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  1. Why is there always evil?
    Why is there always evil?
    4 General 20
  2. Are bananas evil?
    13 Food 119
  3. Is a liberal a republican?
    5 Politics 53
  4. What is the difference in republican and democrat
    What is the difference in republican and democrat
    5 Politics 123
  5. What's the difference between republicans and democrats?
    What's the difference between the republicans and democrats?
    4 Politics 44
  6. Why do they say republicans are pedophiles?
    2 Politics 15
  7. What happens now that most of the senate is republican?
    6 Politics 34
  8. How to learn evil black magic?
    How to learn evil black magic?
    4 Religion 368
  9. What's the difference between a Democrat and a Republican?
    whats the difference between a democrat and a republican?
    10 Politics 192
  10. Are all humans capable of committing evil?
    are all humans capable of committing evil?
    22 Religion 215
  11. How do I make my hair look evil?
    how do I make my hair look evil
    4 Style 26
  12. Do you think Bush is evil?
    Dou you think bush is evil or not?
    15 Politics 42
  13. What is the Difference between evil spirit and good spirit?
    4 Religion 36
  14. When is Resident Evil 6 coming out?
    11 Gaming 34
  15. Why are abortions evil?
    Why?Because I think their ok.
    15 Politics 50
  16. What is the difference between democrats and republicans?
    7 Politics 22
  17. Who has heard about Disney being an evil corporation?
    10 Entertainment 36
  18. What are your favorite Resident Evil quotes?
    3 Entertainment 15
  19. What's the point of getting rid of evil if another evil emperor will arise and take his place?
    6 Religion 22
  20. What is more powerful than god more evil than the devil riddl
    What is more powerful than god more evil than the devil riddle?
    2 Politics 72
  21. Any good pranks to do to an evil person who so mean
    Any good pranks to do to an evil person who so mean
    4 Entertainment 13
  22. Is rock and metal music evil?
    Do you think rock and metal music is evil?
    58 Music 93
  23. Anyone heard of the band pop evil?
    Anyone heard of the band pop evil?
    3 Music 12
  24. How much do evil minions get paid?
    How much do evil minions get paid?
    4 Money 151
  25. What (real) surnames are there that sound particularly evil?
    5 General 120
  26. Who believes there is an actual difference between Democrats and Republicans?
    8 Politics 27
  27. What caused the division within the republican party?
    11 Politics 73
  28. Is it true that blonde (orange) cats are more "evil" than other cats?
    5 Pets 77
  29. Should my friend and I see Machete or Resident Evil ?
    6 Gaming 10
  30. Why are the republicans represented by an elephant, and the democrats by a donkey?
    4 Politics 31
  31. Do pickles have an evil overlord?
    Well? Can I have some opinions?
    20 Food 44
  32. Does anyone love Resident Evil?
    does any one love Resident Evil because I fall for it...
    6 Entertainment 11
  33. How can republicans improve their image to the american people?
    What do republicans need to do to improve their image?
    8 Politics 20
  34. is sara palin an asset or liability for the republican party?
    is sara palin an asset or liability for the republican party?
    6 Politics 46
  35. Republican party color and symbol
    Why is the Republican's party color red and their symbol an elephant???
    4 Politics 1524
  36. How Many Republicans
    How many Republicans does it take to change a light bulb?
    7 Politics 22
  37. Will our next president be Republican or Democrat?
    Who do you think is going to be our next president???
    8 Politics 66
  38. How do you believe democrats and republicans view third parties?
    5 Politics 16
  39. what should I name the evil character in my book?
    what should I name the evil character in my book? its a teenage boy. lol
    17 Literature 74
  40. Release date of resident evil 5?
    2 Gaming 11
  41. Is Resident Evil 4 available on Xbox 360 (are there any chances)?
    4 Gaming 14
  42. what are some evil things to do to people who do evil things to you
    my recently ex boyfriend and my recently ex best friend are starting sh*t with me to try and be with eachother. but they just wont give it up. what are some evil things I could to do them?
    3 Relationships 299
  43. Have the democrats or republicans won more?
    among democratic and republican parties who have won most presidential election in america?
    4 Politics 46
  44. How to handle my parents being evil?
    my parents are bing right evil what shud I do they are driving me mad!!!
    8 Family 9
  45. Why is the world full of evil?
    12 Religion 70
  46. would the phrase 'Evil smelling' be a similie, Symbolism, metaphor, or hyperbole?
    2 General 59
  47. Why do a lot of people think wicca's are evil
    Everyone criticizes wicca's just for being different why is that
    8 Religion 46
  48. What's the difference democrat and republican
    What is the difference between a democrat and a republican? And please don't say there's no difference, because there is, otherwise there wouldn't be different names lol.
    9 Politics 121
  49. Resident evil degeneration?
    Does any resident evil fans out there know when this is comeing out this movie looks awesome?
    2 Entertainment 7
  50. Why do flys rub their hands together like an evil person when they land ?
    12 Pets 50
  51. evil hampster
    is there anyway for my hampster to stop trying to bite me whenever I got into his cage?
    5 Pets 54
  52. Do you think it would be better if we had a president who was independent and not affiliated with a democratic or a republican party?
    6 Politics 11
  53. P2P/Thepiratebay Good Or Evil?
    whats your views on P2P and sites like thepiratebay?
    3 Technology 14
  54. U EVIL SON OF A...
    Just what is the WORST thing a person could do in this cruel, cruel world?
    17 General 21
  55. Cheat codes for Zelda or Resident Evil 4 on Wii?
    hey does anyone have cheat codes for resident evil 4 and legend of zelda on wii? thanks!
    4 Gaming 61
  56. names with an evil conotation
    Im writing a story with a really evil main character what are some girl names with an evil or sinister sound to them?
    6 General 60
  57. What's the difference between Democrats and Republicans?
    Okay I know some of the basic stuff but I would like to know the main differences between demorcrats and republicans.
    17 Politics 105
  58. Is it true that all businessmen in the United States are republicans or is that an urban legend?
    I have always heard that. What do you think?
