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  1. How do you read your messages
    How do you read your messages
    4 Funadvice 20
  2. How do I ckeck my picture messaging?
    How do I ckeck my picture messaging?
    2 Technology 21
  3. why is my message not apearing on the screen
    why is my message not apearing on the screen
    2 Funadvice 44
  4. how do u send text messages with songs in message?
    15 Technology 81
  5. how do you change message to unread even though you read the message?
    14 Technology 21
  6. Are there any hair dressers on here that I can message about my hair?
    2 Style 21
  7. who beleives in those subliminal messages?
    11 General 33
  8. Can you read deleted txt messages
    Can you read deleted txt messages
    5 Technology 52
  9. Multimedia message from my phone?
    How do I check my messages?
    2 Technology 19
  10. text messages
    can you read text messages from the computer?
    3 Technology 195
  11. How do you review deleted Myspace messages?
    How do you review deleted myspace messages
    3 Technology 43
  12. View deleted Myspace messages?
    how do I view deleted messages from my myspace
    5 Technology 88
  13. How to read my messages?
    how do I read my messages and yes I am new to this
    2 Funadvice 9
  14. How do I hide myspace message box?
    How do I hide myspace message box?
    3 Technology 50
  15. Can I send a text message online?
    Can I send a text message online?
    3 Technology 36
  16. I have a message and dont know how to get it
    I have a message and dont know how to get it
    3 Funadvice 6
  17. How are the messages of jesus carried out today?
    How are the messages of jesus carried out today?
    2 Politics 18
  18. Subliminal messages
    Are there subliminal messages in alphabet soup?
    3 General 31
  19. Why are there subliminal messages in advertisements and movies?
    5 General 10
  20. How can you tell if your message sent if you don't have a 'sent' section?
    6 Technology 14
  21. where can i go to receive my picture messages???
    2 Technology 32
  22. What is the message in the song Concrete Angel?
    3 Music 30
  23. Did you get my message? My internets being oddd.
    2 Technology 37
  24. How do you check cricket mms messages?
    3 General 47
  25. how do you get picture messageing on phone ?
    2 Technology 28
  26. why cnt my sony ericson send text messages?? i can recevie messages but cant send,, why??
    7 Technology 16
  27. Can you forward text messages on the iPhone?
    Is there a way to forward text messages on the iPhone ???
    2 Technology 117
  28. How do you hide the message box and the add me box on myspace
    How do you hide the message box and the add me box on myspace?
    4 Technology 54
  29. Don't know how to get a message
    I can't recive a message on my phone
    2 Technology 36
  30. How to recover deleted messages form inbox
    How to recover deleted messages form inbox
    2 Technology 61
  31. Check text messaging online?
    is there any way I can check my text messages online?
    3 Technology 78
  32. What do you call a message printed on a lion with chickenpox?
    what do you call a message printed on a lion with chickenpox
    3 General 591
  33. A ClockWork Orange message?
    is there a message in "a clockwork orange" film or novel? and what is it
    4 Entertainment 49
  34. how do you block your number when you send a text message
    how do you block your number when you send a text message
    2 Technology 114
  35. Why can't the funmail put the most resent message on top?
    13 Funadvice 17
  36. how do I check my text messages from my cellphone on my laptop
    2 Technology 47
  37. What is the standard text-messaging rate?
    9 Technology 40
  38. Why is my FunMail acting up - It keeps sending me the same message over and over again?
    2 Funadvice 9
  39. Im trying to check my mobile message
    3 Technology 20
  40. How do I "IM" (instant message) a phone number?
    10 Technology 21
  41. does your samsung intensity send blank messages?
    4 Technology 24
  42. Myspace message
    Is there anyway you could stop a message you sent on myspace
    3 Technology 13
  43. Where do you get those fowards for your phone? the chain messages?
    where do you get fowards for your phone? they are called chain messages
    2 Technology 45
  44. Is there a way to read someone elses text messages
    Is there a way to read someone elses text messages
    2 Technology 70
  45. How can I check deleted messages?
    how do I check my spouse cell phone deleted messages
    2 Technology 57
  46. How to recover deleted a social site messages?
    how can I recover deleted messages from a social site {mine}
    3 Technology 194
  47. Blocked Text Messages?
    is there any possibel way to send a blocked text message?
    2 Technology 56
  48. How do I put emoticons in a message.
    How do I put emoticons in a message like a smile and stuff like that.
    3 Technology 102
  49. How do I check my mms messages online
    I have multi media messages how do I check them
    2 Technology 221
  50. Is there a way I can save my yahoo chat messages?
    Is there a way I can save my yahoo chat msgs?
    2 Technology 13
  51. How do I delete this thing it isnt sending me a message
    2 Funadvice 19
  52. When you're messaging someone on WhatsApp, does it cost money?
    4 Technology 10
  53. How do I check my cricket multi-media messages?
    3 Technology 105
  54. Flight attendant, or message therapist?
    Whats better? To become a flight attendant, or message therapist?
    4 Money 22
  55. How do I get my multi-media message from my phone
    How do I get my multi-media message from my phone I have a cricket phone .
    2 Technology 84
  56. possible to read text messaging you sent to person
    Is it possible to read text messaging you sent to person or incoming texting
    5 Technology 56
  57. How can I retrieve messages on internet from my phone?
    How can I retrieve messages from my phone on my on my personal computer at home?
