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  1. how do i have in to my aim
    2 Technology 25
  2. Where can I search for games?
    Where can I search for games?
    2 Gaming 44
  3. How do I search for a specific How To?
    2 Funadvice 12
  4. My Search Funds
    Is My Search Funds safe?
    2 Money 17
  5. Can I delete an aim screenname?
    Can I delete an aim screenname?
    3 Technology 41
  6. local petifile search
    local petifile search
    2 General 82
  7. How to aim a paintball gun?
    How to aim a paintball gun?
    2 Gaming 61
  8. How to hack aim passwords?
    How to hack aim passwords?
    3 Technology 273
  9. Where can you get a great profile for AIM?
    Where can you get a great profile for aim?
    2 Technology 20
  10. How do I delete past searches on my computer?
    How do I delete past searches on my computer?
    6 Technology 79
  11. How do you do a title search on a lost boat title?
    How do you do a title search on a lost boat title?
    2 General 47
  12. How do I get better search results?
    How do I get better search results?
    2 Technology 17
  13. Can you get aim on the iphone 3g?
    Can you get aim on the iphone 3g?
    2 Technology 38
  14. Are there any good sites for searching Cracks?
    4 Technology 18
  15. How do I delete an AIM account that has been hacked?
    3 Technology 30
  16. How can you search for a specific username on FunAdvice?
    3 Funadvice 56
  17. Is there anyway you can search the status updates on here?
    4 Funadvice 11
  18. What are some good job searching websites?
    6 Money 16
  19. AIM 6.9
    Does aim 6.9 cost money to download ?
    3 Technology 47
  20. Does anybody know about "search engine optimization"?
    Does anybody know about "search engine optimization"?
    4 Technology 27
  21. How to setup AIM on the Blackberry Curve?
    How do I set up aim in my blackberry curve?
    3 Technology 117
  22. Which is the best search engine?
    Which one is the best search engine do know?
    5 Technology 23
  23. Where can I find cool stuff for my AIM profile?
    Where can I find cool stuff for my AIM profile?
    3 Technology 46
  24. Who beat dave chappelle on star search?
    Who beat dave chappelle on star search?
    2 Entertainment 733
  25. Where do I find cute aim sayings for my profile?
    Where do I find cute aim sayings for my profile?
    3 Technology 46
  26. Where can I get cute stuff for my AIM profile?
    Where do I get cute stuff for my AIM Profile?
    2 Technology 48
  27. Do people really still use Aim?
    9 Technology 63
  28. Can you search howto's?
    Is there a search box where you can search through the howto's? It really would be helpful...
    2 Funadvice 33
  29. Is there a search engine which is better than Google in your opinion?
    12 Technology 17
  30. AIM Accounts!!!
    I have an aim but no one on it!! if you have 1 can I add u???
    6 Technology 25
  31. Do you watch the Search for the Next Doll?
    Do you watch the Search for the Next Doll? If you do ... who do you want to win??
    2 Entertainment 13
  32. Favorite search engine?
    What's everyone's favorite search engine? Mine, google.
    6 Technology 11
  33. What is aim?
    I've been hearing a lot about this aim recently and was just curious as to what it was?
    13 Technology 41
  34. Disable blog from search engines
    How can I disable my blogger blog from being found on all search engines?
    2 Technology 15
  35. websites for aim?
    what are some good websites to go on for aim, without having to download it?
    2 Technology 12
  36. What's a good web site to search news articles?
    What's a good web site to search news articles?
    4 Technology 51
  37. How can I delete people from my aim and aim lifestream?
    All of this stuff is complicated. Easy to add, but hard to delete. Please help!!! :(
    2 Technology 55
  38. What is the best way to make a site more search able to search engines like google, yahoo. msn, bing, and other engines out there?
    3 Technology 25
  39. where can i find a website with free phone number/people search?
    4 Technology 12
  40. Can I bring a midwakh (search it up) and Iranian tobacco/dokha into a plane?
    2 Travel 77
  41. Search Engine preference
    What search engine do you use? Google its the best. :p
    7 Technology 21
  42. Type google into the google search engine can you break the net?
    If you type google into the google search engine can you break the internet? Net
    5 Technology 36
  43. Cute Is What We Aim For
    whats your opion on cute is what we aim for song {Newport Living}
    5 Music 41
  44. What is the best website to search for a pet to adopt?
    What is the best website besides Petfinder to search for a pet to adopt?
    2 Pets 21
  45. Is blog commenting for search engine optimization services spam?
    Is blog commenting for search engine optimization services spam?
    4 Technology 30
  46. Whats a good website to search for schools?
    I was just woundering if you know any good websites to search for some schools?
    2 Education 12
  47. Kewl things 2 put on my buddy info on aim?
    What are some kewl things 2 put on my buddy info on aim?
    4 Technology 50
  48. How do I hack into someone's AIM?
    How do I hack into people's aim screen names? Or, is there a site with people's aim screen names passwords?
    2 Technology 221
  49. searching for my father
    how can I find my father Craig Goodfella in the British Force?
    2 Family 25
  50. where can i find a side to search job in uae without payment ?
    2 Money 9
  51. aim screen names
    my friend and I are making her an aim..any suggestions for a screen name?? her name is kennah. thanks
    2 Gaming 28
  52. Is there a way to filter the search for members?
    Is there a way to filter the search results for members so you get those closest to you first?
