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Drywall repair

Rollup garage door repair

Hi I am asking this for my Dad.

he wants to know how to repair a rollup garage door? If it stopped rolling down.


45 views · Home & Garden

Hair repair.

Whats a good product that I can use to get my hair really healthy? I straighten it everyday, which is killing it.

49 views · Beauty & Style

What should I use to repair the skin around my fingernails?

i had a habit of peeling my skin of near the fingernails and now they all ripped , what can i use to help skin and nail grow

23 views · Beauty & Style

How can I repair a chipped clarinet mouthpiece?

I just got a new mouthpeice but I dropped it no notes will come out now how can I repair it by tomorrow morning because I have a performance .

112 views · Music

Can I request not to be given a local anesthetic when I get my stretched ears repaired?

Do you think if I asked not to be given a local anesthesia when I get my stretched ears repaired they'd do the procedure without it?

21 views · Health

What are some steps I can take to start repairing a bad mother/daughter relationship with my mother?

To much to write but our relationship right now is pretty much nothing

37 views · Parents & Family

What kind of shop will repair wallets?

My wallet needs repairing, I'm not sure what sort of place to go to. Should I try a cobbler/shoe repair shop? An engraving shop? Clothing alterations?

21 views · General Knowledge

Shoe Repair Heals

If I was to buy some high heal over knee boots. will the repair People beable to change the heal to a smaller one? like a little kitten heal?

9 views · Beauty & Style

Repair corrupt Exchange Database


I am having exchange 2003 and I want a manual method or a tool through which I could repair my corrupt EDB and restore them to a PST format.


17 views · Computers & Tech

Repair my relationship with my son

How do I repair my relationship with my 12 year old? I have told him that I would try to get back with his father and never did. I lied! I just can't stand to be around his father. Any suggestions on how to repair this relationship with my son.

245 views · Parents & Family

How can I repair my mp3 player after I washed it?

Ok well I forgot to check my pockets before I did laundry and I accidently washed my mp3 and then it went through the dryer is there some way I can fix it or am I just out of luck?

56 views · Computers & Tech

How much will it cost to repair the hinge on the back of my laptop?

Like an estimate amount. It's still working but the plastic hinge on the bottom of the screen broke off the keyboard.

11 views · Computers & Tech

How to repair a hardwood floor?

I am currently renting, but will be moving soon. There is a small but noticeable groove in my hardwood floor from a couch. I want to fix this before leaving, because I want my security deposit back. How can I fix this?

52 views · Home & Garden

What can I do to help repair my lungs?

I recently quit smoking cigarettes and am in the process of getting my lungs healthy. I am already exercising and all that to help restore them a bit. Is there anything specific I can be doing to help in this recovery?

41 views · Health

HELP I'M WORRIED!!! Can internal organs repair themselves?

Okay I know this is a weird but I need to know if the colon / bowel can repair itself.

Like if you get a cut on your skin it heals ... does the same thing happen to internal organs?

357 views · Health

how to repair subwoofer

I have a JL 12 w7 the cone came apart from the voice coil looks like it was attached with some kind of adhesive what would I use to reattach it myself

47 views · General Knowledge

Can I repair my laptop myself?

My laptop has got a drive problem.I am not in a position to get expert help.I have opened desktops before and changed drives.Is it similar to laptops?Just smaller ones? Or should I try other options?

33 views · Computers & Tech

How to repair a stripped screw hole?

My keyboard tray got lose on one side from leaning on it. So can anybody help me with how to repair a stripped screw hole? I like the keyboard where it is, and if I drill new holes, the keyboard will be in a different position, so I'd like to repair th...

90 views · Home & Garden NSFW

Dyed mess, how to repair it?

What should I do...I bleached my hair twice and then I dyed it a light brown and then I dyed it dark brown..all in 2 days!! Well now my hair is like straw now and has a million dead ends like by the do I make it feel better and repair it??

66 views · Beauty & Style

Do I get a second opinion on auto mechanical repairs?

Left my car at AAMCO. My 4th gear is out, on my automatic. Don't know if I should get a second estimate. It's costing me about $450 to have them open up my transmission to see exact problem. What should I do?

22 views · General Knowledge

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