    6 Politics 22
  59. What do you think about the comment that a republican made that a rape was planned out by God?
    i cant recall his name
    2 Politics 10
  60. Why are some people born evil?
    Are some people born evil? Like mass murderous like hitler,mao zedong,stalin and saddam hussein was in they genetics to be evil ,or do people become evil?
    4 General 50
  61. Resident evil 4 or 5, which is better?
    Which one is better? resident evil 4 or 5? I never played re5 before so...? Should I buy re5? ~~~ my boyfriend asked...
    3 Entertainment 27
  62. Resident evil 4 fans
    If you have beat resident evil 4 and got specil 2 costumes how can you hurt/ kill ashley???
    4 Gaming 8
  63. Who would be the best Republican candidate for President?
    Would anyone answer this? in your oppinion, who do you think would be nominated for president on the republican side in 2008?
    5 Politics 13
  64. Resident evil 6!?
    Can people tell me all they know or think what will happen in re6. Write all your predictions
    3 Gaming 10
  65. Republicans. Do they or do they not support abortion?
    Real Quick. I know It's not a real important question but I need to know for my test tomorrow.
    10 Politics 99
  66. is there gonna be a Resident Evil 5?
    Is it true that Chris will be the main cast? and Alice will be nowhere to be found?
    4 Entertainment 16
  67. Are iPods evil?
    I know technology is supposed to help us but I am fed up with my IPod! I am just about ready to put it thru a wall!
    10 Technology 33
  68. Do you believe that it is unfair that the republican party is trying not to give the women a choice to abort in the case of incest or rape?
    7 Politics 21
  69. How can the biblical God be pure good if he created of pure evil
    ...I mean think of it. God created everything, meaning he created evil as well & pure evil(the Devil). & before the Devil(his polar opposite) was created, what was the biblical then? Good cannot exiest without evil.
    17 Religion 72
  70. Are spell books evil?
    Are spell books and witchcraft... of the devil and evil and stuff? Cause I really want to get one and im interested in witch craft, but not if its evil
    20 Literature 57
  71. Do you know how many games of resident evil there are?
    I wanna buy the collection of resident evil games for ps 2 but I dont know how many versions of this game are if you know tell me please.
    4 Gaming 25
  72. What do you think of them making ANOTHER Resident Evil movie?
    The Resident Evil movies used to be some of my favorite's but I really think there over doing it with this new one coming out. Whats your opinion?
    5 Entertainment 11
  73. The Republican party just got fired.
    Does this mark the end of the stranglehold evangelical neocons have had over the conservative agenda since Reagan?
    10 Politics 37
  74. Why do people think brunettes are evil?
    Why are people keep saying that dark haired people and brunettes are evil and mean? I have dark brown hair and I am really nice and totally the opposite of evil. Please answer!
    10 Style 142
  75. Why are republicans not following republican principes
    With John Mccain you have to wonder what republican means I thought it ment small government low taxes and managed spending thats within reason. The republicans have been putting up some presidents of late that dont follow one single of these principle...
    2 Politics 30
  76. Evil Kitten >;[
    My kitten Bubbles is evil :( He's always biting me & scratching me. How can I make him stop without him being scared of me? He's about 7 weeks old. Pweasee help me :)
    11 Pets 56
  77. How can a human destroy a demon, aka fallen evil angel?
    That's takes disguise as a human entity and try's to fools people's perception.
    8 Religion 33
  78. r democrats or republicans louder!!!
    it always seems to me that democrats have no problem voiceing their oppinion but republicans are quieter. there are exeptions tho. what do you think?? tell me if im wrong.
    7 Politics 12
  79. Why are the republicans making all the decisions?
    well im not for or against the republicans,democrats,liberals,or any other group, this is just a question made from curiosity, i dont mean to insult or compliment the republican party or any other party, im just asking because to me it seems that the r...
    7 Politics 63
  80. Why do people turn evil after their heart is broken?
    This to me is very important because I feel rejection usaully hurts people so bad I don't know they go crazy why does it hurt? How can you fix it
    4 Relationships 195
  81. Did anyone like Resident Evil 5
    it was crap compare to 4 in my view. I hate how the series is changing into nothing but Action like movies.
    5 Gaming 11
  82. Should I be a Republican or Democrat?
    Ok well my mom is a Democrat and my dad is a Republican, most people pick whatever their parents had chose, but I really don't know what to do, I have been to all kinds of republican dinners, because my family is in office locally so i don't know which...
    9 Politics 267
  83. Who won super tuesday on the democrat and republican sides?
    I'm confused by all the coverage. I watched CNN for hours last night. The only thing I want to know is: who won super tuesday for the democrats? And who won it on the republican side?
    5 Politics 54
  84. Should I get Metal Gear: Solid, or Resident Evil 2?
    i know there completely different but which one do you guys think would be better overall
    8 Gaming 9
  85. evil smell
    how can you get a shoe to smell? I need it for a science project and my teacher says I have 2 weeks to get the new black shoe as smelly as possible for examination! ideas?
    7 General 38
  86. Is David Dramien of Disturbed evil?
    I've heard from a very wise, very intelligent friend who is acutely aware of the intentions of music that Dramien promotes hate for the sake of hate. Agree? Or not?
    3 Music 39
  87. Democrat or Republican to win?
    The general view here in Europe is that whoever wins the Democratic nomination will win the Presidential Election. Now as you guys are the ones accualy voting, is that the feeling you are getting in the States?
    11 Politics 31
  88. can anyone give me evil dares?
    could you possibly tell me some evil dares that use the following supplies? supplies: 2 black skateboarding shoes, two dried up old socks, and a blanket
    5 Entertainment 188
  89. Evil Dead, Exorcist...???
    Everyday I have this argument with my friends to decide which is the scariest movie of all.I suggest them evil dead and exorcist.Any movie you've got on your mind so that I could shut their mouths for good?
    6 Entertainment 24
  90. Confusing riddle... Greater than god...evil than the devil...poor..
    Hey I've seen this riddle around and was wondering what the "answer" is. I just can't figure it out! What is greater than God, More evil than the devil, The poor have it, The rich need it, And if you eat it, you'll die?
