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8 facts about brr the bitcoin revolution robot

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Get help with 8 facts about brr the bitcoin revolution robot.

  1. Prop 8
    8 Politics 29
  2. What are some facts about obesity?
    3 Nutritionfitness 26
  3. How should I tell that I was raped when I was 8?
    How should I tell that I was raped when I was 8?
    5 Health 28
  4. How can I become a robot?
    How can I turn into a robot?
    9 General 177
  5. twin facts...
    is it a fact that all twins are geminis???
    3 Health 34
  6. What are some interesting facts about gold?
    8 Science 31
  7. What are your favourite fact books?
    5 Literature 11
  8. What are some weird and funny facts?
    9 General 43
  9. What are some cool facts on Russia?
    13 Travel 27
  10. What are some facts about electric circuits?
    2 Education 14
  11. Do you own an 8-track tape player?
    Do you own an 8-track tape player or any 8-track tapes?
    3 Music 13
  12. 8 facts about BRR - The Bitcoin Revolution Robot
    When it comes to trading in markets, there are different alternatives. The cryptocurrency market though is consistently growing over the years, putting Bitcoin at the top of the results. Learn more about Bitcoin and the Revolution Robot that is changin...
    8 Money 71
  13. what year did the american revolution end?
    what year did the american revolution end?
    2 Politics 53
  14. How can I sign up for Section 8 in Florida?
    how can I sign up for section 8 in florida
    3 Homegarden 71
  15. Propisition 8
    Are you voting yes or no?
    4 Politics 31
  16. What were some important cities in the industrial revolution?
    3 Education 42
  17. What to do on a 8-9 hour flight?
    19 Travel 36
  18. What was the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia after WW1?
    6 Politics 22
  19. What are some fun facts about Big Foot?
    2 General 6
  20. can i become 6'8 if im 5'8 and 14 now...later in my life?
    5 Nutritionfitness 58
  21. Why don't pizza boxes have nutrition facts on them?
    7 Nutritionfitness 44
  22. What is the basic mechanism to make a robot?
    10 Science 19
  23. What are some facts about Alaska for my state report?
    13 Education 34
  24. How does the funadvice robot ask questions?
    How does the funadvice robot ask questions? I mean how can a robot have questions??
    4 Funadvice 18
  25. Why did the MSN robots stop working?
    Does anybody have any robots that are working on there msn ?
    2 Technology 32
  26. Are public housing and section 8 the same thing or not.
    Public housing and section 8 are the same thing or not.
    3 Homegarden 67
  27. Does anyone know any random fun facts?
    Does anyone know any random fun facts?
    10 General 20
  28. How do you get clean after 8 hours of caving?
    6 Style 24
  29. How can I get over the fact that I'm taller than my boyfriend?
    21 Relationships 170
  30. Does anyone know any facts about the genocide in Rwanda?
    17 Education 36
  31. Is Dance Dance Revolution on a console?
    cause I don't have one.
    3 Entertainment 15
  32. What are some interesting facts about the election of 1860 (when Lincoln was elected)?
    3 Politics 182
  33. Who played major roles in the French Revolution?
    3 Politics 9
  34. Who played Kerry on 8 simple rules?
    3 Entertainment 52
  35. 8 graders...
    what year is 8th grade...?
    8 Education 45
  36. Can I get section 8 housing in Florida?
    3 Homegarden 29
  37. If I apply for public housing can I aplly for section 8 too?
    If I apply for public housing can I apply for section 8 too or not.
    2 Homegarden 43
  38. Cool facts?
    I just wanted to know if you guys have any fun cool facts!
    10 General 69
  39. Why do evolutionists act as if their theory is fact?
    Why do evolutionists often act as if their theory is scietific fact?
    13 Science 58
  40. Who on this website was born in 8 december
    I was born in 8 dec 1991
    2 Entertainment 10
  41. How many cm is 4 foot 8 inches ?
    How many cm in 4 foot 8 inches
    4 General 344
  42. Why do hotdogs come in packs of 8 when hotdog rolls come in packs of 10?
    Why do hotdogs come in packs of 8 when hotdog rolls come in packs of 10?
    6 Food 84
  43. Robot Chicken
    what is everyones opinion about that comedy show of Robot Chicken?
    4 Entertainment 30
  44. I need facts about the famine
    Can soom1 tell me some facts about the famine quickly
    2 Nutritionfitness 12
  45. How do I potty train an 8 wk old chiguagua?
    4 Pets 21
  46. What can happen if you don't wait the 8 weeks to donate blood again?
    14 Health 907
  47. any has windows 8.. i need help with the password?
    4 Technology 27
  48. What are all the best items in Final Fantasy 8 and where do I acquire them?
    5 Gaming 14
  49. What are some cool facts, riddles, or quotes?
    Pls give some of each!!!
