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A simple guide to preventing the coronavirus

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Get help with A simple guide to preventing the coronavirus.

  1. How do you prevent aids?
    How do you prevent aids?
    3 Health 40
  2. How to prevent nightmares?
    How to prevent nightmares
    9 Health 89
  3. How can you prevent stds?
    How can you prevent stds?
    2 Health 18
  4. How to prevent pimples?
    how can pimples be prevented
    7 Style 72
  5. how to prevent acne?
    How can I prevent acne?
    3 Style 37
  6. How do I prevent cravings?
    4 Nutritionfitness 23
  7. how can hairfall be prevented ???
    4 Health 37
  8. How can you prevent skin cancer?
    How can you prevent skin cancer?
    2 Style 32
  9. How to prevent blackheads?
    advices to prevent blackheads?
    2 Style 30
  10. How do I prevent wet dreams?
    How do I prevent wet dreams
    2 Health 231
  11. How can teenage depression be prevented?
    How can teenage depression be prevented?
    2 Health 17
  12. Can war ever be prevented?
    9 General 69
  13. is their a way to prevent cancer?
    6 Health 18
  14. What are foods that prevent zits?
    8 Food 26
  15. How can I prevent my jeans from fading?
    6 Style 31
  16. Which do you prefer - flashy or simple?
    6 General 19
  17. Simple dessert recipies
    What are some simple good dessert recipies
    3 Food 25
  18. What are the ways to prevent climate change?
    What are the ways to prevent climate change?
    3 Environment 70
  19. How do I build a simple rope bridge?
    How do I build a simple rope bridge?
    3 Homegarden 209
  20. How to prevent furter hair loss?
    How to prevent furter hair loss?
    2 Style 18
  21. How do you prevent hacking on Gaia?
    How do you prevent hacking ongaia
    4 Gaming 60
  22. simple plan
    what is your favorite song by simple plan?
    4 Music 16
  23. How to prevent computer viruses?
    how do I prevent viurses on my computer?
    4 Technology 15
  24. In simple terms, what is evolution?
    In simple terms, what is evolution? Thanks-
    2 Science 28
  25. Does drinking vinegar prevent pregnancy?
    Does drinking vinegar prevent pregnancy?
    4 Health 2827
  26. Who else likes simple plan ?
    Who else likes simple plan ?
    6 Music 12
  27. Whitehead prevention
    How do you prevent whiteheads on yur bum?
    6 Style 89
  28. why... is fighting terrorism and preventing terrorism the same thing?
    5 Politics 17
  29. why do tectonic plates move and can you "prevent" them from moving?
    4 Science 10
  30. are there any food that i should avoid to prevent acne ?
    10 Food 39
  31. What can you do to prevent your straightener from damaging your hair?
    4 Style 29
  32. What are some things you can do to prevent inflamtion of dermitis?
    9 Health 17
  33. Are there any ways to prevent thyroid problems?
    4 Health 14
  34. How to prevent your nails from breaking or chipping?
    3 Style 32
  35. how can i prevent from getting sick this winter?
    4 Health 25
  36. What is there in a simple first aid kit?
    2 Health 15
  37. What ways, if any, can you prevent gettin dementia?
    3 Health 9
  38. What is he difference between simple and compound interest?
    2 Money 11
  39. Is there a way to prevent ingrown nails?
    7 Style 14
  40. How do you prevent stomach cramps when your running?
    5 Nutritionfitness 17
  41. How can I prevent my hives from getting so big?
    2 Health 19
  42. How to make a simple hairdo for Mondays?
    8 Style 12
  43. Can the size of your cervix prevent you from having sex?
    6 Sex 28
  44. how can i prevent myself from getting the Swine Flu?
    9 Health 38
  45. what is your opinion on the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy?
    5 Literature 10
  46. does water help prevent spots?
    does water help prevent spots on your face ?
    2 Style 14
  47. What is the best way to prevent E. coli?
    What is the best way to prevent E. coli?
    2 Health 29
  48. Prevent Peeling after a sunburn?
    How do I prevent my skin from peeling afler a sunburn?
    7 Style 329
  49. Preventing ingrown hairs
    How do you prevent ingrown hairs? And how do you get rid of them?
