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  1. How do I make all symbols
    How do I make all symbols
    2 Technology 51
  2. How many stars are there?
    How many stars are there?
    5 Education 37
  3. How I can be a star
    How I can be a super star
    4 Music 43
  4. Heart on keyboard
    How to the heart on your keyboard
    2 Technology 79
  5. What are some symbols of youth?
    3 General 76
  6. Star Symbols on keyboard?
    How to make the star symbols for a social site like you make the ♥ ???
    18 Technology 1593
  7. Keyboard symbols how do you make a love heart?
    How do you make a love heart
    5 Technology 197
  8. How to draw a perfect star?
    How to draw a perfect star?
    3 General 181
  9. Why does my keyboard stop working?
    Why does my keyboard stop working?
    4 Technology 69
  10. How to make cool symbols on keyboard through control panel?
    How to make cool symbols on keyboard through control panel?
    12 Technology 114
  11. What does this symbol mean?
    What does this symbol stand for?
    4 General 155
  12. What is it like to be a movie star?
    What is it like to be a movie star?
    2 Entertainment 107
  13. How can I be a porn star in india?
    How can I be a porn star in india?
    5 Money 120
  14. Do stars ever move?
    5 General 41
  15. How can I become a Disney star?
    How can I become a Disney star?
    5 Music 65
  16. Star signs
    What star digns are you all
    5 Entertainment 29
  17. Hearts on the keyboard?
    How do you make heart with the keyboard
    6 Technology 75
  18. How the stars stay in shape?
    How the stars stay in shape?
    8 Nutritionfitness 257
  19. What doe the symbol ;-) stand for?
    What does the symbol ;-) stand for?
    5 Technology 62
  20. Who starred in the movie crash?
    Who starred in the movie crash?
    2 Health 71
  21. Atheist Symbol?
    Do atheist need a symbol?
    10 Religion 60
  22. fave disney star
    who is your fave disney star
    7 Entertainment 14
  23. What makes a rising star?
    What makes a rising star?
    2 Entertainment 23
  24. How can I make different symbols in the keyboard?
    How can I make different symbols?? in the keyboard?? details please
    4 Technology 57
  25. Symbol Meaning
    What does this symbol mean :m
    4 Technology 43
  26. why is the heart the symbol of love?
    why is the heart the symbol of love?
    4 Relationships 47
  27. How to input skull symbol?
    How to input skull symbol?
    7 Technology 238
  28. What is the symbol of the element yttrium?
    2 Science 14
  29. what nite is it best to see a falling star or shooting star?
    3 Science 15
  30. Jeffree Star?
    2 Entertainment 14
  31. Is there a code for anarchy symbol
    2 Technology 929
  32. How do I take a key off my keyboard?
    3 Technology 31
  33. Why is "ZzzZzzZ" the symbol of sleeping?
    4 General 86
  34. How do I make this symbol on my computer?
    7 Technology 35
  35. Who is Jeffree Star?
    5 Entertainment 13
    10 Technology 163
  37. Is there a symbol that stands for "alchemy"?
    not symbols used in alchemy, but a symbol which stands for "alchemy"
    3 Science 21
  38. Who is the highest paid porn star
    Who is the highest paid porn star
    2 Money 127
  39. What is the symbol &c?
    The symbol &c, what does it mean in a commentary?
    3 General 31
  40. Which is the best star wars movie?
    Which is the best star wars movie?
    5 Entertainment 22
  41. How do you make the stars in your writing?
    How do you make the stars like you make the ♥ or the ♣ ?
    4 Literature 13
  42. How to make shapes use the keyboard?
    How to make shapes use the keyboard?
    5 Technology 486
  43. Why do I love the stars?
    whats the matter with me why do I love the stars?
    5 General 49
  44. How do you make a heart with your keyboard?
    How do you make a heart with your keyboard on the computer?
    18 Technology 335
  45. What religion has this symbol?
    What religion has the flaming wheel as their symbol?
    6 Religion 35
  46. How many stars are there in the entire universe?
    How many stars are there in the entire universe?