    2 Funadvice 14
  53. Would AIM or Mobile IM be free too?
    if you have unlimited texting for tmobile is aim or mobile im free too?
    3 Technology 42
  54. AIM (Help please!)
    How do I put MY picture as my AIM icon ??? someone helppp !
    3 Entertainment 16
  55. Delete search toolbar words
    how can I delete the words that come out in the search toolbar?nid answer asap
    5 Technology 10
  56. aim screename
    im thirteen my name is daniel what is a good aim screen name for me ?
    3 Technology 51
  57. What's a good name for a magazine aimed at 11-17 year olds?
    3 Literature 28
  58. is there a way to make it so that when i use the search bar to search for stuff i can see questions that are recent?
    coz everthing seems to be like from 2 years ago -.-
    2 Technology 6
  59. I need some friends 4 aim!!!
    I nedd friends 4 it...cause I dont have very many friends!!!
    4 Relationships 15
  60. What do you call that gray bar up there that was the website you're on and the search bar on it (on computer screen)?
    2 Technology 9
  61. how can you make sure that your flickr photos are not found on google or other search engines?
    2 Technology 35
  62. Which AIM version is the best?
    I've recently downloaded the 7.5 version and it sucks.
    2 Technology 41
  63. Laptop search
    How can I get a real-good laptop at a ridiculous price
    2 Technology 9
  64. How do you use the xanga aim profile?
    How do you use the xanga aim profile? Like I cant find a code or anything
    2 Technology 72
  65. Should I get AIM
    Half of my friends have AIM and I was wondering,should I get one and would it slow down my computer?
    2 Technology 11
  66. how do I clear my google search history??!
    I need to clear my google search history but I have no idea how! can someone please help?!?!?!
    4 Technology 50
  67. Where can I get cute AIM profile stuff?
    Does anyone know where I can get cute AIM profile sayings or titles?
    8 Technology 152
  68. Sn stands for screenname right?
    Sn stands for screenname 4 email right? Plzzz tell me if you know
    2 Technology 11
  69. Member searching...
    I've forgotten how to remove myself from member searching. I know I can do it, but how? I need to know tonight! Thanks...
    2 Funadvice 8
  70. clearing search engine memory
    How do I clear my search engine memory? Like for example, when I type 'a' into google search, all my other searches previously starting with an a pops out.
    2 Technology 20
  71. What do you think of John Tyner getting sued by TSA for refusing to be searched at the airport?
    3 Politics 11
  72. Do you think that people are capable of finding happiness or they are always searching for something beyond what they have?
    9 General 145
  73. Searching for my mother
    I am twenty five and have not seen my mother since I was eight. Please help!
    6 Family 17
  74. AIM on phone?
    I have AT&T. My brother turned texting on for me. Does that mean that I can use AIM on my phone? Or does that still cost money?
    4 Technology 45
  75. can you search for people that has been in jail but are not in jail
    can you search for people who have been in jail but are not in jail at the moment? if you no any websites please rite them 4 me please and thank u.
    5 Entertainment 374
  76. funny sn's
    I need a hilarious sn thtll make people laugh..thnx<333
    2 Technology 36
  77. ACDC won't come up when I try searching for it on itunes?
    how come ACDC won't come up when I try searching for it on itunes? there are tributes to it, but how come the original artists aren't there?
    2 Music 48
  78. Song search, Mary Ann down by the seaside
    I am trying to find a song with the words "Mary Ann, Mary Ann down by the seaside sifting sand"
    2 Music 74
  79. Is there a way to find someone's AIM screenname?
    I wanna find my friends AIM screen name but I dont know how. Is there a way to find it?
    6 Technology 1270
  80. AIM trouble
    My AIM keeps telling me I have an Invalid Username or password but I have changed my password and everything. But it still says that it's still invalid.
    2 Technology 113
  81. Aim for the Center
    How far can a guy shoot sperm and how many times in 1day can he cum
    3 Relationships 189
  82. Where can I find cool things for my AIM profile?
    Heyyy!!! I want some cool fun sayings and things to put in my AIM profile!!! Can you give me some?
    3 Technology 80
  83. Searching cars without warrants
    can a cop serch a car and open a Brief case with out a warrent?
    5 General 15
  84. what does it mean when people put mhmm on text aim or anywhere!!??
    ell me all the ways plzz!!
    10 Technology 173
  85. What is a good title for a word search about lady gaga?
    I need a cool title for a word search that im making about lady gagaaa.
    5 Entertainment 18
  86. How do i take google safe search off of a t mobile blackberry curve?
    5 Technology 12
  87. What to do if someone hacked onto my AIM account?
    What do I do if someone hacked onto my aol instant messenger screen name?
    4 Technology 72
  88. Do you know any cute AIM sayings?
    I need really cute saying for AIM like cute hearts and different color letters please!
    5 Technology 118
  89. je t'aime plus que ma propre vie?
    je t'aime plus que ma propre vie please people who know german help ME!!!
    8 General 219
  90. How would I go about getting my images/clipart out onto the web, so when someone searches Google images it pops up?
    3 Technology 17
  91. Do you think it is really worth going to war hit Afghanistan in search of high paid salary?
    3 Money 11
  92. Which website is great for people searching?
    What website is the best for finding someone's address, phone, employment, etc.?
