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  1. Why is Africa called the "MotherLand"?
    Why is Africa called the "MotherLand"?
    5 General 988
  2. What do you all think of South Africa?
    15 Travel 16
  3. Anybody here from west Africa?
    anybody here from west africa... if so... what country??
    2 Funadvice 14
  4. Has anyone here ever visited Africa?
    14 Travel 42
  5. What do you think of South Africa?
    what do you think of south africa and cape town in particular ?
    2 Travel 13
  6. What was life like in Africa before the slave trade effected them?
    2 Education 13
  7. Has anyone ever been to the Southern part of Africa?
    Has anyone ever been to the Southern part of Africa, and if so what did you think about it? Just curious :-)
    4 Travel 15
  8. Energy crisis in Africa
    What do you think is the energy solution to africa esspecially Nigeria
    2 Environment 16
  9. Can anyone give me a list of charitys which support Poverty in Africa?
    4 General 15
  10. How much does a debtors clerk earn in South Africa?
    Approximately how much?
    6 Money 119
  11. Is it legal to ride a motorbike over 125cc on your learners permit only in South Africa?
    3 Cars 19
  12. What goods did the people take from Britain to Africa on the slave trade triangle?
    2 Education 12
  13. political stability in Africa
    Hey! Does anyone know what is the political stability like in Cameron
    2 Politics 13
  14. Leader of South Africa
    Who is the current president of South Africa? I would like to have a picture as well?
    2 Politics 11
  15. What are some interesting facts about West Africa?
    social studiess project ... enough said:(
    4 Education 58
  16. I feel sorry for the kids in Africa
    I fell sorry for the kids in Africa I am happy for what I have because I am an african american. Do you care ?, yes or no
    7 Politics 109
  17. is it true that in some parts of africa they sew girls v@ginas shut and burn off their clitoris?
    7 Environment 23
  18. Why did the big European powers want Africa in the late 19th and early 20th centuries?
    4 General 8
  19. Who thinks the image of the whale hitting the sailboat in S. Africa is real?
    Some are now calling it a Photoshop hoax.
    8 General 37
  20. Has anyone been to South Africa?
    Any body? If you did , did you like it? And did you go to cape town? Do you know the table mountain?
    7 Travel 44
  21. Africa Donations. PLEASE HELP!
    I want to start my own organization for helping people in Africa. Does anyone know an address I could send my donations to?
    9 Politics 30
  22. Why would they have zoos in africa?
    Ok like would they have a zoo in africa I mean like really why would they, they can just go out side their front door to see the animals like really ...(that's hot)
    3 Travel 74
  23. Who lives in south africa???
    Is there any one who lives in s.a here or am I all alone? I live in oudtshoorn where the cango caves are and there are loads of ostriches here. Help please
    5 Funadvice 18
  24. whats it like to live in africa?
    kinda sayz it thanks I wanted to know because I have a school thing about other countrys that seams so cool
    2 Travel 17
  25. South africa , how will we survive without electricity?
    How is our country going to survive without electricity? We are doing load shedding at the m0ment.does that mean we all have t0 m0ve 0verseas?
    2 Travel 9
  26. Who will win the world cup in south africa?
    Hi just soo bored! Soccer who do you think will win the world cup in south africa? I'm going for spain,because I think at this moment spain the best soccer team in the world cup
    7 Sports 21
  27. How did the white police in southh africa treat black prisoners ?
    I need to know how the white police treated the black people that they put in prison during the apartheid ( not being racist ) cann anyone help me please ?
    5 Education 10
  28. how much does a ticket to south africa from the usa cost?
    round trip for 2 people in frist class? I've seen them for thousands of dollars. Is there a cheaper way to buy round trip tickets?
    4 Travel 48
  29. South africa!!!
    I leaving 2 south africa in november 4 a 3 week trip (super crazy I know ^_^) and I have heard different things bout it Anyone no anything about south africa? If so what?? Any heads up I should no about?? Website you can tell me that will gi...