    13 Science 44
  47. how can be a super star like Miley?
    how can be a super star like Miley?
    7 Entertainment 39
  48. Who likes to party like a rock star
    Who likes to party like a rock star!!!
    7 Entertainment 34
  49. How do you make the copyright symbol?
    Which key makes a copyright symbol?
    9 Technology 128
  50. is steve-o from jackass gonna star on dancing with the stars??
    is steve-o from jackass really gonna star on dancing with the stars??
    4 Entertainment 37
  51. Are black holes considered to be stars?
    Are black holes considered to be stars>
    6 Science 20
  52. keyboard dont work any at all can I use an on screen keyboard?
    my keyboard dont work any at all. I have to be using my on screen keyboard .what can I do to resolve this problem please
    4 Technology 22
  53. Star sign..
    6 Religion 16
  54. Can a comet became a shooting star?
    Can a comet became a shooting star? Is a shooting star a comet befor its a shooting star?
    6 Science 74
  55. What is the symbol for tin on the periodic table?
    2 Science 27
  56. Are there any stars on FunAdvice?
    Are there any celebs on this website??
    2 Funadvice 7
  57. Why are there little stars in certain places?
    7 Science 24
  58. What's the difference between a star sign and a zodiac sign?
    4 Religion 37
  59. What is the symbol for gold on the periodic table?
    2 Science 38
  60. Does anyone have any experience with keyboards (instrument)?
    10 Music 16
  61. Do you believe in horoscopes and what do you think they symbolize?
    11 Religion 18
  62. What does this symbol mean?
    What does 3> mean? I forgot.
    6 Technology 63
  63. A symbol...not sure what it means
    what does this mean? Σ
    3 Education 12
  64. Jeffree Star
    do you like him? hate him?
    10 Music 31
  65. What do I have to do to become a porn star
    4 Money 46
  66. Who likes Jeffree Star? :3
    21 Entertainment 32
  67. Can you make a Mexican flag with the keyboard?
    3 Technology 45
  68. What do these symbols mean on chat?
    on msn what does this mean \\// ??
    4 Technology 64
  69. Keyboard symbols
    My computer keyboard has transposed the " and '@ symbols,altering them in control pane l has not changed them
    4 Technology 157
  70. Black star symbol
    I want to put a black star symbols after my name on my space but I dont know how to do it
    2 Technology 131
  71. keyboard locked out
    when I start my computer, the keyboard was locked out, how can I unlocked the keyboard?
    3 Technology 43
  72. Is there porn star playing cards like Pokemon just with porn stars on them?
    If so please post link :)
    6 Money 61
  73. What's the difference between keyboard and piano?
    What's the difference? Can you play a keyboard the same way you play a piano?
    3 Music 49
  74. Howw do I make a peace sign with my keyboard
    Howw do I make a peace sign with my keyboard
    2 Technology 149
  75. How do you star a conversation wiht the boy you like?
    How do you star a conversation wiht the boy you like?
    2 Education 20
  76. Who know a lot of signs using the keyboard ?
    How who know a lot of signs using the keyboard
    5 Technology 60
  77. Who came up with porn star as a profession?
    Who came with the idea of being porn star
    7 Entertainment 163
  78. Why are rappers so much more rich than rock stars?
    Why are rappers so rich than rock stars
    4 Music 156
  79. How to become a porn star?
    I want to be a porn star how do I become one
    20 Money 397
  80. Who beat dave chappelle on star search?
    Who beat dave chappelle on star search?
    2 Entertainment 733
  81. How much do movie stars really earn?
    How much do movie stars really earn?
    2 Entertainment 12
  82. who got voted off dancing with the stars?
    who got voted off on tuesday on dancing with the stars?
    2 Entertainment 43
  83. How could I be a movie star in disney channel?
    How could I be a movie star in disney channel?
    2 Entertainment 19
  84. Is there a movie star, pop star, or anybody famous who would be fit for leading his country right now?
    18 Politics 19
  85. How can I become a pop star?
    how do I get to become a popstar
    4 Music 38
  86. when a symbol such as is placed between two expressions what is it called!!?
