 Technology 52
  17. Does anyone like emos?
    19 Style 84
  18. Good emo music?
    9 Music 38
  19. Why do people become emo?
    So why do people become emo?
    16 Style 3007
  20. What's the difference between goth and emo?
    what is the difference between goth and emo
    9 Style 65
  21. Scene and emo? Difference?
    What the difference between scene and emo?
    3 Style 42
  22. How do I get a emo haircut?
    How do I get a emo haircut.
    11 Style 87
  23. Who started the "emo" trend and when did this trend start?
    25 Style 94
  24. How to edit funadvice's username?
    2 Funadvice 10
  25. Goth and emo?
    wuts the difference between goths and emos??
    8 Style 38
  26. How do I get emo guys to like me?
    How do I get emo guys to like me??
    4 Relationships 12
  27. Emo Clothes
    What are som emo clothing stores???
    7 Shopping 45
  28. Where do I go to change my username screen?
    Where do I go to change my username screen?
    3 Technology 37
  29. Is emo the way to go?
    13 Style 38
  30. Would it be bad to go emo?
    Would it be bad to go emo?? Should I?
    4 Style 21
  31. Emo haters
    Dont you just hate the emo- haters???
    10 Style 67
  32. mandy moore's username
    what was mandy moore's username when she was on funadvice ?
    2 Funadvice 37
  33. being gothic or emo have to do with believing in the devil?
    Does being gothic or emo have to do with believing in the devil?
    12 Religion 255
  34. Can you think of an emo band name?
    Can you think of an emo band name???
    3 Music 13
  35. Why do people think all emos cut themselves?
    Why do people think all emos cut themselves ??
    9 Style 93
  36. Good usernames?
    What are some good usernames that I could use?
    12 Technology 1511
  37. Why do I hate emo punk people?
    Why do I hate emo punk people??
    41 Style 84
  38. Forgot my AOL username
    I forgot my username on aol. how do I get it
    2 Technology 988
  39. Emo and goth
    Whats the difference between emo and goth?
    10 Style 64
  40. pocket emo how do you change things on it?
    How can you change things on pocket emo?
    2 General 52
  41. How do I dye my hair emo?
    How do I dye my hair to look emo?
    2 Style 50
  42. How did you come up with your username
    How did you come up with your username, any special meaning to it?
    24 Funadvice 42
  43. How do I create a different username for this site?
    How do I create a different username for this site?
    3 Funadvice 19
  44. What are your thoughts on emo people?
    What do you think about emo people?
    12 Style 40
  45. What do emo girls dress like?
    What do emo girls dress like?
    2 Relationships 20
  46. Will people pick on me if I have emo hair?
    9 Style 19
  47. Why did you become emo?
    I am just ummm curious
    9 Style 86
  48. Why are skater and emo boys so hot
    6 Relationships 81
  49. Where do emos hang around?
    3 General 122
  50. Do you emo people are sexxi?
    4 Sex 10
  51. What happens when you forget your username and password?
    4 Funadvice 29
  52. Why emo what happened to goth?
    What happined to goth?
    6 Style 66
  53. How do emos and goths act and how do they act differently?
    7 Style 78
  54. how do i tell my friends im emo??
    26 Style 74
  55. Will it be labeling of myself if I say that I'm not emo?
    7 Style 28
  56. Are Emo & Goths The Same?
    Do you think they're the same?
    20 Style 68
  57. What does emo mean to you?
    what is emoo means to u??!
    4 Style 33
  58. How can you search for a specific username on FunAdvice?
    3 Funadvice 56
  59. goth's or emo's which ones hotter?
    which ones hotter to you, goth or emo? EMO'S ALL THE WAY FOR ME.
    19 Style 52
  60. how can I turn emo
    I really want to be emo tell me how to be emo
    25 Style 126
  61. Why do you say in your profile that "labels are stupid" and that you're "not emo or goth", but your username is "Emogirl95"?
    5 Style 35
  62. Emo acoustics
    Whats the best emo acoustic bands?
    4 Music 19
  63. Does cutting mean you're emo?
    if you cut does it mean your emo jw jw
    7 Health 50
  64. How do I become emo?
    How do I become emo? Like wt do I have to do and wear?
    26 Style 127
  65. I want 2 know whos emo?
    7 Style 40
  66. username drama ?
    How can I change my profile name/ username ?
