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  1. how do i have in to my aim
    2 Technology 25
  2. How to aim a paintball gun?
    How to aim a paintball gun?
    2 Gaming 61
  3. Can I delete an aim screenname?
    Can I delete an aim screenname?
    3 Technology 41
  4. How to hack aim passwords?
    How to hack aim passwords?
    3 Technology 273
  5. Can you get aim on the iphone 3g?
    Can you get aim on the iphone 3g?
    2 Technology 38
  6. Where can you get a great profile for AIM?
    Where can you get a great profile for aim?
    2 Technology 20
  7. How do I delete an AIM account that has been hacked?
    3 Technology 30
  8. Where can I get cute stuff for my AIM profile?
    Where do I get cute stuff for my AIM Profile?
    2 Technology 48
  9. Where can I find cool stuff for my AIM profile?
    Where can I find cool stuff for my AIM profile?
    3 Technology 46
  10. How to setup AIM on the Blackberry Curve?
    How do I set up aim in my blackberry curve?
    3 Technology 117
  11. Where do I find cute aim sayings for my profile?
    Where do I find cute aim sayings for my profile?
    3 Technology 46
  12. AIM 6.9
    Does aim 6.9 cost money to download ?
    3 Technology 47
  13. Do people really still use Aim?
    9 Technology 63
  14. websites for aim?
    what are some good websites to go on for aim, without having to download it?
    2 Technology 12
  15. AIM Accounts!!!
    I have an aim but no one on it!! if you have 1 can I add u???
    6 Technology 25
  16. What is aim?
    I've been hearing a lot about this aim recently and was just curious as to what it was?
    13 Technology 41
  17. How can I delete people from my aim and aim lifestream?
    All of this stuff is complicated. Easy to add, but hard to delete. Please help!!! :(
    2 Technology 55
  18. Cute Is What We Aim For
    whats your opion on cute is what we aim for song {Newport Living}
    5 Music 41
  19. Kewl things 2 put on my buddy info on aim?
    What are some kewl things 2 put on my buddy info on aim?
    4 Technology 50
  20. How do I hack into someone's AIM?
    How do I hack into people's aim screen names? Or, is there a site with people's aim screen names passwords?
    2 Technology 221
  21. Would AIM or Mobile IM be free too?
    if you have unlimited texting for tmobile is aim or mobile im free too?
    3 Technology 42
  22. aim screen names
    my friend and I are making her an aim..any suggestions for a screen name?? her name is kennah. thanks
    2 Gaming 28
  23. AIM (Help please!)
    How do I put MY picture as my AIM icon ??? someone helppp !
    3 Entertainment 16
  24. aim screename
    im thirteen my name is daniel what is a good aim screen name for me ?
    3 Technology 51
  25. Info on your lookup
    My friend put heaps of info about herself on her lookup. She then said that heaps more people became friends with her. Do you think I should put my info on my lookup?
    3 Funadvice 11
  26. Which AIM version is the best?
    I've recently downloaded the 7.5 version and it sucks.
    2 Technology 41
  27. What's a good name for a magazine aimed at 11-17 year olds?
    3 Literature 28
  28. I need some friends 4 aim!!!
    I nedd friends 4 it...cause I dont have very many friends!!!
    4 Relationships 15
  29. Where can I get cute AIM profile stuff?
    Does anyone know where I can get cute AIM profile sayings or titles?
    8 Technology 152
  30. Should I get AIM
    Half of my friends have AIM and I was wondering,should I get one and would it slow down my computer?
    2 Technology 11
  31. How do you use the xanga aim profile?
    How do you use the xanga aim profile? Like I cant find a code or anything
    2 Technology 72
  32. AIM on phone?
    I have AT&T. My brother turned texting on for me. Does that mean that I can use AIM on my phone? Or does that still cost money?
    4 Technology 45
  33. Aim for the Center
    How far can a guy shoot sperm and how many times in 1day can he cum
    3 Relationships 189
  34. what does it mean when people put mhmm on text aim or anywhere!!??
    ell me all the ways plzz!!
    10 Technology 173
  35. Where can I find cool things for my AIM profile?
    Heyyy!!! I want some cool fun sayings and things to put in my AIM profile!!! Can you give me some?
    3 Technology 80
  36. AIM trouble
    My AIM keeps telling me I have an Invalid Username or password but I have changed my password and everything. But it still says that it's still invalid.
    2 Technology 113
  37. What to do if someone hacked onto my AIM account?
    What do I do if someone hacked onto my aol instant messenger screen name?
    4 Technology 72
  38. Is there a way to find someone's AIM screenname?
    I wanna find my friends AIM screen name but I dont know how. Is there a way to find it?
    6 Technology 1270
  39. Do you know any cute AIM sayings?
    I need really cute saying for AIM like cute hearts and different color letters please!
    5 Technology 118
  40. je t'aime plus que ma propre vie?
    je t'aime plus que ma propre vie please people who know german help ME!!!
    8 General 219
  41. How can I delete my old AIM screenname?
    I want to delete my old aim screen name, I looked at the site and I can't find where how I can delete it, does anyone know?
    4 Technology 108
  42. How do you put a youtube video on your aim buddy info?
    Please please someone help me do you put a youtube video on your aim buddy wht do you copy and paste?
    2 Technology 50
  43. Aim help please!!
    How do I put my picture as an icon but using my computer the picture I want is already saved on my computer can someone please help me???
    2 Technology 19
  44. What are some good AIM screen names??
    I have blonde hair... and im kinda slow... :] haha and I LOVE smileys.
    3 Technology 84
  45. What's the screen name of the computer robot on AIM?
    Is it smart kid Its a screen name of an automatic robot that responds to you Nayone know it??? Helppp
    6 Technology 465
  46. Is there anyway to get an AIM profile on a Mac?
    Okay so I just got a Mac and I have to use ichat for AIM, but the thing is I can't find anyway to make a profile with ichat. Is it just not possible? Is there some way to do it on ichat, or some other thing I can use on a Mac for AIM that will allow ...
    2 Technology 35
  47. Does it cost to AIM with Verizon even though I have unlimited txt?
    will I get charged if I txt back to an AIM even with unlimited txting?? all I see is Tmobil & AOL.
    3 Technology 43
  48. Is there anyway to find out what to tell people to text to if they want to text your aim account on yur computer?
    Like, when you text an Ipod, there is an sms number. Is it the same with aim?
    3 Technology 8
    My son's AIM keeps being hacked and we suspect this is done by the same person. how can he/she hack into someone's AIM when the password has been changed several times and how can we trace who is doing this. I assume it is illegal.
    4 Technology 76
  50. Aim screename ideas?
    What are some ideas for my new aim screename. My names brianna, I was born in 95. Fav number is 23 Nickname is bre & buzz buzz. Yeah any ideas?
    3 Technology 39
  51. What is a cool profile name for AIM?
    hey im trying to get a profile on aim but like every name is taken can anyone give me some out there names with #'z at the end?
    4 Technology 56
  52. How to work AIM?
    ok I just got an AIM account and I dont no how to im someone or create a buddy list I actually have no idea what im doin can someone help!!!???
    3 Technology 51
  53. How to keep my away message up on AIM when I talk?
    I have aim 6.0 and when I put on my awaymessage and type again it goes off.. how do I keep it on even while im talkign to my friends?
