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What's the best underwater camera for snorkeling?

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Ok, so I'm going to the Bahamas ...

Any ideas about what gto do, other than drink a lot, snorkel, gamble, and hang on the beach staring at bikinis?

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family vacation in cozumel or cancun?

I'm planning a family vacation with my husband and two children age 14 and 10. I cant decide between cozumel or cancun. any suggestions please. we really want to snorkel

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How to stop my menstrual cycle for my vacation?

Please help, I am going to hawaii, and its going to be hot, and im going to start my period, and is there any way to stop it? Or just stop it for a little while at least, my biggest concern, is because im going snorkeling with sharks, and I get sun str...

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How can I start to use tampons before this trip?

In about a month, my dad and i are supposed to go to canada for this father-daughter trip to snorkel with the beluga whales. And I am positive that I will be on my period while on this trip. I used a pad once in the ocean and everything turned out perf...

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People to People student ambassador program?

Okay so I got this thing in the mail that said it was from the people to people student ambassor program and asking me to go to australia by myself and stay w/ a different family from there 4 20 days!! Is this real or just something 2 get you in2 one o...

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