    2 Technology 16
  93. Job search
    Im 17 and it will be a year before im 18 and I really want to be a porn star how do I go about that
    4 Money 34
  94. How can I get my google search bar to work agian
    Everytime I click on my google search bar to give my result of what im searching it doesnt work can you please help me
    2 Technology 98
  95. What is search engine optimization?
    What exactly is seo or search engine optimisation.Is it just link building or does it go to higher levels of website optimisation?
    7 Technology 37
  96. How do you put a youtube video on your aim buddy info?
    Please please someone help me do you put a youtube video on your aim buddy wht do you copy and paste?
    2 Technology 50
  97. How can I delete my old AIM screenname?
    I want to delete my old aim screen name, I looked at the site and I can't find where how I can delete it, does anyone know?
    4 Technology 108
  98. What's a site that I can search people and find out their record for free?
    i tried that 'beenverified' site but it said i had to pay to view all of the details.
    8 Technology 16
  99. What's the screen name of the computer robot on AIM?
    Is it smart kid Its a screen name of an automatic robot that responds to you Nayone know it??? Helppp
    6 Technology 465
  100. Is it true that doing crossword puzzles and word searches to keep your brain stimulated can lower your chances of getting Alzheimer's?
    19 Health 39
  101. What are some good AIM screen names??
    I have blonde hair... and im kinda slow... :] haha and I LOVE smileys.
    3 Technology 84
  102. Aim help please!!
    How do I put my picture as an icon but using my computer the picture I want is already saved on my computer can someone please help me???
    2 Technology 19
  103. Is there anyway to get an AIM profile on a Mac?
    Okay so I just got a Mac and I have to use ichat for AIM, but the thing is I can't find anyway to make a profile with ichat. Is it just not possible? Is there some way to do it on ichat, or some other thing I can use on a Mac for AIM that will allow ...
    2 Technology 35
  104. Does it cost to AIM with Verizon even though I have unlimited txt?
    will I get charged if I txt back to an AIM even with unlimited txting?? all I see is Tmobil & AOL.
    3 Technology 43
  105. Where or how could I search for the latest songs of 2009?
    Hi. Where or how could I search for the latest songs of 2009? I'm having a hard time looking, even in LimeWire. So is there a site that I could look-to?
    4 Music 44
  106. Is there anyway to find out what to tell people to text to if they want to text your aim account on yur computer?
    Like, when you text an Ipod, there is an sms number. Is it the same with aim?
    3 Technology 8
  107. Searching for truth
    I'm a christian, and believe in god... Learning from church god is the only true and real god...but if that's true... Why are there so many other different beliefs and gods?
    15 Religion 32
  108. How to get my YouTube video to show up with the "rest" of the videos in that search category?
    It's right there if you type in my screen name, but not out with everone elses'.
    5 Technology 9
  109. I want my search bar to give me google results, not ask
    Everytime I search for something in my address bar or my search bar it takes me to results provided by how do I make it to where it automatically goes to google results?
    3 Technology 75
    My son's AIM keeps being hacked and we suspect this is done by the same person. how can he/she hack into someone's AIM when the password has been changed several times and how can we trace who is doing this. I assume it is illegal.
    4 Technology 76
  111. How to keep my away message up on AIM when I talk?
    I have aim 6.0 and when I put on my awaymessage and type again it goes off.. how do I keep it on even while im talkign to my friends?
    2 Technology 41
  112. How do you delete your history in search engines?
    How do you delete search history in google and sites like that? As I don't want my little sister to be exposed to what sites I go onto. Does anyone know?
    3 Technology 11
  113. What is a cool profile name for AIM?
    hey im trying to get a profile on aim but like every name is taken can anyone give me some out there names with #'z at the end?
    4 Technology 56
  114. Search for religion
    I would like to start searching for a religion that is right for me and will make me happy. Does anyone know a good place to start (website, book, etc.)
    21 Religion 35
  115. do any of you have any good ideas for my screen name in aim?
    do any of you have any good ideas for my screen name in aim. I have no ides on what to decide. I like music, dancing, cartoons, dogs,singing just help me think of a good screen name
    4 Gaming 50
  116. Aim screename ideas?
    What are some ideas for my new aim screename. My names brianna, I was born in 95. Fav number is 23 Nickname is bre & buzz buzz. Yeah any ideas?
    3 Technology 39
  117. How to work AIM?
    ok I just got an AIM account and I dont no how to im someone or create a buddy list I actually have no idea what im doin can someone help!!!???
    3 Technology 51
  118. What does the AIM Error Message mean Target rate limit reached?
    I can't log on to Aim I keep getting this error message Target rate limit reached status Detail Code 5
    3 Technology 683
  119. How can I create word search puzzles myself?
    I was just curious, do you guys know any decent software or add-ons that can help with making word searches. Thanks!
    2 Homegarden 12
  120. Song search
    I just erased and added about 20 or 11 new songs to my Shuffle,what are some more Metal songs I could add to it,same goes for Slipknot music.
    3 Music 12
  121. Aim screen name
    Can someone please make my friend an aim screen name? She doesnt have a computer she only has a cell phone but she can go on aim on it. I just made myself a new screen name yesterday so it wont let me. Please?!?
    3 Technology 52
  122. Change sound on AIM
    I know how to change my sound from the options, but if I want something different, like tokio hotel or something, is there any way to get that to play when I send a message on AIM?