    3 Travel 29
  30. Africa music?
    okay I'm wondering if anyone could give me any Africa music bands? like ummm haha traditional? or anything like music from Lion king? something like that ya know? lol anyways very greatful if anyone can help me :]]]
    4 Music 23
  31. How much do you know about Africa's climate?
    I'm doing a biology project and we had to choose a mammal. My group chose the Reticulated Giraffe. They live mainly in Southern Ethipia and Northern Kenya. I have to describe the area/climate. Can some one help me so I can write my Giraffe paper?!
    7 Education 16
  32. Can I move out at 18 in South Africa?
    Y'know... without having my parents black list me... or whatever. Could I really just move out without telling them anything on my birthday and f*ck off??? I mean, their rules wouldnt apply to me if I was out of their house etc... right?
    3 Family 12
  33. Should I go to Africa someday?
    I've always wanted to go to Africa. It's been a dream of mine. When I went to go see The Lion King I was fascinated. I know it's a dangerous place, that's why I'm cautious of going. I would want to go with a church group or my school. I know th...
    4 Travel 30
  34. Should he be President of South Africa?
    wel I live in south africa ( and no... we dont live with lions, elephants and other wild animals, and no... we dont live like cavemen in huts LOL!!!) well this guy named jacob zuma ( a black congressman in the south african goverment is running for pre...
    3 Politics 19
  35. What are the literacy rates for West Africa, classified by ethnic?
    Sorry I meant to write ethnic groups but there was no more room. Anyways, I have a really important social studies project due and so I need this info. to complete and turn it I tomorrow! I need to know what the literacy rates are for West African ethn...
    2 Education 53
  36. Do people really like "Die antwoord" band from South Africa?
    I have seen a few interviews where people say how much they love Die antwoord but I mean seriously? People in SA hate them and see them as Trailer trash. My opinion is that they give SA a really bad name by touring international and saying this is Sout...
    2 Music 12
  37. How can I stop the hunger in Africa?
    My best friend and& I are trying to start this type of charity thingy, in which we collect extra change, and give it to those in Africa without food. I need advice on how to make sure this goes well. I have already got my school involved, who else shou...
    7 Politics 39
  38. what did you think of madagascar 2?
    what did you think of madagascar 2: escape to africa?
    3 Entertainment 26
  39. Motorbike Club
    How does one register a motorbike club in South Africa?
    2 Travel 38
  40. Life expectancies ..?
    What's the life expectancy in africa, russia, the uk and asia?
    2 Health 16
  41. Where does tupac live?
    I know for a fact he is still living,I know this beacause I did to much research and watched to much tv..I heard he lived in motherland africa,but im not can you guys help me out?
    10 Music 56
  42. Which countries do not celebrate halloween?
    I know mine (South Africa) doesn't. Any others?
    8 General 158
  43. I have a Question about African foods?
    Dose any body know the names and know how too cook Africa foods?
    7 Food 22
  44. I need help
    how can I support a child in africa without giving out any persenol information
    3 Health 12
  45. What do you think of ‘Corrective rape’ of l3sbians in South Africa?
    "But it gets worse in South Africa where gay marriage is actually legal and the constitution protect sexual orientation. There, a new report–backed by the country’s Human Rights Commission–reveal increases in brutal attacks, rape and often m*rder of bl...
    8 Sex 20
  46. What is your favourite Cricket team and then Cricket player?
    My favourite team is South Africa and my favourite player is shachin Tendulkar from India, just because he is so good.
    15 Sports 48
  47. Can I buy buy beydary pills to get a tighter vagina?
    I would like to buy beydary pills where can I buy these pills I am in south africa
    2 Health 291
  48. Which continent has the countries with the largest diversity in ethnic groups?
    Which continent has the countries with the largest diversity in ethnic groups? Asia South America Africa North America
    5 Travel 55
  49. Another tricky picture
    Apart from the nine africans,what else do you see in the picture?Something related to africa!
