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5 week pregnant drank alcohol

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  1. Why are my breasts sore?
    I wonder if anyone can help me?...can somebody tell me why I have tender breasts? they hust so bad, I cant even touch the nipple without them hurting badly. I know im not pregnant becasue I havent had other symptoms...what do you think?
    5 Health 1511
  2. What are these bumps on my vigina?
    I'm pregnant and I have these small mole like bumps on my vigina.When I informed my doctor about them she just said (without looking at it) that I have a yeast infection and told me to use this seven day cream.Well I'm done with the cream,but the bumps...
    8 Health 829
  3. Can I produce breast milk for my husband without being pregnant?
    My husband loves my breasts, he likes to fondle them and suck them...he also wants to drink milk from them. Is it at all possible to fulfill his wishes and produce breastmilk without pregnancy?
    6 Health 18184
  4. Is it okay to get your period the day after sex?
    Hi..I have another question. I got my period this morning. The day after sex. I hear that's not good at all. And that it means you could be pregnant. But I was supposed to start it
    18 Sex 28696
  5. Does a guy like you if he always answers your phone calls?
    Ok I like this guy and I think he likes me. Everytime I call he always answers the phone, maybe on the first ring or whenever but he always answers the phone. I rarely ever get to his voicemail and if he does get a missed call he always calls me back. ...
    2 Relationships 2022
  6. What is the average weight for my height?
    What is the average weight for someone who is 5 '9''?
    18 Nutritionfitness 1046
  7. feeling something in my stomach
    for the past couple of days I've been having this flutter like feeling in the lower part of my stomach. I have no idea what it is. I cant possibly be pregnant I just had a baby a few months ago and I havent had sex since my pregnancy. any ideas of what...
    2 Sex 2186
  8. What can cause a strong vaginal odor just before starting period?
    I've been having this really bad vaginal smell that gets worse right before my period. It's been going on for about 3 months. My history--I was taking Camila (progesterone only birth control) for about 5 months and never had any problems with it. Af...
    3 Sex 7215
  9. clear sperm/semen??
    ok so yesterday I gave my boyfriend a handjob and I think I may have gotten a little bit of the clear sperm or pre-cum on my hand, I later on wiped my vag after going potty lol, will I get pregnant?
    5 Relationships 935
  10. STD in mouth sores
    about a week ago I gave this guy oral sex...he wasn't wearing a condom. I guess from covering my teeth with my lips so I wouldn't bite him on accident, I got a cut on my upper lip on the hurt for a few days then it turned into what looks lik...
    4 Sex 2041
  11. Can pressing on the stomach cause a miscarriage?
    If I had trouble going to the bathroom a doctor told me to push the food down and I did that when I didn't know I was pregnant. Could that have called my miscarriage?
    4 Health 6221
  12. Can u get pregnant from someone pouring the sperm out of a condom into their vagina?
    8 Health 2960
  13. Extremely light period? Whats that mean?
    My period came, but there was barely anything there, just mostly that brown discharge that you get before and after. I didnt even have to use a pad/tampon because it was only when I wiped. What does a light period mean? I dont think im pregnant, bec...
    1 Sex 786
  14. How is milk coming out of my nipples and I just had my period?
    I just recently had my period it started on Feb 27th an ended March 3rd and my nipples started to itch. Then a few min later around my nipples started to itch, then after that I noticed a little clear fluid coming out of my right nipple so I decided to...
    2 Health 2750
  15. Cum q and a?
    I've been cumming in my undies for about like 5 months? now, and I dont know why. I havent ever had sex, I dont have my period..whats happening here?
    3 Sex 755
  16. When im on my period, my clit hurts
    Sometimes when im on my period my clitoris hurts. is this bad and I do mastubate like a couple times a week
    15 Health 1187
  17. Blowjob Questionare.
    Just curious how girls feel about giving head. Thought if I had some questions I might be able to understand more. 1.Have you ever given a blowjob? 2. How old were you the first time? 3. How old was the guy? 4. Did you make him cum? 5. Where did...
    42 Sex 4795
  18. what other "accidentally" ways can you get pregnant without having intercourse?
    10 Health 793
  19. Can fingering a girl trigger her period?
    If you finger a girl like 5 days before her period, can you start her period?
    1 Relationships 8125
  20. How soon does pregnancy swell your stomach?
    Well If I was 1 or 2 wks pregnant could I feel the swelling in my stomach or is it too early to show any signs? Please send me some answers.
    54 Health 105488
  21. Wife tried things with past boyfriends that won't do with me. HELP
    My wife has done several sexual acts with her past boyfriends (anal, 69, etc.) that she refuses to do with me. She says that she was in a "different frame of mind then" and was more intent on pleasing her boyfriends than doing things that she actually ...
    5 Sex 2482
  22. Is it normal to have to pee after you've been fingered?
    Is it normal to have to pee after you've been fingered? I've been fingered, 2 in the past like week probably, and after each time I've had to pee
    5 Relationships 939
  23. Is it OK to start kissing at the age of 13?
    I'm thirteen and I just got my first boyfriend... he's goth I'm sorta like an emo and I guess we both makes each other happy and 2 days later (when we started going out) we already start kissin (which was both our first kiss)... like 2day he keep o...
    11 Relationships 1002
  24. What if me and my partner had sex and the condom slipped off inside of me will we are still having sex is it a possibility that i could be pregnant?
    1 Sex 1233
  25. Pus coming out of a Belly Button?
    Hey, my friend got her belly button pierced about 7 weeks ago and it’s been leaking pus for a while now. I know that means it’s infected, but could it cause any other problems since it’s been going on for so long?
    10 Health 7468
  26. does my boyfriend love me for sex or loves me for me ?
    I've been wit this guy for 5 months and I really really love him...he says he loves me to and that he would die if anything were to happen to me...but hes been asking me when im going to have sex with him and also what I thought of sex... why is he ask...
    13 Sex 1300
  27. After my period, how long am I fertile?
    hi, after periods date until how many days I have to take care not to pregnant
    15 Health 1622
  28. Why am I gettin fishy discharge during pregnancy is it normal?
    I've got this really bad fishy discharge is it normal while being pregnant?
    1 Health 1039
  29. Sex with out a condom
    Can a female get pregnant if the male does not have a condom on..but the male pulls out befor he ejaculates???
    6 Sex 801
  30. my mom is forcing me to go to church...
    I am sixteen, and my mom wants to force her religion on me. I was a christian until eighth grade. up until that time, I had been going to church and I was pretty into it. around eighth grade, I became agnostic, and in high school, I became an all ou...
    19 Religion 851
  31. What to do if my house is going to be toilet papered?
    HELP ME! This week at school this beeyotchy girl got mad at me cause I sat in her seat on the bus and said she was going to TP (Toilet Paper) and egg my house tonight! I dont know what to do. Im guessing she is going to try cause a lot of people on AIM...
    9 General 829
  32. Why is my mom so mean to me?
    Okay, this is a long one, but PLEASE PLEASE read it I just don't get it, my mom treats me like a pile of shit. She expects way to much of me and I noticed that she likes to blame all of her problems on either me or someone other than her. For example, ...
    19 Family 2063
  33. Flutters in stomach
    For the past 4 days I've been gettin fluttering sensations in my left side of my stomach, my partner has also felt it, the obvious answer is that im pregnant but I have been havin normal periods. Is there any other explaination for this?