    3 Education 113
  87. Do porn stars get good pay?
    21 Money 54
  88. What do you call a phone with a keyboard?
    is it a blackberry? or is that a brand?
    7 Technology 57
  89. How do you clean your BlackBerry Curve 8330 keyboard?
    5 Technology 49
  90. Super star is miley cyrus dead?
    8 Entertainment 9
  91. What are three examples of symbolism in The Lord of the Flies?
    4 Literature 34
  92. What is your star and who's your star?
    Leo,pisces,aries...?James bond,Angelina..,Adam...,Arnold...,Britney...?
    6 General 28
  93. Is a peace symbol actually a broken cross?
    6 General 59
  94. What exactly does the phrase "star crossed" mean?
    4 General 34
  95. how do I become a porn star in Alabama am 20
    2 Money 89
  96. Falling stars
    I wanted to no has anyone ever been hit by a falling star?
    4 General 19
  97. Republican party color and symbol
    Why is the Republican's party color red and their symbol an elephant???
    4 Politics 1526
  98. How do you make a friendship rose with your computer keyboard?
    how do you make a friendship rose with your computer keyboard or on your phone?
    4 Technology 95
  99. some of the keys on my keyboard are not working properly
    some of the keys on my keyboard are not working properly all the time. how can I fix this?
    5 Technology 100
  100. Whats the latest star wars game and the next?
    Whats the latest star wars game and the next?
    2 Gaming 44
  101. Numbers and Symbols?
    Why do people honestly type with Numbers and Symbols? Seriously.
    4 Education 13
  102. Gazillion stars are in my Sky
    And you're the star that shines the brightest.
    2 Music 19
  103. Is a star tattoo on my foot lame?
    I want to get a star tattoo on my foot. is that lame!?
    16 Style 79
  104. Who is your fav teen star???
    Hu is your fav teen star tell me who and what you like about them...!!!
    2 Music 7
  105. Typing a Registration Symbol?
    What Font and Key strokes type a Registration Symbol?
    5 Technology 68
  106. Whats a song with a good keyboard solo in it?
    can you think of a song with a good keyboard solo in it?
    9 Music 54
  107. Who won dancing with the stars?
    Who won dancing with the stars? I have missed a lot of episodes. Dancing with the stars is awesome, but who won?
    2 Entertainment 143
  108. Is the movie "In Time" starring Justin Timberlake good?
    3 Entertainment 26
  109. What episode of CSI: NY does Chris Angel star in?
    3 Entertainment 23
  110. Where is the best place in Toronto to get converse all stars?
    3 Shopping 37
  111. What is the weekly payment for a manager of a 5-star hotel?
    3 Money 34
  112. Do only stars live in Hollywood?
    Isit only famous people that live in hollywood ?
    6 Entertainment 102
  113. Are you ready to become a movie star if given an opportunity?
    10 Entertainment 25
  114. What are some good phones with qwerty keyboards and just a generally good phone to get?
    7 Technology 15
  115. Why do rock stars sometimes scream and growl when singing?
    7 Music 82
  116. What do you think of 'Jeffree Star'
    Love him? Hate him? What are your thoughts?
    10 Music 38
  117. What religion or beliefs have the Grim Reaper as the symbol of death?
    4 Religion 400
  118. Which Star best sang the Star Spangled Banner at an NFL Super Bowl?
    To me i think Whitney Houston sang it the best, not bashing the other stars of course. What do you think?
    2 Music 10
  119. Why are the letters on the keyboard mixed up?
    I was just wondering, why are all the letters on the keyboard mixed up, why are they not in order like they are in the alphabet?
    5 Literature 152
  120. "continuous as the stars that shine", what literary device?
    "continuous as the stars that shine" what literature is being used?
    3 Literature 204
  121. Do you feel comfortable typing on laptop keyboards? or Desktops?
    Do you feel more comfortable typing on laptop keyboards? or Desktops? For myself, I feel more comfortable typing on laptops. What's your prefrence?