    12 General 140
  91. Why is evil supported in the world?
    I have notice sometime under the sun that oflate, most people called what is evil , good and good is call evil.why in the world someone who does evil is always supported but he who does good is always hated by the world why why why , I want to know.t...
    8 Politics 23
  92. Resident Evil!!!
    Is anyone else in love with this series? I don't care if it's the games of the movies I'm addicted to Resident Evil 4. a new movie is coming out December 30th called Resident Evil: Degeneration. Watch the trailer, it looks AMAZING!
    11 Gaming 38
  93. What would be the most dramatic, drastic and even evil way to tell your fiance that you got her ex boyfriends girlfriend pregnant?
    I need ideas for a chapter in my book and i want it to be shocking.
    15 Literature 24
  94. Resident Evil 5
    does anyone noe how to get dah device off Jill's chest iin resident evil 5 ? ii tried 2 keep shooting her, but after liike 5 shots ii end upp hittin her
    2 Gaming 56
  95. Resident Evil 5 unlimited ammo
    I completed resident evil 5 and upgraded my weapon fully, but when I went to the bonus features and tried to purchase unlimited ammo, it said I had to complete all the chapters still. Could someone please help?
    3 Gaming 20
  96. FunAdvice Trivia:What cartoon super-robot protects the Earth from the evil Dr. Demon?
    A) Gigantor B) Voltron C) Tranzor Z D) Frankenstein, Jr.
    7 Funadvice 13
  97. What are the cons of the republican economy?
    Im doing a debate in school, and I have no clue what to talk about. So if you could please just list like 3 cons of the republican economy, that would be great. I dont need any pros because im a democrat and I need to state why our economy is better. ...
    3 Politics 68
  98. Can you prove Resident evil 5 is racist?
    Well I've heard people say its racist. Im not sure what to think . Heres the questions Is resident evil 5 racist? What to you is the definition of racism? How do you know thats what the creators of the game had that in their mind for the game...
    3 Gaming 16
  99. What do you guys think about evil messages in music played backwards?
    I think it's bs that people make up. The brain wont comprehend lyrics backwards until it sees some words that can pass 4 the gibberish they hear.
    15 Music 39
  100. Why did they vote Republican ?
    I'm an Independent and I have a question: After the Mass. election, Obama stated the loss was a result of the people being mad at Washington, also citing the 8 Bush years...If that were indeed the case..Bush years, Why would they vote...Republican ?
    10 Politics 30
  101. Is Walt Disney movies evil?
    There are allot of web pages that say Walt Disney is evil, because he was a free mason, or believed in the occult, etc. They point out symbols and sexual nuances in his movies and things he said and did as proof. Do you think he was evil and that his m...
    31 Sex 54
  102. What should I do? I keep thinking evil thoughts...?
    My mind keep thinking evil thoughts I cannot control it at all! I just had an emotional breakdown praying to the lord for help because I was looking for help online and I saw the most unforrgivible sin and now my mind wont stop thinking it! I cant cont...
    15 Religion 204
  103. What are your opinions on the Republicans and Democrats?
    What do you think about Barak Obama what doyou think about Joe Bidden9vice preisdent of obama) what do you think of John micain and what do you think of macains vice pres. canidate(sp) ?? id like to know your opions
    2 General 31
  104. FunAdvice Trivia: Captain Marvel spent several issues battling an evil genius known as Mr. Mind. What did Mr. Mind turn out to be?
    A) A computer B) A child C) A ghost D) A worm
    6 Funadvice 14
  105. What are some 'evil' names?
    I'm currently writing a story about a serial cannibal, and her whole family is involved with the story. I want them all to have long and 'evil' names. I already have names like gorgonzilla and medusa. Xd I need more, though. Boy and girl. Any suggestio...
    9 Literature 69
  106. what do you think of the candidate for the republican party.
    What do you think of the candidate for the republican party to compete with obama in the next elections to me the republican are trying to make their own Obama because this guy's father is from india and its from a minority like Obama whos father its f...
    5 Politics 35
  107. evil ex stepmom
    my ex stepmom and dad got divorced two years ago and ever since she has tried to make his life a living hell! when they were married she was a total bi*ch to me 24/7 and now that they are divorced she wants to be my best friend!!?? what do I do??
    2 Family 32
  108. FunAdvice Trivia: In the 1986 animated feature THE GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE, who provided the voice of the evil Professor Ratigan?
    A) Anthony Hopkins B) Martin Landau C) Tim Curry D) Vincent Price
    4 Funadvice 12
  109. Why Do People Desire To Worship Satan (Evil) vs God (Good)?
    I just watched a true video about Satanist being arrested. In the house were found horrific evidence of murder and torture. Please tell me why would human beings, who were made in God's image, desrie to worship evil? Why choose evil when they could wor...
    19 Religion 399
  110. How are poor people Republicans?
    what I don't get is how are poor people republicans??? that is just like putting oil on top of water it just does not mix!! if your going to b a republican I thnk that you shud b rich, or a lil above avrg america. people that live and trailors just sh...
    7 Politics 46
  111. Evil name - please help asap
    So, I'm writing this book, and there is this evil black deer with red eyes that stays in the Darkest Valley and I'm not sure yet, but so far I got that he might lead people to.. uh.. I don't know. Anyways, I need a really evil name for this deer. A...
    13 Literature 89
  112. Why some people plan evil?
    7 Religion 109
  113. FunAdvice Trivia: On Star Trek , what planet caused Kirk to split into two people, one of them good and the other totally self-centered and evil?
    A) Cygnus Alpha B) Alfa 177 C) Xenon D) Terminus
    5 Funadvice 11
  114. Yet another republican scandal involving children
    Brown County GOP Chairman Donald Fleischman has resigned his post, following allegations that he fondled an underage boy. Forgive me, I'm not keeping track very well. How many republican leaders now have turned out to be criminal scum?
    5 Politics 10
  115. What is greater than God, More evil than the devil
    Okay, I need help solving this riddle. I got it in an email, but I can't figure it out. Here's the riddle: When asked this riddle, 80% of kindergarten kids got the answer, compared to 17% of Stanford University seniors. What is greater than God,...