    4 Health 15886
  34. Does sperm thickness change the possibility of pregnancy?
    3 Health 1549
  35. im late
    what should I do.. I havnt started my period its been 3 weeks im late.. I've been havin protected sex with a condom,the reaso im unsure becouz my friend told me they are not 100%..
    2 Sex 1119
  36. Hardness and Pregnancy
    Question: Okay, I have heard pregnant people refer to hardness in their stomach or whatnot. Can someone describe it? What general area is it in and how does it feel? Also, around when does it show up? Thank you.
    1 Health 992
  37. What should I do, my mom caught me giving head?
    My boyfriend came over and we were both horny I though I would take my chances, we were both naked and I gave him a blowjob, as he was ejaculating in my mouth my mom walked in. after that we even never spoke I've went to my dad's house for the week, bu...
    3 Sex 2680
  38. How can I stop masturbating?
    im a 20 yr old male.I mastrubate 3 times a week suggest some tips to stop mastrubating
    87 Sex 1645
  39. Why will my gauge not go in?
    Okay so I've been gauging my ears for awhile now and I'm at size 6 right now. I'm ready to strech to a 4 but it won't go in. I've already stretched my left ear but my right ear won't go. There's a lot of resistance. I had the same problem going from an...
    6 Style 1949
  40. what is the gestation period for a cricket ?
    what is the gestation period for a cricket ? my friends cricket is pregnant and we want to know lol
    1 Pets 846
  41. How bad for you is drinking 2 liters of vodka a week
    Is it really that bad
    5 Health 1822
  42. How many disposable contacts come in an Acuvue box?
    I really want disposabel contacts because they're cheaper than the regular kind, but how many PAIRS, one for each eye, of contacts do you get from an acuvue advance box of disposable contacts? disposable contacts last up to 2 weeks but how long do the ...
    2 Shopping 992
  43. Brownish Discharge: Pregnancy Symptom or Period
    I've had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. My period is due on the 28th, but on the 25th I had brown discharge, but it wasn't a lot. t I'm nervous on weather its a early pregnancy symptom or just my period coming. So I curious to know does this mean I...
    2 Sex 820
  44. I need to pass a UA
    I smoke pot maybe two or three times a week at most... so I don't have a ton of THC in my system but I did just smoke lastnight. I have to take a UA for a new job I really want Wednesday and I want to pass the UA. Is there a way for me to pass this ...
    19 Health 1255
  45. Can I make myself have a miscarriage?
    I am pregnant... I havent been to the doctor, and I know there is no way I can be over 3 months... is there any way that I can make myself have a miscarriage?
    12 Health 1292
  46. Why Do I have pain in left boob?
    I am 14 years old and I have just finished my period, I have a pain down the side of my left boob 2 weeks ao I was put on the pill and the doctor said my body could change so do you think this could be it. Help!!
    1 Health 1650
  47. When can the semens pass through dry humping ?
    Me and my boyfriend had dry humping 3days back. I was naked while he had his underwear on. Can the semens pass through ? Can I get pregnant ? M really worried please respond soon.
    5 Health 2531
  48. will slo niacin work to clean thc in a week
    1 Drugs 3009
  49. would my stomach hurt if im pegnant?
    would my stomach hurt if im pregnant like would it be sore?please I need this question answered...
    2 Health 4286
  50. My cycle acts up a lot
    Hi my cycle acts up a lot,I havent seen my cycle in like 5months is that bad... I had sex with my boyfriend after ward my breast start 2 leek milk but we've being have un-protected sex for a while now am I pregnant...
    1 Sex 868
  51. I am on Minerva but...?
    I am on Minerva but want to know when is it the riskiest time to become pregnant?
    1 Health 1019
  52. How do you tell your boyfriend he does not last long enough in bed?
    He cums almost immediately after putting his penis inside me. It really sucks! I asked him why he cums so fast , and he said he usually can cum 5 or 6 times.
    1 Relationships 1410
  53. On the pill but can I still ejaculate inside her?
    My girlfriend is about to go on the pill and I was wondering can I ejaculate inside her? If so what are the chances of her getting pregnant?
    7 Health 8986
  54. Can she be pregnant
    I just need some me and my girlfriend had sex after dating for 3 years we used a condom every time and I pulled out every time...she usually gets her period towards the end and beging of every month and hasnt gotten it but she says she has be...
    5 Sex 1090
  55. what dies it mean
    I was fingered (guy had long fingers) I started bleeding... I have a little bit of discharge with blood in it... I was fingered about 4 to 5 days ago... does anyone know what might have happened... I am worried that something was scratched
    1 Relationships 854
  56. Student Council Ideas?
    I am on my school's student council. Does anyone have any new or out-of-the-ordinary things they do at their school? Any fundraising ideas? We have spirit weeks (class color day, cowgirl/cowboy day, movie character day, twin day, and school color day) ...
    6 Education 1030
  57. What does it feel like when you suck on a girls pussy?
    What does it feel like when you suck on a girls pussy? I'm turning 16 next week and I wanna suck my girls pussy before my birthday but im afraid that it might feel weird on my mouth or smell funky and possibly gag or something like that any tips??? Ple...
    2 Relationships 3880
  58. How do I get beer smell off of my breath?
    How do I remove the smell of alcohol from my breath after drinking beer
    11 Health 1770
  59. Can I model if I'm only 5'3''?
    I want so badly to model... but it seems like everyone is looking for a 6 foot size 0 girl. I am about a size 7 but my body is very well proportioned, my genes have provided me with nice hips and a rather large chest for my frame I suppose. I want to b...
    22 Money 1496
  60. The inside of my vagina is itchy, please help.
    The itching in the inside of my vagina is driving me crazy. Its like, near the bone down there. The discharge situation is normal, it doesn't hurt in any way when I go to the toilet and I am on the pill and have skipped my last couple of periods. I did...
    4 Sex 1346
  61. Why do guys cum fast?
    I've been dating this guy for two years now and we started having sex like 4 months after we started dating and every single time we have sex he cums after 5 or 10 minutes... We have to go at least three times before I do!!! What could prevent this I g...
    3 Sex 1165
  62. What type of fish can clean my pool?
    Well basically right now my pool isn't being swam in and the pool is really filthy green mess everywhere and I was wondering if it was possible to clean the pool with algae eaters if so would it take lots of them or could just a few have the pool clean...
    9 Pets 919
  63. why am I feeling movement around my stomach if I cant be pregnant?
    I havent had sex for almost 6 months and I've gotten my period regular. I've gained no weight I've actually lost. I've stayed extremely active and we used protection and didnt even cum inside of me. he finished off by hand job. but I feel movement in m...
    2 Sex 2159
  64. Will I pass this drug test if I've smoked twice this month?
    help me I quit smoking pot and I have less than a week to take a drug test for a better job and I have only smoked 2 times in the last month I am never ever smoking again help I really need some advice on my drug use, shit .
    1 Drugs 2020
  65. I got fingered and gave a hand job and head and then got fingered
    im only fourteen and I got fingered gave head and I got fingered again . im not sure if he ame or not because although he says he did I didnt taste or feel anything different in my mouth . after I gave him head I gave him a wank and he fingered me aga...
    3 Relationships 783
  66. Dry humping/pregnant
    So me and my girlfriend were dry humping I had boxers on and she had jeans shorts and underwear and I came while we were in the middle of pressing is it possible she could get pregnant even though I had boxers on and she had shorts and underwear
    8 Health 1096
  67. Why should girls be spanked untill an older age?
    Hi my name is sara I am 16 years old, I live with my parents and two brothers, age 14 and 15. Last week when I had a fight with my oldest brother my mother gave me spanking but my brother was only grounded and had to do extra chores as punishment. I ak...
