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  1. who are the best wrestlers of wwe and smack down history which you guys like?
    13 Entertainment 15
  2. Punishment, right or wrong to smack kids?
    Do you think it's right or wrong to smack kids when they're really bad?
    17 Babies 115
  3. smacking sister
    myy little sister gets what ever she wants and has never gotten in trouble with my parents she yells at me for no reason and smacks me and starts crying smacks herself and says I did it
    2 Family 12
  4. I don't think any type of smacking should be allowed
    hi I just read an article on smacking am sorry but I don't think any type of smacking should be allowed lots of you think it ok to smack your children but m not bin funny but what right have we got to smack are children and if you got smacked as a chi...
    14 Family 58
  5. How do I get my dad to stop smacking?
    Well, My dad keeps smacking everytime we eat like now. Everytime we eat he smacks so loud... its sooo aggervating.. it got to the point where I don't want to eat around him... or just eat period.. I try to talk to him but he just says " you smack to"...
    3 Family 38
  6. What's so sexy about butts?
    Smacking my A** So many guys love smacking my a**. Even random guys I don't know. What's so sexi about a**'s? Is it a compliment?
    4 Sex 172
  7. WWE and RAW, fake or real?
    is smack down and raw real or fake???
    12 Entertainment 310
  8. Does anyone love to watch Raw vs Smackdown?
    are everybody love to watch raw vs smack down
    5 Entertainment 37
  9. My dog is always scratching and licking.
    What can be done our dog is always scratching no fleas. She is a chihuahua and always smacking and licking her face.
    4 Pets 110
  10. Help with boys
    How do I get this boy of my back about me slaping his friend all I did was slap his cheek and thats because he was talking smack to me???
    2 Relationships 10
  11. Why are guys so perverted?
    When I'm in school, guys are always doing somthing to the girls. They smack their asses and grab them in areas they shouldn't.
    3 Relationships 82
  12. Do beauty marks grow back if they are peeled off?
    my sister did it last night and I felt like smacking her... Because my moms grew back and she had peeled it off to.
    3 Style 1075
  13. Nina hagen?
    Does anybody loveee nina hagen as much as I do??? What's your fave. Song/s??? Mine are smack jack, dread love, antiworld, and ufo!!!
    2 Music 9
  14. What age do you think?
    What age do you think 2 teenagers should be touchy-feely? Like - smacking butt, grabbing boobs, bare, grabbing male part, not bare. ???!???
    12 Relationships 35
  15. Comedown is killing me
    so 2 nights ago I took 2 red transformers. and the comedown is killing me. how long does it usually last? I've smacked aton of times. but this comedown is worse than the rest.
    3 Health 54
  16. A girl took my paper from me in class, what to do?
    uh mm to day in class this girl took my paper and if she does it again what do I don't I don't want to look dumb note{{she gets to smart}} ♥i am quiet but I can fight should I smack her or say s...
    5 Education 16
  17. My boyfriends dog shat on his bed
    My boyfriends dog is very nawty and shat on his bed and their dining room table What can he do to train his dog so it wont do that? He tried talking to it, its a minature pincher so he cant smack his thigh with a news paper
    8 Pets 45
  18. Please give me good advice
    I slapped my husband because he was being a real jerk . I know it was wrong to smack him but, after I did that he choke slammed me to the ground and began kicking me in the back I have a busted open knee and huge bruises on my back.. I called the cops ...
    5 Relationships 36
  19. Best friend's little sister
    My best friend's little sister is 3. She has temper tantrums when we take her to the park. Like today she dropped her doll in the wood chips. Then she started to burst out in tears! I said "Here you go, a little dirt won't hurt" Then she smacked me in ...
    9 Babies 67
  20. What creeps you out more - snakes, spiders, or rats; is there something even worse for you?
    I recently had a black widow crawling on my neck D: and a big one, smacked that sucker off but crap did I ever jump.