    2 Literature 52
  50. Does this pic look like I am 8 weeks pregnant?
    17 Health 152
  51. Do you think $3.50 is too much to pay for 8 cookies?
    23 Food 50
  52. What are some cool facts about HIV?
    Also what bacteria causes it?
    12 Health 40
  53. How often do I feed my 8 week old chihuahua?
    6 Pets 65
  54. Is it normal to drink water more than 8 glasses a day?
    26 Health 28
  55. When downloading Internet Explorer 8 do i run or save it?
    7 Technology 49
  56. Prop. 8 for california!
    who here lives in california and is going to vote yes on prop 8??!!
    4 Politics 6
  57. Two things did the scientific revolution encourage?
    What two things did the scientific revolution encourage? Please help!
    2 Science 14
  58. Can I apply online for Section 8 in Florida?
    How can I apply online for section 8 in Florida and How long will it take?
    4 Homegarden 188
  59. cool facts please ??
    any coool facts?? im bored :D
    13 General 49
  60. Period lasted for 8 days?
    How long should your period how many days?
    8 Health 103
  61. What is the 'Fertility Revolution'?
    need a definition or explanation if you have one please . . .
    2 General 555
  62. Is it a fact that people who are left handed think differantly than people who are right handed?
    9 General 29
  63. Is it just me or did FunAdvice just reset itself back to like, 8 hours ago?
    21 Funadvice 9
  64. does the game Dance Dance Revolution realy help you lose weight?
    6 Gaming 41
  65. How do I train an 8-month-old shepherd mix?
    2 Pets 12
  66. How to emigrate to Australia all facts and information , i'm an accountant if that helps ?
    3 Politics 15
  67. Is it okay to give Melatonin to an 8 year old child?
    4 Babies 41
  68. Why is making your bed so important, if your just giong to mess it up again in 8 hours?
    16 General 55
  69. How can I stop my robot computer from shooting my house down with its laser gun?
    11 Technology 26
  70. Jon and kate plus 8
    I have an obsession anyone else??
    9 Entertainment 105
  71. Who do you think should get their own room - the 8 year old or 17 year old?
    16 Babies 66
  72. Do you know Robots can fall in love like WALL-E
    Do you know Robots can fall in love ?
    2 Entertainment 39
  73. Family guy or Robot Chicken?
    I am asking you! Yes, YOU! If you like Family Guy or Robot Chicken! So which is better?
    12 Entertainment 44
  74. 8 month pitbull
    I think my baby pitbull is having a baby? the problem is she only 8 month.. will she have a healthy baby?
    3 Pets 74
  75. Adobe 8 and Flash Player cannot access Webkinz
    After installing Adobe 8 and Flash Player I can not access Webkinz
    2 Technology 92
  76. Email Address for John and Kate Plus 8?
    What is the email address to John and Kate plus 8 tv show?
    3 Entertainment 51
  77. Why is there a graduation after grade 8?
    There should be a grad after grade 12 not 8 becasue you still got school after grade 8.
    3 Education 46
  78. Robot Lawnmower
    Is there a robot that will mow my lawn? I think a robot lawn mower would be great to have because I am not a great fan of mowing my lawn.
    2 Homegarden 42
  79. How can you stop someone from haveing children when all the babies ( 8 of them) they have had has been taken by CPS?
    5 Family 7
  80. magic 8 ball
    do you think it really works? lol what about psycics?
    5 General 40
  81. Does the fact that you were supposed to be a boy but came out as a girl affect the growth of breast?
    18 Health 69
  82. Should I see a doctor for my hiccups; I get them about 7 to 8 times a day?
    11 Health 61
  83. Jonas brothers march 8 2009 concert
    2 Music 7
  84. what are your thoughts on Prop 8?
    what do you think of it? for or against it? I want to hear (see) your opinion about it and why.
    8 Politics 42
  85. Who else takes offense to the fact that the darkmagic in Sherlock Holmes is in Hebrew?
    3 Entertainment 13
  86. What do you think about the fact that mother's intelligence gives a 75% influence on the children's intelligence?
    4 Babies 28
  87. Water myths and facts
    Is water as good as it says it is? good for skin, hair etc ?
    3 Health 23
  88. what is the correct weight for someone 5ft 8, in stone & pounds please :')
    2 Nutritionfitness 109
  89. How to start my baby sitting business and facts to know about this kind of work?
    6 Money 21
  90. Is it true that if you drink 8 glasses of water a day you lose weight?
    8 Nutritionfitness 48
  91. Is it normal for a baby kitten to have its eyes open at 8 days old?
    9 Pets 27
  92. What's that one Lucille Ball movie where she always said, "I have 8 children"?
    4 Entertainment 29
  93. What to say when my 8 year old daughter says she has a boyfriend?
    My daughter is only 8 years old. should I be worried about this? should I tell her its okay? should I tell her it is not okay?
