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How to make your forehead look smaller?

How to make your forehead look smaller?

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how do i get rid of tiny scabs on my forehead?

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What do you do to make it look like you dont have a big forehead?

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How long is a big forehead?

how long is a big forehead I think my forehead is huge but can't tell how do I konw

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Veins in my forehead how do I make them go away?

I have veins in my forehead and I hate them. How do I make them go away?
Are they from stresss???

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How to remove hair growth from my forehead?

is that natural that hair grows in forehead too?how do I remove it permanently?

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How do you treat a toddler with a bump on the forehead?

My toddler feel and now has a bump on his forehead how should I treat it? How long before I can let him take a nap?

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How do you remove a lot of pimples on your forehead?

I have a whole bunch of pimples on my forehead! My mom even tried to remove it, so what do I do? Please help!

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I have a massive forehead

I have a really big forehead. is there any way that I could wear my head so that it doesn't look as big and fringes don't suit me

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Why does Jean-Claude Van Damme have a bump on his forehead?

I think its in all his movies or seems to be in all I've seen.

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How can I make my forehead look smaller?

I have quite a big forehead and I was wondering if anyone has any pointers on how to make it look smaller, please let me know..

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What does a kiss on the forehead mean?

what does it mean?
I dont think guys go around randomly kissing girls on the forehead
...doesnt it mean something more than a kiss on the cheek?

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