    3 Funadvice 45
  67. Why do chavs always have a go at emos?
    Why do chavs always have a go at emo's what have they done to you?
    8 Style 47
  68. emo questions
    seriously what is with the emo ?'s I dont get it...
    10 Style 16
  69. What's the difference between goth and emo?
    What is the difference between a goth and an emo? And: How do *you* notice the difference by looking at them?
    14 Style 203
  70. What is the meaning of emo?
    emo is emotional hardcore and means sadness and?
    7 Music 48
  71. How can I make my bike or scooter look emo?
    how can I make my bike or scooter look emo?
    4 Style 28
  72. what exactly is emo, and why do people want to b it?
    what exactly is emo, and why do people want to b it?
    8 Style 97
  73. How can I puff up my hair like the emo chicks?
    How can I puff up my hair like the emo chicks?
    5 Style 97
  74. do you think being emo is bad towards god?
    do you think being emo is bad towards god?
    9 Religion 16
  75. I wanna be emo
    I wanna be emo but my mom wont let me :(
    15 Style 58
  76. if I want emo hair is it ok to have brown hair ??
    if I want emo hair is it ok to have brown hair ???
    6 Style 48
  77. What are some emo bands?
    Can some people name me some emo bands? Thanks ;)
    63 Music 88
  78. girls do you prefer: jocks, emos, or heterosexuals?
    girls do you prefer: jocks, emos, or heterosexuals
    6 Sex 32
  79. What are the distinction from emo and scene?
    Except that emos are emotional
    3 Style 19
  80. Whats the difference between emo and goth?
    Whats the diffrence between emo and goth?
    6 Style 32
  81. what do you think about emo people?
    what do you think about emo people? what do you think their steriotypes are? do you think emo people have a reason to be emo? what perpose?
    11 Style 66
  82. is it tru thet emo boys are like me who like boys to?
    3 Style 24
  83. How do I find someone on FunAdvice when I only know their username?
    10 Funadvice 24
  84. Would you consider punk music to be emo?
    6 Music 11
  85. Why do emo boys do this?
    Y do some emo boys kiss outher emo boys?? xD
    7 Relationships 16
  86. I want emo hair...but with this?
    I have very poofy, curly hair...what do I do?
    3 Style 41
  87. What black girl is emo?
    Do you have to be white to be emo or can you be black as well? Can a black girl become emo?
    6 Style 34
  88. How do I make my hair look emo?
    how do I make my hair look emo? I mean how do I make it straight and emo looking???
    4 Style 78
  89. who knows some creepy or sad emo songs?
    3 Music 34
  90. Can you have an emo hairstyle with long hair?
    If you have long hair and you want a emo hairstyle do you have to cut it or not? If so why? Can you have a emo hairstyle with long hair?
    8 Style 47
  91. Emo,preppy, or punk/rocker chick?
    Which one should I be?
    18 Style 99
  92. What are some cool emo usernames?
    I need a username 4 imvu please make them emo. And dont let them have the word emo in them. Thankies
    5 General 1864
  93. What are some awsome emo/ screamo, death, dark, and speedmetal band
    What are some emo/ screamo, death metal, dark metal, and speed metal bands !!! Thank y3w!!!
    5 Music 50
  94. Does the emo song on YouTube offend you?
    dose the emo song on youtube offend any body?
    7 Music 69
  95. why do emo's slit their rists?
    why do emo's slit their rists is seems stupid lol?
    17 Style 64
  96. Do you perfer emo or scene???
    Do you perfer emo style or the scene kid style on a girl??
    22 Style 50
  97. Emo People
    What do you think about emo people...just give me your honest decision
    22 Style 42
  98. emo makeup
    I need new emo makeup ideas. Got any?
    4 Style 57
  99. How to tell my Mom that I'm emo?
    How can I tell mi mum that am an emo???
    13 Family 156
  100. how can I become popular if im a goth emo chick?
    how can I become popular if im a goth emo chick?
    5 Style 51
  101. Who thinks emo style is stupid and pathetic ?
    Who thinks emo style is stupid and pathetic ? </3
    11 Style 71
  102. Emo's and Gothics
    Why do people have a problem with " Emo's and Gothics "??? After all there still human
    11 Style 104
  103. Cute nickname for a username?
    I want your opinion one a cute nickname for a username?