    8 Babies 131
  94. My 8 month old won't sleep.
    my 8 months old daughter does not sleep more than 2 hours at a time
    4 Babies 62
  95. will I be as taller then lebron james he's 6'8 and 21?
    will I be as taller then lebron james he's 6'8 and 21 and I'm 6'3 and 15
    3 Entertainment 78
  96. What are the some amazing facts of the world?
    Can you give me an example of amazing fact about animals or species or anything else
    18 General 21
  97. 8 pounds lost in 20 days?
    whats the easiest way to loose 8 pounds in 20 days or almost 8 pounds ?
    2 Nutritionfitness 11
  98. What are some facts disproving god for a christians point of view?
    What are some facts disproving god for a christians point of view? My dad is christian and I have facts to disprove catholics but not christians so can someone give me some? Christianity
    24 Religion 164
  99. Odd/interesting facts
    I would like to know some odd/interesting facts. I would like ones about the earth or solar system but any odd facts will do
    8 General 34
  100. What are some interesting facts about West Africa?
    social studiess project ... enough said:(
    4 Education 58
  101. Panama facts
    I want to know everything I can about Panama, the people of Panama, the food, etc. help me!
    2 Travel 14
  102. Is £20 a good wage for babysitting a 4 year old for 8 hours?
    19 Money 44
  103. Industrial Revolution.
    What is it? I honestly don't know. is it an era? or a war? or what? okay, I know it's not a war. but I don't know what else it could be.
    8 Politics 14
  104. When working in an petrol station, is it illegal to serve 8 pumps at one time?
    2 Cars 23
  105. How can I help my 8 year-old daughter go to sleep after having a nightmare?
    3 Babies 18
  106. john and kate plus 8
    would love to email john and kate gosselin. anyone have there email
    2 Entertainment 10
  107. Would an abortion at 8 weeks still cost somewhere around 500?
    2 Health 27
  108. What famous events happened on Dec. 8?
    what famous events happened on december 8th? which is my birth day
    7 General 159
  109. Who can help me on getting facts on Queen Hatshepsut?
    I am doing a project for school... and its due 2morow. I need some facts on Queen Hatshepsut.
    2 Education 40
  110. Watching Jon and Kate + 8, where are the kids grandparents?
    My husband and I enjoy watching Jon and Kate + 8. My question is where the children’s grandparents are?
    2 Entertainment 41
  111. 8 day period
    Ok I havent done anything oe anything but I've had a 8 day period is that normal?
    3 Health 44
  112. 13 and 5'3 8 stone, am I overweight?
    I am 13 and I am 5 foot 3 inch I am 8 stone 8pounds am I over weight???
    2 Nutritionfitness 117
  113. Is it possible to lose 50 lbs in 8 months?
    I would like to lose 50 lbs in 8 months. Is that possible and if so what is the best way to do it?
    6 Nutritionfitness 46
  114. Can I clean my 8 months baby's gum?
    Can I clean my 8 months baby's gum? She just cut a tooth. And what can I use apart from tooth paste. Of do they have paste for babies?
    2 Babies 34
  115. 8-inch 15 year old
    Is 8 inches in penis size when hard good for a 15 y.o.?
    2 Relationships 107
  116. 8 simple rules
    What ever happened to the 8 simple rules tv series? Is it over? How many seasons are/were there?
    4 Entertainment 36
  117. Do you think in the future robots
    Will overpower us and will be war between robots and humans?give me your honest opinion.
    2 Science 49
  118. 8 glasses of water
    Will I lose weight if I drink 8 glasses of water a day without drinking soda and exercising??
    5 Nutritionfitness 9
  119. Do you believe that FOX news is twisting words around and not giving people the facts?
    I think so what about you?
    12 Politics 32
  120. Can you buy an 8 guage needle?+
    I want to give myself an industrial piercing on my ear and I need to know if, and if you can, where, can you buy an 8 guage needle?
    3 Shopping 42
  121. can there be severe problems with your baby if you just start prenatal care at 8 to 9 weeks pregnant?
    5 Health 27
  122. can you really lose weight by not eating after 8 pm?
    how does that what difference does it make?
    12 Nutritionfitness 49
  123. Is anyone else annoyed about the fact that the vampires in "Twilight" show NO fangs?
    Do they even have any? WTF?
    22 Literature 37
  124. What do you do when your parent's boss is accusing them of theft when they worked there for 8 years?
    And you know they never did a such thing ?
    2 Family 14
  125. How do you play eight ball or pool? How do you rack em up for 8 ba
    what are the real rules for 8 ball and how do you properly rack them up?
    7 Gaming 63
  126. Would 245cm fit me if I'm a size 8 in U.S?
    I'm a size 8 in U.S, so I can't really tell if 245cm would fit or not. (I can't try on the shoes)
    2 Style 55
  127. Does anyone watch John and Kate Plus 8?
    Does anybody like this show. I am in LOVE with it.