    2 General 98
  123. What are good screennames for AIM?
    do you have any good ideas for aim screenames I love soccer its my life!my favorite color is yellow and my friends say im a dum blonde?
    3 Technology 63
  124. How can I make my photo into an AIM icon?
    hey I took a picture of me with a digital camera. I want to make it my buddy icon for aim, but I don't know how. Pleazz help if you can. = ) I already have it saved on my pictures.
    8 Technology 178
  125. Is there any way to view your AIM conversation history?
    Any place I can go to, login my AIM (AOL INSTANT MESSENGER) account and look up all the conversations I've ever had with people???
    7 Technology 4778
  126. Search bars.?
    Mmk; you know when you go to type something in the search toolbar sometimes stuff youve typed before pops up depending on the letter you do you delete those?
    2 Technology 13
  127. Can someone hack yer aim ?
    -.- all of my friends on aim were deleted and someone kept signing on yesterday via sidekick ? How's that possible I didn't give anyone my password! >_<
    2 Technology 42
  128. Ipod search help
    How can I get the music video for Concrete Angel by Martina McBride on my ipod? I searched the ipod store and they dont have it on there. Does anyone know another way?
    2 Music 15
  129. who uses aim?
    I just made a aim account but when I try to sign in it doesnt let me and I have changed my password so I know its not that but its still say that incorrect thingy lol so what should I do?
    6 Technology 57
  130. What cute stuff can I put on my AIM page?
    Does anyone know any aim pages stuf I can put in my aim page like quotes, short poems, funny stuff, anything juss keep it clean! tnx
    2 Literature 70
  131. What is a good sn?
    Im not preppy more emo;I don't know I cant think of a good sn.please help me out.use your name's hillary:) Thank you.
    3 General 14
  132. How do I do a reverse address search?
    There is a friend of mine that I haven't seen from college in a long time that sent me an email recently. How do I do a reverse address search so that I can send her a real card and surprise her?
    2 Technology 9
  133. Why can't I search for webkinz?
    My daughter and I tried several times to go to the search bar and type webkinz and it is not letting us. It is saying done at the bottom and it is just a blank page. Can you help
    5 Technology 9
  134. Samsung beholder vs. G1 android [who's aim is better]
    I am going too be buying either samsung beholder or the G1 android phone from tmobile . I wanted too know which phone is better for aim since I am huge aim user. Please any help?
    2 Technology 39
  135. How you do delete the history in your search bar?
    How you do delete the history in your search bar? Like when you click your google search bar on the top of your screen, all the past things youve looked up come up. How do you delete that? Its not the history I dont think because I tried that. Thanks x
    3 Technology 56
  136. I'm searching for a swedish rapper
    His name starts with K. He had one song with children singing in the chorus. He is from Sweden, btw Anyone knows his name?
    3 Music 9
  137. What is a good aim username that I can use ?
    - I want a really good aim . That I can only give to friends .. But , I can't think of anything .. I want it to reflect my name .. Connie . Or anything without my name .. I don't care . Just be good and awesome . :) Or just be different .. So , any id...
    2 Technology 40
  138. What would I put in a search engine if I were to look for a tattoo like cheryl coles?
    The one the goes round her thigh, I dont want her tattoo to come up but would I search thigh tattoo or, I dunno lol
    7 Technology 18
  139. How can I find cute stuff for my AIM profile?
    Does anyone no where to get really good cute sayings for aim profiles and fun stuff to put in it like little hearts and stuff? please let me no thanks!
    38 Technology 237
  140. Who is the most searched celebrity girl in the internet of 2007
    Some of my friends has told that pop strar Britney Spear was the most sarched celebrity girl of the year 2007. Is it the real fact or just the claims of her fan?
    3 Entertainment 48
  141. What are some AIM screen names ideas?
    I have blonde haire and love to shop and go to the beach! I also love dogs dance sigging. Please help me figure some out?
    17 Technology 459
  142. how to search for my dad for free online?
    hiya im trying to find the best site to use to try and find ma dad but most of them charge you so would you be able to give me any good sites to try that are free
    3 Family 40
  143. Searching people.
    I want to search someone online. I know they're address, phone number, first & last name. So is there a website where you could type in all that and it will show you a picture of that person?
    2 Technology 11
  144. I need an AIM screen name!
    Hello my name Is Morgan and I really want a new AIM a little help please? I want something cute! I love being outside and I love animals. Something with my name in it would be nice!
    3 Technology 46
  145. Can you use boolean operators in the search thing on funadvice?
    Sorry, random question. It doesnt seem to work for me, but I thought I would check if I am just doing it wrong since they vary. Or do they just not work here?
    9 Funadvice 15
  146. Searching 4 feelings
    My friends in school really think I need a boy friend do I? And they are like putting pressure on the issue I really dont think I do since I've got friends. Do I really need one?
    2 Relationships 7
  147. I need a new screen name for aim, 3-16 characters?
    Okay,so I need a new screen name for aim. And I wan tone that no one would think of but I want it to be like a quote. Like myspace... 3-16 charecters. Helpp.?
    2 Technology 55
  148. Want to learn how to make AIM profiles
    Let's say that I wanted to make a website and have AIM profiles (buddy infos) on it. How would I put them on? I've seen it before and some people have codes underneath the picture of it, and some of them you can just copy and paste. How do you do t...