    9 Gaming 75
  116. Resident Evil
    Did anyone get the new Resident Evil 5? Its SOOO awesome! it beautifully ties the other RE's together and answers questions to things you didn't even think about like.."where did they get the T-virus from anyway?" im such an RE fan. there's not many ga...
    3 Gaming 17
  117. Who watched Resident Evil Apocalypse and Extinction and cn help me?
    The other day Resident Evil- Apocalypse was on, so I watched it since it was after the movie I had been watching before. After Resident Evil- Apocalypse ended they showed the one that comes after that-R.E.-Extinction. At first this did not freak me out...
    4 Entertainment 10
  118. Why is she so evil?
    She is a year younger than me . I dont even know her but whenever I see her she gives me bad looks and makes abusive comments on my looks. Once she pushed me and all her friends were laughing. What do I do?? Why is she doing this? Once she called me an...
    6 Babies 28
  119. Which is the lesser / least evil for a kid's lunch?
    a] a delicious nutritious home made packed lunch that is either traded or thrown away but certainly not eaten. b] a packed lunch of their choice that they will eat but shouldn't c] a lunch provided by the school [pizza / nachos and the like] d] non...
    7 Food 13
  120. what dose resident evil 2 for playstation come with?
    I wanna buy re 2 but its not new so I would have to buy it on ebay or whatever and I wanna know what it come with the case of corse the cd game manual but dose it have anything else because I seen this thing and theres like 2 cds 4 it so I wan...
    2 Gaming 6
  121. What does it mean to be a Democrat or a Republican?
    I was a Republican, but , due to recent political events, changed my affliliation to Democrat. It was a short while after, when I was talking with my sister about what party she would join next year, that it occured to me that I had no idea what either...
    13 Politics 190
  122. Are consignment thrift shops evil businesses?
    I'd like to know if consignment thrift shops are considered evil businesses? I mean, they seem to only prey on people who are too poor and or foolish enough to use their services, and on top of that, they take a huge percentage of the sale price. Would...
    2 Money 18
  123. resident evil 5 unlimited ammo
    ok I've got Resident evil 5 for the x-box 360, I bought the bonus for unlimited ammo of the lightning hawk (mag) and went in to play the level I was on exept with the unlimied ammo option turned on but my gun was still empty, any ideas how to fix this...
    5 Gaming 59
  124. What's "good" about the Republican party?
    I read a lot of democrat bashing in the political forum. And, I have to admit, I started one question that wasn't very favorable towards republicans. So, what's good about that political party these days? I'm curious. I'd rather think on what politicia...
    8 Politics 167
  125. What is the real difference between republicans and democrats?
    What is the real difference between republicans and democrats? For a long, long time when I was growing up, I thought Republicans are cool. Then as I grew older, being from a poor family, I realized that democrats where generally the ones that did the ...
    38 Politics 92
  126. Evil forces?
    The other day I met a man who insisted that I would hang up a paper cut-out in the shape of a bat behind my South-facing sitting room window. He claimed it would fend off evil forces. Not long before that, an other man recommended a plastic statuet...
    11 Religion 25
  127. Afraid of Churches?
    Is it evil to be afraid of churches?
    11 Religion 48
  128. Why every singer seems to be attached to evil cults?
    I mean i liked many singers before,but then i realized the most of them specially pop stars make symbolism in their videos, like lady gaga and many other singers, and when i found a new singer that i like is attached to the illluminati thing. So what h...
    2 Religion 12
  129. God's will and the Republican National Convention
    Stewart Shepard digital media director of Focus on the Family called on Christians to pray for rain during Democratic presidential candidate Barak Obama's acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention in order to disrupt it. As we all know B...
    8 Religion 28
  130. Can you play Resident Evil 6 completely solo?
    Can you play Resident Evil 6 without any partner of any kind? Not even an AI partner? On all campaigns? Or do we at least have a setting that lets us make our partner not help us at all? Or make it so that they cannot kιll enemies? I really wanna know,...
    7 Gaming 65
  131. Kids in school are evil
    hi I am a girl I go to a jr high and I need advice the kids there areevil they seem to hate me so much and hit me hard with bad harrasing I am so sick of it but I am afraid to tell can you give me some advice I feel like just hitting them... I feel so ...
    21 Education 23
  132. How do you define the term evil?
    this is a question my english teacher asked me, and I got so carried away and had to much fun answering it. personally I think it means something is dark, cold, and pessimistic. most of my classmates labeled it as something that harms others, but I tho...
    8 Religion 33
  133. Will Giuliani help or hurt the Republican party?
    Since 1980 no Republican president has been elected without the support of social conservatives (religious right). Rudi Giuliani has a long history of being pro-choice and many Replubicans threaten to vote 3rd party if Giuliani gets the Republican nom...
    3 Politics 34
  134. How long will it take the Republican majority to push for an Impeachment of Obama?
    Assuming of course they win the elections in long, do you think, before they impeach him? There is still the strong "birther" movement, etc...which claims he was never legitimate in the first place. Any bets? I say it's in the first two ...
    14 Politics 29
  135. How many republicans & democrats have done the deed?
    I love this quote: "Louisiana Republican Sen. David Vitter...admitted recently he was the customer of a call-girl service." Now, for those keeping score at home (because I don't, on republicans or democrats) how many politicians have admitted they pai...
    4 Sex 36
  136. Why did Republicans use fake video to convict acorn?
    They wasted four months of tax payer money in court, they used false video footage...can we sue these idiots and get our money back? The government is bankrupt...and assclowns are pillaging from us to make a mockery of our judicial processes. OR...s...
    11 Politics 33
  137. One of my rabbits is evil to me ^.^
    One of my two rabbits is terrified of me for no reason. My sister bought it as an accessory but I was the one giving it love and appreciation in the household. Unlike my other rabbit I handled her 2 times a day NOW she gives me licks on the face , rela...
    3 Pets 9
  138. Evil sisters!
    I brought my 7 year old sister to the park today and we sat on the swings together. I didn't do anything and she swung the swing right in my face! My glasses fell off and my braces cut right through my lip and the swing ripped my gums. My sister sa...