    4 Technology 496
  104. Who likes emo music?
    who likes emoz?do you like emo music?do you like mcr? just so you know mcr ARE NOT EMO GET IT!!!
    11 Music 43
  105. is it the emo times
    Is the emo times happening because I see emo all around me. but most of them are fake wtf is happening here
    11 Style 36
  106. They call me emo
    Everybody tells me that I`m just a wanna be emo...I`m not emo...I`m just a punk...what should I do?
    9 Style 43
  107. Hey, do most emo guys like girls who arent emo?
    I have this HUGE crush on my emo guy friend. Not only do I NOT know if he likes me, I don't know if he likes girls who aren't emo. HELP ME PLEASE!!
    4 Relationships 21
  108. Who did see the official video of The Thespian - Alesana ? It's awsome :]
    2 Music 11
  109. emo hair and makeup
    how can I do my hair and make up emooo or scene???
    4 Style 38
  110. How to change your username on funadvice?
    How do you change your user name on funadvice? Thanks!
    2 Funadvice 29
  111. Why is emo such a hot topic, these days
    Were just people right!!??
    11 Shopping 33
  112. How did you come up with your username?
    How did you come up with your user name? Some names are very unique & funny.
    25 Funadvice 71
  113. How many words can you make out of your username?
    12 Gaming 54
  114. What are some good emo songs
    Yeah... Answer the question.
    8 Music 55
  115. Do real emos tell everyone they're emo?
    one of my friends never told me till I found the scars
    11 General 30
  116. How can I be an emo girl?
    I honestly think emo people are really cool how can I become emo??? How can I be an emo girl???
    9 Style 57
  117. What is emo?
    Hey guys,what the real meaning of emo?How emo dress like?And what are some emo bands?
    36 Style 66
  118. Why are people so sterotypical about emo ?
    Why do people have to be so sterotypial about emo?it's not a bad thing ! What do you think ?
    13 Style 43
  119. Feelings on emo people?
    Do you hate or like emo people or you just don't care what people are? just wondering
    14 Style 33
  120. Is it emo if you cut your own hair?
    Do you guys think it is emo if you cut your own hair,lol.Just Wondering!
    8 Style 13
  121. Emo or prep?
    what are the Advantages of Emo And Prep? I dont Know wich one to be.
    12 Style 51
  122. Scene,emo,punk
    Do you think scene,emo,punk kids suck or are concedid?
    2 Style 27
  123. I wonna be emo girl
    my hair is shourt and I wonna make an emo coifur
    4 Style 22
  124. Emo VS. Scenster
    Is emo really dead? and SCENCESTER is taking oveR?
    2 Entertainment 9
  125. Can emo guys just wear fitted jeans? Instead of skinny jeans
    Can emo guys just wear fitted jeans instead of skinny jeans
    6 Style 74
  126. awesome usernames?
    I know I answered a question like this, but what do you do to get all the awesome usernames?
    2 Technology 92
  127. Why do many people think that scene and emo are the same?
    And they think that I'm emo too...I hate it!
    2 Style 12
  128. What the deffion of emo?
    What the deffion of emo? My firends keep telling me diff things.
    4 Style 56
  129. How to hide being emo from my parents?
    I'm emo and don't want my 'rents to find out what do I do?
    7 Style 146
    please I want to be a emo but I did'nt know how to dress emo and how to act like a emo? I want to know all about emo!
    84 Style 129
  131. Why do people hate emos?
    why do people hate emos & dont say because they cut because because anybody can cut weither their emo or not!!!
    11 Style 88
  132. Why do people go emo?
    What is emo? And goth?? All I think of when I here emo and goth is people who dress in black and are depressed!
    6 Style 146
  133. What are "emo bands" exactly?
    What are "emo bands" exactly?? I mean people say some bands are emo, but, what makes them emo?? *idunno, curious*
    6 Music 50
  134. What is the difference between being "goth" and being "emo"?
    Just wondering...People give big differences to these
    5 Style 41
  135. How do you make your name show up (when you comment, ect.) instead of your username?
    10 Funadvice 22
  136. How do you dress unexpectedly without getting into the goth and emo clothes?
    4 Style 39
  137. What's the best username you've ever seen?
    It doesnt have to be on funadvice
    16 General 1926
  138. Am I emo even if I don't use knives to cut myself?
    Instead of using knives, I use my fingernails.