    4 General 19
  50. college stdents reaction
    how does the students in any college of USA treat a new comer to the college and at the same time to the country from Africa? how do you judge them?
    4 Education 8
  51. Why do people think this?
    Why do people over in England think that not using as much english water here save the people in Africa?? It does'nt make sense cus its the water that we use in this country and no matter what we do with it or how much we use its not going to magic it...
    2 Environment 15
  52. Should Christians pay a tenth of everything?
    2 Religion 14
  53. Has anyone been to Liberia?
    Hey so im going to liberia, africa this may and I was wondering if anyone had been there or lived there...I will be staying specifically with the gulu tribe
    2 Travel 20
  54. Bieng new to USA
    Does anybody know how it feels to go to america from africa for the first time,and how the people treat you?
    2 Politics 10
  55. If Jesus loves children, why are some homeless?
    if jesus loves all the little children, then why are there homeless ones ones who live in africa with no food, no shoes, they are so skinny I can see there ribs
    18 Religion 55
  56. What do you think of the term "African American"?
    Personally, I hate the term. I am an American, but I have not lived in nor am I from Africa. I'm sure some people will say, "Well you have roots in Africa" or something like that, but I am many more different races, just like everyone else. I also disl...
    11 General 48
  57. What is the circumference of the Bronkhorstspruit dam?
    It's a dam in South Africa and could not find its circumference this morning and don't have much time to search for it today, so please help out
    2 Travel 12
  58. Where is Southh Africaa ?
    I have to do a project on africa but I need quite a bit of writing for each country on where it is but I just dont know what to put ): Help please ?
    3 Education 27
  59. Honestly speaking...
    all bullsh** aside. Does anyone really care about the starving children in africa? Or do you just pretend to yourself to care because you want to feel morally correct?
    8 Sex 17
  60. How can I marry a beautiful white lady?
    I live in Africa,I am jobless,no income.I am 31 years old,single male.Is it possible me to get married to a beautiful white lady?
    6 Relationships 89
  61. What are the positive and negative impacts of migration?
    What are the impacts, both positive and negative of miagration from africa to europe? I have looked everwhere for such info but I cant find anywhere! I have been looking for two hours! Thanx
    2 Politics 45
  62. Confederations Cup
    Well like anybody else I was shocked to see the USA beat Spain (currently ranked number 1 in the world) by 2 goals to 0. They played with so much grit and determination and in some places flair which the Spanish couldn't deal with, they just couldn't g...
    2 Sports 18
  63. Has anyone had bad experience with witchcraft?
    Does anyone believe in witchcraft, curses etc, I do from experience and I know how dangerous it can be. What experience have you had? I lived in south africa and zimbabwe and people did get involved with these things.
    8 Religion 212
  64. Scared to get shots
    Okay please help! I'm freaking out!!! Okay so I have a HUGE phobia of needles/shots stuff like that...just the whole concept freaks me out!! Last time I got a shot, I nearly passed out, and I'm terrified!!! I"m going to Africa over the summer, and I ha...
    4 Health 33
  65. Why are Christians so into religion?
    why do people that belive in god have to be so obsessed about it? really to people that see beyond the cults of religion we don't care. Why don't you people just do someting with your life like try to cure aids in africa
    19 Religion 42
  66. Why did Sara McLalin call her daughter India??
    ??? I mean... I would never name my daughter Asia, or Africa or Europe, or London, or Paris, etc etc etcoiactics... isn't that weird??
    4 Entertainment 33
  67. How can I get a lot of money in a short amount of time?
    Ok I got a friend that went to africa with a friend so one night her friend left her and took all of her money so she can't pay for her hotel bill and the hotel manger took her return ticket to the state so entil she get's the money to pay she can't ge...