    7 Technology 51
  122. What does this symbol )O( mean?
    What does this symbol, )O( stand for? I Googled it but got nothing!!
    2 General 81
  123. how do i make the heart symbol that is clear?
    not not the alt 3 one but the other one?
    4 Technology 17
  124. How do you become a TV star?
    how do you become a t.v. star please I need help
    2 Money 15
  125. Five star rated movies list?
    Where can I find a list of all of the movies with five stars history
    2 Entertainment 64
  126. How do I make symbols?
    I see some things on the computer with the weird symbols and whatnot how do you do this?
    15 Technology 212
  127. Does a sideways cross symbolize anything?
    I saw it on some jewelry and I was just wondering...
    2 General 75
  128. Party like a rock star
    Which celebrity whould you like 2 party with?...
    8 Entertainment 13
  129. Do you need a dance pad to play the game Dancing with the Stars or can you play with controllers?
    3 Gaming 24
  130. What do you think about the T.V. series star Zachary Levi in CHUCK?
    3 Entertainment 17
  131. Do people still watch Star Wars or did they get bored with it?
    15 Entertainment 32
  132. how many times in your life u have seen falling stars***???
    20 Science 29
  133. How do you add the star symbol?
    Erm studpid non urgent question but how do you put stars in your writing, you know like you do with hearts; &+hearts+;=♥ What do you do for stars? Other would be nice to know too! Thanks!
    5 Technology 81
  134. How are generations used symbolically in the book cry the bel
    How are generations used symbolically in the book cry the beloved country?
    2 Literature 7
  135. heart symbol
    how kan I put a heart symbol on mah ipod?? any html codee?
    2 Technology 61
  136. What should I do for Japanese symbols on my computer?
    I changed the language on my computer from Japanese to English. Now, how do I get the Japanese symbols to pop up??
    2 Technology 24
  137. how do people become porn stars?
    I dont want to be one but... how do people become porn stars? Just wondering.
    7 Money 49
  138. Is it hard to learn how to play keyboard?
    I want to learn to play keyboard so is it hard and howlong it will take to be good at it?
    3 Music 60
  139. How do I shutdown my system using the keyboard?
    cant recall how to. help out please. how do i shutdown using the keyboard?
    5 Technology 46
  140. Which are the on and off symbols?
    I O Which symbol represents what? I know it sounds stupid but I can never remember!
    3 Technology 78
  141. How do you make a shark on a keyboard?
    How do you make a shark on the keyborad?I have a friend that knows but she won't tell me.
    4 Technology 652
  142. Which would you rather visit, the deepest part of the ocean or the farthest of stars?
    14 Environment 46
  143. How long has Blood on the Dance Floor and Jeffree Star been around?
    And how old are they?
    4 Music 36
  144. How do I do a master reset for a Samsung Star?
    the files are locked and I don't know what's the password :/
    2 Technology 21
  145. What are some symbols that represent purity?
    Purity of bloodline would be nice, but purity in general works.
    6 General 125
  146. Why is my phone sending random symbols,instead of words,for text messages?
    4 Technology 125
  147. Why are Obama and Sarah Palin going to be on the next season of Dancing with the Stars?
    10 Entertainment 17
  148. Do porn stars catch STDs during oral? or what?
    I was wondering do they catch STDs if they don't use a condom?
    7 Sex 597
  149. Why won't Disney open their eyes and realize the trend with their stars and fix it?
    9 Entertainment 22
  150. What is the symbolism of All Saint's Day?
    What is the history, and are there any special religious celebrations held on this day?
    3 Religion 16
  151. How to become a male porn star
    I want to find porn acting jobs
    2 Money 86
  152. would the phrase 'Evil smelling' be a similie, Symbolism, metaphor, or hyperbole?
    2 General 59
  153. Keyboard for apple
    The keyboard on my apple laptop wont work and neither will the track pad why and how do I fix it
    2 Technology 12
  154. Is the beard becoming a symbol of terrorism?
    Is beard becoming a symbol of islamic terrorism? How do you view a person with beard post 9/11 and before?