    11 Entertainment 109
  128. Is it okay for teens to drink one 8 oz. cup of whey protein a day?
    2 Nutritionfitness 16
  129. How to set up parental control in Windows 8?
    How to I prevent my kids from accessing the Internet and games on my Windows 8 machine?
    2 Technology 7
  130. My 8 months old baby
    My 8 months old baby always rubs her eyes whenever I'm breastfeeding her. Is it normal?
    5 Babies 16
  131. What can I do to stop my periods as its being 8 days now?
    I have unschedule periods and last month I did not get it ,but this month when I got periods it's not stopping it's been 8 days now please help
    3 Health 51
  132. relly good horse facts?
    I need relly good horse facts.can someone help me?I need as many as posible.
    8 Pets 53
  133. Where can I find good Paint Shop Pro 8 texture tutorials?
    I am trying to learn how to use textures in Paint Shop Pro 8. Where can I find some good tutorials?
    4 Technology 73
  134. What is your opinion on robots?
    I was just wondering what people here thought of robots. I'll tell you what I think of them, they are useless and stupid and I wish that robots were never invented.
    7 Technology 47
  135. How to have more than 8 people living together in Sims 2?
    Is it possible to have more than 8 people living in a household as I've heard it is? And if so how do you do it? Thankyhoo! X
    5 Gaming 209
  136. What are interesting facts about the Irish Potato Famine?
    I would like some quick interesting facts for the potato famine in ireland, sources would be much appreciated.
    4 Politics 440
  137. What's the screen name of the computer robot on AIM?
    Is it smart kid Its a screen name of an automatic robot that responds to you Nayone know it??? Helppp
    6 Technology 466
  138. Is this a size 8 ?
    what size in jeans is a 26 inch waist ? for example a size 10, 8, 6 or 4 UK SIZES I MEAN
    4 Style 59
  139. What is the difference between a robot and an android?
    I have always wondered why Data on Star Trek: The Next Generation says, "I am not a robot, I am an android." What is the difference? Seriously.
    13 Science 181
  140. How do I disipline 8 year old children?
    How do I disipline 8 year old children that are not mind? ie screaming and yelling they refuse to go to school.
    7 Babies 35
  141. What weight would make me a uk size 8?
    Im 5'5 and a half,and was wondering what weight would make me a uk size 10? Or uk size 8? Just curious
    5 Nutritionfitness 90
  142. Drink 8 glasses of water a day your hair will grow?
    I have natural course black hair the saying is you drink 8 glasses of water a day your hair will grow is that true
    3 Style 72
  143. What's a good present for an 8-year-old?
    whats a good x-mas present for an 8 year old girl.(a girly girl)
    7 Shopping 41
  144. Dance dance revolution
    In your opinion whats the best dance dance revolution game because im going to buy one but there are so many to chose from.
    2 Gaming 8
  145. What are 8 simple sentences that are about one subject?
    I need 8 simple sentences that are about one subject for a HUGE school project. Someone please help!
    6 Education 14
  146. Precambrian era interesting facts
    Ok I need so interesting facts on events that happened during the Precambrian era please help me out I need answers A.S.A.P.
    2 General 505
  147. Who is the major character that dies in series 8 of Desperate Housewives?
    ^^ main question!!! I need to know!!!
    3 Entertainment 8
  148. does anyone know a game an 8 year old would die to play but is free or can be downloaded?
    9 Gaming 39
  149. why does my 8 year old female dog want to hump me or my purse or jacket?
    ...what makes them want or need to do this?
    9 Pets 93
  150. how do i know for a fact my cat is pregnant?
    she looked to be getting bigger, and it's been a bit since she's gone in heat.
    6 Pets 40
  151. Jon and kate plus 8
    Does anybody know their email address? If so could you fun mail it to me
    2 Babies 43
  152. whats a good present for a 8 year old girl?
    she a bit of a tomboy and loves music
    2 Shopping 50
  153. How to master DDR?(dance dance revolution)
    How can you master DDR if your shy and have to play it in front of your class?Cause I got to play DDR for gym class.
    4 Gaming 54
  154. Who is really good at Dance Dance Revolution?
    who can play ddr really well like on the green or purple seting?
    2 Gaming 15
  155. I have to half brothers one is 17 and the other is 8 years old
    I need help finding them gifts
    2 Gaming 13
  156. When im 14 years old, 5ft 8 and 27 inchs around belly is that fat?
    I am 14 years old. My height is 5ft 8 and I am 8 stone and 26 inch's around my belly, is that fat?
    22 Nutritionfitness 72
  157. where can I go to buy an Asimo robot?
    Honda's Asimo is cool. I want one. Presuming money is no object, where can I go to buy an Asimo robot? Are they even for sale?