    3 Money 37
  68. What should I name my facebook photo album?
    hey can I have suggestion of what could I name my album on facebook I always pick wierd names and stufff bt I cant find another name for my picture for south africa anyone has suggestions?
    3 Technology 446
  69. Here Is How Gymnema Extract Can Help In Weight Loss
    Gymnema Sylvestre is a medicinal herb that grows in the forests of India, Africa, and Australia. It is used for treating various health issues and one of them is weight loss.
    5 Health 35
  70. What the hell is acid rain?
    I got to know that there was going to be rain in form of acid in nigeria west africa,and if it touches any part of the body, it would result to cancer. Does acid rain really exist?what is is cause?
    4 Environment 69
  71. FunAdvice Trivia: The c.ockatoo bird calls which part of the world its home?
    A) Brazil B) Peru C) Australia, New Guinea D) Central equatorial Africa
    9 Funadvice 15
  72. Why do the students from high schools complain about the school menu?
    I mean i watched the news about high schools students complaining about why the menu has less calories and they say they are hungry and they get tired,but its actually good that the school menu has less calories, they should be grateful that at least t...
    16 Food 19
  73. What's the tallest mountain in the world, any ides?
    I was thinking it was mount kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa. However, it makes more sense that it would be something like Mount Everest in Tibet. Does anybody know what the tallest mountain is?
    9 General 123
  74. Why don't people realize the atrocities in the Congo?
    For years people in the congo have been suffering. It is because of the colonization of Africa that this region is struggling. We (well many european powers) set up this region for failure. Why don't we give it the help it deserves?
    4 Politics 20
  75. What can i name my online food ordering app?
    I have created an online food ordering app for delivery and pickup, the first of its kind in Rwanda(East Africa) and i need a name for it. The name i came up with "food4less" didn't do it. People thought it was a charity
    7 Technology 14
  76. How can I start a conversation with this girl I like?
    Hello, I'm a student in a French High School in North Africa, and there's a girl I like. Like me, she's a fan of Marilyn Manson. Please, can you tell Me how to start a conversation with her, or simply talk with her? Thanks
    4 Relationships 21
  77. FunAdvice Trivia: What is an Aethiopicus?
    A) A crater on Mars B) An orchid in South America C) Our human ancestor of 2.5 million years ago D) An almost extinct volcano in South Africa
    7 Travel 12
  78. How much does it cost to stay in the Kruger National Park?
    I know I am from South Africa and I should know this better than people from overseas, but I specifically want people from other countries to tell me and also let me know what you guys are willing to pay to stay in the Kruger National Park.
    2 Travel 65
  79. Do you need your matric certificate to get into an American College?
    I live in South Africa, and matric is grade 11 and 12. I have family in America, Nashville, and I want to go over as soon as I can to study, would I need my matric cert to get in?
    5 Education 80
  80. How to tell Oprah that I'm a huge fan?
    I am a Gambian who always watch oprah show on MBC4 and I am a member of her site so please what will I do to make her know that she get a fan in The Gambia West Africa call Salifu Kanteh
    3 Entertainment 23
  81. What is a specific topic I could use?
    alright here is what I need for my research paper. it has to be in either Europe, Asia, Africa or the Middle East and it has to be up to the year 1918 nothing past that. and I need a specific topic so it cant be world war 1 it has to be a specific thin...
    3 General 146
  82. What is twenty-20 cup?
    hi, friends there would be a twenty-20 cup played between 12 countries in South Africa...Is there any entertainment in this game I have never seen it before but one of mine friend told me it's really nice to watch these matches. so what your opinion fo...
    2 Sports 16
  83. Are Native Americans and Hispanics related to African Americans?
    Not to get them confused but are latinos and hispanics the same as Native Americans..I mean are they both related in some way? But my real question is are native americans and hispanics have ancestors from Africa-and like are they related to black peop...