    2 Technology 49
  58. cell phone deleted texas messages
    how do I read deleted text messages?
    2 Technology 86
  59. Have you ever sent a text message to the wrong person?
    If so what's the most embarrassing message and who to?
    13 Technology 181
  60. can you send text messages
    can you send text messages from a computer and put someones number
    3 Technology 19
  61. How do I pull up my multi-media message?
    How do I pull up mymulti-media message
    2 Technology 85
  62. Flirting in a text message.
    How could you flirt in a text message? lol. We text like all the time. but how could I do that?
    3 Relationships 148
  63. How do I check deleted text message conversations on a mobile?
    How do I check deleted text message conversations on a mobile phone?
    2 Technology 102
  64. what do i do about yahoo spam i am always getting pop up messages and there ALL porn?
    4 Technology 12
  65. How often do mixed messages happen, and what can I do to make sure I'm receiving the right message from this guy?
    You know, I don't want to look stupid _-
    17 Relationships 16
  66. how much does it cost to send a text message to a foreign country?
    2 Technology 47
  67. Do people get arrested for sending a photo message of weed?
    7 Politics 67
  68. how do I get my multi-media message that is on my phone to my computer?
    3 Technology 61
  69. why does my funmail not let me send a message?
    i click send and nothing happens
    10 Funadvice 11
  70. really upset. Need help with my boyfriend. PLEASE message me.
    4 Relationships 29
  71. When typing a text message on an iphone does your text come up green or grey?
    2 Technology 20
  72. what is a mdn # so I can get my multi media message
    need to find my mdn #
    2 Technology 97
  73. How does one tell if a girl likes him while they are sending messages and can't see each other?
    16 Relationships 43
  74. lil waynes secret message in the song I feel like dying
    what is lil waynes secret message in the song I feel like dying
    8 Music 63
  75. Blocked people can send you messages!
    okie I thought when you blocked people on here, they should not be able to send you messages? what's the deal?
    4 Funadvice 52
  76. Really cute text messages I can send to my boyfriend
    Really cute text messages I can send to my boyfriend random;y???
    3 Relationships 707
  77. txt message forwards
    any one have any good text messaging forwards...funny etc.
    2 Technology 51
  78. How do I delete messages I've posted?
    Hi how do I delate a message's I've posted in the past where do I go?
    2 Funadvice 10
  79. do a cell phone bill show all the text message ?
    do a cell phone bill show all the text message ??? I got verizon
    4 Technology 437
  80. Phone only gets one message then I have to turn it off and back on
    My phone only gets one message then I have to turn it off and back on to get another message... Its a verizon phone. Any help???
    2 Technology 17
  81. How would you feel if your cell phone is taken away and can't message your friends?
    18 General 27
  82. can you get the text message history from metro even if they have been deleted off your phone?
    3 Technology 84
  83. How do you make your screen light up on a Blackberry Storm2 when you receive a text message?
    4 Technology 10
  84. How do you move a "messaging" icon to the bottom of the screen on an Android?
    where the home button and all that is?
    6 Technology 34
  85. Why is my phone sending random symbols,instead of words,for text messages?
    4 Technology 125
  86. how much is multimedia messaging with At&t?
    I have unlimited texting. will they charge it as a text or something else?
    2 Technology 38
  87. How to send free messages worldwide?
    I live in syria and I want to send free message to people in and out my country ,but how ?
    3 Technology 40
  88. hidden text message
    how can I check deleted text messages and hidden ones on a nokia mobile phone
    3 Technology 55
  89. Jesus's first message?
    When Jesus first began his ministry, what was his first message, as recorded in Matthew 4:17?
    7 Religion 111
  90. Is there way to see if someone has read the message you sent?
    Is their a way to see if people have not read the message you sent them on verizon phones?
    3 Technology 63
  91. Text messages! Help!
    Does anyone know how I can check my text messages from the computer?? I don't have my cell with me. I have verizon.
    2 Technology 11
  92. How to view deleted messages in my a social site inbox?
    How do I look at my messages that I deleted in my inbox on a social site? is that possible to look at them again even if I have deleted them?
    2 Technology 88
  93. Why when i ask a question i get the message that the page is no longer here?
    I always get that message and i have to comeback to post my question.
    2 Funadvice 24
  94. Who else hates when you and another person are messaging
    Who else hates when you and another person are messaging and the other person reads it but doesnt write back
    7 Technology 35
  95. Fancy MSN message icons
    how do yu put them fancy icons on yur msn opening message..
    2 Technology 40
  96. I keep trying to open a file and I get a dll error message. How can I fix this?
    3 Technology 11
  97. What's the best way to break up with your partner - face-to-face, by text message, or by letter?
    13 Relationships 43
  98. How do I send a pic message from my pc to my boost mobile phone?
    how can I send a picture from my computer to my boost mobile phone?
    3 Technology 63
  99. does anyone else hate it when someone replies a text message with " lol" or "k"?
    12 General 91
  100. Why are people sending me messages wanting to know what my last name means?
    My last name is McCoy
    6 General 12
  101. How can I view my boyfriend's messages?
    My boyfriend is cheating on me. I'm sure of it but i need proof. Do you know of a way that i can view his messages?