    12 Family 3055
  68. What would happen if we had no nose hairs?
    Just curious. Imagine walking around with a constantly runny nose. teeheehee. (disclaimer: I have just recently overdosed on caffeine and indulged in several pixie sticks. I will not be held resposible for any questions I ask or answer in the ne...
    6 Style 1660
  69. Is it normal to feel anythng a bit after having unprotected sex?
    I am 16 years old and I had unprotected sex...right after I had intercourse,like around 15 mins. Later I started to feel something weird in my stomach. It felt like something moving aroung on the side of my stomach. Does that mean im pregnant? Whats h...
    8 Sex 1222
  70. Is it normal for a female to have pain after intercourse?
    - I had sex with my boyfriend for 3 days in a row. And after the third time I started to have stomach pain tha same day. It feels crampy...Like my muscles are gettin tight ..the pain will go away ∧ come back. Is that normal? It makes me feel like im pr...
    2 Sex 1012
  71. Am I ready to get fingered?
    hi my boyfriend is 16 and im 14 hes fingered girl and had sex before. I told him I didnt want to have sex yet that I wasnt ready . I want him to finger me and he wants to also. but im scared. im short im only like 5'2 and hes like 6'0 foot. ihe has alr...
    4 Sex 921
  72. How long does sperm stay on a penis after ejaculating?
    Recently I had sexual intercourse with my boy friend, without a condom and he ejaculated, 20 minutes after this, we had sexual intercourse again, does this mean I could be a risk of being pregnant?
    5 Sex 7021
  73. Will Klonopin show up as a Benzodiazepine on a drug test?
    I am asking this seeing as klonopin is a benzodiazapine Derivative and someone told me it wouldn't test positive. my test is a 4 panel and has thc, cocaine, opiates,and benzo's on it. I have to take a test 40 hours fom the time that I ate 2 mg of klon...
    7 Drugs 1024
  74. Quick Survey on School-Related Stress
    ok, I'm doing a report on school-induced stress for my english class and it's due tomorrow, so I need some help. I'm doing a survey and I need some responses from TEENS IN MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL ONLY. include w. your gender and answer all questions, t...
    10 Education 940
  75. Birth control and a condom
    Is it still possible to get pregnant like that?cause I mean im on birth control and the last time me and him had sex he was wearing a condom..but it was too small,does that mean it coulda broke?and even if it did, you cant get preggers on bc can you??I...
    6 Sex 1681
  76. How do I treat dry and flaky ear piercings?
    I just got my ears pierced about a week ago and recently the skin around the piercing became dry. I tried to put vaseline and neosporin on it but it became really dry and flaky. Please help
    7 Style 14416
  77. slimy clear substance
    Ok, often, when I use the bathroom and wipe, slimy clear substance that looks like cum comes out. I realize this is normal if I've been aroused or have masturbated recently, but for the past week or two, I haven' this normal? Thanks.
    4 Sex 924
  78. When you're pregnant, can you still suck in your stomach?
    Just wondering lol.
    3 Health 5575
  79. Why are my nipples so sore but not my breasts?
    I had sex unprotected sex and I took PlanB the next day. Now one week before my expected period day my nipples are so sore, hard and kinda hurt, but not my breats. I have had times were my breasts get a little heavy before my period but not this. My si...
    1 Sex 820
  80. Could i become pregnant if my boyfriend's condom broke, but he didn't cum in it ?
    He came in the condom we had about 30 minutes earlier. We had a break cause he was tired, and put a new condom on, and he was a little too rough and it broke while it was in me..
    6 Health 3675
  81. Is 6 inches long too small for a 13-year-old?
    I'm 13 and I'm 6 inches long and 5 inches wide. Is this small?
    3 Health 830
  82. How can I get thc out
    I have 2 weeks, how can I get thc out of my system without the stain of drinking exccessive amounts of liquid?
    3 Health 3204
  83. How long does Sperm last
    How long would sperm last in a female body before dying? (her vagina at least) I didn't ejaculate or anything, but I'm just wondering. We only had intercourse for about 45 seconds or less. mm.. 3 times in.. 3 times out to be really specific. I highl...
    15 Health 1300
  84. Why are my converse so hard to put on?
    Okay so just a few weeks ago I got these black studded converse and they're my exact size. They fit me very well but for some reason they are very difficult to put on. It's hard to describe. It really gets on my nerves how hard it is to put on and it g...
    3 General 1831
  85. What do I do if my tongue ring split my tongue a little?
    I got my tongue done probably 5 days ago and I guess I pulled it or something and it split a little in the front and the ball of the ring kinda sinks down in my tongue is that bad and will it go away? Or should I just take it out? Annd is it normal for...
    4 Style 2320
  86. what is the white thing in my underwear?? is my period coming??
    it has been happing for about a month and some weeks. it is white and gooey I dont have my period im only 13 and my mom got her period at 14 and im not sure if my period is coming and as if what do I do??
    6 Health 8104
  87. Does masturbation make the penis weaker?
    I really masturbate four times a day and I've been masturbating since 5 years. I have taken a doctor's advice that I stimulate sperm fast as normal so he told that your penis is weak and the shape is thin from the front portion and broad from back it ...
    10 Sex 922
  88. how to lose 10 kg in 13 days...pls help!!!
    I'm 20. My height is 168 cm(I'm not sure but I think it equels 5'6) and my weight is 64 kg.(140.8pl). I want to lose weight fast, I got only 13 days to lose weight and I want to lose 8 to 10 kg. What should I do, I really to get rid of my 10 kg!!!
    13 Nutritionfitness 1565
  89. Why am I burning and itching after sex?
    Ok so.. I had sex Friday, and ever since friday I've had this burning sensation.. I get really itchy near my vagina and it hurts when I go pee.. Im clueless I have no idea whats going on.. Right now im thinkin that the condom broke and now im pregnant,...
    17 Sex 1220
  90. What online shopping sites do not require a CVV code from your credit card aside from Amazon and Zappos?
    I am trying to buy a last minute gift to send to my friend in Cali and the CVV is worn off my card. The credit card company is sending me a new card but it will take 2 weeks :(
    2 Shopping 1942
  91. How young can your dog get pregnant at?
    how young can your dog get pregnet at ???
    12 Pets 1331
  92. Can I drink alcohol after donating blood?
    I have donated blood, just a few minutes ago, Is that okay if I drink alchol now?
    5 Health 950
  93. What's this zit thing on the outside of my vagina?
    I have this thing that looks like a zit with a whitehead on the outside of my vagina. Can anyone help me out what it is? I've never done anything sexual before so I dont know what it could be. The only thing that has happened is a boy put his finger in...
    7 Sex 1560
  94. Did I pop my cherry?
    My boyfriend was fingering me last night, and I started to bleed. I've been off my period for a week now, so I know that it's not that. So does that mean I popped my cherry??? How do I know? And will if/when he fingers me again or if we have sex, will ...
    2 Sex 2039
  95. Will 250mg niacin work for piss test? please answer
    I have a Probation meeting in 2 days. I smoked weed about 6 days ago (not a lot only 1 gram). I've been taking 250mg niacin the past 4 days. 1 in the morning and 1 befor bed. I'm 120 pounds and 5'6" tall. I have had a ichy feeling and have gotten a li...