    55 General 99
  21. WWE viewers
    I haven't watched this in a long time!! Ever since I baby sat and on monday I turned it on for my nephew and saw that vikki guerrero was in a wheel chair ... What happened? And how is she smack downs gm???
    3 Entertainment 28
  22. Wtf is with this stocker!!!
    This one boy at my school asks me to kiss him on the cheek and follows me around... He gets close to my face and tries to like sit on me... Do I have the right to smack him? He keeps tpuchs me in the butt and back...what rights DOI have in this problem???
    3 Relationships 37
  23. Do you think this is true?
    that you dont really know what love is, till it smacks you in the face and says goodbye? if someone is scared to let people in again, cause they are scared to get hurt again, what should they do? when they know that they cant love again, unless they ...
    2 Relationships 11
  24. What is your favorite cereal brand?
    And how do you eat it? (what you put on, what kind of milk, etc...) I loveee *POPS *Smack *Cinnamon Toast Crunch *Life (because it gets soft quickly) And this may sound nasty to most but I like soggy cereal... & I have milk with my cereal b...
    7 General 54
  25. Jumping lab
    I have a 7 month old lab that likes to jump on me and I have tried turning my back on him and saying no, but it only helps a little. then he bites on me from excitement. I do correct him but how long does it take for him to get the idea that this ...
    2 Pets 32
  26. Have you seen the new season of real world?
    If so. Did you ee the on when that chic told the other chic 'lets not get ghetto'? Ok as f**ked up that was It was a lil funny dont you think Im not a racist It the way she said it Not what she said Would you agree? Ps: she need 2 be smacked s...
    2 Entertainment 32
  27. best way to stop smoking
    I've tried to stop smoking a few times but fined it hard to do,like when my kids are playing up im not the sort of person to smack a chiled so my way of getting rid of stress is to go in to another room and have a fag... so come on all you none smokers...
    14 Health 25
  28. Embarrising moments!
    What is your most embarrising moment? Mine is when we were throwing this ball around(btw we werein 7th grade) and it landed up on the floor so me and this guy started running from different directions and we ran smack into each other and he fell and I ...
    4 General 15
  29. Is anyone else interested in bondage?
    I am starting to get way too interested in kinky sex. I love hair pulling, biting, scratching, ass smacking...the whole nine. My boyfriend usually does all these things to me to make me happy and it makes our sex better in the long run. Does anyone els...
    3 Sex 19
  30. what's wrong with my nose?
    today when I was with my 2 year old niece she was sitting on my lap and accidentally smacked her head into my nose, I heard it crack and then it started bleeding. there's no bruising but it hurts a lot at the bridge of my nose. the cracking sound was r...
    2 General 71
  31. Fun Things To Do In Chicago
    My fam lovvess Chicago; we visit regularly and we are going up this weekend. We've done most of the maing things up there: zoo, aquarium, art museum, navy pier, boat ride, dowtown shopping, hancock building... what are some other main attractions? Wh...
    2 Travel 47
  32. how -- - can I go to a foster home??
    im 13 and I need to live somewere else. life at home is getting so bad. its xmas and my mothers boyfriends son get more expensive presents than me? I did not get anything much. I've started smoking because of stress at home. I get shouted at a lot and ...
    7 Family 63
  33. In trouble for helping someone out
    Okay, just warning you, this might get a tad controversial: --- I was in school today and I was going to my 4th class with my friend, mark, and we saw this girl getting picked on by these other girls, I just walked by, not wanting to get involved *dont...
    6 Education 22
  34. Help jack russell biting
    We have a 6month old jack russell who has recently started biting me very bad breaking the skin and growling if I go near him , we also have a 9 week old jack russell but this behaviour started before she arrived we have tried smacking him, putting him...
    6 Pets 60
  35. Funny moments!
    Ok so I was in my vet study class and my friend was next to me. He was in a deep sleep because we were watchin a movie. He has his hand on the desk and his head on top of his hands. Well I look over at him and he is in a DEEP sleep. He randomly moves h...