    4 Style 50
  50. Simple Plan?
    Any Simple Plan fans out there? What's your favorite song my them?
    4 Music 10
  51. simple plan or green day?
    which is better simple plan or green day?
    7 Music 39
  52. What's some preventive action for sequential tripping?
    Preventive maintenance of sequential tripping?
    2 Health 20
  53. How do I prevent getting sick?
    how do I prevent being sick, when the people around me are???
    2 Health 18
  54. how can home accidents with fire arms be prevented?
    14 General 40
  55. What are some ways of epilating to prevent breakage of hairs?
    2 Style 18
  56. How can you get rid of or prevent muscle spasms?
    8 Health 29
  57. What would be a simple outline of blood clotting?
    5 Science 22
  58. What is the best way to prevent chaffing while marching?
    2 Health 11
  59. A simple guide to everyday prevention of the Coronavirus
    The world is in a panic over Covid-19 (Novel Corona Virus). While it does make sense to be careful, it does not make sense to panic. So with that in mind here is our simple guide to minimizing the risk of getting the virus. Funadvice has prepared th...
    8 Health 133
  60. Who played Kerry on 8 simple rules?
    3 Entertainment 52
  61. What is a really good deoderant to prevent sweat?
    4 Style 19
  62. how do i prevent the pain of medical shots as they are being recieved?
    5 Health 32
  63. How can one simple rumour harm you in any way?
    7 General 9
  64. What is the best way to prevent and heal blisters?
    3 Health 27
  65. What are some things I can do to prevent going into anorexic mode?
    10 Health 14
  66. Are there any easy and simple tips on how to open a locker?
    7 General 16
  67. Does sunblock prevent you from having a tan?
    2 Style 39
  68. How to prevent hair loss after childbirth?
    this is not for me this is for my sister
    4 Style 62
  69. How can I prevent getting a rash on my skin after a bath?
    2 Health 20
  70. How can you prevent your hair from breakage, flyaways, etc?
    4 Style 48
  71. What are some things I can do to prevent my nails from breaking on the sides?
    7 Style 32
  72. To prevent infection
    What are the steps in good handwashing?
    2 Health 24
  73. Are there any simple breakdance moves?
    Any simple breakdance moves that is apropriate 4 begginers?
    4 Music 41
  74. Does masturbating help in preventing colon cancer?
    Does masterbating help in preventing colon cancer??
    4 Sex 219
  75. How can I prevent split ends?
    I get split ends so easily, so How do I prevent from getting Them so quick?
    5 Style 24
  76. How do you prevent split ends?
    how do you get rid of split ends and prevent more from appearing?
    5 Style 20
  77. How to steal cigarettes from a gas station detailed guide?
    How to steal cigarettes from a gas station detailed guide?
    2 General 1402
  78. Knee Pain Prevention
    What is some good exercise that prevents knee pain and injury?
    2 Health 11
  79. Best Simple Plan songs and videos?
    what are the best simple plan songs/videos
    6 Music 36
  80. how can you prevent or lessen the times someone sleep walks?
    5 Health 15
  81. Simple..Favorite band?
    What is your favorite band? Mine; The Bled ;D
    19 Music 14
  82. What are ways to prevent car accidents, and what should you always carry in the car?
    15 Cars 43
  83. How can I prevent my feet from getting dirty when I wear sandals ?
    6 Style 451
  84. Does olive oil help prevent frizzy hair?
    3 Style 18
  85. Does anyone know any good shampoos that prevent dryness?
    5 Style 101
  86. What are some simple foods that can be made with cheese, like grilled cheese?
    13 Food 28
  87. Goth prevention
    My sister is becoming a goth, how do I get her to stop?
    29 Style 31
  88. What are some quick and simple desserts or dessert drinks that involve coffee?
    8 Food 30
  89. What is a simple dessert i can make without too many ingredients?
    6 Food 11
  90. How do you prevent being cheated on?
    Without being creepy? and stalker like.
    3 Relationships 11
  91. How do I prevent shaving rash?
    5 Style 103
  92. How do I prevent blushing?
    Sometimes out of nowere I blush at school!!! How can I get over it?