    2 Technology 16
  149. I need a Aim name
    I need suggestions for a Aim Name is Marvel, I like sports and shoes Lol im 16 I run track I love girls lmao I like to have fun and Im fly LOl I need help PLease!!!
    5 Technology 26
  150. Song search by lyrics
    Looking for the name of this song and artist by partial song lyrics. "I wanna stand with you on a mountain, I wanna bathe (swim?) with you in the sea,I wanna stay like this forever till the sky falls down on me."
    5 Music 69
  151. How to change my aim icon?
    Allright so heres the story A little while ago I got the dumbest icon everr I need to change it so badlyy Please tell me step by step instructions on how to change it .or not have one at all Helppp?
    2 Technology 59
  152. Aim buddy info
    I am trying 2 make a really cute and cool buddy info for aim. I have tried av-layouts but nothing shows up and someone told me try some other websites but I can't find anything that makes sense and is cool and cute. Do you have any suggesstions???
    5 Technology 61
  153. Can I find a therapist to aim?
    Can I find a therapist to aim? or talk back and forth to on funadvice? I'd like help, or counseling. and I dont have any kind of money. I'm only a kid. and im currently not in school so I can't exactly go to my school counseler.
    2 Health 24
  154. EVDO searching???
    I have a U.S. Cellular LGUX830 (Glimmer) and today I noticed right next to my signal bars there is an EV sign. I looked it up in the icon glossary and it said it was called EVDO Searching. What is this? Is it costing me? How can I get it off?
    2 Technology 39
  155. What kind of aim name sould I have?
    Well.I need a perfect aim name for me. I'm always depresing..I use to be emo.I love fasion. I love dark hair.I listen to screamo music. got any ideas?
    3 Babies 14
  156. Is there a search engine to learn about electronics?
    Is there a search engine web site which helps gather information on electronic gadgets? I want information about Sony DSLR-A100... Suggest me a search engine site which can gather all possible information like manufacturers info, reviews, deals, etc.
    2 Shopping 33
  157. What should my AIM screenname be?
    do you have any ideas for me a screen name for aim? im tottally stumped I don't know what it should be. im 13, my lucky # is 11, I play volleyball, basketball, and softball, I luv checkered vans ,and I luv dogs if that helps. please help me.
    3 Technology 38
  158. Can I use AIM without using AOL?
    Umm im just wondering can I create an aim on my computer without using aol...well what I mean is whats a great site that lets me im for free no downloads and that I can create an account for free help!!! Give me information!!!1
    2 Technology 70
  159. What should I say to this guy on AIM?
    okay so im on aim right now and I am talking to this guy, but I have nothing to say! so please guys HELP ME!!! and prferably soon, because I am talking to him now! thnx! =]] ohh and even if you answer this question a latter still answer it because I ca...
    5 Relationships 12
  160. Can someone please help me make a fun aim screen name for myself?
    I have red hair and green eyes. I am very tall (5' 11''). I love everything about drama. My favorite color is green.
    2 Technology 47
  161. I know my cousins AIM password, gimme ideas
    What are some things I can do to mess around/screw around with his account? I don't really like him he is a stupid little annoying brat, I want to make his life a living hell with his AIM
    12 Technology 45
  162. song search request
    I am looking for a song which is in the movie I now pronounce you Chuck & Larry. It is the second to the last song which is played on the movie credits. The background music appears to be from Spandu Ballet but has light rap content.
    3 Music 39
  163. any ideas for an AIM screen name?
    my sn is getting a bit boring, I've had the same one since I was 5. here's some stuff about me: -brunette/brown hair -short -nicknames are shay or shayshay -real names shayna -im a cheerleader any ideas?
    2 Technology 44
  164. Do you think it is healthy to rely on other people every once in a while or should you be aiming to do most things yourself?
    Obviously you always rely on food to be delivered to your local store so you can shop and things like that, but relying on people to pay for things or give you a lift some place. And how should you deal with it if they let you down.
    6 General 47
  165. Do you think the government should be responsible for funding programs aimed at quitting smoking?
    Should people be responsible for their own actions in taking up the habit in the first place, or should taxpayer's dollars go towards helping them curb their addiction?
    20 Politics 59
  166. Is there any way to use a photo to search the internet, to see if that photo was taken from the internet?
    Normally, I would just go on google images, and type in keywords that I think the photo would be under. However, you aren’t always able to find it that way. Is there an easier way?
    2 Technology 54
  167. Is this a computer virus, a computer, or an actual person via AIM?
    So, my friend sends me a message concerning this girl who says she knows me and wants to talk to me. Screen name: DreamOfAshi. I think it's a virus or computer, but not quite sure. Do you know what it is?
    3 Technology 49
  168. Searching for birthparents
    My fiance and I are searching for his birthparents. we don't know where to start. we are curious about medical history, siblings, and basic info like what they look like and what are their personality characteristics and talents. If you have any inform...
    3 Family 46
  169. AIM Help!
    Is AIM like Windows Instant Messenger? Because I no longer use my hotmail account, and now have gmail. And my Windows IM won't let me sign in with my new e-mail. only the hotmail. Should I get aim, will it work the same?? Or can I still keep msn messen...
    3 Technology 28
  170. How can my school search my stuff?
    This is in the past, but I have just recently been thinking about it. The head of my school heard a rumor that I had weed, so my school had a fake fire drill and had us go outside, when I came back in, my stuff was gone and they called me in to questi...
