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What is wrong with our relationship?

Hi everyone,
Sorry if there is poor grammar, but I'm typing on my ipod touch.
Anyway, my father and I have a horrible relationship. He was never around as I was growing up, up until about age 12 (I'm 15 now). He was always working on call for a local...

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How crazy are you servey?

On a scale from 1-10 how wild are you?
10 .!

Are you the type who always picks dare instead of truth?
yess ;)

Have you ever hooked up with one of your guy friends?
yeahh (:

How many times?
4 or 7 I don't know lol

because hes hott.!

Ever hooke...

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Do you know this singer from Secondhand Serenade?

Secondhand serenade
Has the best voice and he has good words too he isnt shallow
If you are the type who chooses what to put on your ipod,,I would suggest some of his songs

A twist in my story (2008)
Like a knife
Fall for you
Your c...

46 views · Music

I moved out and my mom wants me back..

My mom came to me.. well, she called me haha.. but she called me crying saying she wanted me back and she was sorry. First, it's kinda awkward so I don't really want to come back. Just kidding but it is awkward (I'll just let that one slide) cause I us...

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Gift for my boyfriends 17th birthday

Alllrighty guys,
We've only been dating for like.. A month, but by the time his birthday comes around we'll be just a couple days from 2 months. (its october 6 right now, his birthday's october 26th, and our 2 month's november 1st)

So, with that in mi...

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This or that?

Mcdonalds or burger king?
Pepsi or coke?
Sierra mist or sprite?
Dominos or pizza hut?
Fridays or ruby tuesdays?
Pancakes or waffles?
Hamburgers or cheeseburgers?
Meat or veggies?
Vanilla or chocolate?

Abercrombie or hol...

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What do I do my mom hate's me?

well I see a lot of people's parents supposibley hate them.well I understand,I think my mom hate's me.she'll get mad or yell at me for almost anything.she is really cheap!every penny counts for her.she yells at me even when my friends are here.yes she ...

20 views · Parents & Family

How to deal with my jealous sister?

so I have one older sister shes 3 years older then me and has a massive grundge againist me. I dont personally understand, I have always done better at school then her because I choose subjects I enjoy so of course I will get better marks. she thinks e...

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What does Eminem's first verse mean in romans revenge By nicki Minaj ft, Eminem?

I heard it was something about him being a homophobic, or could that be a different part?

I ain’t into S&M, but my whip’s off the chain
A little drop of candy paint drips off the frame
Twisted-ass mind, got a pretzel for a brain
An eraser for a h...

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music survey =)

put your ipod on shuffle.
press forward for each question.
use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn't make sense. NO CHEATING.

how do you feel today ?
Knock You Down-Keri Hilson ft Kayne West &Neyo

whats you...

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Help With My Current Parent Situation!!!

I need some advice with my current parent situation. I am 15, turning 16 this june. my mom was married first to my real father, then they dicorced. well, then she got the bright idea to marry the man I hate.(yes,HATE) he is always mean to me. and he is...

39 views · Parents & Family

How do I get out of this destructive situation?

My girlfriend and I have been together for almost 2 years now. Back in December up to March we almost had a baby (yes, almost /:). And then just currently I was caught with her camera, it had pictures of both me and her on it. As I understand these are...

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Girl confessions for girls only

1. Do you sleep in your bra?
2. Have you kissed any one from your friends list?
3. Are you happy with your looks? Honestly?
4. Do you enjoy drama?
5. Are you a girly girl?
6. Who was the last person you hugged?
7. Small or large handbags?
8. Do ...

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50 question survey

Take this survey

1. First off, what's your name? ASHLEY

2. Okay, but what does your best friend call you? ASHLEY OR JUST ASH

3. Have you ever kissed someone with braces? NO

4. Who is the fourth received call on your call log? MY MOM

46 views · General Knowledge

My for if you're bored survey...

So...Everyone else makes surveys so I decided I wanted to too.

1. What is your first name?
2. What is your middle name?
3. What is your favorite color?
4. What is your best friend's name?
5. Why did you join this website?
6. What have you done today?

53 views · General Knowledge

What.. I just wrote this yesterday, what do yall think (Its long)?

Im With You..

Me and my Momma were in a different town, about fifty minutes away from home, visiting one of her friends from work. I was dragged by my ears, so it seemed. I didn't want to be there.. Its not like it was MY friend. So, why shou...

24 views · Art, Writing & Literature

What do you think of my Prologue and 1st. chapter?

[BEFORE you Read I just wanna say B honest whats really wrong with it? And it does contain cursing but I used a(n) X to block it out,and SORRY ITS SOOO LONG lol!!!]

"See My Story don't start off with once upon a time, I'm gon keep it 100...

27 views · Art, Writing & Literature

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