    2 Health 24
  93. How can you prevent dry skin besides using lotion?
    4 Style 17
  94. Health guide
    Is high tyrod harmfull during pregancy?
    2 Health 25
  95. Who else watches "the simple life"
    I luv it. It's so funny.
    4 Entertainment 7
  96. What are some cute, simple makeup ideas?
    18 Style 17
  97. How do you prevent REGcure from deleting important system files?
    2 Technology 11
  98. How can I prevent my cheeks from turning red when talking to people?
    7 Style 23
  99. What is a simple and easy way to season green beans?
    3 Food 13
  100. How do you get rid of or prevent brain-freezes?
    11 General 17
  101. Which do you prefer, to be overly complex, or simple?
    One of the only things I like about myself is not being simple.
    9 General 23
  102. Simple Plan?
    who likes simple plan and if so which song do you prefer? just curious. I like all their songs..literally.
    2 Entertainment 6
  103. What's the best way to get rid of or prevent pimples?
    What is the best way to get rid of and/or prevent pimples?
    9 Style 33
  104. How do I prevent pimples?
    okay, I dont want to get rid of them I want to prevent them!! how?
    6 Style 39
  105. Where can I find a video of a simple plan song called jump?
    Where can I find a video of a simple plan song called jump ???
    2 Music 24
  106. Can someone explain in simple terms how to play poker please?
    Can someone explain in simple terms how to play poker please?
    2 Gaming 9
  107. What preventative measures can I take, if any, to reduce my risk of becomeing diabetic?
    2 Health 16
  108. How can I prevent my face from turn bright red when I am around boys?
    4 Style 22
  109. How do you make a simple chicken gravy with usual household stuff?
    5 Food 18
  110. Will this prevent pregnancy?
    If you are on the pill because you have heavy or irregular periods, does it protect you against pregnancy too?
    4 Health 42
  111. How do you prevent getting green fingers from wearing certain rings?
    5 Style 59
  112. Does getting highlights bleached prevent your hair from growing well?
    4 Style 34
  113. Simple low carb meals?
    got any that I probably have the ingredients for?
    3 Nutritionfitness 12
  114. What kind of moisturizer can a woman put below after shaving or to prevent itching?
    7 Style 285
  115. wwe is real or fake in just simple words yes or no?
    I wanted to know that are wwe is real or fake in just simple words yes or no?
    19 Entertainment 478
  116. Where can I watch Simple Life online?
    Where can I watch Simple Life online? And by the way I cant watch it on youtube. x
    3 Entertainment 120
  117. How can I prevent dry skin?
    how can i prevent dry skin? apart from using petroleum jelly..
    10 Style 18
  118. Is there a way to prevent SIDS?
    is there any way 2 prevent sids? (sudden infant death sindrom)
    3 Babies 23
  119. Diabetes prevention?
    What are ways to prevent type 1 diabetes? Are there any doctor proven ways that make you have type 1 diabetes?
    3 Health 24
  120. Will implants prevent saggy boobs when I'm old?
    Will getting implants prevent saggy boobs when im old???
    2 Style 51
  121. What are good foods to eat in order to stay healthy and prevent acne?
    9 Nutritionfitness 31
  122. Why is it that many things are made to protect against pregnancy, but only one to prevent stds?
    5 Health 28
  123. How does heat-protector spray help prevent damage to your hair?
    3 Style 12
  124. Does the morning after pill prevent pregnancy, or does it just reduce the chance of getting pregnant?
    5 Health 46
  125. What are some simple and quick dinner ideas that you can make using very basic ingredients ?
    4 Food 23
  126. What type of flat irons are really good and prevent heat damage?
    3 Style 12
  127. What is the simple course of College
    2 Education 15
  128. Can you give me a step-by-step guide to catch giratina in pokemon
    How do I catch giratina in pokemon diamond???
    2 Gaming 44
  129. Are there any risks of skin cancer with plastic surgery of simple marks on body?
    3 Health 31
  130. How can I prevent a pollen allergy?
    I am suffering from pollen can i get rid ot it?
    2 Health 14
  131. Can I get certified and work as a CNA with a simple assault charge in nj
    4 Politics 157
  132. What foods help prevent acne breakouts and promote healthy skin?
    6 Style 55
  133. Where can I find an episode guide for Princess hours?
    And I want one for all 24 episodes
    2 Entertainment 58
  134. How can I prevent shaving rash?
    when I shave down there I always get a rash are there any creams or anything to stop it.