    2 Technology 41
  54. do any of you have any good ideas for my screen name in aim?
    do any of you have any good ideas for my screen name in aim. I have no ides on what to decide. I like music, dancing, cartoons, dogs,singing just help me think of a good screen name
    4 Gaming 50
  55. What does the AIM Error Message mean Target rate limit reached?
    I can't log on to Aim I keep getting this error message Target rate limit reached status Detail Code 5
    3 Technology 683
  56. Aim screen name
    Can someone please make my friend an aim screen name? She doesnt have a computer she only has a cell phone but she can go on aim on it. I just made myself a new screen name yesterday so it wont let me. Please?!?
    3 Technology 52
  57. Change sound on AIM
    I know how to change my sound from the options, but if I want something different, like tokio hotel or something, is there any way to get that to play when I send a message on AIM?
    2 General 98
  58. What are good screennames for AIM?
    do you have any good ideas for aim screenames I love soccer its my life!my favorite color is yellow and my friends say im a dum blonde?
    3 Technology 63
  59. Can someone hack yer aim ?
    -.- all of my friends on aim were deleted and someone kept signing on yesterday via sidekick ? How's that possible I didn't give anyone my password! >_<
    2 Technology 42
  60. How can I make my photo into an AIM icon?
    hey I took a picture of me with a digital camera. I want to make it my buddy icon for aim, but I don't know how. Pleazz help if you can. = ) I already have it saved on my pictures.
    8 Technology 178
  61. Is there any way to view your AIM conversation history?
    Any place I can go to, login my AIM (AOL INSTANT MESSENGER) account and look up all the conversations I've ever had with people???
    7 Technology 4778
  62. who uses aim?
    I just made a aim account but when I try to sign in it doesnt let me and I have changed my password so I know its not that but its still say that incorrect thingy lol so what should I do?
    6 Technology 57
  63. What cute stuff can I put on my AIM page?
    Does anyone know any aim pages stuf I can put in my aim page like quotes, short poems, funny stuff, anything juss keep it clean! tnx
    2 Literature 70
  64. Samsung beholder vs. G1 android [who's aim is better]
    I am going too be buying either samsung beholder or the G1 android phone from tmobile . I wanted too know which phone is better for aim since I am huge aim user. Please any help?
    2 Technology 39
  65. What is a good aim username that I can use ?
    - I want a really good aim . That I can only give to friends .. But , I can't think of anything .. I want it to reflect my name .. Connie . Or anything without my name .. I don't care . Just be good and awesome . :) Or just be different .. So , any id...
    2 Technology 40
  66. How can I find cute stuff for my AIM profile?
    Does anyone no where to get really good cute sayings for aim profiles and fun stuff to put in it like little hearts and stuff? please let me no thanks!
    38 Technology 237
  67. What are some AIM screen names ideas?
    I have blonde haire and love to shop and go to the beach! I also love dogs dance sigging. Please help me figure some out?
    17 Technology 459
  68. I need an AIM screen name!
    Hello my name Is Morgan and I really want a new AIM a little help please? I want something cute! I love being outside and I love animals. Something with my name in it would be nice!
    3 Technology 46
  69. Want to learn how to make AIM profiles
    Let's say that I wanted to make a website and have AIM profiles (buddy infos) on it. How would I put them on? I've seen it before and some people have codes underneath the picture of it, and some of them you can just copy and paste. How do you do t...
    2 Technology 16
  70. I need a Aim name
    I need suggestions for a Aim Name is Marvel, I like sports and shoes Lol im 16 I run track I love girls lmao I like to have fun and Im fly LOl I need help PLease!!!
    5 Technology 26
  71. I need a new screen name for aim, 3-16 characters?
    Okay,so I need a new screen name for aim. And I wan tone that no one would think of but I want it to be like a quote. Like myspace... 3-16 charecters. Helpp.?
    2 Technology 55
  72. How to change my aim icon?
    Allright so heres the story A little while ago I got the dumbest icon everr I need to change it so badlyy Please tell me step by step instructions on how to change it .or not have one at all Helppp?
    2 Technology 59
  73. Can I find a therapist to aim?
    Can I find a therapist to aim? or talk back and forth to on funadvice? I'd like help, or counseling. and I dont have any kind of money. I'm only a kid. and im currently not in school so I can't exactly go to my school counseler.
    2 Health 24
  74. What kind of aim name sould I have?
    Well.I need a perfect aim name for me. I'm always depresing..I use to be emo.I love fasion. I love dark hair.I listen to screamo music. got any ideas?
    3 Babies 14
  75. Aim buddy info
    I am trying 2 make a really cute and cool buddy info for aim. I have tried av-layouts but nothing shows up and someone told me try some other websites but I can't find anything that makes sense and is cool and cute. Do you have any suggesstions???
    5 Technology 61
  76. I know my cousins AIM password, gimme ideas
    What are some things I can do to mess around/screw around with his account? I don't really like him he is a stupid little annoying brat, I want to make his life a living hell with his AIM
    12 Technology 45
  77. What should my AIM screenname be?
    do you have any ideas for me a screen name for aim? im tottally stumped I don't know what it should be. im 13, my lucky # is 11, I play volleyball, basketball, and softball, I luv checkered vans ,and I luv dogs if that helps. please help me.
    3 Technology 38
  78. What should I say to this guy on AIM?
    okay so im on aim right now and I am talking to this guy, but I have nothing to say! so please guys HELP ME!!! and prferably soon, because I am talking to him now! thnx! =]] ohh and even if you answer this question a latter still answer it because I ca...
    5 Relationships 12
  79. Can someone please help me make a fun aim screen name for myself?
    I have red hair and green eyes. I am very tall (5' 11''). I love everything about drama. My favorite color is green.
    2 Technology 47
  80. Can I use AIM without using AOL?
    Umm im just wondering can I create an aim on my computer without using aol...well what I mean is whats a great site that lets me im for free no downloads and that I can create an account for free help!!! Give me information!!!1
    2 Technology 70
  81. Is this a computer virus, a computer, or an actual person via AIM?
    So, my friend sends me a message concerning this girl who says she knows me and wants to talk to me. Screen name: DreamOfAshi. I think it's a virus or computer, but not quite sure. Do you know what it is?
    3 Technology 49
  82. Do you think it is healthy to rely on other people every once in a while or should you be aiming to do most things yourself?
    Obviously you always rely on food to be delivered to your local store so you can shop and things like that, but relying on people to pay for things or give you a lift some place. And how should you deal with it if they let you down.
    6 General 47
  83. Do you think the government should be responsible for funding programs aimed at quitting smoking?
    Should people be responsible for their own actions in taking up the habit in the first place, or should taxpayer's dollars go towards helping them curb their addiction?
    20 Politics 59
  84. AIM Help!
    Is AIM like Windows Instant Messenger? Because I no longer use my hotmail account, and now have gmail. And my Windows IM won't let me sign in with my new e-mail. only the hotmail. Should I get aim, will it work the same?? Or can I still keep msn messen...
    3 Technology 28
  85. What should I do about being of aim?
    Ok, so when I go shooting with my dad im always of aim of the target.. its because I have a lazy eye and I use my left eye instead of my right. I have glasses but my dad doesnt want me to shoosh them while shooting the guns that kick. Thx for the he...
