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Can a rats tail be docked?

I have 4 rats and I know with some animals their tails helps balance, is it the same way for rats or can a rats tail be docked? I also thought that the whiskers also help for balance, so..I was just curious...thanks!

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What sound dock will work with any mp3 player?

I want to get an mp3 player, preferably an ipod of some sort and a decent speaker dock. If I don't get an ipod brand mp3 player, will a dock that says "ipod" still fit my mp3 player? What is a good dock that has good sound quality for not a lot of money?

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Which iPod docking stereo should I buy?

This question is to those who know alot about audio tech.

I've been looking at Ipod docking stereos everywhere and I still can't decide which one to get. I looked at many types Bose sounddock, Klipsch igroove, Ihome, Harman Kardon Go+Play ect. some of...

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Why is ear cropping and tail docking illegal in most countries?

I do not see why these practices should be illegal.

Personaly, dogs are desexed at 8 weeks of age and at this time tail docking and ear cropping can be taken place. As long as its under "sleep" then it should be fine.

They say it causes pain t...

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IPOD for christmas

I just got the new ipod nano for christmas :) BUT it dont charge on my IPOD dock what typa of dock do I need to charge it on?

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iPhone as an iPod

So I've had an iPhone for a while and I was looking into getting an iPod dock. Will any iPod dock work for the iPhone? All the ones I've checked out never say anything about an iPhone. Thanks for any info!!

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what if I dock one of my baby Giant Rats Tails when they are young? Sure animals can adapt but will it be to much adaptation to their temperature considering that it is an inside animal. I mean really its going to stay inside

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how can i make my iPod nano sync to my computer?

it wont even say that i have my usb cord in the computer or anything. it wont wvwn charge on my dock. i just took it out of my car where it was pluged it to the radio.... can anyone help

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FunAdvice Trivia: What big hit made number 1 the following week after "Green Tambourine" was on top?

A) Mrs. Robinson
B) Love is Blue
C) Hey Jude
D) (Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay

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Failing Drama Already

I just started school and I am already having marks docked by my drama teacher.


Because I am anti-social and won't let anyone touch me - let alone catch me when I fall.

So, grudgingly I ask: How can I become more social? *insert cheery sm...

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Help for assassins creed!!!

I'm on the final mission in Acre, I'm at the docks and I need to scale a viewpoint to show objectives, the trouble is I get so far up the tower then it wont let me go any further. I can see where you are meant to climb up but it wont let me grab onto t...

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Shipping Containers

I have a silly idea, but I need one of those big corrugated metal boxes they stack onto boats at the docks.

Trouble is, I see them every day, and I have no idea where they come from. Google has been zero help. I live in a fairly busy port city, ...

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Peacefull games

On pc I had a game that you begin with a ship that could turn into a dock and build route and hunting houses to gather food, wood, stone and could also buid farm for food, tobaco, koffie, coton and stuff and than using these stuff you make it into trad...

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Hey...I Need to know if this is right. I have Science homework. Its on a cell. I am Compairing a Cell to Walmart. Is this right?
Nucleus: Boss
Cytoplasm: Air
Cell Membrane: Doors
Cell Wall: the Walls
Nuclear Membrane: Bosss' Desk/Room

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first job, sooo nervous.

Tuesday is the first day im starting my first job. I'm 17 years old. I am so nervous, I'm always thinking about what if I mess up, or what if costumers get frustrated by me if I don't know something. It is at a local marina, docking boats, helping keep...

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Can I sue my dad for back child support

How do I go about sueing my father for back child support. He owe's 82,531.73 in back child support.and my mom is paying to put my sister and I both threw college this year and thats really expensive because my sisters college alone is 36 grand a year...

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whats wrong with my pony =[ please help

I have a horse, we first saw him in our friends next door paddock and we met the owner one day who was old and only ever put food and water down for him and he hadnt been ridden for years or groomed in ages (because the owner wasnt on his feet enough) ...

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Is it wrong for me to leave my drug addict husband?

Well I am I suppose considered a newly wed. My husband and I have been married a lil over a year, and we date for a yr before we got married. When I met him we were just friends. I was a courier he worked the shipping and recieving dock at a warehous...

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I had sex with this guy and now...

Alright so last night this guy and I had sex. It was my first experience and terrible experience. He was very aggressive like when I gave him a bj, he would push my head down to far to the point of me gagging. He notice my facial expression that I was ...

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How do I get it back, I ruined everything?

In the summertime I had this thing with a guy. He was the one, I honestly have never met anyone so perfect for me. &not only did I have a thing with this guy he was my best friend, we clicked so well, we could talk to easily, I told him everything and ...

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