    8 Family 36
  139. I think im "evil"...
    im sooo depressed at home... my boyfriends family is so great with him and I was always jealous of him. but a few days ago they started trying to break us up and they try to piss him off a lot. when that was happening he was depressed too. then I was...
    3 Relationships 47
  140. Do you worship evil?
    24 Religion 55
  141. Whats the different between a Democrat and Republican?
    we have a big test in social studies tomorrow about democrats and republicans. I've been studying since I got home from basketball at school (4:30) its now almost 7:30. I've studied pretty much everything and know everything pretty well. but then he s...
    5 Politics 38
  142. How should I go about getting rid of the evil monkey in my closet?
    For weeks now, I've felt an evil presence in my room. At first, I didn't quite know what it was. But then, i would find droppings on my carpet and the big bowl of bananas I usually keep under my bed went missing! I hear evil laughs all the time, and it...
    2 General 16
  143. Who else thinks Ron Paul should be the real Republican candidate?
    After last week's fiasco & the stupidity put for by Bush, Obama, and McCain, I really, really wish Ron Paul would have been nominated. His cool, collected & intelligent comments on the bail out stupidity were the only real leadership that made sense la...
    8 Politics 12
  144. Why is the Republican state platform plan focusing on outlawing "oral"?
    I have a hard time believing that they're not campaigning based on the roots of the party I grew up with - you know, state rights, small federal government, fighting for the little guy against massive federal cr@ptacular programs, etc. Now they're redu...
    6 Sex 25
  145. What's with christian rock?
    What's with christian rock? Don't christians think rock is evil?
    8 Music 30
  146. Why 44 house republicans want to eliminate income taxes?
    The "replacement" is a tax on the poor & middle class for the income tax. Think about it: poor people don't save money, they spend it all. So does the bulk of the middle class. So when you replace the income tax (which the rich pay more than poor) with...
    4 Politics 11
  147. The Nature of Evil
    We all know that evil exists, as we see it all around us on a daily basis. and it takes many forms, always trying to distort reality, and consume, the affections of the one it is attacking. I def. believe in the reality of demons, just as I believe in...
    14 Religion 33
  148. Why would anyone vote Republican anymore?
    It used to be that Republicans stood for fiscal conservatism, less big brotherism, and social conservatism. But that's no longer true. George-how-to-destroy-an-economy-by-massive-spending-increases-and-lower-taxes-Bush has proven the Republicans no ...
    11 Politics 22
  149. how to deal with an evil step mother in law?
    I have this step mother in law that makes me feel uncomfortable everytime I see her, I'm just wondering what makes my father in law fall for her... where in she doesn't almost know everything about household chores,that lazy old bitch...she always call...
    4 Family 59
  150. the three wise monkey's names?
    you know? see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil? I may have it in the wrong order. :p
    7 Religion 45
  151. Republican candidate for President?
    So, Giuliani cheated on his wife...and he's one of the foremost candidates for president from the republican party. McCain is the other one (let's not forget the Republican wire tapping & removal of privacy & personal freedom). However, even with these...
    3 Politics 11
  152. Resident Evil 4 fans!
    This is a two pronged random question. One, what is your favorite weapon in RE4? Mine is probably the handcannon. Two. how many hits did it take you to kill Salazar (the snake thing with the tentacles flying everywhere)? Took me two. A mine dart in t...
    2 Gaming 16
  153. Are republicans trying to prove Obama was foreign born because...?
    I'm sure if you follow politics you've read about the Birther scandal, which started during the campaign. Now, I personally think the whole thing is our political system so broken that a foreign born person can become president? However.....
    17 Politics 33
  154. Restating my thesis
    my thesis statement is... The pearl itself is not evil; rather, it brings out evil in human beings
    2 General 60
  155. Why is people believe others of other faiths are "evil"?
    I have met a lot of people of different faiths then mine ,that believe I am "evil " ,just because I dont believe that most of this earths religions are right . I don't believe the creator is happy to see Its/his/hers creations killing each other for a ...
    10 Religion 9
  156. Why did the Republicans try to rob the poor college kids?
    Back when I was in college (10 years ago) the Republican led congress tried to push through a bill to *eliminate* grants for college kids. This was at a time when the budget was balanced and my costs were going up 13% per year, while the grant money wa...
    15 Politics 39
  157. Is Satan really as evil as everyone makes him...?
    I'm not religious, in fact, I'm an atheist. But I've been wondering for a long time, is Satan really that bad? I honestly doubt it. Lucifer disobeyed God, right? But /why/? "He wanted to overthrow God" isn't a good enough answer for me. And if you lo...
    16 Religion 43
  158. Religion? What the piont?
    Why is it if your athiest everyone thinks your mean and full of evil... Im athiest but im not mean and im deffinatly not evil... What do you think?
    12 Religion 36
  159. Voting for the lesser evil
    Recently, I've noticed ( well I might be wrong :O) that politics is all screwed up, but wait!!! I've noticed this by listenining, obama and mccain are like kinda squeezing the country, like mccain wants 2 build around 45 nuclear powerplants, well ok ob...
    4 Politics 11
  160. is it bad to like pokemon?
    is it bad to like pokemon, are they Evil, or is it ok to like pokemon?
    3 Religion 38
  161. Which is the better party?
    which one is better republican or democratic and why
    7 Politics 32
  162. How do I deal with my evil step mom?
    My step mom is a bitch.she calls me a fag and made up a name for me,magetboy! I have 2 step sisters there ok but they ar sluts literally.also they`re drama queens! Ha they`re also stupid and one has to have a tape read to her in language arts.I absolou...
    5 Family 87
  163. What: Evil Mom?
    So here is the story. My mom treats me like crap. Im constantly getting blame for everything. And she is constantly criticizing my looks and saying im ugly. She also claims that I am lazy when I do more chores then anyone in the house including her. Sh...