    3 Style 167
  135. What is the best thing to use to prevent stretch marks when you're pregnant?
    12 Style 56
  136. Does anybody know any ways to prevent panic attacks after smoking weed?
    2 Health 116
  137. Simple math
    How do you convert 375.0 sf to yardage? (brain freeze)
    2 General 15
  138. What are some easy things to cook like eggs, salad ... something simple?
    8 Food 19
  139. Simple question :)
    Simple question :) - What time do you usually go to bed ? Don't say depends, I know its depends, but I say usually...
    7 General 9
  140. What skin care products are best to use to prevent spots or greasy looking skin?
    3 Style 21
  141. Is there a way I can prevent my necklace from making my neck turn green from fake silver?
    7 Style 47
  142. can potassium gluconate vitamin tablets replace bananas to prevent "Charlie horse's"?
    2 Health 39
  143. What do you think should be the punishment for the man who wrote the book how to rape children a pedophiles guide?
    7 General 25
  144. Does anyone have any methods they use for stopping or preventing an anxiety attack once you feel it beginning?
    10 Health 26
  145. Deoderant ones theat actually more prevent sweating ...
    Do any of you have a loved dederant that focuses more on not sweating?
    4 Style 32
  146. How can I prevent or stop them little red dots appearing when I shave my stomach and chest?
    8 Style 95
  147. What are some simple, low cost drinks and/or food for Saint Patrick's Day?
    7 Food 30
  148. fear of death or Fear of God ever prevented you from
    Has The fear of death or Fear of God ever prevented you from doing some thing bad or you have done things without care...?
    10 Religion 14
  149. How can I prevent the ends of my hair from crimping when I curl it?
    When I use a curling iron the ends of my hair like bend. Is it just because of split ends or can I prevent this?
    5 Style 35
  150. How do I prevent razor burn?
    I shave down there, but I can't do it anymore often than once every week and a half because I get razor burn. How do I prevent this?
    3 Style 47
  151. New ice skates, how to prevent them getting scratched?
    I just got new ice skates whats the best way to prevent them getting scratched and where do I get it ...?
    2 Shopping 25
  152. study guide for driver's permit?
    where can you get the study guide for your drivers permit in PA? like do you go to the pendot place or what?
    3 General 20
  153. How can I prevent wrinkles?
    I laugh and smile A LOT. I'm just happy! Will this cause an early on set of wrinkles for me? How can I prevent them?
    2 Style 49
  154. 8 simple rules
    What ever happened to the 8 simple rules tv series? Is it over? How many seasons are/were there?
    4 Entertainment 36
  155. How can you prevent fries from getting that grainy rough texture when it becomes soggy?
    I don't mind it soggy I just hate that texture.
    8 Food 35
  156. How do you find a simple comment me button on myspace?
    Ok how do you find a simple comment me Add me Message me Buttons But how do I make them myself, And if I need a code what is it?
    4 Technology 53
  157. Any suggestions for simple exercises?
    Does anyone know of any good exercises that are simple (for beginners who are a bit on the heavy side) or any good websites?
    3 Nutritionfitness 21
  158. How can I prevent Norovirus?
    How can I prevent myself and my family from getting the stomach flu its a horrible virus I really dont want to get :(
    2 Health 17
  159. Who has an easy, simple cupcake recipe?
    I always bake and I just want a reliable recipe for quick tasty cupcakes.
    6 Food 10
  160. Does applying Blistex to your lips before smoking prevent black lips?
    does it? i dont smoke , my friend told me this & i dont believe it
    2 Health 80
  161. How would you dress up a plain peach-coloured dress with a simple tan belt?
    6 Style 49
  162. How to prevent more stretch marks?
    I was looking at my legs I I already had stretch marks on them but as I pressed against the skin I saw more hat do I do?
    5 Style 21
  163. Where does the phrase "Simple and Clean by Utada" come from?
    It's in some kinda of Japanese anime or game, but I can't remember what.