    2 Religion 29
  155. All-Star Cheerleading---Level 3/4
    In all-star cheerleading what does it take to become a level 3 or 4.
    3 Sports 327
  156. Is Jeffree Star a man or woman?
    Is Jeffree star a man or woman? and when is the concert/show? tonight or tomorrow? heellpp mee.
    10 Music 2581
  157. Model or porn star which is hotter?
    Just a question for the guys out there! Which is hotter, a skinny model or a porn star that has a lot of curves?
    6 Style 81
  158. The disturbed symbol
    Ok this one is for you disturbed fans out there. I have no idea what all the symbols are in the insignia so can you tell me plzzz
    2 Music 190
  159. whats your favorite symbol
    whats your favorite symbol like mine is the peace sign I am obsessed with it right now
    13 Homegarden 38
  160. Who will get off Dancing with the Stars Next?
    Who do you want or think is going to get voted off Dancing with the stars tuesday?
    2 Entertainment 17
  161. I want to be a porn star
    How to become a porn star and make a lot of money doing something I like
    9 Money 55
  162. ok how do you type these symbols??
    how do you type a heart symbol? how do you type a trademark symbol? (TM) (except small) and how do you type a copyright/reservec symbol? (R) (C) (except small)
    3 Technology 65
  163. Keyboard Problem
    Some of my keys and the spacebar doesnt work right all the tme. How can I fix this?
    2 Technology 18
  164. Which High School Musical star should I like best?
    who should I like better? ashley or vanessa?
    12 Music 19
  165. Jeffree Star
    anyone like him? I think hes alittle to obsessed with himself..
    4 Music 42
  166. What does the Ouroboros symbol stand for?
    I thought it looked kinda cool and wondered what it meant.
    2 General 55
  167. Why do you think movie stars always marry late or sometimes don't even get married?
    6 Entertainment 38
  168. does anyone know any symbols that keep away bad spirits or demons, and can keep me safe?
    9 Religion 107
  169. How much bigger is the world's largest star, VY Canis Majoris, than the sun?
    4 Science 85
  170. do famous people,movie stars,reply to theire fan email?
    5 Entertainment 39
  171. Who has the best WWE Stars Entrance?
    Who has the best entrance? I think HBK or DX, or the game does, but what do you people think???
    4 Entertainment 11
  172. Has anyone ever been into Blood On The Dance Floor (band) or Jeffree Star's music?
    8 Music 16
  173. star trek movie question
    who is chris pine's (kirk) character love interest in the star trek movie
    3 Entertainment 19
  174. Gta sa get 6 stars when you go out of an unlocked aera
    Y do you always get 6 stars when you go out of an unlocked aera
    2 Gaming 39
  175. Where can i go online to copy and paste and symbol?
    It needs to be a circle with a star in the center, what website, it needs to be copy and paste.??
    6 Technology 79
  176. How long does luck last from a shooting star?
    how many years days month etc. luck is a shooting star
    2 General 57
  177. Ringo Star's family tree
    Would anyone be able to locate Ringo Star's family tree for me? Thanks heaps.
    4 General 204
  178. Making a pic of an object on the keyboard
    How do I make a penis picture using the keyboard. For instance, this is ta tas: ( * ) ( * )
    4 Technology 495
  179. is there a symbol for atheists?
    wiccans have the double encirled star and christians have a cross and jewish people have the star of david, but do athiests have a symbol for being atheists??
    12 Religion 54
  180. do you think top sport stars earn far too much money from sport?
    ...or do you think they deserve getting all that money?
    3 Money 88
  181. Star signs are forever
    What is your star sign? Does it describe you and your personality? Mine is aries and it doesn't describe me at all!! If you want me to give you a description of what your star sign says, then just say!
    9 Religion 44
  182. Does anyone know the keyboard notes for Halo - Beyonce, or Love Song - Sara Bareilles?
    3 Music 44
  183. Whats your star sign?
    I am a Tauras tell me your star sign I want to see wich ones are popular and wich ones are rarer
    36 Religion 48
  184. What kind of Verizon phone should I get if I want a phone with a QWERTY keyboard but that does not require a data package?