    10 Health 34
  139. What do you think is scene or emo a lifestyle or a trend that will eventually fade out?
    6 Style 16
  140. Why are a lot of emo girls vegiterians
    Why are a lot of emo girls vegiterians and if you are why are you and what made you want to become one
    12 Food 67
  141. Emo haircut
    Can you still have like an emo haircut if you have really frizzy thin hair?
    2 Style 38
  142. Any good emo bands?
    Can anyone recomend any good emo bands which arn't all screaming and shouting?
    8 Music 39
  143. How can make my hair look emo if my hair is short?
    My hair is really short and I want to make it look emo but is very short and brown
    2 Style 78
  144. Emo Screename?
    I know im punk but I really like the emo screenames, any ideas?
    5 Technology 61
  145. emo question
    I've always wonderd...can black people go emo
    8 Style 12
  146. Emo music haters
    Why some people are hating (and not "dont like") emo music(and not style)??
    8 Music 18
  147. Emo look
    How can I look emo? Without putting in make up or dark eyeliner...just the hair...
    7 Style 18
  148. Scene or Emo?
    keeep hearin bout scene people and emo people is there a diff? look the same to me
    15 Style 67
  149. want my hair to have an emo, what should I do?
    I want my hair to have an emo look but I cant cut it to short and I cant die it what should I do!!!
    3 Style 61
  150. Why are people so rude to emo and goth people?
    why do people be rude to emo and goth people??? I mean what did they ever do to you not all emos cut and not all goths are bad now answer this why be rude to them
    8 Style 154
  151. I want emo shorts...
    I want emo shorts...what are some good ideas for emo shorts? I can only find rgular jean ones...
    4 Style 42
  152. What does emo mean?
    What does emo mean? I hang out with "emo" people, who are my best friends, and I'm to afraid to ask them. What does it mean?
    14 Style 108
  153. What is the difference between an "emo" and a "goth"?
    What is the difference between an "emo" and a "goth"? I was just wondering because there's emo's in my school but I don't understand it they look just like goths! Thanks!
    9 Style 52
  154. boys are awsome
    are there any sexy boys out there right now who would be interested 2 talk 2 me right now
    4 Sex 34
  155. Is 30 seconds 2 mars an emo band??
    Is 30 seconds 2 mars because my friends think that it is
    11 Music 83
  156. What's your XBOX username?
    what is yalls x box name ... mine is grumpy
    5 Gaming 33
  157. Emo,skaters, and scene
    Why is every one starting to dress like them
    15 Style 43
  158. What is good girls emo makeup?
    I just wanted to try something different
    5 Style 49
  159. What does hot emo boy mean?
    When someone sees you and tells you that you look like a hot emo boy
    3 General 55
  160. Whats the best way to hide that you're emo from your folks?
    Whts the best way to hide that your emo frm your folks
    10 Style 67
  161. How do I tell mom that I'm emo?
    How do I tell my single parent mom that im emo @ age 13
    8 Family 57
  162. Punk and Emo people
    whats the difference between punk and emo?? im not trying to be either im just curious
    5 Style 18
  163. Can black girls be emo?
    I dont think they can im not sure I never had a emo like me.
    8 Style 64
  164. Why did you choose your username?
    Why did you choose your username? I have seen many strange ones on here, so if that is you(you know who you are), explain yourself please! :)
    30 Funadvice 28
  165. emo's hair style
    I wanna 2 make my hair like emo's hair so plzzz tell how I can do it???
    7 Style 15
  166. What are some great emo scremo bands
    pleeze help me I need to no some good emo screamo bands
    4 Music 25
  167. Want a twitter but I want a really cool username
    Ok so I want a twitter but I want a really cool username..anyone got any suggestions?
    3 Technology 100
  168. What is the emo haircut called?
    Well if you search any pics with the word emo in them you will see this haircut on just about all the girls what is it called
    6 Style 239
  169. Username for youtube
    Does anybody have a suggestion for a username for a youtube account? I love horses esspecially bays.
    5 Technology 35
  170. Why do people hate emos now?
    I always wonder why people start hating emos now- every site I join there's always someone that hates emos- why?