    3 Relationships 47
  102. how can I check my text message?
    I need to see my text messages I sent and recived on my alltel cell phone
    2 Technology 28
  103. what web site can I find text messages people sent to my cell phone
    what web site can I find those text messages people send me on my cell phone
    6 Technology 65
  104. Is there a way to read deleted text messages?
    does anyone know or has an idea or trick to read deleted mobile messages?
    5 Technology 275
  105. What would be a good message to share as a pageant contestant, preferably directed towards teens?
    10 General 25
  106. What message to put in her Valentine's Day card?
    I've been with my girl now for 5 years what would be a romantic message to put on the card?
    4 Relationships 10
  107. sending pix by phone to pc's
    how do you send photos from cell phone to web site email addresses
    2 Technology 16
  108. How can I recover deleted txt messages
    My wife has a lg voyager with verizon mine and hers are on my plan how can I recover deleted txt messages or intercept them
    4 Technology 68
  109. Can you put a password lock on text messages on the iPHONE?
    Is there anyway? I hate when people read my texts.
    2 Technology 265
  110. how to access messages
    how do I retrieve messages that are sent to I signed in logged on, now what?
    10 Technology 314
  111. How do I know which of my messages was considered abusive?
    how do I figure out who said my message was abuse? because I got an email that said someone said my message was abusive who said thast because thats not true
    2 Funadvice 21
  112. How do I turn off the keypad volume and the ringer for a new text message on a Motorola Motokey Social?
    4 Technology 17
  113. how do I remove all the messages in my email?
    i mean without clicking clear all then delete, cause it only deleted some of it possible to clear all the messages in my inbox?
    3 Technology 17
  114. Mum wants 2 no if from time to time she can check my messages
    My mum wants 2 no if from time to time she can check my messages that I sent make sure everything is safe... So do you no
    2 Technology 15
  115. What is up with these people messaging me?
    i can't even read their messages they keep sending me one messages and then their accounts are closed. what the heck is going on if people want to send me a message just send them and i will read them without judge.
    7 Funadvice 4
  116. Are sending/receiving pictures part or included in text messages?
    I have unlimited text messaging, and i send/receive photos, i don't want them to charge me extra, are these included in text messaging??? thanks!
    4 Technology 13
  117. Do you think dreams give people an important message?
    do you think dreams give people an important message or are just stupid things you think about when your awake that are transported to through your mind while your asleep?
    4 General 43
  118. Dirty text messages for my girlfriend?
    I need some help on some dirty text messages. What a girl would like to see and read. To turn her on and so on like that.
    3 Relationships 459
  119. forward messages
    Okay, where do people get those crazy forwarding messages, usually with funny, weird, or disturbing pictures and sounds. How do they get them?? ANd where?
    2 Technology 57
  120. why doesnt my phone send text messages to other companies?
    i have metro and it wont let me send text messages to other companies.this never happened before.
    4 Technology 37
  121. Any way to remove subliminal messages?
    I'm concerned about some subliminal messages I have put in my own mind and now wish to remove. Is there anyway to remove them, or is there nothing that can be done?
    4 General 64
  122. Song with message of keeping hope?
    wats a song that has a message of keeping hope and/or love alive even in a really bad situation?
    6 Music 14
  123. why do guys leave mean messages for girls?
    leave mean messages to girls that havent even met them? its really rude and im not sure why they do that
    2 Relationships 26
  124. T-Mobile text message charges
    Why is T-mobile charging $.30 for sending & receiving text messages? That's too outrageous! Everything is going str8 up!
    5 Technology 42
  125. Is there a charge to receive text messages from a computer?
    im texting my friend from my email in the computer to his phone, but i wanna know if there is a charge to that?
    4 Technology 39
  126. Can a parent/guardian have the right to ask the phone company for all the text messages the child has been sending to his/her friends?
    13 Family 14
  127. Is is possible for someone to go to your cell phone company and find out what it is that you say and do while you text message someone?
    4 Technology 15
  128. why cant i send pple message on here?
    it keeps saying oops there was a problem saving ur email
    22 Funadvice 20
  129. What kind of games can you play with friends through Text Messaging?
    I know it's a wierd question, but we're bored.
    9 Technology 273
  130. How do I start a dirty text message conversation?
    like when a guy texts you and starts flirting and telling you dirty things, how do you continue it?
    2 Relationships 1017
  131. Would a text messaging saying "I'll rape you AGAIN" be enough evidence to press charges for the previous rape?
    16 General 36
  132. What exactly is an abusive message?
    because I've had a message that I think it is but im not all that sure please write back ASAP thanks x
    2 Funadvice 12
  133. how do I REPLY messages if they gave me advice?
    3 Funadvice 18
  134. How do I check my multimedia messages from my cricket phone?
    When I go on the website and I type in my mdn ans message id number it does nothing
    2 Technology 93
  135. Should I ask my ex if he received my message?
    today I see mi ex should I ask him if he got mi message ro just leave it till he says something
    3 Relationships 17
  136. Subliminal messages album
    Well my next album called Twisted Love which I am not starting on the album until September,how can I insert some hidden messages into the songs?
    4 Music 31
  137. Text messages
    When you forward a message lets say to 5 people, do 5 text messages get used or does just one message get used for all 5 people? Im asking because I have limited and I want to be careful with what I got.