    2 Sports 13
  86. AIM Screenname Ideas?
    I want something inspirational and creative...something that avoids David Cook.. I've been trying things like DreamOn and LiveYourLife and DorkyWordNerd (with numbers and x's), but they won't work...any ideas?
    2 Technology 45
  87. Aol & aim
    Why does everytime I sign on aol I never see my buddy list I cant instant message someone???...and if I use internet explorer and go to and try to sign in it says this page can not be displayed...???!!! Help me!!!
    2 Technology 40
  88. any ideas for an AIM screen name?
    my sn is getting a bit boring, I've had the same one since I was 5. here's some stuff about me: -brunette/brown hair -short -nicknames are shay or shayshay -real names shayna -im a cheerleader any ideas?
    2 Technology 44
  89. How do you delete aol instant messenger (your aim history)?
    I have some conversations no1 needs 2 know about.I have cursed out people and stuff(of course I didnt do it for nothing everytime I had a reason).I just need 2 get rid of them please...
    2 Technology 61
  90. I'm aiming to lose from my thighs and "lower pooch"?
    I walk about 1 1/2 miles and dance for about 30 minutes every day. I only take a day off maybe once every other week. I am not losing ANY weight what-so-ever form my thighs or stomach... What else should I do?
    4 Nutritionfitness 59
  91. What are some cute aim names?
    I love basketball, I am a girl, I I love horses and all animals! Snowboarding is awesome, the redsox and the celtics are awesome!!! I was thinking maybe Cutie_pie_99 or something like Snowboarder4lyfe or Celticsgurl34 I don't know please help me thi...
    4 Technology 68
  92. What should I say to thins guy on aim?
    ok theres this guy who keeps talking to me on aim and I dont even no him. he added me from a chat room. and he keeps talkin to me and sayin random stupid things. give me a good come back to say to him. I dont care if it has a curse word I just need som...
    3 Relationships 14
  93. AIM Account Hacked
    I can only assume my account as hacked, as my password is no longer working and when I try to use the recovery function, my secret question has changed as well. Apparently the e-mail associated with the account is still mine, however, so is there any w...
    2 Technology 43
  94. How did my screen name become my best friend on AIM?
    Well yesterday I was board so I typed a random screen name into the add a buddy thing on AIM. I really didn't expect anything to happen, but it turns out it was real. I looked on the buddy info and it had my screen name and then it said "my screen name...
    5 Technology 35
  95. Why is it so hard to create a new user name for aim and yahoo?
    Why is it so hard to create a new user name for aim and yahoo? For yahoo I am looking for something a little different. Here are some I chose let me know which you like better. 1. X__photographygirl 2. Xoxo_photographygirl 3. Kayla_the_photographyg...
    2 Technology 31
  96. Aim screen name help
    Okay well my name is Kayle And im a huge blondeyy. [usually called Kay] and I was wondering if someone could help me make a new screen name. Cause everyone I know copyed minee. Soo... if you cud, please help. thanksss. something with Kay or Kayle in it...
    3 Technology 36
  97. Which websites will let you log on AIM?
    how do you get onto a website that offers log in to aim? I am so confuzed, because I have logged into a bunch of websites to get onto my account before, and it wrked, but now the one I use is being a butt, and wont let me in. its saying I have the wron...
    21 Technology 117
  98. What are some AIM screenname ideas?
    My name is amy. I want a screena name that says my name in it mabe. Like something preppy w/ like some words cute hott crunck grrr. I love hollister and abercrombie! I have blonde hair, and blue eyes. I love the beach and of course shopping! PLease hel...
    4 Technology 55
  99. Buddy info
    What can I put on my aim buddy info?
    2 Technology 20
  100. Cant Sign On Aim Anymore.
    We have SBC. We have filters connected to everyone of our phone lines. We had to disconnect 1 of them (personal reason) for a week. Since this other thing has been hooked up, which has been 2 days now, we were able to sign under aim for about 10 minute...
    3 Technology 64
  101. Counting to thirty in kindergarten, isn't that aiming low?
    Counting to thirty in kindergarten, isn't that aiming low? My older son is jus five and a half, and he can count to a hundred. My younger son just turned four in May, attends pre school, and can count to thirty already - he won't be in kindergarten for...
    3 Babies 24
  102. What's your future career goal?
    I aim to be a criminal lawyer :)
    50 Money 31
  103. which one do you like better? why?
    which one do you like better? why? yahoo, messenger msn messenger AIM or google messenger.
    7 Technology 20
  104. How to delete my Mom's Mypsace?
    how do i delete my moms myspace aim shes getting adiccted to it
    2 Family 36
  105. What are games to play with my boyfriend over the phone?
    quick question what are some games I can play with my boyfriend over aim or the phone thanx ~kaitlyn~
    14 Relationships 33905
  106. Gaaa what to say?
    I am talking on AIM to the guy that I like . waht should I say sexy to him or to tell him that I like him??
    2 Sex 16
  107. How do you say this guy's name?
    How do you say 'Shaant Hacikyan'? (the lead singer of 'Cute Is What We Aim For')
    4 Relationships 40
  108. Where can I find cute & cool profile quotes?
    Where can I find cute, amazing, cool AIM 6.0 profile quotes??? Help please!! :) :)
    2 Entertainment 37
  109. What's the reason for some people to be hostile on here?
    What's the reason for some people to be hostile on here? I like most of you on here but, there seems to be a few people that have been hostile toward me for some reason. Have any of you had hostility towards people on here lately from some people? I'...
    5 Funadvice 14
  110. What should my aim screenname be?
    I'm going to make a screenname on AIM, but I don't know what to make it. This is what I wrote about myself on my profile: "I'm 14 years old! Yay me! I love to read and write (mostly poems). I love love LOVE music , my mp3 player is like my bes...
    3 Technology 63
  111. Spanish translation
    I need a translation for this vous etes ... Ainsi joli j'aime vous parler tellement
    10 General 52
  112. are you shy? I am... and I hate it!
    how can I stop being so shy? I never know what 2 say... like talkin to boys or talkin to people on aim. what do I say? what do you say to people? I don't know
    2 Relationships 37
  113. Nintendo Games
    What games would you recommend for the Nintendo Wii and/or DS? Probably games that are aimed for teens/pre-teens and that aren't violent.
    6 Gaming 16
  114. Witty sayings
    Does anyone have any good funny or cute sayings I cld use for myspace,aim,etc. Profiles??
    3 Technology 10
  115. what is the best toothpaste that you have ever used?
    i use colgate, but there are so many toothpastes, like crest,aim and so on what do you think is the best toothpaste any suggestion is welcome thank you.
    6 General 50
  116. Bullet for my Valentine's new album, what songs do you like?
    Okay so who's heard Bullet for my Valentine's new album called Scream Aim Fire??? what song do you guys like from the album??
    2 Music 42
  117. Ttfn, ttyl, l8r, g8r
    Does anyone like the books ttfn, ttyl, l8r, g8r by lauren myracle? I love that its all in aim conversations :d
    4 Literature 17
  118. What are some cute & unique screen names ?
    Like for aim or aol ? I want cute & unique one like the one I have now is biitch iim meh x
    3 General 54
  119. What should my new username be?
    my currnet aim username is really boring...I luv cheerleading,fall out boy,and pete wentz<3...what should my username be???
