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When you're on a holiday trip...

do you prefer staying in luxury (ie 5-star hotels) or simple accomodation (inns, motels, backpacker hostels etc)?

2 Answers

Exercise facilities in hotels?

can anybody give me a list of hotels/motel chains that pretty much always have an exercise facility in their hotels/motels?
Please & Thank you (:

3 Answers

Where to find work in boonville, missouri?

I currently moved to boonville and am a convicted felon and am having trouble finding work

2 Answers

London/england shopping

Where is the best place for shopping in the UK? With a good primark and shopping centres Etc.. and what are the best hotels that don't cost loads.
If anyone knows then thanks :)

3 Answers

How many wors in thanksgiving

How many words can you make in

1 Answer

Should i cheat on my wife?

Why not if I won't get caught? There is this woman at work. Ever since she started working there, all I can think about is her. She's not the most attractive woman in the world, but she has a unique beauty that shines every time I lay eyes on her.

Then I found out she's married, too, about a month ago. While I know that she is married, and she knows I'm married, I keep thinking that she is flirting with me. My wife has been a wonderful companion through several years, but even though she is the light of my life, this other woman keeps crossing my mind.

I know I'm not in love with her. I don't even know her that well. But every time we talk, there is an "awkwardness"; and I keep thinking that her wistful glances in my direction are tell tale signs of attractiion.

Never before did I think I would cheat on my wife. But this woman keeps haunting my thoughts. Running through my mind. Her voice, soft, sweet, and her smile fairly shines.

My wife is very trusting, and wouldn't believe that I would cheat on her. For some reason, I believe she expects it of me. I work late, and so does this woman. For some time, I have been thinking that I should try to get her email or something, and then arrange to leave work a "on time"; and then go some place to talk.

I'm not even sure she would, but I keep thinking about her. Should I do something? Drop her a note, let her know I've been thinking about her?

What if my wife and I weren't meant for each other? And that this is what I';m supposed to do? I know, it's a terrible thing. But if I feel this way, about a stranger, then perhaps my love for my wife isn't "real"...

any thoughts greatly appreciated. I've never pictured myself in this situation before, so I find myself, for once in my life, a bit lost on what I should do, or not do.

40 Answers