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Air Freshener in a large room

I am trying to find something to keep my room smelling good all the time. The room isnt really that small but I like to have it smelling good...Any ideas?

18 views · Home & Garden

How do I freshen sex life after 23 years of marriage?

I have been married 23 the same man...we have gone through a lot....but now our sex life is non-exsistent....maybe once a month...if I'm lucky....maybe the old saying about it getting old is true can you give me some pointers on what to do ....

58 views · Sex NSFW

After P.E.

After gym I always feel like im completely washed up with just deodarant. How can I smell good and freshen up better quickly and stuff? shud I buy a good smelling lotion? good perfume? I just want 2 feel clean afterwards 2

33 views · Beauty & Style

Kissing him and looking good

Hi everyone. L need your help. L have a boyfriend and we have been going out but am scared to kiss him because l have sinuses and flu all the time and I dont know if my breath is bad but I have kissed you know of anything that can freshen bre...

13 views · Love & Relationships NSFW

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