    4 Family 29
  164. Do you let Jesus Christ save you from evil?
    My monogamous partner in romantic love left me for various reasons after twenty years and I have not found a substitute willing to love in a manner of fidelity for various reasons. When I focus on Jesus Christ I forget the evil thoughts and feelings th...
    14 Sex 27
  165. Ron Paul, Republican, Says States Have Right to Legalize Pot??
    Is this the kind of thing that had the republican government under Bush going the other way on traditional republican values (especially states rights?). It's interesting to me that he said while states should legalize and regulate, people should *not*...
    8 Politics 40
  166. Evil spirit/demon or ghost/spirit
    -My closet door makes banging type noises usually early in the morning. - My bed shakes a lil but stops early in the morning like 1 am-. Its possibly just my heart beating. -When i fall half asleep,i hear voices. Last night when i was alimost fell ...
    5 Religion 45
  167. Which is the greater of two evils?
    Which do you think is worse? a) someone who posts at least 3 times a day on a forum (about tech and gaming stuff) saying how how much she misses her boyfriend (who she's never met, cos he's an online relationship), and just generally whines about how ...
    3 Relationships 18
  168. Super Tuesday
    Who will win the Democratic and Republican Nominations?
    2 Politics 36
  169. Am I Democrat or Republican?
    Am I democrat or Republican, because my parents are so far from politics, that they've never taught me stuff like this. I believe in Pro-Choice and the death penalty, but only in certain cases for both situations. I do believe in invading Iraq, but ...
    8 Politics 42
  170. what can I do about this evil thing?
    I need help I think. Its been going on for a few years. It started with just weird feelings like I'm not alone when I am. Then I started hearing things banging and foot steps crying and other sounds. Now its the dreams I have terrable disgusting nightm...
    13 Religion 20
  171. Why? (Mostly goes to republicans)
    I never got this in the first place? Why did everyone make a big deal about all of the Democratic candidates this year? They're all equal American citizens that should deserve as many rights as any other person in this country. People said obama was...
    3 Politics 11
  172. Is there a purpose to everyone
    Like 4 everyone weird are ugly are evil should they all be here
    4 General 9
  173. What are good names for my book??
    I need 1 guy werewolf doctor name, 3 girl evil vampire names, and 7 evil guy vampire names. Any suggestions?
    2 Literature 15
  174. Are you guys voting for Obama or Romney?
    I am a republican, but I really dislike Romney and i really DISLIKE Obama as well.
    23 Politics 29
  175. What is englands govornment?
    I need to know for a assingment. ...what is england goverment is it democratic or republican?
    2 Politics 13
  176. Who watches SuperNatural?
    To all the fans of SuperNatural, do you think Sammy is going to become evil?
    4 Entertainment 51
  177. is heavy metal bad for you?
    is heavy metal metal bad or evil or whatever? because my mom says its evil but I still listen to it but I dont want to get the wrong idea that im listening to " the devil's music"
    3 Music 22
  178. What do you think of Romney suspending his Campaign?
    What do you think of Romney suspending his Campaign? I think it's smart for the republicans since most people are swaying towards Clinton or Obama. The Republican's could benefit from it, but we will see. What does everyone else think?
    10 Politics 12
  179. Beware the Evil Skinny jeans
    Only skinny girls can wear skinny jeans. with tiny little stick legs, ya know where skinny jeans look like baggy pants? yeah evil. I love skinny jeans but there just to tight on my legs and I cant move... I need to make myself thinner, I...
    9 Nutritionfitness 49
  180. I'm so sick of republicans attacking Obama.
    I mean seriously, McCain and Palin both said their supporters wanted bigger and dominant attacks on Obama to hurt his campaign. Calling him names such as "socialist" "Communist", Now I want to talk about those two words. Communism is when things are ra...
    6 Politics 7
  181. How can I tell my friends and family that I am becoming Wiccan?
    They all say that the Wicca way is the path to the devil and that magick is evil and dangerous. Please don't comment about my religion, if you think it's evil that's your opinion.
    3 Family 21
  182. rather the chucky doll be real and come after you,,,or
    would you rather the chucky doll be real and come after you,,,or that leparchaun(the evil one)
    4 General 48
  183. Archuleta ODD
    Why do I love David Archuleta SO much and how can I get over this evil obsession?? Thanks.
    2 Music 16
  184. Christians and Harry Potter
    Why are Christians protesting Harry Potter? Like they're against it and think its evil. How's it Bad?
    12 Religion 36
  185. Witch game is better
    Witch game is better left 4 dead or resident evil 5?
    4 Gaming 18
  186. Favorite character on family guy
    Whats your favorite character on family guy? Mine is the evil monkey and brain
    8 Entertainment 11
  187. If the Republicans win the election, is all this possible?
    pardon me for my obvious bias, but think about this: if mccain/palin wins the coming election, could this happen? 1. palin, due to her family's separatist tendencies, uses her influence to force the secession of alaska. alaska (the largest state in t...
    11 Politics 33
  188. Who to vote for? Should I vote?
    hmmm...what should I do? VOTE for Democrat or Republican? Im a republican but Mcain is a dam Liberal ... I think I just might not vote for either presidential candidates... they all suck we need new primary's there are a lot of rep that think the same...
    6 Politics 25
  189. what do you think of Donald trump running for president?
    I dont know if he is republican or democrat. im with the democrat party but if he is republican i will vote for him, because is a smart guy and if he leads this country like he does with their companies, i think this country will be better what do you ...
    11 Politics 50
  190. left right up down
    There are a ton of debates between republicans and democrats. I think that we have lost sight and people are too stupid to realize the debate should be between progressives and traditionalists. Bush was a progressive republican = problems Oba...
    10 Politics 30
  191. Gov Palin's speech
    How many of you watched Gov Palin's speech Wednesday night at the Republican convention? What did you think of it?
    16 Politics 107
  192. What does As I walk thru the valley of the shadow of death mean?
    this been bugging me. what do this mean ""As I walk thru the valley of the shadow of death. I shall fear no evil""
    7 Literature 57
  193. Which video game on the market is the scariest?
    For all of you gamers, which video game out there do you think is the scariest? For me it’s between Silent Hill and Resident Evil.