    4 General 41
  164. Is there a simple way to lose weight?
    help!!! I really feel fat and want to lose weight fast! is their a way to lose weight and fast?
    5 Nutritionfitness 28
  165. Simple Plan
    in simple plans music vid for your love is a lie, who is the long haired guy singing backup and guitare???
    2 Music 7
  166. What are 8 simple sentences that are about one subject?
    I need 8 simple sentences that are about one subject for a HUGE school project. Someone please help!
    6 Education 14
  167. is there a way to prevent hiccups?
    I get hiccups everyday at least twice. They can be painful sometimes so does anyone know a way to prevent them from happening?
    5 Health 37
  168. how does having an std prevent woman from ovulating?
    does having an std prevent woman from ovulating? my friend is trying to conceive but she says after she has sex the sperm comes back out.
    2 Sex 44
  169. Will smoking prevent conceiving?
    do you think cigarettes will prevent pregnancy!! I've been wandering if thats why I cant get pregnant is because I smoke!!
    8 Health 63
  170. Are there any free video editing programs/software simple to use with chroma key that I can use to do effects with a green screen?
    5 Technology 22
  171. how do you help prevent from burning your hair when straightening it?
    I straighten my hair everyday and I know no matter what its going to burn but is their anyway to help it from burning as much?
    5 Style 56
  172. What's a recipe that includes chick peas and kidney benas that's really good and uses simple ingredients?
    3 Food 16
  173. Does genital warts prevent you from having kids?
    My girlfriend had contracted genital warts when she was younger and I want to know will she be able to have a kid in the future
    6 Health 120
  174. Is it true that, no matter what you do to prevent stretch marks, you will still get them if it's genetic?
    That nothing actually works
    6 Style 45
  175. Get rid and prevent spots
    how do you get rid of spots quickly and easily and how can you prevent themm ? .x any help appreciated pleaseee hellppp !!! .xx
    4 Style 29
  176. Unprotected sex how can I prevent pregnancy from occuring
    My boyfriend just forced me to have sex with him without a condom he wasnt in me long but im afraid how can I prevent pregnancy from occuring
    6 Sex 186
  177. Does anyone have simple recipes for a soft, moist cake or cupcakes?
    Vanilla or chocolate, or really, any other sort of cake. It just has to be simple and hard to mess up.
    3 Food 24
  178. can I prevent statutory rape
    if I have the girl sign a form that she had consent to have sex with me and im 18 and shes 15 so would that prevent statutory rape
    2 Sex 15
  179. preventing pregnancies
    if you stop eating could you prevent pregnancies..if its really early? and all together dont put anymore foods into your body
    5 Health 42
  180. How do you prevent getting side aches?
    III am really sensitive to getting side aches and it seems like if i eat to much i get a side ache and if i don't eat enough i get one to. How do you prevent getting them?
    2 Health 15
  181. How do I prevent my 6 month old from bringing up milk?
    my 6 month old has recently started bringing back his milk feed having previously not being a sicky baby. how do I prevent this
    3 Babies 38
  182. How can I prevent crusty eyes in the morning?
    when I wake up in the mornings im left with this thing in my eyes like..crust?is it? its really annoying can I do anything to prevent this
    3 Health 353
  183. Does Erythromycin work to prevent pimples?
    im studying at a medical school and they say it's an antibiotic, though it's an antibiotic but is it liable?
    3 Style 46
  184. Simple Posession of Marijuana charge??
    I just got it the other day, and my court date is about a month from now, what will most licky happen? probation?
    2 Politics 13
  185. Are there any other ways besides spray repellent to prevent mosquito bites? and having the windows closed....doesn't count as one!
    3 Relationships 11
  186. How can I prevent getting yellow teeth?
    ok im getting my braces off on jan.3 !!! but im afraid of yelloe teeth... got any tips...???
    3 Health 73
  187. What is a simple science experiment?
    well im sometimes bored at home wondering what to do so do you know any fun science experiments that I could do at home???
    4 Education 29
  188. What are some healthy, small, simple meals that I can make without a lot of spices?
    Besides salads with grill chicken
    5 Food 17
  189. What are simple lunch recipes?
    I always want a good meal for lunch but can never find any simple recipes that i can just whip together. Anybody know any good easy, fast, simple recipes?