    11 Drugs 985
  96. Itchy + Chapped skin
    hello my vigina had been itchy for about a week and I now have sore chapped skin around me hole. So when I have sex it hurts becasue it is streching.
    2 Sex 2579
  97. What to do while babysitting a 4 year old boy
    Hi everyone! So, my mom lined up a babysitting job for me today for sometime this week, and I need some advice. Usually I babysit kids in like 2nd through 5th grade (mostly 3rd and 4th graders). When I asked my mom how old the kid was, she said 4 ...
    15 Babies 3623
  98. Why do guys ignore you?
    What are some reasons a guy would ignore someone (female)? We used to talk nonstop and even hung out just over a week ago and all of a sudden he wont return texts and wont talk to me! Why is he acting weird?
    12 Relationships 1230
  99. What religions apart from Islam don't allow alcohol consumption?
    7 Religion 4360
  100. Bra Size is 34b good?
    I am 5'3 and like 100-110 Do you think that a 34 B is a good size for me ??
    5 Style 2025
  101. Pregnant I been cleaned of marijuana for 33 days will a drug test come up postitive or negative?
    2 Drugs 993
  102. Why does my dog keep bringing me her newborn puppies?
    she just had the puppies not even 3 days ago, and I fear that if she keeps bringing me the puppies that they wont eat she usually does this at night time around the time I went to bed before she was pregnant
    2 Pets 2529
  103. Along with the abdominal cramps I feel this fluttering?
    Ok so along with the abdominal cramps I feel this fluttering kind of weird feeling in my stomach area but I have gotten my period so what could it be? Can I still be pregnant?
    3 Health 4754
  104. Breast hurts very badly before and during period.
    My breast are really extremely sore before and during my period (it starts at least a week before my period). It sometimes gets so bad that I can only wear sports bra's or sometimes not even them. I do excercise and am healthy but they still don't real...
    7 Health 1289
  105. How long does it take for you to sober up from 5 shots of vodka?
    13 Health 1774
  106. Pregnancy and masterbating help!!
    Can you get pregnant from masterbating with your finger Just yourslef?? No one else with you
    5 Sex 1398
  107. Can I get pregnant from swallowing c*m?
    I am 13 I will be 14 soon I been seeing this 20 year old & will last night when my mom & dad went to sleep he picked me up & we went back to his house & went down to his room & were maken out then I started to give him a hand job then he asked me to gi...
    39 Health 777
  108. How much does a rook piercing hurt?
    Next week I'm going in to get my rook pierced and I want to know what to expect. I have an industrial and I didn't think that it was too terribly bad. I mean yeah it hurt but it wasn't even close to how bad some of my tattoos hurt. I would consider mys...
    7 Style 13978
  109. Why is my ear swollen from gauging?
    I went from a 12 to a ten this week. My ear is huge and red swollen. I have cleaned it throughly, but should I seek medical attention?
    1 Health 2901
  110. When a guy touches your Face means?
    What does ti mean when a guy looks into your eyes, and stare for about 5-10sec and then touches your face, and kisses you? does it mean he likesu?
    3 Relationships 1245
  111. Would model agencies choose someone who has eczema?
    Hi, I'm 15 years old, and my biggest passion modeling. It's my absolute dream and it has been since I was very young. Now I've decided I really want to start pursuing this dream and start making this dream come true. I'm 5'9, 125 pounds, so I think I m...
    3 Money 1102
  112. My tummy feels tight
    My stomache feels really tight like if its stretching do you know what might be causeing this. If it helps I think I might be pregnant. It feels like when you over eat and you feel really full, but it like this when I havent even ate yet.
    1 Health 3549
  113. can vinegar kill sperm?
    My boyfriend and I just had a baby 8 months ago ... I think I'm pregnant again... but I can't have it... I mean we're not ready for another... can vinegar kill sperm?
    3 Health 1067
  114. What should a lip piercing look like while its healing?
    ok so I've had my lip (lower right) pierced for about a week now...and im using salt water (for the inside) and soap and warm water to clean it (any other suggestions for cleaning it) ... on the iniside there is this white scab looking thing, kinda lo...
    3 Style 1095
  115. Why's my lip peircing have a lump the size of a pea What do I do?
    I just got my lip pierced a little less than a week ago,but now one side has a lump about the size of a pea on the inside. I asked the guy that did it what it was and he said it was normal. But it hurts and I don't know what to do...Plzzz give me some ...
    4 Health 1020
  116. Self harm scars, how to hide them on vacation?
    I'm going on holiday in july, for a week to majorca, but I have all these white scars over my thighs and fore arms. My parents are bound to find out I've been self harming because you cant exactly wear a hoody while swimming!!! I really dont know what...
    9 Health 890
  117. What do you do, my boyfriend says my puss taste and smell weird?
    Okay my boyfriend and I are very sexual, and a couple weeks ago he fingered and ate me out. But he said that my vagina had a weird taste and smell. I am VERY clean I bathe everyday. What do I do? how do I get rid of the smell? and what is the taste and...
    3 Sex 9914
  118. Rebonding again?
    I just had my hair rebonded a week ago but I noticed that it did not stay as straight and as tame as the first three days. After washing it, I noticed a slight bump of hair or curling in one feels smooth and soft but I wanted it more starighter...
    1 Style 1011
  119. Barely dressed young girls?
    So last week at school a girl (14 year old freshman, I have a friend who knows her. So I got his from her.) walked into the cafeteria one morning barely dressed. I'm talking, SHORT skirt, LOW cut shirt, knee high socks, bracelet szed earrings, high he...
    14 Style 1035
  120. Nipple Discharge?
    Hi, I'm, not pregnant, and lately I've been noticing a little bit of clear and shiny stuff on my left nipple, and part of that nipple is a little bent into the center. Also I sometimes see white stuff but I thought that might be lint or something... I ...
    10 Health 8187
  121. Broken hymen or what???
    I used to masturbate but just by rubbing my clit and not by sticking fingers or any object, and a few weeks ago, I bled after I masturbated and I got scared that I broke my hymen so I checked myself and it is stil intact.what could that have been???is ...
    3 Sex 1056
  122. Can a US felon move to Canada
    What is the first step an ex convict has to make to move to Canada legally. I am a Canadian citizen and my US boyfriend just got out of prison in ID. We want to get married and live in Canada. I can't go to the US to marrry him because I've been deport...
    4 General 956
  123. The Inside of my Ear is Swollen
    For about 5 days, the inside of my ear hole has been swollen, and sore when I apply any pressure. I was wondering if it was just an ordinary ear ache or ear infection, because I don't remember doing anything to hurt it. I was wondering if anyone coul...
    4 Health 1575
  124. can masterbating burn calories?
    Can masterbating help me burn calories. I masterbate frequently and I intensly get into it. I cant orgasm off of masterbating without pushing. I masterbate for 2 to 5 mintes until I orgasm. Is this burning calories?
    5 Sex 3011
  125. Who fathered my baby? LMP was 9/27-10/2 had unprotected sex an he ejaculated inside of me on the 10/7 10/8 10/13. Had sex with another
    Guy on 10/16, he had a condom on but it broke an he stopped after no more then the 3rd stroke. He didn't ejaculate inside of me. Today is 11/15 im 7 weeks but I'm nervous to who fathered my baby
    2 Sex 1217
  126. Why does he always want to touch my stomach?
    Why does this one guy always want to touch my stomach? With my shirt on or whatever, he just wants to touch, rub, poke, tickle.. he like.. has an obsession with my stomach lol That's never happened to me before, and I'm the only girl he does that to.....