    3 General 30
  36. How Does this start for the beginning of my lif/e story (so far)?
    I'm starting a novel about my life while I was abused how does this sound so far?: She stops in front of the driveway to the church, nice spot to do this Betty. You're really going to hurt her in front of a church? REALLY? How ironic can one person be...
    6 Literature 20
  37. Old friend got bully on me >:(
    Hey, I recently told my best friend my BIGGEST secret and she told me that she was to. The next day I fell out with her and she went to her old friends and told them my biggest secret and she denies being the same, NOW she's got the school bully on me;...
    4 Education 37
  38. Can My Mom Get In Trouble For Doing This?
    my mom always yells at me when she gets mad and when I say something to give a response she gets mad and either smacks me in my mouth or hits me or punches me she does the same thing when I express how I really feel about certain things why should m...
    5 Family 76
  39. Is it normal to react like this when woken up?
    I was sleeping in class one day you will probably think im gay or some crap but I was in ROTC class and we were learning how to command your squad and some stuff.. and I fell asleep and I was dreaming of some war episode of WW2 and all of a sudden my S...
    4 Education 9
  40. My older sister
    My sister is really protective over me.. Like when I sliped in highheels and hit my head on the tile at my school,,, when she heard about it she over reacted and called me every five minutes to see if I was ok or not. Also when she checks my cellphone ...
    2 Family 56
  41. Why won't my horse canter?
    I have just got a new horse (wide cob), and he is lovely. He does what I ask when in trot, but I am finding it really hard to put him into canter. I don't like smacking him because every time I have done and he goes into canter, it feels like he is buc...
    2 Pets 34
  42. What to do about inlaws who wont let you live your life?
    My boyfriend/fiancee's mother wont but out our relationship.. He is 30 years old but she always seem to wanna compete with me if she feel he's showing me to much attention. She'll clam to have blackouts or need to go to the hospital.him and I do live t...
    2 Family 64
  43. how can i get ungrounded quickly ??
    reason whyi got grounded: i was supposed to be in at 10 but i was babysitting witha friend so i tried phoning my mum to ask if i could stay till 11 and she was on the phone and i thought what if it was an emergency how could i get in touch with her....
    12 Family 49
  44. How do I figure out if my crush likes me back?
    So I am in 10grade and I like a 12 grader. He gave me and my best friend his email and phone # and We talk to him online every night. Sometimes though he will sign off without saying anything and somethimes he will ignore me. I have P.E. with him and I...
    5 Relationships 44
  45. Why do I hate children, is there something wrong with me?
    Ok im 14 and I don't hate kids like I would never ever hurt one or treat them horriblie but they just annoy me a lot sometimes they are rude and horrible to me and when you don't do what they want they run off crying saying they hate you and they will ...
    10 Babies 71
  46. is this a good poem??
    im not sure if you cld even consider this a poem lol but I wrote this after I had a fight with a "friend."...anyway here it is. who are you to judge the life I live,you have no idea what my life is like and what it's like to be me. you never completl...
    5 Literature 16
  47. What is gonna happen to me now im in so much trouble!?
    Ok im in a bit of a tricky situation! I've been arrested millions of times and am in serious crap this timee! I was given a caution and given a repremant in court then 2 years later I was given another and then I got taken to court again but they didnt...
    15 General 45
  48. Stuck in a nightmare
    I'm staying with my grandparents for two months while I finish up classes. (My dad and bro are too) My grandparents aren't your average people...they are more on the bitter hateful side. I have the hardest time dealing with two people who cut me ...
    6 Family 52
  49. My dog is scared of me
    hes a bullmastiff cross greyhound just over a year, I've had him since a puppy, and because hes my dog, I've always had to be the one to tell him off.. Well bascially he scared of me, he always goes to my mum when I've told him off, and she always giv...
    6 Pets 127
  50. What should I do?
    Ok, so the chick I am trying to pick up :) has a few other dudes hitting on her too. Anyways, today a grade 10 punk came to my locker ( he had lots of balls for doing that) he said if I keep hitting on her he is going to kick my @$$. My buddies wanted ...