    3 Science 548
  158. basketball makes you taller.. fact or myth?
    I was just wondering.. I've heard from people that if you play basketball you actually get taller.. is this a fact or just a myth???
    9 Sports 218
  159. Who has facts about weed and brain cells?
    What: is it a fact that "weed" doesn't actually kill your brain cells, but it is actually the lack of oxygen you receive when taking a hit and holding it in?
    7 Health 24
  160. what are robots?
    im doing a project on them for tech ed and it would help if I new what they were. like do cars or a toaster and stuff like that count as a robotic or no?
    3 Education 8
  161. I am 13, 4'5 and 8 stones I need to lose weight
    I am 13, 4'5 and 8 stones I need to lose weight (will be going to the beach in june) please help
    2 Nutritionfitness 61
  162. Little people big world and Jon and Kate plus 8 emails?
    Can anyone give me the email address of Little People Big World and Jon & kate plus 8? Thank You.
    5 Entertainment 41
  163. How many people die from going on dangerous diets and what are some facts I can know about it, besides they're life threatening?
    2 Health 35
  164. What do you think about parents who let their kids get taught the facts of life by the school system instead of the parents talking with them?
    13 Family 43
  165. Tricky Question #8
    A man is in a room with no windows, no door, no holes in the ceiling and no trapdoors in the floor. How does he escape the room?
    9 General 20
  166. What are some good books about the Revolution?
    I like to read about this time period. I wanna know books about this. Please answer and thank you.
    3 Literature 8
  167. Did you know that the average chocolate bar has at least 8 insect legs in it?
    11 Food 31
  168. John and Kate plus 8, where to email them?
    Hey guys this isnt a question but I know what adress to email john and kate gosslin
    13 Entertainment 116
  169. Jon & Kate plus 8
    I would like the Recipe for Sticky Buns Kate made on the Christmas Show
    2 Food 28
  170. Dance Dance Revolution game for PS2?
    I'm thinking of buying a DDR game. What is it newest one for PS2 or XBOX, preferably PS2.
    2 Gaming 11
  171. What is prop 8 all about?
    I love politics, but lately I've been to busy to care. Someone explain, please. Thanks!
    5 Politics 24
  172. How do you accept the fact that someone's gone out of your life (not dead)?
    just that they have moved on with theire life, and that they dont wanna have to do nothing with u?
    13 Relationships 59
  173. Toppless mother in front of an 8 year old boy. Okay or weird?
    I have a 37 year old girlfriend and she has a 8 year old son. I saw her topless in front of her 8 year old son. Do you think that that is okay?
    9 Family 276
  174. How I should dress my 8 month old daughter for my wife's graduation
    My wife is graduating from fresno state on saturday. Does anyone have any unique ideas on how I should dress my 8 month old daughter for the ceremony?
    3 Style 36
  175. Why wont my 8 week old kitten drink anything or eat much?
    My 8 weekold kitten wont drink any water and is onlky eating a little bit
    4 Pets 52
  176. Robot Chicken, I'm a gummy bear
    Does anybody know who exactly does the voice or should I say scream, for the I'm so happy cause I'm a gummy bear video that was on Robot Chicken?
    2 Entertainment 224
  177. Internet Explorer 8
    Has anyone else downloaded IE8 yet for their computer? How do you like it? Do you notice a difference like I do? Just curious... :)
    3 Technology 40
  178. Who should sleep where with a 2 bedroom house and 3 sisters who are 8, 13, 16 and a 40 year old dad?
    8 Family 60
  179. What is a really good book? Or your favorite book? im going on a plane tomorrow for like 8 hour so i want to get a good book.
    10 Relationships 11
  180. What are the myths and facts about psilocybin?
    I am doing a project for my gym class and I need to know the myths and facts about psilocybin or magic mushroom, if anybody know any information about it it would be very helpfull. Thnx :)
    2 Health 126
  181. What could this 8 lettered word be?
    The word has 8 letters it starts with B and ends with de. So it's B---DE. Does anyone know what it could be? If you know please tell me I really need help.
    2 General 22
  182. Am I really overweight at 5'8 and 185 pounds?
    my doctor says I'm overweight I'm 5'8 185 I lift weights a lot and have a 4 pack sorta
    4 Nutritionfitness 199
  183. Why can't I install Flash 8?
    I have Windows XP Pro and lots of sites prompt me to download Flash 8. When I do it says the install was successful but it NEVER works! Any ideas?
    2 Technology 42
  184. What is thu craziest thing you have ever done x 8) x ?
    what is thu craziest thing you have ever done x just wonderin x because some people say im mad x but in a funny way x ??? x lolz x 8)
    11 General 49
  185. throw out a random fact or opinion
    soo I just want to hear some random things... Like I think cookies should be eaten in threes and with a glass of milk. Fact!