    3 Technology 13
  185. Where can I buy converse all star shoes?
    Ummm I really like converse but I don`t know where to but them... Can some 1 help me out?
    8 Shopping 15
  186. Star tattoo
    If you tattoo 3 stars on your wrist does it mean something? My dad thinks its something for alaska but I think hes wrong.
    2 Style 34
  187. Star signs
    Whta is your star sign and what does it mean? Mine is aries and it means confident? If you don't know what it means then just tell me if you want me to find out for you!!
    7 Religion 32
  188. How to meet a star
    How can I meet a really nice star in person like miley cyrus Can you please help me out I really want to meet her in person Help! Help! Help! Help! Help!
    3 Entertainment 15
  189. does any know where i could buy CUTE (Colored not clear)laptop keyboard covers for a toshiba laptop?
    8 Technology 38
  190. Do you think its fair that twilight star Robert Patitson is fired!
    Do you think its fair that twilight star Robert Patitson is fired!They are also firing Kristen Stewart as well so what do you think of this?...
    7 Entertainment 62
  191. Why is Mario the "symbol" for Nintendo?
    I mean why would an Italian plumber be the mascot for a Japanese company?
    4 Gaming 48
  192. What are some metal bands that have a keyboard player?
    I play keyboard in a heavy metal/screamo band, and I need some good songs or bands that have good keyboard parts to get some ideas from.
    4 Music 38
  193. Jeffree Star!!!
    Who insanly LOVES Jeffree Star?! He rocks!!! I love his song's Lollipop Luxery I must be Emo & Dont' Cha
    2 Music 15
  194. Where do the stars go at night?
    this is not a scientific question or any of that because I know the answer, but more of a poetic thoughtful question in your eyes, mind or heart, where do all the stars go at night?
    9 General 45
  195. How do people predict star signs?
    Im just wondering, because for each different star sign like taurus or libra has a different writing on it. do people just like make it up?
    6 Religion 47
  196. Does anyone know a keyboard shortcut for previous line?
    I know TAB goes to the next line, but what keyboard shortcuts does previous line in Windows Vista and 7?
    2 Technology 17
  197. does anyone know a good keyboard mobile that slides out of a touchscreen?
    i am wanting to get a new phone and i want one with a touchscreen and a keyboard sliding out , does anyone know any good ones?
    4 Technology 16
  198. how do you unlock the keyboard?
    how do you unlock the keyboard on a netbook ? I locked it without nowing on here I can type but on word etc it wont let me x
    4 Technology 70
  199. Do wireless keyboards and mouses suck?
    I've heard people complain about wireless keyboards and mouses. But they seem cool. What do you think about them? Get them or not?
    6 Technology 61
  200. Piercings Symbolism
    what are some meanings of piercings. like earlobe piercings on right side of a male symbolizes being gay. [I dont just want guys meanings]
    7 Style 2365
  201. Magick symbols
    In a forgiveness spell, what magick symbols can I put on the alter to represent forgiveness, love, understanding, bonding, and just like being together
    5 Religion 37
  202. Do you guys think that stars like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus get too much publicity?
    8 Entertainment 41
  203. did any one see the shooting stars???
    I went out at like 2 am and saw 2 fly over, was wonderin if any one else saw??
    5 Science 30
  204. Do you think that I look alike any famous actor or movie star
    Do you think that I look alike any famous actor or movie star, its just for curiosity , please tellme if I look alike any famous actor or movie star that you can remember. All answers are welcome . Thank you.
    4 Entertainment 53
  205. PS3 Keyboard and mouse for gaming
    Is there a PS3 keyboard and mouse like most people use on the PC's for playing online. I was wondering if there is anything like that out there. I tend to play better with a keyboard and mouse.
    3 Gaming 42
  206. Where can I Download Dancing with the stars Episodes?
    Dancing with the stars is a reality TV show. I want to download this show because I love to watch Dancing with the stars episodes. So please give me a site where I can get this show.