    5 Food 50
  190. Could anyone help me find a virtual guide to Barcelona?
    I have an expat mission, could anyone help me please to look for a virtual guide to Barcelona? I am not familiar with place. Thanks
    4 Travel 4
  191. What can I do to prevent getting pregnant?
    We did have sex on the day I was ovulating but he did withdraw. I'm in doubt if I will get pregnant,, but I still don't want to. What will I do to prevent it? I AM NOT READY BECAUSE I AM STILL STUDYING..
    2 Sex 38
  192. Do you know any simple games or crafts for senior citizens?
    I am 14 and voulenteering at a senior center, and we ussually do crafts with the elderly. But I can't think of any good crafts. Do you know any simple games or crafts? thanx
    4 General 122
  193. A simple question in verse
    If life has no point What is the point in lif If death is good why do we live If live is good why do we die And what is going on with global warming
    4 General 10
  194. What are some cheap and simple dinner ideas?
    My fiance is getting tired of eating the same things, but we do have a budget, and im new to cooking.
    12 Food 34
  195. Is there any kinda medication to prevent mood swings?
    I dunno what the cause is, if its hormonal or what, but its kinda getting on my nerves now and I want to put an end to it.
    5 Health 15
  196. what are some good bands that have the same type of sound as breaking benjamin , three days grace,simple plan,and funeral for a friend?
    8 Music 11
  197. How to prevent from having pms?
    So how?? Im suffering of it evry month and smtimes I think I'll be the first person to die bcoz of it
    3 Health 17
  198. Why are feminine pads good and how do you prevent odor?
    It's as simple as that; are pads very noticable through clothing? Why are they good? Bad? How to prevent odor that may occur. How often YOU personally change them. Positives. Etc.
    12 Health 114
  199. What are simple hairstyles for straight hair?
    I need some very simple yet fun hairdos, and I don't really like my hair when it is curly so anything else would be fine!!!
    15 Style 197
  200. Who thinks semen actually help prevent acne?
    I have done some research about it and im curuous to hear other peoples opinions on it ... Is it possible for semen to help skin, and prevent acne
    10 Nutritionfitness 327
  201. Maths, simple.
    During a one hour tv programme 10 minutes were lost due to adverts, what fraction of the time were given to adverts?
    2 Education 8
  202. Bee prevention...
    what can I do if a bee stings me?? and what would happen if I dont do anything??? please answer because its hurting..a lil bit..not really ...but still
    6 Health 25
  203. How to prevent seasickness?
    im going on a cruise spring 09 and I was wondering if theres any way I could prepare myself so I dont get seasick
    3 Travel 21
  204. When I turn 18 in august, can my parents prevent my moving out?
    In August, I will be 18, and I live in a hell hole of a house. I need to know if there is anything my parents can do that can keep me from moving out.
    6 Family 63
  205. Can citrus acid help prevent you from getting pregnant?
    My boy friend told me that he thinks that works, but he didnt really remember. Can it?
    6 Health 47
  206. How to prevent or stop hair and nail loss?
    Hair loss exactly in the back, I'm a black female with thick hair. I have stop perming my hair recently as well
    5 Health 19
  207. How can I prevent eyebrow dandruff?
    is there anyway that I can stop my eyebrows from having dandruff in them. when I scratch out the dandruff my eyebrow hairs come out and I already have sparse eyeborws so it looks even worse
    2 Style 63
  208. what to do to prevent a girl from getting pragent ??
    me and my girl have been talking about sex and I dont want nothing bad to happen like getting her pragnt am new at this so what do I do ??
    6 Sex 37
  209. Is aerobics simple enough for a beginner?
    Can anyone tell me exactly what aerobics is like? Is it difficult to do? I heard it's something like dancing but I'm horrible at dancing and steps, is it simple enough for a extreme beginner like me?
    2 Nutritionfitness 51
  210. How do I apply simple makeup for school?
    My secondary school [central foundation girls' school] does not allow makeup but I would like to wear makeup to school so what is a real simple way to apply makeup and not get detention?
    5 Style 10
  211. Best way to prevent contact lenses from drying out?
    Best way to prevent contact lenses from drying out? When I wear my contacts for too long, they get very dry. I have some saline eyedrops, but they don't seem to do the trick when I use them. Ideas or suggestions?