    8 Style 40
  171. hate scene or emos or both??
    why do people diss scene? why do people diss emos? im a scene and never been happier are you scene or goth emo? if so how do you feel about all this
    22 Style 34
  172. emo stuff girl
    hello im emo you like my picture yesh I know im emo if you want to be emo ask me
    6 Style 47
  173. I want to be emo!
    what is the true meaning of emo?because some reason I rele wanna be a emo person but people think emos cut they?
    27 Style 70
  174. Is there anything wrong with being emo or trying to become emo?
    Why do people thnk that there is something wrong wit like becoming emo or something? I dont get that? Im not emo or anything but, I know some stuff about emo. I think that emo is pretty cool. Who agrees? Well, mii question is- is there anything wrong w...
    10 Style 76
  175. I need a Minecraft username!
    Any suggestions? Maybe something to do with camo, I don't know lol
    2 Gaming 17
  176. who/anyone Have any good surrgestions for easy yet awsome hair styles for school.?
    2 Relationships 43
  177. Do new users get to choose their UserName?
    because i noticed alot oftheirs are the same..
    6 Funadvice 12
  178. Whats you honest opinion about emos?
    What do you think about 'Emos' ?? What do you think about their... Look Personality What do you think they are im just wanting to no your opinion. Ty
    14 Style 44
  179. Choppy emo hair
    My hair got very short it almost touches my eyebrow how do I make an emo choppy hairstyle?
    2 Style 53
  180. Emo questions in beauty?
    Why are What's wrong with being emo? questions catorgorized as beauty questions? just wondering if there's a glitch or somthing they seem out of place...
    3 Style 18
  181. Can you tell me how I can stop emo haters?
    I want 2 help emos because people ha8 them cud you help???
    8 Music 44
  182. Bad to be emo?
    people call me emo. is that a bad thing? please look at my pics and tell me if you think so.
    6 Style 77
  183. What are some awsome come backs so that I dont get served?
    I need it asap so that I can have some awsome come backs to use on my friends
    5 General 25
  184. What is a really cool username?
    I need a really cool username for this art website and I cant think of any got any cool ideas?
    2 Technology 93
  185. How can I get an emo hairstyle?
    Okay so my hair is thick, wavy and brown adi want an emo hairstyle.
    3 Style 8
  186. What is a good boy username?
    It's hard I can't think of a good boy's username!!! They've just all run out of my head and no one else can think of one!!!
    2 General 96
  187. How can I look more emo?
    my ex girlfriend dumped me cause I was weird lol I want to go for the emo look how can I do this?
    22 Style 64
  188. Emo shops or indie clothing
    Emo sites or shops I've done the searching So yea nothing...
    2 Shopping 52
  189. Emo people or cristian people in best clothing wear?
    Who do you guys think would win? Emo people or cristian people in best clothing wear?
    5 Style 21
  190. black male emo people hair cuts
    lol it sounds lame , but what if there is a black emo ,, what hair cut should they get
    3 Style 53
  191. Should I make my hair emo like?
    Should I make my hair emo like? Here's a picture. I hope it shows up. [This style and length but darker]
    4 Style 23
  192. Do you think it's hot for emo guys to kiss?
    lol. do girls think it's hot for emo guys to make out? I know, it's random.
    15 Entertainment 47
  193. Why do people hate on emo and scene girls so much?
    Why do so many people hate emos and scenes so much a lot of them are realy pretty.
    17 Style 75
  194. What do you all think of the new username I chose?
    Wondering, what do you all think of the username I chose? Just wondering. Hope this question doesn't get deleted.
    3 Funadvice 25
  195. Is emo an excuse for guys to be gay?
    What is Emo-Kid? I see it every where? some one told me that it's just an excuse for guys to be gay?
    3 Relationships 32
  196. Do you have to cut yourself to be emo?
    I love the way emo people look and the clothes but do yhoo have to cut your self to be an emo x <3
    10 Style 119
  197. Emos iq
    Have you ever wondered why emos have a iq cap less than 50? whats up with that? show me a emo with an iq higher than 50 and I will show you a poser.
    10 Style 42
  198. Why do people hate emos? They're regular people?
    I'm emo and I never knew why people hated emo's. Were regular people. Please anwser this seriously.
    18 Style 16
  199. What username can I use, with the word Ladybug in it?
    I'm trying to come up with a good username that has the word Ladybug in it. Ladybug by itself is too short. Can any of you out there, help me come up with a good Ladybug username I can use? Thanks!
