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Millipede tulip

How to care for indoor tulips?

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Tiny millipedes in houseplant soil, how do I get rid of them?

Theres insects that look like tiny millipedes in houseplant soil, they are eating the leaves. How do I get rid of them ???

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Tulips replanting

I planted some tulips and they already died. I want to pull the bulbs out and seperate them so I have more next year. when do I pull the bulbs out and sperate them? Any techniqes? What do I do with them after I seperate them?

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Will tulips regrow if I weed-whack them?

I have a patch of weeds and random growth in the corner of my garden, and some tulips are poking through. If I just weed-whack the whole area to clean it out, will the tulips grow back?

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Capuchin monkeys rubbing millipedes to deter mosquitoes?

I am reading an article about Neotropical monkeys rubbing benzoquinones-secreting millipedes to deter mosquitoes. but I dont really understand what this article is saying. If anyone read this article can you explain it to me.

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How much cold can a red tulip stand?

I live in south louisiana and was just wandering is it a good idea to plant outside. Will it live in tempertures that are high 30's and low 20's.

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Millipedes or centipedes in house plants

I have what appears to be millipedes or centipedes in my houseplants. I have bought sprays and insecticides and yet they still persist. Is there a way to get rid of these things without ruining my plants and how did they get in there since I had recen...

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When to pull up tulips for re-planting in fall

We moved late last summer, and this spring were delighted to see many tulips pop up, however they are thru blooming, and we want to re-arrange the garden next year, and I would like to know if we could pull them now, and let the leaves die off, could w...

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What is the nickname that you use for your girl parts?

Im watching scrubs and it made me wonder what other girls call theirs lol. Mine goes by a couple of names lol, Miss. Pinky. Pink Tulip. Play Area. Lol

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poem...differnet from my usual stuff...

Give me a flower

Give a flower to me
Someday when need be
Give a flower to me
Someway that I can see

Give me a daisy
Because innocent be I
Give me a daisy
For I haven’t told a lie

Give me a geranium
Because comfort I do know
Give me ...

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Make-out help!!

[[me and my boyfriend are both 14. ]]me and my boyfriend have been dating for just over two months, I like about eight hous away and im going down to visit him very soon. He asked me what I wanted for my birthday, he wants to get me tulips and a neckla...

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What would you say about this dress?

I just recently bought a dress online. I thought it was pretty. It is a tulip dress in a light pink color and it has a black satin bow around it. It is spaghetti strap and falls about knee length. It was really cheap which is one of the main reasons I ...

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My friend jordan, has too deal with a pretty sucky life

My friend jordan, has too deal with a pretty sucky life. Not to mention her cousin alexis, has it even worse. Jordans mom nn dad are azz wholez! Nn everyway imaginable. Her mom always tells her "oh, I wish I had a prettier daughter." or "why cant yoou ...

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