    3 Education 12
  171. What should I do about being of aim?
    Ok, so when I go shooting with my dad im always of aim of the target.. its because I have a lazy eye and I use my left eye instead of my right. I have glasses but my dad doesnt want me to shoosh them while shooting the guns that kick. Thx for the he...
    2 Sports 13
  172. Aol & aim
    Why does everytime I sign on aol I never see my buddy list I cant instant message someone???...and if I use internet explorer and go to and try to sign in it says this page can not be displayed...???!!! Help me!!!
    2 Technology 40
  173. How do I perform a reverse phone number search?
    I would like to find information belonging to a phone number. I do not know the person's name, only the telephone number. I do not want to pay for this information as I believe it can be obtained at no cost; I just don't know where to look. Thanking...
    4 Technology 17
  174. AIM Screenname Ideas?
    I want something inspirational and creative...something that avoids David Cook.. I've been trying things like DreamOn and LiveYourLife and DorkyWordNerd (with numbers and x's), but they won't work...any ideas?
    2 Technology 45
  175. How do you delete aol instant messenger (your aim history)?
    I have some conversations no1 needs 2 know about.I have cursed out people and stuff(of course I didnt do it for nothing everytime I had a reason).I just need 2 get rid of them please...
    2 Technology 61
  176. Searching for Fun Advice member near Hanoi, Vietnam
    When I carry out this search, why does it come up with members listed as being in different US states as well as my own profile... Try it and see. I'm just going to try this with some other countries to see if I still get useless and irrelevant resu...
    3 Funadvice 11
  177. I'm aiming to lose from my thighs and "lower pooch"?
    I walk about 1 1/2 miles and dance for about 30 minutes every day. I only take a day off maybe once every other week. I am not losing ANY weight what-so-ever form my thighs or stomach... What else should I do?
    4 Nutritionfitness 59
  178. What are some cute aim names?
    I love basketball, I am a girl, I I love horses and all animals! Snowboarding is awesome, the redsox and the celtics are awesome!!! I was thinking maybe Cutie_pie_99 or something like Snowboarder4lyfe or Celticsgurl34 I don't know please help me thi...
    4 Technology 68
  179. Can a cop search you without permission?
    I was walking and got pulled over by a cop and he didn't say why but I'm guessing suspicious activity cause' walking to th library is supicious now?..anyhiw he asked ny anme and then asked if he coukd search my backpack I said yes but if I would have s...
    4 Politics 13
  180. What should I say to thins guy on aim?
    ok theres this guy who keeps talking to me on aim and I dont even no him. he added me from a chat room. and he keeps talkin to me and sayin random stupid things. give me a good come back to say to him. I dont care if it has a curse word I just need som...
    3 Relationships 14
  181. Do you say 'search' or 'hands off the turban' ?
    Since the terrible events of September 11, 2001, the need for additional screening at airports has become apparent. Yet now, some are complaining of 'racial profiling' because of a new policy of screening turbans at airports. The point here is simple: ...
    3 Politics 24
  182. AIM Account Hacked
    I can only assume my account as hacked, as my password is no longer working and when I try to use the recovery function, my secret question has changed as well. Apparently the e-mail associated with the account is still mine, however, so is there any w...
    2 Technology 43
  183. How did my screen name become my best friend on AIM?
    Well yesterday I was board so I typed a random screen name into the add a buddy thing on AIM. I really didn't expect anything to happen, but it turns out it was real. I looked on the buddy info and it had my screen name and then it said "my screen name...
    5 Technology 35
  184. Illegal Police Search?
    Sunday I was parked at Walmart and I was sitting in the car with 2 of my friends, one in which was smoke a ciggarette. A cop rolled up and decided to come up to my car, he saw the person in back smoking a ciggarette and he then decided to take us all ...
    15 Politics 73
  185. Free people search
    I moved from my old neighborhood about a year ago and just recently found out that many of my neighbors had moved as well. There old phone numbers are not the same and I have been trying to find them on many different people searches all day. I wanted ...
    3 Technology 12
  186. Why is it so hard to create a new user name for aim and yahoo?
    Why is it so hard to create a new user name for aim and yahoo? For yahoo I am looking for something a little different. Here are some I chose let me know which you like better. 1. X__photographygirl 2. Xoxo_photographygirl 3. Kayla_the_photographyg...
    2 Technology 31
  187. How can I search through my asked questions?
    I used to be able to click 'My Questions' and search through the questions I have asked. Now, when I click it, I just go to my 'Renee' page and my questions are all muddled with photos, status updates etc and they aren't even in order (Like, there will...
    8 Funadvice 12
  188. Why is it fair for a princapel to search your locker?
    I have a school esay to fight if it is right or wrone for a teacher or princapel to search your locker if he or she has the idea you have drugs or a wepon in it... (don't ask what brought it up lol). I am going with, it is right. But i only have 2 good...
    3 Education 30
  189. How is our site search, could we make it better?
    Over the last year, we've used 3 different search engines on FunAdvice to make the results better. Each has had it's own share of issues, and I'd like to know how you feel about it. We're considering some upgrades, and before we do, it'd be good to kno...
    8 Funadvice 14
  190. Aim screen name help
    Okay well my name is Kayle And im a huge blondeyy. [usually called Kay] and I was wondering if someone could help me make a new screen name. Cause everyone I know copyed minee. Soo... if you cud, please help. thanksss. something with Kay or Kayle in it...