    3 Relationships 18
  51. neighbor being abused? help I don't know what to do!!!
    so I was at my sister's old house that we still own and I was outside just thinking and from the house next door where a middle eastern family lives I could here yelling. the son georgie was yelling from the bathroom at his dad who was yelling in their...
    9 General 107
  52. Violent dad 2!!! (getting worse)
    after all the great advice on my other question(violent dad) I decided to talk to my dad about it. He got so angry cause he thought my brother had put me up to this that he smacked me across the face! I ran out of there and am now in my brothers new ap...
    14 Family 45
  53. I don't want my Dad to keep hating me
    So...I don't know what I should do...My dad is really mean...but I guess I have it good compared to other people..ya know? Like...he doesn't hit me...Much. Everyonce in a while he will smack me up side the head or pull my hair..but the last thing he di...
    15 Family 34
  54. What should I do my boyfriend did somthing worg can I forgive?
    So today I found out my boyfriend was flriting with tis girl which I understand his always doing that but he was picking her up smacking her butt at pe so I told him I knew what he did because before I even knew first thing he said when he saw me was i...
    2 Relationships 21
  55. Teacher that won't get out of my face
    Okay so I have this really annoing teacher and she teaches civics and she really hates me because I hate that class and she always picks on me to do the questions and she told me to my face "I'm going to make you get up in front of the class because I ...
    6 Education 45
  56. Why did I have this strange out of body experience?
    Yesterday evening I fell asleep and dreamt I was with michael jackson. He felt so real! I could feel his body heat too. But I'm not reading too much into that because it was just a dream. But soon after, I awoke and saw myself surrounded by bright whi...
    2 Religion 31
  57. What would be a good reason for my mom to take away my shot glasses?
    i have a tone of shot glasses because i love to collect them and my mom has even got me some, to add to my collection, and she never had a problem with it before and now all of a sudden out of nowhere she sais: "i dont think i like you having these , b...
    13 Family 43
  58. Why do white guys always want to touch a black woman's hair, especially when it's in its natural state?
    I do not get perms or relaxers so my hair is natural( very curly and big) and it's alittle below my shoulders. I have a boy friend who is white and it's very frustrating to have his hands all over my hair! Just staring,pulling the curls, messing up my ...
    4 Style 47
  59. How to get my ex to leave me alone?
    wel okay this kid calls me non stopp it gets annoyin hes like in f*kin love with me which its prety gross hes my ex but i realy dont liek him anymore and if i dont pick up hel be like oh what your bf was in yur pants or stuff liek tht he smacked me acr...
    4 Relationships 29
  60. Violent sister
    My sister, 11 and I, 13 fight more than anyone I've ever met. She's so violent to me! Whenever I do one little thing, such as use one of her pillows, she elbows me in the chest, pulls my hair, smacks me, and one time she punched me twice. The worst par...
    11 Family 36
  61. I hate my mother sooo much please help
    Okay so my mom has a REALLY bad temper and I do to. the only difference is that I can control mine a little bit better- and even when I do nothing( literally I went in and asked her if she could french braid my hair for me and then she did and she came...
    8 Family 35
  62. I have a beetchy best friend
    Ok so I have a best friend shes really cool but we FIGHT a lot!!! I am getting sick of her bullchunks!!! She always wants to come to my house EVERY FAHKING DAY! She even asks if she can come over even when I didnt invite her to come and then when she ...
    2 Relationships 19
  63. Should I hold a grudge about my stolen boyfriend?
    My ex-boyfriend we broke up like 6 months ago. He left me for my best friend. He broke up with me actually we only went out for about 2 weeks anyways. After he broke up with me I felt like such a dumbass. Anyways it was really occurred between us so we...
    2 Relationships 26
  64. GUYS: Ever been labeled as a pervert? Funny stories welcome!
    Like it says in the title, lol. I have, multiple times, as if I lved in an anime. My funniest story, though, was the first time this happened...See, in middle school, I had a female friend who ALWAYS wore long jeans for some reason (which I later found...