    17 General 49
  84. What is the latest fashion trend where you live and what is your opinion on it(mostly for women to answer )??
    For a while in South Africa the newest " trend" was emo and punk... which in my opinion was more of an epedemic than anything else. I see that the Boho style has come back into the spotligt here and I love it. What the fashion trend about where you ar...
    9 Style 17
  85. Is it bad that I am looking for a white man to marry?
    I have always wanted to marry a white but being in Africa and a very beautiful young girl I think I will like to mix the color so we have nice kids.I am looking for young white man to marry.I guess I can meet many here and I am serious the wa...
    2 Relationships 42
  86. What is the most adventurous thing that you have done?
    I'm curious. Currently my boyfriend and I are travelling through the limpopo and mpumalanga areas of sout africa on our bicycles with no support vehicle and no pre-booked accommodation. Anyone else also get up to stuff?
    3 General 33
  87. Do whites truly like blacks?
    My dad told me about the atlantic slave trade which took place long time ago. He said the whites hated the blacks so much. When they came to africa, they started exchanging goods like ivory, gold e.t.c for goods like textile, bangles etc. But after som...
    19 Politics 108
  88. Who Thinks That This Is Okay?
    Okay So If Someone Makes Around 95,000 A Year And Has 4 Kids And Takes Care Of His Family In Africa, Could They Afford A House That Costs 750,000, And The Mortgage Would Be 3,233 A Month For 30 years, Just Wonderingg?
    6 Family 6
  89. Doees he still love me?
    my man works in ethiopia and lm in south africa but we both stay in zimbabwe and l havent talked to my man for the past 4months he last sent me an email 1 month ago.does he still love me or lm waiting in vain for love that aint existing nmore
    2 Relationships 9
  90. Who is sad about France losing their chance at the World Cup?
    And how ironic is it that the host country, South Africa, didn't make it far enough to be in the cup either...(not a question, just something to ponder.) Like we're supposed to be surprised that Mexico and Uruguay made it to the next step or something?
    16 Sports 36
  91. Should I tell my Mom that I think my stepdad is cheating?
    my stepdad is from africa and he isnt really all that cool and im really tired of him makin my mama cry and I found sumthin in his cellphone it wuzz a text message from sumbody he works wit and I think that hes cheatin on my mama. wut should I do? shou...
    4 Family 198
  92. How mobile is my mobile
    Hi I have an lg ks360 mobile in south africa, going to taiwan next week. I have so much stuff on this phone, can anyone tell me if I'll be able to use it in taiwan, as a phone/internet/email. If I can't use those will I be able to use it as a picture v...
    2 Travel 12
  93. What stile fits my personality?
    Hi, my name is ludwine,I am tall and thin, have long,curly dark blond hair, aqua blue eyes and I live in capetown south-africa.I am friendly,athletic,caring, can be a b*# sometimes and clueless when it comes too fashion.what stile do you think fits my ...
    2 Style 17
  94. What other than crushed aspirin for toothache can I use?
    my last upper wisdom is rotten and is so much painful day and night.I just wanna know how to calm down the unbearable pain at the moment,and I decided to see the dentist tomorrow because this pain is really killing me. thanx I'm wiseman manana in johan...
    4 Health 644
  95. Have you seen 'Invisible Children'
    I was looking through some of the old questions on here and noticed someone had mentioned 'Invisible Children' and I'd never heard of it so I did some research. The films are about 'murder, abduction, mutilation, sexual enslavement of women and childre...
    2 Sex 15
  96. A Survey
    What do you prefer? 1. Climbing a mountain or swimming in the ocean? 2. Listening to rap or rock? 3. Karaoke or a dance-off? 4. walk in the park or movies? 5. peck kiss or french kiss? 6. few friends or a lot of friends? 7. black or pink? 8. Africa or ...
    9 General 55
  97. How to transform my style? a girl who lives in south africa, gauteng to be specific and I want to change my style.I want to become a punk, but I just dont know how to go about it.if someone knows of shop I can go to, which caters for punks or can anyone offer advice on the...
