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Do you know if there are security guard jobs available on weekends?

I have no idea if somebody can work as a security guard only on weekends because im looking for a part time, but i dont know if i can get a job as security guard only on weekends if you know tell me please thank you.
i wonder if somebody can work as a security guard only on weekends because im looking for a part time, but i dont know if i can get a job as security guard only on weekends if you know tell me please thank you.

2 Answers

News about security on the subway and city.

Why in the news they say some things like we are going to have security on the subway from this date until next month I mean they are not suppossed to say when the security guards going to leave I mean they are saying everything to the terrorist and the terrorist they are not fool to go there if they are saying the exact dates when the guards going to be there sometimes I think we are so naive. What do you think
About that.

1 Answer

Can anybody can become a security guard?

I have seen many security guards, but for what i have seen these unarmed security guards are small women, fat guys or retired people in their sixties, so i was wondering anybody can become a security guard or not? Tell me please thank you.

3 Answers

Do you know if anybody can be a security guard?

I always thought that security guards should be athletic and strong, but most security guard are old retired guys and in other cases fat guys or small women that anybody can beat no offense sorry. Sometimes security guards are watching movies in theri computers, sitting in their chairs it looks like a very easy job. What do you think? please tell me thank you.

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What is the big deal with the security guards of the president in colombia?

I dont understand, but if the security guards of the president where in their break i think its their own business what they wanna do. Please tell me what do you think tell me if im wrong thank you.

4 Answers

Does vons or smiths or any store like that have cameras in a security room?

4 Answers

How to get rid of loan calls from banks?

From a month I'm fed up with the loan calls from different banks. suggest me some of the extreme ideas for getting rid of them.

3 Answers

Why is it that some schools in one area have tight security , and the others in the same area don't?

5 Answers

Should there be charges laid against people who fail to follow the rules when packing luggage for flight?

Recently, the Miami International Airport had to be evacuated and flights delayed because a man had an object in his luggage that resembled a pipe bomb. The object, which proved to be harmless, caused the airport and surrounding roads to be shut down for several hours and a bomb squad to be brought in. So who pays for all this? Should there be charges brought forth against the man who couldn't follow rules?

6 Answers

Should the guards have been armed ?

Reference the recent Mall shooting in Omaha that killed 8 - the Mall Security Guards were not carrying guns - Should these Guards have been carrying guns, yes or no and why ?

9 Answers

What do you think about kim kardashian with flour over her hair?

What do you think about what happened to Kim Kardashian i dont know what is the big deal about it i used to play with my friends like that when i was in high school we throw each other flour raw eggs, but what i can see is that her security sucks where were the security guards to avoid this happen to her. Tell me what do you think?

5 Answers

Do i need an id on a plane if i'm a minor?

Just checking because I don't really want to bring that with me. XD

5 Answers

Help for an inmate

okay my sister rang me to ask what to do so I'm asking on her behalf...There was an inmate that escaped from maximum security here in new zealand, his mother has cancer and is dying, so his family picked him up down the road from the prison, he apparently broke a window of sorts in his cell and clawed his way out and scrambled over the fences...anyway the security guards captured him without the press finding out, my sisters friend that is in prison has communications to her friend via. illegal means, sisters friend told her that the security guards have beaten him within an inch from his life for putting them in this predicament, they have thrown him in the hole ( lockdown cells) and have removed everyone that were in the other hole cells out, he has not had any medical attention, and she is worried that he might die...what to do?? Notufy the press? the police?? I don't know...any idea anyone??

9 Answers

What is called when the horse wears eye guards?

1 Answer

Who else loves sucking up the excitement and the buzz at airports?

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Do you say 'search' or 'hands off the turban' ?

Since the terrible events of September 11, 2001, the need for additional screening at airports has become apparent. Yet now, some are complaining of 'racial profiling' because of a new policy of screening turbans at airports. The point here is simple: if you can hide explosives in a shoe, you can certainly hide them in a turban - do you say 'search' or 'hands off the turban' ?

3 Answers

Why is the united states destroying it's education system?

15 Answers

Shoplifting fine? need advice.

Ok heres the deal, I didn't know where else to turn so I'm going to give this place a shot. My 18 year old brother and his girlfriend shoplifted a pair of 50 dollar shoes from Kohls about 3 weeks ago. They were caught on camera walked out with the shoes on and were walked back inside but a guard that caught them or whatever.

Once inside the guy took down their infomation in his office and called his boss who didn't answer ,the police were not called and didnt have any involment but the guy told them to expect a court date and possibly a fine, which has not come for damages of the shoes or whatever. They were told to tell their parents who were not called and then after which signing a paper stating they were no allowed to enter kolhs again they walked out.

Its been three to four weeks since this happen, my parents have connections with a friend that deals with any fine or report that comes her way, so far she hasnt heard anything now due to the police not being involved or called and so far not getting any form of bill from kohls what would be the chances that they won't hear anything? We're starting to think the guard just wanted to scare the crap out of them but we don't know.. My parents friend said it should be about a few weeks to a month if something was coming is that true? I need advice I'm worried... thanks for anyone that has any idea oh by the way this is the first time by brother or girlfriend has ever done something so stupid. I'll be waiting thanks!

3 Answers

Should we jump the stage?

Im going to a jonas brothers concert and im pretty close to the stage... And my frined is going wit me... But ya no how at the amas 2 girls jumped on stage?? Well me adn my frined are also going to jump on stage.. At least were thinkin about it. The other 2 girls didnt get into any trouble.. They just had to be escorded off by big rob!! Big rob!!! Haha he is the man!! Haha
So yeah should we jump on stage???