    2 General 87
  65. How do I keep up withhouse work im so tired esp with 2 babies
    Im 21 I have a 4year old and a 15 moth old im so tired all the time and the house work gets on top of me I tidy one room realy nice and I got do enother then walk in to the first room id just cleaned and tidyed and the 2 kids have trashed it again ...
    4 Homegarden 22
  66. Which is the best way to punish your child when he/she misbehaves?
    I have been with my partner for nearly a year now I have a 4 year old son and he has 3 daughters from a previous relationship 9, 7 and 3. We have recently found out we have another little one on the way. One concern we have is how will my 4 year old so...
    7 Babies 58
  67. Please Help me control my kids
    what do I need to do, my kids just dont listen, they wake up @ 5.30 am on a weekend (sunday) after telling them the night before that they need to be quiet in the morning as its daddies one morning off & they need to respect that,, but it goes in o...
    10 Babies 40
  68. I don't like killing bugs
    It's just really disturbing to me, especially when I think I killed something by accidentally sitting on it or putting my hand on it, and even if it's as simple as killing a mosquito I just can't bring myself to do it. This goes for small animals too,...
    2 Homegarden 57
  69. What to do when you suspect a foster child is being mistreated?
    I have a friend who has two children of her own. Recently an in law of her's son, who is 2, was removed from his mother and fathers care and placed with my friend. I have been noticing that she is not very nice to the boy. She yells and screams at him,...
    3 Babies 11
  70. This crazy love
    gosh my questions change by the hours and do they only get worse. I feel that me and my boyfriend are in a abusive relationship if one of us dont get our way were pouting and we hit smack pinch punch ect eachother to get revenge. our relationship has b...
    6 Relationships 13
  71. Best friend or not?
    I have this friend. and well she kind of introduced me to a lot . like qoinq to clubs and church (well she drove me). she takes me to fancy restauraunts and out of state and thiings but shes never there for me like a real friend should. im only 13 so i...
    3 Relationships 16
  72. Sometimes I feel like im dreaming
    It doesnt happen as often as it used to. And I completley forgot about it til this after noon at my boyfriends house in the kitchen. Its a really weird feeling. I cant feel myself moving. I smacked my boyfriend in the head, and I dont remember makin...
    10 Health 89
  73. another form of torture
    I hate my family. ever since my mom died, my dad has been...basically, a jerk. he got married last year to the devil..I really dont like her, she is so cruel, and to make it worse, she has a daughterwho treats everyone like sh*t. when something goes wr...
    5 Family 15
  74. What are things that annoy you?
    MIne are : People who try to shove their beliefs down other peoples throat. Posers..Scene,emo,goths Sluts. Stupid teachers. Girls who want attention. People who betray others. People who lie about who they are. When people poke me. People who ...
    12 General 42
  75. how do I make him stop?
    okayy long story. umm my besties big bro. 18. im 15. he has been comeing at me for too years. it all started when he found out I was cought in bed with this guy.. anouther losng storry. anyways... I kept telling him no. but what can you say he was hott...
    3 Relationships 26
  76. Can't get along with mom and boyfriend
    I can't get along with my own mom and her stupid 25 year old boyfriend its not even funny at all. She makes me feel like crap coming out of her a$$ I actuallly have come to hate her and her boyfriend at the same time I loved both of them enough to give...
    4 Family 46
  77. does he like me more than a friend ?
    ive known my best friend for about 10 years now and ever since I met him he's aways treated me this way even till this day. certain things he's said to me seemed like he was trying to tell me he liked me more but never really in the exact words. part o...
    2 Relationships 29
  78. can I move out at 14?
    im a 14 year old parent and me and my mom do not get a long at all we fight all the time the only time we are not fighting is if we are sick. yes I will admit my mom and me get in physical fights because of her not getting her way, I do everything for ...