    4 Technology 38
  120., making profiles public?
    How do you make it so your aim profile isen't private on I am so confused.. I uploaded pictures but it says that my profile is private so no one can see it.
    2 Technology 47
  121. How good are mini laptops?
    Those 300dollar laptops right? How good are they? Could I download skype msn aim etc? How about internet? How do they work? :d
    2 Technology 36
  122. Help me please on my french!
    I need help on my french how what does this say? Tu aimes mieux les sports d'equipe ou les sports individuals? Please help me
    2 Education 58
  123. Are girls allowed to cum during sex?
    Ok yea guys cum during sex but are girls allowed to do it I mean it would just go everywhere whereas guys squirt and aim
    5 Sex 90
  124. How to delete Trojan Virus
    I got like 40 viruses on my comp and I cnt use aim because of that... how cn you delete trojan virus for free?? ny web sites??
    5 Technology 104
  125. Hmm, does spelling and grammar bother you when it's incorrect
    Hmm, does spelling and grammar bother you when it's incorrect.. Haha, because when I text people, or go on AIM, I always correct it. Haha, it's just one of those things that bothers me... Word?
    11 Literature 55
  126. Does anyone know of an online high school with open enrollment?
    I can't stand my high school. I have missed a few days because I've been out sick, now I'm failing. I'm thinking about going to an online high school, but I'm not sure how the AIMS thing works (I go to school in Arizona). I know I will have to drive 2 ...
    2 Education 18
  127. ASking a girl out at different schools
    I want to ask this girl out, but we go to different schools. WE went to the same elementary school and use to keep in touch, but I have been busy lately to keep in touch. I want to ask her out but am not sure how. I know her phone number and her aim s...
    2 Relationships 19
  128. singers voices...
    what singers voice is your favroite? or like, who's voice do you realllyyy like? mine would be these (in order) Christopher Drew (NeverShoutNever) ♥ & the singer from Cute Is What We Aim For.♥ & Andrew from The Scene Aesthetic♥ & Brendon Uri...
    2 Music 14
  129. What's the best instant messenger client?
    I've heard all sorts of stuff about aim, gtalk, msn messenger, and yahoo messenger...but what's the best im client? Is it just whatever my friends are using, or is there one that's really better...and if there is one that's better, why is it better?
    3 Technology 53
  130. What are your pet peeves?
    what are your guyses pet peeves? I hate it when people dont answer questions fast enough and I hate it when people talk to loud on cell phones u? oh! and when I dont no how to get online to my aim account!!!
    5 General 32
  131. How To Improve My Wrist Shot and Slap Shot?
    The question's pretty self-explanatory I think :) My slap shot isn't bad although I'd like to improve my aim, and my wrist shot is kinda weak. Tips?? Thanks:)
    2 Sports 28
  132. wht screen name?
    what screen name should I have for aim??? I like abercrombie and hollister, I love monkeys(animals),my name is GABBY, and I like to go to the mall a lot.And I also like to hang out with my friends!!! ♥♥ Ö Ü ♥♥ lol!!
    6 Shopping 14
  133. What games can two people in a relationship play over the internet
    What could I do with my girlfriend over AIM (aol instant mesenger) that would be fun and bonding? Talking seems to get kinda boring... so like a game or...?
    8 Gaming 695
  134. Need a new book series. HELPPP!
    I need a new book series to read. Preferably aimed at the teenage type,since I'm 16 :P I'm way into Twilight, Harry Potter and House of Night. HELP!
    11 Literature 30
  135. What would a good name be?
    I been having this problem. I want to create a new sn for aim. here are the suggestions which is better. (A) xUnknownArtGirl (B) KaylaxDaydreams (C) x_unknown_artgirl (D) xdreaminglifeaway (E) xdreamlifeaway
    4 Technology 7
  136. Hacked ='[[[
    Someone hacked onto my aim lastnight they really didnt do anything but delete a few people but they were very specfic about who they were deleting.. Noone has my password I mean NOONE. Also a little phone thing appeared on it >:O What happend??
    2 Technology 45
  137. Best multi-chat program for Windows?
    So a friend got me to download Pidgin, which allows you to be signed onto GTalk, AIM, MSN, ICQ, and other chat programs at the same time. Does anyone use anything that they like more? Or is Pidgin the best?
    4 Technology 58
  138. Weight, Height, Age, Ethnicityy
    I am a 32 year old African American female. I am 5'10 and weigh 262 Ibs. If trying to set a realistic goal, how much weight showed I aim to loose?
    2 Nutritionfitness 17
  139. Ideas for a book title
    I'm going to start writing a book about a girl in the 20s who meets faeries.. that kind of thing. Got any ideas for mainly a title, and writing styles? It is aimed at maybe 11 year old girls - thanks. :)
    4 Literature 24
  140. Both dating the same person
    Ok. This is kinda long but I need your help. My friend ava is dating this guy that my other friend teyanna likes. Ava didn't tell teyanna that she was dating him because she didn't want her to get mad. So then teyanna and I were talking on aim and she ...
    2 Relationships 47
  141. My friend hates me
    I go to ecuador for a month and a half and I come back and text my best friend im back how are you den I check his myspace and im off his top and he posts on his aim john (me) is a fruit and im freaking ooout should I jump 2 conclusions what should I do?
    2 Relationships 43
  142. How do I change Norton Firewall settings?
    Hey, I use Norton Firewall and I need to know how to change its settings so that it allows certain things through. For example, the firewall works will so I want it on usually, but it blocks AIM and the iTunes online store, and I am usually in one of ...
    2 Technology 70
  143. Why is my friend acting like this?
    my friend, I asked to be in her AIM profile and she said sry I dont have any room, and she did. The I asked her for her cell, and home # cause I forgot she gave me her cell # then said sry I dont give out my home # then I go oh ok lol did you know I go...
    11 Relationships 15
  144. What kind of hours and pay would a 16 year old get at Kroger?
    if your an unexperienced worker, 16 years old, and you aim to get a job at KROGER many hours are they probable to give you? and what is minimum wage right now because im clueless. HOLLA =D!
    2 Money 363
  145. Lied about my Age
    I started talkin to my neighbor who lives upstairs from me on aim. It was fun getting to know each other.But then one day he asked my age and I lied about it. He still thought I was young but we kept on talking. Now we are going out but im scared he wi...
    2 Relationships 64
  146. How can I get a flat stomach?
    I know I know, crunches. But what else is there? I am kind of aiming for a pack. I'm really small, and I weight like 92 lbs.. 15 years old.. But I till have a bit of flab, ha. Any ideas?
    4 Nutritionfitness 22
  147. Where can I listen to this French Christmas Carol?
    Where can I listen to this? I think it's called either C'est Noel or Joyeux Noel. "La neige tombe , Le village est tout blanc , La lune est ronde , Dormez, petits enfants ! Les cloches sonnent, Embrasse ta maman , Un train glisse , G...
    2 Music 65
  148. Taken up pole dancing fitness classes make me a slut?
    I've rescently taken up pole dancing fitness classes, which after 5 visits is just pole dancing and getting fit, I think its great exersise and gives me confidence, but my friend says its a bit slutty! Is it? Its not like my job aim is becoming a pole ...