8 Answers

What do you do when someone cuts in line?

27 Answers

Im scared of 9/11

I am going on a long flight to NY next month and am really scared. Im afriad of hijackers. I mean they dont need weapons, they can break necks and take over the plane. Im thinking of backing out because im too scared. Is this ridiculous or am I right? its also non-stop...sooo?

10 Answers

How can i reset aol security question?

How can I reset aol security question?

2 Answers

How to you win anxiety and depression on social security disa

How to you win anxiety and depression on social security disability?

1 Answer

Do prison buses have emergency exits?

7 Answers

Why am i shy to go up and talk to my classmates?

Im scared that if I go up and talk to someone I would be rejected... I need help.. im becoming a loner

3 Answers

When is it considered sexual harassment?

I dont think what I experienced is sexual harassment and I feel bad for telling anyone because people have been through much worse. Close friends of mine have been through worse. But its bothering me. I couldnt bring myself to tell a friend. A few weeks ago, I went to the grocery store for my mom. I was waiting near the checkouts for some people to go by, and this man in line with a woman, I assumed wife, was looking at me so I smiled a little, to be polite. When the people went on and I was trying to walk by he started asking me questions. He asked if I was married, I impulsively answered, no. He said do you have a man? I still answered, no. I dont know now why I kept answering, but then he asked, do you want one? With that I just walked passed him. Afterward, he followed me throughout the store for awhile. I am 100% positive he was following me, not just me being paranoid. I waited awhile after my shopping before going to my car, and since I have felt violated, dirty, sad, angry, and stupid..

4 Answers

Most embarassing moments

okay, we've all had them :(. and either laugh about it or dread talking about it...
anyone care to share theirs? just interested because I know I've done plently of embarassing things

5 Answers

I need help with information on heath ledgers death!

I need as much information on heath ledgers death.
Like how exactly did he did...I know it was an overdose.
But why was he so depressed?

If you could answer my questions that would help me out tremendously=)

6 Answers

What do you think of the body scans and pat down they are doing at airports now?

15 Answers

What are those guys called who wear those tall fur hats and red suits and don't talk?

And what are those guys called who like the Russian version of them they wear the same thing but a different color than red?

11 Answers

How to block a cell or land phone from calling

Stop a call from harrassement

2 Answers

What is guardianship?

What is guardianship

2 Answers

Where do the cross walk people go after school starts?

Soo I was thinkin..
Ware do the cross walk people go after school starts,.?
Because I dont see her car ?
Sept the ones movin lmfa0

3 Answers

Can i get a leased line for my security system with sbc?

Can I get a leased line for my security system with sbc?

2 Answers

Can i work and still file social security claim?

Can I work and still file social security claim?

1 Answer

The difference between anti-virus and internet security software?

What is the difference between anti-virus software and internet security suite software?

1 Answer

How do you become a security guard for bands?

how do you become a security guard for bands?

1 Answer

How can i get social security benefits

How can I get social security benefits

1 Answer

How do i get my account security code sent to my (prepaid) phone?

I have a prepaid Alltelphone and my sister had it and now I dont know wht the account security code it is verizon so that is why I am asking

1 Answer

How to get backstage at wrestling matches?

I want to know how do you get back stage at the wrestling matches? I REALLLY want to meet John the most gorgeous man on the planet Cena in person. My son wants to meet him too. My son also loves Ray Misterio. I'm not sleeping with no Guards to get back stage! Any advise on how to get back stage? NO stupid answers PLEASE! give me answers I can use. Thanx.

1 Answer

What game is better?

what is better Assassin's Creed or Assassin's Creed 2?

...I've never played any of them but the 2nd one looks better

2 Answers

Ok every1s oppinion matters =]

Should a guy b mad if he buys his girfriend something 4 valentines day, and she doesnt get him anything?

4 Answers

Should obama's first step in iraq be to end private contracts?

So, as some may know, the Bush administration has chosen to secure many assets in the Iraq war by relying on thuggish companies like Blackwater Worldwide, a group that has its own definition of Rules of Engagement (I.e., gun down the enemy, and the 14 civilians standing next to him). Many American soldiers have also complained that Blackwater's reckless tactics have made their own jobs even more difficult, costing them good will with local communities. Blackwater agents have been involved in everything from weapons smuggling to drinking on duty (resulting in "accidental" fire).

Meanwhile, Blackwater guards make some nice salaries-six figures-for their work. Their operations in Iraq have been limited by Congressional law and they are now subject to a variety of other "checks". But I'd like to see the new administration take things a step further and end reliance on private security contractors completely...or at least in combat zones. Or, is use of private firms and "mercenaries" the new direction in US combat operations? Maybe I'm overlooking some benefits?

9 Answers

How do i check status of my guard card?

I was employed as a security guard 8 years ago. wondering if still valid?

1 Answer

How can i replace a lost social security card for free?

how can I replace my lost social securtiy card for free??

2 Answers

What is the difference between a lobby assistant and a security guard?

Tell me please thank you.

3 Answers

Stuck,,,saints row 2 security stations in the ultron bldg

Looking for the 4 security stations in the ultron bldg...where are they...

1 Answer

Internet security wep code

how do I find out what my WEP # is

1 Answer

I forgot my security answers on my yahoo?

I know the first answer but as far as my afvorite team I for got what I put. how can I change my 2 security questions?

3 Answers

Can security tags be removed by any shop?

When you go to a clothes shop, you get like plastic security tags that the salesperson has to remove with a machine. Do you know if the security tags need specific machines to remove them or can they be removed by any machine in any shop?

4 Answers