    9 Gaming 26
  194. favorite video game? :O
    I love the resident evil series haha whats your favorite game? ^^
    21 Gaming 18
  195. What does sweating on the nose mean?
    I've heard that if you sweat on the nose normally it means your evil or mean. Whats the origin behind it?
    3 Health 8752
  196. What do Christians have against Wicca?
    I recently became a Wicca 6 months ago and all I get is lectures from my Christian friend. Why? She says magick is 'evil' but gives no evidence why that is. Christians in the past went AGAINST the Bible by torturing and murdering hundereds of innocen...
    16 Religion 95
  197. Can God change people's evil ways?
    I have a brother who use to be so nice to me and my two sisters we used to have such a great bond even in the worst of times with a stern dad. But I saw him developing some type of behavior when he went to highschool. He had no style and the only way t...
    9 Religion 71
  198. Christian's Heaven Question
    One of the many things that bother me about the Christian religion specifically, and please, tell me if I have one of my interpretations wrong because I am always up for bettering my understandings of anything. God created everything. Because good ...
    14 Religion 24
  199. Do you know anything about Hitler's early years?
    does anyone know anything about hitler before he turned evil I have to do a report of his early years I dont know a thing about him
    2 Education 45
  200. riddle question
    What is greater than God, more evil than the devil, the poor have it, the rich need it, and if you eat it, you will die?
    8 Religion 39
  201. Who should win Celeb Big brother?
    I think ... Alex should win and I liked Vinnie untl he turned evil.
    3 Entertainment 15
  202. Is the bible evil?
    It always amazes me how many times this God orders the killing of innocent people even after the Ten Commandments said “Thou shall not kill”. For example, God kills 70,000 innocent people because David ordered a census of the people (1 Chronicles 21)....
    31 Sex 42
  203. Can Ron Paul win the Presidency?
    Do you think that Congressman Ron Paul has a chance of winning the Republican nomination for President and, if he does, could he win in the general election?
    4 Politics 12
  204. Who is the villain in the end of the Avengers movie?
    I had a discussion with my friend. About the end of the Avengers movie. There is a very short scene in the end, embedded in the closing credits. After the names of the main actors scrolled through and just before the names of everyone else on the set a...
    4 Entertainment 8
  205. Whos seen the movie orphan?
    Whos seen the movie orphan? What did you think about it? I personally think it was awesome but it sucked at the end because the evil girl died :(
    12 Entertainment 7
  206. How do you know if a demon/evil spirit is in your house?
    Difference between good and evil? (This week has been some creepy sh*t...want it to end)
    14 Religion 63
  207. Why Do People Choose To Worship Satan?
    Why do they (Satanists) want to worhip an evil thing that has caused so much suffereing for the entire human race? Why stand beside complete evil and call it good? What do people get out of a relationship like this? I truly do not understand why someo...
    46 Religion 900
  208. What does the shadow government think about alligators?
    I know that the shadow gov't are after the alligators, but how come they don't already have all of them in captivity? You'd think that with the powerful power of conspiraciness they'd already have that step done. Furthermore, where are they going to se...
    3 Politics 23
  209. Riddle more powerful than god nothing?
    It's more powerful than god. It's more evil than the devil. The poor have it. The rich need it. If you eat it, you'll die. What am I
    7 General 40
  210. Would you say true or false ?
    Would you say this is true or false - Evil ALWAYS seeks to discredit God's Word and destroy man ?
    49 Religion 45
  211. I HAZ a riddle
    whats GREATER than GOD more EVIL than the DEVIL the RICH NEED it the POOR HAVE it and if YOU EAT IT you DIE what is it?
    7 General 46
  212. Do you know a real spell for letting the person throw up!!!??
    not reallly a bad evil satan spell its just normal ones...
    8 Religion 280
  213. Need help with project from evil science teacher
    Hello my science teacher recently assigned my class with an assignment where we have to show erosion. It has to be a 3-d project and I may use whatever material I want to present it. I want to use cake, does anyone have any ideas of what I could do to ...
    2 Education 53
  214. Who knows Uncle Sams Political race?
    I need to know if uncle sam is a democratic or a republican for a test on monday, so can anyone tell me the answer?
    5 Politics 31
  215. Nickname 2
    Which of the following nicknames would be good,advisor Mandyloo came up with them: -Demon Lover -Rag Doll -Luci (short for Lucifer) -Wicked Child -Wicked Soul -Evil Luci -Evil Doll -Dark Shadow -Broken Angel -Demon Kiss -Metal B*tch -Demonic Angel
    4 General 46
  216. Why are Republicas so hated
    Why do people hate republicans so much. there not evil or baby killers there just people with a different view point. why do people treat them like there diseased or retarded and take the biggest offence to them and completely tune them out? also D-...
    21 Politics 38
  217. What will be the conservative United States party in the future?
    I noticed an interesting inversion in US politics. The number of self-described conservatives is 40% and growing. The number of self-described Republicans is 21% and falling. Will another party replace the Republican party if it continues to loose ...
    3 Politics 41
  218. What is the answer to this riddle?
    I'm getting money if I get this right. What's bigger than the universe, eviler than the devil, rich people want it and poor people have it
    7 Entertainment 34
  219. Considering all points of view
    Why do you think people mainly focus on the Democratic and Republican parties and give other political parties little or no attention?
    2 Politics 46
  220. Why is commiting suicide a sin
    Why is commiting suicide a sin, when a person only does it because of the harsh moments he or she has had to face in theri lifetime, and such promises of peace and good afterlife in heaven is definately a better option than for e.g. being raped contino...
    42 Religion 44
  221. what of D&D???
    Is dungeons and dragons still considered a "nerd" game? or still thought to be EVIL!! *hiss hiss* because of stupid people? Thanks, Taylen
    4 Gaming 16
  222. What is this cartoon movie?
    K, I dont have much details but here we go. All I remember from this cartoon movie is that it was a little bboy, who always ride in a blimp, and the town had a controled, evil oil substance in a chamber, and they couldnt let it out, or everything would...