    3 Style 323
  212. Where do you buy a simple backpack?
    5 Shopping 43
  213. how to make your hair grow longer fast and simple
    hey guys, any tips on how to make your hair grow faster and longer at home? pleasee post an answer XD
    5 Style 58
  214. How does toothpaste prevent pimples?
    I know a lot of people say it works when you use it over night, but what does it do? And how do you get it to stay on your face and not rub on your pillow?
    9 Style 238
  215. How can I prevent getting my period this week?
    All i m getting is discharge and i have this birthday this week and it ll be better if i m not on my period obviiously. Is there any way? It s soon due however xxx
    9 Health 49
  216. How to make facial masks to prevent acne?
    I have mild acne and I want to know how to make a natural face mast that with reduce pore size and acne?? I need to know how and what to make!
    2 Style 18
  217. It's simple; 6 WORDS to descrbe yourself!!
    3 words to describe you physically, and 3 words to describe your personality! Mine: Petite Dimples Feminine Opinionated Caring Smart
    22 General 49
  218. Why can't my life just be simple for once?
    Does everything I do always have to blow up in my face? If life has a greater meaning, it must be, 'enjoy things while you have them, because just like that, they get snatched away.'
    6 General 65
  219. Would political differences prevent you from having a relationship?
    Would you go out with someone who had different political views (I.e. if you were on the left would you consider being in a romantic relationship with someone on the right, and vice versa?)
    14 Politics 29
  220. Will suntan lotion prevent tanning?
    If you use sun tan lotion will you get a tan? Cause I really don't want to get a darker tan and cause I'm going to the beach soon.
    3 Health 108
  221. How do I prevent blackheads from coming back?
    I recently removed everyblackhead from my nose and it was really painful.How do I stop new ones from coming in because I already see some more.
    2 Style 54
  222. how can I prevent this from happening?
    so my boyfriend and I are putting pink in our hair.. and I want to dye my hair like pairs hilton blonde everytime I bleach it my hair turns ORANGE.. how can I prevent this from happening
    3 Style 49
  223. How To Conduct Roof Inspection | Step By Step Guide
    A roof inspection is an important task for every single homeowner. It helps to save the roof from future damage. Here you will get step by step guide on how to conduct roof inspection like a professional.
    11 Homegarden 86
  224. what are cute and simple ways to do my hair?
    ok I have a very difficult time outting my hair up and all I do is put it up or bobypin it back to the side. And its hard for me to find a good way to either put it up or doing something with it. What are some cute and simple ways to put it up?
    3 Style 40
  225. Initiation what can I do to prevent it
    Man I just started high school and found bout the initiation thing man what can I do to prevent it happening to me please I dont want my boxers ripped lol Thanks
    2 Education 11
  226. How many peoples opinions should be taken in a simple yes no poll?
    I like taking polls of decisions/ideas I might have and I was wondering how manny people generally I should poll in a basic yes/no poll
    2 General 26
  227. What is a good, simple website that you can sell items on?
    Please do not say ebay. We have a lot of books and cds that need to go. Also, can you sell things on
    3 Money 13
  228. Comprehensive Guide to Work with a Web Designer for Developing a Successful Website
    The following tips will ensure that you have a healthy and profitable business relationship with your web designer and translate it to a successful website.
    6 Technology 105
  229. What can i do with this can of yams thats quick and simple?
    I have a can of yams chris's mother sent home one day, were out of brown sugar...whats a good way to fix them?
    4 Food 11
  230. What are some really effective but fairly simple ways to lose love handles?
    I am starting to get really annoyed by my hips. i just can't stand it, and i'd really appreciate any help :)
    4 Nutritionfitness 17
  231. How can I prevent my period coming next week?
    Im in my 2nd cycle and next week will be my third cycle but because I am irregular there is a possibility that my period will come next week. I would like to know what can help prevent it from coming/delaying.. I am not on the pill.
    3 Health 99
  232. How can I prevent her from getting pregnant?
    My girlfriend and I decided to take out relation to the next step. at the end we were caught up in the moment and '' got off " in her. I know we should of used protection but we were in the heat of the moment. What should I do to help prevent her fro...