    5 General 39
  186. What is a chem 8 and lipio profile test?
    what is a chem 8 test my aunt wants to know what it is. also she needs to know what a lipio profile test or profle however its spelled... please help! :)
    4 Health 133
  187. Michael Phelps won 8 golds. What does/ should this suggest ?
    Michael Phelps won 8 golds at Beijing with 7 world records. Do you think he should be considered to be the most dominant athlete in history?
    5 Sports 28
  188. Is it okay if I don't have the multiplication facts memorized?
    Im going into 10th grade & I don't have the memorized. I mean, I can figure them out, but I just don't have them in my head. & what are some really good ways to memorize them?
    6 Education 29
  189. 5' 8" and 150 pounds...
    Do I need to lose weight??? I'm VERY active, and I've got a LOT of muscle mass. But do I???
    2 Nutritionfitness 49
  190. How do I try to get an 8 year old and a 9 year old to stop fighting
    They're giving me a freaking head-ache
    7 Babies 51
  191. HTC 8x or Samsung Galaxy 3? Is android better than windows 8?
    If there's another phone with that same quality tell me please!
    5 Technology 15
  192. What do you think about Qatar's approach of creating robot clouds to cool world cup watchers on the eve of FiFa 2022 worldcup?
    12 Sports 37
  193. How much and how often to feed 8 wk chihuahua?
    Need to know how much and how often to an 8 week chihuahua. I don't want to overfeed and make the puppy sick and again I don't want to starve her either
    4 Pets 216
  194. Any other girls in year 8 having to have the Cervical cancer jab?
    I'm a female, and in year 8. The nurse at my school is offering all girls a jab to fight against cervical cancer. they said its only for year 8s and 13s. Any other girls having to have this jab?? xo
    6 Health 60
  195. Can humans and robots ever peacefully coexist?
    It seems like the majority of mankind is prejudice against robots, but not all robots are evil. Do you think that one day we'll live in a world in which humans and robots will get along?
    6 Politics 91
  196. i still haven't gotten over the guy i dated 8 months ago....
    anything that will helpp me get over him or any stories of how long and what you did to get over that special someone!?
    5 Relationships 25
  197. How did the industrial revolution change the economy of america and the world?
    since culture was changed mostly because of technology and then how did the environment play a role in creating the new economy?
    2 Education 10
  198. Why is it that when trying to drink your daily 8 cups of water, juice and tea do not count?
    Doesn't everything just get mixed up together once you swallow?
    4 Nutritionfitness 17
  199. I am 14 and 5'8 how tall will I be at age 18?
    I wear a size 11 shoes and my dad is 6'2 ...and I just turned september
    3 General 52
  200. Who has heard of U.S. District Court Judge Vaughn Walker and his ruling on Prop 8?
    What do you think about the ruling? What exactly does this mean for GLBT individuals?
    3 Politics 18
  201. I cant sleep its been 8 days now with about 4 hours sleep
    when I lay down my body seems like it dont wont to relax and my mucles hurt
    3 Health 46
  202. Who in the world can drink 8 glasses of water in a day?
    They say that it's recommended to drink 7 or 8 glasses of water a day? I've known people to be on diets who has tried to drink that much water a day and it's mainly impossible for them to drink that much water a day.
    8 Nutritionfitness 39
  203. Random facts.
    Name off some random facts about yourself. ~Favorite band = The Rasmus. ~I'm taken by the best girl ever. ~College ruled paper, not wide ruled. ~I can spell "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
    5 General 54
  204. Riddle! I need 8 people to guess
    I am large as a castle, yet lighter than air. 100 men and their horses cannot move me. What am I? (8 guesses and I will give the answer) :-)
    3 General 13
  205. Earth Hour March 28,2009 @ 8:30-9:30pm
    VOTE EARTH by simply switching off your lights for one hour, and join the world for Earth Hour. Saturday, March 28, 8:30-9:30pm. WILL YOU VOTE??? P.S. Its 8:30-9:30pm for everyone!!!
    4 Environment 20
  206. Is it a FACT that if you dye your hair too much your hair will fall out?
    Key word FACT.I don't want you to tell me what you THINK.I want a real true answer if thats possible.!!!!
    11 Style 66
  207. What are some last minute pranks to do to my teacher(s) for grades 7 and 8 to waste class time?
    and NO hiding in the school cause people were suspended last year.
    3 Entertainment 22
  208. Why do parents refuse to talk about sex with their children when they know for a fact that their children can learn it from others the bad way?
    Also, if you are a parent or has a thought of being one someday, will you discuss it with your children?
    17 Sex 52
  209. 8 Things You Can Do During Quarantine
    While you are quarantined, all of your time doesn’t have to go to just bingeing shows and eating your cabinets, instead here are some ways to be productive throughout this almost vacation.
