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  1. How to uninstall aol 9.0?
    How to uninstall aol 9.0?
    2 Technology 49
  2. Can I keep my aol email address if I no longer use aol isp?
    Can I keep my aol email address if I no longer use aol isp?
    2 Technology 42
  3. How to contact aol fraud department?
    How to contact aol fraud department?
    2 Money 500
  4. How can I reset aol security question?
    How can I reset aol security question?
    2 Technology 45
  5. Can I tell if a blocked person is on aol?
    Can I tell if a blocked person is on aol?
    2 Technology 23
  6. Can I add more people on my aol account?
    Can I add more people on my aol account?
    2 Technology 41
  7. How to unblock buddy on buddy list on aol?
    How to unblock buddy on buddy list on aol?
    2 Technology 153
  8. Forgot my AOL username
    I forgot my username on aol. how do I get it
    2 Technology 992
  9. How do I hack AOL?
    hack into someones aol account
    3 Technology 166
  10. How do I recover my AOL screen name?
    11 Technology 290
  11. AOL buddy list
    How do you unblock someone from your AOL buddy list?
    2 Technology 28
  12. How do I add an AOL screen name to an account?
    How do I add a new screen name to my AOL account?
    2 Technology 72
  13. Cancel aol mail??
    Is it possible to cancel an aol email account?
    2 Technology 68
  14. Have you listened to aol radio?
    hey has anybody ever listened to the aol radio on the internet?
    2 Music 12
  15. How do I recover or find "My Favorites" on aol if I am using internet explorer to view my account?
    2 Technology 148
  16. Change or modify my aol. Email address not creating another one?
    How can I modify or change my email aol email address /screen name? I don't want to create another one...
    3 Technology 82
  17. How do I get my AOL Favorites back?
    How can I access my "AOL Favorite Places" after deleting AOL and then installing AOL 9.1 ?? All my "Favorite Places" information data are gone !! I am lost !! HELP !!!
    4 Technology 2552
  18. Why wont my AOL email account let me in?
    it wants me to do this "word things" where you hae to read but i CANT read them
    3 Technology 38
  19. Does AOL send email texts, like how Facebook sends alerts saying if someone commented on something?
    2 Technology 37
  20. Is there a way to restore AOL Favorite Places?
    I suddenly lost my favorite places file and cannot enter anything new in that file. Can I restore it?
    3 Technology 233
  21. How do I get my favorites tab on aol back
    I am on internet explorer now. when I enter aol my favorites tab does not come up. how do I access my favorites and get the tab back? all of my banking and important searches on on my favorites. do I have to subscribe to aol to access this info?
    2 Technology 245
  22. How can someone connect to XboX live with just a laptop, and a ethernet cable. btw i also have AOL internet service wirelessly?
    2 Gaming 38
  23. Aol & aim
    Why does everytime I sign on aol I never see my buddy list I cant instant message someone???...and if I use internet explorer and go to and try to sign in it says this page can not be displayed...???!!! Help me!!!
    2 Technology 40
  24. Can I use AIM without using AOL?
    Umm im just wondering can I create an aim on my computer without using aol...well what I mean is whats a great site that lets me im for free no downloads and that I can create an account for free help!!! Give me information!!!1
    2 Technology 70
  25. How do you delete aol instant messenger (your aim history)?
    I have some conversations no1 needs 2 know about.I have cursed out people and stuff(of course I didnt do it for nothing everytime I had a reason).I just need 2 get rid of them please...
    2 Technology 61
  26. Quick AOL ?
    Hi there, Editor. Question: in AOL, I used to be able to retreive old emails connected (either sent or rec'd) from someone simply by typing their email address in a Search box. I can't even find the Search box anymore. Is this feature from AOL go...
    2 Technology 60
  27. AOL Favorite Places lost
    I recently installed AOL 9.0 on my new computer. All seems OK but now I can not find my Favortie Places. When I clicked on the Favorite Places ICON nothing comes up. Although they are present on my Lap Top Computer. When I bring up my Address Box...
    2 Technology 169
  28. Do people still use
    Just how popular is ''? And who are these people that still use AOL?
    2 Technology 52
  29. changing the Email address
    I have an Email address with AOL, but I'm receiving to much junk mail. How can I change to new address but saving the aol mails of the present address? John
    3 Technology 35
  30. To Create Email Address
    Which is the best to create an email address in, Hotmail, Gmail, Aol or Yahoo? & why?