    9 Technology 50
  138. SMS message?
    whenever I get a text messge on my phone it says SMS message. what does that mean? the messages come in normal and stuff nothing wrong with them, but I just want to no what that is
    3 Technology 37
  139. Why doesn't my phone send my text messages?
    i have a new phone and for some odd reason i would send a message only to have it loading the message but never actaully successfully sending it. Any way to fix it?
    5 Technology 29
  140. How do you retrieve old text messages?
    Cricket is my carrier. I have a camera slide phone (crickets). The messages I'm trying to retrieve are less than a month old. Is this possible?
    3 Technology 49
  141. What do you think of a president using text messages to rule his country?
    I heard in the news that the president of Venezuela is giving orders from cuba through text message, I think this is crazy. What do you think?
    4 Politics 17
  142. Mms text messages
    How do I get m mms text mesages. It tells me to go to I have been trying for months
    5 Technology 51
  143. What does it mean when you try to answer a question, and you get the message "question is not available for answers", or something like that?
    I've never seen this before, is this something new? What does it mean?
    4 Funadvice 12
  144. Where can I find my girlfriend's erased messages?
    my girlfriend may be cheating and I want to find a website that can show me her call log...does anyone know a website?
    3 Technology 36
  145. Is there a way to make it so people can't leave you a voice message?
    Can I simply not have one set-up, or will there be a default one the phone came with?
    5 Technology 19
  146. Should I be punished for instant messaging?
    ok,im grounded 4 talking to this boy that my friend introduced me to on Instant Messenger. do you think I should be punished?
    2 Family 25
  147. Text messages deleted
    I need to know how to get all my deleted inbox text back that I erased from ,my tracphone could you please let me know how
    3 Technology 57
  148. Do artificial flowers send the same message as real flowers?
    Do artificial flowers send the same message as real flowers? If i bring some artificial flowers home for my significant other, instead of a freshly cut bouquet of real flowers, will they be happy wtih me, or do you think it sends a different message?
    5 Relationships 278
  149. Will my text messages transfer to new phone?
    Okay,so I'm getting a phone replacement tommrow..and I've had old text messages I need on my old you think Verizon can transfer text messages to my new phone? HELP!
    10 Technology 50
  150. What does the AIM Error Message mean Target rate limit reached?
    I can't log on to Aim I keep getting this error message Target rate limit reached status Detail Code 5
    3 Technology 683
  151. Cell phone picture messages
    My cell phone never lets me send always says "error could not send" so my question there a website that lets me send pictures to someones cell phone number?
    2 Technology 58
  152. Whats with guys and one word text messages?
    Why do guys text okay,lol,haha so much do they not know what to say or are they just bored with the conversation?
    5 Relationships 447
  153. Message alert fer msn
    Alrighty so how do I get like a little thing that pops up in the corner of my screen when I get somthing into my inbox?
    2 Technology 43
  154. What does it mean when my email address is automatically sending out messages to people?
    I have a mac. I just checked my sent messages, and there's a link being sent out to people I dont even know. Is it a virus and how do I stop it?
    8 Technology 14
  155. destroy deleted text messages
    I need to make many of my already deleted texted messages unretrievable by my partner. Can this be done so that he will not be allowed access to them on our verizon wireless account?
    3 Technology 314
  156. Should I send him a Myspace message?
    this dude at ma school knows I love him he be acting hella fine in front of me on purpose . should I send him a friend request on myspace or not?
    2 Relationships 12
  157. How to keep my away message up on AIM when I talk?
    I have aim 6.0 and when I put on my awaymessage and type again it goes off.. how do I keep it on even while im talkign to my friends?
    2 Technology 41
  158. How can I retrieve deleted text messages on my phone for free?
    When i deleted the conversation i was using a Nokia c3 and now im using the Blackberry curve. Please help
    3 Technology 38
  159. Who has verizon and nos if my mom can look my messages online?
    Hi I need help I need to no if my mom can really veiw my text messages online b/c I have bad messages!!! Pllz if you no the answere reply please
    4 Technology 12
  160. Are there any sites that you can send a text message with your cell phone and get answers?
    I know is a question and answer service that you can use with your phone..but I was just wondering is their any other websites that are out their where you can text questions and get answers to your cell phone?
    6 Technology 40
  161. Why on my HTC Wildfire, do my sent messages appear below the reply to them?
    It's quite annoying and I was wondering if you can get the messages to be in order. So sent1,reply1, sent2,reply2. That sorta thing? If you can then how? :/
    5 Technology 22
  162. What are ways to flirt through text message?
    What are ways to flirt through text message? I wanna flirt with this guy but I don't know waht to say or anything cause I really want him to like me? Please answer any answer is appreciated
    2 Relationships 110
  163. How can I check my girl's Myspace messages?
    how can i check someone elses inbox on myspace i think my girl is cheating on me and i was just about to ask her to marry me and the ring i got was 6800 i need to know!
    3 Technology 37
  164. How come every time you look on someone's page, all you can see are the messages someone else sent to them?
    I can no longer see other people answering questions, or other people commenting things.
    13 Funadvice 11
  165. who else has been getting this message from hotmail lately?!
    wondering if it is another scam or something serious to worry about! this is what was sent to me...HOTMAIL ACCOUNT ALERT !!‏ thanks in advance all!