    10 Nutritionfitness 53
  149. How to find a career that suits me?
    Ok so I am 16 and in the first year of A Levels. I am a good student but I have a heard that if a person has a aim in life then that person has the motivation to excel. I currently don't have any idea of what I am going to do after university. My subje...
    2 Money 37
  150. The end is just beginning
    Large eyes staring back at me Glazed with love and lies. And confusion on my part. Yours, too? Never would've guessed. Plump lips part, Letting foul words leave. But who are they aimed towards? "I can't believe I did this." Did what? Nothing ...
    2 Literature 11
  151. Am I wrong to act like this?
    I just recently felt as if I was pregnant and I always have like bad mood swings.I always yells at my boyfriend and tell him what to do but I dont really mean all the mean things I say to him.I dont sometimes want to be bother with his friends and fami...
    3 Relationships 10
  152. What's a cute new screenname for me?
    yeahhh I need a new aim screen name. and I cant think of anything cute. ummm soo can you think of one for me. ummm my name is Amanda or Mandy. ummm lets see blonde hair, brown eyes. I don't know if that helps. whatevv. thanksss dollface :)
    10 Technology 62
  153. Here is a quote by a Swedish philosopher, what do you think of it?
    It's horrible to see a child whose life is ruined because of an operation that cost $20, but if you operate the child then they live a little bit better but in the same situation which produced them. The real aim is to try and reconstruct society on...
    7 Literature 24
  154. why cant I talk to people :(
    im hardly ever around anyone and whenever I am, its like everyone else is a completely different species or something. I get so shy that I cant look anyone in the eye. I cant talk to anyone directly, not even my friends, I only talk to them through AI...
    6 General 73
  155. What are some bands similar to... Boys like girls?
    I need some more bands similar to boys like girls, cute is what we aim for, brokencyde, cobra starship, calvary kids, dot dot curve, hollywood undead, medic droids, all-american rejects, all time low, a change of pace... Ect
    3 Music 121
  156. How to stop eating a lot at the end of the day?
    I've been like Anorexic for awhile, or I WAS anyway. I aim to eat like 450-500 calories a day, and I do so well, then at the end of the day I start eating a lot. What do I do? I need to stop so I don't gain weight. I think I'm doing this because I star...
    5 Nutritionfitness 22
  157. Any help?
    Okay so my mom found a wierd number in my stepfathers phone so she made me text the person to see who it was...turns out it was a boy who is 18 (im sure hes 18 cause I saw his myspace) and who lives 20 blocks from me...the reason he texted my stepfathe...
    2 Relationships 39
  158. What are ideas for a new screen name?
    I want to get a new sn for AIM but I don't know what it should be. Im very unique so it should be something different. Any Ideas? I love anything having to do with wicked and rent(the musicals) and harry potter. MY last name is Smith and something with...
    3 Technology 67
  159. Something seems inappropriate
    I was watching an episode of a show called 6teen on Cartoon Network. This episode mentioned breasts, sex, and one night stands. This is not a show on the Adult Swim block. I am not sure what its rating is, but this is on during its regular programming....
    2 Sex 11
  160. What Shall I Name My Daughter?
    She is due June 3rd, and it is a little girl. I have to say, she'll probably have brown hair, and green eyes. What should I name my daughter? I was thinking: - Danielle (Or Daniella) - Alexia - Miranda - Janelle - Dayna - Macy - Bridget - J'a...
    18 Babies 90
  161. What's the most fun thing you've done at 13?
    Okay, I'm REALLY bored. people, tell me about the FUNNEST time you've had when you were thirteen. im mostly aiming for stuff you did illegal at thirteen or younger. have you seen the movie "thirteen" ? have you ever had times like that ? please tell me...
    10 Entertainment 19
  162. Gamma rays
    A gamma ray burst from a powerful stellar explosion was aimed nearly directly at the Earth from the constellation Bootes. The dying star was 7.5 billion light-years from Earth. Question If it was 7.5 billion light-years from Earth, then that me...
    5 Science 46
  163. Do colleges like to see improvement?
    Freshmen year was horrible and my grades weren't very good. Sophomore year, I had decent to excellent grades. It's my junior year now and I'm going to try to work as hard as I can. I want to aim for at least a 3.7 GPA. Do colleges like to see improveme...
    3 Education 66
  164. Working with animals... I need...
    HI I sooo badly want to work with african animals such as lions elephants cheeters etc. I am going to aim to become a zookeeper but I need to be heavily qualified to do this.. could anyone give me anytips on how to go about this.. this is my d...
    2 Pets 53
  165. Answer these questions
    Do you think emo girls haircuts like mine make them look ratty??? Do you think all emo people cut? Do you think that contreversy(s) between cliques and lifestyles are SO FREAKEN STUPID!? WHY DO PEOPLE THINK SO LOW TOWARDS SOME PEOPLE?? how ...
    5 General 15
  166. How much did your straightener/flat iron cost ?
    So I have an old straightener, and my dad was the one who chose it. He says he got a great bargain because it was $15. I guess that explains why it really sucks. It takes a long time to heat up, and it doesn't get my hair straight at all. How much doe...
    7 Shopping 14
  167. How does a girl know if a guy likes her?
    I was dumped 7 months ago by a great guy. I still liked him and I begged him to give me another chance but he ignored me. eventually I gave up and didnt make any effort to talk to him. I gotta boyfriend, he gotta girlfriend. we moved on. then like 5 mo...
    2 Relationships 24
  168. Can I model at 5'8'' and 140 lbs?
    Right, be honest with me. I'm 140 lbs and 5'8" (Although I'm aiming to get down to 125 lbs). My question is, can I model? I know 5'8" is basically the shortest you can be to model and I realise you have the be strictly size 4-8 (uk sizes). I'm size 8-...
    7 Money 904
  169. Makeup advise!!
    Could anyone give me a tip on what makeup to try for my formal? I have a wide round face, big blue eyes, blonde hair and medium to fair skin colour. I was aiming for the fresh look, but I would like my eyes to stand out. My dress is blue an wearing ...
    2 Style 31
  170. Should my friend dump her boyfriend for yelling at her?
    My friend wanted me to ask a question for her so here it is: She has a boyfriend that lives in Ohio and they've been going out for awhile and she really loves him but lately when she gets on AIM to talk to him she says Hi and then he never answers and ...
    2 Relationships 71
  171. I need to know some iphone information
    Well I have a t-mobile sidekick 3 and its good or whatever but the only problem is I'm dis-appointed that you can't view videos of any sort and the camera sucks and you can't attach earphones. Well anyways I was thinking about getting a iphone. But the...
    3 Technology 13
  172. How do I know if a girl likes me?
    I know this is corny, but you guys could probably help me. Theres this girl I've known for a little over a year. 2 months ago, she gave me her phone number, and AIM. She texts me a lot, and I text her a lot. We'd stay up until 11pm texting. We talk a ...
    5 Relationships 8
  173. Am I ugly or not?
    ok well a lot boys think im ugly and fat but all my friends think im reely pretty and skinny...and lately like no boys like me and I have tried so many times and I dont know wut to do...I dot know how to stop feeling so bad bout myself...I dont like it...