    3 Technology 21
  31. Why does everyone want to hack Myspace?
    WHY!! oh and also explain about aol and all the other stuff you want to hack. . . . .
    2 Technology 47
  32. tiny font
    On AOL the font is really tiny like on websites and stuff. How do I make it biiger?
    5 Technology 34
  33. What to do if someone hacked onto my AIM account?
    What do I do if someone hacked onto my aol instant messenger screen name?
    4 Technology 72
  34. What are some good sites for music videos?
    what some good sites for music videos? Youtube is blocked-aol got no good ones-yahoo is blocked.
    7 Music 16
  35. email settings
    in aol, when I reply to a message I would like the sender's message to appear in my reply so that I can comment on it directly in my message. All that comes up is an empty box for me to type my reply in. I'm sure there is an email setting that makes ...
    3 Technology 44
  36. How to get back into my Myspace?
    Okay, I made a myspace page and forgot my password. I would have had it sent to the email I signed up with, but aol had cancelled my email account. Every time I tried to log in, it said that the address did not exist and when I tried to make an aol acc...
    2 Technology 56
  37. All Messengers in One?
    Is there an Online Service where I can upload all my Instant messenger contacts (Yahoo, MSn, AOL, etc) in one place? Thanks!!!
    3 Technology 9
  38. What are some cute & unique screen names ?
    Like for aim or aol ? I want cute & unique one like the one I have now is biitch iim meh x
    3 General 54
  39. How can I change my default email?
    I have spent way too much time on this and I still can't figure out how to make AOL my default email. Help...please :)
    2 Technology 50
  40. Does it cost to AIM with Verizon even though I have unlimited txt?
    will I get charged if I txt back to an AIM even with unlimited txting?? all I see is Tmobil & AOL.
    3 Technology 43
  41. How to get my Myspace password?
    heyy my name is ari and I recently changed my password on myspace and forgot it! but the problem is my email to get onto myspace is on aol and I cancelled my account awhile ago :( so I cant click forgot password because I forgot the password to my aol ...
    2 Technology 38
  42. Which ISP is best?
    I am thinking of switching I.S.P. providers do to cost.What is the difference between the services of AOl compaired to Earthlink or Net Zero?
    2 Technology 21
  43. Is hacking really illegal?
    is hacking really illegal? wut could possibly happen ? if you try to go to hacking site wut would happen? so you cant hack into myspace otherwise aol ?
    3 Technology 69
  44. Is there any way to view your AIM conversation history?
    Any place I can go to, login my AIM (AOL INSTANT MESSENGER) account and look up all the conversations I've ever had with people???
    7 Technology 4776
  45. Whats better?
    Chicken or pizza? Ipod or iphone? Mp3 player or mp4 player? Sidekick or blackberry? Music or tv? Aol or yahoo? Camara or camcorder?
    14 General 26
  46. how to make faster internet with dial up?
    I have aol dial up and its really slow so I want to know how to make it faster I allreaddy downloaded firefox it went faster but not fast enough please help.
    2 Technology 44
  47. What Does This icon mean?
    It won't let me open Windows Movie Maker, Media player, firefoz, aol, msn, wordpad, hp games and a lot more.
    7 Technology 9
  48. Invasion of privacy
    I was reading an article on AOL about where President Bush will be living after he leaves the White House. The article gave the address and city of his new house and showed a picture of it. Do you think the author should have done it?
    8 Politics 32
  49. I read something interesting
    I was reading an article on AOL yesterday that said Fran Drescher would like to be appointed to the U.S. Senate seat that is being vacated by Hillary Clinton. I think that would be an interesting decision. What are your thoughts?
    2 Politics 16
  50. What games can two people in a relationship play over the internet
    What could I do with my girlfriend over AIM (aol instant mesenger) that would be fun and bonding? Talking seems to get kinda boring... so like a game or...?
    8 Gaming 695
  51. How can I hide the e-mail addresses I send things to?
    I want to send an e-mail to a group of people. I already have the group in my address book on AOL. When they get the e-mail, I want it to only show my e-mail address and disclose everyone elses. I do not want there address under bcc either. Does anyone...
    2 Technology 15
  52. Should Prisoners Have The Right To Vote?
    I just read about this on AOL, but it was a discussion about letting currently imprisoned citizens vote ( felons aside-they already cannot vote). What do you think? My opinion: I think they should be able to vote. They lost their right to be an act...