    3 Style 52
  98. English in a Language Policy
    Hey I was wondering, in a place like South Africa where we have 11 official languages, why would English be the main medium of instruction in schools. And yes I know that it would benefit the students for when they want to find employment, seeing as we...
    5 Education 22
  99. Do you think home language education is absolutely necessary?
    I live in South Africa and we have 11 national languages that are recognized and probably a lot more that aren't officially recognized. Our current government is trying to implement home language education. On the other hand most private institution...
    15 Education 28
  100. Help me pleaseee. im begging !
    I have twoquestion on my science test that I need answers quick I will greatly apreciate it ! 1. A sample of a radioactive element has a mass of 80 g. How much parent and daughter materials are in the sample after two half-lives? 2. Glacial depo...
    3 Science 114
  101. What is the name of this group?
    This group was formed in 1987 and is engaged in an armed rebellion against the Ugandan government in what is now one of Africa's longest-running conflicts.this group is accused of widespread human rights violations, including murder, abduction, mutilat...
    3 Sex 42
  102. How can I fix my flat feet?
    I've been to many doctors, they keep telling me I can't fix it... but they NEVER told me why!!! and it's not THAT bad!! when I went to south Africa, I went to another doctor there, she said it needs time to get fixed, but she didn't tell me what to d...
    7 Health 48
  103. Will sports keep kids away from doing bad things?
    Do you think sports can help keep away kids from drugs, crimes and irresponsible sexual behaviour like prostitution. Especially here in Africa where poverty levels are high, many young people drop out of school and engage in such activities as early as...
    2 Sex 35
  104. How can I prove to my mom she is wrong?
    When I was born my mom named me Yahdee. All her life she has believed its an African name when its not. It comes from "Yahdee Kumullahu wa Yaslih Ba Lakoom." Which its translated meaning is: May Allah give you guidance and make your children pious. She...
    8 Religion 231
  105. What next Ladies???
    She took me out (& wanted to pay) for a nice pub lunch and I asked her for dinner the next weekend...she says yes...I also asked her to travel with me to Africa in a few months for an adventure...and she said yes...I have known her for over 10 years an...
    2 Relationships 13
  106. ethics
    ethics. so im doing a poll for a class on ethics. and I need some response. if you were in the medical field, and could only opperate on one patient, know that the other will most likely die. who would you save? 1. a 10 year old boy or an 80 year ol...
    5 General 19
  107. What is your opinion of Homosexuals ?
    For a project I decided to do how people in Canada/America react to people who are Homosexual , compared to how people in less developed countries like Africa might react . So I was wondering ... Questions ! What are your opinions on gay rights ? If ...
    13 Sex 62
  108. What is marriage?
    According to the bible you must be married before having sex right. Now please don't answer whether this statement is correct or not or even whether God exists or not. What I want to know is what counts as sex according to the bible? Now I live...
    16 Sex 45
  109. Why would you want to end your life?
    No!! I am not against emos and this question is not meant to put emos down!! - I've had my favorite cousin who nearly killed herself, due to her mother cheating on her father, than rejecting for not wanting her, when her parents had a divorce!! - but h...
    2 Health 21
  110. What's your opinion about apophis in 2036?
    According to nasa, a 1,350 foot long asteroid is going to hit the earth in 2036. they have marked an s-shaped line of where the asteroid is expected to hit. the line begins somewhere north-west of india and ends at a north-western part of africa. ex...
    18 Science 57
  111. Mom won't talk to me since I talked to my Dad
    My mom is extremly upset wiht me as she recently found out that I spoke to my real dad who lives in South Africa, and he is a total Asshole!!! he does nothing for me and my brother fu** all excuse tha language, anyway, all I did was asy thank you and n...
    5 Family 50
  112. Who can I go to about my dad abusing me?
    iam 18 now and all my live my dad has abused me. my parents got divorced and the suitation was fine so my mom moved back. I just give up now because iam the only one he will physically abuse the rest of my family he verbally abuses. I have been punched...