    3 Technology 36
  191. Did you know Yahoo pollutes search results with ads?
    So, I just saw an ad that really bugged me. Yahoo is suggesting "you can't find stuff on Google" however, they are the *only* search engine where they show ads inside the search results themselves, that you can't distinguish from normal results. Did...
    6 Technology 23
  192. New site search live, what do you think?
    Our new site search functionality went live today, you can "narrow" by questions, photos or members, *and* sort the question results by most recent oldest or relevance (the relevance sort was the previous default search experience). Groups are also ...
    5 Funadvice 24
  193. Which websites will let you log on AIM?
    how do you get onto a website that offers log in to aim? I am so confuzed, because I have logged into a bunch of websites to get onto my account before, and it wrked, but now the one I use is being a butt, and wont let me in. its saying I have the wron...
    21 Technology 117
  194. How many people don't understand how search engines work?
    I'm surprised, constantly how many people do _not_ understand how search engines work. Google, Yahoo, Bing etc...they scan websites (like ours) and then, when people type in something on Google, they find a list of sites & advertisements. One of those ...
    5 Technology 82
  195. Is there a cure for AIDS or are we still searching for it?
    I have heard serveral times that the top departments of health or scientist pay the governmemt millions of dollars to prevent them from release out the cure for AIDS and other uncurable dieases. The reason for this is to have people speen thounsands of...
    7 Health 13
  196. What are some AIM screenname ideas?
    My name is amy. I want a screena name that says my name in it mabe. Like something preppy w/ like some words cute hott crunck grrr. I love hollister and abercrombie! I have blonde hair, and blue eyes. I love the beach and of course shopping! PLease hel...
    4 Technology 55
  197. Posting on here rather than searching on Google?
    I have only been on this site a couple of weeks or so and looking through many of the questions can't help wondering...Don't people know how to search for answers on Google? While I appreciate some questions are looking for direct responses from peopl...
    8 Funadvice 29
  198. Cop searching car.
    My friend and I just got out of work walking out to our cars with his girlfriend. Two people walked by and were drunk talking tough to us but we didn't do anything. My friends girlfriend called the cops to scare them away, she drove her car home and my...
    8 Politics 31
  199. Who is this song by?
    What band is this song by? "search and destroy"
    9 Music 13
  200. Buddy info
    What can I put on my aim buddy info?
    2 Technology 20
  201. How to search people in Sweden?
    In school, I am in a class called Pen Pals. I have written to two of them so far, both living in Sweden, but yesterday I got a letter from a girl who seems a lot like me! I wrote back to her, giving her my email and MSN. Problem is, I don't want to wai...
    2 Technology 126
  202. Cant Sign On Aim Anymore.
    We have SBC. We have filters connected to everyone of our phone lines. We had to disconnect 1 of them (personal reason) for a week. Since this other thing has been hooked up, which has been 2 days now, we were able to sign under aim for about 10 minute...
    3 Technology 64
  203. Counting to thirty in kindergarten, isn't that aiming low?
    Counting to thirty in kindergarten, isn't that aiming low? My older son is jus five and a half, and he can count to a hundred. My younger son just turned four in May, attends pre school, and can count to thirty already - he won't be in kindergarten for...
    3 Babies 24
  204. How to find out if my questions have answers?
    2 Funadvice 15
  205. Should I depend on a graphic designer?
    I've been searching for a graphic designer for XR, no luck at all since I started the search. Should I really depend on a graphic designer or should I design it all myself?
    3 Technology 19
  206. Opinions on Wicca
    What are your opinions on Wicca? And palm reading? Any good websites I can search to find good information to help me further my search? Thanks
    12 Religion 45
  207. What is
    What is Zoogdisney com? I have been searching the internet for zoogdisney com and I can't find it.
    3 Entertainment 49
  208. What are the best/funniest youtube videos?
    What are the best/funniest youtube videos? Tell me what to type into to search...
    6 Entertainment 38
  209. What's your future career goal?
    I aim to be a criminal lawyer :)
    50 Money 31
  210. The Shape Of Different Lips
    what are the different shapes in lips? I really want 2 know because everytime I search 4 it lip augmentations appear in the search.
    2 Style 51
  211. Where can I find scholarships for immigrants?
    I need to get as many scholarships as I can, does anyone know a good website to search for scholarships. There are less for immigrants so I need to search everywhere.
    2 Education 13
  212. What does rastered mean?
    I saw it online and I wanna know what it means. I tried to search it on search engines and I cant find a defininition. Does anybody know?
    3 General 179
  213. Is there a pop-rock Christmas song?
    Is a there any Pop-Rock Christmas's Song? I like to search about it... Rock On...
    5 Music 66
  214. How can I get a job when I'm 15?
    I am 15 years old and searching for a job.
    4 Money 128
  215. Which is better, Google or Yahoo?
    which is the best search engine, Google or Yahoo? which you like better and why?
    5 Technology 21
  216. Where can I get a job in az?
    im in search of a job in pheonix az just moved here
    2 Money 47
  217. SEO readings
    What are the best reads for the field of SEO (search engine optimization)?
    3 Technology 15
  218. Can they search me for tinted windows?
    This complaint letter was written to the sheriff's department and the whole story is behind it. I was pulled over by your division on 12-31-08 for tinted windows Citation number S355702 according to the officer(s): A. Veatch (badge/employee number 5...
