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How much does this Topgirl white hooded jumper cost?

hey theres this jumper I really want to get I was just wondering if anyone had it;

I think its from topgirl its a white hooded jumper and has words like KABOOM, CRASH and that written on it and I think it has bricks on it not too sure so if anyone has...

11 views · Shopping

How to approach my Mom about her coke use?

ok so my mom is a definite coke whore. it really pisses me off like crazy and I tried to talk to her and she just denies it. but I have proof that she is I mean I have seen her buy it. I flipped a shit brick on her yesterday about it. how do I appro...

15 views · Parents & Family NSFW

broken knuckle

ok so my friend got me reallly mad so in my house I punched a brick all and on my right hand my middle and ring fingers are really swollen and blue and they hurt if I move or touch them do you think they are broken and if they are how can I help them h...

68 views · Health

Rosemary plants indoor

I brought my rosemary plant indoor from my patio. Just today I noticed a white powdery deposit at the tips of the plant where new growths have sprung where I have pruned off a couple of weeks ago. I did some reading on the internet and there are 2 expl...

17 views · Home & Garden

Witty questions

I have some questions for you, half of the time I ask these people get them wrong, what about you?

1. What do you put in a toaster?

2. If you dropped a ton of feathers and a ton of bricks which ones would hit the ground first?

Say irish wrist watch ...

53 views · General Knowledge

Emo poem anyone?

Well, just tell me what you guys think. And if you have any similar poems you'd like to share, then go ahead and post 'em! :)

She is like a tall, brick wall,
which withstands the fiercest blow-
how she excels through each and every day,
and soars abov...

10 views · Art, Writing & Literature

How much to add a window?

My husband and I would like to add a window to our sons room. It would be on the same wall as the exsisting window, same dimensions etc. It's a one story house and there are no water/electrical issues to deal with. We'd like to know how much it migh...

61 views · Home & Garden

Radon Gas movements ?

Radon Gas... is heavier than air..which is just one of many reasons why it lurks in the basement... but if it really is so heavy why doesn't it just stay in the soil instead of invading our homes?

I have searched the internet but the information is c...

166 views · Science

How to fit in with no money to buy the cool clothes? -_-

I am 15, with NO money, and no one will hire me. I am very nervous about school next year (going back to brick and mortar schools) because I was homeschooled before and have very low self esteem. My mother does not allow me to wear skinny jeans, and I ...

36 views · Beauty & Style

Fleas, Fleas, Fleas

I moved into a apt. that has fleas...There's many cats in front of my door...A neighbor feeds them all the time...It's so bad, the raccoons goes upstairs and eat the cat food that he has in front of he's door...He has lots of cat bowls on his patio...I...

17 views · Pets & Animals

Health Clubs/Fitness Centers

RE: Fitness & Health
I'd like to know would you visit my (proposed) health club to come eat chocolate, hang out, (listen to live music on the weekends) have a coffee, work out, have a snack, etc, the personal training is free! , and be at an outdoo...

23 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Strange dreams

I keep having really strange dreams that happen quite often.

1) its from my view as I see, all it is is a plain white background and a brick wall, the brick wall starts off far away and small then slowly moves closer towards me in stages (not smooth...

22 views · General Knowledge

Who hates pink flloyd?

I hate that band!! I hate this one song called"another brick in the wall" the video is creepy!! This one kid who dreams hes in school && this one teacher turns them into weenies!! I know it kindaa sounds funny but that video creeped me out soo much.. I...

25 views · Music

that wasnt funny.

I was just down in my brother room. and I step in the closet for a second. and he going to try to close the closet door. I told him the last time he done it. dont do it no more. even if that door close for 1 second. ill freak out. so he close the door ...

7 views · Parents & Family NSFW

What are some effective ways to manage stress?

Tried breathing,
walking away,
only thing that seems to work for me is spending time with my cat & the other furry friends of the house(I don't like calling them pets)
only issue is, as you all know, you can't take a pet to work or...

33 views · Health

How to make ants vanish?

They're everywhere!! I'd burn down their ant hill, but they're all under trees.
They crawl all over our patio and sidewalk ; they keep us from sitting outside and enjoying the birds. Oh! And these stupid red-headed ants are taking over a few of our f...

68 views · Home & Garden

How to make a lego gun?

I promised a little boy in my moms daycare that I would make him a cool lego gun, and he'd have it tomorrow. Its like the standard lego 'brick' peices. Thats his new thing now, he likes to make lego guns. (Dont say I shouldnt b encouraging it, because ...

40 views · Kids

Why am I constantly angry?

Ok, im 14, and im finding that im constantly quite angry, to the point where I regularily punch anything around me (including brick walls, not a smart idea, dont try it)

Today, for example, a kid I know was pi5sing me off, just little insults, inten...

51 views · Health

What are the titles of these two songs?

If you know the names of these songs,please post them;I hit a brick wall.

The 1st one is a female vocalist singing with an acoustic guitar backup and the only snippets of the lyrics I caught were "or if I like what I've become" and "no one knows who...

6 views · Music

Why won't my parents let me grow up?

I'm 23 years of age, and my parents are still strict. Everytime I want to spend the night at my boyfriends they always have something to say about it. My dad's answer to everything is NO... I love my parents and everything but they always sees me as a ...

81 views · Parents & Family

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