    10 Style 47
  174. I bleached my hair black hair blonde, but it turned out orange!
    I was naturally born with dark brown or black hair. I was stupid and 'lightened' or 'bleached'. It turned out bright orange. I then bleached it again and it stayed the same. The aim I wanted was to go a dirty blonde. If you've had experience in th...
    4 Style 453
  175. Weird messages
    I keep getting messages from the number 60611002.. Its not a phone number and somehow they know quite a lot about me and about my current relationship. When I asked who they were they told me their name was justin (who is the guy I am dating).. But it ...
    5 Technology 51
  176. What's happening with my crush?
    When I told this guy I like him, he said that he didn't like me back. And ever since, he's been talking to me every time he goes on AIM. But I always have a feeling he feels kinda awkward around me, so I don't understand why he's talking to me more...
    3 Relationships 18
  177. What to do if my house is going to be toilet papered?
    HELP ME! This week at school this beeyotchy girl got mad at me cause I sat in her seat on the bus and said she was going to TP (Toilet Paper) and egg my house tonight! I dont know what to do. Im guessing she is going to try cause a lot of people on AIM...
    9 General 834
  178. Does anyone watch skins?
    It's a British tv program aimed at teenagers...about a group of teenagers in Bristol. It shows all the great parties they go to..and features problems like anorexia, boyfriend troubles..To older may people it may sound like a load of rubbish but it's r...
    8 Entertainment 36
  179. A healthy excerise routine?
    Can someone please give me one days of a work out? So like basically aiming at my bum.. And waist and love handles and stuff. For example 100 sit ups 20 blaa blaa Yeh for everyday And what foods should I stick to? I want to try a healthy life style. ...
    4 Nutritionfitness 22
  180. Weight and height are they looking for in a ballet audition
    I want to be a ballerina sooo much! no, I accept I will never be proffesional or anything but I want to be in my local ballet company and maybe some of associates classes and stuff. I was wondering aswell as being talented what kind of height and we...
    2 Nutritionfitness 19
  181. Orange hair
    Ahhh stupid me, I know, but I bleached my hair cause well I dont trust hair dressers anymore, for many reasons lol, but my hair is orange...what can I put in it that will actually shampoos or anything like that, I just want it a dark...
    4 Style 1111
  182. Girlfriend Ignoring me
    Ok so.. I think something is wrong.. My girlfriend used to call me ALL the time non-stop and I loved it.. But the thing is, over the past few months the number of calls have decreased to about... None.. Then when I sign on to AIM or something to talk t...
    4 Relationships 77
  183. Who has any advice for great sex?
    I'm not saying I have bad sex, I'd just like to have some public opinion. I'll be putting in my own suggestions every now and then. Just unprecise adivce about having sex. That includes all of the following: turn-ons, positions, places, games, dress co...
    3 Sex 187
  184. How could someone not know that they're signing in as invisible?
    Alright, so I have a friend that I talk to online at times on AIM. After some talking, I receive a "gotta go bye" message, and then she signs in as invisible. Sometimes I don't even get that and she signs in as invisible and stops talking to me. I aske...
    7 Technology 8
  185. What should I send a friend who is in basic training?
    I have a friend that I havent talked to in almost over a year. I decided to message him on aim and was very shocked to find out that he was in ait in georgia and had just finished basic training. His birthday is coming up and although my gift will not ...
    5 Shopping 160
  186. I want to lose some weight
    I weigh 170lbs. Im 5feet 8inches. Please dont respond saying how I should love myself please. My question is, if I follow a good diet which would be more effective..crunches or running. And when you pick one please say how much of it I should do a nigh...
    6 Nutritionfitness 34
  187. Can you give me some brand name products?
    I'm doing a project at school where you have to list all these brand name grooming products (or just stuff that makes you look and feel good) that are aimed at teenagers to make them buy stuff I.e. make up, shampoo, conditioner, hair straightener) I h...
    5 Shopping 51
  188. How to pay for college and rent?
    Ok so here in a few months im gna be going to this school in greeley thats through AIMS so I can get ma after im done with that im planning on moving to denver to go to this message therapist community not sure if I wna save up fo...
    2 Money 13
  189. Viruses on my laptop!!!
    Omg people I have a whole bunch of viruses on my laptop and im onli 13 so I cant pay to get them removed! I was wondering if anybody knew what downloads are harmful to your computer cus I downloaded a whole bunch like limewire (I dont use too often), ...
    3 Technology 13
  190. Why do I feel like I'm older?
    I have this really odd problem. I always feel like I'm way older than I am. I'm only 19...but...I always feel more like 37. That's not old mind you...but it's older than I am by quite a bit. I'll wear a skirt or something and be like 'I'm too old for t...
    6 General 38
  191. Friend is mad
    Ok well my friend is mad at me becoz I logged off of aim all mad becoz he wouldnt tell me something I realize I did wrong & now well hes REALLY Mad at me like he wont talk 2 me mad. He means SOOO much to me so im really sad. I already said sorry but th...
    7 Relationships 51
  192. How can I beat my social anxiety?
    I read ur profile and i find u the best to ask my question. Please help i think i am suffering from social anxiety. I am 24 yr. old. And i think i am quite old. I always get scared from crowd.Whenever i go for the interviews i get scared for nothing. ...
    4 Health 45
  193. Help ?
    I have a question..ok so I asked a girl I liked to homecoming over aim..and this is what happend. does what she said show intrest that she wants to go with me? am I worrying too much? Me: hey Her: hey!! Me: I know this is a little random heh but I w...
    3 Relationships 15
  194. All he does is play Super Smash Brothers Brawl
    now... I dont want to start off and make him sound like the bad guy, because hes not.. I spend like 6 hours a day with him.. everyday... and im really clingy... and when he goes home.. he plays his game all night... and... well we talk thru aim... and...
    4 Relationships 50
  195. Survey 3.
    Boy or girl: Age: Zac Efon or Aaron Carter: Harry Potter or Twilight: N'sync or Backstreet Boys: Facebook or Myspace: Yahoo or FunAdvice: Indoors or Outdoors? Seventeen or Cosmopolitan? Book or Movie? Summer or Winter? Spring or Fall? Snow or Rain? Aol...
    11 General 43
  196. Would you get mad if your boyfriend/girlfriend didn't give you the
    I'm just wondering how many of you out there would mind if your mate didn't give you his or her password to an email account, aim (or any other instant messaging programs), myspace, facebook, etc... My boyfriend gets upset because he doesn't know my...
    10 Relationships 62
  197. What are heartfelt Acoustic Love Songs I could listen to?
    I like those peaceful love songs that make you wanna cry or feel loved. Examples: Augustana - Boston Jonathon Rhys Meyers - This Time Red - Pieces Boys Like Girls - Thunder Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Your Guardian Angel Cute Is What We Aim For - Time J...
    2 Sex 51
  198. What are good ideas for a new screenname?
    okayyy so I have a question duhhh haha. well I want a new screen name for aim. and these are my choices: krissykrunk krissykrankd krissy x3 RAWR hco krissy hot if you have any suggestions here's what I want in my screen name: I'm really preppy so any...