    10 Family 31
  113. My friend is leaving!!
    well my preachers daughter is going to be a missionary and she is about to leave! She was just at some conference thing this past week. She found out that she is going to tanzania africa! I am scared because people keep telling me that that place is da...
    6 Religion 35
  114. Kevin jonas racism
    I don't want to make it look like if I'm hating on them but kevin jonas said a little phrase which sounded kind of racy on jonas brothers living the dream:musical scrapbook.As I recalled he said that he thought the reason white people like their music ...
    10 Music 318
  115. When can our society progress as one?
    Ok, first off, I don't want to offend anyone, but I do want to know the opinions of others to better educate myself. I live in the south and for as long as I can remember, the south is known for the civil rights movement. I know the history of our co...
    3 Politics 41
  116. Why is it so hard to tell if a white girl has a real tan or a fake tan?
    I'm a bit confused its kind of obvious black women have real natural dark skin..but for instance kim kardashian is white and her skin is still olive toned today or a little darker. She is Armenian and Armenians are whites. And Hispanics and Asians don'...
    5 Style 36
  117. Jerry Falwell - A divisive figure?
    Its rare for me to ask a question on this site, even though I'm a part owner. I generally answer a few, and keep my head down in the bowels of the servers that power it. However, I was reading about the death of Jerry Falwell, in an excellent even-han...
    6 Sex 22
  118. My dad...
    Ok well my dad has asked me what you want to do with your life! And I said I want to become a singer! And if that fails go to college and become a hairstylist so that way if one thing doesnt work out I have something to fall back on! He said that you w...
    3 Family 24
  119. My family hates my boyfriend
    I have been dating my boyfriend for two and a half years now. Even Before I introduced him to my family they made negative comments about him because he is African American and dark skinned. They want me to marry a light skinned man who is not from Afr...
    9 Relationships 329
  120. Did the war in Iraq expose EU division?
    France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Russia, along with several other European nations, staunchly opposed the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003. The UK, Poland, Spain, Italy, the Baltic nations, and others supported it. If the European Union's key mem...
    2 Politics 33
  121. Isnt this amazing
    Everday I wake up and look in the mirror All I see is sadness and my own fear But I dont see madness or own tears I see a life of a true young man Thats trying to make it wit no hands I see me as a better person or at least I try to I look to har...
    2 Literature 11
  122. Pyramids (song)
    Set the cheetahs on the loose There's a thief out on the move Underneath our legion's view They have taken Cleopatra [Bridge] Run run run, come back for my glory Bring her back to me Run run run, the crown of our pharaoh The throne of our que...
    2 Music 13
  123. What if I can't stand my Mom's husband?
    Sorry this may be a bit long its a very Long painful Story! But I Really Need Advice I Feel Really Down. My mum lied, went behind EVERYONES back and kept BIG secrets from me and my sister. ok, so what happend was she met a man ( I dont know how, I th...
    6 Family 87
  124. How big is ‘the world’?
    Pliny the Elder - a 1st century Roman - reports Rome's difficulty in finding the 1000 pounds of gold required to purchase peace for the City after recapturing it from the Gauls in 390BCE (book XXXIII:V). A modern reader might assume he meant war repara...
    3 Religion 29
  125. What are some rhetorical strategies used in this passage written by Martin Luther King?
    Oppressed people cannot remain oppressed forever. The yearning for freedom eventually manifests itself, and that is what has happened to the American Negro. Something within has reminded him of his birthright of freedom, and something without has remin...
    4 Sex 95
  126. Vicious killing?
    Quote: Virginia Keppler, Beeld, South-Africa Pretoria - A Grade 11 pupil died on her way to Garsfontein High School in Pretoria on Monday morning after a taxi first incessantly hooted at her before hitting her scooter from behind and driving over her...
    3 General 41