    6 Technology 27
  166. Hidden Message in Slipknot's Purity?
    I'm not sure if I was hearing things but when I got done listening to Purity by Slipknot,I heard a girls voice in the background saying 'Can you hear me?',what was that about?
    2 Music 56
  167. My phone won't send picture messages??
    How can I fix this problem? I took pictures on my phone and tried to send them to my e-mail, but they wouldn't send. Then. I tried sending them to a friend, but again, they wouldn't send. Is there any possible way I can fix this?
    9 Technology 1566
  168. Sent Messages Total
    Okay, I just wondering if there is anyway of seing how many messages you have sent since when you have bought a mobile phone, so like how many texts you have sent alltogether since youve had the phone ? :D thanks
    2 Technology 44
  169. My dad goes through all of my txt messages
    My dad goes through all of my txt messages and I told someone that the guy I like was a serious pot head and now my dad knows and he wont let me talk to this guy or see him and I think my dad thinks im a pot head too now. What do I do?
    2 Family 14
  170. My cricket messages
    I have the new cricket phone paln and all bout I get these text messages some I can retreave some say go on I do it say invalid pg please help me
    2 Technology 152
  171. Why is my phone not sending or receiving picture messages?
    My phone keeps saying sending failed communication error please try again later. It done that when I tried to receive messages and send them and both mine and my friends are camera phones. How can I fix it?
    3 Technology 71
  172. Why does Fun Mail say I have new messages when I don't?
    Next to fun mail at the top it says that I've got 2 new messages But I havent, I recieved them ages ago Its really annoying... Why is it like this? X
    3 Funadvice 14
  173. Does my dreams have a message?
    Two nights ago I dreamed I was pregnant and im only 14. It was so real! like if I touched my belly I could feel the little feet against my tummy. does that have like some sort of message?
    8 Religion 45
  174. What free websites or programs allow you to send text messages via the internet to a cell phone?
    Windows live messenger and yahoo messenger won't work for me.
    11 Technology 22
  175. How to see the text message?
    ok my girlfriend sent me a txt msg but it says download failed communication error please try again
    3 Technology 39
  176. blank text message in my inbox
    when I go to erase it, its locked. I unlock and click erase and it says "erased" but it remains there. nothing has gotten rid of it, is it possible that its a hack/someone trying to read my text messages? lol
    2 Technology 49
  177. A site for text message forwards?
    I know like those text messages that say you think im a cute or b cool... Stuff like that were kan I find one... I don't want to write one
    5 Technology 78
  178. What is the point of having subliminal messages in songs when they are played backwards?
    Like they have things to do with satan and whatever but you only hear it when it's played backwards, how does this message actually work? I know it's to do with your subconscious and stuff but I dont get how it would work when it only makes a satanic m...
    3 Religion 65
  179. Can I go back and look at my messages on my old phone?
    I gave it to my cousin and i`m not shure if he`s used it or not , I want to go back in the messages and get peoples numbers can i do that?. If so where do i go , It was a verizion phone . If i cant is there anyway to get the messages if the phone isn`t...
    6 Technology 39
  180. Is there a way to...forward messages from one mailbox to another?
    A friend of mine is being horassed via email by someone. Is there a way that she could set up a setting or something that would make any horassing email twoards her to my email?
    2 Technology 39
  181. Taking Digital Pixs With Your Bra On!!
    Okay..I guess you can say there's nothing wrong with being and looking sexy rite??? there are a lot of ways to look sexy,lol:) friends loves taking pixs with their bra on and so do I...Is that being slutty and Trashy??? or that's a wa...
    4 Sex 23
  182. How to talk dirty via text message?
    I am texting with a guy I'm dating and he likes to text dirty and I never know what to say. His latest message said something about making him a sandwich in the nude. What do I write back to him?
    2 Relationships 825
  183. How to delete my messages I sent?
    Okay so this guy keeps chatting I sent him email before but I really wanna delete my account cauz him..I delted my account but I still c the messages I sent him.. Is yahoo gonna delete my account perantly if I deleted it cause I still c it..
    6 Technology 48
  184. Can my mom print out all my text messages?
    Okayyy so I have verizon. And my mom threatened me that she's going to get a print out of all the text messages I ever senttt! She tried to do it before but they said she couldn't do it!!! Is that possible! Pleased help me I'm really scares
    5 Technology 72
  185. Verizon help (pix texting)
    from the verisonwireless website, when the administrator of a shared acount (2 cells) logs in, they can see how many txts and when, but can they see what the pics are of or what the texts say? if so how? please help lol...
    4 Technology 39
  186. How to copy messages from cell to laptop?
    So m gonna change my cellphone and I want to put my saved messages from my cell (nokia xpress music 5130) on my laptop because I love those msgs and they've got lots of memories so how can I copy them on my laptop???
    2 Technology 11
  187. tmobile text messages
    when you text someone, is it possible for you or anybody with the account info to actually see the text messages being sent or received? im not hiding anything im just a little annoyed with people going into my business..