    9 Technology 63
  199. When should I ask my ex boyfriend what the deal is?
    My ex lied and said that he broke up with me and dint have time for a relationship. A month later he is with a new girl, and seemingly very into her. WE are stil friends on aim (he knows this) and he is blasting it for everyone to see. Im over him, ...
    2 Relationships 9
  200. How can I stop my guilt following my Dad's death?
    before some two years my dad died,and i feel like it was my fault,because i wished he would be dead and in same evening when i wished he would be dead ,it did happened ,my dad didn't came home because someone drove over him.i know it sounds strange,but...
    4 Health 14
  201. Do you think photograhy should be just a hobby?
    Well iv seen some like pictures just friends or family have taken and they are amazing and then i go look at some professional photographer and think "meh" like they aren't that good a lot of them. And soo many people think they are like photographers...
    9 Money 28
  202. How can I find a way to see my girlfriend?
    hello im 13 and my girlfriend is 12 she said her dad is gunna kill me and anyone else who trys to go out wiff her I know were like young and stuff but all I want to do is go out with her we both ike each other but her dad man her mom knos about us but ...
    3 Relationships 52
  203. Help me please.
    I am 15 and I've been talking to this guy thats 18 and I've been to his house and like all guys they try to have sex with you but I didnt we only made out and touched but thats it and like we've done this a lot of times and I know its kinda discusting ...
    5 Sex 21
  204. What are some good bands?
    what are some good bands and maybe a song or two of theirs that are pretty good? heres a list of a lot of the bands I like: green day my chemical romance the used cute is what we aim for aiden afi the academy is fall out boy panic! at the disco hawth...
    21 Music 523
  205. Can I report people for hacking my friend's Myspace?
    I know that hacking is actually illegal. Is there a way to report the people that have hacked into my friend's Myspace account? I don't know their last names, only first (and I'm not sure whether he would tell me because although he does want them out ...
    3 Technology 65
  206. How safe are keyloggers?
    Hello there, I have a thirteen year old cousin who is a little know-it-all. I am concerned that she is talking to the wrong kind of people on some sites: a social site or a social site or even AIM. She is extremely gorgeous and looks much older. I am ...
    10 Technology 1090
  207. My music . Your opinion .
    So , currently , on my ipod , is : Eyes set to kill Being me the horizon Escape the fate Metro station Alesana Apocalyptia Blessed by a broken heart Bullet for my valentine Cute is what we aim for Cartel Forever the sickest kids Panic!at the disco Po...
    13 Music 12
  208. tlkn 2 ma friend girlfriend, because he's never online
    lately I've been tlkn 2 ma friend girlfriend, because he's never online and she iis alwaysz hittin mii upp on aim. after 4 days of tlkn 2 her, she told everything, ma friend knows, but he had 2 wait liike 2weeksz 2 hear iit. she has even sent mii pics ...
    4 Relationships 33
  209. What should I do about this stalker?
    I was hanging out with this guy and I kinda lied to him about he got mad at me and he was like dont call me, text me, or talk to me on the I didn't but today he gave his friend my aim screenname and his friend cursed me out...
    2 Relationships 47
  210. What, I need new music,please?
    alright,so I need some new music. Specific song/band name please. I already listen to bands like Amberlin Dot dot curve :) simple plan lost prophets tokio hotel slipknot tatu porcalien and the tramps framing hanley MSI crossfade kill hann...
    9 Music 44
  211. How do I know If my crush likes me?
    Okay, there's this boy that I really likev and his Names Scott. But my problem is I don't know if he likes me. Before I told him I liked him, we where just friends, hanging out at school. We always talked in Art and Band. We where like soo close. But t...
    2 Sex 38
  212. is my mom ritee, how can I prove her wrong ?
    so my boyfriend and his friend came over this was the first time seeing him in person . because we only talked on the phone and on aim . and I asked my mom what she think about him . she sed she didn't like him or his friend just by looking at him . I ...
    2 Relationships 45
  213. How can I get my hair blonde?
    My hair has been dyed black and darkest brown numerous times over the past 2 years so has a fair bit of colour build up. I went to the hairdresser and they bleached it to brown. Then i went again and they bleached it to this strange colour which was a ...
    2 Style 19
  214. How do you like my poem?
    okay, I need to know: good poem, or bad? Yes, it's sad. I wrote it for my grandpa, who passed away recently. Aww, crap I'm crying. sry. really. okay. here goes: I remember these nights as if they were the present. My tears fill my eyes, darkly. I ...
    4 Literature 23
  215. ipod touch appshare/installous and cydia help
    ok I got a ipod touch for christmas and I really like it. but I read on the internet that people can get free apps and free songs and I dont understand how to do that with my ipod. where do you download it. how do I open cydia on my ipod. I currently u...
    5 Technology 66
  216. This is a toughy...
    ok... so I'm 13 and there's this boy I like in 7th grade, even though I'm in 8th. we have sssooo much in common, and just recently we had a "personal-ish" conversation on aim. BUT, uno problemo (one problem lol): he has liked one of my best friends for...
    6 Relationships 20
  217. What to do about liking my ex and his best friend...
    Okay, so over the summer I went out with this guy. I was really into him, I had liked him for like a whole semester before he asked me out on the last day of school. So we were gonna have a sumer relationship. I thought that this would be great, it was...
    2 Relationships 21
  218. Why is he being so hurtful?
    Okay, my ex boyfriend broke up with me a month ago and said he didnt have time to focus on relationship but that he loved me still and would forever. Two weeks later he said he missed me and I said I did too , but it didn't change anything so I didn't ...
    2 Relationships 80
  219. This or that ?
    I like hearing people's opinions. :) ! So, which do you prefer.. This or that? Coke or pepsi? Regular pool or heated pool? Hot tea or ice tea? Sunflower or daisy? Red rose or pink rose? Salt or pepper? Red or green apple? Re...
    12 General 49
  220. Do I have an eating disorder?
    Hi, im 18, my height is 5'6 and I weight 9 stone. I know there are a lot of people who dont agree with this but I think I am Bulimic. I used to throw up quite I few times, but only when I wasnt not at home as I didnt want anyone to suspect anything. N...
    2 Nutritionfitness 23
  221. How do I let my boyfriend know I want to go further with him?
    ok well me and my boyfriend have been going out for 4 months 2day and I want to find a way to tell him that I am ready to go further with him but not all the way... now before you say dont rushinto things I am going to say that I love him and I want to...
    8 Relationships 3122
  222. Is the content of this poem familiar to you?
    I was wondering. How many of you can relate to this poem? What does it say to you? You say I'm cynical, you say I'm blind And that I only carry on for me How all my actions and my words aren't kind How I can make you feel less than I see I abs...
    2 Literature 30
  223. How can I see my girlfriend without her Mom freaking out?
    Ugh i think my life is full of problems.. well i have been dating this girl for almost 1 year inspetember. and her mom found out 5 months ago she is 3 years younger im 18 and she is 15. her mom hates me and doesnt allow me to contact her in any way onl...
    2 Relationships 23
  224. Should I go Blonde?
    So I'm having a major dilemma, I seriously want to dye my hair blonde, lovely, champange blonde. I am a natural brunette, (my mom's a red-head and my dad is dark brown, but it's mostly brown) and I have been dying my hair for 6 years, a number of diff...