    2 Entertainment 11
  207. Anti porn star, good name for a band?
    Me and my guy friend is going to start up a band called anti porn star soo is that a good name 4 it?
    3 Music 37
  208. What makes a star glow???
    I need to know asap!!! What makes a star glow different colors??? Please just help me find some info about this!!! Help please!!! Thanks :)
    6 Science 177
  209. Can I become a Hollywood star?
    My only dream to become Hollywood star and dance with the sweat actresses over there...can I ever get a chance to play a role in movies.
    3 Entertainment 15
  210. Adult film stars?
    If a girl was an adult film star, would you date her or be friends with her? Do you think they're dirty? How much money do they make?
    5 Entertainment 43
  211. Jeffree star
    Does anyone know the name of the girl that goes onstage with jeffree star?? The one with short red hair that sings with him???
    2 Entertainment 46
  212. What is a good brand to look for in a keyboard?
    I plan on buying a a keyboard soon, but maybe I could get some input on a good brand? Please and thank you :)
    9 Music 12
  213. Is there a free website for keyboards Chords and stuf like that ?
    Hmm, I am trying to find the keyboard chords for a song, but I can't find them on google, does anyone know a website which does?
    3 Music 12
  214. Why am I sleepy in Keyboarding class?
    this class succckSS and all we do I type but mii friend is always energetic but she goes to bed at the same time I do!!
    4 Education 50
  215. Why don't these keys work on my keyboard?
    the letter between the z and he c will not work, also the letter between the c and b. I press and no writing will come from them, they are lazy. Why this?
    4 Technology 42
  216. How do you get the character map on a keyboard?
    I wanna get to the system character map I think its called to find out how to make all the cool symbals. how do you do it???
    2 Technology 49
  217. What word are banned like spell them wth a star because i dont know what words are banned or we can say? Or tell me what kinda of things we can't say.
    3 General 23
  218. Is playing the keyboard sexy?
    I play the keys in a screamo/crunk/grindcore band...I'm 19 and am wondering if my instrument is considered a sexy instrument. Lol
    11 Sex 50
  219. FunAdvice symbol changed?
    It used to be 'FA' in green and black, now its an orange 'I'? Whys it an 'I' and has anyone else got it? :S
    2 Technology 9
  220. How to play keyboard for a beginner
    I'm searching a site that can teach us how to play keyboard for a beginner (online)... Do you know any? And also.. Transfering a song to a keyboard chords..
    2 Music 40
  221. C-3PO From 'Star wars'
    This might piss off star wars geeks (im one too, dont take this offensive..) But is C-3PO gay? ._.
    4 Entertainment 12
  222. Star trek?
    I know this sounds lame as hell, but if star trek was around would you join the academy and travel space and $hit like that in know I would.
    4 Entertainment 19
  223. is megan fox a porn star?
    is megan fox a porn star? if you google her there are like a bunch of pics that aren't realated to her acting or parties...was she a p.s or is she ow what...?
    5 Entertainment 3846
  224. Where can I find the symbols for "soul" and "real" in Chinese?
    I had a question does anybody know what website to look at for the symbols in chinese "Soul" and "Real"? I looked many of time and can't seem to find a website. Thanks
    3 Religion 42
  225. Weird little symbol guys
    Well just gimme some of your fav or best one of those wackey things made of symbols (ex. (\(\(\(;:;)/)/)/) it's a spider
    3 Entertainment 9
  226. What does this symbol mean/represent (read more)?
    When walking through the cemetary in my town, I noticed the same symbol on gravestones or monuments. It was a vase with a cloth hanging out. Is this a certain group?
    2 General 22
  227. my sister is a porn star...
    my sister is a porn star...and hate well many boys know Briana shes my sister how can I help her to become NORMAL?
    14 Family 651
  228. How are the Jonas Brothers rock stars?
    Their music does NOT sound like rock at all to me. The same applies to Miley Cyrus and whatnot. Shouldn't you have to perform rock in order to be a rock star?
    6 Music 15
  229. Do you beleive that in this day and age, anybody can be a star?
    It seems that with all this techonogy we have, it makes recording videos a snap. What do you think? I think yes.