    5 General 148
  200. Do you think my chemical romance are emo?
    Ok I know their not emo but a lot of people think they are im emo and I love mcr
    17 Music 66
  201. Emo and gothic.
    Is being emo the same as being gothic??? I mean im emo and I want to ask my dad if I can part purple. But he thinks that being emo means im gothic and I do believe in god. Is emo and gothic the same thing???
    11 Style 67
  202. Holister or Emo
    Ok so I need a style. I don't know if I should go with the holister style or a more emo look. I like the look but im far from emo so what should I pick???
    8 Style 44
  203. Why do people think I'm emo?
    I wear black and listen to rock music. But thats it. Is that why people call me emo??
    18 Style 181
  204. Emo rock name?
    What does gore mean I see a lot of people with nicknames like that
    4 Music 38
  205. Emo, Angry, and Depressing, songs please list them
    If you can list all the emo and depressing or angry songs, that you know that would be nice please and thank u.
    12 Music 741
  206. Do I suit emo style?
    everybody says I dont suit emo style-though do I really not?But I love it! <3
    3 Style 12
  207. are emos smart?
    if you wanted to be emo. Do you have to be smart? Because some words I don't understand. and whenever I listen to Emo bands, some of the words I don't understand. so naturally I feel stupid ¬¬. But yeah do they have to be smart?
    8 Style 134
  208. What is the song from 'Emo Time with Shane Dawson'?
    It's really good and I want to know the title
    4 Music 13
  209. Female emo bands
    Please give me a good list of female lead singers in a emo band besides Paramore.
    3 Music 55
  210. places to shop for emo clothes?
    I need to know of places to shop for emo clothes besides hottopic and places that are forein, the place needs to have u.s. Currency
    3 Shopping 56
  211. does this make me emo?
    does this make me emo if I paint ma nails black onli that bcouse I painted them like that and people caling emo and hateing me
    6 Style 59
  212. help finding a place to shop for emo clothes?
    Hey I need some help finding a place to shop for emo clothes besides hot topic.
    4 Shopping 15
  213. Are My Chemical Romance and Evanesence emo bands?
    Are My Chemical Romance and Evernesance emo bands? Because when I say I like them, people are like "ooohh, emo". By the way I'm not emo, or trying to be.
    16 Music 61
  214. Why do we get YOU ARE AWSOME sign when our questions turn into statue updates?
    i mean thanks ,just curious!
    3 Funadvice 15
  215. How do you do emo and scene makeup?
    I am wanting to start wearing this makeup , before doing this I would like information and tips on it before I start.
    4 Style 21
  216. Should I tell the truth whether I'm emo?
    Wht should I do should I tell the truth weather im emo if I get asked if im one?
    11 Style 24
  217. Wrist Slitting Emo
    Im sick of trying NOT to fit it, sick of trying to be different instead of another "wrist slitting emo" help
    13 Style 65
  218. What is a good emo hairstyle?
    Im gettin bored of mine I have short hairr by the way
    2 Style 18
  219. Emo bands like secondhand serenade?
    can anyone suggest any emo bands with mild music like secondhand serenade and FM static?
    5 Music 299
  220. Why are emo girls short?
    I've noticed all 'emo" girls are short. Why is that? Its kind of annoying to only see little petite emo girls. Why doesn't a tall girl step up?
    10 Style 140
  221. What should my new username be?
    my currnet aim username is really boring...I luv cheerleading,fall out boy,and pete wentz<3...what should my username be???
    4 Technology 38
  222. Why is every guy who claims to be 'scene' or 'emo' g@y?
    Do they choose to be 'scene' or 'emo' BECAUSE they're g@y? Or do they PRETEND to be g@y because they're 'scene' or 'emo'? I don't understand, that cannot just be a coincidence....
    72 Style 25
  223. Butterfly Usernames!
    Just a curiosity question! If you wanted to come up with a username that applies to Butterflies, which username would you use? Can you give me some ideas please? Thanks!
    4 Technology 399
  224. I'm not emo, but that's not what my friends think.
    Why the hell are my friends still caling me emo? I've said I'm goth, but they insist on labeling everything I do as "emo".
    12 Style 65
  225. Emo nicknames for guys?
    whats your nickname and how did you get it il start mine I emo boy becouse im emo and im a boy lol :P
    13 General 2831
  226. I skateboard... does that mean im emo?
    am I emo just because I skateboard? everyone tells me I am and im just like NO! JUST because I SKTE DOESNT MEAN THAT! uhh I get so mad! so does that make me emo?