    4 Technology 9
  188. My windows live messenger wont let me send instant messages??? :(
    I have a friend and can only talk to her on msn :( and now we cant I dont know what to do!!! Everytime I try to send an instant message it just says not responding and I cant uninstall it! :`( Please help
    6 Technology 53
  189. How does text messaging work in different countries?
    Say an american wants to text someone who is in Austrailia, or U.K, Japan etc... is it just like texting a friend across the road? Or will extra charges be applied?
    4 Technology 33
  190. How can you recieve text messages on home phones?
    I only ask because I've just ordered something from a store and they told me that they would text me when it arrived in store. Then I told them that I had entered a home number into the computer and the girl who was serving me gave me a strange look an...
    4 Technology 58
  191. My Yahoo Email account isnt showing any messages
    I forgot my Myspace password, so I filled out the little"Forgot your password" thing and they said they sent me my password. I've been doing that a thousand times and still have not received any message regarding my password. can anyone help?
    5 Technology 21
  192. What do you guys think about evil messages in music played backwards?
    I think it's bs that people make up. The brain wont comprehend lyrics backwards until it sees some words that can pass 4 the gibberish they hear.
    15 Music 39
  193. Can your parents see your text messages if you have an iPhone?
    I think I might get an Iphone but i heard like all your text messages get sent to their E-mail & they they read them & i dont want my parent reading all my texts that would be weird so you guys know anything about this? Thanks.
    4 Technology 57
  194. Nasty text message idea?
    I want to send this guy who played/used me a nasty anonymous text message. He's now "seeing" this other girl even though he's leaving next week and she's moving away. What can I send him to get my point across but not let him know its me?
    6 Relationships 104
  195. Why is my iPhone suddenly showing past text messages from months ago?
    All of a sudden, my iphone is showing thousands of texts from forever ago and its literally driving me insane because whenever i delete them, they keep coming back. and its like every single text message since i got my iphone.
    2 Technology 20
  196. What are some FUNNY txt messages?
    So im looking for some funny questions to ask as a forward.. such as "if we woke up naked together using only 3 words what would you say to me?" They can be deep to! whatever you have I would love to see :)
    3 Entertainment 50
  197. Say merry Christmas through txt message in a cute way?
    how should I wish someone merry christmas & happy birthday in a super sweet & cute way.. like through a text.. haa I don't know this is a difficult but stupid question.
    5 General 36
  198. How can I view my text message usage such as the numbers sent/recieved and everything else(I have a sprint phone)?
    I didn't see the option anywhere on the website so I was wondering if anyone knew an alternative way or if there was a way to see it on the website and I just missed it?
    2 Technology 39
  199. can subliminal messages in adds actually brain wash you?
    ( silly question i know, but i love typing random things in google, and found the hidden messages, then some conspiracy perosn said they are trying to brain wash us, it kinda freaked me out!! lol:)
    3 General 39
  200. If playing the lottery is a sin what would be the message in this?
    Im catholic, but i didnt know that playing the lottery is a sin, because is not a money that a person has earned for his hard work, but what about if somebody is trying to get a job, but nobody hires him and he plays the lottery and wins the jackpot wh...
    3 Religion 44
  201. Any good sms text messaging chains?
    I want to send a good chain message... Something cute or funny Nothing stupid like "send to 8 people or your going to die at 12:00" Ah haha! Anyway just wright some down that are cute :) Thanks!! :)
    7 Technology 188
  202. What should my text message signture be ?
    Hi, my name is katie, my favorite color is purple and I like to listen to music. I cant think of a signature to put on my phone. If you need anymore info just ask. Thx
    6 General 14
  203. How can I keep a MySpace message marked UNREAD after I open it?
    I've done my research and now have acess to my girlfriends myspace account to see if she is chaeting on me but after I read her mail it is no longer marked "UNREAD" is there a way to keep it marked "UNREAD" after I open it so she does not get suspiciou...
    5 Technology 85
  204. Deactivated cell phone text messaging ?
    I have verizon wireless along with my friend. A few months ago her phone service got shut down/deactivated, I accidentally sent a text to her while her phone was shut down, a few months later her phone service got turned back on. Now that her phone ser...
    3 Technology 152
  205. Why can't I send/recive picture messages on my Mytouch 4g?
    I just got it on christmas and for some reason every time I try to send something it says "Generic network fail". And if I'm trying to download a picture a friend sends me it say "Unkown Error".
    4 Technology 53
  206. Why am I getting this message on youtube?
    I go ton youtube and got this message... 500 Internal Server Error Sorry, something went wrong. A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation. If you see them, show them this information: am I hacked
    8 Technology 100
  207. What can I text message to my ex boyfriend?
    My boyfriend and I broke up about a year ago because he cheated on me. Its been a while and im still not over him.. I want to know how hes doing but I dont know what to write in a text message.. I used to be good friends with his bestfriend but since t...
    2 Relationships 128
  208. What: do guys hate getting fwd. Text Messages from girls?
    like I guess do guys think when a girl sends them fwd. to blah blah people, or random fwd. text msg.s do they or you(if your a guy answering this) hate when girls send em? or do you think why doesnt she just say wats up or hey? or what? lol what are yo...
    4 Technology 66
  209. What is a good thing I could write in my status message?
    What could I write in my status messagge thing for msn and other social netwroking sites, because I like the idea of a line from a song but I have no idea which ones and I want it to be modern and I'd like a few Ideas so I can change it often? Any idea...
