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Stomach hurt

Why does my stomach hurt when I wake up?

The past two weeks or so my atomach really hurts when I wake up. If I sit up or stand up, it no longer hurts but if I lay back down, it hurts again. And it's only in the mornings, when I wake up.

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Can your period make your stomach hurt?

I don't mean make you feel like you're gonna throw up. I mean it just hurts. Like a pain that's always there. Could my period be causing this?

200 views · Health

How come my stomach hurts a couple days after sex/anal, why?

I had sex 6 days ago and we decided to try anal, a couple days after my lower stomach started to hurt really bad. Why?

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What are some stomach exercises?

39 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Why does he want to hurt me?

23 views · Love & Relationships

Does acupuncture hurt?

37 views · Health

does an epidural hurt?


21 views · Health

Is my stomach stretched out?

20 views · Health NSFW

Why dose sex hurt?

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