    13 Sports 53
  227. Emo Haircuts
    Can you have an emo haircut and not be emo? Not trying to be a poser for those of you who think that I just like the hairstlyles. Well I also need help on what kind of haircut I should get.
    5 Style 42
  228. Emo songs
    Im kind of emo like my friends and I love the song cut by plumb. is there anything like it like softer emo not screamo and is sad like that?
    6 Music 34
  229. I need ideas for a username
    I need ideas for a username. I love cats, am brunette and I have blue eyes. Any cute user names you can think of?
    6 Technology 110
  230. I want a kwl emo do
    I want a really kwl emo hairstyle but I dont know how to get my hair like you have any suggestions?
    5 Style 18
  231. How did the whole emo thing start?
    How did the whole 'emo' thing start I mean I know it was first a genre of music but I want to know how it started to become what people are?
    8 Style 116
  232. How do you make that emo sign to put on your profile?
    How do you make that emo sign I'm trying to put it on my profile to say I'm not stuck up I'm emo/goth anyone friendly.
    6 Technology 95
  233. How to deal with turning emo?
    Im turning cutting myself..starving my self..having aweful mod do I deel with all of this at the same time?!?!?!?
    9 Style 97
  234. I need an emo nickname fast
    I need an emo nickname fast!!! I am sick of everyone calling me breahna my name is breahna can someone help???ASAP
    16 Style 113
  235. How can I dress emo without my parents getting all pissy?
    I want to dress emo but cant do it witout being grounded for the rest of my life!
    8 Style 102
  236. What kind of girls do skater and emo guys like?
    What kind of girls do emo and sk8 boys like the most? Does she needs to be prepy, or be crazy and have her own style?
    5 Relationships 176
  237. Are we allowed to post the usernames of our other social network accounts on the status update wall?
    can we give our usernames (twitter, etc) on the status update wall? or no?
    5 Funadvice 19
  238. eyeliner how to do emo make up?
    im in the miiddle of going emo/scene. but I still dont know how to do emo make up. can any one tell me how.?
    11 Style 117
  239. emo characters
    what are thoughs emo characters names??? The ones that say like I made you a cookie but I eated it. there so cute but what are they called??
    5 Entertainment 66
  240. "Emo Jewlery"
    like All Those Hello Kitty Necklaces, Those knuckle Necklace things, & Neon Braclets Where Do you Get Those From?
    7 Style 55
  241. How to correct my username?
    hey ya'll I miss spelled my name on my display name and is there any way I can fix it on here
    3 Funadvice 24
  242. True definition of emo
    Whats your true definiton of emo? Because I already know what it is. Im just curious to see you guys give responses to what you think emo is.
    10 Style 65
  243. My Mom doesn't accept emo
    I am emo but my mum hates emo . she buys me girly stuff and I have a bright pink playboy room and I hate it any advice
    10 Family 99
  244. style emo or punk ?
    hey I have 3 questions : (1.)is punk better or emo ?( 2.) some hairstyles for punk or emo (3)some gr8 make up tips please...:)
    3 Style 36
  245. Do people decide 2 b an emo?
    K I have nothing against emo's and no offense or anything ,but I was just wondering why do people decide 2 b an emo??? And what do your parents say bout your decision???
    7 Style 42
  246. Is emo and screamo about hair or clothes?
    is emo and scremo all about the hair more..or the clothes and style..which counts more...the hair style?Just wondering curious about this trend or way of life
    7 Style 61
  247. Screamo/grindcore/techno/rave/"emo"/"scene"
    Any good bands from screamo/grindcore/techno/rave/"emo"/"scene" genres? I am udpading my idpod and would love some new tunes =d
    5 Music 90
  248. Where can you get cheap emo pants?
    Other than Hot Topic is there any other place with cheap emo pants? Or Straight leg pants with some holes and washes on them? Hot Topic is way too expensive.
    6 Shopping 69
  249. online emo stores?
    Hey peoplem any of you know any cheapish cute online emo stores??Please tell me cause ya:] THANKS!
    4 Shopping 36
  250. Emo, goth, girly girl, raver, crazy or quiet
    Youve got to pick one of them, what one will it be out of those 6 what one are you most like, I picked emo
    20 Style 85