    5 Entertainment 44
  230. What does that A symbol thing mean?
    Like I seen it on a drum set before and I also seen it spray painted in an ally... It's like an A with a circle around it
    4 General 18
  231. What's the name of the film that stars Shia LeBeouf and an older woman?
    He jumps out of a window during the movie and dies? Talks with an accent?
    3 Entertainment 16
  232. Do you think Porn Stars have unions?
    Or even like work standards? Like a rate of pay, or if they get tested for STDs?
    3 Money 22
  233. Who are some hot guy stars.
    Any band guys,actors,any more?all my friends like a star and I have none I think are really hot or sexy!well tom welling is sexy but my friend has dibs on him lol :)
    4 Sex 39
  234. What do the symbols=^^= mean on a social site?
    There has been a lot of goings on on a social site and symbols that are so new. we dont understand most of the time and were just wondering what exacltly this mean. is it something bad or good?
    4 Relationships 20
  235. What are the notes to "Hedwig's Theme" on keyboard?
    I really want to be able to play it on keyboard, but only the simple melody, so please don't give me all the chords and stuff XD
    2 Music 15
  236. Laptop Keyboard problem
    I have hit a key on my PC laptop keyboard and now can't type properly and some letters aren't working and some have been replaced by numbers, can anyone help?
    6 Technology 84
  237. FunAdvice Trivia: Which of the following is not a host for Dax (Star Trek)?
    A) Curzon B) Tobin C) Jerad D) Berial
    6 Funadvice 13
  238. why does my newly installed skype download show shapes like circles, stars, plus signs, etc. instead of English?
    2 Technology 30
  239. How do you minimize a full screen GAME with the KEYBOARD ?
    just need to know :] plase do not tell me to click the little line becasue that is not there in a full screen game and yeah...
    3 General 46
  240. How do you make those hearts while using the keyboard?
    How do you make those hearts while using the keyboard someone told me you are supposed 2 hold down ctrl and then 3 then let go of the ctrl but I dn't see nthn. but 3's
    8 Technology 63
  241. What is the ticker symbol for burger king?
    I am doing a school project on stocks and the ticker symbol I got from google was BKC but when I typed it in at www. smart stocks .com it came out as unavailable
    3 Technology 52
  242. How can I become a star in a film, can someone give me advice?
    I want to become famous like a lot of people do and star in a hit film. I need my dream to come true!!!
    2 Money 27
  243. How do I make different signs on my keyboard?
    By bff and I want to know how to make a square and a peace sign and all that other stuff and I need and answer quick some 1 help
    3 Technology 87
  244. Which celebrities of today like mostly i'm talking about young lady stars do not do drugs or smoke and drink..for instance Stacy Keibler?
    4 Drugs 27
  245. Jeffree Star
    Anyone like him?? I'd just seen photos and stuff of him and he looks sooo cool, but then I downloaded some of his music and it's pretty good!!
    2 Music 11
  246. What can I make that is a good symbol for dracula by bram stoker?
    I have to make sometghing that symbolizes something in the story dracula by bram stoker and I have to explain what it symbolizes and why?? Please help me if I fail this project I cant graduate high school
    3 Education 17
  247. Has anyone seen the moviephenomenon starring john travolta (1996)
    Dude I so wish I could grow zuccini that big wonder what he used??
    2 Homegarden 10
  248. Ever wonder why there isnt a Division sign on a keyboard
    Hahha this is one to sure baffle somebodys mind! LMAO but seriously, ever wonder why there isnt oneon there?
    8 Technology 2312
  249. How do you meet a star?
    I am so deeply in love with Michael Pitt. I have been forever. He is such a talented actor and musician. I would like to meet him. How would a "common folk" like me go about that?
    3 Entertainment 26
  250. Why are keyboards designed the way they are?
    I mean instead of being alphabetically ordered. I prefer this way of course but I find it odd that the people who invented the computers, keyboards and other hardware didn't make it alphabetically ordered.
    7 Technology 59