    3 Literature 169
  210. Which will you answer quicker: a phone call or a text message?
    My sister gets so aggravated with her teenage children because she can call and call and call, but they won't answer their cells and always have a pretty good excuse of why they missed the call (yeah right lol). But if she texts them, they will immedia...
    8 Technology 13
  211. How to get my phone to send a text message?
    ok, so I have an old Verizon Motorola Razor phone (no, I cannot get a new phone) and every now and again Ill send a text message to one of my friends, it will say message sending failed. Again, and again and again. It it usually keeps this up for about...
    3 Technology 40
  212. Why doesn't my phone recieve messages?
    I have a blackberry torch. I have tried turning it on and off, taking the battery out for a while and letting it sit, making sure all of the signals are turned on and not off. I don't know what else to do. I haven't been receiving any of my friend's t...
    7 Technology 24
  213. How to start a (sexy) conversation on a text message?
    I wanna Make my boyfriend happy,.because he makes me happy all the time(:.I love him.,but just to not make him boreed,.I wanna get him happy when txt him.,yes I say./ hey babe but he always starts the conversation in a such a sexy way,.I wanna start it...
    3 Sex 232
  214. why won't my LG xenon let me send text messages?
    My LG xenon was working fine last night, but when I went to send a text message it said "unable to send,' so I tried 3 or 4 more people and it said the same thing so I don't no wats wrong with it if someone could help that would be grate!! thankks
    2 Technology 56
  215. What does this IE error message mean?
    When I access Internet explorer it shows error "Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience AppName: iexplore.exe AppVer: 6.0.2900.2180 ModName: kernel32.dll ModVer: 5.1.2600.2945 Offset: 00012...
    2 Technology 11
  216. Weird messages
    I keep getting messages from the number 60611002.. Its not a phone number and somehow they know quite a lot about me and about my current relationship. When I asked who they were they told me their name was justin (who is the guy I am dating).. But it ...
    5 Technology 51
  217. Why dosent he get the message?
    there is a guy at my school he keeps flirting with me in front of my crush and when another boy flirts with me he gets all jealous and after school he wont stop telling me why I shouldent be friends or like the guy who was flirting with me this has bee...
    2 Relationships 44
  218. Friends Dad will view our messages
    my friends dad is really contraoling and he watches over her like a hawk but online my friend and I talk about EVERYTHING its on instant messanger. He now took my friends computer away and said he is going to look at her emails and the INSTANT MESSAGES...
    7 Family 26
  219. Can we use subliminal messaging in schools?
    a few years back it was legal to hide subliminal messages in advertisements to make you want the product or remember the ad. Do you think we could use that same consept in textbooks and educational vids to teach kids in school or is it to much of a ris...
    2 Education 39
  220. How to view private messages?
    Alright its a stupid title but I was wondering cause this has happened several times now, I get an email saying I have a private message within my funmail. Well I go there and there is no message. Then I look for the member who sent it and nothing come...
    2 Funadvice 22
  221. What's the message in this song?
    So my gf calls me today and says she has something important to tell me. She also says im scared to tell you, so she says im gonna send you a song that's close to what i want to tell you. The song she sent me was Fireflies, by Owl City. I'm like totall...
    2 Music 31
  222. Is there a special way to make a subliminal message or not?
    I have always heard that songs have a subliminal message if we play it backwards, but is there a way to do that or just happen, i mean maybe just happen and the singer dont even know about it i mean this would be like im talking and somebody record me ...
    2 General 31
  223. How to check text messages on my fiance's phone?
    Is there any way to recover the actual message that is sent in a text message? I am getting ready to get married and I think my fiance is messing around on me b/c I am seeing tons of text messages to a certain person that we have had issues w/ before....
    20 Technology 740
  224. How come I cant send someone a message?
    A girl on here sent me a msg and I tried to send on back and umm it sent me to potty training dog youtube video thing does someone know why just became a member a couple of days ago not sure how this all works yet Help please :)
    2 Funadvice 9
  225. Sweet text messages
    Does anybody know any good text messages I can send? They got to be sweet and make her feel wonderful, like im talking the best texts ever, also im going out to sea next month and I can send texts to her phone via email and I want to get a few texts fr...
    5 Relationships 148
  226. Dirty text messages
    I want to send a dirt text message to my guy... Were crazy about eachother but were always away from eachother with work and stuff and I still want to drive him crazy (in a good sexual way) So GIRLS what have you used that your guy seemed to really ...
    26 Sex 67721
  227. Does anyone else get these forward picture messages?
    I just got these forward picture message and one shows a bloody girl with a story bout something with her dad beat her up and threw her in the sewer or something, and then I got one with it the clown... I didnt read em, so im not scared ahahah, the peo...
    3 Technology 44
  228. How should I tell him that I found the pix?
    I just recently found a pix of my boyfriend and this qirl I don't know who she is bhudd all I noh is he had his arm around her when other quys try to talk to meh && be my friend he has issues wit that & he qets mad && stays mad I don't know 4 how lonq ...
    2 Relationships 13
  229. Is 2-3 messages a week too much to send to the guy you like?
    He doesn't reply every time but I do know he's busy. It's usually things I've forgotten to mention when I see him. He never messages me first so I just feel sometimes I'm bothering him. It doesn't seem to stop him wanting to talk to me in person though.