    4 Relationships 2623
  127. Thc and drug screens
    Is it possable to pass a drug screen fro ths 2 weeks after I smoke
    3 Drugs 1612
  128. Is cocoa butter bad to put on new tattoo?
    I just got a tattoo, a week, and day ago,, and was wondering if it is ok, and safe t use coco butter on it? if not what should I use then?
    10 Style 4681
  129. why does my vag smell after sex?
    after my boyfriend and I have sex I notice the next day or 2 I have a fishy not smell good smell down there I just wanted to know is that normal? im a very clean person and so is he and I have been with him for 8 months now..the guy I was with before h...
    1 Sex 1148
  130. Industrial piercing, how long does it take to heal?
    How long does it take to heal? Can I go swim 6 weeks after I got it? If not how long after I got it can I go swimming (by the way I would go swimming in a lake so it doesn't have all those chemicals and stuff if that matters at all)?
    6 Style 2951
  131. Why didn't she have an orgasm when I fingered her?
    I fingered my girlfriend fr the first time tonight but it ended without her having an orgasm and I felt really bad aout it. I'm 23 and never had a serious relationship. I'm a virgin. I've never done anything with a girl apart form kissing until I star...
    7 Sex 1379
  132. Does your whole ear permently gets bigger when stretching your ears??
    ~~~~~ i recently stretched my ears from 8 to 14mm nd its been like a week since i stretched them nd my ears swelled up nd went a bit red, but now its been a weekish nd my ears havent gone down so is my ears gona stay like this forever now?? ~~~~~ ple...
    4 Style 855
  133. sex with out a condom
    can a women gt pregnant if your having sex with out a condom but you pull out befor the male ejaculates?
    4 Sex 1667
  134. A guy I like has a girlfriend. but he keeps looking at me
    I like this guy named Cameron. He has a girlfriend. They started dating about a week or so ago. Ever since he started dating her he's been looking at me, but I have no idea why. I do have some ideas of whats going through his head. 1. he likes me 2....
    15 Relationships 3071
  135. Fingering and clear stuff
    Ok well im 15 almost and ihave fingered myself before but once after I fingered myself a bunch of clear stuff came outof it what wasit!!!???and I just now stated my period 2 weeks ago and I wanted tokow if it eas becausei got fingered???
    2 Relationships 2356
  136. What is this white stuff during sex (with a condom!)?
    So, me and my boyfriend were having sex with a trojan her pleasure condom and like, 2 minutes into it, he slipped out of me because I was really wet, and when I went to put it back in I felt around and when I looked at my fingers there was this white s...
    2 Sex 2417
  137. When does light brown discharge begin in pregnancy?
    How long after becoming pregnant does the light brown discharge begin?
    4 Health 1724
  138. Does My Crush Like Me Back Or Does He Hate Me?
    This is really complicated so Ill start from the beginning. There is this boy I like, obviously. :3 I've always had a crush on him since grade 1. Anyways, he is really popular, and I am sort of not. I am not a loser or anything but Im not the type o...
    13 Relationships 1219
  139. Worried girl
    I just started birth control for friday I took my last blue pill, saturday I started taking the green pill (sugar pill) that night I has unprotected sex, he didnt ejaculate inside of me or anything, but im still super scared because im suppose to get ...
    5 Sex 1227
  140. Why is it a sin to use safe sex even if married?
    Is it a sin according to the bible, to use condoms or birth conrol even if your married? I don't wanna get pregnant right away when I'm married, I would want to enjoy alone time with my hubby before expecting a baby. But I don't want to displease God i...
    11 Sex 1035
  141. Bubbly stomach = pregnancy?
    I already have 4 symptoms that im pregnant but I really want to know Is bubbling of the stomach a symptom because my stomach bubbles day and night all day long
    1 Health 1353
  142. What can permanently clean thc from my system?
    I'm about to stop smoking for good, and I need to get my system clean within a week.
    2 Health 1217
  143. Why do I bleed everytime he fingers me?
    I was just recently fingered by my boyfriend (first time), it was just a couple of weeks ago. When he did it, he went pretty deep and kinda hard but it felt really good ( it only hurt a little). The only thing is that I bleed everytime and I'm worried ...
    6 Relationships 1653
  144. had sex and the condom was stuck inside me can i be preganant?
    Can you get pregnant if the condom gets stuck inside of you?
    5 Sex 3189
  145. can I tell if iam pregnant after 4 days of having sex?
    is it possible to tell if you're pregnan only four days after having sex? I've been getting butteflies in my tummy. my breast and stomach hurt. I havent been able to eat. I tried to eat in the morning and I threw up. and I've been urinating a lot. ...
    1 Sex 1758
  146. Why won't my computer let me download games?
    why isn't my computer letting me download free games off of like bigfish games but like a 2 weeks ago I could
    1 Technology 2185
  147. Why is it bad if you keep driving when you need an oil change?
    Ok I'm supposed to drive about 2 hrs and is it bad if I drive when my thing has said to get an oil change for about 3 weeks?
    7 General 6425
  148. How soon can I change my ball on my tongue ring?
    I just got my tongue pierced about 5 days ago, the long bar is getting really aggravating when I try to eat. I was wondering how soon could I change from the long bar to the shorter bar?
    7 Style 3246
  149. What are the chances of getting pregnant?
    hi...I was just wondering if my boyfriend used a condom and I didnt use birth control...what are the chances of me gettin pregnet? ai know its a stupid question but I just want to get some input also what if he used a condom and pulled out before he fi...
    1 Health 2354
  150. How long to wait to swim after getting rebonded hair?
    I rebonded my hair 5 months ago how long should I wait to swim after I rebonded my hair???please answer me thanks
    2 Style 943
  151. Wierd heartbeat in my stomach?
    if I put my hand like just above my belly button I can feel a heartbeat type thing. I havent had sex so I cant be pregnant. Does anyone know what it is?
    11 Sex 4506
  152. When you are prego does it feel tighter inside when you have sex?
    Hey well I have had a missed period almost 2 months late but I have had cramps and spotter for like 2 days but the cramps dont stop. I also am always very tierd, I get very dizzy when I get up and get nautios at night, my breast have gotten softer and ...
    2 Sex 862
  153. I have taken a pregnancy test last month and it came up negative
    im 19 years old. I've noticed that my upper stomach has gotten a bit bigger, yet I havent put on any weight. my boobs have gotten bigger and I get weird feelings in my stomach. [I know about sex, for all that try to down me]...but I have taken a pregna...
    4 Sex 823
  154. If you tear your hymen are you in a greater risk of getting pregnant?
    2 Health 880
  155. How much water would a person drink to get water poisoning?
    I drink a lot of water at once all the time because I always feel thirsty and I only jsut found out about it today at work when someone saw me drinking a lot of water at once and they told me to be careful or I might get water poisoning. I've always dr...
    17 Food 1569
  156. Should you pull out when using a condom?
    Ok so me and my girlfriend did it for our first time... in the movies in one of the big thetres with a ton of people around...dont ask ! hahaha anyways when using a condom should you still pull out when you cum? and also pulling and using a condom w...
    11 Relationships 1264
  157. Sharp pains in stomach a sign of pregnancy?
    I had sex the 1st of january. My periods due around the 14th. The past few days/week I've been getting sharp/shooting pains almost Constantly in my stomach. I know it can be a sign of pregnancy, the Ligaments strecthing and what-not. But is it too ea...