    7 General 50
  219. Can they search me for tinted windows?
    This complaint letter was written to the sheriff's department and the whole story is behind it. I was pulled over by your division on 12-31-08 for tinted windows Citation number S355702 according to the officer(s): A. Veatch (badge/employee number 5...
    2 Relationships 46
  220. Where can I buy 'hipster clothing'?
    Like if you go on tumblr and search hipster, stuff like that.
    3 Shopping 12
  221. Google or ask?
    Which search engine is better? or I think google is better.
    5 Technology 12
  222. FunAdvice Mafia!!
    Anyone up for a game of mafia?!? If so join the group to play. Just search for FunAdvice Mafia.
    3 Funadvice 17
  223. How can I find my Dad?
    I am tryn to find my dad but I have very little information on him and when I search for him online there are way 2 robinsons listed. can you please tell me how to start a search for him? thank you for your time
    5 Family 36
  224. How to delete my Mom's Mypsace?
    how do i delete my moms myspace aim shes getting adiccted to it
    2 Family 36
  225. How can I find my SSID or WEP?
    I can't find nor' search for my SSID and my WEP? I want to put internet on my wii.
    2 Technology 57
  226. Limewire not working
    Why has limewire results not coming up? It's like searching for them but they never appear.
    4 Technology 35
  227. which one do you like better? why?
    which one do you like better? why? yahoo, messenger msn messenger AIM or google messenger.
    7 Technology 20
  228. Myspace background song?
    how do you get a backround song on myspace? what if you search it and the one you want is not there/?
    3 Technology 43
  229. Suggest me where I find quality Christmas package labels?
    As Christmas is near I am searching for unique Christmas package labels
    2 Shopping 16
  230. How do you say this guy's name?
    How do you say 'Shaant Hacikyan'? (the lead singer of 'Cute Is What We Aim For')
    4 Relationships 40
  231. How come most Americans don't have Friendster accounts?
    How come most Americans don't have Friendster accounts? I have searched the accounts of Americans but the results are always 0(zero)
    9 Technology 11
  232. Tattoo ideas?
    I'm considering getting my first tattoo in the near future and I've been searching all over for ideas. Google searches for tattoos, image searches, browsing through, comic books, I'm running out of ideas. I don't want to rush into...
    5 Style 37
  233. Gaaa what to say?
    I am talking on AIM to the guy that I like . waht should I say sexy to him or to tell him that I like him??
    2 Sex 16
  234. Finding a deadbeat
    How do I find where someones employer using the internet? What are the best search websites?
    3 Family 7
  235. What are games to play with my boyfriend over the phone?
    quick question what are some games I can play with my boyfriend over aim or the phone thanx ~kaitlyn~
    14 Relationships 33905
  236. What's a qood place to qet pictures.?
    Besides photobucket and qooqle imaqe searches.?
    3 Technology 14
  237. Who killed Mahatma Gandhi?
    I was searching for the person who killed Gandhi ji...I need a quick help.
    5 General 122
  238. What is the emo haircut called?
    Well if you search any pics with the word emo in them you will see this haircut on just about all the girls what is it called
    6 Style 239
  239. google hates me. why won't my computer let me use it?
    my computer is haveing problems with google and any other search engine...its refusing to let me search anything on them. I've tried shutting down my computer and troubleshooting but nothing is working. help!
    4 Technology 65
  240. How can I get paid to be a writer?
    How can I get paid to be a writer? I want to get into freelance writing and ghost writing for money. How and where can I start my search?
    2 Money 10
  241. Where can I find a free jail look up site?
    I need to know if there is an internet site that is free for jail inmate searches.
    2 General 14
  242. Why do we need student loans?
    today I was searching for my personal loan I saw student loan...then I thought why do we need. can someone tell me?
    2 Education 58
  243. Where can I find cute & cool profile quotes?
    Where can I find cute, amazing, cool AIM 6.0 profile quotes??? Help please!! :) :)
    2 Entertainment 37
  244. I need a new screen name
    I need a new sn. I dont know what it should be. im 16 I am a blonde. I want it to do with love because I've been in love for 2 years but I cant think of an sn haha. please help me out!
    6 Technology 42
  245. Which Amendement states..?
    Which amendment states a search warrant is necessary before any citizen's possessions may be looked at and seized?
    2 Politics 70
  246. How can I get a paint job estimate for my Mercury Mountaineer?
    I'm trying to get a paint job on my Mercury Mountaineer, but im not sure how much it would cost. I've been trying to search on google, but I guess I'm just not searching right because I can't get an estimate. Can anyone help?
    2 Money 270
  247. Did you choose your religion or was it assigned?
    How many of you chose your religion through research and soul searching or were born into the religion you now worship ?
    19 Religion 36
  248. Emo shops or indie clothing
    Emo sites or shops I've done the searching So yea nothing...
    2 Shopping 52
  249. You like this name, for a girl?
    Umm im still name searching, and was wondering how does " Nyssa" sound for a girl?
    11 Babies 15
  250. What's the reason for some people to be hostile on here?
    What's the reason for some people to be hostile on here? I like most of you on here but, there seems to be a few people that have been hostile toward me for some reason. Have any of you had hostility towards people on here lately from some people? I'...
    5 Funadvice 14