    2 Technology 23
  230. Where can I find a program to read someone elses text messages?
    I am sensing some foul play in my relationship and I need to know how to read the texts and Possibly e-mail and pics too without the other person knowing! I know there is a program out there that you can pay for and obtain this info! It may be illegal ...
    4 Technology 104
  231. how can I find out why at least once or twice a week i get error messages like "sorry, invalid request?!
    I enter a question, and if i feel i shouldn't answer and click back or try to reload the page i seem to get this message & cant log back on to the site til many hours later or the following day...happened again last night! :(
    6 Technology 12
  232. How come Illusive Man sends me messages after resigning at the end of Mass Effect 2?
    so i beat mass effect 2 a long time ago, i quit cerberus, and now i have some dlc, and i get a message from the illusive man telling me about the new missions, this doesnt put me back into cerberus does it? or is it supposed to happen either way? and a...
    3 Gaming 18
  233. How do you save all your messages from your sidekick into your sim card?
    So on May 31, T-Mobile is going to shut down the sidekicks & delete all the data .. I have 77 messages that I want to save I don't want them to delete... but I could only save 30 into my sim card which is weird because on the other phone I had in the p...
    5 Technology 18
  234. what ? an Undesignated felony 4 text messaging?
    I'm looking for a trucking job in phoenix,az. I currently have an undesignated felony for aggrevated harrasment to my x wife ( text messaging) this falls under domestic violence category. USA the best country in the world ? I have 20 years CDL experi...
    2 Money 34
  235. What do you think of a message like this for a friend?
    I sent an email in another website to my friend we add each other, and i wrote something like this, hello how are you i hope you are ok and like my grandfather and your aunt were cousins and they were good friends also, i wanna offer my friendship and ...
    2 Funadvice 17
  236. What is the best text messaging phone?
    Okay, I have an iphone. And I hate it. Im getting a new phone for christmas but I don't know what kind to get. Im wanting the samsung impression but I dont want to limit myself to just at&t because I know I can get an unlocked phone on any service. So ...
    3 Technology 44
  237. I was dumped in a myspace message.
    My boyfriend broke-up with me because he thought he was hurting me but he wasn't. I was very much in love with him, I can't get him out of my head. My friends just don't seem to understand it's not like I'm going to get all suicidal. I just need some g...
    9 Relationships 16
  238. How do I download pix from my un-chargable Chocolate phone?
    My Chocolate phone works but the input for the charger is broken. So, I can't charge my phone. I do have it insured and plan on having it replaced. But, I have dozens of pictures and videos on it that I would love to have. I know many of them are on t...
    2 Technology 21
  239. Is the message clear in this poem?
    I just wrote this today during a study hall, and I wanted to know if anyone could interpret it, just to see if I got my point across, to see if the message is clear. The unresting shivers of the midnight air shroud my thoughts with the presence of a ...
    7 Literature 61
  240. I can't send or receive text messages
    I've had a lg rumor touch from virgin mobile for about two years now. When I first got it everything was fine but recently incoming texts messages I wouldn't get until 20 mins after they were sent, or when I was sending a text it would say there was an...
    2 Technology 31
  241. Yahoo imposes pay freeze, and generates error message?
    It seems the economy is still struggling, as my former employer's new CEO imposes a pay freeze...given the hundreds of millions paid to Terry Semel, imho, they're kicking the team while the leader already stole the goods. Still, isn't it ironic that...
    3 Technology 19
  242. How could I get send/recieved text messages?
    Im enagaged to my boyfriend but a couple months ago I found message from some girl he says he had his friend do that cause I accused him of cheating which I believe is complete bull because I checked his phone and then he said that was his friend brad ...
    6 Technology 42
  243. a code or a secret message in the following words. what is it ???
    hey can anyone crack this code ??? I have been breaking my head on it to no avail anyone understand anything by it ??? blood Wh0r3 bunny spike whip liar gore bridge wall eyes soul shield no I dont know the answer theres lies something really imp...
    5 General 37
  244. What does this virus error message mean?
    I was on the computer for a while and then my internet said this: ''Your browser was hijacked! Some results was changed by porn advertising! You need to clean your system immediately to prevent it. Download the newest antispyware software!''' For one...
    3 Technology 90
  245. Should I send my ex best friend a message?
    I want to write to him and tell him im better now.He abandoned me when i needed him the most and i affectivly lost my best friend who was making me feel important in life.I suffered by depression and he made me feel awful and especially when he asked m...
    22 Relationships 597
  246. Why do I keep getting "connection has timed out" and "cannot load page" messages when trying to browse the web?
    It's never done this before. It's doing it every time I try to go to another page, and it's being extremely slow. I've checked my internet connection (I have Charter and I am using a router).... and it says it's connected and I have excellent signal. ...
    7 Technology 39
  247. Retrieve old sent emails
    How do I retrieve old sent messages
    2 Technology 61
  248. how do I
    how do I get message from I.d. letu-050407
    2 Technology 10
  249. texting
    how do schools read peoples text messages
    4 Education 10
  250. Mobile Tapping
    Someone has been tapping into my voice messages on my mobile phone. I only found out because I started noticing I was receiving no new messages even though people have told me they have left messages on my machine. Is there anyway of finding out who ...
    2 Technology 9