    3 Sex 2917
  158. How much do women masturbate?
    On average , how many times do women masterbate a day? a week?
    9 Sex 1211
  159. Will I be safe against pregnancy?
    hi... iam just 20yr my boyfriend always kisses me (neck ,lips breast) and also touches or squeezes my breast(inside bra) an huggs . I dont take any candom or conterceptive pill. is it safe. not to get pregnant.
    3 Health 2081
  160. Is spotting after my period implantation bleeding?
    If im prego what are some adorable girl names I was thinking about constance marie but I need help because I need a boys name in case I have a boy so thank you I also wanted to know if what I had was implantation bleeding cuzz if it was im sure im preg...
    4 Health 916
  161. Is my tongue ring infected
    I got my tongue pierced about two weeks ago...there isn't any swelling but its sore around the ring and at the bottom of my tongue is a white actually looks like a pimple...what do I do?
    5 Style 1511
  162. helppp, stomach pains...?
    okay, so last night I went to bed early cause my stomach was hurting and I thought it would feel better in the morning, but I woke up and my stomach felt the same. then on my way to school I felt like someone was stabbing me in the stomach a bu...
    1 Sex 4964
  163. Pink discharge after intercourse
    What could cause pink discharge after intercourse? My period was 2 weeks ago but it was really weird; it came for two days, left for two days, then came back for 2 days. Could something be wrong with me?
    4 Health 1253
  164. Is there a way to jump start my period?
    Ok I haven't had a period. I know I am not prego. I can not take the pill and can not go to a doctor. Is there any type of home thing I can do... I eat soy and its feels like my period is trying to go but its hitting a wall. I have the cramps, for a w...
    19 Sex 2780
  165. What does having a dream about hugging your crush mean?
    Okay so I had a dream that I was hugging the boy I had a crush on, what does this mean? I also had another one that we were boyfriend and girlfriend, it actually felt real, when I woke up I was so happy but then I realised after about 5 minutes it was ...
    3 Relationships 1381
  166. Can you give me information on being fingered?
    My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 months almost...and I am like totaly in love with him...were really close...and I think things between us are getting quiet serious today we even kissed at like he has been down my pants, but hasn...
    9 Relationships 2326
  167. How is it possible to hurt a girl when you finger her?
    Im 15 and me and my girlfriend just started touchin more about a month ago and she is very shy.the first time I did finger her it started as just kissing and touching then she laid down and pulled me with her and then she told me that she wanted me to ...
    2 Relationships 947
  168. Should I take the piercing out?
    I Got my Cartilage pierced 2 weeks ago with a gun at walmart... And it still hurts.. throbbing pain constintly acually.. red kinda warm feeling..A little swollen and hurts to move it. and there is a big bump when I take the ring out.. no pus coming ou...
    5 Style 1592
  169. Right Weight?
    How Much should a 14 yr old 5'1 girl weigh?
    1 Nutritionfitness 1033
  170. Girls have you ever?
    1) Kissed 2) Made out 3)Masturbated 4) Sucked 5) Been sucked 6) F*cked And what has been your most pleasureable experience? Im bored just asking
    15 Sex 1278
  171. Why was that wild turkey throwing dirt up in the air like that?
    This is the second time I've seen this turkey in my yard recently. I saw it sit down by a dead log and it was throwing up dirt in the air with it's feet and/or wings. It would sit for a minute or two and then stand up and look for a minute and sit back...
    1 Pets 1813
  172. What is the tight pressure in my stomach pushing against my ribs?
    I'm a girl and my stomach is conjested and has so much pressure pushing against my ribs. Im getting it tested but im not sure what it is. I"m not pregnant either.
    2 Health 1282
  173. What will happen if I left a condom in over night?
    I had sex last night with my boyfriend, but the condom was stuck inside of me. I couldn't get it out and I tried and tried. Right away we went to the pharmacist and bought the morning after pill. It came out the next day when I went to the restroom. Co...
    3 Sex 1334
  174. How can I convince my Mom to let me wear a bikini?
    now before I tell you my question & stuff let me say this. I'm not bragging or trying to get attention or anything like that. The reason I'm saying this cause people have asked about this & the comments they get are... "your just trying broadcast your...
    4 Style 774
  175. If my boyfriend gets inside me but..
    doesn't cum inside me, does that mean I might get pregnant?
    1 Health 1784
  176. can I shrink my height?
    I'm 13 and I'm 5'6! I'm afraid imma keep on growing. the doctor sayd I wasn't anymore. but then other people say I'm going to grow till I'm 18! imm soo scared to grow a lil more! I need to find a way to shrink!
    11 Health 19375
  177. Why is my girlfriend acting emotionless?
    ok this is how it goes ... we've been going out for about 5 months, and she recently changed her attitude towards me. She seems not to care about anything much and stays most of the time home. She does not approove any interest into our relationship an...
    13 Relationships 932
  178. Why am I spitting so much?
    It started two weeks ago, spitting non stop. I'm spitting out saliva like water. I tried chewing gum but it just make me spit more. Every minute I'm spitting. What the hell is wrong with me?
    11 Health 10077
  179. When ever I drink alcohol I cant stop myself from crying?
    When I get drunk I always seem to start crying, I cant hold my emotions in when im drunk, but im not going to stop drinking, how can I help stop crying?
    7 Health 2445
  180. Vaginal leak?
    I've read other questions about vaginal discharge. What happened last night was definitely different from normal discharge. I'm 49, and peri-menopausal. I finished a period one week ago, and haven't had sex in months. Last night I woke up in the mi...
    1 Sex 1519
  181. Haven't had my period yet
    my period starts march 30 and end up april 4?? just confused, because until now may 8, 2009 I havent my period yet??? me and my boyfriend experienced an oral sex but his penis did not inserted on my vagina,his finger only?? do you think am ...
    4 Sex 786
  182. Am I pregnant from him having c*m on his fingers?
    my boyfriend fingered me 25 days before..and we had a doubt that he had c*m on is finger when he fingered me.but we did'nt take any preventive measure.then after that we had s*x with condom I guess a few days before.but we were still worried about the ...
    7 Health 885
  183. Why am I bleeding and having to pee a lot after sex?
    So me and my friend did it last Friday. WITH protection. Latex condom. The day after that, everything was normal. But then the very next day, I masturbated and notice some blood so I stopped. Monday, during school, I suddenly have that feeling where I ...
    21 Sex 7232
  184. How can I clean THC out of my system?
    how can I clean my system of THC in 2 weeks? please HELP!!!
    13 Health 2753
  185. do I need to loose weight
    I am a 14 year old boy who is 5'6" and weighs 125. do I need to loose weight?
    4 General 1151
  186. What should I do? My Step Sister wants to have sex with me!?!?
    Remember that she is only related by marriage. Each of these happened in the summertime. Here is the story: We were eleven at the time everyone had gone to the woods and I was finishing the dishes. She was in her room. I walked into the bathroo...
    2 Sex 2119
  187. Masturbation can cause vaginal infection?‏
    I am a 25 years old girl who have masturbation for a couple of year, sometimes I even masturbate few times a day? Is it over masturbation? Over masturbation will affect my reproductive system and cause infertility in future? Besides, I remember when I ...
    2 Sex 3428
  188. Why do people say I look German?
    I have mostly German ancestry, but I never really tell anyone, and about 5 people have asked me if I was German. It doesn't bother me (I love Germany lol), I just wanna know exactly what about my looks screams "HELLO I AM GERMAN!". Pleasee tell me? ...
