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What did you think of the movie; Shutter Island?

I just watched the movie Shutter Island and I thought it was pretty good.

But, I was really confused about the ending because I didn't know if he is actually a patient there or if he's a detective.

What are you thoughts about the movie?

61 views · Entertainment

What is that message that I see in my computer means?

What is that message mean that I see in my computer vibration has been detected in my hard drive we will be moving to a safe place is that an important thing or not, somebody tell me please thank you.

156 views · Computers & Tech

I accidently removed my sound device, how can I get it back?

I have a Asus Eee PC series laptop. It is a new kind of mini laptop and it doesn't have a cd or dvd drive. I accidently completly removed the sound from it. When I try to listen to anything it says no sound device detected. And same with my built in we...

55 views · Computers & Tech

How do I get rid of the TDL3 rootkit!?

I have come Rotherham conclusion that I have the TDL3 virus/rootkit. Avg won't detect it. How can I completly remove it without installig some other sort of program? Thanks in advance!

42 views · Computers & Tech

Beddington Park

Hello , Can anybody give me information about Beddington Park in London
as I need such information in writing a detective story
till what hour we can stay there ?
and is it like Hyde Park or it is rather private ?
thanks a lot

17 views · Travel

How do you disguise the smell of smoke?

Quite a few of my friends smoke and everytime I hug them or make contact with them, I end up smelling of smoke. I don't smoke and my parents would not approve of it if I did, but I'm always worried that I smell of smoke when I get in from school. How c...

70 views · General Knowledge

Period cycles

K so I started feb 9 and it lasted a few days,I started again march 13-till today the 17th,so when will I ovulate and are my periods 28 days apart or more.need to know that part to detect ovulation.

11 views · Health

Trying to get a passport, but my dads being a butt...

I need to get a passport to go to Europe next year, but my mom an dad are divorced. My mom does not have primary care over me. I need him to sign the paper saying I can get a passport. I haven't talked to hime in almost a year and he won't call me b...

10 views · Travel

British code

when a person suspected to do 3 murder crimes , can he be sent free with a warrant (parole ) according to the British codes . please I need a true answer as I am writing a detective story and I am not from England

22 views · Politics & Law

Investigation and lie detectors.

Why when the cops, fbi, detectives etc.
Want to know if a suspect really killed a victem
Why dont they just do a lie detector test & ask them if they killed someone ?
I've always wondered about that...
Isent it easier ?

54 views · Politics & Law

I need some help on emotions?

Basically I love a TV show called Lie To Me. Its about a man who can detect emotions on peoples faces to see how they are feeling to solve crimes. I would like to know if anyone knows where I can get pictures of peoples facial emotions and what emotion...

5 views · General Knowledge

Good Indie or Rock Songs ?

hey does anyone know any good indie/rock songs to download

heres an example of what I like ;

bloc party
madina lake

any bands like that any good songs I also like the fratellies and the pigeon detectives

thanks xoxox

21 views · Music

Why does itunes keep rejecting my Ipod Nano?

just recently... my ipod has been getting rejected by my itunes... it says "An iPod has been detected, but it could not be identified properly. Please disconnect and reconnect your iPod, then try again."
This is very recent... its bugging and gettin m...

135 views · Music

How do I run sims 3?

Just installed sims 3 and world adventures. Went to click on it. saw the main page then an error code said help unable to start game - no supported video card detected - recheck system hardware.

Not sure what to do

30 views · Gaming & Games

How soon should I test for pregnancy?

I am was wondering if someone could tell me, how soon through a home pregncay test can a pregancy be detected? I did a test on oct 2 and it was negative. I have not had a period in 28 days and I am pretty regular on my cycles. I normally go anywhere be...

73 views · Health

Help with Commercial?

We have to advertise a product for my English class and I was going to do odor reducing things that go in kitty litter. like you know that one commercial where a cat gets a bloodhound to be a detective to find the kitty litter cause it doesn't smell? w...

32 views · Pets & Animals

kid from my school shot a girl from another school

Ok so some kid from my school shot a girl from another school last sunday and now kids from that school are threatening to randomly shoot kids at my school so there are cops all over campus and all sorts of medal detecters and all sorts of crap.

Do yo...

9 views · Education & School

Passing tests

I have a drug test that gets sent out to a lab to get tested.. I was smokking weed, I ahvent in about a week but was smoking for like a month maybe longer.. I have to take my test in 5 days.. What can I do?!

I heard that labs can detect the drinks ...

902 views · Health

When in Australia, can pirated copies of Windows 7 be tracked?

I live in Australia and my stepdad who lives in Asia recently bought me a computer for my birthday but it's a pirated version of Windows 7 installed. My dad tells me that the Windows.. people (?) will be able to detect it and I may get in trouble. Anyw...

45 views · Computers & Tech

how to block websites with safari?

We have AVG, which detects tracking cookies. We have TONS. I blocked all of the websites they come from on Firefox, but I mainly use safari. I've been all through the Preferences and can't figure out how to block a website. I read somewhere that had to...

26 views · Computers & Tech

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