    8 Entertainment 421
  210. What interesting facts you can tell me about Kim Jaejoong from DBSK
    I am very fascinated by his so sweet and innocent look.So what stuffs should I know about him besides the fact that he is younger than me and he is not into white girls :P Any help?
    3 Entertainment 146
  211. Where do I apply for section 8?
    where do I apply for section 8 in south florida and can I if I have no kids and its just me (im male). if not where can I go to qualify for low to moderate income housing. or find a decent low income apartment in a decent area.
    3 Homegarden 46
  212. Robot dance
    Okay there is a japanese sony robot dance video I saw a while ago and now I'm trying to find it.. I had seen it on tv a while ago, but I do not remember what the song was. Can anyone help me with this?
    5 Music 23
  213. why can i only take like 8 pictures on my Kodak C813?
    i just came back from a class trip and i had taken like 60 pictures and when i downloaded them i took them off the memory card. now it will only let me take 8 pictures at a time. what do i do???
    3 Technology 16
  214. What shall I do, my 8 year old pointer bit my new puppy ?
    I have a 8 year old pointer. He bit my new dachshound and he had to be stitched up. Do I need to re-home her or do you think I can sort the problem? I am nervous now.
    2 Pets 25
  215. i just got a laptop with windows 8 today
    I can download apps for like Facebook and twitter and such. I don't know if its better downloading the app or just using my explorer? Anyone have windows 8 and have ant recommendations or anything?
    5 Technology 38
  216. What do you think about people who continuously argue with true facts, evidence, and proof?
    Honestly, I can't stand it. It makes them look extremely ignorant, and stubborn. It's very annoying and aggravating.
    9 General 48
  217. Who thinks ma cat is cutee x 8) x ?
    Do think ma cat is cute x look at ma pic x its her x obiosly x just wanna no x because think she is x but tat is because I own her x you no x obiosly I will think she is cute x because some people sat there pets are cute x but some are but ugly x you n...
    7 Pets 16
  218. how can i ignore the fact that i push away every single person i see something fake in , and start making friends instead of being kinda antisocial.. ?
    13 Relationships 27
  219. John and Kate + 8 questions.
    So everyone is talking about how someone is cheating on someone. but are they splitting up? and whats going to happen to the show? I live under a rock, so fill me in on whats happened. lol
    3 Entertainment 8
  220. Can I redye my hair within 6 to 8 hours?
    I dyed my hair dark brown/black and bleached it to redye light brown, but it came out more orange. can I dye it brown now or do I need to wait
    2 Style 70
  221. Normal weight for a 4'8'' girl?
    whats the normal weight for a girl that is 4'7 or 4'8??? because I think I need to lose some weight, I weigh like 90 or 100. I need a few tips on eating healthy and things like that THANKS
    2 Nutritionfitness 113
  222. Facts of being preppy?
    I want to know the facts of being preppy. no people saying be yourdelf and things like that. like the clothing, perfume, way they talk, how to do the make-up,ect[= pllz help! thanks♥
    8 Style 83
  223. Why are my breasts leaking milk after 8 years?
    A few days ago, after getting out of the shower, I noticed a white fluid coming from my nipples that looks a lot like breast milk. My youngest is 8 years old now, why are my breasts leaking?
    3 Health 1089
  224. Free things to do with my 8 year old nephew?
    So, my nephew has come for the weekend to visit, and we don't know what to do.. I'm 14, and he's 8.. I want to do something that is free, but is out of the house and in the fresh air... Any ideas??
    2 Babies 101
  225. Why do South Africans call stop lights "robots"?
    A few of my friends called them that, from two different parts of the country. It was weird hearing one say to the other, "should we turn at that robot there?" when I was thinking, WTF? That's a stoplight...I didn't see a robot.
    6 Technology 44
  226. Jon and Kate plus 8 - Kate keep up nursing license by working sat?
    Does Kate keep up her nursing license by still working only Saturday? The show is very funny and educational. My daughters and I watch it every week.
    2 Entertainment 52
  227. Celery facts
    I heard eating celery (spelling error?) is good for you and it burns calories? Can someone tell me how... And how much should I eat for it to burn a certain amount of calories? And is it still healthy if I eat with light dressing?
    2 Nutritionfitness 36
  228. what do you think, Im a 15 year old girl.. Im 5'8 and I weigh 135lbs, but im wanna loose 15-20 lbs to help me with modeling. Too much?
    10 Nutritionfitness 86
  229. Who can tell me if my 8 year old german shepherd is overweight?
    I haven't walked him alot :\ so for now on he is going for walks everyday after school,a new diet dog food,and diet supplements .
    6 Pets 22
  230. Grade 8 Grad
    HELP!!! I've got 23 days till my Grade 8 Graduation and I don't know how to do my hair. I have light brown shoulder lenght hair, tan skin and hazel eyes. What should I do with my hair?
    3 Style 56
  231. 8 year old son that is really really spoiled, want to help?