    9 Style 1990
  189. Lost my voice.. How do I get it back?
    I lost my voice. It's been gone for almost 2 days now. I have been sick all week. Just the normal cold. Coughing, coughing up yellow greenish mucus,runny/stuffed nose,sneezing, and just that sick feeling. I had a raspy voice the other day. Then I staye...
    14 Health 2040
  190. Can having a lot of sex affect your period
    I've been having a lot of sex with my boyfriend this past week. I'm cramping , gassy, and I feel like I'm gonna start my period but I haven't. Does having too much sex cause this? And can having a lot of sex affect your menstural cycle ?
    2 Sex 1689
  191. Can I still get pregnant if I'm on Depo Provera?
    3 Health 964
  192. Will period blood affect drug test results?
    I'm going to be taking a drug test in two days and the last time I smoked pot was about 2 weeks ago. I've been exercising and drinking tons of water. But I'm a girl and just started my period. The test I'll be taking is a urine test, so blood will b...
    4 Drugs 37758
  193. Can being punched in the stomach while pregnant cause a miscarriage?
    5 Health 3347
  194. What does it mean if I am peeing a lot and it is clear?
    Lately I have been peeing a lot and it has been clear. About twice an hour maybe. Is it possible I could be pregnant or something. Let me know.
    6 Health 4321
  195. Why does it hurt when I pee and why do I bleed?
    I been sexulally activate and lately when I pee it hurts?...anyone no why? Also when I pee blood cums out?...I dont no what to do.. Im very scared and embarressed to go to my doctor .. Anyone have any advice?on how to get rid of it ? My period is not d...
    4 Sex 1252
  196. Why won't the mother dog feed her puppies anymore?
    A dog I recued 1 1/2 ago has had puppies..yes its my fault but the vet woundnt do it earlier she was to young so he says...she had 6 puppies I made a nice big box witha heatlight and helped her deliver.. she was good mom and new what to do when they tu...
    13 Pets 9630
  197. Can pregancy occur if the sperm gets in the vagina with the finger?
    Me and my partner always use a condom he never cam inside me even when the condom on, he always cum over my chest and my stomach. One day I decided to take the cum off my stomach with my finger and place it either inside or very close to my vagina I re...
    3 Sex 2269
  198. What is a good excuse for when I come home late?
    So I like to hang out with my friends untill like 11 at night but my mom says I have to be home at 5 right after school. The other day I hung out with my friends and didn't return until 11:30 and she flipped her lid. I'm really bad at being creative wh...
    8 Family 7824
  199. Chance of conception
    Me and my girlfriend had unprotected sex, 2 days after she had her periods, and her next month period was late by a week, is there any chance of conception, as we are totally unsure. Please help. Its said that if you have your periods, you have no chan...
    2 Sex 1131
  200. Unwanted skinks in my house
    I love animals but I am not fond of lizards. I live in virginia and those skinks keep getting in my house. I am they are harmless, but to me they are quite unattractive and unwanted! Besides, they leave their poop around and they are uninvited. So far...
    5 Pets 1452
  201. Ripped tissue and pregnancy?
    okay so on june 26th I was having sex and my vagina tissue ripped ,I got disovable stiches and they said id get my period ( I have extra vagina tissue) the sex I had that nightwas protected with a condom and he did not cum in me but I am 5 days late i...
    2 Sex 1202
  202. How do you tell if your ear piercings are infected?
    I got my left ear lobe pierced a third time (along with my cartilage) professionally a couple days ago. Today, my left ear hurts when I touch it and it feels like its throbbing. I've cleaned it with alcohol and rotated the earrings. Is it infected or i...
    24 Style 10123
  203. Clear discharge and pregnancy
    How soon will the clear discharge start if pregnant?
    1 Health 965
  204. Can I swim soon after getting a belly button ring?
    I am considering getting my belly button pierced in a few days. I just wondering if I should wait until winter since I won't be able to swim for at least a month. Or does it have to be a month. Could it be a couple weeks as long as I clean it when I ge...
    15 Style 3503
  205. Should I get my period soon after taking Plan B?
    I took the morning after pill the next day, my question is, am I suppossed to get my period soon after I take the pill or do I just wait for my normal period to arive? it has been about 10 days and I dont have it yet, I have the same symptoms as when I...
    2 Health 979
  206. How can I heal a peeling sunburn?
    What's up guys? So, I'm a very outdoor oriented person, and always tan easily, being half Brazilian. I'm freaking out because about a week ago, maybe less, I fell asleep while laying out by my pool. I got sunburned but every other time I burn I go str...
    16 Style 1226
  207. Why is my period taking so long?
    I timed the days between the first day of one and the next last time and it was only 20 days but now its been 31 days and I still havent gotten my period. and theres no way I could be pregnant because I only had sex once and we used a condom and since ...
    1 Sex 1106
  208. Can constipation delay my mensteual?
    I have been constipated for about a week and I have not gotten my monthly period. could my constipation be the cause?
    1 Health 2909
  209. help- face peeling and school about to start!
    im sunburned and my face is going to peel soon and I dont want it peeling for school which starts in a few weeks...a few questions- I start school aug 10th, will my face still be peeling by then? when will my face start peeling if I just got the bu...
    3 Health 794
  210. 3 months pregnant
    I'm three months and my friend poke my stomach really hard. She didn't mean to she had no clue that I was expecting. SInce then my stomach has been hurting is that a sign of miscarriage??
    2 Health 3607
  211. Did any of you change your piercing jewelry early?
    Piercings are a big thing in teens now a days. Today I'm getting my lip pierced and my monroe done. And I would like to have some questions answered about them. I know the piercer when I first got my lip done said to not take your piercing out and ch...
    6 Health 5972
  212. How can I get rid of discolored spots from a sunburn?
    I went to the beach a week and a half ago and got badly burnt. After a couple days of redness, I got an awesome tan for a day then I started to peel. I didn't mind until the new skin underneath was a very noticeable lighter color in patches. This is ha...
    1 Style 834
  213. How to get my eyebrows to grow back?
    I am 14 and I plucked my eyebrows wayy to much about 2 years ago. I started growing them out a few weeks ago but now you can see all the little hairs that are growing back and it looks really bad but I dont want to pluck them again becuase they were wa...
    10 Style 1677
  214. The inside of my vagina is itchy, please help.
    The inside of my vagina is itchy. The discharge situation is normal, I'm on the pill and have skipped my last couple of periods but did have rough sex last week. It started to itch after that. It doesn't hurt when I go to the toilet. Whenever anything ...
    1 Sex 1964
  215. How to fix dry and cracked nipples?
    No.Im NOT Pregnant. But My Nipples are Dry and Cracked,like Dry Skin. What can I do to Fix it?
    16 Health 2111
  216. Why is my hymen white?
    Well I am a carmel colored female.. I really dont pay attention to my body as I should but last week I noticed that my hymen was a milky white and not a pink color it has never been any color but pink... Doesnt hurt, not swollen or anything. I was also...
    3 Health 3338
  217. Can she get pregnant from the condom popping?h
    I had sex with a girl and yeah when iw as changing position my condom got dry and I didnt have a lube but anyway I put it back in slowly because she told me to, and when I put it in I heard a pop noise and my condom blew up in there or rather the tip r...