    6 Style 50
  225. I'm on like with drawl from my phone. :\
    Okay so my phone is turned off and is permanitly now. :\ I was a TEXTAHOLIC and I have a lot of friends in different states and stuff now that I can hardly talk to. I feel so weird not being able to talk to them and stuff bc now I have to get on AIM an...
    4 Technology 56
  226. How can I show my girlfriend's parents that I'm a good guy?
    My girlfriend's parents HATE me and threatened to put a restraining order on me.. I've been dating this girl for 4 years and I moved to Hawaii and moved back last year and started dating her again so I guess like 9 months...and her mom doesn't like me ...
    4 Sex 76
  227. My friend's funeral and my boyfriends birthday are on the same day
    Please help me to do the right thing. My friend, Nick Lewis died recently [07.15.08] due to a motorcycle accident and I had never actually seen him in person but we usually always message each other on myspace, chat on aim, and text on the phone, et...
    7 Relationships 321
  228. Drums\bass\band help!
    Ok me and my two friends have started a band (me=rhythm, vocals, edwared=lead guitar, lewis=percussion), and two things are bothering me... 1. Lewis has never played drums before (apparently he had lessons when he was younger but I think hes forgott...
    4 Music 17
  229. Some good bands
    Okay, im looking for some new bands to listen to. I listen to things like All time low Verona grove Melody fall Forever the sickest kids Cute is what we aim for Nickasaur Hellogoodybye Nevershoutnever Eleventyseven The starting line Thee a...
    7 Music 37
  230. Why is my friend and her mom treating me like this?
    Last night, my friend was bugging me to read my story that I wrote. I asked her to get on AIM so I could give her a URL, because it was posted on the internet, and once she got on, she had changed. I told her I had to be quick because it was like, 10:0...
    3 Relationships 12
  231. Advice on my appearance
    I need your advices and opinions about appearance,,,Im kinda lost... I think Im an average looking girl, I like my body and my face except for my nose. Its long and large and it really bothers me...Nobody ever told me about it but I just dont feel con...
    7 Style 18
  232. I NEED your help!!!urgent! ASAP (life vs death situation) kinda...
    Does he like me? reasons he might: He liked me in 5th grade and im now in 8th. he calls me nicknames he hangs around me and played wit my hair once. he made up a name for my tech ed car and is going to race it.( he also named his and makes a big...
    2 Relationships 30
  233. How do you guys read faster?
    When I first started reading books again, I timed myself as reading 52 pages in an hour. But I seem to be getting slower the more I get into books. My new years resolution is to read a book a week and at first it was a chore kinda but I now I love it!!...
    5 Literature 21
  234. How can I best improve my fitness?
    I am 15 years old, about 5'9 and weigh about 130lbs. I've recently got some dumbells and have started doing home abs exercises which I found on youtube - I've also started jogging a bit, but not very often or chall...
    4 Nutritionfitness 23
  235. Lost and confused.
    I really suck at this...but the story goes like this. I like this girl who is 2 years older then me (actually 1 and a half) for around 2 years. Skipping to the point where she becomes a senior and I become a junior. We hardly get to see each other exce...
    3 Relationships 15
  236. I want an affair.
    I have been with my partner for seven years. Though happy with our lives together, we have two wonderful children, there is something lacking-SEX. My partner rarely wants to have sex anymore. I've discussed this with her as deeply as she will al...
    13 Sex 94
  237. What do I do about this guy?
    okay here's the deal: my friend (who's a guy) introduced me through aim to his friend (guy) named (let's say) josh. Now that whole time we were talking and talking and I knew I liked him imediatly. There was chemestry I mean we liked the same things...
    2 Relationships 21
  238. Why Isn T He Calling Meee???help!
    Hi guys!I m italian and I went visit my american friends in NYC.the first night there I met this guy at a party and it was like...I m not saying love and first sight...but kinda of, we really get along, like each other a is great ;)!We dated ...
    4 Sex 46
  239. Friend committing suicide...?
    ..So like I have this friend and he and I are I good close friends we known each other for awhile and earlier this week we were talking on aim and he's told me he loved me and I never really said it back soo he started like randomly pooring his heart o...
    6 Relationships 44
  240. Does he like me?
    well ii known this guy for awhile and im not quiet sure if he likes me or not . about a week ago I told him myself that I like him . as a reply he said that he knows. but he didnt say anything about liking me or not liking me . we talk on the phone and...
    2 Relationships 9
  241. Is keeping pepper spray a good decision for girls?
    So...I go to this college that's sort of ghetto. One of my friends that went there years before me, was snatched and almost raped by some random guy. Luckily, she fought the creep off and ran to safety. Anyway, I found pepper spray in my parents drawer...
    14 General 133
  242. I'm not sure whether or not to continue volleyball? Read on plz its complex c:
    Ok so I just started getting interested in volleyball around March, and I'm about to go into my freshman high school year. I tried out for the team like 3 weeks ago, didn't make it. I have always liked the sport a lot. I played basketball a lot of my l...
    4 Sports 37
  243. Choosing A Camera, Please Help (Only Answer if you truly know)
    So I'm debating on getting a new digital camera, and recently fell in love with the Kodak Easy Share Z980 Black 12MP Digital Camera with 24x Optical Zoom, Smart Capture, but recently my mom mentioned to me about the Nikon Cool pix P90 Black 12MP Digita...
    2 Technology 43
  244. How can I get back at my girlfriend's immature brother?
    My girlfriend's brother pulled up and printed out our AIM conversations (about our sex life) to end all chances of approval with her parents. They say she is to NEVER see or talk to me ever again ...we're crazy about each other and if she continues to ...
    2 Sex 53
  245. grrr im stupidd
    so I went out wit this guy from 7th-8th grade. we lasted about 9 months. he broke up wit me and went out wit one of my friends a few months l8r and then went out with another 1 of my friends. soo I nvr really stopped liking ever id always sa...
    2 Relationships 8
  246. Another poem of mine
    I wrote this poem when I was 12 and just want to see what you think: The girl that changed my heart There is a girl, Who lay her head, Upon my chest, To lose herself, In the valley of the shadow of death. She never knew where she was goi...
    6 Literature 6
  247. Cure for Lovesickness?
    My life took a quick turn at some point of my life and I'm feeling a bit depressed (?) I guess. So I met this perfect girl for me and we broke up about 2 weeks ago. Everything about her made me smile, she had the same goals/wants as me for just about...
    3 Relationships 74
  248. Woman in the mens locker room
    Last night like every night I go to the local college to swim laps.before the pool is opened to the public they have a swim class for 5-6 years of the rules for this is the child must be able change him or herself in the same gender lockeroom....
    17 General 5180
  249. Should I Be Worried? Really need guys opinion.
    Ok so my boyfriend and I have been going out for a while now, and we have known each other for a long time. We love each other very much and he's coming up to see me in April ( we are dating long distance) and that time he is also going to take my virg...
    6 Relationships 36
  250. How can I get him to want me when we meet?
    I'm 16, and tomorrow I'll be leaving for California. With my mom my aunt and my 4 younger cousins. I've liked this guy, Josh, off of myspace for a year. We've been in contact for a year. He doesn't have all the time in the world, but he still manages...
    2 Relationships 58