    I have an 8 year old son that is really really spoiled. I mean the boy sleeps with stuffed animals and whines just to get attention and picks fights with his siblings...anyone want to help?
    12 Babies 65
  232. Why is my 2yr old male dog trying to hump my 8 week old female dog?
    I have a 2yr old male chihuauaha who is neutered and just got two more that are 8 weeks old. a female and male. my male is trying to hump the female and actually I think he's trying to hump the male as well...I need help, I need to get him to stop this
    3 Pets 137
  233. Some ways 2 make an 8 year old fall asleep
    I need some ways 2 make an 8 year old fall asleep before around 3 oclock 2day. I dont want 2 use any tpye of medicines either. Any suggestions?
    5 Babies 93
  234. Does my 8 year old daughter really think I hate her?
    My 8 year old daughter says that I hate her and that I only say I love her because im supposed to. last night she begged me to say that I hate her and that it would make her feel better if I did. please help!
    18 Babies 2087
  235. facts and info on Canada.
    hi, I need some information on Canada and some statistics for a project that needs finishing off for thursday. I'm just finishing one part, so I can have some info on canada for when I get onto it. I need these by the end of tomorrow please. Thanks.
    2 Education 20
  236. How to go down form a size 14 to a size 8?
    Please I look really fat and I want to look good before a comptition im going to enter to be a model for a magazine please help me beutitips anything!
    9 Style 185
  237. What are some interesting facts with Physics?
    Im taking it in college and I dislike that subject [so much] but I need it for my qualification for Uni for my architecture course. I need to know something interesting to make me want to learn it :'(
    2 Education 13
  238. what would cause my lower left side to hurt for 8 days?
    I've been hurting in my lower left side an my lower stomach barely above my pelvic area for the past eight days, the pains come and go but when they come there very instense and painful. What would cause this?
    2 Health 138
  239. Do you know the nutritional facts for Applebee's?
    is there a way to find out how much nutrtional information is in the honey bbq chicken sand from applebees? I have looked everywhere. if anyone can find it for me I would love u
    7 Food 82
  240. Is my friend overweight at 5'8 and 128 pounds?
    my friend is 13 and weighs around 126-130 pounds..and her height is around 5"7-5"8-5'9?? she overweight??...she will turn 14 9/24/08... please help me...thnx
    5 Health 49
  241. How long until we have robot servants?
    How long until we have robot servants? When I was a kid, I alwasy thought it'd be cool to have a robot servant. No need to worry about paying them (robots don't have feelings), no need to worry about them taking a vacation (they're not going to need ti...
    3 Homegarden 61
  242. Can you apply for Section 8 housing in Florida online?
    can you apply for section 8 online? or do you have to go in person? my friend lives in ocala fl she would like this information...also say you live in ocala can you apply in different parts of florida? or you can only apply in that city you reside in?...
    2 Homegarden 175
  243. Where is "8 Mile Road Mobile Court" Actually situated?
    I would love to know where this is, if it is actually real, as it's on the cover of one of Eminem's album and I would love to go <3 But If it is real, where is it? And I know it says "8 Mile Road" but there is nothing anywhere online that says anyth...
    2 General 464
  244. Why did Justin beiber look like a robot on American Idol?
    lol I know A.I. was like 2hrs. ago and maybe I was the only one but really why did he look all programed whn he was bn spoken to? jw
    2 Entertainment 51
  245. Am I overweight at 5'8 and 121 pounds?
    OK, so I'm 5.8 feet tall and I weight 121 pounds in american measures. Thats 1.79 meters and 55 kilos. I'm also 13. Am I overweight?
    5 Nutritionfitness 87
  246. Uruguay facts?
    So I'm doing a project on Uruguay... and I need some help because I can't find anything! Even a website will do! *Some interesting facts about Uruguay, mainly the capital (Montevideo)* *Some important cities* *Two landmarks, at least, that are...
    3 Education 45
  247. left a roast cooked for 8 hours out, is it bad?
    I cooked a roast in the slow cooker for about 8hrs. and turned it off aroung 8PM and forgot to put in frig until next morning. Do you think the meat went bad?
    6 Food 313
  248. FunAdvice Trivia:What cartoon super-robot protects the Earth from the evil Dr. Demon?
    A) Gigantor B) Voltron C) Tranzor Z D) Frankenstein, Jr.
    7 Funadvice 13
  249. Jon and kate plus 8
    After watching Jon and Kate last night, the one where they went sking, have you ever wondered where they get the money to do all of these things??? With him only working wouldn't you think that money would be extra tight with 8 kids???
    14 Entertainment 50
  250. What are some rare facts about medusa?
    I already know the basic information about medusa, like what poseidon did to her and that her face still pertifies people once they look at it. Please somebody tell me so rare facts that you know about medusa because this could change my project grade ...
    2 Education 63