    5 Health 69
  233. How to prevent cellulite?
    my mom told me that people who eat a lot of candy end up getting cellilite!!! OMG! I eat tons of candy! how can I prevent getting cellilite?? besides stop eatin candy and drinking water?
    2 Style 10
  234. What does it mean when you call someone's cellphone and it says something like, "the number you're trying to reach has dial restrictions that prevent this call"?
    But at the same time they can call or text me from their phone?
    19 Technology 25520
  235. What is the best way to prevent vomiting after taking my multivitamin?
    I take a multivitamin every day, and no matter when I take it, or what I eat when I take it, I always vomit. Most of the time, it's just watery, other times, well, I won't go into detail.
    11 Health 62
  236. Can someone help me find a website explaining in very simple terms the Big-O for computer science/java?
    I've found many but most of them are too complicated for me to understand.
    5 Technology 12
  237. How can I prevent my period if it is gonna be here any time?
    Well I know that I am gonna have a period any time now and I really need to delay it at least for two days due to I am having a hot night tomoorow with this guy?
    3 Health 54
  238. Is there something i can do to prevent the backaches im getting from sleeping during this pregnancy?
    I have tried sleeping in every position i can think of, its all the same result. I wake up with a backache so bad i can hardly move or stand up.
    11 Health 24
  239. How do I prevent getting massive, fist-sized knots in my hair?
    When I had long hair, no matter how much I would brush it, by the end of the day I would have lots of knots. My hair is shorter now, up to my shoulders, but I still get knots, how do I prevent getting knots?
    10 Style 25
  240. What are some simple muscle gain/fat loss exercises with no gear?
    What are some simple forms of excersize you can do with nothing but 8 lb. weights and no bench? I am looking for something more creative than sit up or push ups but I do those too.
    2 Nutritionfitness 17
  241. Simple chinese words
    I'm taking chinese next year and would like to know some simple chinese words like movments how to say how are you and colors or shapes (I know hi its any-how((Thats not how its spelled but thats how its pronounced...))
    3 General 20
  242. What is there so I can prevent sneezing and sore throat?
    im like semi sick :P...and usually when I have da sneezing..I get da sore what can I do t0 prevent any of it? because I really don't wanna get sick because im going to colorado trip this thrusday!!
    3 Health 64
  243. How do you find someone in Wicca to help guide you?
    I want to start my first circle, but dont feel prepared. Im not sure if there is a way to offend the Goddess by doing it improperly, so how can I find someone in my community to help and guide me?
    5 Religion 29
  244. How can I prevent my hair from becoming static?
    every day in the winter it gets very staticy (idk how to spell it) and i dont want this because i cant look good with my hair up during school. help!
    6 Style 16
  245. What simple craft things I can do at home to make it beautiful?
    I want to do some art and crafts in free time to make my hoise look good,or to make things which are useful in many ways.simple crafts which look beautiful or can be used as gifts also.
    4 Homegarden 23
  246. How to prevent prescribed meds from showing up?
    I take adderall 20 mg twice a day and klonopin 1 mg three times a day(prescribed by a physician). Is there anything I can do tonight that will prevent those meds from showing up in my urine test tomorrow?
    3 Health 222
  247. Can I prevent myself growing any taller?
    im 15 5ft 2 inches tall and I don't want to get any taller. im happy at the height I am. is it possible that I won't grow anymore and when do growth spurts end ?? can I do anything to prevent me getting taller??
    4 Nutritionfitness 154
  248. What are some ways to prevent sweating?
    I get really sweaty when I'm nervous or wateva. What are some ways to prevent sweatin? I use deodorant. I was thinkin maybe powder but imma wear a dark shirt tomorrow.
    5 Style 40
  249. Who believes we have guides?
    Don't comment on this saying no its not true or you will go to hell or...blah blah blah...I just need a simple I do or yes or more if you want, you can even ask questions if you want, I just wanna see how many people that will respond that believes :)
    9 Religion 10
  250. Is there a way to prevent your breasts from sagging?
    my boobs seem like there starting to hang :( but i was wondering if theres a way to prevent sagging? or at less loose weight on my breast. im a size 34D. anyway to get them smaller?
    2 Style 61