    7 Relationships 90
  79. If I commit suicide by stabbing myself in the heart with a kitchen knife what will happen?
    I was always being bullied in High School. I have no friends physically and no one ever talks to me. I just closed my eyes and saw something scary and murderous looking inside of my body and all of a sudden I felt a spark and pinch on my body. And it l...
    2 Relationships 581
  80. Do you think it's a disgrace for older women to be attracted to little boys?
    "I'm a 21 year old female and I think the world is coming to an end. I've been to elementary, middle, high school, and I've been in situations where young white, black, hispanic, and asian boys flirt with older women and smack their butts in front of m...
    5 Sex 51
  81. Very young marriage
    Ok so a friend of mine whom I havn't seen in about 9 months now has texted me saying she and her boyfriend both want to get married. She is 19 but I'm not sure how old he is I guess 19 or 20) I met him a few times and is a nice guy. Turns out her boyfr...
    2 Relationships 18
  82. what would you call this? please answer honestly.
    I have been wondering, and this has affected me my entire life. I want to know if any of you can tell me the truth. When I was younger, I was given the belt when I was bad. I am 15. My father slapped my two brothers and I around when we were bad. L...
    3 Relationships 76
  83. do he love me? why didnt he want to have sex with me
    Okay so me and my ex been together for four years. Now am 18 and hes 17 (lied about his age) anyway when we first went together it was going so great. But i messed it up. I talked about his mother being on pcp and his dead sisster.... i really didnt me...
    3 Sex 40
  84. Graphic poem, do you like it?
    Mommy Never Came By: Britne Vinson As I laid there in my bed All I could think in my head Is how you left me there alone All over my body was his cologne I remember how it all went down He came into my room dressed like a clown I looked at him with ...
    3 Literature 16
  85. Help With My Current Parent Situation!!!
    I need some advice with my current parent situation. I am 15, turning 16 this june. my mom was married first to my real father, then they dicorced. well, then she got the bright idea to marry the man I hate.(yes,HATE) he is always mean to me. and he is...
    16 Family 39
  86. Should I call Child Protective Services?
    OK first of all I will start by telling you that my boyfriends mom is nuts...''surtifiably insane''. im sure your probably thinking im just being immature and im trying to get pay back for something but im not...this woman has so many problems that it...
    38 Babies 209
  87. 50 question survey
    Take this survey 1. First off, what's your name? ASHLEY 2. Okay, but what does your best friend call you? ASHLEY OR JUST ASH 3. Have you ever kissed someone with braces? NO 4. Who is the fourth received call on your call log? MY MOM ...
    14 General 46
  88. Why is my dad like this, please read?
    Everytime I argue with him, I happen to to lose it and say the wrong things like I blank out & have no control of myself anymore, and he'll punch me in the face with a closed fist or tackle me down and start going at it with me, he's 6'1 and 260 pounds...
    2 Family 50
  89. I think my sister and female relatives came to take my place?
    I need your advice on what to do. I have something serious to tell you. My whole family keeps treating me bad and starting trouble with me. But then when it gets to my younger sister they call her cute and buy her expensive brand name clothes and desig...
    2 Family 38
    ok so I started my 2nd secondary school a little late in year 7, I was talking to a popular boy who I thought was just a regular guy I was glad people were talking to me asking me the silliest questions but I was happy I was making friends,including w...
    2 Sex 15
  91. Pathetic cousin
    Ok so I started my 2nd secondary school a little late in year 7, I was talking to a popular boy who I thought was just a regular guy I was glad people were talking to me asking me the silliest questions but I was happy I was making friends,including wi...
    6 Sex 39
  92. What do you think of all my poems?
    No one knew about her And all the shame she hides About her family and her pride No one cared about her She tried telling someone but no one gave a damn No one seemed to understand All the pain and suffering she had She told someone how she felt Abou...
    6 Literature 45
  93. Underage wanting to move out
    I am about to be 15 years old and I want to move out... I know I'm very young and no I'm not physically abused... I think? I get hit every week but not to the point of any real injury and only when they think I've done something bad but it can get pre...
    7 Family 120