    6 Sex 1330
  218. Why are these things happening to me?
    My stomach is getting a lump to it, but Im not gaining any weight. I dont think Im pregnant. & everytime I push on my stomach, I can feel my heartbeat, or my pulse in my stomach. Also, when Im laying down, and I look at my stomach, I can see my stomach...
    2 Health 5567
  219. Why does my vagina smell like my boyfriend even though we haven't had sex in two weeks?
    3 Sex 936
  220. My boyfriend In Jail
    Okay my bofriend Edward is in jail and he won't be getting out until June 3rd and he's been in there since January six months.But I have a huge problem that I can't get off my mind .He's really scared that I'll cheat on him while he's in there (which I...
    29 Relationships 1703
  221. Was Selena pregnant when she was killed?
    Im watching it nw and that question always crossed my mind when i watch it.
    15 Entertainment 832
  222. Can I get pregnant from butt sex?
    ok so im only 14 years old and me and my boyfriend had sex but it was like kinda butt sex as some call it I guess?remember im 14 and dont really understand a lot about this lol,well anyways I was wondering by just doing that without using any protectio...
    33 Sex 17085
  223. Tom and jerry
    Write 5 sentences on tom and jerry
    3 Entertainment 960
  224. Why after I finish my period I get really horny?
    Sounds weird but why after I finish my period I get really horny is it because I havnt been able to do anything down there for a week??
    5 Health 901
  225. bleeding after taking plan b?
    I took plan B last week, June 29th and now it is July 5th. when I wiped after using the bathroom, I noticed some brown/red blood on the toilet paper, is it normal? or is it implantation bleeding? im also suppose to get my period around this time too b...
    1 Sex 2377
  226. How to gain 6 more inches to my butt?
    I need hella help im trynna gain 6 more inches to my butt how can I do it I need da truth people are sayin that squats only work for yo thighs and oda people are sayin its for both your thighs and your butt I need da naked truth I need a big butt by 5 ...
    4 Nutritionfitness 859
  227. Some female advise please...I'm kind of freaking out
    I'm bleeding from my vagina and I know its not my period because when I'm on my period its a different shade of blood and it would be a week early for my period. How do I know if my cherry was popped? like is my vagina suppose to look any different? Ye...
    2 Relationships 1299
  228. Am I smart enough to get into college?
    OK, I dont have the best grades. I am always atleast an average student though. I am a senior in highschool and I am really worried about college. My english grades are ok but my math is absolutley AWFUL. I have been tutored and I've studied and stayed...
    6 Education 1323
  229. Puss filled bump on the inner lip of my vagina
    I have just discovered this soft, puss filled bump on the inner lip of my vagina tonight that does itch. I have never had this before, and it was not present 2 days ago. I did have unprotected sex with a stranger at a party over a month ago, and I ha...
    6 Sex 2924
  230. How to get the abortion pill or abortion free?
    A really close friend of mine thinks she might be pregnant, and im not quite sure how to answer her question. Can an underage girl get an abortion (preferrably the abortion pill) for free if they cannot tell their parents? Would they be able to lower t...
    11 Health 889
  231. What do you do when you are being fingered for the first time?
    Im 15 and my boyfriend and I have been going out for 5 months now. He's mentioned doing things and has asked me to let him finger me. I want to let him but im worried about discharge,bleeding,how to act and what to do when he does. Can anyone give me s...
    5 Relationships 1052
  232. What is a good way to cover up cigarette smell?
    Yeah Id just like to know if theres a good way of completely getting rid of cigarette smells and not just covering them up! And same for smells of alcohol on your breath. thanks!
    16 Style 2412
  233. Could I possibly be pregnant if...
    -My stomach is really hard at certain places -my breast have been really tender. -I'm on the pill but me and my boyfriend don't use condoms. -I have break through bleeding. -I have ben having really bad stomach cramps and tight feeling in my stoma...
    2 Relationships 940
  234. Watery brown discharge
    Hey everyone, I need help, I had my period about a week ago when the month started, it lasted for abt 7-8 days where the vagina was washing the old blood out, about the 2nd last day or so, my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex, and now, I have been se...
    1 Sex 1047
  235. Pregnancy chances
    Here is the situation. My boyfriend and I had sex with a condom during which he cummed inside of me. Then he pulled out, removed the condom and got a blow job. After that he went back inside of me with no condom. What are the chances of me being pregnant?
    4 Sex 984
  236. No condom but no cum?
    Can I be pregnant if i had sexual intercourse with no condom but he cumed outside?
    2 Sex 1345
  237. Why is my cat urinating on furniture?
    my cat started urinating on on bed 5 days in a row. I shut the door to keep her out. Now she is peeing on the couch what is wrong
    20 Pets 4540
  238. How can I dye my blonde hair brown without a green tint?
    I want to dye my hair from light blonde to chestnut brown. Last time i did that my brown had a greenish tent to it. It was UGLY! I am getting extensions and am trying to match the colors well so I dont want to have to dye it 5 times before i get it rig...
    2 Style 1062
  239. Woman in the mens locker room
    Last night like every night I go to the local college to swim laps.before the pool is opened to the public they have a swim class for 5-6 years of the rules for this is the child must be able change him or herself in the same gender lockeroom....
    17 General 5176
  240. Where on a dogs belly do you feel for puppies?bottom,middle,higher?
    What area of a pregnant dogs(rottie) stomach can you feel the puppies moving? The lower part, the middle or up higher closer to her ribs?
    2 Pets 1276
  241. Why isnt my period coming if I had sex and the condom didnt break ?
    I had protected sex on 1/21 and now its 1/ period hasnt came still and the condom didnt break and my boyfriend didnt cum.can I be pregnant ? If I am please give me a good reason this normal ?
    2 Sex 5298
  242. Waged/unwaged?
    I'm looking to book coach tickets and on the website it says: Cost: £10 waged, £5 unwaged. What does this mean? :S
    1 Money 4725
  243. Why is my stomach harder than usual?
    Is it possible to feel really bloated and have a harder stomach and be possibly be stomach stays hard even when I havent eaten.could I be pregnant.
    2 Health 4679
  244. Why do you think I feel liike this?
    Ok so my stomach has been hurting for a whole week now. And its the kind of hurt I get when im about to start my period. I was supposed to start last wednesday (6 days ago) but I still Didnt start yet. It looked like I was ovulateing yesterday. I've Be...
    1 Health 2283
  245. Why does milk upset my stomach in the morning?
    So this is really strange and it's been happening to me for years and I'm just wondering if anyone knows why. When I drink any kind of milk in the morning after I wake up I get a stomach ache, or sometimes nausea, I've even thrown up from drinking milk...
    3 Health 7491
  246. What will happen if a person drank a solution of Potassium permangnate (KMnO4) in water?
    5 Health 1166
  247. Why is my vagina itchy?
    why that my vagina get itchy??for almost a week already
    6 Health 1891
  248. Too soon for my baby to move?
    Just a couple of days ago I felt a "flutter "in my lower abdomen (this has been happening every few hours or so since then) and I was excited that I was feeling the baby move. Now after reading a few articles, I am learning that it may be too soon to f...
    3 Health 1108
  249. Lip Ring Ball Fell Off
    Ok I have just gotten my lip pierced about two weeks ago and im still not supposed to take the ring out but the lil captive ball fell out and wont go bck in place.. how do I get it bck in place cus the ring keeps commin out?
    3 Style 1738
  250. Is dry humping safe? Can you get pregnant?
    me and my boyfriend were dry humping yesterday I was in my pjs and he was in his boxers is it possible that sperm got in or what
    5 Health 2076