    15 Politics 65
  53. Better photographs
    I was looking at a slide show on AOL of the members of Obama's team. Most of the pictures did not look that good. It made me wonder why they didn't find better pictures for the slide show. A lot of those pictures were taken while the person was in the ...
    2 Politics 9
  54. I need to know some iphone information
    Well I have a t-mobile sidekick 3 and its good or whatever but the only problem is I'm dis-appointed that you can't view videos of any sort and the camera sucks and you can't attach earphones. Well anyways I was thinking about getting a iphone. But the...
    3 Technology 13
  55. Computer question for rnealw
    Hi Rodney... I just read your profile and saw that you were a genius with computers. I have some issues that I surely could use some help with, if you don't mind, and have time. I recently added vonage to my system, and in the middle of the transactio...
    2 Technology 18
  56. Have you seen a google coke before, or a yahoo pepsi?
    My wife made a really nice image (attached) of a Google coke can, a Yahoo pepsi can, an MSN mountain dew can, an AOL dr pepper can and an Ask sprite can last week as part of a promotion for FunAdvice. What do you think...are search engines like soft...
    3 Technology 32
  57. Disk defragmenter could not start
    Help!!! When I click on disk defragmenter and click defrag a message comes up "Disk defragmenter could not start" and I have looked everywhere online to figure out what I can do to get it to work again and I have had no luck. I have a dell computer wit...
    2 Technology 41
  58. Survey 3.
    Boy or girl: Age: Zac Efon or Aaron Carter: Harry Potter or Twilight: N'sync or Backstreet Boys: Facebook or Myspace: Yahoo or FunAdvice: Indoors or Outdoors? Seventeen or Cosmopolitan? Book or Movie? Summer or Winter? Spring or Fall? Snow or Rain? Aol...
    11 General 43
  59. Is there any way to prove that my girlfriend is hacking my stuff?
    I have a solid reason to believe my Ex-Girlfriend is still checking my E-mail and Myspace acounts even after I changed them. I have AOL and someone told me that you can view the exact physical address where your account was logged into, you can also v...
    2 Technology 57
  60. How do I connect to the internet on my new Laptop-It has Windows 7?
    On Xmas, My Mum and dad surprised me by gettin me a new laptop, it has Windows 7 on it, I can type up stuff on Microsoft Word and that but I can't connect to the internet, I am writing this from my family dell computer which is old so my mum and dad bo...
    4 Technology 41
  61. How to increase sound?
    Hi, I have a new laptop, and sometimes, I have to hold it up to my ear, to hear, esp. if something else is running in the room, like the tv. I have the sound up as far as it will go, and whatever program I am trying to listen to, is up all the way too,...
    3 Technology 45
  62. History of Evolution
    Aol news today, reported a Volcano erupting in the Galapagos Islands, of Equador, and it gave the following notation: British scientist Charles Darwin developed his theory of evolution after studying unique animals on the Galapagos Islands. He notic...
    6 Religion 23
  63. Endorsements
    I watched a commerical on the Disney Channel for a kids' inaguration party hosted by the Obamas, and I read an article on AOL saying Starbucks would,during a certain time period, give anyone who promised to do five hours of community service free coff...
    2 Politics 13
  64. This or that ?
    I like hearing people's opinions. :) ! So, which do you prefer.. This or that? Coke or pepsi? Regular pool or heated pool? Hot tea or ice tea? Sunflower or daisy? Red rose or pink rose? Salt or pepper? Red or green apple? Re...
    12 General 49
  65. Cant Sign On Aim Anymore.
    We have SBC. We have filters connected to everyone of our phone lines. We had to disconnect 1 of them (personal reason) for a week. Since this other thing has been hooked up, which has been 2 days now, we were able to sign under aim for about 10 minute...
    3 Technology 64
  66. Why is my girlfriend acting emotionless?
    ok this is how it goes ... we've been going out for about 5 months, and she recently changed her attitude towards me. She seems not to care about anything much and stays most of the time home. She does not approove any interest into our relationship an...
    13 Relationships 935
  67. How can I get over my ex faster?
    Me and My current boyfriend broke up around Christmas,of last year. For about 6 months after we had broken up,I was with this other boy,Jordan. Everything was good,but he was kind of a jerk,and it was pretty obvious that all he wanted was sex,So I br...
    2 Sex 12
  68. what should I do about an old lover?
    alright, well...when I was a sophomore in high school I had this thing with a kid who was a junior. he refused to date me, but we kept interest in each other for about a year, and then lost contact somehow. The other night, he sent me a message through...
    4 Relationships 21