    2 Entertainment 10
  223. What is this cartoon movie?
    K, I dont have much details but here we go. All I remember from this cartoon movie is that it was a little bboy, who always ride in a blimp, and the town had a controled, evil oil substance in a chamber, and they couldnt let it out, or everything would...
    2 Entertainment 14
  224. Can you figure out this riddle
    I got this in email and I cant figure it out...what is greater than god, more evil than the devil, the poor have it, the rich need it, and if you eat it, you'll die?
    8 General 17
  225. Whats the best way to play fable 3?
    you be good people leave or die? you be evil people hate you? is they a way to get a balance.. whats the best way to play??
    2 Gaming 73
  226. Who is a good singing coach in Maryland?
    If you live in Maryland and know a good singing coach, I am desperate for ones thats nice, cool, and good. My last one was evil. PLEASE HELP ME!!
    3 Music 48
  227. What would happen if the elections are tied?
    I have heard that if that happen the president would be a republican and the vicepresident would be a democrat. I mean how that would work that would be a really crazy thing. What do you think?
    4 Politics 33
  228. can anybody tell me about documentaries on world war II made by Germans??
    i m fed up of the allied bravery, honesty and german evil etc etc
    6 Politics 28
  229. Will God hate me for being who I am?
    I am a wiccin I am a druid and also I use other things.. now if you dont believe in magic or useing any of this then dont be on my back about it... I know people think just becuase we are wicths and we use magic that we are evil.. this is not true at a...
    20 Religion 55
  230. Tattoos a sin?
    Christians only please. (no offense to anyone else). Is it against the Bible to get a Tattoo? If it's not anything evil or Satanic? I'm thinking about getting an icthus fish.
    13 Religion 72
  231. White magic
    I want to know the difference between white and black magic. Also I want to know that is white magic evil, does it release something bad and is it safe? And can somethings bad to me if I sometimes go to christian church?
    6 Religion 38
  232. What are your Presidential desires?
    Please state whether you are supporing Democrats, Republicans or Independents when you answer this question. What do you want your President to do during the next four years?
    6 Politics 21
  233. Ghosts or sprits in your house...
    has n-e body felt like it was evil sprits or good sprits walking around the house or apt yu live in??
    7 Religion 23
  234. What do you think of your mother?
    Is your mother your best friend someone you can talk to someone who is there for you and loves you? Or is your mother an evil wicked witch of the west who picks holes in you all the time, hits you or mentaly abuses you?
    8 Family 440
  235. How do I write a good thesis statement?
    well i nedd to write a good thesis statement about, the nature of evil, the breakdown of civilization, and the desire and abuse of power! can anyone think up of a thesis statement for all 3 of these topics?
    2 Literature 64
  236. What does the necklace with the blue eye with a tear mean?
    i know it protects u from evil and they say they curse goes back to whome ever cursed u but mine has a tear coming out of it??
    2 General 27
  237. Russell Faraday
    We were blessed with new neighbours the other day. Unfortunately, one of them is named Russell Faraday, which was the evil Randall Flagg's alias in some of Stephen King's novels, along with Richard Fannin. Should I be worried? Also, Faraday is the surn...
    3 Literature 81
  238. Who has ever wondered why there was only 2 parties in the government?
    Democrat vs Republican? I always wondered why there wasnt a party that had a combo of both...I think if there was it might have been so much better for the nation...what do you guys think?
    3 Politics 17
  239. Does anyone know the answer to this riddle greater than god?
    What is greater than God, More evil than the devil, The poor have it, The rich need it, And if you eat it, you'll die? Could I modify it? It seems that I can modify it.
    9 Religion 42
  240. How to get a meeting with the counselor at school?
    So I want to talk to the school counselor about my super evil teacher, but I don't want my mom to know. Who do I talk to to request a meeting with her? The principle? The secretary? Please answer soon!
    2 Education 68
  241. Why is there so much stress on grades?
    I am a straight a+ student, with great marks, but everyday I'm worried I'm gunna fail because there is sooo much stress. damned seventh grade teachers, they are evil!
    3 Education 44
  242. Who wrote this quote?
    'a human being is endowed with free will. He can use this to choose between good and evil. If he can only perform good or only perform evil, then he is a clockwork orange - meaning that he has the appearance of an organism lovely with colour and juice ...
    2 General 23
  243. Do you favor a war with Iran?
    There is a hue and cry coming from the neocon branch of the republican party and the likud party in Israel to gin up a war with Iran. This sentiment seems popular amongst republican talk show hosts. I have yet to come across anyone on the street who ...
    17 Politics 42
  244. good Wii games
    ok I need some new Wii games, I already have Bawl, Zelda, Mario Galaxy, Resident Evil 4, and Trauma Center 3. any suggestions?
    4 Gaming 12
  245. Is the "Fallen" series any good?
    ive been reading the house of night series and while i wait for the 8th book to come out i want to start a new series. i wanted to know if the fallen series was any good and if it was scary and/or evil at all
    3 Literature 11
  246. favorite Harry Potter character
    Which Harry Potter character is your favorite? MIne DRACO MALFOY of course he is evil, good looking, rich, kind of a coward, but seems like at the end he is doing fine
    6 Entertainment 8
  247. Why do I have such messed up dreams?
    Do I have an over-active imagination? I always dream about bein a dragon, a super saiyan, or something ridiculous like that! Like last night I dreamed I was a ninja and I fought evil!
    5 General 75
  248. How can I answer this RE question?
    For my RE homework, we have to have 5 reasons for and against this statement: There is no such thing as the Devil, it is people who are evil. I'm really struggling and I wondered if anyone could help.
    8 Education 26
  249. Does anyone know of any good romantic vampire books?
    Does anyone know of any good romantic vampire books? The only one I've read was a serious by L.J. Smith called the Vampire diaries. More romance than evil vampire, though. So can anyone suggest a good book for me?
    25 Literature 57
  250. Why do religious people degrade humans?
    Why do Christians always degrade humans, saying we are "sinful" and "evil" and send themselves to hell, and in need of "salvation" from "God" / "Jesus" who are "perfect" and "good". Why do they put down humans for God?
    16 Religion 41