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Slow hip hop song

Hip Hop Abs

Hey who has tried hip hop abs and loved it?
Does it really work?

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Right left hip hop song?

I heard this song in a club a long time ago,
and I still can't find it.

It is an up-tempo hip hop song and usually played after
lil jon's Get low.

The only lyrics that I remeber is

Left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right,left, r...

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Breakup Songs? Slow songs

Anyone list some slow songs and breakup songs? Recent and good ones I like almost all music and powerful lyrics

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I need to know good slow loving songs?

do you have any idea of slow loving songs
I love them 2 death!!!

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Who knows some good party songs. Hip-hop, rap, Reggae?

I love music and I wanna know are there any party songs that have the same kinda up beat as Sexy chick, Day 'N' night (crookers remix), I like them girls, cut dem off, teach me how to jerk, stookie, hot fuk and other songs. I love all types of music mo...

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Why do people like Hip hop and rap

Why do people like hip hop and rap is like not music, you can make rap or hip hop with a cellphone and 2 words that rhyme ... why do people like it?

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Old school pop hip hop

Can you give me names of some pop oldschool hip hop songs that are like the song "jump around"???

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Have any Rap and Hip Hop artist?

Pls write down your favorites and the songs you like best by them, Thanks!!! =]

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What are some rap songs with a part slow enough for ballet?

-rap song
-appropriate for middle school

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Hip hop dance song..

I dance with a bunch of friends and we are good with making steps but our rival totally stole our song and some steps so instead od ratting them out we are still going to beat them..but first we need a killer song..nothing crazy, just a simple catch th...

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Hip hop chronicles

When is the best time for a rap artist to get a personal manager?

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If hip-hop/rap was dying...

What would be the top 5 albums you would save?

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Does anyone know any good slow songs?

Does anyone no any good slow.. like ballid love songs? or breakup song? thanks :)))

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which are some slow and sad songs or soft?

can any one list some soft , sad , slow songs. some nice songs . like your not alone and my heart will go on.

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Hip hop with boy and girl

I am putting togeather a montage and I need hip hop songs with either boy or girl in the lyrics any advice on good songs

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Why hip-hop

Why is hip-hop always being hated by a lot of people when there is more to it than just music an the commercial stuff you hear on the radio??

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list of differen hip hop/ rap, dances

I need a list of differen hip hop/ rap, dances ..
like tha stanky leg, dances like that

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Todays hip hop or old school hip hop?

Who likes today hip hop, I believe it sucks bad, its all the same, no creativity at all, and all they talk about is money, hoes, and cars, I dont know about you, but I dont want to hear about that. Thats why I believe, and know the hip hop from back in...

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Has anyone done the Hip-hop abs program?

Just ordered hip hop abs wondering if anyone has used this exercise program and if it worked for you

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