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What do you think of a strange music tattoo?

Im gettin the strange music logo on my side, and fearless in olde enlglish across my back as well as my last name down my right side.

Do you think thats to many? Or if it would look cool?

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My uniform is hideous!!

I have to wear a bergondy polo shirt with the school logo on it. I have to wear a gray skirt with different shades of bergendy plad on it. We cant wear high heels or flats or leggings. So how can make my niform look better???

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How would I write a thesis about the rhetorical strategies Al Gore uses in the movie "Inconvenient Truth"?

I know he uses alot of hyperboles and pathos, logos, and ethos, then he uses metaphors and euphemisms and sarcasm but im not sure how i would write a thesis based off that

12 views · Education & School

Why do they put the year in those old navy cups?

I saw those old navy cups with a nice logo and everything, but with the year 2012. Why they put the year on the cup that makes it obsolete. If they don't put the years on the cup that cup would be ageless. I mean is not cool to use an old navy cup with...

13 views · General Knowledge

Cell phone.

Hey...can anyone help me?
I have a nokia 6101, but the keypad looks different. Look at the pic added so you'll see...
If you look at pics of the nokia 6101 on the web, the keypad is totally different...I wonder why?
My phone has the t-mobile logo on...

6 views · Computers & Tech

How do people get those customized iPhones?

Like has anyone seen those pictures of iPhones that are like pink (not cases or anything) like the actual phone is pink. Or the sides and apple logo are glitter. I kinda want mine to be like that.. Anyone know if that's actually possible? And if it's e...

20 views · Computers & Tech

When pitching a client, do you act the fool?

So we just had this unlucky punter pitch us on a new logo. I'm a fan of my wife's work, so naturally, I was afronted when their generic form mail said "your logo isn't very professional".
1) That's not a criticism, it's a generalism. When pitching a p...

22 views · Jobs & Money

computer locked

I accidently locked our Dell laptop and the only thing that comes up is the Dell logo w/ Studio under it and the blue line below with it going a little over 1/2 way. Bottom right says F2 Setup and F12 Boot Options what can I do. HELP

8 views · Computers & Tech

How do I add pictures to my custom arena in WWE 12?

OK. I found some logos from old WCW shows, such as Fall Brawl, and WCW Nitro, and I wanted to use them on my created arena. How do I do that? So far, I downloaded the pictures, copied them to my USB flash drive, and copied them to my PS3. What do I do ...

31 views · Gaming & Games

Unprofessional appeals.

So im writing a paper, and my teacher said I gotta use 4 different ways to convince the 'reader' (my teacher) that im right. So...

Which of these appeals can be considered unprofessional?
1) pathos
4) image
5) ethics

255 views · Education & School

Should we make it 'easy to identify' ?

IDEA: Members of Congress should wear uniforms, like NASCAR drivers, so that we will know who their corporate sponsors are. Many of those in Congress should also wear logos representing the teachers' unions, environmentalist extremists and other speci...

11 views · Politics & Law

How to make a soda pop can costume?

Being soda pop cans at school with a group of friends. we were thinking of just getting T-shirts and putting the logos onto them, and maybe wearing some of our color with it aswell. its just at school so it doesnt have to be all out. but is there a way...

108 views · Home & Garden

Any suggestions on what to do about my phone?

So I went to bed and my phone was working, I woke up and it is stuck on the verizon logo, its like frozen, it wont turn on or off...I tried taking the battery out but that didnt help, it is fully charged...I have an LG chocolate 3

any suggestions?

9 views · Computers & Tech

Why did I feel disrespected by this?

Last Friday I think it was I drew the Rogue Status and DC Shoes logo on the board at school during 4th period,towards the end of class,a girl in the class erased it,I gave her the stink eye. I sat back down unable to finish a song I was writing and mum...

25 views · General Knowledge

Do you think that United States is a very sensitive country or not?

I mean people can not joke about anything anymore or say something if you wear a shirt with a logo or a saying on the shirt somebody get offended i mean in spain, england and other countries i have heard that the comedians have to be very careful when...

24 views · Politics & Law

What shoes would look better with this dress/top? (but in purple, not red)

Converse-style trainers (please, actual converse are too expensive, these are cheap ones xD Basically like this without the logo thing on the side
Or fl...

16 views · Beauty & Style

Norton Anti-Virus for protection problem, help?

I'n having a big computer problem! I have Norton Anti-Virus for protection. Well, there's now a red X on the logo that says Norton Anti-Virus instead of a Green Check like there should be. I clicked it to see what the issue was and it says "Anti-virus ...

8 views · Computers & Tech

Hair colour

Hey, I currently have strawberry blonde hair and I love the lead singer of Paramore's hair colour, I have pale skin, green eyes, TONS of freckles and my mum thinks it would suit me but im unsure, What do you think.

(sorry I cant post a pic, im on ...

35 views · Beauty & Style

Is there such thing as an inferior glass nail file?

I ask this as I have seen glass nail files for 10 AUD - 20 AUD and more if its from coco chanel, but I have bought a 2 set for $2.50 AUD at my local "2 dollar" shop.

whould the set from the "2 dollar" shop which looks excatly the same as the more ...

20 views · Beauty & Style

Should I buy Uggs or Bearpaws (read more)?

Okay so i want to get Ugg's but i let my dad borrow $300 and he said he'll pay me back,
and i really want to get Ugg's before i enter school. But i was also looking if Bearpaw were the same, cause Bearpaw look's the same as Ugg's in every way except t...

24 views · Shopping

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